December 29th, 2012

Saturday Seven Up

This week traffic halved as people enjoyed the holidays and a mere 53,289 visitors visited 142,122 times viewing 215,522 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were:

You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


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    FarmerGiles says:


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      FarmerGiles says:

      good I need to get a life

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      Aid success is no aid, not more. says:

      I wish someone would explain to Dave that a successful aid program is one that decreases until a successful end and not one that is failing requiring ever more money.

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        Well it's a thought says:

        You can’t do that, how are the German car dealerships going to cope in all the sh*tholes that we pour “charity” money into.

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          Eric says:

          If a rich man stands on the corner of a road in a slum and hands out free money it will always be accepted, he will never have to stop handing out money, the people will want ever more and still be poor.

          Instead all of his efforts should be put into creating a situation where he can simply walk away as his money is no longer required.

          Unfortunately the aid mentality is now rife in our political and chattering classes, you hear it from the Guardian paper reviewers, if it’s aid then it must be right and we should be trying ton give more. No we should be trying to give less, we should be aiming to end the need for aid.

          We just can’t see the wood for the trees and I think a lot of that is because the welfare system has become like the corrupt NGOs in that it encourages dependency and locks people into poverty.

          • oddly helpful says:


          • put a stop to this, cameron, you fool says:

            it would be slightly less outrageous if it was our own money that we were giving away…but we are borrowing it to give it away.
            Fucking madness.

          • CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

            Plus they will be less likely to actually work.

          • Can someone PLEASE tell me what a communist is PURLEEEASE? says:

          • CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

            A Marxist is someone who believes in Slavery but doesn’t want to call it that.

          • early bird..... says:

            you make a good point Eric …clearly much aid is used to keep people alive rather than dealing with root problems … getting a country on track only comes as second and third waves of help develop.

            corruption became the norm in so many areas of aid particularly Africa and the directly funded NGO mechanism has dealt in some way with that problem but without partnership with governments aid can rarely be totally productive whatever the situation.

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

            A communist is one that believes in a true meritocracy, non-nepotistic generationally, and community and society. Don’t get confused by “communists” from time, whatever you do.

            Have a read of Aldous Huxley’s book “Brave New World, if you are still confused, or even”Logan’s Run” from that other author who I can’t remember the name of at the moment.

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      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:
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    illogical says:

    Just ploughed through the honours list.
    Loved the ” for services to bell ringing”.
    Missed out myself on services to sunbathing, weeding, supporting the liquor industry, artistic lawnmowing, surviving Guido etc.
    Sporting attributes like juggling [the books], rowing [with the Mrs] and tossing [the salad] also ignored this year.
    Maybe next year.

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      Margaret Beckett says:

      There is nothing like a Dame
      Nothing in this world
      There is nothing you can name
      That is anything like a Dame

      I got mine for services to caravanning.

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      dyslecsick says:

      From your grip on maths you are either Gordon Brown or Owen Jones.
      No wonder Ed M still has a blank piece of paper.

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        Well it's a thought says:

        Ed can only ever have a blank pitece of paper, Broon screwed that one up over the EU referendum when he went to law, Ed can only have dreams, hopefully bad ones.

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          Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

          nine times three is the what number…

          Bravo – have a star.

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    I wish Guido and his team all the best for 2013.

    May they be even more successful in uncovering wrongdoing whilst remembering the words of that great Irishman, Oscar Wilde:

    Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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      gramma says:

      Guido is a great believer in the Northern Irish football manager Danny Blanchflower’s maxim.
      ” We always attempt to equalise before the other side scores”

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    P l e b says:

    And then they give Hector Sants a knighthood !!!! Unbelievable. The Establishment is completely unaccountable, and has absolutely no sense of shame. I see no way back. How can we ever re-build a sense of community and society, of honour and morality ?

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      Hector Pants says:

      I know where the bodies are buried.

      • 27

        I would suggest, sir, that you don’t even know where your shoelaces are.

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          Blowing Whistles says:

          Schrody – H Pants ain’t got nothing on the likes of former ‘Gaffe’ prone Barclays CEO Matthew Barrett – now he was the complete puppet on a string. Libor, Sams [inc HSBC] etc – It’s only half time!

          • See this got hit by the automated symposiarch.

            Here is something I wrote before, not out of bitterness but practicality (in case you did not see it):

            I have been out of the business for 12 years now. But, even in the last seven days, I have had personal contact at this level because I was raising issues of under-performance, not the Conspiracy Theory purposes that you are likely to associate that with. Six years ago it was the same with HSBC.

            That is not to say I excuse the Libor fiasco. It was everything I left the industry for. True, I am not exactly short of a bob or two but I never made the kind of money that some of these guys made – which I could have done by swallowing my principles and staying in. I am not complaining. I would not have it any other way.

            But let me state quite clearly that I still see qualities of leadership and greatness in some of these people. You cannot paint everything using one brush.

          • Ѕее thіѕ gоt hіt by thе autоmatеd ѕympоѕіarсh.

            Hеrе іѕ ѕоmеthіng І wrоtе bеfоrе, nоt оut оf bіttеrnеѕѕ but praсtісalіty (іn сaѕе yоu dіd nоt ѕее іt):


            І havе bееn оut оf thе buѕіnеѕѕ fоr 12 yеarѕ nоw. But, еvеn іn thе laѕt ѕеvеn dayѕ, І havе had pеrѕоnal соntaсt at thіѕ lеvеl bесauѕе І waѕ raіѕіng іѕѕuеѕ оf undеr-pеrfоrmanсе, nоt thе Соnѕpіraсy Thеоry purpоѕеѕ that yоu arе lіkеly tо aѕѕосіatе that wіth. Ѕіx yеarѕ agо іt waѕ thе ѕamе wіth HЅBС.

            That іѕ nоt tо ѕay І еxсuѕе thе Lіbоr fіaѕсо. Іt waѕ еvеrythіng І lеft thе іnduѕtry fоr. Truе, І am nоt еxaсtly ѕhоrt оf a bоb оr twо but І nеvеr madе thе kіnd оf mоnеy that ѕоmе оf thеѕе guyѕ madе – whісh І соuld havе dоnе by ѕwallоwіng my prіnсіplеѕ and ѕtayіng іn. І am nоt соmplaіnіng. І wоuld nоt havе іt any оthеr way.

            But lеt mе ѕtatе quіtе сlеarly that І ѕtіll ѕее qualіtіеѕ оf lеadеrѕhіp and grеatnеѕѕ іn ѕоmе оf thеѕе pеоplе. Yоu сannоt paіnt еvеrythіng uѕіng оnе bruѕh.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I remember it from our previous ‘discussions’ – save to say that the vast majority of blokes who get chosen as CEO’s of the major banks & Corporations in the CofLon are what you can call ‘safe hands’ – they can be relied upon to d-o a-s t-h-ey a-r-e i-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-e-d to do ‘cos all they care about is their narcissism and remuneration contracts – to “Steer the ‘ships’ along the chartered courses” – if you get my meaning.

            Last week I pinged up a comment about Glover of the DM asking why no bankers have been put in prison … Glover and his hack ilk are part of the problem.

          • @BW

            We have some common ground in that it is my belief that the majority of these people are not up to the job. That includes the banks, the regulators and the politicos who framed the rules.

            Where we differ is over the cause. You seem to see it as a sinister conspiracy with evil masterminds twiddling dials.

            I see it as a gigantic cock-up where so many people have been promoted way beyond their abilities and that having happened, they believe they are it because they have got there rather than how they have affected their areas of responsibilities, for better or for worse.

            Yes, there are unseemly deals. Always have been always will be. But there is no brain out there that is clever enough to achieve what you think they can on a global scale. I know this from having dealt with so many of them.

          • Conspiracy Watch says:

            @BW / @SC:

            I agree with @SC on nearly all details here.

            The major enabler for the fraud and wrongdoing was the deregulation of markets and apparent abdication of moral / ethical responsibility by senior banking management. This occurred simply because the cost of playing by the old rules became uneconomic.

            The fiasco surrounding Lehmans and the Credit market, which triggered the main collapse in 2007/2008 has its roots going back to the early 90s. Prime mortgage availability in the US ran out, and Lehmans wanted to somehow keep their business model running. They did so by enabling banks to write mortgages to subprime folk, and sold junk securitizations to rich fools around the world.

            Since governments had deregulated and were not paying attention, dangerous instabilities grew up which nearly took out AIG: It was at that point something needed to be done, and Lehmans was shut down. The rest since has been a painful unwinding of the mess which broadly was centered on this activity. This unwinding has about another 8 to 10 years to run.

            The only conspiracy was one of keeping the show running, and if there was any political collusion it was to undermine the wealth of the purchasers: Power politics always trumps economics in the US.

