February 3rd, 2013

Read Guido in The Sun Today


gf-spot-joinBritain’s favourite political blog can now be read in Britain’s biggest selling newspaper. Reaching 1 in 7 of the population, more people get their political news from The Sun than any other newspaper. We aim to make the same style of gossip and news as easily accessible in ink form as it is online. 

Iain Dale had it right, Guido has replaced Archbishop Sentamu’s Sunday column opposite the op-ed page. Unlike the ‘bish we will be bashing political sinners. The Guidoisation of politics has mainstreamed…


  1. 1
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Congrats Guido. You are as they say going from strength to strength.


    • 9
      afullhalfwit says:

      Long live King 8illy!


      • 15
        Anonymous says:

        Even though I don’t support most of what this government is doing I support what Gove is doing to education system.


        • 69
          Anonymous says:

          Says thick as pigshit ignorant tory fuckwit.


          • loon watch says:

            We didn’t actually zoom up the international education tables under Labour, did we fucktard? In fact we went down, and that’s why something needs to be done. Geddit?


          • Anonymous says:

            Ha Ha Ha. I used to be assured as Labour this and that now Tory this and that.

            I am a floating voter, who tell things as I see it.


          • Sir Wiiliam says:

            Not my fault mate. Nuffink to do wiv me.


          • Anonymous says:

            So, now that your ass is owned by even more people, how about Geedough hands over the reins to someone who is truly anti-establishment, like Old Holborn?


          • Old Hobo says:

            Then again, how could somebody tell if it were the real Old Hobo or not? Anyone can be Old Hobo. Anyone.


          • Red Dead Rascal says:

            You are one of those fucktard lefty moonbats off that mailwatch hate site and I claim my £5


          • Labour are off their Ed! says:

            Anonymong… at least the Tories are trying to put right what those barsteward Labour shitkicks did to our education system during their thirteen years of stupidity (remember anonymong “everyone’s a winner at school”) no matter how thick they were. No competition was allowed.

            Just take a look around you at a lot of these youngsters who can’t even string a sentence together. For some unfathomable reason, most of them talk in pigeon English!

            So much for BLiar’s Education, education, education!

            It worries me that these half-wits are our future – innit !!!!!!!!!


          • Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

            Anon- you are a prize arsehole if you really believe the shit you spout.


          • Anonymous says:

            Labour are off their Ed!, I agree about what Labour education policy since 1997, but the stupid policy started well before. Labour continued with the stupid policy it inherited and dump down standards in education.


          • Bird Braynes says:

            Anony @ 5.20: “dump down” ??



          • Speightey says:

            Alf Garnett would not have brought us to the position where we have Islamo fascists patrolling the streets of London chucking acid in young women’s faces.

            Stick that up your multikulti.


          • Cherie Booth QC says:

            If only Tony had concentrated on education , education, education rather than saving the NHS.


    • 59
      Expat Geordie says:

      Do you know how much this is going to cost me?

      The Daily Star on Sunday costs £1, so by not buying it I save £1. Now that you have gone to the Sun on Sunday, which costs 50p, I will only save 50p by not buying it.

      Guido, you owe me 50p.

      (Methodology taken from “The Gordon Brown and Ed Balls Book of Economics”, price only £2 trillion from all bad bookshops)


      • 91
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        No-one up here reads The Sun.


        • 106
          Taxfodder says:

          Err “read” READ! ffs thats a belly laugh for a start…the Sun’s average reader has the intellect of a retarded amoeba…chips and tits being the main interest!

          This week I are mostly been commenting parrot like on the agenda the Sun sets out for me….NOT!


      • 441
        Echo Gnomicks Part 1 says:

        Expat G: Can I help?

        I suggest that instead of taking the bus to work you use a taxi instead. But then, if you run behind the bus instead of riding in/on it, you will save a pound or two a day, but if run behind the taxi you will save hundreds of pounds a year.

        That should pay for your next weekend in Marbella.


    • 72
      Fishy says:

      I think that in the interests of democracy, us plebs who keep GF’s blog going, i.e. ‘Britain’s top political posters’ should see some of their contributions in print in the super soar away Sunday Sun, every week; Nell…SC…Owen Jones Mummy (but not the runt himself)…’comment of the week’….(but not that daft welsh bloke that keeps posting ‘youtube’ clips).

      And while he’s at it, in return, perhaps Guido would slip us a few bob or too!


      • 126
        Crabwaladr Moonpatch says:

        It was only a matter of time before The Sun dropped off the bottom of relevance.


        • 446
          Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

          I could not agree more. One seventh of the population will now be able to find out that I am a crook and a pervert. Oh woe is me. Boaz.


      • 132
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        “And while he’s at it, in return, perhaps Guido would slip us a few bob or too[sic]!”

        Now we get to the nub of it– you’re nothing but a bloody rent-seeker! But then again, in this day and age, so is everybody else, all getting their little mordida (Spanish for “bite,” i.e., a “cost of doing business,” you might say), so why should anyone want to unilaterally disarm? And whenever you hear anyone say, “It’s not the money, it’s the principle,” trust me, it’s never about the princip-LE, it’s about the princip-AL, plus interest!
        (PayPal information available upon request– my mum raised no fools!)


    • 116
      Alan Rusbridger, pianist says:

      Next week at the Guardian I will be mostly playing So Long It’s Been Good To Know You.


    • 159
    • 458
      Anonymous says:

      the enemy within


    • 481
      lojolondon says:

      Congratulations Guido, you deserve it!


  2. 2
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    Prisoners are apoplectic about the news that they are to lose SKY and will have to wear PRISON UNIFORMS.

    Wait ‘till they hear the uniforms are to be designed by Stella McCartney.



    • 3
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      At last some common sense policies on crime and punishment !


      • 80
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Talk! Just talk.

        Since when do politicians do what they say?


      • 208
        Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

        I will believe it when I see it. If it sounds like BS it probably is. If you are serious get the lazy cnuts out clearing litter (or preferably nuclear waste) and doing something to save taxpayer cash- but don’t hold your breath……..


    • 10
      Richard the Lionheart. says:

      Pocket money !!!!! What the fuck is going on???


      • 18
        john stuart libdem says:

        We’ve let the fucking liberals rule the roost for too long.


      • 24
        Point of information says:

        Prisoners are awarded weekly ‘pocket money’ in return for good behavior. It is a form of benefit and obvious incentive to ‘behave':


        Applying free market style principals in jail could be considered a progressive move which assists in eventual rehabilitation. However, since conditions outside jail have deteriorated so badly, there is no incentive whatsoever to stay out once out for many.

        It can be considered another false reality bubble of sorts similar to that experienced by many who are unreasonably dependent on benefits.


        • 255
          Lord Denning's Waddle says:

          Most magistrates have had people in front of them who have committed minor offences against property deliberately in order to get back into prison.


          • Swollen Glands says:

            That is a very good point, as one of the sneered at unempoyed, or more correctly, under-employed, I often think prison might be a good gig, at least there is heating on in the winter ans 3 squares.


          • Nick from the nick says:

            We call it “three hots and a cot.”


        • 313
          Damned Impertinent Questions says:

          Great – then we can charge them for the uniforms and food


      • 52
        albacore says:

        While sackcloth and ashes would be more apt
        It’ll be a treat to see villains wrapped
        Like cheerleaders in teasing uniforms
        Will there be baton-twirling in the dorms?


    • 16
      Tachybaptus says:

      Having to wear a uniform designed by Stella McCartney is worse than waterboarding.


    • 23
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      Can be make them pink, scented and made of prickly fabric


      • 50
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        I think medieval hair shirts would be appropriate.


      • 70
        Your Friendly Neighbourhood Penology Information Service says:

        That’s what a County Jail in the States did (Phoenix AZ), the pink part anyway:

        (No need to “go mediaeval on their asses,” rebekah! They’re already working on the chain gang, a la Cool Hand Luke! Where’s Sam Cooke, now that we really need him?)


        • 194
          Labour Education - Innit says:

          Thank God some-one can spell mediaeval correctly.

          There are a few illiterates on here today (Labour educated I suppose!). They’ve obviously never heard of a dipthong and no it’s not a new range of underwear or a sex aid!


    • 62
      Vote UKIP says:

      Can’t they stop them watching the BBC as well?


    • 183
      Reichsführer says:

      We got ours from Hugo Boss.


    • 368
      Anonymous says:

      perhaps in 1984,
      form is content….form is unified through the uni.form and is purpose built.

      the project is on track.
      predictive programming suggests that those in denial will get the dungeon treatment.
      no sky, no fresh air.
      so get indoctrinated.
      this is just one truth.
      .There is always a higher truth though.
      prisoners may well have plenty of time to consider their life purpose…..prison or not our existence is karmic. to clear the karma of the past and then to take on board new karma. all lead to grounded elevation. This is the purpose of the birth, death and rebirth…of everything, including karmic cycles. so spiral up, not down.


