February 5th, 2013

Exclusive: Adam Afriyie: I Love Dave and My Wife

Tory stalking donkey Adam Afriyie has written to his constituents stressing his plot is all but dead in the water and that he has “no intention of standing against David Cameron.” Apparently the media have been “false and misleading”, although he does admit to “working hard with a large number of MPs to support the leadership with policies that will help win a Conservative majority in 2015.” Very hard…

Afriyie also discusses the treatment by the Mail of his wife:

“Tracy-Jane and I are both deeply upset by the nasty and personal insinuations, in particular by the Daily Mail. We are relieved that the baseless story has now been withdrawn from their website.”

No mention of the dozens of supportive letters from other backbenchers that Adam still claims to have locked in his safe…


  1. 1
    Ex Voter says:

    Me first


    • 6
      Vote UKIP says:

      This notion of a stalking horse was always bollocks.


      • 9
        a stalking horse says:

        yeah – but my stalk is still bigger than yours mate!


        • 58
          Anonymous says:

          If Cameron loves him back, should they get married?


          • Anonymous says:

            Is Cameron leading the country to free marriage?

            In some communities men marry one officially but keep few other women in the same house as wifes. Why doesn’t Cameron tell them marry officially? After all they are in love and have children as well. Some of the man are even married to many women in house of their God.

            Next to my friends house one man lived with 3 wifes all on benefits, even the council knows what was going on. They have been moved to a bigger house by the council due to over crowding.


          • Call me Dave mincing into oblivion says:

            An arse, an arse, my kingdom for an arse


          • Bum Bandit says:

            One up the bum = No harm done to a blind an thick PM.


    • 22
      Hmmm. says:

      That’s not to his constituents. It is to the party members.


    • 35
      The late King Richard III says:

      Not quite the type of horse i had in mind, but thanks anyway.


      • 83
        F0ul Labour ruined my Country says:

        The way things are going you’ll be able to marry a horse or anything else yhat takes your fancy. I want the law changed so I can marry the Sun and a curvey asteroid.


        • 87
          Sir William 17th says:

          A stalking horse can be most useful when wildfowling, I’ve found. I had an old chestnut gelding called Pickles that was a perfect cover. A duck punt is actually more effective, but less sporting I feel.


        • 99
          Billericay Dickey says:

          Glory be – let bumsex rule the day!



    • 116
      Jake says:

      Another Tory losing the plot


      The actress who played a young Baroness Thatcher believes the politician had ‘psychopathic tendencies’ because she did not feel enough guilt over her actions.
      Actress Andrea Riseborough says she believes Lady Thatcher, who she played in a BBC drama, had a ‘loose’ connection with humanity.
      Riseborough, 31, played the young Margaret Thatcher in The Long Walk To Finchley, based on the former prime minister’s early years in politics.

      Actress Andrea Riseborough said Lady Thatcher had oversights when it came to ‘millions of people’
      The Never Let Me Go and Made In Dagenham actress told the Radio Times: ‘Mrs Thatcher had oversights when it came to thousands of people. No, millions.
      ‘She is still untouchable for many because she didn’t operate in the way others did.
      ‘Her connection with humanity was a very loose thread.

      ‘Emotionally, she was not in touch with herself or anybody else.
      ‘As well as being such an intelligent woman, I would say she had psychopathic tendencies.’


      • 126
        Psychologist says:

        Being emotionally detached does not qualify for psychopath.

        Now, if – and I seriously seriously doubt this – if, it ever shown that Thatcher was sexually promiscuous, then this notion has a little more credibility.

        Otherwise the article is just promoting a movie.

        We need another Mrs T right now.


      • 152
        Anonymous says:

        Is she a psychiatrist this actress then ?


      • 157
        Curly says:

        Made in Dagenham? Like a Ford Escort? Says it all really. Daft cow is just trying to sound “intelligent”.


        • 175
          I don't do back, left or right says:

          You have to agree that Thatcher ignored millions of those hard-up. Can’t see that today at all in Cameron can we?


