February 14th, 2013

Royal Cover-Up: Cabinet Office Refuse to Reveal Spy Secrets

Readers will remember how last month Guido revealed that Prince Charles had a spy on secondment in the Cabinet Office. There was a distinct whiff of a cover-up, Guido’s sources had no idea the mystery man or woman existed and the Cabinet Office refused to disclose their identity. This blog then learned that the Household of the Prince of Wales employee was on a “specialist policy” mission in the department. Guido has now received the response to his subsequent FoI request. It has been rejected.

Despite confirming they hold the information, the Cabinet Office is refusing to reveal when the spy began his/her secondment in the department, and how many days a week he/she works. They have refused to disclose a job description or reveal what responsibilities and duties the employee has, despite them being paid up to £30,000 of taxpayers’ money a year. They have also declined to reveal what level of security clearance he/she holds.

They cite the Data Protection Act, claiming “personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully”. Guido fails to see how any of the information he requested would contravene the DPA. This relates to how £30,000-a-year of taxpayers’ money is being spent, it is without doubt in the public interest. What possible reason could the Cabinet Office have for such secrecy? Guido will be taking this higher…


  1. 1
    Man in a North Face bag says:


  2. 2
    Arse fuck for freedom says:

    He’s probably the resident bum-boy!


  3. 3
    Paniagua says:

    Is he/she one of the 28Gate as well?


  4. 4
    Anarchists In Blazers says:


    “Gary Walker, the former chief of United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, was silenced in 2010 under a £500,000 ‘super gag’ agreement”


  5. 6
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Guido will be taking this higher…

    Good afternoon,Guido.


    • 96
      Anonymous says:

      higher and higher is oh so godly….the father figure…the father of the nation…the world and the universe….just take your pick….
      no surprise that in a feminised world we all long to be the father where everyone looks up to us ..but this requires sacrifice…and at the highest level oh father to be of all earthly existence but not beyond…. you have lived many lives and are an evolved and hence highly delicate soul…. face the reality or hide behind the baby.lon.ian god ra….for one day that will turn out to be unsatisfactory…and you will remain delicate.
      The delicate men are meant to resent their fathers…because they understand not why.
      less delicate souls ..the social leaders of tomorrow…are confused by what values they should uphold…the mothers or the fathers.
      either way by not facing the truth one has nothing better than the privileged existance of ra…. perhaps for another 400,000 but no more. Someone has to do this but this someone does not have to the chosen one….but such is the force of whatever we are unable to detach from.
      the spy story is waste of time as it is bit of puff. all knowledge is at the number 2 level…the global counsel….true no. 1 likes to know everything…so? what we have got to hide anyway …for it is already known to those who need to. we do not have a .have clue as to who they are given that we will never have the capacity to grasp something if we cannot grasp our own reality… there is no reason for us to feel any sad bad emotion. Despite the continuous bombardment of the right and wrongs of the world. Everything on track for those who face austerity. Face the depths and the heights of truth and then when done a realisation will dawn …how truely evolved and high we are in the tiered worlds of gods that have been and will ever be.
      …………..Do not be pulled dawn………..


  6. 7
    Skorpian de Rooftrouser says:

    I thought Sir francis Walsingham was long dead


  7. 8
    Lost in Clacton says:

    Watch out , watch out. There is a spy about .


  8. 9
    Captain Dogseye says:

    You’ll be sleeping with the fish !


  9. 10
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Well after todays labour announcement Miliband and Balls have sunk to a new low.
    Both spoke absolute drivel.
    Labour have just shown that they have absolutely nothing at all to offer.
    It is beyond belief.

    Listen to the Daily Politics – Andrew Neil / Ed Balls interview on BBC iplayer, if you get the chance.


  10. 11
    keredybretsa says:

    Now thats why they want to gag Guido!


  11. 15
    the one with the hair says:

    is a toff, i am sure he can find out.


  12. 16
    Maybe says:

    hey Guido maybe you ask Murdoch to find out for you. Now you are in the pay of the establishment, shouldn’t be too hard.


  13. 17
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    If you have a spy or a traitor in the camp this is what my dad taught me to do .

    First of all you draw up a list of suspects and then start confiding in them one by one telling them each a separate preposterous story .

    Then you sit back and say a word to no one . it works a treat .

    No need with Freedom of Information and Acts of Parliament Mr Fawkes .

    It is always possible to skin a cat .


  14. 18
    God (is that high enough for you Mr Forks?) says:

    Unfortunately, Senor Gweedo, we are not in to deal with your sort of appeal.


  15. 25
    Granville says:

    Must have been exiled because he couldn’t boil an egg.


  16. 30
    regnum defende says:

    apparently you are a english born irish wexford aboding right wing blogger with anti-monarchist sentiments whose website is published via the american state of california.

    perhaps you might want to consider the notion that as heir to the throne, the prince is kind of concerned that there won’t be much of a country left for him to monarch and the rot has been creeping in and gradually increasing over the last 40 or so years.

    if republics were shining bastions of equality and positivity then i would be saying fill your boots son, but seeing as though they are not… well kindly (in this instance) shut the fuck up.

    pump not slam old bean, pump not slam.


  17. 32
    NBeale says:

    Come off it. “Spy” – this is ridiculous.


  18. 34
    Joseph McCarthy says:

    Charles Philip Arthur George, the committee would like to know before sundown, are you or have you ever been member of the communist party, have you ever served the communist cause or ever associated with communists ?


    • 83
      T'Old Fella says:

      But isn’t Dave, our glorious leader, sort of in a very vague way a relative of the Queen hence Chas. 5th cousin or something, look no further


  19. 40
    RK says:

    It’s not the bloke/blokess from the PoW’s staff about whom we should be worrying, it’s the rest of the Cabinet Office.


  20. 41
    Club Of Rome says:

    Expect to wake up next to a Donkey’s head soon Guido (we’re all out of horses)


  21. 45
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    This is not interesting in the slightest:


    Should be off topic for the spy, but explains partly why the men in suits have not had a word with Dave yet about his communist putsch in the Conservative party ?


  22. 51
    James Bond says:

    30k for a spy, that’s cheap.


  23. 52

    I think all republican’s heads should be placed on spikes.

    In Guido’s case he can be spared as he dun some good. Decisions always subject to review…


  24. 53
    Mary Creagh says:

    It’s not fair, I’ve been trying all week to make a name for myself but I’m falling flat on my face. Do you think I need a buteox injection?


  25. 54
    Owin Jones says:

    Half the reason many hate this joint blog of Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones is because they envy it. They wish they could simply tell idiots to go fuck themselves, like we do.


  26. 55
    Inbred Upper Class landed berk says:

    Charles does not seem to have a problem with eating horse.


  27. 60
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    After today’s Miliband speech, we have yet more proof labour are still living in the past. Still no original policy, still no answers.


    • 63
      EU calling all horses says:

      They can’t have any policies, Brown screwed that up when he went to court over EU referendum that Liebour promised.


  28. 62
    Potted Plant in the Conservatory says:

    Charles told me who it is


  29. 64
    Sugar blah, Sugar blah, Sugar blah says:


  30. 69
    Andy Burnham Policy Think Tank says:

    Got it:

    Hospital waste as horse meat export for Europe !


  31. 73
    old SHEP says:


  32. 76
    The Eddie Boys One Nation Tour press office says:

    response to the gig this morning …



  33. 94
    A BBC Weather presenter says:

    A-yes indeedy. In the a-long term, Guido could a-end up on a a-country track with a an a-empty a-bottle of a-barbiturates to hand. Yes-indeedy.


  34. 100
    Taxfodder says:


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