December 23rd, 2012

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In this week’s Guido column:

  • Daily_Star_SundayFind out why David Cameron told Guido that William Hague should be out in the cold.
  • Find out how union’s 143 year-old shindig has got itself an undeniable £1.4 million deficit.
  • Guido recalls the Christmas party where Ed Miliband was on fire – literally.
  • Austerity has hit Polly Toynbee and she has sold her Italian villa, no more anti-poverty paens penned from the poolside whilst sipping prosecco. What a lot she got – you’ll never guess how much. Unless you buy the Star…

All for just £1..


  1. 1

    Merry Christmas to my hero, Gordon Brown xx

    • 8
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      And a Merry Christmas from all the shadow cabinet multimillionaires.

    • 12
      Bernie Hogan Bogan says:

      This would have never happened under the Labour Party Ed. I am on holiday at the moment, as all responsible senior public sector senior managers are apt to do when a crisis arises, the Grand Master is in full damage control mode. One has to sympathise with him, when all his senior manager placements in ‘non jobs’ in the public sector, to implement his policies, see their jobs put at risk by this Government’s ill thought out reforms. Obviously he cannot allow this to happen and certainly not let any Government implement their policies over his own. If that stupid Constable had not panicked on the phone when Michael Crick questioned him, we would have got away with it; the Tory Party would have been neutered by fear of what happened to Mitchell, and the Grand Master would have been able to continue to run things as before. What a shame. Jahbulon.

      • 13
        Plod says:

        I trust I’ll get getting a six figure £ payoff like George Whetwhisthle ??

        It’s only Taxpayers’ money anyway and according to Balls we just borrow more when we’re in debt.

      • 18
        Anonymous says:

        i hope that the plod who has who has now been revealed has no mental health issues, i.e buckle under pressure. cameron may have to resign and the monarch may have to step in.
        regulator with teeth commeth.
        but what will they regularise. normalise.
        the press should stay calm. patient. but not in their nature. ..or get blamed if the plod is resistant to coping.
        in the meantime.
        there is not much to do apart from recognise the evil within.
        the evil within all. how did it get there in the first place? it is not normal.

        • 19
          Operation Crossbow says:

          No one gave a shit about Mitchell’s health, especially mong face Red Ed.

          • Anonymous says:

            we do not own another person’s health and the biggest culprit is the system.

            we have to live in another way.

          • CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

            >we do not own another person’s health

            Abandon the idea of the NHS then.

          • Anonymous says:

            ultimately we do not own another person’s health.
            we have to wait for the truth of the mitchell saga.
            what is.was it all about?

            having said that, psychologically speaking, no pain no gain.
            as to the NHS, it is a monster. we need to live more healthy lives.

          • Anonymous says:

            …and extended families need to pull their fingers out. all of us too psychologically lazy to adjust. extended families a gazillion times better than the state…as the state becomes standardised, global and distant.

            what we want and what we don,t want is in the extended family. Until we can stand on our own 2 feet psychologically speaking or have the guts to take a risk…then our shelter should be there.

            extended families less feral than the state can be……but then ofcourse, rome was not built in a day.

          • Anonymous says:

            Andrew Mitchell might now know what it is like to be alone fighting against the system.

            Maybe when you get back to real work you could consider the whole issue of isolated individuals. Why is justice not allowed for some. It is just impossible to be heard. The Police blank them. The government blanks them. The public paid officials threaten their life and safety. Then when life proves them right they are threatened.

            So when will this country be seen to look after the people? Ignore the unions, the activist groups and the mobs, and and ask the question could a single person ever get justice in this broken country.

            Andrew Mitchell you know the answer, but unlike you I have the proof.

          • Anonymous says:

            totally true about the isolated person.
            having said that andrew mitchell is privileged and is not short of a friend or two. he can easily buy in a support system too.
            others are less lucky…..when we try and create sympathy for one….it may be that we are taking our eye off a bigger evil.

            ..lets be proportional.
            andrew mitchell is privilege.
            our sympathy if we were to be that way inclined should be for those who lack privileges. should truth come before sympathy.
            bigger than individual dramas is the system that takes our freedom to be just us.

          • Anonymous says:

            bigger than individual dramas is the system that takes our freedom to be just us. ….so that others who like an easy life may have an even more easy life.
            why gain at the expense of another?
            they are treated subhumanly.
            The issue is are we humans or animals. even animals don’t appear to be unjust.
            so the underlying issue may be the global issue of good versus evil. Elevation is a basic human desire. what do we wish to elevate ourselves beyond…so that we have the feelgood factor.

          • Anonymous says:

            it may well be that the day we see right as a shadow of wrong. good as a shadow of evil… we may discover like a coin, we cannot exist without the two sides. A coin is kinda perfect, is it not?

            so as the coin loses it’s strength when it is divided..when it is fragmented…when it is diced and sliced….it may be that the same applies to us. so stay away from division. ppl can make other stronger when they gravitate towards each other naturally……without pressure. no wonder in some cultures it is said that we should honour both our father and mother. They are the 2 sides of us. but then the state isolates families AND take children away. strange that….why not enable extended families so that they take the responsibilty of the state….make the state smaller.

        • 28
          Mad Mags Moran says:

          Oh, WTF, he can always pull my old wheeze. He might even be able to retire on disability.

      • 50
        Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

        I have been asked by the Grand Master to state that he had nothing whatsoever to do with Mitchellgate. On another subject, if any of you know who these Bast*rds are blowing the whistle on my long term immigration policies in Portsmouth, which have made me and my boys very, very rich please let me know, and my boys will deal with them. Everytime I have a favourable articled placed in the Handycock friendly local News, these Bast*rds comment under the story and expose what is going on with immigration in the city and the wider country at large. This has to stop, it is supposed to be secret. Boaz.

    • 241
      Tory political broadcast for the Arse Party says:

      Ed Emm on fire? Told him not to put so much hairspray on his quiff, what with all these lite candles about this time of year.

  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    And a very good column it is this week!

  3. 3
    Mine d'Boggles says:


  4. 5
    it will be even bleaker this xmas in sunderland with only o says:

    Poor Polly having to slum it in Islington instead of Tuscany!

    • 11
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Tax Land Rental Values, not wealth creation. Impoverish rent-seeking lefty scum.

    • 36
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Like having to shop at Poundland instead of Binns.

      • 51
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        In solidarity with her much-beloved poor, maybe she should eat and outfit herself out of bins. A return to the poverty-tourist episodes of her misspent youth and, later, her menopause, you might call it.

    • 314
      Jary Mackson says:

      Polly never had a villa in Tuscany according to Polly so anyone know where it was?

  5. 9

    Instead of prosecco she can now sip prosciutto in Islington.

    • 27
      Polly Toys-In-The-Attic says:

      No; actually, Freddie Starr ate my ham, sir.

    • 79
      Food Watch says:

      I think you mean that she may sip Valpolicella whilst nibbling on some prosciutto, where-ever the hell she is, unless she has to liquidize her food these days.