  3. 4
    Owen Jones Deconstructed says:

    Why does Owen Jones have any credibility left. ie. Why do people still follow and listen to him ?

    Is it because of a mistaken sense of guilt / loyalty on the part of the listener, as he is young and homosexual ?

    Recent ‘politically correct’ brainwashing in the UK would put otherwise normal people into a state where they irrationally consider such people to be in a position of higher moral authority: To do otherwise is unthinkably wrong and homophobic, or perhaps racist, as they have ‘reliably’ been told.

    If that is not it, then what else could it be ?

    Perhaps repeatedly getting facts wrong, being called on this and then failing to convincingly correct position ? Could it be that to gain credibility and an audience now is not about arguing a realistic, moral and right position based on carefully selected facts ?

    Is the listener now preferring the pornographic perversion of populist rhetoric backed up by flimflam ?

    Personally realizing that, or the fact being explicitly identified by a media source now constitutes confirmation of truth and value ?

    Or is it more his delivery as an orator ?

    The nostalgia evoked by pseudo trade-union speak of the people could appeal. Similar as to how some in Egypt post Arab Spring are yearning now for a return of Mubarak and the old regime.

    It is truly curious and sad that such a poor specimen was given a platform in the first place, and that this platform still has support. Hiding in such plain sight was a trick Savile pulled on the nation. Perhaps the UK is still not yet cured of its inability to believe believe its senses.

    Does Jones make the case that it is time for the UK to come to its senses ?


    • 19
      David Cameron says:

      Well Capitalism has failed…time people woke uo to the fact that trickle down economics never worked anywhere…a bit like austerity leading to immediate growth…which moron reckoned that?


      • 25
        Damned Impertinent Questions says:

        Capitalism hasn’t failed. Labour failed by intervened in the market to keep zombie banks alive


      • 29
        Economist says:

        Capitalism has not failed at all.

        Government and capitalists have failed capitalism.

        Labour’s use of benefits and public sector borrowing to distort prices 1997 through 2010 perverted capitalism totally. Browns removal of regulation in 1997 destroyed the checks and balances which allowed the foxes into the chicken coup.

        Trickle down economics is not responsible for the economic catastrophe which is existent today. A socialist corruption of capitalists is.


        • 73
          Anonymous says:

          Every principle of government works, unless managed by the unprincipled.

          Some systems only allow the unprincipled to obtain a ruling position and so are doomed. With others it takes many years to twist the selection process so only the morally corrupt can end up at the top.

          It is the party elected system that has failed us.


          • Casual Observer says:

            In this case the principals of governance were deeply undermined, and for political and economic reasons not in the interests of the people.

            It is not the system which is at fault, but the people who allowed the system to drift in this direction.

            History will likely write that the preoccupation with racial differences distracted too much from the pernicious exploitation of class differences, under whose guise the system was so corrupted.

            OJ’s continued platform demonstrates that this trend is still very much not corrected.


        • 163
          CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

          Debt has been used to cover up the damage income taxation causes to comparative advantage.

          Until we tax away rent seeking instead of punishing work, and also bring debt down to safe levels the economy will continue to slide. Dave’s Continuity Labour party are doing the opposite.


          • Anonymous says:

            Tax reform is most certainly needed, and corporate / income taxes in UK are counter productive.

            The real damage has been the support of bad monetary policy by bridging the difference between desired and real economies through the benefit system.

            When that is stopped the deficit will be greatly reduced and the debt growth will be slowed.

            High level of national debt has locked in high taxation for foreseeable future unless it is decided a sovereign default is desirable. Default would be undesirable long term.


    • 30
      Operation Crossbow says:

      The BBC think the sun shines out of Owen Jones’s sphincter


    • 31
      Casual Observer says:

      Owen Jones typifies the young PC chatterati that have never done a day’s proper work in their lives. He is a disgusting little parasite.


      • 37

        Which means he will go far.


      • 38
        The Far Left says:

        He is precisely the bourgeois perversion which Lenin wished to overthrow.

        It is strange that he promotes that style of Marxism. Perhaps it is just a trojan for his real agenda, or he is simply an empty repeater.


        • 51
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          THIS is the kind of “Trojan” OJ Simpleton should be more concerned with:


        • 77
          The Center Right says:

          We too do not know what to make of him.

          Good review of his book ‘Chavs':


          It may be worth looking closer into how he treated Hillsborough vs. the official revelations which came out last year.

          Chav is a collectivist stereotype for poor working class whites, which by its definition renders the collection infantile in every sense.

          First use in a UK newspaper: The Guardian, May 26 2002, Goodbye Essex girl, hello Chatham girl.

          This perjorative would be fully compatible with OJ’s world view, and critical for keeping his audience classified. In North America, the equivalent term is: trailer trash.

          Overall, he is hopelessly trapped in the class division paradigm and a his weakness is that he is on the wrong side of that rubicon.

          Perhaps, as to the articles point, OJ’s agenda is to deliberately keep the working classes in a state of passivity. This perhaps could explain why the BBC favor him so.

          Of course if people believed that, his credibility would vanish quite energetically.


          • Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

            You all sound as if you fancy him!


          • ex-Grauniad Reader says:

            That would be this article from 2002 ?


            Awesome piece of propaganda.

            Strange thing about Chatham: Labour MP from 1997 through 2010, and the ward itself was created for the 1997 election.

            So, in this case, the left created a new political ward, got one of their own in as MP, deliberately demonized their own people to provide OJ subject material for a book (even the Fabian society want the BBC to stop using the Chav term now…), and this is being painted as a Tory problem.

            Reminiscent of bombing your own army base in order to win the war nonsense from Catch-22 ?


          • CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

            > Chav is a collectivist stereotype for poor working class whites

            No, it’s a term for benefit underclass whites. Blav is a black chav.


          • Dictionary says:

            Definition of chav


            British informal, derogatory

            a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour and the wearing of (real or imitation) designer clothes.


            Brav doesn’t exist as such, but in urban dictionary brav means ‘brother’ and is a friendly way of referring to a person you are speaking to.


          • Dictionary says:

            Blav: Could not confirm.

            Urban dictionary does list ‘Blave’ which is: To bluff / lie.


      • 98
        Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

        Owen Jones the end product of a public sector family, Dad a lecturer and mum in social work. So the Owen family has never had to worry about being made redundant or what is going to happen to their pensions – no where near the world of reality. Brought up in this sort of environment is it any wonder he has the views that he has.

        However like all middle class lefties he doesn’t actually live in high rise block of council flats or volunteer to pay more taxes to make sure benefit payments can go up faster ( just note that benefit payments have not been cut they are just going up less than inflation like most people’ salries who work in the private sector)


        • 130
          BBC Brainwashing says:

          Yep, people who will patronisingly claim to be agitating on behalf of the working classes, whilst all the time they’ve got a great big monthly salary and pension for life courtesy of the those evil capitalist taxpayers they hate so much.


    • 76
      Fishy says:

      I don’t think the phrase ‘political correct’ is appropriate now that the take over by the hard left is almost complete. ‘Political Conformity’ is much more in keeping with the control that we are all now subject to.

      Re-education will be the next big thing.


  4. 5
    Tachybaptus says:

    What’s opposite the op-ed page? You mean it’s on the ed page?


  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    literally no shame.


  6. 7
    Kebab Time says:

    Congratulations on your deadline day transfer to the Sun, Moving from the Star to the Sun is like leaving Luton Town for Manchester Utd, We wont ask the fee ( probably undisclosed ), and as for the medical…… ;)


    • 42
      The man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

      You are a huhne of the highest order, and are presumably responsible for the Sunday Star selling one less paper today.


      • 79
        Ad Hominem Wars says:

        and you are a сunt


        • 339
          The man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

          I think that calling 8illy a Hunt is putting it rather high – a huhne is much more descriptive.
          The pseudo-intellectual nature of the comment rather points to Schrodinger’s cat being the author. Speaking for reasonably intelligent readers of this blog, I find that he is a twat of the highest order.


  7. 8
    Dave P says:

    You are going from online to Dead Tree Press – follow the money I guess – pathetic


    • 12
      Tachybaptus says:

      He’s been there for a while. You may not have heard of a newspaper called the Star, but it is said to exist.


      • 36
        Bit.ly says:

        Morning Star is more readable


      • 75
        Dave P says:

        I gave up reading anything you had to A: buy and/or B: dirty your fingers with long ago. When Guido removes his “Dead Tree Press” ads and tags we can cease mentioning or even thinking about it.

