February 9th, 2013

Saturday Seven Up

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You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


  1. 1
    maggie the dog says:

    No one up then


  2. 2
    England says:

    Today i am supporting Wales,and hope they strangle Le Cockerel,.
    Come on Taffy,stick it up the French,please….


    • 104
      hank the cat says:

      Being Welsh I can reveal to you that losing eight games in a row was all part of a cunning plan. God please,please let it be part of a cunning plan


  3. 3
    Casual Observer says:

    Headline: ‘WATCH: Huhne’s Downfall In His Own Word’ still making me chuckle.


  4. 4
    Owin Jones says:

    It’s 10 years since hundreds of thousands people protested in London against Iraq war. Why was it wrong to invade?


    • 34
      Karma: The Braying Owen Jones will one day be fed to horses says:

      This from someone who is trying to start debate questioning the rights and wrongs of !raq:

      I think a field trip is required before he does something much more stupid.


      • 45
        Paniagua says:

        What a fucking mong this piece of navel lint is.


        • 65
          Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths all of 'em says:

          a complete c’unt


        • 83
          Casual Observer says:

          It gets interesting looking down his TWITter feed though.

          Other than asking if people have jobs which involve pulling the wings of pigeons (WTF ?) and confusing people who have bought his book about what the nature of class struggle is, he was all excited about this:


          (Need to find out if any transcripts etc., likely worth ignoring though)

          Jones of course seems to oppose !raq for no clear reason other than populism.

          Am wondering if the debate though touched on the link with Rwanda.

          This have recently come across myself. Nothing sinister, but rather to frame part of the political motivation of Blair.

          The genocide in Rwanda could have been prevented by the west, and Blair had knowledge of this. A credible thesis is that he did feel some real guilt over that missed opportunity which forged a belief that intervention was morally correct in some circumstances. !raq was a misguided litmus test for this belief.

          I suspect the debate did not get down to that level of reasoning.


      • 93
        JH3242523452134 says:

        Different Class featuring that track came out in 1995. The year 2000 was only five years away Owen, you thick twat.

        An 11 year old should have been able to work that out, but you were probably too busy sat around the kitchen table with public sector employed Mummy and Daddy, all talking about how great socialism is – if you ignore the inevitable mass shortages, starvation and slaughter bits.


      • 193
        Newsagent says:

        Owen Jones, that’s it, I’ve had it with you, you are sacked. Yet again you have not turned up to do your paper round. What about the customers, what about your responsibility to them. Your customers are hard working individuals, not ungrateful little shits like you. Trouble is Owen, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and have never had to try to get a proper job.
        Owen you are a disgrace.


        • 229
          Owen Jones says:

          I hate you, real labour should be rewarded by real reward, with responsibilities come rights, I have the right to withdraw my labour for the socialist good of all.
          I would remind you that the fetishism of commodities has its origin in the social character that produced it….or so my dad says.

          Besides I only wanted to deliver the guardian and mirrors, the rest are all neo-capitalist propaganda and have no place in the forthcoming class struggle/utopia


        • 232
          Mummy Jones says:

          Don’t you talk to my Owen like that. You Punjabbi, Hinndi, Gujuratti immigrants need to know that young socialist intellectuals do not work, they merely sponge off those that do.
          Owen says you ought to give up running the shop and go on bennies. He can advise you to make sure you get all your rights.


      • 209
        Owen Jones' Mum says:

        Owen, have you cleaned your room yet ?


  5. 5
    Dr. Johnson says:

    A man is on the whole better pleased when he has a good dinner upon his table, than when his wife talks Greek.


  6. 6
    Dave I’m-so-hip Cameron says:

    Tony told me I consider it my remit to sodomise modernise the UK regardless of the fuct fact that I manifestly omitted to ask the plebs voters to endorse this policy.
    Next, it’s time to shake up the fuddy-duddy world of popular music. Let’s see, who have we got ?
    The Moody Blues ….. that describes trendy Tories quite well, particularly if it’s that time of the month – but their back catalogue will have to be re-titled :
    Dave’s Lust For the Arse
    In Search of the Lost Condom
    On the Threshold of a Dump
    To Our Adopted Children’s Adopted Children’s Adopted Children
    A Question of Bumsex
    Every Gay Boy Deserves Fondling


    Now I’ve got to enter ‘negotiations’ with Herman von Bumboy. Happy daze.
    Toodle pip !


  7. 7
    Alan Rusbridger, pianist says:

    Today I will be mostly playing The Circulation Waltz by Seamus Flynn.


  8. 10
    a non says:

    See that Judge Briscoe’s name has emerged this morning in relation to the Hoon / Pryze case, according to the Independent.
    Somebody here will be pleased.
    This saga is starting to resemble the plot of ‘The First Wives Club’ film.
    On the Oscar front have got Pryze down for best actress, but now with Brisco entering stage right, Oakeshutt has competition for best supporting actress.


  9. 11
    Lou Scannon says:

    Margaret Hodge is going to be investigating the Queen’s finances ??????


    The UK government is criminally insane.


    • 15

      I bet it will be found to be better and tighter run than any government has in a century.


      • 17
        P.M. Dave, Saviour of the U.K. says:

        Yep. We’ve run it so well that the Debt is doubling to £1.4 trillion during this one Parliament.

        Aren’t I impressive?

        Toodle Pippa


        • 21

          ‘Fraid you tell less than half of the story here.

          There was that little matter of the 13 years of Labour mismanagement which spent all we had in the piggy bank and the Bank of England’s gold vaults. They cynically got things to a state where there is no conventional path to recovery. A total default is the only path out.

          Dave is not doing very well and now has succeeded in alienating me from a party I have supported all my life. Part of that is down to the coalition but a lot of it is due to mistaken modernisation which he has elevated to a godhead.


          • Labour...filth...just filth says:

            likewise crmm… the only saving grace of it is that at least labour are out of office but coalition has not served the tory cause well and has effectively diluted the tory’s ability to make radical progress.


          • Agree. The expression could be simplified thus:

            All politics ends in failure.


          • Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

            “A total default is the only path out”

            Well, you’re a right bundle of laughs this morning! ;-)

            I agree with your comments – interestingly (or not), after asking around I’ve found that of my whole extended family (Conservative voters, apart from my idiot sister who voted LibDem in 2010) not one will be voting Conservative at the next election. To our knowledge, this if the first time that will happen since 1952.


          • Ex-Conservative voter says:

            “A total default is the only path out”

            Well, you’re a right bundle of laughs this morning! ;-)

            I agree with your comments – interestingly (or not), after asking around I’ve found that of my whole extended family (Conservative voters, apart from my idiot sister who voted LibDem in 2010) not one will be voting Conservative at the next election. To our knowledge, this if the first time that will happen since 1952.