            If the show had come to a halt, we would likely be involved in a global war at present.

            As @SC rightly points out: cock up on a grand scale is the largest cause here. Even our monarch didn’t get a convincing answer when She asked economic professors how the problem was missed.

            The only grand ‘conspiracy’ type stuff going on would be tied to power politics.

            Assassinations to help swing oil deals, attacks on places like Kish, sanctions and war against oil producers who decide to price in Euro’s etc. (to keep USD supreme), manipulation of Gold market and dodgy transactions in the sovereign debt markets fit that bill. Anything looking or smelling like a BCCI also counts.

            When it is understood that the US military are the largest single consumer of oil on the planet, most of the oil related activities above are no longer conspiracy, but can be viewed as simple strategic decisions.

            Other than that, manipulation of oil price close to the US election time, and the insanity of political coercion in Europe is the rest.

            Anything else is just standard good intentions gone wrong.

          • @CW

            Thank you for that which came through after I had retired but is an excellent summary of what happened.

            The only problem is that we have to piece it together because no authoritative person can go in and establish the complete picture which is multi-disciplinary, defying the specialist approach that mankind has bred for the last century.

            I have long been convinced that we suffered more than we knew from the disappearance of the polymath and that accordingly since then no organisation, private or public, has been able to develop joined up thinking. One of the reasons that I am interested in the David Deutsch approach is that it mitigates against the perceived necessity of that view. Deutsch’s heterodoxy in this approach opposes every circle of organised thinking which exists today in any field you care to name.

            Clearly, I speak as a former industry person who used my interest in philosophy to instruct my approach to what was my alarmingly rapid career progression. I was worried about being promoted above my level of competence and this fear actually motivated me to be far more enquiring than my colleagues which in turn elevated me further. The industry leaders of recent times have mostly not suffered from any such fear, swallowing their own poisonous propaganda faster than a drunk can empty a bottle.

            With the abdication of ethical responsibility which you so accurately describe, my role in my own industry became redundant. I recognised this and walked away rather than become tainted by it.

            Your remarks about power politics are worthy of note and whilst I am a very interested observer, I cannot claim this to be an area of expertise. However my intuitions, developed from my accomplishments in my proven areas, suggest to me that you have called this one correctly in the main.

            On your forecast of unwinding time, I am even more pessimistic than you by a factor of two to three times, not a small margin but a gulf. I say this because I see a series of sticking plasters being applied rather than a root up solution. Probably the situation has gone too far for that anyway.

            How can tomorrow’s leaders in banks or in politics even begin to develop an approach that has some basis in ethical theory given the current moral wilderness? The very air they breath is contaminated.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To SC & CW – I have read your comments now please look at what is or should I say who is ‘gluing’ together all the frayed ends of the wrongdoing. The legal fraternity in all its guises are the master deceivers with their rhetorical jargon. Legals wrote up all the ceo contracts – to entrap the ceo’s for a pay-off come rain hail or shine. If you extrapolate the hands of the legal fraternity everywhere in our dialy lives you will then hopefully twig that you need to be able to call the shot on duplicitous lawyers and their ilk.

        • 176
          Gordon Brown says:

          My shoelaces are threaded through coins to use in the chocolate dispenser.

    • 17
      grobdj says:

      Sants not involved in Libor rigging at UBS then. Must be so, because the FSA said so

  6. 9
    Sir Anthony says:

    How come Tony Blair hasn’t been hinged yet?

    I would have thought his Heir Call me Dave would have made it so by now.

    • 10
      Sir Anthony says:

      How odd the spell checker has ” Hinged” Blair. ??

      • 20
        A Psychiatrist Writes says:

        Unhinged, surely?

      • 25

        Refer gudgeon and pintle

        • 38
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          Sounds like some firm in a Dickens novel– “Sir Marmaduke Gudgeon, and Mr Fortescue Pintle, proprietors…”

          • I got this information from my father’s early Naval days back in the 1920s.

            His tutors had done their training on ships which had seen action in the Napoleonic Wars. They used to tell the recruits:

            In the old days, we had wooden ships and iron men.
            Now we have iron ships and wooden men.

            I suppose one could say now that , in some circumstances, they had gone back to irons…

          • CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

            Now we don’t have any ships.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Carry – we have lots of ships – Common Purpose ‘Partnerships’ and ‘Leaderships’. Mind you most of them appear to have hit the rocks.

          • Sir William Gilbert says:

            And that kind of “ship” so suited me
            That now I am the Ruler Of the Queen’s Navy!

    • 40
      No honours for Tony ?? says:

      THAT is an interesting thing to consider…it is usual that ex-Prime Minister and especially ones that have served for a decade such as Bliar(and who purportedly “saved” the monarchy in 1997)to have been made a Knight of the Garter as soon as a vacancy occurs(all previous PM’s have from Churchill, Attlee,Eden,MacMillan,Douglas-Home,Heath Wilson,Callaghan,Thatcher,Major)Such an honour is of course within the personal gift of the Sovereign and not politicians.There are only 24 Commoner Knights at any one time apart from Sovereign & Royal Knights but there have been vacancies since Bliar resigned in 2007 but HMQ has made lesser persons KGs inc Lord Lt Of Herefordshire as existing knights pop off etc but none for Bliar…perhaps he is awaiting Lady T’s demise as he wishes her vacant stall in St Georges Chapel Windsor not a leesser personages ? Or perhaps HMQ is not keen on giving him the England’s highest chivalric award

      • 50

        There is no lesser person in the UK than Blair, except his nemesis and ours, Salvator Mundi.

      • 165
        bergen says:

        There was a tale that HM (herself half-Scottish) offered Blair, the reluctant Scotsman, the Knighthood of the Thistle, the Scottish equivalent to the Garter, but he has held out for the English honour, so far unsuccessfully. Previous Scottish PMs such as Home had the Thistle and were proud to have it. Too downmarket for our Tone.

      • 175
        Lord Stansted says:

        Wise move – we wouldn’t want a K in the dock for war crimes.

  7. 13
    Oo La La says:

    France is dumping the 75% tax rate.

    • 29
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Gesture politics not a great way of forming a tax policy.

    • 76
      French Government says:

      C’est un bon jour pour enterrer les mauvaises nouvelles.

    • 87
      CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

      The Golden Geese have already escaped.

    • 132
      sarky ... sauce...goes sour says:

      quelle suprise but a mile too late…france has been heading for a tanking for some time.. it costs more than double basic salery to employ someone there…the public sector bloated way past our excesses and the black economy so large they have just confirmed what the moneymen have been saying for two years plus…outsville

      • 135
        sarky ... sauce...goes sour says:

        salary …. mixed it up with celery as I shouted to the staff…they are expensive .. french exiles actually who arrived with cases of something called champagne and nice bags from a little shop called hermes..cheers

    • 204
      Gooey Blob says:

      It’s unconstitutional, so they’re going to change it slightly. The socialist nutjobs are still intent on pushing it through.

      Thinking about it, this is one good reason to cheer on the regressive left in other countries. They drive out the talent, while here in the UK we welcome that talent with open arms.

    • 219
      golli says:

      Its doing no such thing. Government will rewrite the law to placate the Constitutional Court and table it in the New Year. The Socialist Hollande came to power after stating that he “hates the rich” (but loves to take their money of course).

  8. 15
  9. 16
    Well it's a thought says:

    Hadn’t realised how much the establishment, it’s hangers on, uncivil service and MPs hated themselves, they’ve devalued marriage, society, laws, people and now delightfully their own honours system, what next a CBE or a Dame ship for a nurse who brings an old dear a cup of tea because the domestics are busy.

  10. 22
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    So Cherie Blair, who I thought hated the Queen, the Establishment and everything that went with privilege, has bagged herself a CBE. A person who rides a bike gets a Knighthood.

    And a man who broke codes at Bletchley Park and probably saved the lives of millions of people gets a paltry MBE, 67 years after the end of World War II.

    Isn’t it about time these stupid ‘honours’ for being good at sport and climbing the greasy pole were abolished, and ordinary people who serve this country were the only ones who were rewarded?

  11. 53
    HMMM says:

    Clinking like Italian generals, and about as much use.

  12. 54
    No gong for Gordon says:

    When the Scotch become a nation they will be a Scotch ish nation.

  13. 55
    Sunderland a dormitory town awaiting the arrivals of Bulgarians ,Romanians and Romas in 2013 things says:

    The award of a DBE to Margeret Beckett shows just out of touch the political honours system is one of the troughers in 2009 roundly booed by the QT audience for not a single note of contrition and a hypocrite too boot a member of the far left supposed to be against the honours system,you couldnt make it up

    • 56
      Sick of scroungers says:

      Yes you can, and they have.
      PS see Hogan Howe that chief cop in London has bagged a Sir. Will have to take it back when Mitchell is proved correct ?

