January 8th, 2013

Shirkers v Strivers: The Result

workThe government wins the vote on the benefits uprating amendment by 328 to 262, a majority of 66.

A victory for hard-working families up and down the country, IDS, and general common sense.

Even Baldemort is probably secretly pleased

UPDATE: And the government wins the vote on the second reading of the uprating bill with a majority of 56.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Now watch the Left explode with rage! :)


    • 6
      Snaplegs says:

      now watch the BBC explode with rage


      • 13
        Long balls Silver and his goat says:

        It’s a chess game pal – labour are thinking of May 2015, and how much of a majority they can achieve.

        Like taking a dummy out of a baby it is.


      • 17
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Now we’ll see a procession of special pleaders on news bulletins warning of an increase in “child poverty”.

        It’s about time the money tap was turned off for everyone wanting to drop a kid out. Why should people be paid for having kids? If I’d had my way I would have abolished Child Allowance altogether. It’s not a right to expect the taxpayer to pay for the lifestyle choices of the “Entitlement Brigade”. An increasing number of people are choosing not to have kids and more are choosing to stay single.Why should they have their pockets picked to pay for others’ kids?

        Child Allowance was only introduced after WW2 by a Labour government keen to encourage an increase in population, even though military fatalities were fewer than in the Great War.

        When we currently have a population of 60 million plus ( and increasing) the Child Allowance payments are an anomaly that’s keeping the nation poor.


    • 7
      Red Egg Millitit... says:

      Baldemort…… once a wanker always a wanker…. :)


    • 8

      I`m not a leftard but I think these cuts are simply targeting the vulnerable in our society. I cannot condone that.


      • 10
        Red Egg Millitit... says:

        Cut cut cut cut… ffs most workers have not had a pay rise for years, unlike the managers and those on benefits.


      • 66
        Viv Dean says:

        It’s those in work and struggling to make ends meet who are ‘the vulnerable’. Why should those making no contribution be given more at the expense of those who are providing for their familes?

        The anomaly of child benefit removal has been badly handled, however. If DWP can work out that there are two pensioners at the same address and divide their winter fuel allowance accordingly, why can’t HMRC work out the combined income of a couple and remove child benefit accordingly?

        It would have been far more sensible to have removed child benefit for all but the first two children.


    • 54
      Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

      Polly will throw her toys out of the pram as usual. Does anyone listed to the silly bitch apart from Grauniad readers?


    • 67
      Doreen Tipton says:

      I’m famous, the TV and film offers have been flooding in. It is a great pity I have had to refuse them all because of my disability ‘lazy cow syndrome.’ Still my holiday in Barbados with Tangerine and Trojan will be a great comfort.


      Oh woe, woe and thrice woe is me.


  2. 2
    Sir William says:

    Does this mean my tax will go down?


  3. 4
    Robert Wilkin says:

    And top prize for “Idiot Of The Day” to David Miliband for the immortal words, “It is hard to stomach a Government that takes no responsibility for their mistakes” – couldn’t make it up!


    • 9
      Red Egg Millitit... says:

      Steady on there…. as Labour rewrites history, you will find they did NOT make any mistakes :)


  4. 12
    A Just for me bra says:

    What about the bankers rewarded for failure?


  5. 15
    Long balls Silver and his goat says:

    2013, blue against the rest war they said?


  6. 18
    Angry Taxpayer says:

    Oh dear, all those MPs have lost the vote are now The Face of public sector waste. They queued up in the lobbies to tax us and give away our money for the fun of it.

    They will be the ones who pay!


  7. 21
    Sick of Scroungers says:

    So the start of the long journey to wean scroungers off benefits, and to restore the system as a safety net for those contributors who fall on hard times.
    It will take time, but it will be worth it for everyone, especially tax payers.


  8. 22
    RK says:

    The opponents’ vote would have been higher, but some of them couldn’t be arsed to turn up.