    • 172

      Looking at the mess of the Gypsy travellers issue under his careful watch in Datchet. Where his fellow conservative party members have given the green light for travellers to put in a planning application on GREENBELT and FLOODPLAIN Land. This was despite massive opposition from residents http://www.DatchetCommon.co.uk, if this is how he works then it would be shocking to see what would happen if he was elected Party Leader.
      Nobody in Datchet cares for him, as far as we are concerned he maybe here today but tommorrow we hope he goes.


  2. 2
    Andrew Efiong says:

    I like Adam Afriye.

    But it’s time to flush out the Lib Dem liars, make the UKIP loonies dive for cover, get the useless Ed Miliband on the run and take on the public sector shirkers who are trying to block reform.


  3. 3
  4. 4
    Toby Helm says:

    My dream job of driving trucks in Australia turned into a nightmare when I broke down in the outback hundreds of miles from civilisation.

    After three days the water ran out and started drinking my own urine. After another three days I could no longer recycle my piss and realised I was out of options and had to accept the inevitable.

    So I opened some of the Fosters I was delivering.


  5. 5
    Cryptic Crossword says:

    Does this mean that writing a letter to your manhood removes stalking horse from the HoC burgers in the Daily Mail ?


  6. 7
    The Treacherous Tosser Posing as PM, Pissing our Money up the €USSR Wall says:

    There! – I knew all the time no-one dares to challenge me!

    I’M SAFE! Safe safe safe I tell you!

    Me and my barmy bumsex army can take on the world – and WIN!


    • 176
      I don't do back, left or right says:

      You know, it’s great to see half of you tory lot are going to vote for UKIP and that will get rid of toffs for good. Odds of choosing one of your three black MPs to lead 1/1000000


  7. 10
    majorbeast says:

    He looks like the sort that would be playing against England at Lords whilst taking bribes
    Shifty Blighter, probably also gets a commision from the post office for all of the postal votes that he received
    You can’t trust em !


  8. 11
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    It’s almost as if what he’s saying is, I don’t really want to oust Dave, but clearly I do just kinda want to light a fire under him and the rest of you.

    Seems to me there was another individual, back in November 1605, who was looking to light a fire under some people, too. Hopefully Afriyie will meet with better fortune than that fellow did.


    • 177
      I don't do back, left or right says:

      Maybe he’s trying to take the sting out of Cameron’s mega-cuts, it’s not working.


  9. 12
    EU Funded Pro EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.


    • 178
      I don't do back, left or right says:

      That’s it, half of you vote UKIP and we’ll never see these gay tory toffs again. Farage even won’t win so what a crack-head.


  10. 13
    Anonymous says:

    ‘Tracy-Jane’!!! I mean, really…


    • 19

      I think she’s 43. She’s a sixties child and should count herself lucky she wasn’t called Rainbow-Starlight.


      • 25
        majorbeast says:

        43 you say?
        This is a bad sign
        You have tons of cash and then marry a woman who isnt 20 years younger than yourself?
        The man must be mad !!!!
        Of course these darkies tend to keep a hareem headed up by a “MamaSan”
        She keeps the books, beats the servants and makes sure that life runs like a Patek Phillipe watch (I prefer Vacheron)


      • 38
        Anonymous says:

        She could at least have followed David Bowie’s son’s example and changed it to something a little less footballer’s wifely.


    • 153
      Anonymous says:

      What were the rumours about tracey jane then ?


      • 179
        I don't do back, left or right says:

        Rumour is she’s married to him for his money. All tory wives ever get married for as they can’t get laid.


  11. 14
    majorbeast says:

    Seven half siblings and an absent father ???
    Can’t these people keep their pants on?
    Seven years time and we shall be overun by them
    They breed like rats you see
    The Chinese have the right idea, after the first born eat the others, it keeps the food bills down and leads to less karoeke


    • 160
      Curly says:

      Alternatively just amend the benefit rules to strictly one child per female. Any more, they can pay for them themselves.