      • 59
        HMMM says:

        Hogan Howes boys get a conservative cabinet minister booted out of office and Dozy (or is there more to this than meets the eye?) Dave gives him a knighthood.

        • 64
          P l e b says:

          I read elsewhere that a knighthood is guaranteed for his position.
          Makes an absolute mockery of the whole system.

          • Anonymous says:

            in the 3D world, the system mocks us.
            There are other dimensions which make us human…. The chap from japan, age 114, looks at the stars a lot. others go inwards to get the same result. everyone wants to be immortal?

      • 66
        Comedy Dave says:

        George Entwistle only just missed out on a knighthood this year. Will try again for the Queen’s Birthday.

        • 92
          George Entwistle says:

          I was completely unaware there even was such a thing as the New Year’s Honours.

          • terminally uninformed.... says:

            thats the problem george. when I briefly mentioned honour at the cocktail party you thought I meant the blonde in the corner

    • 68
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Why should Romas go to Sunderland. What’s the point of begging on Fawcett Street if nobody’s got any money?

      Now if Binns was still open……………..

    • 209
      Wot Tayler says:

      Don’t forget “Lord” Pressscttt

  14. 69
    National Socialist says:

    This all goes to show that the Establishment is still firmly in control, aided and abetted by this rotten Parliament.

    They are pissing in our faces and there’s nothing we can do about it, no matter who we vote for at the next election.

  15. 71
    God dame it says:

    I thought satire had died when Blair was made middle east peace envoy, but I think it’s dead, buried and decomposing now that Margaret Beckett has been made a Dame.

  16. 72
    I hate Maggie! says:

    That’s right! I fucking hate Maggie!

    Maggie Moran and Maggie Beckett.

    • 173
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. We’ll have to make sure we have the right lyrics when all of us up here are dancing to the tune of “Ding Dong the Wicked Witch has Gone”.

      • 261
        Expat Geordie says:

        Of course, the Wicked Witch, CBE, is a scouser.

        • 291
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Of course, I’d forgotten that. Maybe it’s because ordinary scousers don’t wait to be invited to help yourself to whatever you want!

        • 349
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Is she related to the Booth – who assissinated Abraham Lincoln?

          • Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching Off To War says:

            According to her Wikipedia entry, she IS related to the stage Booths.
            Although, with her and hubby’s religioso bullshit (even though RC), you’d be more likely to guess the Salvation Army Booths, if put to it.
            Although Tony is quite the drama queen himself, even if only having married into the Booth family.

          • Cherie says:

            Over here luvvies………..

  17. 73
    Browned off says:

    The best description of Gordon Brown I’ve ever heard is when Frankie Boyle said Brown looks like a wrinkly scrotum that’s had a sad face drawn on it. :-D

  18. 77
    National Socialist says:

    How is it possible to insert smileys and italics etc into our posts?

  19. 80
    Owen Jones says:

    Right. I’m probably sober enough from last nights’ bender to drive to The Westminster Arms now. Adios.

  20. 81
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    I slept rough last night.

    Facing the wife.

  21. 82
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    “How hard is it to put the seat down?” moaned my wife.

    “Roughly the same as it is to put it up,” I said.

    • 108
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Scientific Loo Studies Service says:

      Our research team has just finished conducting a trial of the proposition that “[Mr] Osborne” posits that it is as easy to lower the seat as to raise it; ten instances of each, and the results were shocking to us– it actually requires more effort, to bend down farther to grasp the seat and to remain holding it till it shall have reached the completely upright position, than it does merely to tap the seat with one’s fingers and to let gravity take its natural course. Of course, the sound made by the seat hitting the rim of the “porcelain throne” may be a bit loud and possibly annoying to the more sensitive human female auditory system; we intend to carry out a test on this as soon as we can secure the funding. In addition, we will also conduct tests to determine whether bladder-emptying urgency has adverse effects upon the vision of the human female, rendering her incapable of noticing whether the seat is upright or in its operative state.

  22. 88
    One Term Dave says:

    Happy New Year to my literally dozens of supporters. I’ve been having a good think over the holidays and I’ll soon be introducing some more brilliant vote-losing policies. My fans won’t be disappointed.

    • 98
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Same old, same old, more repeats than the BBC.

      • 131
        Zero Term Ed says:

        I can’t think of any polithieth. Can I have thome of yourth?

        Ooh, it’th tho eck-thiting! I can’t believe I’m really leader of the Labour Party! I can’t wait to come thecond in 2015!

  23. 95
    Gordon McRuin (to himself) says:

    Arise, Sir Hampton!

  24. 96
    EU Watch says:

    Not that we needed one, but some positive noise from Europe:

    - Sounds very much like they want the thing to collapse now if the other rhetoric is to be believed. Interesting to see what the mood in Germany is on the project.

    • 99
      I don't need no doctor says:

      And then when the EU collapses it can all be blamed on the UK.

      • 102
        Jacques Delors says:

        Oui. Nothing to do with the insane attempted creation of a United State of Europe with a single currency, the collapse is all the UK’s fault.

        • 110
          EU Watch says:

          It could have worked if the US process was followed a little more closely.

          The political union should have been the focus, not the currency union.

          Perhaps the logic of Rothschild does not work when non sovereign entities are involved.

      • 103
        EU Watch says:

        Indeed : And no one would be too upset by that reason, UK would likely win a lot of friends.

        Which is the point :-)

      • 118
        A member of the British public says:

        I’m quite happy to take the blame for the destruction of the EUSSR.

        • 124
          People of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and some in Ireland and German tax payers says:

          We will not complain, for too long, you know how it is, ‘don’t’ do it ;-)

        • 163
          UKIP - the way forward says:

          Me too!

        • 305
          CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

          The burden of this Blame is a working economy.

          • Now then.. says:

            Ah well, no doubt we have shoulders broad enough to withstand all that rancour which will doubtless follow. Probably won’t stop us all going to Europe for our hols – even though we might have to change our almost worthless pounds into six different currencies again as we criss cross borders.

            Bring it on.

    • 101
      Blowing Whistles says:


      • 306
        CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

        Government reorgs are mostly about hiding accounting “irregularities”.

    • 107
      HMMM says:

      No one is prepared to admit it but surely they cannot continue much longer digging an even bigger hole to bury themselves (and us ) in, Unemployment in Greece for under 24s is now 55%, 25% for the rest, and all you hear about in the msm is USA fiscal cliff. See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil about the EU.

      • 113
        The BBC is for the Union(but which one ? EU;USA or TUC ?) says:

        The BBC feels that the UK should have become the 51st state of the Union instead of joining the EU as they tend to favour USA in most of their news reporting sometimes to the exclusion of all other news and giving US related stories unnecessary precedence ..a thing that the US would NEVER do for UK related stories

        • 193
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          The Beeb, for all it’s pro-EU bias, rarely reports what is going on in the EU Parliament. They have no interest in allowing us to engage in the political process we are supposedly a part of. We are just here to pay the TV tax and STFU.

          It is beyond a disgrace, it is an almost total failure to ‘inform’ us, as in the BBC’s remit.

          As for covering the USA, it is simply lazy journalism at it’s worst, taking any old news feed just because it is in English.

      • 114
        EU Watch says:

        The signals from the Bond market are suggesting a big no to the larger hole digging approach.

        In terms of fiscal cliff, the EU does not have the same problem yet provided it doesn’t push ahead with the insane budget increase they were talking about.

        Individual member states with high unemployment and large unfunded pension liabilities though do. The UK is inclusive here.

        The EU monetary problems are more concerned with the non-manageable sovereign debt which has been built up. Now most of this has been transferred to the ECB, it would be in the interests of many to see that entity dissolved, and the debt written off this way.

        For those who did not accrue the debt directly but are now on the hook for funding it’s obligations, this would be a good outcome.

        The conditions for revolution are set, and the clock is ticking louder as each day passes.

    • 351
      EU Watch says:

      Delores offers a green light to UK, but looks like the lights may be going out in France next year:

  25. 100
    jgm2 says:

    Breaking: David Cameron forced to reveal he is gay, after a prolonged campaign of anonymous abuse.

  26. 104
    Thought for the day says:

    Are the left capable of being honest with themselves, and if so is it in their interests to be ?

  27. 105
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    I remember being really apprehensive when I attended my first autopsy. It was on the body of a tramp whose body had laid undiscovered in a disused warehouse for over two weeks.
    “Here,” my more experianced colleague said, handing me a jar of Vaseline. “Stick this up your nose. You won’t smell a thing.”
    “Will the body be that bad?” I asked.
    “No,” he replied, “but the Pathologist’s a p-a-k-i, so best to be on the safe side.”

  28. 109
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    RIP Tony Greig.

