January 21st, 2013

Obama Inauguration: DC in DC

Spotted in Washington this morning. It seems Dave got invited to inauguration after all… 

Via Donal Blaney


  1. 1
    Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:


    • 5
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      thank got I am not republican,

      • 7
        Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

        oops, god even – thought I was speaking german then, mein godt – those hairy fannied gawd darned krauts, says JW : )

        • 9
          Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

          QT’s favorite actor, NOT. Waiting for QT to do a celt film, on old Europe around christ, with his no doubt twist, welcolmed.

          Just give me a shout QT, if you need an advisor, lick-lick,

          Us welsh were the last white slaves to tell you the truth QT, within GB.

          • Hittite Empire says:

            There is now way that you are Welsh

          • Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

            twll dy dyn – ok, so I am eighth yorkshire, Lakings from Harthill. But rest of me is quite welsh. Do I scare you?

          • Sir William says:

            Quentin Tarantino-
            As silly as the Beano.
            His characters always fetch up
            Drenched in tomato ketchup.

          • General Patten says:

            Memories of Salad Days
            Come forth through a bloody haze
            Caused by events quite bizarre;
            Must have been Sam Peckinpah.

          • Michael Winner and his bottle of chateaux plonko says:

            Paris, Texas,

          • Extremely Ancient Seafarer says:

            “Salad Days” was a production at that theatre in the Strand in about 1959. All very jolly hockey sticks it was too if I recall….

      • 11
        Hittite Empire says:

        No just a twat

        • 17
          Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

          I have been described as such – feel free. See if I care, I don’t bang about my lord and bomb people at least.

  2. 2
    youthpasta says:

    Right where he belongs!

  3. 3
    genghiz the kahn says:

    On Wednesday I’ll stand up and do my Cast Iron Speech Mark II from The Comedy of Errors.

  4. 4
    Kebab Time says:

    But Cameron isnt funny.

    • 8
      Owen Jones says:

      The chip on your shoulder is hilarious. sort your ego out, seriously. yawn. bye.

      • 21
        Gooey Blob says:

        He’ll be PM until at least 2020, and don’t you just hate him for it.

        Labour’s lead with the only pollster that matters is already down to 5%. We’re mid-term in an austerity government, Foot and Kinnock had leads in the mid 20s. I’ve been saying this for months now, but Labour are heading for their biggest defeat since 1983.

  5. 6
    E Zoffistrolli says:

    He’s a new age comedian – the sort that you don’t laugh at.

    • 18
      Bernard Manning says:

      Like most of the “comedians” that feature on HIGNFY.

      • 22
        Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

        Mock the Week with their introduced canned laugh, recorded in front of a bunch of empty seats? Let us in with the in joke, you tax dodging comedians, beeb bought.

  6. 12
    Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

    Dave on an RAF 1, visiting in a clunky VC-10, designed in the back end of the 1950′s.

    via Sheffield.

    • 13
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      oops, tristar even – but I think I get my post-Empire message through, those flatland.

      • 43
        Extremely Ancient Seafarer says:

        Used to be an RAF VC10 in the early/mid 1960s. All seats facing backwards – most comfortable.

  7. 14
    Kebab Time says:

    Does anyone know if there are any sites on the internet that tell you what schools are closed because of the snow.

    I’m getting sick of waiting in a bush with my trousers round my ankles only to find the fuckers not open.

  8. 15
    Lord Bumwatch says:

    Oh No – whose here running our country???

  9. 20

    Just wathed barrys inauguration pure Hollywood! the whole script must have been written by a Liberal Hispanic/Afro Amercain transexual nothing there for us,rhetoric at its worst the reality is nothing will change except Americas indebtdness.

    • 44
      Extremely Ancient Seafarer says:

      “We the people” translates actually as “Wee on the people”.

      But still the braindead yanks waved their little flags..

  10. 24
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    Slightly off topic, but this needs posting asap…..

    Ferdinand Mount, tonight’s Standard.

    ‘To start with, there was a modest little scheme called Family Income Supplement, invented in 1971 by Ted Heath, to help parents whose wages were not large enough to bring up a family decently.

    Two decades later, when Margaret Thatcher lost power, there were still only 315,000 families on FIS. By the time John Major was thrown out in 1997, the numbers had risen to 734,000. Gordon Brown then rebranded the scheme as “tax credits” to make them sound less welfare-ish, and, as Chancellor and then Prime Minister, he hugely expanded the coverage and cost.

    By the time he was defenestrated, there were no fewer than *4,760,000 families* claiming tax credits.

    If we include (as we should) council tax benefit and housing benefit, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, there are now about seven million working people who are, one way or another, “on benefit”.’

    Not bad, eh? Gordo really did believe in the ‘Universal Benefit’ crap that CiF is currently pushing as The Most Important Thing Ever. One nation and al that.

    Bribing voters by taxing the low paid with one hand and then offering state handouts is what you’d expect from the party of Welfare.

    • 29

      Yeah more of the same if Millicnut ever gets elected,the irony is these 7million fmilies think its going to go on forever.

      • 32
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Nothing is forever! You must have realised that when Joplings closed down.

        • 34

          And Binns \,The Crowtree Leisure Centre.Roker Park et al.

  11. 25

    Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.

  12. 27
    Jackie Mason says:

    Oy vey ist mir– D. Cameron is a schwarzer! No wonder he’s in town for Obama’s swearing-in!

  13. 28
    David Cameron says:

    I’ve just flown in from London, England. Boy, are my arms tired!

    • 30
      Barack Obama says:

      “That’s an interesting act, David. What do you call yourselves?”

      “The Aristocrats.”

  14. 31
    Harbottle says:

    Here’s an old comedy act that looks rather like our very own Miliband brothers-Ed being the dopey one-

  15. 35
    Morally repugnant says:

    While Cameron isn’t funny his tax arrangements are hilarious. I wonder why no mention of Blairmore in the MSM? Funny that.

  16. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Making Obama laugh is the best Dave can hope for.

  17. 38
    Another Comedian says:

    Financially, Obama is leading his country to bankruptcy. Socially, he is turning it into a Third World population — which is how he got re-elected.

    Hilarious! Beat that if you can, Dave ! Oh, wait …

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