January 17th, 2013

The Trannies are Coming!
Guardian Preparing for Burchill Siege

From: Internal Communications

Date: 17 January 2013 15:31

Subject: Kings Place


We have been informed that around 4.30pm today members and supporters of the trans community will be gathering outside Kings Place in response to last Sunday’s Julie Burchill comment piece.

Security are aware and we will monitor the situation carefully. We do not believe that this will affect staff working in the office, but if you are expecting guests you might like to let them know in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact Paula Tsung (Head of Workplace Management) or Ian Carter (Workplace Manager).

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Guardian under siege!

UPDATE: Observer deputy editor Paul Webster has picked up a megaphone and is apologising to the offended masses outside Guardian HQ:

Pic via @PavanAmara


  1. 1
  2. 2
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Please consider the environment before using toilet paper in the Guardian toilets. Uhhhhhuu – you don’t?


  3. 3
    gman says:

    a bunch of woofters in skirts… oooh im scared!


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    oh great an army of buffalo bill’s marching on the guardian, given the weeks news with horse meat and the transgender rage im shocked there hasn’t been a good bye horses gag.


  5. 5
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    Bunch of cocks…



  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    How do these people find so much time to protest? Do they not have fucking jobs?


    • 9
      FrankFisher says:

      They all have full time jobs being offended – no, REALLY offended – by actual women telling them that they aren’t real women, as they have only lopped their cocks off.


      • 81
        La viande de cheval says:

        I was under the impression that a fair amount them actually kept their tackle. Either for greater earning potential or just out of sentimental attachment.

        Perhaps that’s the problem with the rad fems – penis envy.


    • 17
      The General Public says:

      Evil Tory cuts have all but eliminated the job prospects for former hod-carriers who now wear floaty Laura Ashley print dresses.


    • 91
      The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

      The jobs are usually. During the night shift.

      Advertising on a self employed basis. Via mobile phone numbers strategically placed within various. London phone boxes.


    • 101
      fitzfitz says:

      … they are Workplace Managers …


  7. 7
    FrankFisher says:

    It’s just like Assault on Precinct 13

    The good one I mean, not the shit one.


  8. 8
    bergen says:

    Even now the Met are reading up on their diversity guidelines on how to deal with them when nicked for public order offences.

    Seriously. is the world going mad?


  9. 10
    Raving Loon says:

    “trans community”

    Is there a straight community?


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      It’s probably like any group that proports to represent a body of people …. gives them a bad name and no sane person would have anything to do with them.

      Puts me off wearing women’s clothes in case they think I’m someone who can’t handle free speech.


    • 37
      Could be one thing, could be third gender! says:

      Is there an “I’m not quite of my sexuality at the moment but I would like support from equally confused indivduals” community? It would be very British.


    • 82
      La viande de cheval says:

      No. Not allowed.

      In the same way there isn’t a ‘white community’ and no ‘white community leaders’.


    • 102
      fitzfitz says:

      … the shadowy world of heterosexuality is rarely dealt with in leftist discourse …


  10. 12
    Rocky Horror says:

    Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh – erotic nightmares beyond any measure, and sensual daydreams to treasure forever. Can’t you just see it? Don’t dream it, be it.


  11. 13
    Don't go into the elevator Julie says:


  12. 14
    keredybretsa says:

    Handbags at fifty paces!


  13. 15
    Culloden says:

    Head of work place management.
    Work place manager.

    No wonder they’re losing money. They’ve got an entire department of workplace managers with its own head!


  14. 18
    Sensible question says:

    Could this clearly ‘barking mad lefty publicity stunt’ also be a reflection of the phenomena hitting NI loyalists of late ?


    The point being that they are feeling culturally aggrieved because their funding is being cut ? And more to the point – the funding of their aligned NGOs ?


  15. 22
  16. 23
    sluts with nuts says:

    At 4.30 I will chop my cock off and burn it before your eyes, as a symbol of my fight against oppression. Kind regards. Geoff.


    • 29
      WoRaft says:

      OK, so long as you aren’t in Tesco at the time. We wouldn’t want any unfortunate confusion with the Cumberland sausage rotisserie.


    • 44
      Tesco Manager says:

      You don’t resemble a horse do you? We don’t want our customers upset by more horse meat!


      • 68
        Airey Belvoir says:

        Anyone who has eaten cheap burgers will inevitably have eaten animal genitals, also eyelids, arseholes, ears, lips, tails, connective tissue and anything that can be scraped off the carcass and turned into slurry for processing. Horsemeat is the least of it.


  17. 24
  18. 25
    Rh- says:

    Dont fire till you see the whites of their thighs!


  19. 27
    Tuscan Tony says:

    It’ll be a victim on victim crime.

    Move along, nothing relevant to see here.


  20. 32
    Shooty* says:

    So… what? 6 people turning up to protest? 8? 12?


  21. 35
    JuliaM says:

    Is Nicholas Witchell available to help subdue them if they break through security? Or does he only do lesbians?


    • 41
      Nicholas Witchel says:

      I’m suing unless you let me subdue you from behind!