            (2nd attempt to post this highly controversial comment).


          • Labour...filth...just filth says:

            you are right that long time tory voters are turning away from the fold but quite where they are going to vote when it comes to the ballot box is debateable…ukip is the popular conjection but 2 years is a long time and whilst the attraction of farage’s rhetoric is obvious the practical realities of his ‘out of the eu’ mantra thusfar explained in only the most simplistic terms.


          • @Alastair Campbell Murderer and your alter ego!

            It is the feeling of helplessness which makes me so happy. :-)


        • 44
          Pippa says:

          Don’t you toodle me, you creep. I’m a Boris supporter.


      • 22
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        Morning sir , still not sombrero weather i trust ?

        On the story of MP’s investigating the Queens expenses ,
        we already know the lunatics are running the asylum , so kettle calling pot black will suffice
        Maybe if we had someone totally independent looking at MP’s expenses , who does not tip them off on their fraudulent claims so they can alter them , then this would be a non story


        • 47

          Good morning to you too, sir! I fear that the centre part of the sombrero would not need to protrude too far just now. :-(

          To my mind, the MPs have no basis of evaluation to evaluate a cost/evaluation of the monarchy.

          Hell most of them don’t even know what they are for other than self-aggrandisement and filling their ever bulging pockets.

          I shall lamp the next person who pleads that they work hard. As if the rest of us who are paying for their Brian Rix-type farce don’t!


        • 50

          Good mornіng to you too, sіr! І fеаr thаt thе сеntrе pаrt of thе sombrеro would not nееd to protrudе too fаr just now. :-(

          To my mіnd, thе MPs hаvе no bаsіs of еvаluаtіon to еvаluаtе а сost/еvаluаtіon of thе monаrсhy.

          Hеll most of thеm don’t еvеn know whаt thеy аrе for othеr thаn sеlf-аggrаndіsеmеnt аnd fіllіng thеіr еvеr bulgіng poсkеts.

          І shаll lаmp thе nеxt pеrson who plеаds thаt thеy work hаrd. Аs іf thе rеst of us who аrе pаyіng for thеіr Brіаn Rіx-typе fаrсе don’t!


      • 212
        Casual Observer says:

        There is an interesting story here.

        Duchy of Cornwall. Think correspondence cover up as well.

        Still, for balance, Stemc0r related avoidance should be brought under PAC scrutiny.


    • 16
      albacore says:

      And when will Plod peer into the N H S?
      Now that’s a daft question. Goodnight and God bless
      Any chance long ago was put to safe bed
      For, if an investigation went ahead
      Guilt for the murders would go right to the top
      The buck would stop with Parliament for the chop


    • 42
      Brenda says:

      Fillip and one have discussed Ms.Oppenheimer over the cornflakes this morning.

      He has considerable doubts concerning her immigrant status and effnic background. In fact he used some adjectives which one understands are of Anglo Saxon origin.

      However, as the woman is one of one’s Privy Councillors, one couldn’t possibly comment oneself.


  10. 13
    voice of reason says:

    Ah Saturday Seven Up – it saves buying next weeks Private Eye


  11. 18
    Owin O'Jones says:

    Paid internship opportunity at the Embassy of Ireland London. See http://bit.ly/11urHEK for more details


  12. 19
    HMS Elm House says:

    Deploy the boy


  13. 20
    Fit and frightened says:

    However sick i am,i do not have enough confidence in the NHS,and to me,it
    shows that high education has been a force for mass negligence.Surely the
    educated elites ,doctors,consultants and nurses,have enough education to know
    what is wrong,so why did they put up with the abysmal standards they must have seen around them…???
    I would rather die at home than let current NHS staff fiddle about…It really is a tragedy and shows that money and education are not the answer


    • 43
      Al Queda NHS Branch says:

      Alluha Akhbar


      • 151
        Bulgarian Mafia., NHS Div. says:

        The rest of my extended family are deciding what to pack for their one-way trip to the UK, next January.


        • 154
          Bulgarian Mafia., NHS Div. says:

          I think we’ll choose Staffordshire – we can join our nursing relatives working in the hospitals there.
          “All elderly patients are animal and we hate them”, shall be our motto.


        • 258
          Handycocker says:

          All the girls will need is a couple of thongs. I can fit them up with anything else thet desire when they get here.


      • 311
        Al Qaeda NHS Branch says:

        Vote Labour.


    • 63
      genghiz the kahn says:

      yournhs.com links to Labour – what a surprise.

      Nothing on changing the culture to put patient care first – just project the jobsworths.


    • 98
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      “I would rather die at home than let current NHS staff fiddle about”

      I reached exactly the same conclusion a couple of weeks ago. I developed the most obvious symptom of prostate cancer, and faced with the two options: ignore it and possibly die at home, or go into an NHS deathcamp and have their cack-handed indifferent personnel tunnel around inside me in a Josef Mengele-style hit-or-miss attempt at curing me (my father was recently in hospital, so I’ve got up-to-date knowledge of what those deathcamps are like), I chose the sensible option; ignore it.


  14. 23
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Morning all.

    Anybody know what happened to the 2,000,000 Sun readers who were supposed to come flocking to this site last week following the enrolment of our host at their HQ?

    Maybe slow learners and will turn up next week instead.


  15. 25
    David Ward says:

    Yet again I have been asked by the whips not to say “the Je/ws”.

    I replaced this with “Dachau fuel,” but I was told this was somehow ‘offensive.’

    So I will change this term to “The undesirables.”
    I hope this is less discourteous to all concerned.


    • 59
      Wobbler says:

      A non PC Libdem. Whatever next? I think I’ll leave UKIP and join Nickelarse’s Boys’ Brigade instead.


  16. 26
    Kebab Time says:


    A longstanding Liberal Democrat MP is being sued for allegedly sexually assaulting and exploiting a vulnerable constituent who has a mental illness.

    Mike Hancock, the MP for Portsmouth South, has been accused of forming an inappropriate relationship with the woman over a 10-month period after she approached him for help with noisy neighbours.

    The MP placed his hand on her breast, exposed himself and kissed her on many occasions without consent, it is alleged in high court papers. His actions amount to sexual assault, harassment and misfeasance in public office, the papers claim.


  17. 27
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    breaking news
    sky report this morning that Findus received a letter from their meal manufacturer as far back as August last year warning them that their meals may contain horse meat from Romania , looks like they were happy to turn a blind eye until independent testing rumbled them


    • 29
      Casual Observer says:

      Is blindness another side effect caused by eating dodgy Romanian dobbins ?


    • 52
      hank the cat says:

      Findus have asked that all the customers who have purchased any items that contain horsemeat return them to the stables at all findus stores


      • 197
        genghiz the kahn says:

        Fishfingers and cod pieces are next in line for a recall after traces of seahorse were found.