        He is the one acting totally against his “you can’t touch me, I’m offshore, dead tree press” assertions


    • 13
      any politician you could mention says:

      Cash in hand far outweighs any notion of principle my dear boy.


  8. 11
    Daily Star Sunday Reader says:

    I’m gutted! No more Guido on Sunday– how will I cope? I’ll have to buy the Sun as well now, won’t I?


  9. 17
    David Cameron says:

    Who reads the Phone Hacking Daily anyway?


    • 90
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      No-one up here.

      Do you know where Liverpool is Mr Cameron?


      • 109
        Derek Hatton says:

        The trouble with Liverpool is that you all live in the past, and that past has not always been good.


        • 170
          Watcher says:

          It was good to you though. Mysteriously got you that nice house with a horsebox etc etc. Just another Scargillite loudmouth.


  10. 21
    C Knellswear says:

    What’s happened to Doug ? Is he the latest Conservative to be got at by Cameron and his chums ?
    He has got one thing right though – being behind Cameron is definitely the safest place to be.


  11. 22
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    So the Dear Tree Press is now mainstream????


  12. 26
    Dave --- A FINAL WARNING says:

    After 40 years supporting the Conservative Party, my own UKIP application form is all ready to be sent if the Gay Marriage is approved by the HoC on Tuesday.



    You have been warned.


    • 32
      When I was a lad I served a term as office boy to an attorney's firm... says:

      Calm Down Dear! And give us a kissXX.


    • 41
      Tory Friends Of Dorothy says:

      Get you, Nancy! There’s more of us than you imagine, don’t you know? It’s all that being buggered by the older boys and schoolmasters back in our school days which has done it!


    • 64
      Chris Bryant says:

      Are gays banned from joining UKIP. Oooh get you sailor.


    • 66
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      In a recent YouGov/ICM Poll – 7% of those polled said Gay Marriage would influence how they voted next time around. 3.5% said they were in favour of Gay Marriage and 3.5% said they were against.

      When asked to name the most important issues on which they would vote economic trust, immigration, health ,armed forces, education, crime and punichment were well ahead of the Gay Marriage subject..

      Most of us are neither for or against Gay Marriage and Gay Rights – I don’t regard it as a political issue of any great importance. My only annoyance is that I think the government should be concentrating on more pressing issues like the economy.


    • 94
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      The Tory vote collapsed in Liverpool years ago.

      And why go about the gays? We all know who the real threat to this country is.


  13. 27
    super soaraway tits says:

    Tony Blair is a сuпt, Gordon Brown is a сuпt, David Cameron is a сuпt.

    I think that just about covers everything political.


  14. 28
    Gove's Twitter Account says:

    I prefer the early albums.


  15. 34
    ++++The virgins have run out++++ says:



    • 49
      AQ Watch says:

      So looks like AQIP will be doing well: AQ in Paradise.


      • 74
        ++++The virgins have run out++++ says:

        There are a number of problems. To avoid tedium we may just consider the following:

        * Virgins are only virgins until they are not. Rather obvious but seldom considered. One may not re-virginise.
        * Those that manage to get through life and remain virgin do exist but are relatively (!) rare.

        Taking into account that what is desired by the consumer fundamentalist is to put it bluntly, a babe in the modern idiom, then there is a huge sell-by problem at large of which the aspiring martyr is unaware until it is too late.


        • 107
          AQ Watch says:

          May want to be careful with that approach though, as the would be martyrs may get the idea that by killing lots of corporeal virgins they will increase the supply for paradise.

          That could get quite messy, and would be a difficult belief to correct.


        • 286
          Cranky old git says:

          In paradise the houris renew their virginity each day.


          • National Socialism is Socialism says:

            This is similar to the process that keeps the piece of paper reserved for Labour policy blank these days.

            The immaculate manifesto.

            It will change when the mess!ah returns.


          • Curly says:

            You can recognise them by their gravestone etchings: Returned unopened.


    • 171
  16. 47
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Now what happens if Guido has something on Murdoch? Is there a conflict of interests?


  17. 54
    Slawtenbergius says:

    “Top political pundit”?



  18. 58
    Andy Arsewipe Burnham says:

    The BBC and Labour deny all knowledge of the issues that happened at Stafford Hospital. In fact Stafford hospital between the years 1997 to 2010 was the top performing hospital of all time.


    • 81
      Fishy says:

      Yes it was fun to see a Labour MP setting about the Tories record on the NHS, following the most recent disclosures of neglect and abuse on wards.

      That these had happened between 2006-9, it was seemingly beyond the dozy cow’s comprehension that these had happened on Labour’s watch.


  19. 61
    Drew Peacock says:

    Why move to the Daily Nipple? Most of its readers don’t buy it for its views on politics, you should know that better than anyone.

    I suspect that like our politicians we now have the finest journalists that money can buy.


  20. 63
    Rumpleforeskin says:

    according to bbc Tory Mps urge Camerloon to put off gay marriage until after election. If true they could be more subtle eh ? Why make it so obvious they are lying bastards who are only interested in perks of power ?


  21. 68
    Anonymous says:

    The Sun doesn’t have enough female tit to replace the Star.


  22. 92

    On the issue of popularity:

    Gentlemen, it is a fact that every philosopher of eminence for the last two centuries has either been murdered, or, at the least, been very near it, insomuch that if a man calls himself a philosopher, and never had his life attempted, rest assured there is nothing in him; and against Locke’s philosophy in particular, I think it is an unanswerable objection (if we needed any) that, although he carried his throat about him in this world for seventy-two years, no man ever condescended to cut it.

    Thomas de Quincey – Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts


    • 229
      clown shoes says:



    • 249
      Ol' Crummy says:

      A certain man, whose name my Christian modesty doth prevent me from mentioning lest pridefulness ensue, on the subject of popularity:

      “The people would cheer just as loud if I were being led to my hanging.”


    • 342
      The man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

      Why is it that one poster here calls you a pseudo-intellectual twat?


      • 402
        Mohammed Mohammad Koran Quran, Prophet of Doom says:

        Same reason as you voted for Tony Multi-Millionaire Blair, I suppose.

        Never mind. You can repent at leisure. Hope you don’t have children because they will still be paying for all this long after your decaying corpse is killing off daisies in the infested ground.


  23. 96
    Cutting through the LibLabCon doublespeak says:

    Reckon I’ve got this figured out now :


    This ‘gay marriage’ nonsense is actually an alleged ‘health drive’.
    The theory put forward by the ‘experts’ is that we are consuming too much salt.
    The solution ? Encourage as much bum-sex as possible, thereby incurring the Wrath of God. This will prompt Lot and his wife to leave. Lot’s wife will be turned into a pillar of salt, thus greatly reducing the amount of salt available for general consumption.


  24. 101
    printed on the tin says:

    I think this may explain a lot to the anti Sun moaners and whingers.


    Guido set out to be sensationalist, Matt Drudge was an inspiration, Kelvin Mackenzie’s Sun of the 80s was another. The camp, politically incorrect tone of the media/music/culture/whatever website, Popbitch, is deliberately echoed. When media pundit Roy Greenslade described Guido’s blog as “the bastard love-child of Popbitch and Kelvin Mackenzie”, Guido was proud of his parentage. Madame Popbitch herself contacted Guido to say she was proud of her offspring.”


  25. 104
    Scary Biscuits says:



  26. 105
    H a r r y W e b b says:

    Is it safe to come home yet?


    • 150
      Lord Brittan says:

      Sure it is, come back Cli, er Harry, we’ll have a huge party, like the old days, even Boris will come and Dave will bring his kids, not the ginger mong girl though. I mean we all like a bit of variety but that’s just way too wet and slippery for me to dip my wick in. I miss dear Ivan, now that boy could take a pounding and knew how to keep his mouth shut.


  27. 108
    Yawn! says:

    Some say a paper written by tits, full of tits, for tits to read. Will you be a Murdoch muppet from now on and forget to be impartial? Do you get your own Becky Brookes to ride like Dave did?


    • 166
      Uncle Guido says:

      I sho’ is grateful for da column, Massa Murdoch, and I’s never gonna let nobody say nothin’ bad about you, suh.


  28. 114
    thrice yawn with a cherry on top says:

    The more outlets that Guido can spread his anti-bent politician message the better.


    • 118
      Toxic Taffy's next-door neighbour says:

      There will be lots more of them to replace this lot come 2015. You mark my words.