    Flamboyant former England cricket captain and television commentator Tony Greig died of a heart attack on Saturday at the age of 66, as he battled lung cancer.
    South African-born Greig had only recently been diagnosed with cancer and suffered a cardiac arrest at his Sydney home, dying shortly afterwards.
    “Tong Greig passed away at St Vincent’s Hospital of cardiac arrest at 1.45 pm,” hospital spokesman David Faktor said.

    • 389
      Now then.. says:

      Quote: We are going to slash your benefits by 50% – plus we are going to raise the lower tax threshhold by 12%. Unquote.

      That may have been it…

  29. 111
    John Major says:

    Ian Chappell’s tribute to Tony Greig is a must read…..

  30. 116
    Ed Miliband says:

    Just to let you know that I have a brand new bandwagon for 2013. Andy Burnham, Tom Watson, Harriet Harman, Chris Bryant, Keith Vaz, and Peter Hain are already aboard, and ready to milk your sorrow or loss.
    We will be your shadow for as long as we can milk the situation.
    Al aboard, toot toot.

    • 119
      UK JobSeekers says:

      Following your parable of the lucky JobSeeker and their two and score mile walk to get a non job because the bus fare was out of reach, perhaps your bandwagon could be put to more productive use, or you could just STFU.

    • 123
      Andy Hillsborough Burnham says:

      Yes we’ll be driving along the north-south divide looking for any opportunity.

    • 126
      Well it's a thought says:

      New old bandwagon still pulling the same dregs of politicians as it did for the last 13years, a new coat of paint and a few repairs still make it what it really is a sows ear.

    • 184
      Eddie Boys Bandwagon Tour says:

      we’re on it

      • 203
        Eddie Boys Bandwagon Tour insiderblog says:

        our new updated great unwashed surge is growing day by day … its bubbling away deep within bunter’s nether regions and will be bursting forth vaz style
        as soon as the panto season opens in the commons.

  31. 122
    US Watch says:

    Some interesting stat facts from California:

    Given the increases in violent crime in UK, perhaps worth noting.

  32. 133
    The gulf between politicians and normal people says:

    Do drop in – there’s plenty of room for everyone.

    • 139
      nellnewman says:

      It’s not the gulf that has widened. It is the knowledge we, the real people, are gaining every day from the web about the venality of our politicians etc

      So leveson can silence the press if he wants but the web will continue to expose these criminals and gods with clay feet.

      Cheers Guido. Job well done! And keep going!

  33. 134

    In this week’s order-order your very own
    “Ed Miliband’s speech template for 2013.”

    just delete as appropriate, put on your new shiny suit, and you too can visit council offices and pass yourself off as the leader of the opposition.
    {new shiny suit not included ..see our special offers adverts – Matalan.}

    ———————–Start here ——–cut here————-

    “Last {week/month/year/decade/Tuesday/lunchtime/Millennium} I was visiting A { soup kitchen/Hospital/ School/ hostel/Labour party donor’s corporate offices/ union’s headquarters/ neighbours mansionl / animation studio} when a young {man/woman/transgender person} approached me and..with tears in their eyes, said ‘ me Mr Miliband.’

    ‘The terrible {Tory-led coalition cuts/ flooding/ teacakes / parking situation/ postal service/ obesity problem} is/are affecting me and my family. Its got so bad that I can’t even afford to {heat the home/ eat breakfast/ watch TV/ go to the gym/ work cash in hand/ take up archery/ empty the bin/ wash my hair}’

    As I go about the country, I encounter people in {shopping centres/ pubs/ nuclear bunkers/ brothels/ line dancing in village halls/ Nandos/ Glyndebourne/ the Seychelles/ MOT testing centres/ sushi bars/ Claire’s Accessories}
    And they all say the same thing.

    {Who are you?/ What did you say..I can’t understand you very well?/ Do you need medication?/ Hello David/ a quarter to five/ we need you to help save us from the predator society of Tory capitalism and lead us to the socialist producer one nation society we can only dream of.}

    These are {real people/ unreal people/ marketing and spin doctor focus group manufactured people/ people at the beginning of a severe mental breakdown/ totally made up people/ imaginary friends/ liars/ weirdos/ SPADS/ friends of the earth types/ actors}

    These…are Miliband people. And I like to think..we can all be Millie’s people..don’t you?

    {wait for chorus of applause/ interviewers questions/ rotten fruit/ laughter/ deafening silence/ embarrassed cough/ man to stack away empty chairs and turn off lights }

    ——–end————————————-cut here…………………

  34. 137
    nellnewman says:

    I do just wonder whether gordon, when he decides to step down as mp in 2015, will be opting for a lucrative seat in HoL to make up his lost income?

    Lord Gordon Brown of Failed Banks, Trashed Economy and Welfare Benefit Troughers perhaps!

    Oh and his wife will be Lady Sarah Brown, friend of every high profile 2nd and 3rd rate reality star, anyone in fact who will give her the oxygen of publicity.

    • 140

      Gibe him the old Scottish title.
      Laird Fah of Uckhead

      • 144
        nellnewman says:

        Give brown any old title and he and his odious wife will be claiming money off the state to live in style. Same is true for bliar and the letterbox onne.

        Best we just kick them out and tell them to clear off and go and earn a proper living somewhere!!

    • 143
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      He didn’t trash Merseyside. That had already happened during the 1979-1997 Holocaust Years. 1997-2008 were the Boom Years for us.

      • 145
        good job the tunnel is £1.50 keeps the scousers home says:

        Weren’t they the Libdums years when they ran the city centre?.

      • 147
        nellnewman says:

        Do tell are that 96.98 percent folks of people in merseyside busy working full time to support their nuclear families?

        • 164
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Surely you must know everyone has three jobs – one on the dole and two on the side. Where do you think everybody get the money to spend at our marvellous Liverpool One shopping centre. We’ve even got a small Harvey Nicks there.

          • nellnewman says:

            And the two on the side being black market!!

            No tax paid there then!!

          • Now then.. says:

            That is where they get the cash to buy the tickets to waste their time waving flags and watching something called “The Reds” – which explains everything in just two words about the place.

  35. 146
    Opposition dispatch box for 2013 says:

  36. 152
    Lord Rayner's Efficiency Unit says:

    Can the Thatcher fans kindly explain something to me? I’m just a little confused, you see, because you all back the proposal to give her a state funeral when she eventually passes away. Here’s my confusion: Mrs T was staunch in her opposition to the state and defined her political philosophy as one based on free, unfettered and deregulated private enterprise focused on efficiency and profits for investors and shareholders. Therefore, the very idea of a state funeral should be anathema to her, her family and all her supporters.

    Would it not be a gross insult to her legacy to give her a state funded funeral? Did she not always say the private sector can run everything better than the state? So why sully her image and her legacy by giving her a grubby Bolshevik style state funeral? In line with her principles, the funeral should be put out to tender and awarded to the consortium that offers the most efficient and cost-effective solution. The costs will be covered by Mrs T’s personal estate, and any extraneous costs can be met by private investors

    • 156
      The Far Right says:

      Those arrangements are best left to her family to decide.

      The stronger argument against a full state funeral would be more on security grounds. Those on the left who would try to spin some sort of PR stunt out of the event could cause trouble.

      • 159
        genghiz the kahn says:

        She has expressed the intention to be buried at sea, so that the left can then dance on her grave.

        • 167
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          No-one from up here would watch it on TV let alone travel to London. We’ll be outside (weather permitting) having our street parties.

      • 168
        An interesting thought says:

        You are right insofar as it is a personal matter for her family….but I suspect that the offer would be accepted.

        As for demonstrations…there will undoubtedly be a small minority from the far left and the usual left wing commentators denigrating her in the socialist rags but I suspect that the “great and good” of all political parties would want to attend(if only to get noticed on the news broadcasts etc)and that the hypocrisy of the left will be ladled on in full measure in tributes….Mrs T is still a powerful force with a majority of the electorate and certainly Miliband would not wish to antagonise them. He’s already getting twitchy about being seen to side with the Labour heartlands in the North and suggesting that voter in the South are better off…an area he needs to win to become PM.

        (The BBC will of course be concentrating on her links with Savile in any eulogy)

        Finally a full state funeral would also entail foreign heads of state or their representatives and what self respecting UK politician aiming at office would not wish to attend ??

        • 174
          The Far Right says:

          State recognition will of course happen but the full shebang may be a little lower key than befits her true legacy.

          The current leadership across all parties, one suspects, would prefer not to have her memory resurrected: in particular Cameron. Not because there is anything to be ashamed of on her part, but more as the spotlight of shame will become brighter for themselves.

          Given that most of the world leaders who were her peers during that era are no longer with us themselves, it will be interesting to see who will attend.

          The BBC eulogy will be interesting, but for all the wrong reasons.