  12. 15
    Pip says:

    Tracy-Jane ? This is a name ? Or two ?

    Like a cup of coffee Tracy-Jane ? Have you seen my blue shirt Tracy-Jane?


  13. 16
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Why are we not mentioning anything about the riots in Madrid and Barcelona today ?

    Spain burns in the fires of EU failure, and we promote gay marriage.

    Good value for money ?


    • 18
      The BBC are cunts says:

      Shut it !


    • 32
      FU EU says:

      It’s all gone a bit quiet on the E uss R front lately, but they are working hard in the dark to undermine ours and others institutions all the same.


      • 36
        The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

        It’s gone a bit quiet in UK reporting, but be assured: It is far from quiet in Europe.

        Lots more riots on the way in Italy, Greece and perhaps France.

        Molotov cocktails all round.

        But you won’t find out about that here on the Beeb. We can’t even be bothered to cover Northern Ireland properly.


    • 44
      EU Media Commissar says:

      We have agreed to pay you more than we already do if you don’t say anything.


      • 53
        The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

        That was just not to say: Vote UKIP, wasn’t it ?


        • 180
          I don't do back, left or right says:

          That’s it. Go ahead and vote UKIP you’re sure to reduce the greedy tories vote to below 25% and bob’s your uncle, we get back to normality.


          • Con Artists says:

            The Tories stopped having conservative values and policies many years ago when they realised the teat of the EU was big and juicy and they would earn millions from snouting in the EU trough.. They are corrupted, liars and do not represent me. Nothing will change them.

            UKIP are the only party who want out of the EU.

            The socialist democrat tories are not for turning and are lost for good, their policies are 99 percent the same as LibLabCon… So what is the point..

            If Liebor win it holds no fear for me, it is a mere stepping stone to exiting the EU.

            Read the manifesto and vote with your heart.


  14. 20
    old SHEP says:

    *** Breaking News ***
    Goat DNA found in pork chops scandal.


  15. 23

    I have put forward an amendment to the homosexual marriage bill.

    At present no provision is made for gay robots or androids. R2 and C3PO have been together in a loving, if turbulent, relationship for over 30 years. I hope the House will change this deceitful oversight and allow same sex mechanoids the right to not be married in a church of their choice, but have their relationship dignified with the sanctity of marriage, in a registry office or welding shop of their choice.

    And their case has greater merit. For although biologically true that they cannot conceive a baby robot ..they can build one.


    • 24
      Policy Wonk says:

      There should be an amendment added as well to include pizza slices.


    • 29
      majorbeast says:

      Dear Bill
      can they have a surrogate robot?
      Sort of like loading Linux?

      Or in this case unloading it via a USB
      Unloading in a surrogate Bot?


      • 40

        Ahh..well..you see..I did claim £4,700 for IT support last year but I actually just gave the money to one of the children and they linked the desktop into a madman and slave wage or something. So i’m afraid i don’t know who Linux is or what an Usbo is.

        Please refer your IT questions to www-googleknowseverything-com


    • 48
      not a machine says:

      they have it in this country and that country and the sky hasnt fallen in ……blah blah yes but the lawyers are picking it all clean into nothing .

      Gay marriage does not change there relationship status as lived by the majority heterosexual population , they should just accept it as a good benefit vessel for the majority of people to live out there lives in a proper way .


    • 69

      Dear Mr Quango

      I see the Telegraph is leading with Straight men who watch porn ‘more likely to support gay marriage’.

      Could you craft into your question what type of porn the PM watches? Presumably Gay/straight, midget and that beastly sandwich thing, what is it now? Ah! BLT. Something like that.

      Thank you so much. BTW Where do I send the donation to?




      • 80

        All donations to the William Quango MP Campaign Association Social Housing. the last bits don’t fit on a cheque so use the CASH acronym.

        I believe the PM is very fond of big society type porn. People doing things for themselves. So masturbatory porn probably.

        I shall stuff the question into the Bercow box. Please be advised there are no refunds .