  29. 119
    Lord Flashman says:

    “Yank pays Paddy to lecture Brits” is not a story. What would Paddy say if some Brit was lecturing him on how to run his country? Meantime when do we get the £7 billion bail-out back? On my calculation you owe us Brits £1528.39 each, when are we going to be paid? For the typical family that is £6113.54, excluding interest payments. We tax benefit claimants in the UK receiving £71.00 a week Jobseekers Allowance. Ireland received the equivalent of 21 ½ weeks Jobseekers allowance from the UK Tax Payer for every man woman and child in the Republic. However, like Guido none are paying tax in the UK. Funny how an ideology can support hand-outs to Irish Banks while moralising at the poor, mad, sick, pregnant and unemployed of my country.


  30. 120
    Toxic Taffy's next-door neighbour says:

    Oh by the way, there has been no sign of him since yesterday afternoon.


  31. 124
    Toby Helm says:

    In a free society, I’m allowed to call bigotry bigotry if I want to call bigotry bigotry.


  32. 131
    Blair is a piece of shit says:

    If it was up to me, muslim prisoners would be served nothing but ham and beer. Those c-unts should be grateful they’re getting anything. And of course you can always rely on braindead leftie traitors to be on hand to stick up for the rights of muslims. Christ, i hate the left almost as much as i hate muslims.


  33. 135
    Blair is a piece of shit says:

    A muslim man walks past a pigsty.

    “What the fuck is that smell?”

    asks the pig.


  34. 139
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    If there is any space between our wall-to-wall tributes to Hillary Clinton, we will be carrying Tony Blair’s warnings about leaving the EU.


  35. 140
  36. 145
    Toe Knee B Liar says:

    I can’t understand why the whole country despises me, my wife and my children.


    • 153
      old SHEP says:

      Where is the **** anyway, still in Barbados?.


      • 156
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        bliar will be found anywhere where there is loadsamoney he can get his grubby hands on.

        his darling cherry on the other hand seems to spend her life haunting dusty old auction rooms for ‘antique’ furniture that she can then sell on ebay. Not sure why other than bliar must have salted all his money away abroad where she can’t get her sticky fingers on it.


        • 182
          Bermuda Shorts says:

          Ms. Booth was last seen trying to subvert Bermuda’s Judiciary via the ECJ under ECHR on the matter of a murdered Canadian some years back.

          No word that this has progressed any further, and as Bermuda is only signed up for Protocol 6 / 13, which is the prevention of death penalty, it is unclear whether there was any hope of her forcing them to abandon double jeopardy was going to be successful in the first place.


          • Malaccan mutterings says:

            A year or two ago counsel for some folks on trial in Malaysia asked her to assist them with the case. She duly arrived in Court and seated herself alongside the counsel.

            The judge, when taking his seat on the Bench, noticed her and asked who is this person and are you a member of the Malaysian Bar? I don’t recognise you.

            She was then ordered to go and sit in the public gallery and took no part in he proceedings. It remains unclear who paid for her tickets and accommodation.


    • 154
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      To be honest I think ‘despise’ is a bit of an understatement.


  37. 158
    restore the monasteries says:

    Some of the reasons i voted Tory.(past tense.)
    To keep labour out…
    To set us free from the un-British,corrupt EU..
    To unite the UK,and,care for our population..
    To re-install a moral compass on our feckless society..
    To limit damaging immigration..
    To create a society where work and home-ownership was attainable for those that strove for it..
    To manage our economy and build it on rock.(metaphorically)
    To get a grip on dangerous islamists and problems within muslim communities and bring them into 21st Century.
    To stop warring..
    To re-build our country,and,make us proud..


    • 161
      old SHEP says:

      All down the pan I’m afraid.


    • 164
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      That’s the ideal we all dream of …. now about reality……


    • 200
      David Cameron, the bankers' friend says:

      I was installed to make sure that none of those wishes would ever be granted.


      Wait – you don’t mean …..
      Surely you didn’t fall for all that guff in my speeches, did you ?


      Blimey, the voters are thicker than I thought.
      (That’s Running On Four Legs, right Becks ?)


      • 206
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        Well to spe@k as I find – YoungNells education has improved tenfold since 2010 and likewise the paediatric provision at our local hospital which became so bad under labour we took YoungNells into the private sector.


  38. 174
    No Offence Alan says:

    Shouldn’t this blog now be called “Murdoch’s blog” now Murdoch is financing it?


    • 180
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Really? so apart from the sun paying Guido to write a weekly column (the sum of money is not likely to be that much) , you have evidence do you that News International is funding up the rest of Guido’s operation , Guido Media and this Blog etc?

      If you do publish it. If you don’t put a sock in it.


  39. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Part of the establishment now then?


  40. 186
    Fffion says:

    Sham marriages to get an immigrant partner into the U.K. are a bit dodgy.

    Does the same apply to political fig leaf marriages? Am I a criminal too?


    • 190
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      I’m sorry but you are harking up the wrong tree.

      Try the gordon and sarah story instead.


  41. 187
    Toby Helm says:

    My daughter got an A in her first year at high school.

    In her second year she got a B

    In her third year she got a C

    Now she’s just got two D’s

    Her tits are fucking huge.


    • 196
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Well that’s what you get in a labour controlled education system – falling grades and moral standards.

      Gove is doing a far better job in education than any of the labour one’s did.


  42. 188
    Tony B.liar says:

    Look guys. I would like to make a few million quid in Europe. So vote to stay in Europe.


  43. 191
  44. 198
    Owen Jones is a donkey braying discredited ideas says:

    If OJ was in any way serious, this is what he would be saying:



  45. 205
    Fatty Prescott says:

    I am joining the Houshold Carvery


  46. 214
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    If “Britain did vote to go out it would be a huge problem for our country” TRANSLATION: I wouldn’t be President of the EU and my kids would find it difficult to find a better Gravy Train



    • 221
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      plus another million!


      • 247
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        No I don’t think so . The EU has destroyed the fishing industry and our fishing community and the agricultural industry and that community .

        And we are a net contributor ie we give it loads and recive very little in return.

        If cameron cannot negotiate a looser trading arrangement that benefits us financially – it’s time to get out.

        And frankly if bliar thinks by staying in we’ll make him President it’s definitely time to get out!!!


  47. 217
    Toby Helm says:

    There are some who believe that man here, started out there. Far across the universe, with tribes of humans that may have been the forefathers, of the Egyptians, or the Mayans, or the Toltecs. There are some who believe that brothers of man still fight to survive somewhere among the heavens.


  48. 219
    Owin Jones says:

    Check out tomorrow’s Irish Daily Star for your great free poster of the stunning Guido Fawkes.


  49. 224
    Drop a Daisy cutter on Owin Jones says:

    Order Order Blogsite Down For Maintenance

    This blogsite has been shutdown for maintenance.


  50. 225
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    And militwit tonight is still sitting there looking at his blank sheet of paper!

    When is he going to develop a view on anything?


  51. 226
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Why is it when useless politicians make a catastrophic error of judgement, they excuse their abject failure by saying. ‘ I’m getting on with the job’ ??


  52. 228
    keredybretsa says:

    Congratters to the man who matters!


  53. 233
    Toby Helm says:

    Guido, do please keep up.



  54. 237
    anon. says:

    Police have used a Taser stun gun on a muslim nutcase man who was brandishing two knives outside Buckingham Palace in London.

    An officer discharged the weapon when the man, thought to be in his 50s, acted aggressively when challenged outside the centre gates at 11:50 GMT.



    • 239
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Oh the beeb didn’t report it accurately (no surprise there!). The Changing of the Guard was happening at that moment and whilst this idiot was shouting incomprehensible rubbish – the band played on!!


      • 244
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        I wonder what would happen to a ch ris tian demonstrator who jumped out in front of a ceremonial event in a mu sl im country , shouting obscenities and threatening to cut his own throat with 2/3 very sharp knives.

        Would the crowd a) tell him to get on with it or b) do it for him

        Would the police a) try and save him with a taser or b) shoot him


      • 292
        anon. says:

        Worth pointing out that the link posted at 5:58 did not contain the top video, it has since been added to the BBC site. The last update time is shown as
        3 February 2013 Last updated at 17:19 . How very odd, looks like the BBC have started to lie about when they update their site.


    • 246
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      No respect. Just ‘rights’.


      • 251
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        Well to be fair they tasered him and stopped him hurting himself or anyone else.

        I think my point was that if roles were reversed in a mu sl im country with a chr ist ian demonstrator he would not now be alive as they would either have helped him do himself in or shot him!


  55. 238
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    You won’t need to . Guido will publish what he has written on here tomorrow.

    That’s soon enough to catch up . This is the weekend after all!


    • 248
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Well I don’t know about you but I read across all the papers every morning , on the web.