      • 124

        Yes! I do know that prosciutto is ham, being only a few miles away from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It was also the first thing they taught us at Oxford.

        It was a silly joke and paved the way for Polly Toys-In-The-Attic‘s splendid pun.

        I have just completed my bowl of pasta and hope that is alright by you.

        • 133
          Food Watch says:

          Ooh, piccante. Saw the joke after the post: was confused as it looked like you were leading up to a special sausage pizza delivery gag, or something involving a glory hole.

          Humour has been a bit raw around here recently, not quite so al dente.

          Your dinner is farfalle by me, gustate.

          • Mindbleach required for the latter part of your first paragraph.

            There was also a religion of peace possibility there as well as the horrendous sexual innuendos that many here are so well qualified to make.

            I was happy to stand back for those to be proffered by others, being myself of a delicate and unspoiled disposition…

          • Food Watch says:

            Anything with Islington and Labour demands a Swift interpretation: Thankfully cardinal jokes are not so common place here.

            No question of the innocence of your lead in, but until the hodge-podge has been justly spit roast over the flames of justice for that cover up, the doorway to that brothel of interpretation is wide open.

            A little salsa on satire is cool, but Polly sipping sausage in Islington is… Mindbleach perhaps required, grazie :-)

          • Moor Park, less speed. That was a Stella bagnio of allusion Meathinks.

  6. 10
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Off to read it shortly – read the MOS earlier – indeed them federation cops across the land using faceless book and twatter social media for political ends … now who was the other copper with a goatee beard from the south coast who the scum gave voice to …?

  7. 14
    Anonymous says:

    good and evil.
    evil in the shadows. avoid being owned by another..being controlled
    we need to own our own dark side…we all have it. The bigger the extent the more traumatic it could be to face it. Face it we must. else we can be controlled thru this black box within us. pyschologically dark ppl know how to access it….for they live in the shadow, within us. when you throw light on your black box, the psychological darkies run away. it is liberating/energising.

  8. 15
    CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

    Direct from Al Grauniad!

  9. 16
    it will be even bleaker this xmas in sunderland with only o says:

    Whos the Union with the deficit I bet its the Durham Miners association

    • 26
      Arthur Scarface says:

      Serves ‘em right.

    • 40
      Gooey Blob says:

      The left can’t even run their own finances properly, let alone those of the country. The Labour party is £17M in debt, donors have fallen away and only the unions are keeping the ship afloat.

      • 201
        CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

        Dave has only to make it a bit more voluntary to contribute towards unions and any separate funding for Labour and he could knock out Labour.

        Why doesn’t he do it? Because Lab and Con merely two brands of the political classes.

  10. 17
    CCHQ Press Officer says:

    Overheard by David Cameron in front of the mirror.

    “Mirror mirror on the wall, fuck your lies, fuck them all. I don’t care what you say, I’m the shit all day, every day!”

  11. 20
    Tiny 'Kebab' Tim says:

    Guido gave me a guinea for a big one.

    • 44
      Not Guido Fawkes says:

      How much did the Guineas give Polly for her palazzo?

      Find Out In The Star!

      • 318
        It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

        Why Polly? What about others, like Clegg and his inherited french chataux?

        Polly needed Tuscany to get away from the tory hunts bothering her – her tory mifive file must be vast, full of tittle-tory-tattle, the se twunts that they are..

        • 320
          It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

          Furthermore, a film for Polly – remember Caine being bought or persuaded by Dave before the last election? Christ, i am sure Dave was going to expose him as a child molestor if he didn’t play along, or something,

          Vauxhall? – go and sling!

  12. 23
    Polly toynbee says:

    I sold my tuscany villa because it wasn’t big enough to fit in all my self-loathing.

  13. 24
    The Speaker says:

    House Of Commons installing free condom dispensers over Christmas break.

  14. 25
  15. 29
    Peter Hitchens says:

    A column in the Daily Star, eh? How did a spotty youth like you manage to wrangle that then when I can’t even persuade ‘Fatty’ Heffer to give me prominence over at ShiteMinds?


    • 32
      Donald Trump, Lord Thump of Golf Cart says:


      You need to stop blaming your boss for being such a LOSER and understand the ingredients of SUCCESS.

      The reason I am SUCCESSFUL is that I focus on delivering a product that people want.

      I suggest that if you want even a fraction of my SUCCESS you need to invest in my Multi-Level Marketing scheme. Please visit my website, Trump University, for more information.

      I know that as a commie-pinko-leftie Brit you will find it difficult to learn the secrets of SUCCESS but you can at least take this first step and stop this jealously just because I and others like me are SUCCESSFUL.

      • 37
        T. P. Fuller says:

        Nice syrup, Donald.

      • 236
        Anonymous says:

        wonder when John Lloyd’s Reuters Institute of Jounalism has on its advisory board Lord Patten, Alan Rusbridger and Mark Thompson…whether this is a kind of multi layered marketing too. or is it just about power….when you want it you gravitate towards those who have it too.

        • 258
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The CEO of Ofcom – ain’t seen nothing yet. But he and his do have electronic correspondence and taped calls going back to their ‘inception’.

          • Anonymous says:

            someone has eavesdropped on the ceo of ofcom and his advisory board’s electronic correspondence and calls?
            either true or IBM,s FUD principle in use here…. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

  16. 31
    Tiny 'Kebab' Tim says:

    I’m being shafted by Guido’s column every week at these prices.

  17. 33
    Weekend at Bernie Hogan-Howe's says:

    I am launching a new investigation and I’m the prime suspect.

    • 61
      Blowing Whistles says:

      He might make it out of the woods if he manages to get a gong like Lordy’s Stevenson and Condon …

      Personally speaking wasn’t it Sri Ian Blurr who steered the ship onto the rocks for quite some time under the other blurr? Jean Charles De Menezies – unlawful killing umm?

      • 83
        Conspiracy Watch says:

        Wasn’t a Ms. Dick involved in that fiasco with the Common Purpose mob ?

        Excellent PR for removing the 1997 firearms restrictions from statute.

  18. 34
    David Cameron says:

    I was out today to get Samantha’s Xmas present.Does anyone know roughly how many sheet’s of wrapping paper you need for an ironing board?

  19. 41

    Mitchell’s Lament

    I kept six honest serving-men
    (You can only trust a few);
    Their names are What and Why and When
    Hogan Howe and Where and Who.
    I put them all in Downing Street,
    To guard me front and back;
    Despite all that they fucked me up,
    So I gave them all the sack.

  20. 48
    Owen Jones says:

    I think we can safely assume the rumours about David Cameron having started boozing before PMQ’s are true, then

  21. 55
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Loved the article about the made-to-order off the shelf designer “Disorders” that the celebs state-side are now buying into.

    For a pri£e celebrities’ lawyers can now fix / match their clients up with a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”. The legals are now using them to keep their clients out of prison!! [Hey ho Margaret Moran @28]

    Jackie Straw has already started making nuances at his possible suffering from depression – might get worse as the extraordinary thing gets a bit hotter!