    • 55
      U kip and I'll kip says:

      I’m afraid La Witchell always requires 48 hours notice to enable him to remove his tongue from the rear end of Princess Anne.


  22. 38
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    The world is going to hell in a handcart and the graudian is wittering on about some inconsequential rubbish!

    No wonder they have so few readers!!


    • 83
      La viande de cheval says:

      Inconsequential rubbish?

      Perhaps, but the Graun posts up some crap articles and the blogs (including this one) are all creaming themselves over it.

      Much as we would wish it otherwise, the Graun is still read by the most influential opinion formers in the land.


      • 90
        JH345834958349 says:

        ‘Opinion formers’

        You mean people who presume most people agree with them because they are so fucking worthy.

        ‘Opinion formers’ my arse. The fucking thing is read by a tiny, tiny fraction of the population. There must be a dire shortage of opinions in this country.


        • 95
          King George says:

          It’s certainly read by some of the nastiest smuggest most selfish most sniveling pseudo-intellectual authority-worshiping little shits I’ve known – and they define themselves by it – but are unable to form opinions in their own heads without directions from above.


  23. 40
  24. 42
    s.s. says:

    Violence with a feather duster?


  25. 42
    Chris Patten says:

    Be afraid – very afraid – several BBC producers and commissioning editors will be there in all probability!


  26. 46
    hank the cat says:

    Why do all the weirdo’s and pervs gravitate to the left, it seems to be a home for them.


    • 65
      U kip and I'll kip says:

      Proctor, Portillo, Morrison, Fox, Hague……the list is endless. Of course I could produce similar lists for all parties.


  27. 47
    Dagenham Dave says:

    Is this the Ford Transit owners club? Good advertising for Ford.


  28. 48
    Casual Observer says:

    Now, if they wanted to make a useful political point, they should be demonstrating over why the publication was taken down from their web site.


  29. 58
    Richard says:

    ‘The trannies are coming’?

    I look forward to you covering any gay issues with the word ‘faggots’.

    This comments section reads like a group of confused thirteen year olds. ‘Backs against the wall’? Really?


  30. 61
    dick dastardardly mp says:

    Its a bit like watching spiders eating their young – distasteful but fascinating at the same time


  31. 62
    PC49½ says:

    Ladyboys on parade. By the front , quick feel!


  32. 63
    Thirteen year old says:

    What do you mister, you would have your back to the wall if you had my teachers, so there


  33. 64
    Philip Clarke CEO Tesco says:

    From next Monday the way in at all of our Tesco stores will have a sign that reads “Aintree”.


  34. 71
    British Public says:

    Hilarious. Definitely the funniest story of the week!.


  35. 73
  36. 74
    NE Frontiersman says:

    ‘around 4.30pm today members and supporters of the trans community will be gathering outside Kings Place ..’
    How would they tell?


  37. 75
    i'm just a working girl says:


  38. 76
    Megatron says:

    Should I be protesting? I’m confused.


  39. 77
    David Newsome says:

    As Barry famously said in Auf Wiedershen Pet, “We’re talking about comradeship here Oz. Not turdburgling.”


  40. 80
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m going to organise a protest outside the daily mail for their offensive treatment of stupid people like me.


  41. 85
    FrankFisher says:

    Re the photo… I’m saying…. Bloke, Bloke, woman, bloke, woman, Bloke bloke bloke.

    What do you reckon?


    • 105
      Suzanne Poor says:

      Atrocious wig, bad wig, girl pretending to be trannie, twat from the Guardian, pavement wetter, Special Branch Trannie Section (under cover), Guardian ‘worker’ on way to office.


  42. 93
    The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    Chicks with. Dicks and. Cocks in. Frocks. Says

    Is gender reassignment surgery still free on the NHS ??

    And if so does it take budgeary priority over cancer, heart bypass. And emergency treatments of ll. kinds ??


  43. 97
    Spineless Dave One term flop says:

    Phew Algeria was a godsend , for Jimmy Saville , the BBC and me
    By the time the smoke clears , i’ll have done my speech and nobody will have heard a word i said
    Toodle Pip

    4 hostages freed , so Aljazieera are right the rest of the 35 are dead


  44. 98
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Apologizing ? what for ?. It’s the perverts who should be apologizing for their offence to common decency.


  45. 99
    fitzfitz says:

    … what does trans mean, lads …


  46. 103
    2112 says:

    Given that the Observer has already removed the offending article (wrongly in my opinion but still…) what exactly are the “laydees” protesting against?


  47. 104
    Anonymous says:

    By the left quick mince.


  48. 111
    Anonymous says:

    It must have thrown the Guardian into some confusion to see a placard that was spelt correctly with apparently good grammar. And there is no spellchecker with a felt tip or paintbrush.


  49. 112
    John Stevens says:

    So this blog is going for minority groups now is it? How very brave.

    How about Muslims next? Gays, Blacks, Women? Give them all a good kicking because y’know they deserve it for being, well, not like us. Because we’re just Normal, and we’re Respectable Family People, and as everyone knows, conformity is so yummy.


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