        • 210
          Dick Miliband says:

          There’s no seahorse in my codpiece, but they might have been the crunchy bits in last nights scampi.


    • 54
      The Public says:

      Why have the boards of directors of Tescos , Findus, ALDI, the Co-op, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Oakhurst and uncle Tom Cobbly and all, (probably an idea to include the the suspiciously inert staff of the FSA too) not all been rounded up in dawn raids yet? There has been a gigantic fraud perpetrated on the public all along the supply chain. These people need their collars felt and all the documents, telelphpne and computer records seized before they are shredded.


      • 62
        hank the cat says:

        Why has the Millimonkey not called for “immediate judge led inquiry” Maybe his Dr. has warned him to be more careful jumping on all these bandwagons, RSI is painful.


        • 73
          The Public says:

          Maybe he has shares in some of these companies? How should we know? He never answers a question we put to him.


      • 67
        Synic says:

        Doesn’t a certain Sainsbury have form concerning Liebour Party donations?

        Time to claim on the insurance policy?


        • 103
          Gordon, your time has comene we love says:

          Those who signed a Treaty allowing free movement of goods within the EU should be rounded up.
          Free movement of meat means fuck all checks of the labelling appears in order


          • EU Watch says:

            Free movement of people means easier trafficking of children.


          • lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

            Even more important we get out of the EUSSR, where are all the dawn raids by plod on these companies, makes you wonder if this was all stirred up by the veggy brigade to stop people eating meat, after all every nut case and nutty group have had their hands in banning this that and the other and light bulbs or putting taxes on products they don’t want you to buy because it might be unsafe for you.


          • Zzzzzzzzzzz.. says:

            U do spout some cobblers


  18. 37
    Relax a little, its getting better says:

    Let me reassure you somewhat.
    I was tken by ambulance over the Chrismas break with internal bleeding.
    Whilst I passed in and out of consciousness I was aware of the professional way with which I was being handled. Yes A & E were busy, I had to wait for an emergency bed and subsequently a ward bed. Throughout my 4 day stay I was well enough to observe the ‘service’ I and other men of advanced years were receiving ( some had dementia ). I was first class. The nurses were on the go 24/7 and the security and protocol involved with dispensing drugs was excellent.
    The catering was adequate: had it been better I would have argued that the money would have been better spent elsewhere.
    I counted the number of staff involved in my visit and treatment. Over %0. All were pleasant and professional.
    I do have regular occasion to visit hospitals to accompany relatives to treatment and communication could be much better and some ancillary workers are grossly under-employed.
    So it’s not the well educated nurses and doctors who are failing the patients, rather the well educated so called Managers who need to sort themselves out.
    One final tip. It is a 24 hour service and so there is allot of activity and noise throughout the night. Boots sell ear plugs which resemble blu-tac.


    • 38
      Relax a little, its getting better says:

      Reply to 19.


    • 110
      JH3242523452134 says:

      If there is one thing the NHS is good at it is A&E. Other bits should go to a private insurance based model, as per other far more effective health care systems.

      No one ‘envies’ the NHS, in the first world at least. An American friend was literally in terror she would need to go to an NHS hospital if she fell ill over here.


  19. 40
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Going to see Kraftwerk tonight. The Man Machine – one of the first albums I bought :-)


  20. 46
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Horse racing was known as the “sport of kings” now it’s known as
    The Sport of Burger kings

    no wonder they call it “fast food”


  21. 49
    OnExpenses says:

    Research you understand?


    • 64
      Paniagua says:

      Its a shame that Twitter exists as otherwise having your jaw wired shut would kill two birds with one stone – Loose you some weight, and shut you the fuck up.



    • 66
      The Public says:

      Really? So you bunked off early on Friday afternoon in order to be there for the 17.20pm start? So much for all that guff about hard-working politicians and the long-hours culture in Westminster .


      • 70
        Gordon Brown says:

        Lazy cow


        • 96
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          Thought for the day !
          You are in the back row of the Hackney picture house it’s dark and you start getting a bit of stink finger with the lady next to you , you think your luck is in until the lights go up and guess who you are sat next too

          Bucket !


    • 90
      Casual Observer says:

      We look forward to not seeing that on your expenses claims form.


    • 125
      JH3242523452134 says:

      Yeah, nothing like watching a brother shoot lots of white folk. That will stop them playing divide and rule.


    • 185
      Dick Miliband says:

      It has double width seats then?


  22. 55
    Owin Jones says:

    I sang a nancy ajram song in the shower today what what the hell is this ?


  23. 57
    Hang The B@stards says:

    Only a fool can pass of the EU budget cut as a success when infact the UK are going to pay more.

    What clowns do we have representing us. It’s not about the total sum, it’s about what we pay. AND THAT’S GONE UP.

    The clown should have restored our rebate.


    • 61
      Coco Cameron the Clown says:

      I tried my best I really did. I wore my best rotating bow tie and squirted everyone with my flower spray.


    • 78
      hank the cat says:

      What clowns do we have representing us? The crop of MP’s we have to represent us in the last fifteen years has been the scrappings of the barrell, there must be a way for the local electorate to select who is to stand, rather than have the parties impose the clowns upon us.


    • 80
      Gordoom McDoom says:

      He’s a complete novice. I would have put it up 200%.

      Spending! Spending! Spending!

      I put an extra £64 billion pounds a YEAR into the NHS. Envy of the world!


    • 84
      Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths all of 'em says:

      the rebate was given away by blair et al and not realistically recoverable…as a proprtion of gdp the payments are technically reduced


      • 116
        The Public says:

        The thing to do is simply pay for the projects where money comes back to the Uk and not pay for the rest. When someone in Brussels questions it, simply lie like the Greeks and say we paid already. The accounts are a shambles haven’t been audited properly for years. Who are the EU to question our version?


      • 118
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        We do still have a rebate Blair only gave away some of it , What Fuckwit Dave did was give away some more


        • 135
          confused.... says:

          quite right we still have some rebate but how has he given away more ?


          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            He surrendered another 500 million over the next 7 years but has not increased our contributions
            In Dave’s head that is a great deal for the British taxpayer
            With his and George’s way of thinking , it’s no wonder the deficit has doubled , we are in Triple dip recession and the country is totally fucked


          • yawn.... says:

            flip flop … yeah right


          • restore the monasteries says:

            The country has been “fucked” a few times in its glorious history,but the
            world keeps spinning,and the sun comes up,and to my mind its about “we” humans to adapt to whatever is thrown at us…This, i feel,was easier during
            WW2,as we were all in it together and had to adapt to the conditions brought about by War…
            Will todays population adapt in a similar way,or has diversity gone too far..
            Re-marriage,i am not religious or bigotted,but the word “Marriage” is a union between a man and a woman,and no amount of law making will alter what marriage is to me..So thought police, Fuck off..