    The Shrink industry thus appears to be expanding as it ‘grows’ [mantra word] its elixirs of snake-oil to suit bespoke remedies for its clientel!

    A very good read – was that article.

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      psychological labels tie the innocent down.
      used by the rich to escape prison too.

    • 85
      Psychiatrist says:

      The trade off should be, no jail time or criminal record, but involuntary incarceration in a mental health facility for assessment.

      Those cluster B personality disorders is that they are not considered curable. Some of the meds which may be tried out though will turn them into barely functioning vegetables.

      It’s a very risky game claiming diminished responsibility or insanity as a defense, unless of course you actually are.

      • 145
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Anony – you don’t know your Psychologist from yeur Psychiatrist – Suggest you work on that.

        Psychiatrist – All psychiatrists are invertebrate liars who hang off of the armpits of the legal fraternity – and the “trade off” is that the legal fraternity – also spin and twist truth inside out and upsides down. Both trades are designed to decieve and distract from the truth and ‘natural justice’ and guess what isn’t it all just ‘so damned convenient’ for the judges to [e.g. Sally Clarke - and she was one of them legal types FFS] be lazy and import all the legal and psychiatric blather to fool a jury?

        • 160
          Psychiatrist says:

          You’re just in denial about something, aren’t you ? :-)

          • Anonymous says:

            we are controlled by what we do not accept. unfair to call what we do not accept a dis.order when it is more common than one imagines. In any case, a disorder is only a disorder when compared against perfection, and who is perfect then….unless we view life as perfect…i.e requiring no change. if we see life as perfect then who needs a shrink?

          • CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

            He’s a bit of an “every conspiracy theory going is true” type… So something’s amiss.

          • Psychiatrist says:

            * Out of Character * : Extreme cases need a shrink – they do exist but are rare: The rest is to BW’s point, part of a manipulative control system. You are controlled by consensus opinion and personal judgement / values. If you choose to be cowed by societal label then labels will work to control you. Who determines the labels and how consensus is created (by suggestion primarily) is a good question. If it was politicians then one would think disorder would be rife, unless of course there is something to be said about reverse psychology ?

          • Anonymous says:

            all conspiracies may well be true.
            rage against them, is really a rage against what one is. in denial. about within oneself. and that is scary. the concept pf natural justice is interesting. It all starts with pur parents, was it unjust that we had the parents that we had. If so, I would strongly disagree.

        • 169
          Anonymous says:

          disorders are psychiatric labels. you are right in terms of precision…but not where my sentiment was concerned.

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            Understanding the psychology of people definitely does make it easy to manipulate or control opinion and generate desired outcomes, that I read as being more to your point.

          • Anonymous says:

            if you are not blowing whistles then what are you blowing?

          • Anonymous says:

            nbw…that was not my point but what you say is correct.

            my point was that psychiatric labels are used to make ppl feel that there is something wrong with them. Tom Cruise stuck two fingers to his supposed mental health issues, joined scientology and has not looked back since.
            so the remedy to mental health problems is to clearly to join a powerful secret society!
            only problem with that is that one might lose the freedom to exit from such a fraternity if one wanted to.

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            Joining a cult as Cruise did is different. Understanding how cults operate illuminates why otherwise rational people make such irrational decisions.

            Leaving cults is difficult, deprogramming the subject is usually required. Cults rely on a psychological dependence, and sometimes use threat of force or blackmail, but rarely blackmail. Lisa Macpherson is an example of where this can lead to.

            Psychiatrist above mentioned something about labels which was I guess more to your point. I thought your point was more to do with manipulation of opinion to accepting and forming assumptions about the meaning and power of labels, which perhaps had been mistakenly corrected.

            The secret is understanding how to present something such that you are willing to believe and assume it as truth, and act accordingly. This only requires in part what you want to believe. The art is in successfully suggesting what your beliefs and actions in fact should be.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            NBW – you kill your own argument and your own credibiltiy by stating “The art is in successfully suggesting ….”

            Thus you are a duper – duplicitously “selling” things [not the truth btw] by suggestive methods. Don’t try to F with me me old son – you won’t last another effing day.

            I should of course tell you that I am and have been ‘privy’ [and the legal monsters can't do nowt about it] to some of the most pitifully written ‘psychia.trick’ reports about people by many shrinks – who for a fee – will write anything to satisfy a wig in a civil kangaroo proceeding by over riding a certain objective. He ho get to snake-oil man.

          • Anonymous says:

            BW…. deep stuff.
            knowledge is one thing.
            harmonious co.existence is another.

          • Anonymous says:

            nbw….you are right. it is all about the belief system.
            cults may brain wash.
            secret societies won’t….secret knowledge will be revealed by degrees. now imagine if these societies knew some esoteric secrets…even about pyramids and their secrets…then it will be out of this world.
            global warfare is all about the belief system.
            in essence, Judaism says do you duty….?
            in easence, Islam has a romantic “me me” outlook?
            christianity perhaps is what we need to progress too…when we have inner stillness as we are connected with the kindness of the universe.
            on this basis, the world really has so far operated according to Judaism,s do your duty or else principle. no wonder our muslim brothers are livid!
            going deeper,

            you could say that the idea of duty is in the head…and nothing to do with heart…so Judaism could reside in one’s head.
            islam is heart based….and hence rather devastating when we think about all is fair in love and war….the energy of the heart is like a million times more than what the heaviness of duty which comes from the head could ever produce. heart is where the soul is. is islam soul centered?
            christianity or the idea of a kind god could be step further..where we are looking at how to be a decent person and move towards that ideal…ie. soul development…. which may well be the purpose of one,s life.

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            BW: I do not destroy anything either with that final statement, rather I confer a notion as to how others may exploit the knowledge of how the individual forms their reality, and acts within it.

            I make no claims to definitive fact, but if you reflect on how you feel about certain things and really analyze why, in many cases there is no definite answer. Odd – as you should know yourself ? This is quite normal, and is because many aspects of our frame of reference are not based on fact but a suggestion which seemed reasonable at the time, however forgotten since. The echo remains, most term this experience.

            The psychiatrist is a fraud with one purpose, of that your point of view is 100% correct.

            To Anon: Check the definition of cult, and you will see that by definition they have to ‘brainwash’. There is no alternative. When the definition is understood, the difference with religion becomes clear. I do question Islam on coercion though, but it does not qualify as a cult.

            The notion of where the soul is located is an interesting one you raise, as is to which seat of the spirit a belief system appeals to.

            (One should perhaps not forget that many in the world believe the liver to be where the soul is located, as did we until recently.)

            The trinity of thought, reason and emotion are central to all men, and which when centered appropriately provide stability.

            It is ignorance of reason which is a major problem for many today. One suspects this is the why many are ‘unbalanced’ and opinion is so easy to polarize.

            Assuming the trinity are all located in the mind, by no means necessarily correct, one can see how the psychiatrist can build their faux cases easily.

        • 175
          The British False Memory Society says:

          We totally refute your claim that trades exist for the sole purpose of of deceiving, distracting and otherwise perverting the course of natural justice.