        {Clarification: When I refer to the speaker’s box I mean the question application box situated beside the Speaker’s chair and not, of course, to his wife’s genitalia.}


        • 104
          Billericay Dickey says:

          less of a box, more of a trunk


        • 114

          Dear Mr Quango

          Once again, I am most grateful to you.

          I have made the cheque out and my secretary was just about to take it to the late post when I thought something looked amiss.

          It is payable to Bill Cash. I would not want to be the cause of any misunderstanding in which the cause could fall like a stone.

          Could you please advise soonest.




          • Ahh.That might explain his suntan. Must be getting my business.

            Best do this the old fashioned way. Brown envelope, special delivery. Address FAO Office of BQMP Room 101- Attn..’Ludmila or Zmyanskyrilimilla.’

            They’re the new interns.
            From Ukraine and are well used to this sort of procedure.


          • inlandi revenue says:

            please make out to me, very many gracious thank yous


          • Dear Mr Quango

            I am rather concerned that you may have been taken in. I interviewed a Zmyanskyrilimilla only last week. References excellent and presented very nicely but when we did the full appraisal, we discovered that there was rather more to her than anticipated. We prefer to issue the endowments here.

            It was a very close shave.




    • 90
      Memo to Justin Welby says:

      Rebrand your product as ‘real marriage’, ‘traditional marriage’ or ‘organic marriage’.


  16. 27
    Wet Ed Miliband's Diary says:

    Bad thtart to the day as I woke up to dithcover my water bed wath leaking. Then I remembered I don’t have a water bed.

    Juthtine popped out to Harrodth to thtock up on thyampagne, tho I took the opportunity to dig out a C90 and load up Tham Foxth Thtrip Poker on my Thpectrum while the mithuth wath out. Unfortunately, Tham got me down to my Paddington Bear underpantth jutht ath I heard Juthtine’th key in the lock. I had to hurry but managed to get my troutherth on in time. Juthtine wath puththled ath to why I wath not wearing my thyirt, but I think I got away with it.

    My neanderthal brother had a hacked verthion of the game but he wouldn’t let me play it. Thometimeth I wonder if I’ll ever get to thee a pair of naked boobieth.


  17. 31
    VERITAS says:

    Afriyre as Tory leader? you have to be joking lightweight,ineffective,intellectually challenged and one of those MPS who tried to block the Telegraphs expose on expenses and believes MPS deserve a hefty rise.


  18. 33

    Excellent piece by Alеx Wіckhаm in The Commentator comparing Chris Huhne with Abu Hamza.


  19. 37
    not a machine says:

    Listening to the Gay marriage bill (formerly called the re definition of marriage bill) I rather felt the urge to remove the mace , for today we are witnessing a truly dark moment in our parliaments history . Today a bill is being read ,that affects peoples right to keep the meaning and the word of marriage , what it is and what it has been for millena . This bill was not on a manfesto , nor have the peoples view been truly sort on a fundamental construct of their life and society . It is about as gutless and cowardly as one could make parliament , to deny the very people there view , to run a legal redefinition via a clique on an issue that affects so many , representatives ! the peoples representatives are speaking on their own behalf and not of the people they represent , if they had the guts they would ask the people before they legislate yet another held belief .

    The most common sense speaking I heard was about , scrapping the civil partnership and having a civil union legislation , thereby leaving marriage and its definitions alone .
    You do not have equality where one makes choices , and choices are very much the substance of life because our lives are dynamic and not fixed .

    I accept somthing of the idea that in certain enviroments gay people should not be treated differently , in that sense equality , the removal of the harshness of the stigma . I do not agree with gay men adopting , but that is now up and running . But marriage is between a man and a woman , and has worked succesfully in providing a vessel for the new phase of life that children bring , it is supreme when honoured and valued and not undermined . This bill does not respect or refer to that integrity between a man and woman , nor does the manner of its action in parliament respect the people .

    Yes marriages do fail , so do partnerships and civil unions , if anything legislatiing does do nothing more than cover up the woefull lack of support since 1997 that traditional marriage has endured and suffered , the statistics that marriage is a test of both the man and the woman .