  24. 72
    Jonty Rhodes says:

    I did not take drugs – Lance Armstrong. I did not have sex with that woman – Bill Clinton. The NHS is safe in my hands – David Cameron


    • 76
      Paniagua says:

      There corrected for you…

      I did not take drugs – Chuka Umunna. I did not have sex with that woman – David Blunket. The NHS is safe in my hands – The Entire Labour Front Bench


    • 77
      The Public says:

      Cameron wasn’t lying. Andy Burnham is still at large.

      You are confusing the NHS with its patients.


    • 122
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      “Everyone will have access to an NHS dentist” – Tony Blair
      “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” – Tony Blair.
      “We’ll have an ethical foreign policy and not start any illegal wars at all, honest” – Jack Straw
      “I’ll be really really careful with the nation’s money” – Gordon Brown
      “.. and I’ll give you a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, too; I won’t sneak off and sign it in the middle of the night when you’re not looking” – Gordon Brown (again)
      “It’s best we sell all this gold and use the money to buy euros – they’ll be worth far more than gold” – Ed Balls
      “Tax-dodging is disgusting and goes against the greater good, and I’d personally never own a huge number of shares in a tax-dodging company” – Margaret Hodge
      ” .. ” – Ed Miliband


  25. 82
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Put pressure on Dave to get Nicholson to resign over Staffs Hospital failings.



    • 162
      Alternative says:

      Somebody needs to get the ICC to indict these a$$holes.

      They have committed clear crimes against humanity in contravention of Statute of Rome Article 7(1):


      The UK government cannot deal with this crime as they were themselves involved in it. (Not pointing finger at the Tories, more the administrative branches and previous administration)


  26. 86
  27. 92
    Owin Jones says:


    Daily Telegraph leader: “UK broke + recovery not in sight. Facts have changed, so must measures adopted by govt” http://tinyurl.com/akke3cs


    • 94
      Lord Scalded Bollock says:

      What do you expect from the poor man? Gideon’s previous includes being a Conservative party researcher, folding towels at Selfridges and attending a few Bilderberg meetings. Not sure which one of those most qualifies him to be Chancellor but what private sector jobs paying over £130k can you screw up for 3 years and still remain in the position….


    • 115
      Casual Observer says:

      Social security would be rising now that Labour’s NHS based liability reduction process – aka: Killing otherwise healthy pensioners – has ceased.


  28. 99
    Lefties (if any are up yet): Who said this ? (hint: He was German) says:

    This is our calling, that we shall become the templars of this Grail, gird the sword round our loins for its sake and stake our lives joyfully in the last, holy war which will be followed by the thousand-year reign of freedom.


  29. 100
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Wheres Taffy O’Jones the Welsh cock who only discovered Youtube this year ?


    • 105
      Tempting the hand of fate says:

      Recalled for probation violation ? Labour funding dried up ? Operation Ore catch up ? Who cares ?


  30. 108
    Owin Jones says:

    I’m not as nice as I used to be, getting fucked over does that to you.


  31. 113
    Qwerty business. says:

    Just stripped the pute keyboard down to component parts and gave the lot a good and thorough dhobi.

    Talk about plague material. It never occurred to me before what serious health hazards keyboards are. Underneath those keys are years of fluff, skin flakes, spit, snot, food, drinks and more. No amount of cleaning can remove this biological debris from an intact keyboard, it has to be stripped down.

    They must be health hazard number one in a surgery/hospital. I sneeze, you type, you shake patient’s hand.


  32. 120
    Owin Jones says:

    Cameron “proud” of his EU agreement. Clegg “proud” of £600 tax cut for rich. Pride comes before a fall. The sooner the better!


  33. 131
    Owin Jones says:

    Even the right realise Osborne is a tosser! The Daily Telegraph’s verdict: Osborne isn’t working. » Spectator Blogs http://specc.ie/WVrgPn


  34. 133
    anon. says:

    Nigel Farage vs Self serving traitor.


  35. 138
    lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

    I see our last aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious doing it’s last tour of Britain before the scrappy gets it, I hope we don’t have wars that require us to have sea assets, Camoron you tosser, it will be visiting Liverpool next weekend, so at least it will get a good send off even if it will be a sad one.


    • 144
      Gordoom McDoom says:

      I ordered two just before I decided to stand down after years of service.

      They only cost £34 billion a pair. That’s without the cost of any planes or crew or facilities or missiles or anything.

      But money well spent. Because it was spent on my Labour comrades !


    • 359
      Anonymous says:

      death leads to rebirth.
      as soul is immortal.
      The chaps at All Souls operate at genius level but what is the purpose of their genius.
      in the green world of mortal possessions, who is immortal them?
      technological wonders tell another story.
      this project is to kill of the concept of the immortality of the soul.
      now imagine when one dies, that another version of us, an identical looking electromechanical version of our physical self, pops up somewhere else…..programmed to behave as if it “feels” our past life of the original person. The engineering of the world is now at turbo.
      when the world expands, contract.
      become a zero and share all with the infinite.
      for both are the same.
      forget the tip of the tongue and top of the mouth world of lickability..for is distracts from the nasal us…the world of smell. this would be good palace to start as any.


  36. 141
    Owin Jones says:

    Anyone know who owns the ‘Independent’ these days? Anyone? No?


  37. 142
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    When I saw that Mark Carney character in front of that Select Committee explaining that his high salary was justified because of house price differentials between Canada and UK I carried out my own research and discovered :

    1. Average Canadian house price is 351,792 dollars

    2. Exchange rate is 63.13

    3. The average UK house price is £170K against an average Canadian price of £220 K

    My conclusions are :

    1. Anyone coming from Canada to UK is probably cashing in on a tidy profit which does not tally with his evidence.

    2. Dont trust anyone approaching you wearing a suit with an expensive looking haircut.

    Personally I would like to see his appointment cancelled . I fear it is going to end in tears. I am going short sterling because I simply do not trust the guy although I am willing to bet when he is ready to go home the sterling exchange rate will be less than 55p .


    • 149
      Arnold the talking pig says:

      Yvonne, what you have to remember here is Osborne, who has no financial or economic qualifications whatsoever selected this man. I don’t see what you are worried about!


    • 156
      The Truth Will Out says:

      It’s Bullshit.

      Wiki says:
      They have four daughters and live in the Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood of Ottawa

      Rockcliffe Park is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Ontario, and is one of the most prosperous enclaves in Canada

      Just Check out:


      I don’t suppose the British press (or Guido) had the initiative to spend just 30 secs on Google checking out the real facts.


      • 182
        Jane Birkin from Paris says:

        I have had a butchers at an estate agents site from this Rockcliffe place

        The cheapest property he has costs 800K and the most expensive is over 6 million !