          Our psychiatrists will back up our claims in court.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I seem to have woken some people up – NATURAL JUSTICE … It ain’t quite what it sells itself as; as legal in the RCJ by the way – Mr Injust,ice Goldring is a dirty shill.

      • 151
        Dr Walter J. Freeman II says:

        Of course, we could always go back to the way I dealt with the problem, back in the 1940′s-50′s:

        • 163
          Psychiatrist says:

          No need, we have pills which do this now. Of course, societies ills could be treated by medicating the water supply.

          • Anonymous says:

            does filter water work?

          • Anonymous says:

            apparently fluoride in water no good either.

          • Water Watch says:

            Fluoride is a toxin, and is bad. (It is a byproduct from aluminium production, and used as a rat poison: In dental hygiene, it is the toxic effect on bacteria which cause plaque which is what is of ‘benefit’: It has neuro-toxic effects in humans)

            Lots of other rubbish as well – eg. Chlorine is a carcinogen, lead / antimony (from PET bottles) bad.

            Shop bought filter (mainly carbon) will remove some crud and chlorine – will not remove lead, fluoride etc. They are a waste of money really, and if the filter is not changed provide a good medium for bacteria to grow. If you like using them though, cool.

            Activated Aluminium will remove fluoride, arsenic etc.

            Reverse Osmosis / Distilled Water: Will remove pretty much everything, but therein lies a problem. We source many trace minerals from water which are important for diet / well being. If you do RO, you generally have to add these back in afterwards.

            If your local water has fluoride added, well worth petitioning to have this stopped. The city of Calgary, Alberta, recently stopped.

          • Dr Walter J. Freeman II says:

            Pills schmills. My way, you do it once and get it the hell over with. The streets are full of homeless, who were care-in-the-community patients who haven’t taken their meds. My way, they don’t turn into that kid in Connecticut, either. You start in on talking about the water supply, you’ll get a bunch of loonies in Guy masks, AND the Church of Scamatology, to make your life miserable– and they don’t agree on anything, ordinarily! No, just get the hard cases and just whip out the old ice picks; tap-tap, swish-swish, problem solved.

          • Anonymous says:

            if filter water does not do the trick, is mineral water the answer? evian…volvic and stuff like that.

          • Water Watch says:

            Anon: Spring water – sort of yes.

            Check the label though – you will see fluoride listed if it is above a certain concentration. There should be a little fluoride in spring water, the concentration is dependent on where it is sourced – geology of the rocks etc.

            The word of caution with bottled spring water: If it is in plastic type 1 PET, be wary if it was bottled more than 3 months prior to your use. There were studies done in Germany which showed that concentrations of antimony (similar to lead) in bottled water reached significant levels after this time.

            The contamination leaches from the plastic.

            Water bottled in glass is best, or non BPA / PTE type plastics.

            Google is your friend.

            Be aware that fluoride will absorb through the skin, so if fluoride is in your mains water supply, showering and bathing will give you dose.

            Best solution if concerned and you have fluoridated mains water is to invest in a filter system for the property – Activated aluminium could be most cost effective.

            Apparently silicon dioxide (as a trace mineral) can help remove aluminium from the body. This is potentially useful as it is currently believed that the combination of aluminium and fluoride in the body could be a major risk factor for Alzheimers.

            (Also – on that basis, do not drink anything from an aluminium can, or use aluminium cutlery :-) )

          • Anonymous says:

            ww…thankyou for the kindness.
            will plastic cutlery do? ha.

          • Water Watch says:

            Plastic cutlery should be fine, as long as it doesn’t snap and get swallowed accidentally. :-)

    • 191
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” should it be renamed “marxist disorder”?

    • 283
      Blowing Whistles says:

      For those who read the article – it nicely ‘ties up’ the legal and snake-oil salesmen as being dirty duplicitous liars, frauds and cheats – in it together for their own financial long term gains. And is there a free pressman out there who under the framed lawyers {& wigs] media laws would dare to publish these truth’s?

      Let’s be havin you Rupe and Ratherdupe.

  22. 56
    Mrs. Jones, Owen's Mum says:

    You can play at politics when you’re old enough.

    And what is this I hear about you not doing in your maths homework?

    • 58
      Owen Jones says:

      Maths homework?
      My boyfriend siad he would do it for me.

      • 63
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Best learn your 4×2 tables boy.

      • 70
        Ed Balls and his exploding underpants says:

        I’m not gay but my boyfriend is.

        • 75
          Owen Jones says:

          How dare you I’m your boyfriend and your are gay.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            It’s really funny when the gaybo’s argue a.mong themselves they don’t want to mention their indiscretions – Boy George criminally beating up on one of his own!

            Fuck me the silence from their own ranks’ “INFIGHTING” was “DEAFENING”.

          • Kangaroo Bondage Time says:


            Give me time
            To realise my crime

            Let me love and steal
            I have danced
            Inside your eyes
            How can love be real

            Do you really want to hurt me
            Do you really want to
            Make me cry
            Precious kisses
            Words that burn me
            Lovers never ask you why


  23. 60
    • 74

      The Bold (or Beaux) Gendarmes

      The words tend to vary between recordings but here is one:

      We’re public guardians, bold but wary,
      And of ourselves, we take good care,
      To risk our precious lives, we’re chary,
      When danger looms, we’re never there
      But when we meet some helpless woman,
      Or little boys that do no harm


      We run them in, We run them in,
      We run them in, We run them in,
      We show them, we’re the bold gendarmes,
      We run them in, We run them in,
      We run them in, We run them in,
      We show them, we’re the bold gendarmes!

      Sometimes our duty’s extra mural,
      And butterflies we love to chase
      We like to gambol in things rural,
      Commune with nature, face to face,
      But to our beats then back returning,
      Refreshed by nature’s holy charms,


      If gentlemen will make a riot
      And punch each other’s heads at night
      We’re quite disposed to keep it quiet,
      Provided that they make it right,
      But if they do not see it
      And give us our proper terms


  24. 62
    First responders want dosh b 4 they respond. says:

    Out walking yesterday came across a Pollack who’s car had conked out in a ford. He said that the fire brigade would not tow him out unless he coughed up £150, in the end he gave 3 teenage lads a fiver each to push him out.

    Unless something had been lost in differing languages I find this disgraceful.

    • 71
      Bill says:

      dont drive your car across a ford in wet weather is the simple answer.

    • 76
      Tony Blair says:

      Yes a fiver each was so mean.

    • 78
      writer's 9d. says:


      Those lads should have held on for at least £25 each.

      No, car stuck in ford = NON EMERGENCY unless life is threatened.

      However, Emergency Services demanding a fee???? Correct, DISGRACEFUL.

      Ambulances next?