        • 177
          green ink says:

          agree with you regarding funeral ..that is a family matter.

          given that many would respect what she did.. recognising that plenty of things were not so good but that she moved the country forward in one long reasonably consistant direction creating an economic platform the labour government were able to spend 13 years destroying.

    • 169
      green ink says:

      To say …quote ‘Mrs T was staunch in her opposition to the state’ is totally untrue..

      she was a patriot who recognised the importance of a free thinking free enterprise culture and a firm government hand to encourage it.

      the fact that the tory’s wheels fell off 18 years in was no suprise but that was not in reflection of her lack of ability to lead but speaks more of the treachery that surrounded her after so long at the top.

      as trips go the one she made to paris that week was probably the one that did the damage..whilst she was there the mutterings went unchallenged and the suits wanted the gavel back.

    • 171
      Maggie says:

      I ain’t dead yet.

    • 223
      Jimmy says:

      “Would it not be a gross insult to her legacy to give her a state funded funeral?”

      Perhaps, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason for doing it. Still, with her talented and charming offspring in charge of the arrangements it’s bound to be a tasteful affair. Sponsors’ logos on the coffin anyone?

    • 242
      Joseph Biden, VPOTUS says:

      I can’t wait for Maggie Thatcher’s funeral– maybe I’ll get another chance to see my hero, Neil Kinnock, from whom I stole all my best material!

      Good Lord, that didn’t quite come out right, did it, but you all know what I meant. It’s one of the perks of the job as the Veep that you get to travel around the world to funerals and meet all your heroes– wait, I’m pretty sure that didn’t come out right, either…

  37. 155
    Very good and very cheap says:

    • 160
      News Watch says:

      Come and have a look, deported twit,
      Come and have a look, visa sh!t,
      Coma and have a look, no college,
      One pound fish…

  38. 158
    She gets a pension and plod protection so why not says:

    Thought everybody had a right to be buried by the state, just don’t get caught out if your a member of the deceased family or live in lover, the bill will be paid by you eventually .

    • 188
      nellnewman says:

      I suspect Mrs T will pay for her own funeral much as she did for her own food, provided her own ironing board and iron, paid for the cleaning of her no10 flat and then paid the bill for her son’s rescue etc – all whilst she was in no 10.

      More than can be said of gordon who even complained that he had to pay for his bacon and eggs whilst in no 10 whilst twatson and mcbride were raiding the no10 cellar of it’s finest wines! gordon thought the taxpayer should foot his food and wine bill at all times!!

      • 197
        Anonymous says:

        Mrs T is immortal, she did it her own way.
        bambi on earth will remain a hated figure…. when will he learn the lessons of immortality?

        • 202
          nellnewman says:

          Absolutely!! Mrs T ‘s memory for self respect and independence will long outlive labour’s for state dependence and troughing!

  39. 187
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    LibDems should remember it was they who put the Tories in power not the British people.

    • 189
      nellnewman says:

      No the British people voted in such a way as to bring about this coalition.

      Might have been a different outcome but let’s face it labour weren’t prepared to offer even a toilet cleaning job to the libdems – so their loss as they say!!

      Just let’s hope that the electorate learns to vote more tory next time!

      • 210
        here she goes again.. says:

        pick some new phrases nell

      • 213
        Gooey Blob says:

        Fewer unemployed, fewer public sector jobs, more private sector jobs. Labour have an uphill struggle in 2015. Yet they crippled themselves by voting for Ed. Labour will end 2015 with fewer seats than they have now.

        2020 could be interesting, if Labour have a decent leader by then.

        • 231
          Dave the Gays Luvver says:

          Labour will do just fine in 2015. I’m personally boosting the UKIP vote with my Gay Marriage proposals, and that will result in the loss of many Tory marginals.

  40. 192
    • 214
      Synic says:

      Clearly every school should have an armed security guard, and an armed headteacher. Then every class and teacher. Then every individual child. They should all have automatic weapons and as much ammunition as they can carry.
      Obviously none of these will be gun loving nutters.
      The more guns there are the safer everyone will be.

      • 225
        My Penis is bigger then your penis says:

        Quite so. I really enjoyed our local Boxing day shoot. It felt so good blasting away at the pheasants. Shotguns are just great, spraying out lead shot and hitting a bird nearly every time. Very satisfying.

        I can fully appreciate the thrill I would get with a semi-automatic.

        • 230
          Gun Watch says:

          Semi-auto’s are not suitable for shooting game bird: You need shot for a reason.

          Can be useful if you are going for deer though, but only if you cannot be arsed to reload yourself.

      • 226
        US Watch says:

        Well that is the liberal left hyperbole, the figures though are not speaking directly to school security: That is a different issue.

        The reality appears to be that in the US it is the gun free zones which have the bigger problems with firearms related homicides, and increasing ownership reduces overall crime – likely the deterrent effect.

        Curiously no one is mentioning this to loudly:

        RC Soles was a leading anti gun senator who retired some time back.

        • 235
          Teresa May says:

          Yankee, please f*ck off, there’s a good chap.

          • US Watch says:

            How about we do a trade. We have here one very used Piers Moron. Will you take it back ?

            + Be careful not to upset our confederate friends ;-)

          • The "Special Relationship" is an illusion says:

            Well done Teresa ole girl. That’s the most sensible thing you’ve said all year.

      • 286
        CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

        If guns don’t make people safer when is the state disarming?

  41. 198
    jgm2 says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes has revealed he turned down a CBE in the New Years Honours.

    Guido Fawkes, said the accolade would have been for services to “tittle tattle”but he did not believe right wing political bloggers should get honours.

    • 205
      nellnewman says:

      And here I was thinking it was gordon brown who turned down a knighthood because he would have had to give up his lucrative mp non job that brings him in £100′s f thousands a year!

      After all to this miserly scotsman – money is everything!!

    • 206
      Gooey Blob says:

      There’s only one thing better than honour.

      In ‘er.

    • 253
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Actually, Guido deserves a knighthood for his services in inculcating healthy scepticism into the public discourse. But, unlike Elton John, he’d probably need to accept it under his “secret identity.” Somehow, the idea of Kings Charles or William inviting “Guy Fawkes” to the Palace might perhaps work, you know, to show they’re good sports about the whole thing, but The Old Bat? I don’t think so:

      “Arise, Sir Guido!” Let me try to visualise it– nope, ain’t working; it’ll never happen.

  42. 207
    Anonymous says:

    it appears that americans spend £5 per person on the presidential elections. we spend 50p per person at general elections.
    . are the americans greedy? are we misers?
    . are the americans off their head and we are grounded.
    …no matter what,outcomes remain unchanged.

  43. 211
    Ronnie says:

    Me and Maggie had some sweet nights of hot passion!

  44. 212
    EU Watch says:

    One question as yet unasked, and for sure unanswered about the EU is what happens when the status quo of peace becomes too expensive to maintain ?

    • 217
      incoming.... says:

      we send messages attached to missiles ?

    • 221
      Fish 'n' Chips says:

      We start saving the fish !

    • 224
      Fabians are Evil says:

      I cannot forgive Blair and Brown for teaching me how to hate

      • 236
        Reality Watch says:

        Lock yourself in a room with lots of news clips and music from the 80′s, let freedom, love and the Iron Lady replace the messages of hate and loathing those goons pumped out.

        • 240

          A whole decade of the complete absence of the Labour party – whether of the red or blue variety.

          Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!

          • Midlander says:

            Er, actually, it was pretty dire. There were terrible levels of youth unemployment.

          • Maybe. But I had difficulty in recruiting staff at the time.

            Do people go to the jobs or do they wait for the jobs to come to them?

          • Expat Geordie says:

            In the 1980′s teenagers could always get a shop job. By teenagers I mean sixth formers, and this gave them a useful income (none of this EMA bollocks like there is now), a proper work ethic and work experience. Even in the north east you could easily get a “student” job at Morrisons, Asda, et al. In fact, that was my job title at Morrisons – Student.

            Today those jobs aren’t there. My local Tesco and Waitrose does still take on “students”, but Asda prefers foreigners.

          • @EG. You are right. If someone was without a job in the 1980s and were able bodied there was always something for them to do to earn money if they were prepared to do what was necessary. My organisation employed young people and many of these proved their worth so well that they went on into management and senior management.

            I selected many of these myself. I told them all the worst sides of the job first. They could not go home until all the work was done as the customers had to be satisfied. At certain times of the year, the hours would be long. But if they did not mind that, they would get an extra month’s pay in June and December. The workshy were frightened off and the good ones responded.

            None of this clearing your desk at 4:30pm and walking out of the door spot on 5:00pm.

          • Young Pup says:

            @SC: I remember those days and working to those rules myself.