    This will legislate a new belief based around like and dislike of a partner , it will allow for the trivial to lead the best over a cliff . There will be less cause to honour marriage .
    What teachers can teach has slipped off the radar , none the less , the minority gay group must accept that we have to educate the majority about marriage properly to make it work for them and their children of the future .

    Where does this lead , mmmm joyus equality ??? No … it will lead to weak relationships for heterosexuals , where more of do what you like will be praised , not value what is good or best .

    I have not used the term God , as to some they do not see where the belief comes from before this grave day . However it would seem perfectly darwinian to me for homophobia to exist in order to ensure that heterosexual reproduction takes place more frequently or commonly , in that sense one isnt goint to get equality because the imperative will always sort the sexual difference or preference .

    The gay lobby have yet another day of media presence and victory at hand , the poor voter has been willfully cheated of there stance , the meaning of marriage has been given more to the lawyer and they sit wanting praise for a momentous moment …… what falsehood some have spoken

    If only Al Pacino was a member and he could give a revised speech like on the end “scent of a woman”


  20. 41
    VERITAS says:

    As you would expect from an organisation chocca block with rag munchers and bumboys the BBC are now trying to spin that their is no great opposition to the Gay Marriage Bill well they like Cameron are in for a shock at the next General Election what part of a marriage is union between a man and a woman do they not underatand.


    • 43
      Admiral Duncan says:

      Time will tell.


      • 163
        Curly says:

        Kellner (of YouGov fame) was on Sky yesterday to assure us that the vast majority of Brits support gay marriage. Have Sky turned kueer too and if so does Uncle Rupe know?


    • 60
      not a machine says:

      They just think this is some sort of change a generation thing , with grand audacity posing as superior intelligence …..


      • 73
        Anonymous says:

        No, narrow minded and lacking intelligence.

        The simply that parliament believe they are in a position redefine a word that predates its own existence.

        If the aim to to redefine the word to create equality then why do they not recognise that marriage in many cultures involves more than 2 people. Why do they discriminate?

        If it is about choice in life why can we not redefine a family. In the rules about houses of multiple occupancy they dictate that pairs of people create a family along with their dependents. What is wrong with a family unit with no marriage or partners. Say 5 OAPs that create a self-support entity and have the same protection of families.

        Then there is the possibility of relationships over long distances. The people could never meet. Their interaction could be in virtual world. If they were of opposite sex, then why would the be discriminated against because they physically can not meet the criterion.

        What is the fixation on only one form a relationship?

        I suggest they do it properly and stop discriminating.


    • 66
      old SHEP says:

      Dave just lost 20% of Conservative core voters at a stroke [sic].


  21. 45
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Forget this drivel story, what about the Stafford Hospital report. Let’s hope Guido rips into labour, and especially Andy Burnham, who is a lying two faced hypocritical piece of shit.
    Yet more crap labour have left to be sorted out by someone else. How anybody can vote for labour is beyond any reason.


  22. 48
    Chris Huhne says:

    I’m still in denial.


    • 62
      Carina Trimingham is Bernard Bresslaw in a wig says:

      I went there once, it was a fly blown hellhole full of godless heathens.


      • 98
        Ernest Marples (Miss) says:

        Unlike Westminster, which is a flyblown hellhole full of godless Heathites.
        (I should know.)


  23. 50
    Donna Kebab says:

    Guido predicted that a Tory MP would exit the closet today. Has it happened?


    • 121
      Billericay Dickey says:

      He’s still adjusting his dress.


    • 127
      Bummerwatch says:

      No but, strangely, none of Dave, Gideon or Willy H. turned up.


    • 151
      VERITAS says:

      No hes still in there with Bryant and the Eagle brothers playing Twister/


      • 181
        I don't do back, left or right says:

        When will you stop the below the belt comments about Maria Eagles. TO be a serious female economist you have to sound like you wear the trousers like Stephanomics. It is a shame you have not respect for a sound keynsian recovery strategy.