      The Sun is better balanced than anything you are going to read in the Graudian or the Beeb .

      try it you might learn something!


      • 259
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        hmm as I understand it the Mirror also hacked and there was a suggestion that the graudian was at it but not proved.

        And I wonder about the beeb!!


      • 265
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        No thankyou!


  56. 241
    Incapable Vince says:

    Excellent news !


  57. 242
    old SHEP says:


  58. 252
    Andy Eyeliner Burnham says:

    I’ll be leaving the country tomorrow for a few weeks so you won’t be able to contact me for a comment on my part in the Mid Staff hospital crisis.


  59. 253
    Prime Mentalist Web Site says:

    Just FYI:


    And covers the milking of Malala, if that reason was not made clear by the BBC.


    • 256


      The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature.

      Either he does not know how to set the parameters or he does not want the message to get out by the looks of it…


      • 262
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        How many people listen to the prime mentalist now ?

        within 10 years he and his publicity hungry wife will be forgotten !


      • 268
        The Prime Mentalist says:

        Video is about how Gordon wants to take all children globally permanently out of the workforce.

        Like his policies have in the UK.


        • 279
          rebekah aka nellnewman says:

          It’s all part of his unrealistic ‘Im going to save the world delusion!!!

          Gordon says he’s going to put every child in the world into education within 5 years

          Gordon says he’s going to stop every child under 16 in the world entering marriage

          gordon says he’s going to stop every child in the world from suffering hunger.

          I wish it could be done but the truth is gordon doesn’t have the power to do it and he’s kidding himself that he does!!


          • The Prime Mentalist says:

            Gordon is a puppet. If you look carefully you can even see the strings.

            There’s a link to a Cato article on here somewhere talking about deregulation of financial services being a way to correct and prevent the S&L crisis.

            After seeing that it clicked. He is a Henson politician.


        • 289
          The Law of Unintended Consequences says:

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


      • 283

        Anyone who uses IE needs their bumps felt. I can’t be arsed to turn my proxy on to watch that idiot. What is the point of allowing it only in the UK?


  60. 257
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    So wonder where labour’s going next week ? Labour tried labelling benefit cuts as taxes and have been rightly ridiculed for their economic illiteracy!

    Labour tried making a case for staying in the eu , a la the millionaire kinnochio’s and bliar’s naked ambition to become next EU President and been ridiculed.

    Labour , especially militwit, has tried to make a case for taxing the rich like Hollande only to watch Hollande’s policy be ridiculed/collapse as the wealth and jobmakers leave France in droves!

    labour decided to try and aim their guns at Gove to get some quick headlines. Except Gove is much loved by most parents for producing some really worthwhile education improvements – especially after labour’s 13 years of destroying our education system.

    andyburnham has tried to distance labour from the nhs staffordshire scandal that happened on his watch and failed . The NHS is clearly NOT safe in labour’s hands.

    What next for labour in the UK? Can they do anything right?


    • 261
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      In government 2015?


      • 264
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        I don’t know,

        somehow I can’t see militwit ( he’s too whiny) in no 10 and bullyballs (he’s too objectionable as a human being) in no 11.

        But who knows!


    • 263
      Well it's a thought maybe says:

      They have their PR right and the damage they are doing to Dave and his mates is a massive and considering Dave has worked in PR they are still Liebour are still running rings around him, even to calling a benefit change a tax , sooner Dave and his mates bog off from the political arena the sooner hopefully the Conservatives change their yellow spines to being real Conservatives, won’t hold my breath.


      • 266
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        I don’t think their PR’s right when they keep banging on about benefit cuts being taxes .

        It makes them look like idiots who don’t understand economics!

        Why would we want these idiots who have failed us once before ( for 13 years) in charge of our finances?!


        • 276
          Well it's a thought maybe says:

          Their PR doesn’t have to be right or wrong, their PR is hitting the right places the braindead of this country, who believe anything they hear on tv and newspapers, it’s being called a tax even though some people know it’s a benefit change, most don’t care they see they are paying money out of their benefits and see it as a tax and blame this lot, but won’t look to see it’s already being done in Wales by Liebour, Liebour are fighting dirty and winning, the new Conservatives are too inept to use PR to attack Liebour so they lose, Liebour will win, sadly.


          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            No I don’t think so.

            Labour have looked utterly, economically illiterate over ‘taxes’ and benefit cuts, rudderless with their blank sheet of paper and completely out of touch over the EU.

            Who knows where they’re going?1 Wherever it is it won’t be anything to do with supporting the real, aspiring,working classes!


    • 269
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Don’t worry about that one . neither gordon nor bullyballs knew , or at least acknowledged that they knew the difference between deficit and debt.

      Then again neither gordon or bullyballs acknowledged during their term in office that we had a deficit or a debt !!!

      It was liambyrne who finally admitted as gordon’s hands were unglued from that desk and they were forced out of drowning street that ‘ there’s no money left’!!


    • 275
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Labour trying to cast Gove as the nasty man – that’s a bit of a +++laugh+++

      The ultimate nasty man is always going to be gordon backed up by his henchmen twatson, damianmcbride,bullyballs and that union chap who’s run away to scotland and who’s name I forget. Really unsavoury bunch!!! They really have gone down in history as the nastiest folks ever!!


      • 281
        Point of information says:

        How about Labour and their mates in private companies ?

        Those old lines really do not work anymore.


      • 284
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        The thing is sweetie you musn’t trust politicians per se!

        As for murdoch and politicians . Let’s not forget that gordon and sarah had a REALLY CLOSE relationship with murdoch – so close they issued a personal invitation to rebekah to attend their daughter’s funeral and report on it exclusively ! And they held a murdoch pyjama party at Chequers!

        I note this relationship was glossed over by leveson! I wonder why?!


      • 285
        Gove Watch says:

        Quite right. Gove is about the only guy on the front bench at present who is doing the right thing and getting results.

        Labour are only attacking him because he is easy to cast in a bad light with a photo. And they are trying to distract from what Ed Balls got up to when he had Gove’s job.


        • 324
          Gove Watch says:

          Don’t think he has been self promoting at all. All the twitter b/s has the hall marks of loony left attacking itself again.

          Even if it was his spads, he will not have sanctioned it, so who cares ?

          People take student debt too seriously.

          They should realize that such debts which are using the qualification they receive as collateral are inherently bad debts.

          The assumption is that the collateral has value, ie. the qualification is going to generate a certain income stream in the future.

          As the unemployment rate and wage deflation experienced under Labour has shown, this is a bad assumption.

          All grads carrying such debt should simply default now, and continue to do so until the job and pay situation sorts itself out, or the debt is written off.

          All the anti-Gove stuff is trying to deflect from the academy / apprenticeship programmes which he is getting into place, as well as raising standards again. These will put value back into education and benefit the country long term.

          There is no point getting into debt on a qualification which is essentially worthless, and there is no point servicing a debt which has no collateral.

          Nearly all qualifications earned under the recent Labour administration are worthless.


        • 433

          Gove Watch is perfectly correct in his analysis and has taken pains to set it out clearly and succinctly. Your argument is pure fallacy and you have made no effort at all to engage your brain with your post.

          User error: PEBKAC


    • 300
      Gordon mcfuckwit brown says:

      I never told a lie


  61. 267
    Fishy says:

    Old Fred and a few other Ukippers have been bumping their gums all afternoon about Cameroon scrapping the Red Arrows. They never let up, going to sign some petition or other. Once the Arrows have gone, apparently the guard at Buck House are next for the chop.

    Then it all becomes clear, they read it in the Mirror…Liar Maguire up to his old tricks again? All they need is Morgan back to fake a couple of photos of Hawk trainers rusting in their Hangars.


  62. 272

    I bet you have deleted all the anti Murkdoch / Rebkah Brooks threads from last year !


  63. 291
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    What is andyburnham and labour going to do about that devastating Inquiry into the Staffordshire NHS Trust that killed so many people on his watch?

    Be interesting to see how he tries to lie and distance himself and labour from blame!!!

    Suspect he’ll end tainted in much the same way that alycampbell has been tainted over that sexed up dodgy dossier and the death of an important, very brainy Dr K e l l y who died in questionable circumstances.

    Not very nice people labour!


    • 294
      Jeremy Hunt, Minister for Genocide says:

      They will likely dodge the bullet whilst I shy away from the implications of Fernbridge. This is full stealth health policy.

      Care pathways and the database of death are all that is important.

      (Please Anonymous, do not hack my database…)


      • 298
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        Care pathways needs very careful debating. The Liverpool Care Pathway was brought in under labour and did not require, under their terms, consultation with the family.