    • 90
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Fire Brigade Horror Stories Service says:

      A homeowner in the US has to watch his house burn to the ground because his locality has a no-pay-no-spray policy:

      And of course, the Lefties on MSNBC had a field day with this one at the time. In fairness, many localities in the US assess a firefighting fee of, say 75 dollars a year (as here), but put your fire out anyway and charge you a fine later, of well more than USD 75, which they seek from your homeowner’s insurer. Or else, they slap a lien on the property, which the mortgagee must pay so as not to lose its first claim, and then it passes the charge on to you. Of course, the homeowner’s insurer need not pay the claim on the burnt-down house, either, if they required him to pay the 75 bucks. The mortgagee could also pay the fine and sell the property out from under him, as well, if they accelerate his loan for his failure to insure properly. Like they say in this mong’s neck of the woods, “Cain’t fix ‘stupid’!”

      • 186
        CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

        Sounds like an good lesson in why you should pay certain taxes (and also why income should not be taxed, so real taxes can be made more affordable).

    • 134
      graddlebucket says:

      If it was a Pollock why didn’t it swim?

  25. 77
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    Why has my wife got her head round Santa’s sack?

  26. 82
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Hogan-Howe has one of the most potentially explosive incidents to hit the police force, and he goes off on holiday. It beggars belief, what a turnip!

  27. 84
  28. 89
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Countryfile presenters – what a bunch of jumped-up, false, insincere people.
    And we pay a license fee for this crap.

  29. 91
    Owen Jones says:

    Shameful: David”Bastard” Cameron and his “know nothing” ministers snub plea to visit food banks

    • 92
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Dianne Abbott and Tom Watson will go instead. Prepare the buns.

    • 96
      Anonymous says:


      • 99
        Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

        Invitation should be made by taking this ignorant scumbag by the scruff of his seedy neck.

      • 272
        RedEdmumssoreweepingandcrustyflaps says:

        Naughty Naughty Anon – what’s up scared to let your traitor name be known?

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      The worst thing about the plight of millions in financial trouble today is the way Dave’s Tories are happy to watch those people suffer & happily create situations that make matters worse. Suicide rates will soar in the coming years, while the rich loving Tory Toffs stand idly by mockingly crying out: ‘Too bad, too bad’. Given the chance the Tories won’t be satisfied until two hundred years of social reform are reversed & the spirit of the poverty stricken masses is crushed.

      • 110
        ONS Stats says:

        Probably not: Total suicides have been steadily coming down year on year, except for a small jump in 2007-2008 (Financial crash)

        There is concern as to how reliable the suicide rates are though, as apparently coroners are less likely to record this verdict.

        Suggesting that anyone in power would stand by and ignore suicide figures or take pride in is a serious smear. The reality of manipulation of the data collection between 2001 and 2010 under the Labour administration is fact and cannot be ignored.

      • 111
        Noose says:

        Suicide rates will soar in the coming years

        Hopefully you will be first

        • 116
          ONS Stats says:

          If recording procedure is not corrected, suicide rates will not but accidental deaths for sure will.

          Accidental death by hanging, jumping off of buildings etc.

      • 181
        CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

        Hey, Those nasty tories are evil for trying to clean up all the puke and shit from Labour’s fiscal incontinence party.

        post Neo-classical endogenous growth theory (false) means tax the shit out of people and make the difference up with borrowing. It’s obvious it won’t work. The only way out of this countries mess is to stop punishing people for being productive, and that means not sating the left’s vast envy of earned wealth.

  30. 93
    Piers Morgan says:

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan
    Just 4821 signatures needed to take my deportation petition to the point Obama has to respond. I urge you to sign:

    • 101
      UK Public says:

      We don’t really want you back, but would like to ask you not to give us a bad name over there with your shameless shilling. Soon the penny will drop that it may not be in the national interest for you, Campbell and Thompson to be there.

      • 107
        Ah ffs says:

        They also feed Brown and Bliar, so I urge the USA to keep these delightful people warmly to their bosom, they have destroyed this country let them destroy Obamaland.

        • 153
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Morgan is by the day becoming more like A Neil – they start to discover that the only story and way of making money for themselves is by becoming the story themselves – A Neil gave up years ago and is only interested now in A Neil for A Neil’s sake and pocket.

          Morgan knows where his ‘stablished bread is buttered – and they like him are Rses ‘n Slickers [<clue there].

          • Reality Bites says:

            But Morgan will not shag Bordes unless he is renditioned to Goa. Apparently she is looking for a new man. Could Piers be the one ?

            Then the transition could be complete. The quickening cometh.

          • Anonymous says:

            bordes was about top dog issue.
            someone vs donald trelford.

          • Anonymous says:

            a. neil looks straight but then if he is anti.guns in the U.S post last school killings then maybe he is not.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The mongrel press here in its fawning for the run to ban the guns mantra is now shown to be – that they are all fawning little not so free press fawning mongrels – I mean look at the absolute non coverage of the chinaman who stabbed 22 kids at almost the same time – only noticed a little piece about it in the ‘free press today – while a good friend over seas ‘tipped me off about it several days ago ….

            I sat and watched the ‘fawning wanchors’ of the ‘free press’ push the ban the gun mantra for days and laughed and laughed …. while they ‘ignored the china story’

            Fuck me – the DTP are their own closed trade body of duplicitous and deceptive wanchors in this ‘juris.diction’. [Keeping it in house of course!!!]

          • Reality Bites says:

            But Bordes would be a damn fine shag, and something to tell mum and dad about.

            A Neil is a shill – he may have a genuine antipathy towards firearms, but he has come across as a bit too quick to hop on the bandwagon of poorly reasoned crusade.

            Agree with BW about the China issue – but apparently the lefty liberal mongs in the US aren’t interested because those kids didn’t die. Permanent scarring, disfigurement and painful recoveries seem to be less of a problem that quick painless dispatch with 223′s.

            One obviously condemns both, just so as there is no misunderstanding on the last point. Funny old world though.

          • Anonymous says:

            death is a loss…given that we are possessive we do not like death…some souls are meant to have a shorter life. All lives serve a purpose…which is to fulfil the purpose of one,s life. bit cyclical that.
            are we not just projecting the loss of what we could have been…on to the death….and really mourning our own life….who knows.
            was unaware about the china story…now if these kids grow up to be really really angry….that is not nice for anyone.
            it is interesting that what seems to matter is not death but our reaction to it. Did the Japanese accept their WWII humiliation….were they not rewarded with prosperity subsequently? acceptance of shite is well rewarded.

  31. 97
    Abu Qatada says:

    Mosque leader’s fatwa forbids Muslims from wishing Merry Christmas

    • 98
      George Galloway says:

      Go out of your way this year to wish any Muslim you see a very Merry Christmas!

      • 114
        Richard the Lionheart says:

        And offer a pork scratching or two……..

      • 176
        CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

        Good idea, any that don’t take it in a good way are in the wrong country anyway. Those that do take it well are not.

    • 340
      Marion the cat says:

      Its a bit like wishing someone ‘Happy Birthday’, it doesn’t mean it’s my birthday as well. All you are saying is ‘I hope you enjoy your Christmas’. For the mozzies not to wish a Christian a merry Christmas, it just demonstrates that they are either ***king ignorant or ***king rude. Make your own mind up, though.

  32. 102
    Merry Xmas everyone except the Labour voting dogshit in Edinburgh says:

    That rich bint Polly still gets her heating allowance and other perks for rich pensioners.