        • 443
          She who knows says:

          How many more times !!

          Carney is a Goldbergsocks stooge. Watch him like a hawk as nothing good will come of this appt. Just watch the exchange rate plummet about 2 weeks into his tenure.

          You have been warned.


    • 158
      Canadian's are untrustworthy liberal left mongs says:


      Carny is a crook.

      Oh: Canada has a serious housing bubble problem propped up by commodity exports which has not yet burst. Perhaps after he has been sent back, that can be popped.

      Helping the Americans with oil shale fracking and making the export route to Ch!na hazardous would help with that, and help restore some global security.

      NB: Canada has recently been supporting international terrorism, in particular the recent Alger!a situation and destabilization of Pak!stan.


      • 161
        Ball Ocks says:

        P@kstan is unstable.


        • 164
          Canadian's are untrustworthy liberal left mongs says:

          Thanks to al-Qadri yes.

          Read up before making a mong of yourself.


          • Ball Ocks says:

            P@kstan has never been stable.


          • Canadian's are untrustworthy liberal left mongs says:

            It was reasonably so up until very recently, until the Canadian’s decided to try their hand at enlightened geopolitics.

            Canada can’t even get things straight with it’s own indigenous.

            Obviously, thanks to the actions of Canada, UK security threat to London has gone up a bit. Perhaps these additional costs should be deducted from Carny’s pay packet.


          • Dave, call me Prime Minister if you must says:

            Chillax. I have a cunning plan for that. Trust me.


      • 188
        MFI is watching you says:

        I think your Lidl horse meat ready meals have damaged your brain.
        Luckily they come with a tinfoil top, so you can wrap it around your head and convince yourself the thought police can’t read your deranged synapse sparkings.


        • 204
          Canadian's are untrustworthy liberal left mongs says:

          Public domain am afraid, from verified sources. Google is your friend.

          Never shopped at Lidl or eaten the products reportedly affected.

          The P@kistan issue is most serious though. Since their successful bomb test back in the 90s there has been a concerted effort to keep the place together.

          The recent al-Qadri interference which was apparently supported by the Canadian government (they themselves have an interested in filling the arms supply role recently vacated by the US) is not to be ignored. The Canadian press actually distorted the story behind al-Qadri’s citizenship etc.

          Check through the reputable industry sources and you’ll get the idea.

          Thoroughly untrustworthy people.


  38. 145
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    I went into my local supermarché this morning .

    They were selling Findus frozen Lasagne 100 per cent Boeuf for 5.33 euros .

    I passed it by.


  39. 157
    Owin Jones says:

    What do I do? I have an Aldi spotted dick frozen pudding in my freezer. Could they have suddenly become honest about food labelling?


  40. 163
    NHS helpline says:

    use it as a suppository numpty


    • 172
      NHS....Pile of Shit says:

      Had a letter thingy telling me what a great organisation the NHS is and all my details were going onto their national database and this was great news for me as their staff could read my medical notes in Shetland.

      Hidden away near the back was a bit of small print (obviously NHS patients do not need reading glasses) telling me how to opt out. So I did opt out and months later they have not confirm that I have been opted out.

      Of course the next step will to make my medical notes go Euro wide so that I can be treated in Bucharest


  41. 168
    The Nuremberg Tribunal says:

    ALDI has 38 directors. The highest paid director’s salary: £568,000.00

    But none of these 38 people ever had a clue that they were selling horse meat sold to them by, among other people the Swedish company Findus. Presumably, they were only following orders.


    • 181
      Gordoom McDoom says:


      What a SHITTY SALARY.
      You can get that for being ‘deputy head of diversity’ at the BBC, and doing fuck all, all day long.


    • 214
      A B Boyd says:

      We’ve got them on our short-list for the next Director General of the BBC.


  42. 172
    I'm not a butcher but says:

    Once you’ve seen butchered horse meat ( french supermarket displays) you don’t need a DNA test ( at least not on the meat ) to tell the difference between horse and beef.
    They knew!!!


    • 177
      Tachybaptus says:

      By the time it arrives at food firms here it is in great frozen blocks black and green with age, and might be walrus for all you can tell.


      • 186
        When I was a lad... says:

        I had a summer holiday job scrubbing maggots out of bacon sides and gammons before they went for boning.
        Not far from Aintree…..but I’m sure it wasn’t the fallers.


      • 189
        Vera Lynn says:

        ” Seal meat again, don’t know where don’t know when…”


    • 180
      I'm not a butcher but says:

      It’s just a matter of how far the food chain the back-handers went.


  43. 174
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Patients lying in their own faeces under Labour is acceptable. A cap on housing benefit under the coalition is the Final Solution.

    Aah, I do love my Tuscan weekends away.


  44. 178
    Gordoom McDoom says:

    I went for a stroll down Kirkcaldy high street. I don’t know why people say the high street is dying . They have everything I need.

    A cardigan from the 1990s. Some very poor quality scissors from the pound shop. And to put a bet on the first goal at Stark’s Park.


  45. 184
    hank the cat says:

    These are the suppliers who supply findus.

    Panghero was forced to withdraw 12 tonnes of mince in 2011
    French authorities believed it was infected with potentially lethal bacteria
    Firm insists it has been given clean bill of health
    Supplies Comigel factory which made Findus horse meat lasagnes
    Environment secretary Owen Paterson to hold emergency meeting with Food Standards Agency today after warning of ‘criminal conspiracy’
    Aldi said it felt ‘angry and let down’ by Comigel after tests


    • 199
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      These then are the imports/exports cleggie was saying we shall lose if we leave the EU.

      Not be much of a loss would it?


    • 206
      Anonymous says:

      It is a very cheap outfit. I think only the dimmest of the middle classes shop there because they stupidly believe they are getting bargains.


  46. 195
    hank the cat says:

    Sir David Attenborough gets a mauling from academic….because he’s ‘ignoring’ all the gay animals in his BBC nature documentaries

    You could not make it, off course the “academic” is head of “media Studies”(is that really a uni degree course) at the Uni Of East Anglia. Seems like they have cornered the market of phuckwits in Norwich


    • 329
      Arse fuck for freedom says:

      The Uni of East Anglia of course being the world centre for the AGW scam!


    • 336
      Oxford Don says:

      ‘Media Studies’ teaches the discipline of: Propaganda.

      This is also known as spin and public relations.


  47. 196
    Criollo says:

    Never Mind Findus.

    What about Argentinian Corned dog?

    And what is supposed to be the difference between premium corned beef and corned beef?


    • 205
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Sainsburys Taste the Difference range. Can the difference between horse and beef be tasted.


      • 349
        A consumer says:

        Worried now about that giraffe bread. They’re endangered species aren’t they ? And a bit horsey…


        • 409
          Neil Innes says:

          Giraffe bread was previously known as Tiger Bread.
          Guess they must have finally killed off all the tigers.