            The manager used to joke with us about ‘not being able to get the staff’, but we all pulled our weight and did get fairly rewarded for efforts put in.

            If you were willing to work, life under the Iron Lady was great.

          • @YP. Good to hear it!

            Positive approach will always win against negative (in business at least – politics is different so it seems!)

            I would also suggest it also keeps most people healthier.

          • Young Pup says:

            @SC: +1000 You are 100% correct.

          • Now then.. says:

            It’s only footballers nowadays that manage 110%

          • Captain Ramius says:

            Then give me 115%.

  45. 248
    Meanwhile says:


    A British man has reportedly been detained in Mauritania amid reports that he was trying to join up with an Islamic terror group in the Sahara desert.

    Suppose they mean one from the sub continent who came to enrich our multicultural bollocks.
    May he want for a bacon sandwich, and water.

  46. 260
    common sense not common purpose says:

    Why do they insist on calling some of these arrested terror suspects British when they weren’t born here and arrived relatively late?

    • 284
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      To hide the fact that immigration especially islamic immigration has been a total disaster for the U.K.

      • 347
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The idea is to pit brits against moslems – now who would benefit most from that eh and quietly laugh as they have for decades while they milk it all financially?

        • 357
          Anonymous says:

          when john birt’s son is a muslim and so is tony blair’s…..ppl in the know are larfing. those in the know are a collective. want to gain? become a collective.

  47. 269
  48. 270

    92 HMMM
    Cock head attack

    • 272
      fnar fnar says:

      ufcucking genius.

    • 274
      grubby pants says:

      My hewo!!

      • 281
        Graphic Designer says:

        I have no doubt whoever photoshopped that must have PTSD after having to google those images, imagine having to merge two pictures of a giant bellend.

        • 302

          That picture has been around for a few years it has however been removed from Google images , rather like All live ammunition was removed from our troops when the knob head payed a visit to Bagram

  49. 271
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    This is wonderful news and all going to plan.

    I shall be most upset if the Tories poll over 30% !!!

    Labour keeps lead over Tories and Ukip gains point in Opinium/Observer poll
    Ed Miliband’s party maintains 10% advantage, with Conservatives on 29% and Liberal Democrats on 8%

  50. 278
    King Turd of Shit Mountain says:

    Another week gone.

  51. 285
    Calamity Clegg says:

    I’m sorry…..

  52. 293
    Saffron says:

    What a load of crap I read on here from some posters and they know who they are.
    1) this country has too many immigrants looking to live off us.
    2) we have the most irresponsible bunch of politico’s who don’t know what the people want,gay marriage,cammoron give it a feckin rest.
    3)gongs for all and sundry including slotgob and other celebrities such as Margaret Thomas a Beckitt of caravan fame,we are feckin joking with this one.
    The country is awash with debt and all the MSM are talking about is crap.
    Delors is talking about it won’t be so bad if we leave the EUSSR,what the feck changed his mind all of a sudden.
    The current frenchie president who wants to tax the rich job providers at 75% is now on the back foot.
    Finally folks can I predict that there is only one force that will bring this EUSSR failed project down on it’s knees and it is:-.

    • 301
      Weak Dave Camermong, Chicken-Necking and Snapping Fingers says:

      Talk to the hand, girlfriend, cos my moon face ain’t listening! (cue whoops and cheers from lobotomised audience). It’s all about the gee-to-the-ay-why marriage, that’s what gets the votes, you hear me? (more applause) It’s my way or the highway, girlfriend, and my way is the bi-way!

  53. 298
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m watching new blockbuster Jack Reacharound.

  54. 299
    • 329
      McRuin and Camoron, the Double Act says:

      You can see examples of our fiscal policies starting at one second and ending at 15:17

  55. 304
    Socialist Workers Party says:

    Capitalism has brought misery and inequality to millions. We need to replace it with collectivism based on fairness and justice. Cap all salaries at £10,000, ban all non-essential goods and services. Everyone will work for the community and the greater good. There is no need for competition or profits in this world. Cooperation and equality will bring harmony and satisfaction.

  56. 321
    Latest Nigel says:

  57. 323
    Kier Stuermer says:

  58. 326
    Socialist Workers Party says:

    Abolish private schools, they’re elitist, abolish savings accounts, no one needs to earn interest, ban competitive sports, they promote inequality. Let us unite under the principles of cooperation, brotherhood, mutual respect and caring. Together we can be one. Mother Earth is our protector. Peace for all.

  59. 330
    Ed Milibandwagon says:

    I too would like to say I’ve heard the One Pound Fish song.

    • 343
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And we’ve heard your effing “one nation” drivel for far too long now eddie boy – put a sock in it – you marxist mongrel.

    • 344
      Blowing Whistles says:

      you mooders are takin de pisse.

      • 364
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Oi! How did I get pulled into this one?
        Not so much that I would disagree with the sentiment (not how it’s expressed, for obvious reasons, you see), but it woulda been nice to ask me first!

    • 363
      Silver Darling says:

      Heard it? You’re a £1 fish yourself, you dozy herring .

  60. 336
    Ed Milipedes Near Years Resolutions says:

    What should be put down other than getting a new shadow chancellor ?

  61. 337
    Socialist Workers Party says:

    Lift the cap on immigration. All are welcome.

    Abolish the armed forces. For true lasting peace, we don’t need a war machine. Put the money intended for defence into foreign aid. Let us help our brothers and sisters across the globe.

    Give early release to all criminals. We will never solve the crime problem by locking people up. No one is beyond rehabilitating.

    Enshrine Sharia Law so that our muslim brothers and sisters can practise their faith without the obstacles of our elitist and racist laws.

  62. 341
    Blair Witch (Cherie) says:

    I trust indeed that you’re being somewhat satirical and facetious. However, on the off chance you are not..please go fuck yourself with those ideas.

  63. 342
    Olympic Terrorist ? says:
  64. 352
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Alky Campbell diary of 2007 / Martin Bell < NOT Independent but controlled by Alky / Tatton Neil Hamilton election / fraud / silence of the free press etc etc pg 163 +

    • 356
      Blowing Whistles says:

      D Mail 28 Dec 2012 pg 4 Ahh Chilcot’s been postponed “again”

      quote – save for [square brackets]
      “… Reg Keys [who ran in the election against Blair was "shadowed" all the time by Martin Bell supposed independent!!!], whose son Lance Corporal Tom Keys was killed in Iraq in 2003 aged 20, suggested the delay would diminish its impact. [Chilcot report]

      The Chilcot inquiry was set up three years ago to get to the bottom of former prime minister Tony Blair’s decision to join the US in war against Saddam Hussain in 2003, and conduct until the withdrawal of British troops in 2009. … resistance … releasing key papers … transcripts of phone conversations between …”

      • 358
        Blowing Whistles says:

        So Alky is a psychotic nutter of the Hack kind and Martin Bell a put up job by Alky is a fucking bellend wanchor ex journo – well, well, well!

        • 360
          Conspiracy Watch says:

          Bell was the political Trojan used by the left to slay the Tories over the fabricated Hamilton scandals.

          Alky was involved, but then so was Clifford (who coerced the false ‘victim’ to go to the police/papers – judge made a note about that in his summing up when jailing her), and Grauniad / BBC were somewhat mercenary in their coverage.

          guardianlies dot com has all the details you need.

          • Now then.. says:

            Was he not shot and wounded whilst standing in his glaring white suit on a balcony doing a piece to camera?

            Pity the marksman had not allowed a bit more for the wind factor.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            He was hit by mortar fragments actually.

          • Conspiracy Watch says:

            And the only bearing that has on this is it added credibility to the propaganda during his campaign for election.

  65. 353
    The yawning gulf between politicians and normal people says:

    Knight knight.

  66. 361
    Carny Watch says:

    Further proof that Canada is a fascist state, god knows what will happen at BoE next year:

    NB: Tim Horton’s is like a really sh!te Canadian coffee chain, like ‘Starbucks on a very bad day with only instant coffee’. They pay their predominantly ethnic minority workers badly and are awful. They do not take Visa card either.

  67. 362
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “Then [Butch] retracted the retraction, saying: “Not everybody is UKIP is racist!” Can you believe it? I’ve taken that very, very personally.’”

    [Nigel Biggles MEP, Daily Hitler]

  68. 365
    Energy Watch says:

    So it looks like wind farming was a waste of time after all…

    • 366
      Rt. D Cameron says:

      (But no one say a word to the Ugandan’s – Ok ?)

      • 380
        Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

        Should you be calling yourself the Right Honourable Cee David the Cee, by now?

        • 381
          Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

          Vid for you Dave Cee, to press my case, from fellas from just down your road, friend,

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

            ladies too from up east don’t like the cut of you jib, either, friend,

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            S’pose you all guess who is Cameron, and Clegg next to him, and Gorgous George, ey, sunshines?