  33. 105
  34. 108
    CCHQ Press Officer says:

    ‘Dear Electorate, We’re Making Some Of You Homeless, Merry Xmas, Love The Tories’ |

    • 112
      Left wing mong spotter says:

      And you are first twat

      • 194
        Anonymous says:

        Lefties have got a strange logic to them. There are fucking millions of immigrants managing to find accommodation, but our local mongs are somehow too fucking thick to do likewise?

        • 231
          Anonymous says:

          outsiders are more resourceful, but we cannot afford them and the social infrastructure cannot support them. UK is not the U.S. our obligations are different.

    • 113
      Sick of scroungers says:

      Splendid news

    • 161
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The Games – that all political parties play – they still don’t get it.

      We should send all MP’s a Spinning Top for their year end circus party.

    • 174
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Dear Electorate, We’re Making Scroungers move somewhere more affordable to taxpayers, leaving housing for those who can now work closer to their families.

      Housing subsidies are negative sum. More scroungers in London = More expensive housing for workers, longer commutes, and more rent-seeking. All 3 bad for the economy.

  35. 115
    Grant Shapps aka Michael Green says:

    The Tory World is collapsing around their feet, as Food Banks open in the Tory stronghold of Weymouth, oh I should cocoa ………Hear Hear

    • 119
      War Cry says:

      Disgraceful. They are trying to take over from the Sally Army who have been doing this for years now.

      Just goes to show what happens when politics hijacks good works.

    • 165
      Blowing Whistles says:

      There’s a Sgt Matteau down there who like his labour plod style masonic fit ups.

    • 166
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Has someone ever introduced you to the price v demand curve?

      • 180
        TV addict says:

        No but Kimberley Walsh’s curves were very nice last night.

        • 245
          CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

          The internet is awash with far better totty. I advise ditching the IQ removal box.

        • 274
          Blowing Whistles says:

          For a moment there I thought it was Kimberley Quinn – of Blankett fame you meant … but she’s off having done her bit …

  36. 117
    Ed Balls(Chancellor Of The Exchequer Designate) says:

    Hypocrite Tories, never a peep over Lawrence nor Hillsborough but a foul mouthed millionaire? That’s police “cancer”?

    • 137
      Ah ffs says:

      13 years of zilch by Labour about Hillsborough, as soon as something went the right way, the Labour MPs were all over the tv getting pictures of themselves with the relatives of the victims.

    • 140
      it will be even bleaker this xmas in sunderland with only o says:

      Labour were never interested in Hillsborough they had 13 years to get involved and now as the other poster point out they are all over it Rotherham,Ellmand even twigg and and ummmans girl friend twigg and berger were robably never in Liverpoll until they were parachuted inat the 2010 election a bunch of hypocrites the lot of them

      • 170
        Blowing Whistles says:

        They’re working to distract from the Labour25 list – desperate to distract from child abuse just like their tory counter-parts.

      • 172
        Andy Burnham says:

        Didn’t I look good. My lies are something to behold.

        • 240
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The ‘free press’ [EUphimism for duplicity if ever there was one] might go along with your deception/s but the rest of us know what spineless shills like you are up to.

  37. 118
    BBC Grauniad : Lying Filth says:

    - Check the amendment towards the bottom.

  38. 120
    Example of a smear the right do not engage in says:

    Very likely a Labour voter:

  39. 121
    Mrs Speaker says:

    Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

  40. 126
    Owen Jones says:

    Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun Tories are having destroying the welfare state.

    • 129
      Money 4 Nuffin says:

      Let us hope they succeed but I strongly doubt Dave is going to slay the serpent or even has the will to do it..

    • 135
      Ah ffs says:

      It was destroyed the moment Liebour privatised external nursing services.

    • 142

      Hard to decide who is more pathetic, you or the real thing. At least he has conned the BBC and others into paying him handsomely, good socialist that he is. How do you feel about that, sat in your bedsit, composing crap verse without punctuation for no reward save an even crustier wank sock?

    • 159
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      I think you mean the welfare hammock funded by taxpayer extortion.

      Destroying something malignant like the current welfare hammock system isn’t illegal, it’s obligaTory.

  41. 149
    Owen Jones says:

    LouiseMensch you despicable hypocrite.Who slagged off Morgan and Murdoch last year.Now you are on Murdoch payroll.Get lost you make me sick.

  42. 150
    Saffron says:

    News today of hospital staff and their treatment of vulderable patients is appallling.
    This was on lieboures watch,this party is the party from hell,do I need to say m ore.

  43. 154
    Socialism is failing says:

    North Korean rockets as yet unable to reach Downing Street…

  44. 155
    Good News says:

    Looks like Farage has been made man of the year by the Sunday Times:

    The UKIP analysis on Syria is accurate and honest, worth a read if Foreign Policy FUBAR’s in the making are of interest. The undue influence of emotion over reason when it comes to setting policy, legacy from Bliar / Brown years, is interesting to see put down by a party in print.

  45. 158
    Owen Jones says:

    They killed de Menezes and Tomlinson, in public, in broad daylight and got away with it. Nothing surprises me any more.

    • 173
      Owen Jones says:

      BTW, I like it Gangbang style.

    • 181
      Blowing Whistles says:

      That would be the politicised by Labour plodding mongrels and shootists then of course. But don’t wait for Cameron to say it he daren’t.

      • 184
        Anonymous says:

        If it’s all so wrong, why has Cameron not done something about it?

        • 238
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The state have allowed innocents to be shot dead – but the state uhmm [firm] don’t want to admit that they do sanction a shoot too killl policy. After all what would the public think about that.

          They shoot dissidents [by any at arms length means] don’t they and if it suits the Z’s agenda too they do it – its part of their [both of them] game isn’t it?

          • Anonymous says:

            the firm….kray brothers?
            shoot to kill.
            put a gun on another person,s shoulder and fire. from a distance who look like the shooter?

    • 254
      US Watch says:

      If you can’t defend yourself equally, don’t expect liberty.

      Have a look at what really goes on elsewhere in the world, and wake the fuck up.

  46. 164
    charity starts at home says:

    Still, whilst the UK floods and so many have their homes and businesses destroyed, its good to know that the Government can borrow billions to send to people all about the world to help them out instead, maybe.

    btw, is there a Government website where I can read all the letters from around the globe thanking the generous British?

    • 177
      Just a thought says:

      Are you expecting arms dealers and makers of armoured Mercedes to thank us?

    • 178
      Sir William W says:

      These floods wIll not be taken seriously until we see ministerial limousines bobbing along Whitehall and swept into the Thames.

      • 188
        Anonymous says:

        Won’t the Thames Barrier prevent that, Sir William?

        • 204
          Sir William W says:

          It’s supposed to stop a storm surge from the North Sea. It woudn’t be effective if it just rained a lot on SW1.

      • 192
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Did someone mention Cliamte Change – and that inverted political piece on page 2 of the MOS about Huhne beco’ming.mong’ the next DampLib leader if cleggy can’t get his act together – if of course Huhne doesn’t go down for perverting the course of justice ‘cos he was only an MEP back in 2003?