        That was labour – tell you what to do , not ask you whether you want to do it.

        The debate over the Liverpool Care Pathway is now taking into account family views and consulting before being implemented. Labour would not have allowed such a debate to happen.

        Is the Liverpool Care Pathway a good thing or a bad – I don’t know . I think my Mum would have benefitted from it last year . But at least now it is being debated not imposed upon us by a dictatorial marxist/labour government.


        • 303
          Jeremy Hunt, Minister for Genocide, SPaD says:

          Agreed: And very important point you just made as well.

          Myself: Am strictly pro life so cannot agree to anything like a care pathway.

          There is an important debate to be had on the principal of assisted suicide. The Swiss have this about right: Their system is not in any way state sponsored and there are very careful protocols in place.

          The state should have no involvement with this aspect of ‘care’ other than to provide an appropriate legal framework which the judiciary can accommodate. The rest should be left to the people to decide.

          State involvement in providing facilities / protocol is a very bad idea indeed.


          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            The real Liverpool Care Pathway is all about helping people in the final stages of life to die naturally and in comfort with the support and loving care of their families around them.

            As labour implemented it it was all about riding rough shod over families, not asking their view or permission, and implementing a fluid and food starvation process that killed people off slowly and in pain AND they offered hospitals a premium payment for every one that they achieved!

            You tell me which one you think is best.


          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            No! There is No Debate to be had about euthanasia !

            I believe very firmly in ‘when God is ready!’

            The proper Liverpool Care Pathway is all about how to help people die naturally, in comfort, and with the support and loving care of their families, when their time has come .

            Labour turned the Liverpool Care Pathway into a statistic. And hospitals were paid a premium for everyone they made happen – as a consequence people were starved of food and fluid to make them die quickly and sometimes/often in great pain – their family not being consulted.

            It was a typical uncaring marxist process!

            The Liverpool Care Pathway now is being properly debated between doctors and families and will be implemented, finally, as it should have been as an end of life stage , giving comfort and care.


          • Jeremy Hunt, Minister for Genocide, SPaD says:

            Under socialism, people are property of the state. It is not an uncaring process but rather an implicitly dehumanized perspective.

            This is a good reason to keep this fully detached from the state.

            I did not mention above euthanasia, but rather assisted suicide. Euthanasia should be ruled out completely. Assisted suicide is very different.

            If an individual with a terminal condition makes the decision that they wish to die rather than continue living, then others should be able to assist.

            The Swiss solution works very well for this.

            The Swiss health care system is also completely separate from the state. (A fact not many know about Switzerland)

            The issue for legal framework though is clarifying the many aspects of law such that the actions of those involved in assisting the individual are protected and exempted from criminal. The protocol needs to be very carefully defined in order to prevent obvious possible abuses. (eg. Shipman)

            It is quite complicated, but the Swiss example is instructive.

            A big problem which exists with the care pathways as pushed through here is that they are being sold on the basis of palliative care.

            This is wrong, false and a dangerous notion.

            Palliative care is all about reducing pain and making conditions bearable.

            Palliative care is wholly separate and distinct from assisted suicide: Palliative care is only about life preservation.

            Helping people die because it is thought to be palliative is the first step towards euthanasia and acceptable state mandated killing. That propaganda, and some of the way you described the care pathway scenario is seriously dangerous thinking. (You are only repeating what you have read though)

            Look into some of what I have put here and you will see precisely what I mean, and also why there needs to be an informed national debate on this before anyone else is killed by the state.


    • 295
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      For the last ten years we have fought to get YoungNells well . Whilst labour were in power the nhs failed her, and failed her and failed her. During labour years we came close to losing her .

      We used our pension to take her into the private sector and found the medical help she needed. And used the rest of the pension to bbuy private educational support.

      Since 2010 the NHS here has improved a thousand fold and she is now, finally being well looked after under the NHS .

      We have to spe@k as we find . State Education and Health for YoungNells since 2010 has improved immensely – under labour it failed YoungNells and us at every turn!!


      • 301
        Reality says:

        You are of course right, as your direct experience has shown you.

        Under Labour the NHS was simply dripping honey, whilst in fact super bugs and poor practice was literally killing the nation. The propaganda said different, so honey is what those who did not try to use it saw.

        The Tories, realizing that it was close to the point where the UN would have to intervene , did what comes naturally to them. They started sorting it out, and have been quite efficient about this. However, now that it is starting to work properly again the propaganda is making it out to be poisonous. So those who rarely use it perceive it now to be more toxic than Fukush!ma sushi.

        Fundamental problem is the media reporting.

        At least now YoungNells stands a chance, good luck to her.


    • 297
      It happened during a labour government says:

      Loon spotter


  64. 305
    Toby Helm says:

    The foundations of the UK economic crisis were laid in 1986 – deregulation of the banks and the building societies act. Good Old Thatcher.


    • 312
      Fools gold says:

      big bang .And it has


    • 314
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:


      Had nothing to do with gordon of course and his ‘light touch regulation’

      Had nothing to do with bullyballs and his ‘neo classicist super califragislistic’ economic theory and selling our gold off at brown bottom!

      Had nothing to do with liam byrne’s and his ‘ we’ve spent all the money’ !!

      Had nothing to do with bliar and his ruinously expensive , unnecessary, Iraq War or alycampbell’s dodgy dossier

      And on and on…………………


    • 317

      Sorry but disagree.

      It was Gordon Brown who created the Fetherlite Ultraslim banking regulations, which amounted to no control at all, which allowed Fred the Shed and his ilk, which in turn led to the collapse which the taxpayer is still funding.


      • 359
        Alan Greenspan says:

        But the collapse started in America!

        Maybe Gordon was just doing what he was told to do?


        • 375

          Jesting aside, even his own supporters did not buy that!

          How many banks before Northern Rock had just one form of fundraising? One which had barely existed a decade before. All financial institutions had treasury departments to diversify liabilities which is used to be just as important as a spread of lending risk.


          • Brownian Motion says:

            See the Cato piece posted above.

            Gordon was acting under very misguided orders, as were authorities in the US.

            Corporate America managed to distort the findings relating to S+L mess of the 80’s into a case which suggested that cutting regulation was the way forward.

            Now: Does that sound like reasonable and balanced advice to you ? If so, you will not mind me the wolf acting as shepherd, will you.


          • Brownian Motion says:

            Oh, and Brown and the other mongs in government are most certainly not off the hook for that error of judgement.

            This is not excuse, but credible explanation.


          • I can see the point but was myself raising cover for finance related risks in the years from 1994 to 1997. Lloyds of London were debarred from financial guarantee but could cover customer misfortune contingencies. I met with many of the big players and sourced quite a bit of cover but it was all on what I would call a sensible basis.

            What was happening in the US market may have been entirely different, I did not see it and I steered clear of the securitisation route which was quite limited at first. The game really changed in 1997. It then became a free for all, everything mushroomed and centuries of experience and good practice were simply cast out of the window.


    • 318
      BOB coCROWch says:

      Everyfing is Fathur’s fawlt !!! When she recaptured the Forklands she stirred up islamic headbangers. The Iraq War was her fawlt 2.


  65. 307
    Tin Foil Hatter says:

    Is Rugger is all about throwing a big egg about really Blowing Whistles in disguise?

    And are they both Taffy?


    • 316
      Tachybaptus says:

      1. Yes.
      2. No.


      • 322
        Tin Foil Hatter says:

        Obliged. My second question was rather in the stream of irony as the styles are clearly different. The effect though is not totally dissimilar.


      • 323
        Tachybaptus says:

        That was badly expressed. I meant that Rugger … is Taffy, and Blowing Whistles is just Blowing Whistles, who has been blowing them about all kinds of things but, unlike Taffy, is not trying to poison the comments by making them unreadable.


        • 328
          Casual Observer says:

          One hopes that Taffy is not going to be going on the EU payroll.

          Could you imagine his ramblings with factual pro-EU commentary and statistics ? Oh boy.


          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            hmm it could be that taffy is kinnochio in which case he has already been made a £multi millionaire from our taxes by the EU!!


  66. 308
    E Digby says:

    Sold out to Murdoch – It was bound to happen


    • 315
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      The one PM who really sold out to Murdoch was gordon !!

      He gave rebekah a personal invitation to his daughter’s funeraL and the exclusive publishing rights on it! Why? Would you or I have done that?

      And later he threw that disgraceful Chequer’s Murdoch Pyjama Party!! Leveson of course has glossed over it!!


      • 343
        Tony Blair (godfather to one of Murdoch's kids) says:

        Brown’s behaviour towards Murdoch was dreadfully sycophantic, wasn’t it? I really don’t know why he pandered to him like that.