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            and of course who is me….

    • 368
      not a machine says:

      This is another example of how Labour , ruined the economy , I blew my fuse on wee dougies claim that bio fuels would take the equaivalent of a 1000 cars off the road and his devious calualtions in whitehall speak of Oil equivalents …
      big scientific bamboozal for investment vehicles for bankers , that turned into all the debt , do you see like in windfarm turbine life (would be one of first questions any private investor would ask ) never even was reported or tested by government , just write the spin and the cheque and we pick up the tab .

      I know I supported wind , but whole enrgy policy has been unscientific since 97 and Ed Davy hasnt exactly improved matters . Tell me whats the job description for energy minster these days ,,, must have ability to blather on about CO2 targets and not mention utilisation or complete re think ….

      • 378
        Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

        @not a machine.

        Can I say your user name is very ironic. You’re not fatty Pickles or one of his nepotistic relatives, are you?

      • 424
        Gideon says:

        Why only take the equivalent of 1000 cars off the road when you can force 1000 actual cars off the road and live it up at the workers’ expense ?

      • 491
        Energy Watch says:

        The whole green energy debate has been a complete sham. There are some initiatives / ideas which do work and have been worth pursuing, but this wind issue, frankly, takes the biscuit.

        I never found out myself why exactly the American’s had by and large abandoned – figuring perhaps the wind farms built were perhaps just put in the wrong place.

        To be fair, Trump sounded a bit of a loon with his complaints about Scotland, but that did set the whiskers twitching: He generally does know what he is talking about and only has strong views about things which he knows are usually bad ideas.

        The energy payoff looks good on paper: That the turbines themselves only work properly for 10 years before needing replacement otherwise they become uneconomic now makes sense.

        This will have an even bigger impact for the farms at sea: I do not see it being economic to replace the generators, or even repair one if it breaks, given the facts.

        From the ECO point of view, how much CO2 does it take to make a wind turbine generator, compared with the 10 year CO2 energy payback it gives ? May explain why it has put energy bills up, rather than down.

    • 392
      albacore says:

      Parliament in its ivory tower
      Relies entirely on its wind power
      Flatulence synthesised into an art
      Every single M P a compleat fart

  69. 367
    not a machine says:

    Re William the conquers new terms and failed Tory golf set (although for the sake of balance socialists play golf in good numbers also)

    I hadnt quite thought of our history in those terms and it being the precise cause of a new underclass peasentry although I can see some elements clearly work against ability to earn and be free , so to speak in a cock up financial crisis . The notable thing missing in this argument is , the stability of our currency in everday useage up until about 1900 , and the prosperity that that enabled , despite near non existence communal services that brought some efficencies that were chargable .

    Its a big subject with some historical pros and cons , but very difficult to consider as you can make all sorts of half baked judgements about educated classes and serfs , which are at best generalisations with a cruel viewpoint ,rather than what was possible or how it really worked being understood . I dont blame William the conqueror for not getting mains electric in as soon as doomsday book was completed.

    I perhaps would begin any thinking of new economic theories along the lines of , you cant take it with you and that money is the root (note root and not sole) of evil . Which this financial crisis is showing us all ,once again . In my view there is a pre to this financial crisis and it is to be found in the minds of those people who so corrupted certain systems , for personal or group franchise gain . You perhaps cannot legislate for the actual moment someone decides to pull a very large ammount of wool , over a very large number of peoples eyes , the trial is always post actual actions .

    The corrupt politicians bit is an interesting angle in terms of so making legislation about the economy work against , the family basically being the self sustaining unit , fully agree with that way of looking at it and the increasing benefits surfdom as more take at the top in finance , tricks and gaming , but I dont believe in socialist systems , they flunk/bust in other ways.
    Is there a perfect system… ? I will put it this way , when I go into town and do my shopping in the market , I buy from the local fruit and veg merchants , the money transfers to his stall , him and his workers , some goes to the council for rent , some to the whoesaler , some to the exchequer . My stall holder does a good job , people come to him , he makes a living . Lets say my income comes from making handbags , I have trade in town but have trade outside of my towns economic zone . It is this relationship of intra and inter that I believe has been taken away from us , why are we not manufacturing our own clothes or shoes ?? Some products have always been imported mainly foods , but pretty much everything else we use should be made in the UK .
    The argument then goes what is one persons work worth ? If you have ever to had to get a job done as a team , and one of your crew is not pulling his/her weight , you soon hit the none paypacket part of economics .

    What I think may have historically happened , is that the unions made inter manufacturing uncompetative and the labour goverment ended up doling out money to keep the imbalance going , until manufacturing started getting wiped out and imports provided , national balance sheet improvements and long term enslaved benefit class .As you say they have corrupted it together along with a finance engine .

    It by no means answers in full , how a family spends and earns in a life time , with what we may term as freedom , but a good place to start must be spending and earning within our currencies boundries , preferably without a trade union to act in its own interest . The unions acted in there own interest in the 60s and 70s and we went bust . The start point of the individual in new models is false in my view as you have a youth where you are family dependent and perhaps an old age . Again though this new model with the benfits underclass is undermining goverment in the end as the actual spending and earning cyclical process is weakend .

    Labour basically have totally messed up 25yrs of peoples lives and freedoms since comming to power in 97 and it taking 10yrs since they left office to put the economy partially right . I say partially , as I dont beleive they have got the economy right , yes some good important ones , but still not able to articulate why this new model is not working like the traditional one did . Bankers may well be telling Osbourne , er look here this out of the EU thingumy , is going to terrible for the city , I dont know if Osbourne is eurosceptic he has never said , but the city is surely taling about it being terribly bad , as we are paying for the debt they rubber stamped , so what Osbourne is in fact listening too is people brokering power and ensuring Osbourne keeps everyone paying for the debt , which will no doubt be a tort topedo for the submarine. If the city is worried about losing EU financial trade , I dont know why ,it all appears to be debt to me , you tell me how do you earn six figure bounus , when you trade increasing ammounts of debts until it goes bust , I am not worried at all about losing that sort of banking trade , its has erm proved to be a very expensive loss leader for the tax paying working class . Besides if the ones who oversaw the corruptions with labour , bellyaching , let them go to Frankfurt and bugger their economy.

    If Osbournes thinking is just to cobble back together what was there before 2008 , he is utterly misguided , as that also assumes Labour had made a glorious economic model … I know you have fine dining and good govermental mangerial speechs , but you have to admit that system allowed , white collar crooks in groups political and financial to conspire , to make the whole nation pay for there greedy gains , which if my understanding of ecnomics is correct , is not how it is supposed to be ..

    • 376
      Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

      oh gawd – another Charles Dickens chapter! Too late in the night to get through that lot.

      Song, for fellow labour supporters everywhere, happy 2013, but not it seems it will be – riots on the streets of northern Cameron’s England they predict, those councils in Liverpool and Newcastle and cleggless Sheffield, they predict?

      • 377
        Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

        Noticed yesterday the lahndahn-centric beeb only put up the story for about five minutes, before it was demoted from their headlines.

        In that case, the ManchGuardian them, even if they are not based in Manch anymore,

        • 394
          Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

          HA-HA – told you Guido the DM and the beeb follow my eccentic, blue sky thinking, latereral thoughts, warbelings. As beeb as reposted here, at ten past five this morning, which they noticed me, paranoidically me thinking, maybe….

          Jeezuz! I must be a fool to give them journalists a free lunch. But I suppose immitation is the best flattery, ey Guido, ey MI fever too?

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            S’pose I should say all. I went to a trick cyclist years ago, when I was an RAF serviceman, in the lesser ranks, and he concluded to me I was a great man, but I suppose eventually…

            Vid for aircraft, british but with lines between it’s message,

            Ja, eine luftwaffe unt dwt ja?

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            gwt even, ja?

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            Bugger it, a song for my La Tene/Halstatt hidden genetic instincts, from past time, knocking me for six, when I was six, in the late 1960′s,

            Know my to today family below a thousand feet still sruggling with low life – brings allergies on. Mountains for me, even if there is a possibility that I will get avalanched with snow, looking after goats, as my alp ancestors.

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            Even if it is from the Pyranees – had a great time in La Formigal, years ago, just on the Espania sidem not far from Pau, and Jaca.

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            OOPLA! El Formigal even, signora San Sebastien, Basque….

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            Signora? Miles off again, senorina..


          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            My old Italian penpal always used to call me Thomas, as french call me Thoma, rather than my first name, and it took me a while to realise that, when I watched above that, bella Isabella Bruini from Sennegalia, Ancona, taught me a lot of Italiano, oh yes, mi permetta di insegnare la lingua a sufficienza, per essere veramente bene nel mio paese.