        [Now is there something that ash the Mote doesn't realise of how his own barstewards 'fitted him up' like a kipper?]

        • 209
          Fish 'n' Chips says:

          Kipper ? Now you are talking.

          Withdrawing from the CFP and getting control over our sovereign waters back so as fish stocks can recover: That is a cause worth fighting for.

          Think fish first. Save the British fish.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I used to like greenpeace – until they had their agenda hijacked by al goresmob.

          • Fish 'n' Chips says:

            Greenpeace messed up when they failed to understand that considered management of fish stocks and sensibly managed harvesting of the oceans was actually a real issue.

            (This mistake they repeated in nearly all of their campaigns)

            They can be regarded as a complete failure.

            The awareness they raised with respect to environmental and ‘eco’ issues is completely flawed as they explicitly ignored the needs of man, whilst distracting from the real damage which man was inflicting on nature and ultimately himself. Fish are a prime example.

            The EU CFP is a dangerous policy which has gone wrong.

            It needs to be stopped whilst there are enough fish left to rebuild their respective populations. Moving forward, more sensible harvesting should be pursued. Looking at recent history, removing the Euro fingers from this pie is a good place to start, a moratorium is required for a few seasons.

    • 295
      Anonymous says:

      charity begins at home.
      home is where the heart is.
      our masters are globalists not nationalists. there is not an inch of patriotism in ,em. so where does it leave our army and the sacrifices they make? it is not in their nature to question….but.

  47. 187
    Bernard Hocus Pocus says:

    I am engaged in a ruthless search for a fudge.

    • 190
      Owen Jones says:

      I am engaged in a ruthless search for a finger of fudge.

    • 195
      Anonymous says:

      Billy is your man

    • 197
      Blowing Whistles says:

      You could hope that you’ll be ‘in the van’ if they rush through the gong in the NY lists – otherwise you could well be toast for having allowed yourself to be so easily duped by the Marxist Labour mongrels infesting your beloved police farce.

  48. 202
    John (lardy bum) Prescott says:

    what am I going to do with all this food ?

  49. 215
    Peter Hitchens says:


    • 221
      The Far Right says:

      That statement, like your column, is too loose and too liberal.

    • 239
      Tory political broadcast for the Arse Party says:

      I find leftie crap is a better quality of crap than righty crap. Leftie crap tends to get to the point more – less hot wind and waffle.

      • 265
        Ah ffs says:

        Does your mother know your still playing with your computer at this time of night, Xmas is very exciting for little people , I suggest you go to sleep otherwise father Xmas won’t visit you.

        • 300
          It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

          Already said my mother has snuffed it, and my dad who I look after has only half his marbles left. Go and bully someone else, tory HQ.

          Anyway, a song for you, about my daughter, 21, who has already worked in more parts of the world than me, and that is saying something, you tory se ingurlund living adult child,

          • It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

            By the way tory fuck up, wrote half that song, uncredited, for free, for that young Swedish lady for nothing. But I wished she didn’t say my name in it so much in it – it is frankly quite embaresseing for a bloke my age. Did the outlines for the vid as well, again for free.

            Had a chrissy card from Nikki last week – how did it go again? ah yes – “hurby durmy durby thanks”, or something like that. Bloody young ladies these days, all take and a bit of give, I suppose.

  50. 220
    Noah says:

    how do you “escape” the html syntax ?

    • 251
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      you can bold and italicise with and and and

    • 332
      Cy N Wright says:

      Consider this simple phrase :

                  Liebor and Conservatives

      It should be blindlingly obvious to anyone that there’s not enough space between ‘Liebor’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘Conservatives’.

  51. 222
    Piers Moron Petition Watch says:

    Looks like the > 25k is now in. Kevlar for Christmas could be a good idea.

  52. 223
    Bluto says:

    The deport Piers Morgan petition has already reached its goal of over 25,000 signatures needed (before Jan 30)! What a larf!

    It will be even more of a larf to see how many signatures there will be by Jan 30.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

  53. 226
    US Watch says:

    For his own safety, one would hope that Piers is aware of this site:

    NY State is likely to be making purchase illegal there soon, so he had probably better hurry on down.

  54. 227
    Righties love to dish it out but don't like it back says:

    Is Thatcher dead yet?

    • 234
      Tory political broadcast for the Arse Party says:

      Not yet, but she is with the fairies, rather than angels.

    • 249
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Is Scargill still living like a king at the people he got sacked expense?

      • 257
        Noah says:

        to be fair Scargill did spot what they were up to and has since been proven right. I believe he said “a mountain of coal, floating on a sea of oil surrounded by fish” so why do we have problems?

        • 262
          Fish 'n' Chips says:

          Problems exist because of EU policies such as the CFP: the genocide of fish.

          We must save the fish.

          • Alasdair Campbell Murderer says:

            I hope you’re not talking about the one from Marillion, the worst rock group ever.

            After Genesis.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Alky Campbell – your days are lawfully numbered – as are those of the rank and file hacks and hackettes of the ‘free press’ who – have talked you up – ‘cos their as equally guilty as you are …

            Happy fucking New Year Alky. You should seek legal advice – but it ain’t gonna help.

          • Noah says:

            free the salmon

          • Fish 'n' Chips says:

            You have the right idea Brother Noah.

            But before liberty can be given, the EU CFP policy must be stopped.

            Bring our waters back under our control, and the make the UK a beacon of liberty for all fish of nutritional value, until stocks have rebuilt themselves, and keep those who would over fish forever away from our shores.

            Save the fish.

          • Noah says:

            people used to say “put your finger in the water if it tastes salty it is British” but getting back to today We are the island, that water is ours.

          • It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

            Just go out in any boat and fish, and if a spanish trawler complains, just give them the fingers, mon signor.

          • Noah says:

            20 strategically positioned warships should do the trick

          • It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

            shove torpedotubes on brit trawlers, I say, Noah! And no spanish blarney waffle from them at all – say get out of here or else, or swim back to Spain.

    • 278
      Lefties like to dish it out but can't take it back says:


  55. 235
    Operation Crossbow says:

    There will always be a job for Piers at the BBC.

  56. 279
    How not to win friends or influence people cont... says:

    Possibly the first career death by twitter ?

    • 285
      How not to win friends or influence people cont.. says:

      Of course, being the honest and open guy that he is, Piers has not mentioned much of his career history to the American people thus far, and being polite souls, many have not bothered to ask.

      This may have a fairly interesting effect on his viewing figures over the next few weeks.

  57. 281
    Noah says:

    this looks like police chase gone fucked up

  58. 291
    US Watch says:

    This is worth looking at:

    The rational for kicking Piers out is: 18 USC § 241 – Conspiracy against rights

    A bit ‘whacko’ perhaps, but a very honest appraisal of Piers and the anti-gun agenda. Whether middle America will be thinking more along these lines soon is a different question. The holiday season will be foremost on the mind at present.