    • 256
      hank the cat says:

      Don’t know about the difference but Corned is a Yank slang for having a pork sword shoved up your butt


      • 275
        Your Friendly Neighbo(u)rhood Americanisms Service says:

        The correct terminology is “corn-holed.” It is a reference to the fact that maize kernels are often excreted whole, having passed through the alimentary canal undigested, hence the anus is the “corn-hole.” More information than you probably needed or wanted to know.


  48. 200
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Has Andy Burnham resigned yet. How can the bloke live with himself?


  49. 202
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Channel 4 News.
    Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Shame on you both for biased reporting with no thought given to your subject matter, only hatred for the tories.
    I thought reporting was supposed to be honest, but I’m afraid you are not honest.


  50. 220
    The tit in no. 10 says:

    Lest there be any complaints that I haven’t got the constitutional boundaries sorted out, Middlesex will henceforth be known as Bottysex.


  51. 224
    Camilla says:

    These horse meat burgers are the closest thing to canibalism I can think of.


  52. 227
    The NHS under Labour says:

    Patricia Hewitt, Alan Johnson and Andy Burnham are all guilty of negligent homicide and should be in prison, along with Blair and Brown, under whose governments the Stafford mass murders took place. And former Tankie, David Nicholson, deserves to die of cancer. The former communist party member who openly admired Soviets whilst a student, now lives a lavish lifestyle on taxpayer funded expenses, and he fast tracked his young wife – 22yr age gap – into a senior position on 155k a year despite the health care commission condemning Birmingham Children’s Hospital while she was chief executive. She was originally seconded to his office, and the slimy, fugly goblin took a fancy to her. She was suddenly promoted and they got married. Basically whoring herself out for a top job in return for letting him stick his shrivelled old cock up her.


    • 259
      albacore says:

      And so when will there be an investigation
      A real criminal one, without reservation?
      Or even a blatantly whitewashing affair?
      Ringpieces a-flutter, Parliament wouldn’t dare


  53. 237
    Lasagne says:

    Findus binned us.


  54. 238
    Gordoom McDoom says:

    Just going down to lidl.

    Anyone want anything?


  55. 247
    The NHS under Labour says:

    Have you seen what the senior staff responsible for the Stafford Hospital massacre look like? Talk about archetypal sour faced leftie pen pushing public sector ghouls bereft of compassion or humanity.

    Toni Brisby http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02443/toni-brisby_2443919c.jpg

    Helen Moss http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02443/helen-moss_2443930c.jpg

    Cynthia Bower http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2011/11/24/1322175673999/Cynthia-Bower-007.jpg

    And of course, mass murderer in chief, David Nicholson http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/images/localpeople/ugc-images/275796/Article/images/18022790/4529559.jpg


  56. 248
    Eu Commissioners says:

    From now on ALL meat will be known as beef.


  57. 251
    YouGov says:

    Our latest polls shows that –
    The most Babeelicious babe in the EU is Cathy the body Ashton
    Keith Vaz is the most honest and trusted member of thee HoC
    In the next by-election in Eastleigh Labour are poliing at 85%


  58. 252
    Andy Bumhum says:

    Ooooh, look ! A politician resigning ! How quaint !!


  59. 255
    lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

    Don’t know what your complaining about, what’s in a name, horse or beef, Range Rover or Tata, Mini Cooper or BMW, BBC or lies, MPs or corruption, move along please, people making money on the side, nothing to see.


  60. 260
    lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

    Ed the Milliboy on tv jumping on the latest bandwagon, 13 years Ed and we have to wait until a coalition is in to see the chips fall of the Liebour lies.


  61. 262
    Findus hermaphrodite says:

    At least our plastic trays are safe.


  62. 265
  63. 276
    Romanian abattoir owner says:

    Lessons will be learned.


  64. 280
    Owin Jones says:

    Just spoke at the Iraq ,10YearsOn rally in London. Proud to have marched on 15th Feb 03. Horrified at what came next. pic.twitter.com/kDZiidrJ


    • 364
      Mr Grumpy says:

      Our diplomats should be working overtime to engineer a massive war between Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq and Syria, on the one hand and Egypt, Saudi, Jordan, Gulf States and N. Africna Muslin states on the other. Participation of Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan optional. Properly modulated (by the west supplying the one who’s losing at any given moment) it could run and run. As long as we can keep the refugees out of Europe and get local Christians to a safe place, what’s not to like?


    • 436
      Mario Reading says:

      Nostradamus foresees that in 2017:
      The comfortably off will lose their possessions
      Trouble for the world will come from 3 brothers (fatwas of Al Qaeda aka possibly)
      Enemies will seize a naval city
      Hunger, fire, blood, plague and of every evil, the twin/double.


  65. 283
    THE SUN says:


    Lessons will be learned…..after a short break whilst the teachers are broken in.


    • 288
      old SHEP says:

      Times are hard for everyone.


    • 334
      DNA says:

      Pardon me for asking but what is wrong with horse meat compared to bovine meat?


      • 340
        Point of information says:

        Labeling to start with: People were buying horse labelled as beef.

        Secondly, horse meat is dodgy as some of the drugs used in horses to treat certain conditions are carcinogenic in humans and should not be in our food chain.

        Because the source of the horse is not clear, there is a high risk that the meat is unfit for human consumption in addition to it being mislabeled.

        Note also that price of horse is much less than beef, but that cost difference was not passed on either.

        Do some digging for further moral, ethical, medical and legal objections.


        • 393
          Trafficker says:

          I gather that there has been bafflement in high places over the very large increase in the inter country transport of low value horse carcasses which has taken place over the last few years. People have been unable to work out how the transport costs of all the movements have been covered by the firms doing it. I think we all know now.


      • 347
        The Public says:

        If it is bought as horse meat on the continent, nothing at all. If it is masquerading as something else here in Britain and exposing a total lack of cedibility in the control and inspection in the food chain, quite a lot. It is no longer a tasty meal for the Belgians, and has become something else altogether, called ‘evidence’.


  66. 284
    A spokesperson for Guido Fawkes says:

    Noel Gallagher and Rod Stewart voted among wittiest British celebrities http://bit.ly/UOKmID


  67. 286
    The Nuremberg Tribunal says:

    The Findus Group CEO is Chris Britton, Group CFO is Steve Leadbeater, who is also the Company Secretary. The CEO (UK) is Leendert den Hollander, the CEO (Nordics) is Jari Latvanen and the CEO (Southern Europe) is Matthieu Lambeaux.

    Their auditors are PWC.


  68. 287
    Owin Jones says:

    Disabled child to lose her own room under ‘bedroom tax’ http://itv.co/XZ88Mr Please sign – http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/43154

    Remember..”All Tories are Bastards”


  69. 291
    old SHEP says:

    Why don’t they come clean and just market them as horse burgers, you never know they might catch on. Big Neddy?.