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            well, Isabella used to pronounce it Thomiis, acshually…

    • 481

      It would take until 2050 to sort out what Labour got wrong. And we have not even started to go in the right direction yet. Given their client groups, we possibly may never point there, let alone get there.

  70. 382
    Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

    Quiet here tonight – must ‘ave frightend off all those yanks, and no doubt those ozzies…

    Limeys and pommes – my arse!

  71. 408
    Di Rear says:

    Shock Horror!!!! According to the Daily Wail, thousands of Police have second jobs, and the slimey Keith Vaz is investigating……Oh the irony!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 414
    HMMM says:

    Don’t fancy venturing out today, the wind is howling and hailstones are battering on the windows and it’s still only December, must be that Global Warming again! [sic].

    • 418
      Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

      You pussy – take your dog for a walk you lazy arseole.

      • 421
        Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

        talk a crapper bag with you mind.

        Victoria Stilwell – mmm um mmm fucking mmm. She can bounce on my old bones, oh yes.

      • 423
        HMMM says:

        I haven’t got a dog, and it’s spelt… arse hole.

        • 435
          Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

          oh lord, a pedant. So what? What do you think of Victoria S was my main point?

          Luv her myself. Almost to the point of stalking, if myself was not so much of a lazy bugger, But she would like that, won’t she? them types always do, being so dramatic always.

    • 429
      The North-South Divide says:

      You’re obviously living in the wrong part of the country mate…its bright sunshine and dry where I am although I have to be honest and say its was “bucketting” down all yesterday so you may have a point

      • 433
        HMMM says:

        I’m not living in the wrong part of the country, I’m living in the wrong country.

        • 438
          Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

          fuck off then – sling your hook.

          • :) says:

            Byddwch yn dawel, fy ffrind! Mae paned o de, traed i fyny, cerddoriaeth melys, a myfyrdod.

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            AH! rhywyn yn siarad cymraeg, ond o’r y parti tory o Nghymru fi yn fecking credu. Twll dy dyn ti hefyd, y gont ponse diawl!

        • 480
          Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

          I get it now HMMM, you reside in Ireland these days. Sorry pal, us welsh are always slow on the uptake – we have an A level in it, but don’t tell Gove, for fuck sakes!

  73. 422
    jgm2 says:

    Tory money men & Guido Fawkes tell David Cameon to get a grip (and ditch his Eton chums)

  74. 425
    Thatcher's so old, her pussy is haunted says:

    Tory scum
    Tory scum
    Homophobic Tory scum
    Secretly take it up the bum
    Fucking right wing Tory scum

    • 428
      Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

      Tories are nice creatures,
      ok, tend to hunt.
      After foxes on horsies,
      the bunch of cees.

  75. 426
    Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

    Who won joke of last week? I put money on myself with the Jimmy Ess one – this one, requoted,

    “As you can see Prime Minister, there is not much left of Savile to take him to court”

  76. 427
    Thatcher's so old, her pussy is haunted says:

    The Poll Tax was splendid!

    It got rid of Maggie! :-D

    • 431
      It'll be a bloody sight worse under Labour says:

      AND things only got worse from then on in……until finally Labour busted the economy and we’re all now paying for it…….for the next 20 years

  77. 432
    Thatcher's so old, her pussy is haunted says:

    In fairness, Thatch wasn’t all bad. She did do a few good things.

    Expanded home ownership.

    Took on the unions. I agree – Union bosses are scum.

    The one time she went to war was on legitimate grounds.

    She wasn’t a warmongering psychopath and habitual liar like Tony Blair.

    She wasn’t Tony Blair.

    She wasn’t a socially inept and bullying freak like Gordon Brown.

    She wasn’t Gordon Brown.

    • 443
      Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

      She was a chopsy cornershop gossiping arse small brained girl from near Lincoln though,

      • 451
        Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

        Since some torys about here are starting to get me, a level playing surface, especially with the chance Scotland becoming a colony of Norway, and Wales of Republic of Oireland, with their Father Jack left footers. If I makes Eton make up from them Tom Brown’s Schooldays, it will be good work, I concure.

        Song for my types, ok, a bit self-indulgent, I’ll give you that torys, but it is Sunday, so need some sort of religion here, for our sundays, non-shopping – melt,

        • 454
          Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

          Notice the last few seconds, when an obvious tory dropped their hymn book in an attempt to spoil the performance, with daggered eyes by the artist of song and harp with that.

  78. 436
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m honestly convinced David Cameron does not fart.

    He just holds it in, and it comes out as drama.

  79. 437
    Gordon Brown says:

    Last night, I enjoyed a double bill at the local film theatre in Kirkcaldy. I watched Jack Reacharound, followed by Skyfall In Real Terms. It was splendid. I bought a jumbo popcorn for one, which was a prudent purchase. Some of the other people there complained when I picked my nose but they were just bigots.

  80. 441
  81. 442
    jgm2 says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes explains very lucidly why the Conservatives are doomed

    • 447
      Tim Montgomerie says:

      The fifth biggest obstacle to the Tories getting anywhere in 2015 is Cameron – this man couldn’t win a raffle.

      • 448
        First Time Poster says:

        I am 93 years old and have always voted Tory, even for Thatcher and I often wish I had not done, But I will never vote for them again, unless we pull out of the EU, stop given aid when we can’t afford too, be a lot harder on immigration, just like America and Australia, and any MP that swindle us is put in prison. If we don’t change I will vote and help Ukip.

        • 465
          Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

          What we mainly want to know my friend, after all is said and done, after the cows have come home and all that, have you still got all your teeth?

    • 450
      The tosser in no. 10 says:

      My plot to install Ed Millionaireband as PM is coming along nicely.

      • 452
        A Surbiton Skinhead says:

        I was a life-long Tory voter, but I’m also the “Squeezed middle”. Everything they’ve done has cost me money. I hate to say it, but I was better off under Labour. Vote Tory again? Not me – I may as well cut my own throat.

        • 456
          Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

          Whenever I hear “Surbiton”, I think of Sham 69, on top of the pops…

          or Siouxie from Bromley, Kent,

    • 453
      HMMM says:

      I have come to the conclusion that lib/lab/con and variations is just a slightly differently flavoured artificial pot noodle, so who cares?.

      • 460
        Abu Qatada says:

        What an excellent analysis and perfectly put, Guido Fawkes.

        DC is a dead man walking because as you conclude he has not actually realised any of the principles he declared. The gay marriage issue is the looniest flagship policy I have ever heard. It seems there are between 3-4 million gay/lesbian people in the UK – and that included those who have had a ‘single experience’. They are not the Tories natural constituency – and there are at least 7M weekly Church goers and millions more Moslem, Hindu followers he’ll have infuriated.

      • 461
        Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

        Let’s form a new party, for the new age, and let the olds shag their own arseoles. Good suggestion HMMM?

    • 464
      Did I Miss Something Here? says:

      Since when did he change his surname from “S*t*a*i*n*e*s” to “Goodman” and start editing “ConservativeHome”?

      • 466
        jgm2 says:

        ‘ Four factors conspire to make a Tory majority an outright impossibility ‘

        One factor actually, the tories have not solved Britains problems preferring to continue the politically correct, game playing social democratic consensus politics which has bought Britain to the edge of chaoe.
        Focus on gay marriage, continuation of overseas aid, failing to reform the public sector , failure to control the deficit, acceptance of quo which has stolen the savings of pensioners and savers, presiding over an overvalued and dysfunctional housing market, manipulation of the eu issue, failure to reform welfare, more uncontrolled immigration, sucking up to eco nazis the tories have not addressed any of the big problem s facing this country.
        That is why they deserve to lose and will lose.

  82. 449
    Gordon Brown says:

    I will win the 2015 election!

  83. 459
    One Term Dave says:

    Patten for BBC Chairman, Sants and Hogan Howe for knighthoods. As ever, my judgement is impeccable.

  84. 471

    Cameron won’t make it to the end of the year , Poll’s suggesting that people think he is a useless twat , that does not know what he is doing , his own party questioning his judgements MP’s writing to him with concerns of civil unrest , the media baffled by the lack of content in his new year speech , (no mention of Europe , no mention of his big policy gay marriage) The rise of popularity in UKIP
    now also being criticised for giving honours away like confetti to able bodied athletes while forgetting the disabled who won twice as many and have to work twice as hard Cameron is toast before the end of this year

    • 473
      One Term Dave says:

      These problems are easy to sort out with my super-smooth PR skills.

    • 476
      Owen Jones says:

      Oh goody

      A looney Leftie is visiting us from the Guardian.

      • 483

        You really a a prick
        Just because someone isn’t sucking Cameron’s cock , they must be a lefty
        Lets hope you get to marry Rupert before he goes
        Twat !

  85. 474
    Just Asking says:

    If benefits are to be cut for shirkers, could we start with Gordon Brown?

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