  67. 320
    george says:

    I see that douglas pigswill, the lip-curled ares-licker, is coming out for Camadance today. I’m only bothering to comment, here, because you allow it. I don’t give a shit about gay marriage, or that Camaradarie is “out” for it. Let these fuckwits fuck eachother until UKIP Rules.


  68. 321
    Dave's lost future parsed says:
         / When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean. \
        | I choose ‘marriage’ to mean BUM-SEX –lots of it - every day.\
        | After 2015 I’m planning to make it compulsory.               |
         \ Who wants to hear the patter of tiny feet ? Up the voters ! /        
          ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾\     /   
                            ;?I+~~=II77ZZZ88DDDMNBOBSABOZO;,     \   / 
                          ,$I?I??+?I?~       ~+7ZDNNMMM8DO$; “    \  | 
                        ,~SLAP+ME+               +??COMBOVER; “    \ | 
                      ;£ , ,;Z$7                    +7ONMMN8ZL;     \| 
                    ;£ , , ;Z$+                       ~+7DNDZOL      | 
                  ;£, , ,;O7?=          ~~  ~~  ~?~      ~=O8D;      | 
                ;£,    ;J$I=~       ~          =7? ~7+~   ~~=I;      | 
               ;£     ;JO$?~       ~~     ~~+??+~~~77?~ ~   “OL+     | 
              ;8;,;,;JDDZ7+~           ~+++???;ZZ;;;?~~?Z$;  ~ID,    | 
              ;8QQ8788Z$ZI~      ~~ ~++~~+??I$$$$ZZ77ZOO$I?;~,+I+;   | 
             ;QQ8F?DNND8Z?~   ~~==++III77I?+?II$ZZ$ZZZZZ77Z?;,~$7;   | 
            ;QQ8F~SHIT:NZ~    ~==+?7I7$$OOOZZ$?I7$$ZZOO888Z$?~,~Z$   | 
           ;QQ8F Z:FOR:DI     ~==?I7$$$ZZOOZZO$77$$Z$Z$ZZZOL?~,~ZI~  | 
          ;QQ8F  ?BRAINS?     ~~==?I$OZOO888OOZZZZ$$77$$ZOOZ$?~,~ZI  | 
         ,QQ8F   7DDZMD7~     =+7$ZI+IIZ8DNN8O$ZZ$$$ZZZODNNDOC?~~$?  | 
        ,QQOF    ;DZODO?     +I$77= ?$$$$DNNNDZ$$7ZOOO888O8DNC?~~7   | 
        AR$E’    ~OIZ8$#     =?7II$? NNDNNMNNNZI++7O8DDDD8888C?~~7   | 
       AR$E      $=~=II~            +8O8ZDNNN8?~ F;~MMMMN8888C?~~?   | 
       AR$E      + =?=?           =II7ZZZOOO8?   ?;~VMMD8DDCC?;~;8   | 
       AR$E,     ~+Z+             +7ZOD88DO7~    U;~MMMMNM8C?;~;:7   | 
       AR$E,     + O               +7OO8O7~      ?;~NMMMZNDC?;~;7    | 
        AR$E,    +O                 ~~~~        ~C;~MDDD888C;~;+     | 
         QQQR     I      ~       ~======~        ?;~NNNDCC+; ~;I     | 
          QQQR    DC      ~    =+??II7$$ZI      ~K;~8NDDOZ;~;~;I     | 
          ‘QQQR   ♥ $~    ~~~++I$Z888DDND       +?;~7$$$77;~ ~;I    / 
           :QQQ;  RB~~   ~???I7Z8DDDNNN88= ~~ ~+$;~;7$$777L~ ~;I   /  
            QQQRL~;     ~++?IIZDNNNNNNND8IONNZ77Z8OOOOZ$$$P?~~7?      
            ‘QQQR+;    ~~~+???I8NNNNMND8$III7ODD8DNDDMDDOOZP?~??;,OL       
             ‘TRQQ+;  ~~+III?78NNNMN8Z7II7$ONNNDDD8DMNN88LP?~~?QQQMNL     
                 =DC++++?I77II7ZZ$??+++??$8DMMMMMMMDND88LP+~?QQ   “MNM,    
                  ~BB+???I77I?I7I++++??7$O8O8NNDDNNN888DPP??QQ     ;MNM    
                   +B????I7?+?+==++?+?7ODNDD8888888880PP????’      ‘MNM   
        |       |      NMMMMIII?++===+??I7OO8DD88OOMMMMN?P? | Durex MNM   
    |        |    ,MMMMMFI7$$’DISPOSE,OF,BY,MAY,2013,NMMMM  |    |  J  D  
    the~men~of~MMMMMFaaa+”~~”;UPYOURBUMUPYOURBUM”~~~~”NMMN~the~city8   D~ 
       |      NNNMF   |      |        |      |       |  ‘NMML,   . 8 ; ;D 
    the~men~of~FOOL~Sodom,both~young~and~old,all~the~peopleTMMMN;to8 ; ;D 
          |      FOOL     |       |       |       |      |   FOOL  8; ;D  
      |     |     |   FOOL   |      |       |       |     FOOL  |         
        |       |   DICK  |      |      |       |       |   ;HIM     |     
           |           |        |       |       |       |         |          |    
     |    |  \!/  \!/|      \!/   |     |   \!/        |       |    \!/   

    Humpty Cameron sat on a wall,
    Humpty Cameron had a great fall.
    All of Becks’ horses and Dave’s bum-sex army
    Couldn’t put Cameron back ‘cos he’s barmy.


  69. 334
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Sorry got to go and explore these 3000 cruise deals on offer that keep cropping up on that advert there!!

    Good Night Darlings God Bless!


  70. 347
    Left foot backward says:

    It seems to me a pattern is emerging in British politics, and maybe across Europe as well. Our last two prime ministers, and their associates took unbelievable liberties with the British people and especially with their core voters (the working man). The end result of their term in office was a bankrupt economy and a near bankrupt society, almost unrecognisable from the one hey inherited when they took office.

    This destruction of the British way of life, its institutions and economy has gone on apace under the coalition with the core voters of both parties being trashed. These leaders, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg and the unbelievable Milliband are purposely chosen because of their lack of any belief in the party ideology, Prime Ministerial ability and, in the case of Milliband, statesman like quality. It’s like the office of Prime Minister, and the whole British parliamentary system is being purposely mind not only to look bad but to act bad as well, rendering it an abomination in the minds of the electorate.

    I can’t help thinking that behind all of this destruction is the European Project. It stands to reason that individual ‘state’ would no longer need its own parliament when the finial part of the project was put into place, and we were governed by Europe.

    So that when the economy is beyond recovery and our belief in our once great HoP has finally been broken and or forgotten, in marches the EUSSR and saves us.


  71. 348
    Toby Helm says:

    Chris Huhne trial starts tomorrow http://ow.ly/hny3t


  72. 349
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    “Read Guido in The Sun Today”, dear?
    I did have to laugh so hard, my bottom squirted involuntarily.
    All over the internet blogging-sphere, The Planet, The Universe and beyond, dear, true Libertarians will be laughing into their camomile tea and feeling rather vindicated and somewhat smug, I shouldn’t wonder.
    You’re a silly little man and a tit, to boot.


    • 364
      Richard Littledong, Daily Something says:

      Well said, Elsie.
      The media is already packed out with cheap, one-trick, whores, such as, errr, Mary Riddle, that the vast majority of decent human beings are never going to touch with a bargepole.
      What the heck does Fawkes think is so attractive about HIS fart-hole?


  73. 353
    and Wales losing says:


  74. 356
  75. 357
  76. 358
    Saffron says:

    Firstly gaybo marriages absolutely obcene in terms of this country, since when have the majority of this country gone along with b—ers.
    This practice is not natural in terms of nature and natural reproduction it goes against anything that nature has produced.
    If Cammo had any sence at all he would be completely opposed to this measure,
    A man and a woman as nature intended produce a child as do almost all the species on this earth do.
    Now this PR pillock is trying to alter what is natural,well Davy Boy,I for one think you have lost the plot big time.
    The CONS are now the crap party following your efforts.
    You have now made it possible that the LIEBOUR goons may be in power in the next election,thanks for nothing from the people of this land.
    You frankly are a traitor to this land and it’s tradittions.


    • 362
      Casual Observer says:

      Fully agree with you, as do most of the country who have not been allowed to engage in debating this serious change to society.


    • 366
      Edward Bernays says:

      “Firstly gaybo marriages absolutely obcene in terms of this country, since when have the majority of this country gone along with b—ers.”

      It’s called propaganda…look me up sometime!