  24. 54
    Toby Helm says:

    All you pay for is what you drink!


  25. 55
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Andy Burnham – Labour – Stafford Hospital Report. Fill in the blanks.


  26. 56
    This is Carlton, your doorman says:

    How do you consummate a gay marriage?

    Is it enough just to have another guys ring on your finger?


  27. 57
    Owin Jones says:

    A bum buddy a day keeps the Tories at bay!


  28. 59
    Mass Debaters says:

    Why in the debate are these mongs going on about Nobama. Is this because they know no one here wants gay marriage really ? In the US they don’t either, if you stop paying attention to the BBC.


  29. 64
    not a machine says:

    The god being denied line , no that wont do , god has all patterns of life in his imaging , in so doing he has given marriage/union between a man and woman to become one flesh , to be somthing else ……
    There is no where in the bible that says god imagined homosexual sex , becomes one flesh .


  30. 65
    Mass Debate says:

    Guy Opperman argues correctly that marriage is best for keeping couples together for children.

    However, fails to mention that gays cannot have children.

    Adopting etc. and the other perverse ways of procuring is not the same as procreation.


  31. 68
    Tosspot says:

    To all of those who have read Shogun, is he telling the truth..


  32. 70
    Mass Debate says:

    Kate Green giving the temporal left b/s argument about change and that marriage is more social. That is a shameful lie and distortion.


  33. 71
    Well it's a thought maybe says:

    So Camoron couldn’t be arsed to debate his homosexual bill, so the spineless git expects to be back after 2015, removal van to number 10 please Mr Camoron is leaving.


  34. 74
    Arthur Giggle says:

    I’m reading a book about anti-gravity and I just can’t put it down.


  35. 79
    majorbeast says:

    I have an idea for another law, whites can only marry or have “relations” with other whites

    It won’t effect the Darkies as they dont get married, just shag about like Alfies Dad did, at least his dad only did it with women unlike Camerwrongs chums
    Are the CSA after the blighter?


    • 167
      Curly says:

      A certain Seth Efrikaan MP might not be enamoured of that idea. Or are there even now various shades of white? Better have a look at the Dulux pamphlets again.


  36. 81
    Mass Debate says:

    Still haven’t seen Dave around – is he voting on this tonight ?


  37. 84
    Private Eye front cover 8 Feb says:


    Hilarious speech bubble: “I’m paying the Pryce”


  38. 85
    Celebrate good times, come on! says:

    Gay marriage is now legal! Suck on that, homophobes!


    • 86
      Celebrate good times, come on! says:

      MPs have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the government’s legislation for same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

      At the conclusion of the Commons’ first opportunity to debate the The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, MPs voted by 400 to 175, a majority of 225, in favour of the legislation.

      Prime Minister David Cameron has described the move as “an important step forward” that strengthens society.

      But a number of Conservative MPs voted against the plans.

      MPs’ decision to back the bill at second reading signifies that they approve with it in principle. The legislation will now proceed to receive more detailed parliamentary scrutiny.


      • 107
        Cameron is toast says:

        ‘strengthens society’ indeed.
        This is all about breaking down society, starting with the family unit.
        Cameron is a lying duplicitous Hunt.


    • 88
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      Not quite yet: The vote so far only means they back it in principal.


    • 103
      Procedure for Bill Passage says:

      Isn’t quite over yet:


      Got committee and third reading yet, before it goes to the Lords.

      Assent should be withheld on this.


      • 168
        Curly says:

        Anybody here think HMTQ will withhold her assent? Is there any precedent for such an action? Remember she even signed herself over to become a mere citizen of the EU.


    • 113
      Raving Loon says:

      Note quite, has to pass the House of Lords 1st.


  39. 89
    No Difference? says:

    Whatever happened to diversity? ‘Equality’ is the new uniformity.


  40. 95
    Does teabagging count? says:

    I hope they introduce a requirement of consummation of these marriages.