  70. 298
    The Law of Unintended Consequences says:


    • 303
      old SHEP says:

      The EU law of mindless bureaucrats.


    • 327
      Bernie Goldberg, Award-Winning American Journalist, says:

      I did a report some years ago for HBO, in which I showed how platers who never should have been anywhere near a race track, and who are costing their breeders/owners way too much money, are disposed of by sale to slaughterhouses, the meat often arriving in France within 24 hours of the horses’ death. (It is not just feral horses from the Western deserts, as in the film The Misfits, which get slaughtered, and they’re not all turned into dog food, as is commonly supposed.) Of course, this is the kind of apolitical story I get to do, for a cable network, as I am way too vocal a media critic of the Leftist slant in American network newscasting to be allowed to work in over-the-air Broadcast media on any story which goes against the “Narrative.”



  71. 300
    lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

    Wonder if the lawyers will come up with a class action on the horsey issue, good job the EU warrant works both ways, we should be glad we are part of this beautiful European project and we can see how well it works, instead of just having our own corrupt b,stards attending us we now have 27 other country’s as well.


  72. 301
    Owin Jones says:

    Tory M.P.’S

    The sooner these people are sent to prison the better – sadly vulnerable people fall for their nonsense every day.


    • 304
      The Public says:

      If it is to join you and the Labour Party breaking rocks on Dartmoor, I am sure people won’t be too bothered.


  73. 308
    Arse fuck for freedom says:

    Come on Italy, beat the Scotch c’unts! :-D


  74. 309
    Swing Voter says:

    So let me get this straight.

    The EU spent quite a lot of our money setting directives saying that English sausages cannot be labelled as sausages, and tried to determine how bendy banana’s should be.

    But: They are fine to sell us horse labelled as beef ?

    Something isn’t right here, and it is not just the Findus crispy pancakes.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 317
      lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

      Europe’s uncivil servants at it’s best, just as inept as Britain’s uncivil servants, all run by politician’s who are just as bright as the dimmest candle, go help us all or we need a lot of luck to get out of this comedy of errors.


    • 332
      Bend over backwards. says:

      Just like they banned the Scillonians from slaughtering their own beef. No this was not acceptable to the EU, the animals have to show their passport and travel by ship to Penzance, from there they are trucked to their slaughter, their carcasses trucked back to Penzance then shipped back out to St Mary’s complete with all relevant paperwork.

      Meanwhile on the European mainland any old horse will do.

      Why isn’t Dave attacking the fuckers about this?

      Or was it our overly EU compliant Civil servants that allowed the situation to arise? Because there is only one organisation in the UK who will benefit from all this Scillonian red tape.


    • 338
      An English Tradesman says:

      EU stopped me working. Shipping those cheap blokes over from the east.


    • 445
      Anonymous says:

      There never was a bendy banana directive. It is in fact a lie made up by wanker tabloid “Journalists” for the consumption of thick mongs, like much of the other alleged daft EU legislation, like hair nets on fishing boats etc..


  75. 318


  76. 323
    Owin Jones says:

    That funny moment when Prime Minister David Cameron tries to talk to you again & you’re like….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck you!


    • 330
      Owen Jones' Mum says:


      — So sorry readers, he’s become awfully difficult since he’s started hanging out with those nasty Huff Po gang boys. Normally he is a good boy, it’s just a phase.


  77. 328
  78. 333
    ████ ' changed my tune' Hoon says:

    Looks like they’re making an abortion of things already….


    • 335
      Casual Observer says:

      Eastleigh is all about losing the least credibility, not winning the seat.


      • 344

        And in saying that you might as well be describing the whole of the body politic.


        • 356
          Casual Observer says:

          Still a bit of time to go to GE, unless Dave or Clegg do the honorable thing, but the timing of this election and circumstances are highly unique. The behavior of the LibLabCon at present is similar to a certain Olympic badminton match.

          UKIP have the most to gain. They will hopefully use this opportunity to dispel the one-an-band myth.



          • Delete highly. It is otiose. ;-)

            Otherwise agree.


          • The Meat Metaphore says:

            Highly is OK with me. In the meaning of ‘very smelly’, ‘gone off’, ‘well past its use-by date’, ‘ rotten and maggotty’.


          • Ah! That’s OK. :-)

            And a uniquorn is one of them tasty things wiv an ‘orn in its ‘ead?


          • Casual Observer says:

            Thank you for correcting. Could claim it to be a deliberate grammatical jab in context, but it was a mistake. Was high on Huhne’s fumes there. ;-)


          • Farage is excellent at grabbing the moment. That article is typical evidence of this. I wonder, if he did manage to get say 40 MPs, and could hold the balance of power, how he would practically have to adapt to deal with that situation?

            Hypothetical of course…


          • Casual Observer says:

            The danger of a UKIP win in Eastleigh is both for Cons and UKIP.

            If UKIP won, with a single seat they would be easy target of ridicule getting the Galloway treatment.

            It is not clear if Eastleigh UKIP win would be enough to attract a decent number of defections from the Tories. They would need at least 10 to have a safe presence in the HoC.

            However, a win may be just what is needed to open the floodgates from the Tories.

            Before considering balance of power in HoC, UKIP do need to get the internal party balance of power sorted out. They have made a huge amount of progress with this, but there are likely a few live grenades left in the box just at the moment.

            Other than lack of seats, that is probably the single issue preventing defections at present. If UKIP demonstrate that issue is under control in Eastleigh, an apparent loss could be a much big win for them.


          • There is the problem that the way politics have been done of late, that voters get turned off and just do not bother. That leaves a hardcore of people who are difficult to shift and the floaters which rise as a percentage of the turnout. The last boilings are thus highly volatile when considered as a whole. I have a gut feeling that the psephologists are going to have to rely much less on historical inputs.


          • Casual Observer says:

            Apart from my poor English in the last post (I should proof read more closely), I meant to add that the defections may not be just from the Tories.

            All three parties have provided very good reasons for MPs who may have concerns about the EU and their own future in politics to leave. The first 10 or so defections may well be a mix of Lib, Lab and Con MPs not changing the overall status quo of the coalition.

            If UKIP’s credibility and apparent support continues on its current path we may yet see them absorb the saner chunk of the Lib Dems and convincingly split the Tories as we get closer to the GE.

            Any hint of an early GE being called would indicate that such a strategy is credibly in play. A real Tory leadership challenge or Lib Dem breaking of the coalition before the end of the year is highly probable.

            The German federal election this September is the temporal reference point to keep an eye on.

            Westminster will be positioned to handle either outcome there, which one suspects is the main reason why UKIP are being brought in from the cold.


