December 19th, 2012

WATCH: Ed Miliband’s Plebgate Shocker


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Thia should teach him to jump on passing bandwagons!


    • 3
      Alpha Braincell says:

      Yes, Ed presses his F5 button far too quickly.


      • 60
        Anonymous says:

        For some reason the CCTV in Foreign Office not showing Mr. Michel leaving No. 10. Public need to see that moment to see whether there were people outside No. 10.

        Now it seems Cameron and friends want a inquiry now but didn’t want one when all this happened. Foreign Office CCTV image of Mr. Michel leaving No.10 when this was supposed to have happened should be released.

        Issue is can police be trusted, we need an open inquiry. Also Cabinet Secretary had an inquiry was a proper job done?


        • 88
          Socialism = starvation says:

          He didn’t leave no 10, he left no 9, and there was no suggestion that anything happened near no 10 or no 9.


      • 96
        Anonymous says:

        Imagine him being in charge of THE button as PM, its bloody worrying.


    • 12
      Serious Question says:

      In all seriousness why do you always want to post first?

      Do you think that maybe being first will improve the click rate to your own blog. Just wondering why it is so obviously your career to do this.


    • 18
      Peter Grimes says:

      If it enables him to smear the Tories Millionaireband can’t resist jumping on it.


    • 25
      Pick a fad, any fad, as long as it is passing. says:

      Ed Miliband’s the name, bandwagons are my game.


    • 70
      loftus road says:

      Seeing Jabba The Hut clapping at the end made me squirm.


  2. 2
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The wheels on Millie’s bandwagon keep falling off,
    falling off, falling off,
    The wheels on Millie’s bandwagon keep falling off,
    All year long.


    • 33
      Commissioner of the Met says:

      A complete f*ck up here. This scam was conceived in the Lodge to protect us from these government cuts. Have to get the Grand Master on the job asap to start damage limitation. Boaz.


  3. 4
    Ed Milibands a wanker says:

    Smear smear and smear again, it’s what liebor do, it’s their default setting


  4. 5
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I’ve been lip reading from the CCTV.
    The policeman says:
    “no I’m not opening the gate, no bluudy way, last time I opened the wrong gate 96 people died.”


  5. 6
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I predict there will be an enquiry and then …. the whitewash. Form innit?


  6. 7
    Old dog no new tricks says:


  7. 8
    Snaplegs says:

    Wonder where this is going next?


    • 24
      Peter Grimes says:

      They will probably farm out the whitewash job to an ex-cop of high repute. Former Deputy Commissioner Yates did a great job protecting Bliar and Levy so seems to be a shoo-in from the Met’s point of view.


  8. 10
    The Chef says:

    Christ, Two-Jags looks more Jabba-like than ever before.


  9. 13
    East India Company Wallah says:

    I would’nt be picking this clown for a penalty shootout-even with jimmy saville in goal he’d miss


  10. 14
    PC Pleb says:

    Look we lied about killing 96 football fans, what makes you think we haven’t lied to stictch up Mitchell. We do the labour parties bidding


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      “…We do the labour parties bidding…”

      Not withstanding the apostraphal illiteracy, I think you will find that the Tories were in office in 1989.


      • 84
        Fred says:

        The police could do Labour’s bidding even when the Tories were in power.

        By the way, you have demonstrated your own illiteracy. ‘Notwithstanding” is all one word. If there is such a word as ‘apostraphal’ it should be spelt (or spelled if you prefer it) ‘apostrophal’.


  11. 15
    Alpha Braincell says:

    “Will Ed be apologising in PMQs?”

    Why should he? This is PMQs not Leader of the Opposition’s Apologies.

    Will Cameron apologise for fucking the country up? For meeting Brooks at the weekend whilst she’s on remand? For all the lies he’s told?
    For the windmill in Daddy-in-law’s garden scam?

    Of course not.


    • 31
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Is it a crime to meet someone on remand?

      If you could point to the statute book please. Or is this he lefty “court of public opinion” again? The one where “you know where to find me” Harman presides?