    However: There have been questions raised as to who exactly infowars represent, and if AJ himself is a Z shill.

    • 296
      Anonymous says:

      good point….who is behind divisiveness. it does not take a rocket scientist to…
      sadly the guy is not likeable…he is too much blandness and not enough authenticity.
      but then….there are others in the conspiracy game…with david icke being the most prominent.

      • 302
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        Icke is interesting. He is making $, never proffers solutions, explicitly directs you to draw conclusions: something not quite right is apparent. Preferring to keep his audience in a state of suspense, dangling the carrot of solution and knowledge close without actually passing it over, you can see how the fraud works. It is Orwellian as well, as he demands awakening by putting people into his trance.

        Digging deeper, he just keeps rehashing the same old Theosophical drivel that you can find on the Theosophists web site, just with a better presentation. If you have read the Illuminatus Trilogy (1975), you have most of his source.

        As a journalist, his flaws are there. If you check his sources. His piece the other day on the P0pe is a good example. Mistakes such as these call into question the value of his research. Does he know anything ? Unlikely as he spends most of his time tucked away on the Isle of Wight.

        AJ is different, as he has hooks into the military, police and the real world via his radio show. He proffers some solutions and suggests actions which can get people into a better situation. He does not keep them transfixed on essentially nothing. But still, what is behind him, and when you see where his messages stop, one can only speculate on why.

    • 297
      Anonymous says:

      unsure how related it is…but i read somewhere recently that the russsians keep a file on prince phillip.

  59. 298
    It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:


    Heard most tories, and some lib dems, facists are out of the country at the moment, counting their money in their tax havens, while supping their thousand bucks Petrus red wine, while laughing at their years work mugging us Joe Public sorts in the UK, who are the actual true brits/NIers. The thieving hunts that they all are. Remember all that folks, whist you struggle to put a turkey on the table, let alone cooked by electricity/gas

    • 306
      Fabians are Evil says:

      Go stick your head up a dead dogs bum you commie bastard – Socialism fails, it always fails, yet brainless dullards like you STILL go on spouting your socialist hate crap.

      • 312
        It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

        get her!

        What makes you think I am not a true blue? The clues are there, if you can find them, you numbnuts.

      • 313
        It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

        And let me tell you a true fact friend, for you to chomp on with your turkey – Britain is fast approaching to be the most corrupt state in Europe. What do you have to say about that? Taxation is corrupt, our cop force is corrupt, SE Ingurland “tories” are corrupt, and our footie players are paid vast amount of money too much.

        As I said, the fascists in our country are counting their vast wedges in their tax havens as we speak, while hard working people are down their food banks, to put food on the chrissy’s dinner table, with just oranges and nuts for their childs chrissy sock on the mantlepiece.

        You make me sick you “tories” – Walpole, Peel and Disraelii are spinning in their graves.

        • 329
          Fog says:

          Why is Britain fast becoming corrupt? (not the most corrupt state in Europe yet – Italy? Spain? Greece?) And anyway Europe is part of the problem, with mostly unelected dictators forcing their Marxist dogma on everyone). Britain is now corrupt because of years of Labour politicising the judges, the police, the civil service. Placemen in institutions so riddled with socialists/Marxists, forcing their agenda. Unless something drastic happens, we may never recover.

          • My mad aunt is coming, and Uncle Pervert, for chrissy dinner, gawd 'elp us. says:

            Fog – ref. “Why is Britain fast becoming corrupt?”

            For the reasons I gave – can’t you read? And you just try and tell me the triumvirate of the Lahndahn Tories-Met-Media in the last ten years were not playing corrupt games against Blair/Brown, and I will call you an ostrich head in sand simpleton fool.

  60. 308
    Xmas thoughts says:

    Pedagogue = where irsalie child molesters pray

    Mosquito = is’lamic take away joint

    Chapel = What a fella gets from his wife if he’s late back from the pub

  61. 311
    This is a different angle... says:
    • 319
      Stefan Pugh-Montefiore-O'Meara says:

      Is it true that Piers Morgan never had trouble with gun crime in Chicago because it was only Obama’s sons types getting shot?

      • 321
        It's Xmas for fuck sake, no school/work for most monday, pen pushers mainly says:

        Depends if Piers ever went to Obama’s hood – he’d be pushing up daisies now if so.

    • 328
      Gut Morgan, and I ain't talking German, says:

      Piers sparring with a gun-possession-rights spokesman who has the unfortunate name of “Pratt”:

      And when Bill O’Reilly occasionally engages in the same sort of treatment of a guest, the Lefties are quick to howl what a bully-boy Bill is. And old Pughe never answers the man’s question about whether it would be preferable to have someone able to return fire, or does Pughe believe we should all be at the mercy of a crazed gunman. It will not do, Pughe old chum, to cite how few gun deaths occur ordinarily in Europe; people in Ulster will laugh at that one. And a small town in Scotland and an island in Norway show what happens when, as Mr Pratt says, someone bent on inflicting gun violence can do so with impunity, in the moment, when there is no-one to intervene. Pughe can go fuck himself and the high horse he rode in on.

      • 339
        My mad aunt is coming, and Uncle Pervert, for chrissy dinner, gawd 'elp us. says:

        “The US is not the wild west you describe”!?!?

        Piers is speaking sense here against that ee-harrr plonker. But my advice Piers, keep off Main Street, and whatever you do don’t go into any bars, and no card games!, or you could end up on boot hill. Even better Piers, get out of town before dawn, for your own safety. They are nuts over there.

  62. 323
    My mad aunt is coming, and Uncle Pervert, for chrissy dinner, gawd 'elp us. says:

    I give up, comment wotsit denied, for something,

  63. 324
    My mad aunt is coming, and Uncle Pervert, for chrissy dinner, gawd 'elp us. says:

    Song for Q Lizzy Two, lick-lick, Alastair Burnett-like,

    lick-lick, Ma’am.

  64. 325
    Cameron is a Cunt says:

    my christmas message to divid cameron is:


    • 327
      My mad aunt is coming, and Uncle Pervert, for chrissy dinner, gawd 'elp us. says:

      my chrissy present for David Cancnunt is another years supply of botox for his pink forehead

  65. 326
    My mad aunt is coming, and Uncle Pervert, for chrissy dinner, gawd 'elp us. says:

    More doggies, not just for xmas, and all that, sacklike just after new year, in river,

  66. 331
    The red flag says:

    Christmas trolls, Christmas trolls, bullshit all the way – Oh what fun it is to ride on a one horse socialist way – Oh christmas trolls, christmas trolls, what a load of twats – the only cure that I can see is a good kick in the Nads

  67. 342
    Arguments needed for the EU referendum says:

    - Food for thought.

    • 345
      The Supreme Court says:

      That’ll be in accordance with the amendment to the constitution that denies rights of free speech to immigrants

  68. 346
    Bernard Higgs-Boson says:

    I have seen nothing to lead me to the conclusion that there was any honesty in the police logs regarding the stitch-up of Andrew Mitchell. I look forward to being made a “Sir” – I think that I’m entitled to it by my pomposity”

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