  9. 24
    Penny Red says:


  10. 25
    Penny Red says:


    • 63
      JH3044598349 says:

      Why does the country parrot the language of leftists, with it being a load of contrived politically correct shite?


  11. 26
    Penny Red says:


    • 65
      Anonymous says:

      You mean more shirkers are going to take up thieving directly instead of needing overpaid pubic sector workers to collect and hand out money?


  12. 27
    2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

    As stated in post 21 we are on a long journey to wean the scroungers off welfare and believe me as somone who worked in the DWP for 30 years there is plenty of scope,there are of course those who will always be state dependent,the real disabled and some pensioners but they are dwarfed by those who wont work who have no ambition but for the next fag or takeaway who are totally useless to society and have never contributed to society.If we dont act then 10 years down the road the consequences will be catastrophic Labour and the special pleaders may churn out the rhetoric but they know the game is over.


    • 52
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      30 years at DWP. So you are receiving or will be in line for a nice gold-plated pension. I expect you can afford to shop at Fenwick.


  13. 28
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    I was one of the 262 because I know it makes sense.

    “Just voted against the Tory/LibDem Govt’s strivers tax” David Cameron


  14. 29
    Owen Jones says:

    The Lib Dems tonight joined the Tories in voting to make the poor poorer. No forgiving, no forgetting. The dustbin of history awaits you.


  15. 33
    Owen Jones says:

    This is class warfare by the Eton Tories against the poor working classes.
    Come the revolution they will all be shot for this.


  16. 40
    Gordon Workinghard (Kirkaldy) says:

    Please don’t cut my thoroughly-deserved handouts, I have a family and a monthly list of prescriptions I have to pay for.


    • 42
      Will the real gordon Brown please stand up says:

      Do something for your constituents you useless cnut. Your continued sponging is an affront to the people you’re representing, and a feck up the arse of democracy.


  17. 41
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    At what point in this parliament are MPs going to take a cut in remuneration?


  18. 43
    Gordon Brown (verified by twatter) says:

    I stand up all the time. It’s just that I’m never seen doing it. Now I must sit down, I’m feeling a bit strange. Is it time for my next dose yet?…. nurse…?


  19. 44
    Owen Jones says:

    All rich people and productive people should be executed as traitors to the working class.
    Onwards to the revolution comrades.


  20. 45
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    I get sick of hearing about hard working families. In the latter years of my working career I was an hard working INDIVIDUAL!


  21. 49
    explain please says:

    I came into a decent wedge a few years back. I dont work through choice at the minute.
    Of course, I dont claim a single penny in benefits, nor should I be entitled to any. I pay my rates immediately.
    I take my bank interest gross.
    My choices at my expense. No-one elses.

    What I am wondering is, why the fuck should anyone in work be entitled to a penny of welfare?
    Whats that all about. It should be stopped immediately.


  22. 53
    Saffron says:

    Child poverty my ass,when in this country was the last time you saw a child diying of starvation,I for one have never seen this.
    Yes I have seen children being abused by higher ups but I have never seen children being starved.
    THe you know what party needs to really get to grips as to what their party is all about and it is not about what their supporters really want to see.
    Millipede is an absolute joke supported by the union wreckerers,when will people wake up to this union charade.


    • 56
      Modern hungry kids says:

      They are starving whilst playing Modern warfare on their xbox, taking photos of themselves in the bathroom with their iphone.


  23. 58
    Anonymous says:

    300,000 nurses, 150,000 teachers and 40,000 soldiers just got a further benefit cut to go with their wage cuts.

    And morons like Guido cheer on the millionaires doing the cutting.

    It’s enough to make you cry.


    • 59
      Southern Softy says:

      It makes a change for lefty whingers like you to be concerned about soldiers.

      Teachers deserve nought until they accept performance related pay.


  24. 62
    ho ho ho says:

    Good-for-nothing ConDems call other people shirkers.


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