    • 97
      A Homophobic Bigot says:

      They are more likely to introduce compulsory lessons in same sex ‘activities’ for hetrosexuals. Anyway, I, like most people, will continue to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman for the ultimate purpose of procreating, and that what homosexuals and lesbians get up to is something altogether different.


  41. 96
    cruisin for a bruisin says:

    Let’s face it, gays need marriage like a fucking hole in the head.


  42. 115
    Owin Jones says:

    Labour has nothing to lose in Eastleigh and should throw the kitchen sink at it http://labourlist.org/?p=39652


  43. 135
    The Lord God Dave says:

    Dave is playing God with this one ! almost every religion on earth defines marriage
    as a union between one man and one woman ,or in some cases one man and several women . This has been so for hundreds , if not thousands of years . Non of them say it can be a union between two men or two women So how is it that some jumped up oik can go against the beliefs of not only millions of religious people , but millions of people in this country and most of his political party ?


    • 170
      Curly says:

      Good question. Must be related to his upbringing or what he was taught/learned (and liked) at school.


  44. 136
    The reality of grooming says:


  45. 140
    Cranky old git says:

    Rebekah Wade?


  46. 141
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Once again our moronic politicians lie. They claim (a lie) that no church will be forced to carry out gay marriages. Of course we know that the European human rights courts will simply over rule our Parliament.

    We are supposed to be able to deport scum criminals and terrorists who have committed the worst crimes, yet the human rights lot in Europe simply over rule our Parliament.

    The real fun will be when someone tries to marry in a Mosque, watch our political elite backtrack faster than the Italian and French army.


  47. 145
    EU Watch says:

    Anyone notice that France declared itself bankrupt ?


    Sovereigns cannot go bankrupt as they can always issue debt and print money.

    Being in the Euro though, which is not sovereign, sort of hinders this.

    Bomb France: It will help their macro economy when they rebuild.


  48. 146
    ██████ ' change my tune' Hoon says:

    Glad I didn’t have to vote on Single Sex Marriage tonight.

    I wouldn’t have known which way to turn.


  49. 149
    Reality Bites says:

    Quote of the year so far:

    ‘They [Parliament] are sympathetic towards savers, as J!mmy Sav!le was sympathetic towards ch!ldren’

    – On the subject of QE and how for every GBP 1 QE spent, GBP 2 are lost from the real economy.

    Worth a watch – second half:



  50. 150

    New page for all us poofs!


  51. 155
    Ray Brown says:

    Thank you Mr Cameron. The invisible man during the debate.
    Again you show that you are not in touch with the British people.
    I think you have a death wish and as we all know it’s just more
    votes for UKIP.

    To think you are not even in touch with your own Ministers.

    I was brought up a Christian and like the majority of British
    people marriage is between one man and one woman.
    I say this after 44 years of marriage.
    It’s just another thing that has been eroded from our British
    way of life. The EU can overrule this goverment as its done so
    many times before and we all know nothing is guaranteed.
    It just shows that the UK is not safe and voteing Conservative
    or Labour is a thing of the past.
    No wonder the British people have lost all trust in which ever
    goverment is elected and fewer and fewer are voting.
    People have woke up and 53 Million a day to Brussels is just
    another example, and everyone is asking what are we all paying for.
    I remember the vote to join the Common Market and it’s the worst
    decision that was made in my life time. We where all sold a pup.
    I do wish UKIP every success in the Euro Elections and in 2015.


    • 156
      Lou Scannon says:

      Please take every opportunity you get to let those who would mis-rule us know just how you feel.
      When you get the chance, vote against the LibLabCon consortium. Together we can break them and set about restoring morality in this country of ours.


      • 183
        I don't do back, left or right says:

        Love the way you’re going to make an outright Ed victory real. You’ll be lucky to persuade more than your nephews and the spinsters round the corner! C’mon Ed! I’m betting on it now.


  52. 174
    inside- out says:

    I blame the media! thats what they all say.Why don’t the media boycott these people unless they go on the record.That way everyone knows the truth.But thats not going to happen just carry on using the media while it suits.


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