    • 370
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      saffron that’s a load of nonsense. 3.5% of 7% of the electorate are against gay marriages!

      It isn’t a mega issue .

      The mega issues are the economy, health, education, benefits and immigration!


      • 376
        Casual Observer says:

        That Comres poll only touched about 2080’ish people.

        If Dave’s mum is even speaking to the Sun about this… perhaps that statistic is a little biased ?


        • 382
          rebekah aka nellnewman says:

          It was a YouGov poll actually – don’t get more labour than that!


          • Casual Observer says:

            Sorry yes, and only 2030 people questioned.

            The question framed was purely about issues which would affect voting at the next election.

            The 7% on gay marriage doesn’t mean it is not a big issue right now, only that 7% said it would affect the way they would vote at the next election.

            People were more likely responding in this context to manifesto pledges, not on what is happening right now.

            If the question had been phrased:

            ‘Which of the following issues are important to you today ?’

            With only a 7% return on gay marriage I would agree with you.


          • Lou Scannon says:

            It’s about time Cameron came clean and crossed the floor of the House.


            Struggling to think what it might be possible to cross the floor of the house WITH.


    • 430
      Anonymous says:

      Quite so. Dave is a traitor.


  77. 379
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    3.5% of 7% of the electorate are against gay marriages!

    It isn’t a mega issue .

    The mega issues are the economy, health, education, benefits and immigration!

    And what would labour do about them .

    On economy they would spend and tax and than spend again!

    On health , as andyburnham and staffordshire have proved – they would ride roughshod over patients and their relatives to starve patients of food and fluid on their version of the Liverpool Care pathway and pay hospitals for every patients that dies a painful death!!

    On education as edballs said ‘eery chilld must be equal ‘ no child must achieve!

    We really dont want another labour government!


    • 398
      Lou Scannon says:

      Whatever those percentages mean, one thing that they most definitely do NOT mean is that 90 odd percent are in favour.
      As you rightly say, there are far more pressing issues right now, which begs the question : why is Cameron making this matter a major priority instead of focussing on doing something useful ? My gut feeling is that he’s obeying orders from elsewhere, as are Obama and others.
      The voters don’t get a look in.


      • 415
        Anonymous says:

        “As you rightly say, there are far more pressing issues right now, which begs the question : why is Cameron making this matter a major priority instead of focussing on doing something useful ?”

        But that’s the nature of libertarianism, secularisation, the break up of the family unit and the atomisation of society all in the name of corporate profits.


        • 432
          Point of information says:

          It is not libertarianism, but liberalism.

          Libertarian position would be to deal with those issues which have greatest moral consequence if left unattended. Immigration would be top of the list in that case, followed by the economy.


    • 427
      Screwed Taxpayer says:

      We don’t want a pseudo pretend fake Tory government lead by a PC career politician like Camoron either.

      He should fuck off now along with with all his ConLibLab financially incompetent lying mates.


  78. 380
    Daffyd Cameron says:



  79. 385
    Saffron says:

    The country is going down the pan big time and all we are hearing from the supposedly media is total crap.
    Today the media churned out the most crap I have ever seen and these presenters and their bosses think that this is what we want to hear.
    Well media and your crap under the thumb so called presenters how about telling your lookers for once the truth about what goes on.
    Pi– off with your biased agenda .
    All of you are at it for ill concieved headlines and I do hope that the more enlightened people realise how we are being sold down the river big time by these political traitors in this country.


    • 386
      Algeria Watch says:

      Just wait until BP get booted out of Algeria.

      So looking forward to seeing how that one is going to be spun.


  80. 387
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    And the UK politicians who are associating with murdoch in america as we spe@k?

    gordonbrown and bliar!!!


  81. 389
    dewdrop says:

    Piss off taffy.


  82. 390
    HM Her Majesty says:

    I have no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government


    • 394
      Casual Observer says:

      Her Maj has the right to withhold ascent if this b!ll passes.


      • 421
        Brenda says:

        I now a damn sight more than most of the Prime ministers I’ve had to listen to, especially the present cnut Camoron.


      • 469
        Catty Coment (Ms) says:

        CO – the word is “assent” – not going up and down in he lift!


        • 470
          Catty Coment (Ms) says:

          PS: One wonders why she assented to her royal majesty becoming a mere citizen of the EU and throwing away her country. Maybe something to do with German origins and whispers from Mrs Murky?


  83. 396
    BBC taking the piss out of the license fee payer says:

    We only show the negative side of everything. It’s the only thing we know.


  84. 401
    Herman van Rumboy says:

    We love the EU Gravy Train ! XXX


    • 406
      T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

      Let me be EU President !! It’s my dysentery destiny !


    • 408
      The New Statesman says:

      Eurocrat: “Welcome aboard the gravy boat’
      Alan B’Stard: ” Don’t you mean the Gravy train?”
      Eurocrat: ” No. The Boat is bigger, richer, and comes round the table more often.”


  85. 410
    fitz fitz says:

    *Guido and Mary Beard – batting for the same team, Rupert’s team. What can possibly go wrong ?


  86. 413
    Toby Helm says:

    My doctor told me to watch my drinking, so now I drink in front of a mirror.


  87. 420
    Richard III says:

    I could have beaten those pesky Lancastrians if it hadn’t been for those pesky Tesco people.


  88. 422

    Careful you don’t get your ID stolen – it just may be the Met who took it.

    Started 1968 (a Wilson Labour government would have been in place at the time). It ended in 1994 (a Major Conservative government was in place then).

    Mostly dead people – as far as we know…

    Of course the Met is independent like every other police force in the land. Not influenced by politicians. Not susceptible to Common Purpose type approaches.

    [How am I doing so far Ed? Will they believe this?]


  89. 423
    Austrian Economics says:

    It is forgotten that the UK economic cycles follow the US cycles.


    Austrian economics preaches that periods of sustained monetary inflation create economic busts. The longer the period of inflation the deeper the bust.

    The Forbes analysis is enlightening (however they do not credit ;-) Greenspan for starting this recent instanity). The difference between America and UK is that the UK has not had a housing bust just yet as it has been supporting this through the welfare system.

    Think about that very carefully and what is going to happen when this state distortion is corrected, and moreover when the economy itself corrects.

    The initial writing is on the wall. UK collapse has started in commercial sector, following the bank insolvencies.

    This process cannot be stopped, only prolonged.


  90. 424
    The Truth says:

    Can two k-weers or two d-ykes conceive a child between them?

    No they can’t. Therefore the bastards can’t get married.

    Fuck off Dave, you PC prat.


    • 431
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Plenty of hetrosexual couples marry with the knowledge that they cannot have children. For example, if the woman is too old.

      Are you saying they can’t get married?


    • 480
      Cherie Blair QC says:

      Two d-ykes can have babee or two! and then when they split up the daddy d-yke can say I will have nothing to do with the child and the authorities can chase the donor for payment. Brilliant!


  91. 436
    The future of Britain was realized some time back says:


  92. 437

    Nick Clegg indicates he would like Chris Huhne back in Cabinet.

    So ran a headline a month or so ago. One can only imagine that he really meant it…

    Let us ask him again at the end of this week.


  93. 439
    Private Eye, next Wednesday says:

    Exclusive: Read Guido in The Sun Today


  94. 453
    Economist says:

    The fundamental problem of socializing debts and privatizing profits was succinctly discussed back in 1968 by Hardin, in a paper entitled:

    The Tragedy of the Commons


    Well worth reading: Quite light and should help provide weight to any thoughts which are suggesting that the current economic climate is simply not quite right.


    • 461
      Economist says:

      The commons piece is an allegory of course.

      Solving the economy problem is an example of a “no-technical-solution problem”.

      This is something that the political classes and economists do not really wish people to know as it kind of undermines their position.

      This article builds on that essay with application to the S+L crisis:


      See Cato article above to see how the S+L fallout can be perverted into an encouragement of removing regulation, when it was that relaxation which caused S+L problem in the first place.

      The economic problems we have now are directly due to Browns 1997 decision to switch off regulation, and similar action taken in the US. But the problems started back about 1978 when Regulation Q was relaxed, and it was known before this roughly what the effect of deregulation would be.

      The point of all this is: You cannot trust the political classes to make the right decisions on the economy if they are unduly influenced by those who control productive capital. This kills communitarianism.


  95. 471
    Catty Coment (Ms) says:

    At the time of the expensive (for us and Mr M) Leveson shenanigans many posited that Murdoch would have his revenge.

    May be this is just the start of it? Who better to recruit to the cause than one of Leveson’s bitterest enemies and champions of free speech?


  96. 473
    Chris Huhne Is Silent Today says:



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