          • I think that Merkel is astute enough to have clocked the rise in UKIP in England. Maybe that is why she supported Dave last week. If I am correct in this, she will be appealing to an increasingly large number of Germans who are recognising and vocalising about the vast areas of insanity which occur within the EU. In many ways, this could be more significant than the rather dubious Third Way of Blair and Giddens.

            Which brings me to another issue discussed before. There is no textbook for the Libertarian approach. OK, nobody really read the Third Way apart from a few geeks. But it was there and a wide circle of people knew it and simply accepted that there was an apparently rigorous underpinning to the concept. Someone is going to have to do this for Libertarianism for it to be taken more seriously to the extent it becomes a significant parliamentary force. Perceived justification maybe, but necessary IMO.


          • Casual Observer says:

            The Lower Saxony results the other week, and departure of Education minister today have counted against her. But are not fatal, just weakening.


            The German people really only care about 2 things. i) Inflation and economic stability, and ii) Immigration. They care about immigration rationally, as reported, but inflation is still perceived a bit irrationally. To be fair though, unfunded liabilities the Euro is landing them with is making this a rational concern which is getting public attention now.

            Merkels agreement with Cameron was just a compromise based on reality. The deal is not done yet, but I think she is aware as Cameron is that there is a bad element at the center of the EU project and things are not moving in the right direction. Personally I believe if anyone reverts back to trade member status and exits the Euro it will be Germany first.

            To your point on psephologists : Agree. (I missed your post before putting the other in – was not ignoring). UK electorate needs to wake up. That is happening now.

            Libertarianism and approach certainly does need to be codified. Following the guide book approach of ‘the third way’ strategy sounds like a very good approach. The time is approaching now where people in the UK will need to have the difference between liberalism and libertarianism explained.


  79. 342
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:


  80. 345
    Owin Jones says:

    The Conservatives have announced their candidate for the Eastleigh by-election will be Minnie Bannister, who finished tenth behind Chris Huhne in the 2010 general election.

    Party chairman Grant Shapps described Minnie Bannister as someone “people in Eastleigh can’t trust as far as they can throw her,and certifiably insane”


  81. 350
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    They keep banging on about how the findus lasagne contained 100% horse
    If it contained 100% horse there would be no fuckin pasta , cheese , tomato or the shit load of E numbers to preserve it
    My experience of processed meals is you would be dam lucky to find any fuckin meat in there at all

    as a foot note this could all be part of the EU master plan of integration weening us onto it slowly , as nearly all EU countries eat it anyway
    The way that all our beef , chicken etc suddenly became Halal


    • 357

      Well, you have missed out the plastic tray, the peel-away film and the cardboard box, lol! Maybe they meant the meat content, you are talking about the dead nag press!

      I wonder how a supermarket would react to a Frenchman asking if they sold a 100% horse meat pasta?


    • 358
      Machiavelli says:

      Your insights are important statements of the blindingly obvious: No disrespect intended by that.

      People are not noticing the other blindingly obvious issue: Inflation.

      And perhaps preparing the food chain for a flood of hungry mouths from Romania and Bulgaria ?


    • 363
      Vorsprung durch Horsemeat says:

      The main owner of the Schwarz Group, which owns Lidl, is Dieter Schwarz, who controls the company through the Dieter Schwarz Stiftung . The Dieter Schwarz Stiftung owns 99.9 percent of the Schwarz Beteiligungs GmbH.

      In Germany, the greedy bastard who has been selling us horsemeat likes to pretend he is mysterious and interesting. Healines say stuff like “Kaum jemand kennt den Lidl-Chef”, but actually we know who he is. He’s a greedy git who started business in the 1930s and did quite well under Hitler. He’s been at it ever since expanding his empire under the auspices of the EU.


  82. 352
    ████ ' changed my tune' Hoon says:

    ‘By a lie a man throws away and, as it were, annihilates his dignity as a man’ Kant


  83. 360
    Owin Jones says:

    The Tories & Lib Dems are insulting the intelligence of Eastleigh voters by fielding to separate candidates. 1 Con-Dem candidate is enough.

    Get in there Labour .


  84. 368
    Owin Jones says:

    New voting policy being introduced into Parliament .. the Nods for Yes and the NAAAAAYS for No … it’s a request from Tesco


  85. 381
    Observer says:

    I see the Chinese are about to start their year of the Snake. Whom do we currently think most deserves this title in the UK?


  86. 384
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Square box. Round pizza. Triangle slices. I’m Confused.


  87. 387
    An idiot who should be sacked says untested food is safe says:


    • 395
      The BBC are cunts says:

      Channel4 News is trying hard to be more left-wing than us. We will win.


    • 401
      Food Standards Agency says:

      We can confirm that the rumors of crocodile DNA being found in HoC canteen food are a false positive.

      Ann Clwyd has come forward admitting she was a bit weepy after passing the onions on the salad bar when discussing the NHS killings with Andy Burnham.


  88. 388
    Party Fubars says:

    Can the NHS now be considered Labour’s stalking horse ?


  89. 392
    yay or neigh says:

    I have a tin of Tesco Extra Value Corned Beef in the cupboard.
    Says its beef from Brazil.

    Reckon its horse?


  90. 402
    new dna test shows BBC composed of 100% vermin says:

    maybe insects would make better burgers, unless it is purely a disposal issue ? corpses can be a real inconvenience.


  91. 403
    EU Entertainment Committee says:

    Following recent directive, please note that receptacles described as ‘doggy bags’ from now on shall be described as ‘nose bags’.


  92. 404
    William Tell says:


  93. 406

    3rd June 2013: Vietnam commences accession talks with the EU.


  94. 416
    Sarah Teather says:

    I am a Hobbit.


    • 417
      Findus says:

      Are Hobbits halal?


    • 437
      Zeitgeist today in Strawberry Hill says:

      That is why you are guest of honour ( freak-show we’ll teather to a tree ) at Elton’s Wedding. As you know we’re all going to celebrate Vince’s successful convincing of Cameron to appear progressive (and more than a bit gay) This means we’ll have at least 60 MPs due to UKIP swelling support and more liberal champagne all round.


      • 438
        Vince Cable says:

        To be honest I’m still struggling to decide who to select for the shoo-in win to Solihull, Newton Abbott and Truro where some tories will leave for UKIP – we’ve just lost Daniel Radcliffe whose just grown a few more pubes so says he’s leaving but I’m sure we can find someone still of his sort.



        • 439
          Statistician says:

          Did you know that 100 of the 307 tory seats have Labour on a percentage less than 15% but LDs on more than 25% So the LDs have every reason to lie to Cameron that he’d be seen as a progressive.
          [http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/elections/results/general_elections General Election Results from the Electoral Commission]


  95. 424
    BOING!!!! says:


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