      Have you noticed That sentence has an unspoken word at the end?
      “You know where to find me..pleb”


      • 55
        Alpha Braincell says:

        Any public servant, let alone the PM, should be squeaky clean. If Cameron had any sense (which we know he doesn’t) he would have kept well away from Brooks until after the trial.


        • 86
          Teflon Labour says:

          Since when was any Labour PM or minister squeaky clean you silly clot. They are up to their neck in lies, smears and bloodshed.


    • 49
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Ed is an apology for The Leader of The Opposition.


    • 66
      Truth Hurts says:

      I think you will find that the country was ruined during the reign of terror 1997-2010.


    • 68
      Anonymous says:

      Just in case your not aware how the law works in the this land, you are innocent till proven guilty. So she was on remand, as someone mentioned its not illegal to talk to her. How are Labour Rotherham council doing with the Asian gangs, and child adoption?


  12. 16
    Gordoun of Kartoon Town says:

    I taught him everything he knows, which is why he knows SFA! Ed Miligoon, you are toast!


  13. 18
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I posted this yesterday!!! please keep up Guido.


  14. 20
    Lying Copper says:

    No comment.


  15. 22
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Famous judges

    Judge John Deed
    Judge Dredd
    Judge Led
    Judge Ed
    Judge Judy
    Judge Mentday
    Judge Hirsch
    Judge Snyder
    Judge Brian


  16. 26
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    I see Lynton Crosby “master of the dark political arts” has taken up office already….LOL

    Keep it up. Mitchell back in office will be just another millstone


  17. 32
    Labour says:

    We don’t apologise for anything!!!! Ever!!! Never!!! Ever!!!!


  18. 37
    Parliament Watch says:

    Is this now at least the second instance where Labour have mis-lead the house by expressing public domain information which has turned out to be less than reliable ?


    • 62
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      As far as I am concerned Labour can shaft the Tories up the ass as much as they can.


  19. 38
    rick says:

    If I were you I would not start to jump on the new bandwagon. Its not been proven that he did not say pleb. The channel 4 programming just poses a number of other questions. How come this CCTV footage has only now come to light and why did nobody else see that there were no real witnesses outside the gate. Why didn’t the cabinet office find out that it was a serving Police officer who wrote the email and that he was never there. How come we only just find out that the meeting with the Police federation and Mitchell was taped. Milliband bashes the Tories over this incident without knowing all the facts and now you all try to bash Milliband without knowing all the facts. Nothing changes in politics.


    • 47
      Liebour Watch says:

      The pattern works like this:

      Attack first on faulty info, then keep quiet not admitting or denying anything, jumping on the bandwagon as it passes and quietly hop off hoping people forget you were on it when it is exposed. Allow the court of public opinion to do it’s work, and your battle is won for you.

      If anyone questions you on this, just point out that they should not be so hasty themselves to jump on the band wagon and make the same mistake which you are not going to admit to.

      This is similar to the dichotomy faced when an empathic person engages with a sociopath. The only effective solution is to expose the sociopath and remove it from society, or at least remove it from being in a position of power and influence, ensuring that all others are made aware of it’s true nature.


    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      The same tactics of smear and false accusations have been used so long by them to silence any opposition that it has become standard. Why would they look at evidence that is not helpful to their aims? When a Police officer refuses to call back, or make any contact, because he knows you have real evidence of the crime, proves that they are just puppets.

      Been there, and seen how they cover their failures up. All on record so when the political mood changes it will be waiting.


      • 79
        Blowing Whistles says:

        One little problem there Anony – re “when the political mood changes it will be waiting”

        When there is a ‘change-over’ the new captains of the ship will protect the system [‘their system’ – be they in charge or in opposition] first and foremost … don’t kid yeurself by waiting for any action it won’t come – best to out both the scammers left & right – ‘cos the system is holed below the bows and sinking fast …


  20. 39
    The Sleeper says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what Brillo has to say about this on DP prior to PMQ’s.


    • 54
      Stinky Pete says:

      Paddick making an arsehole of himself now.

      “Mitchell could’ve been muttering obsenities under his breath”

      “OK…but how could the “crowd” have heard it then”,says Brillo.



  21. 41
    Imbecile Ed's only follower says:

    O/T but to improve your day

    Ronald Reagan said

    “”Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many rewards. If you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book.”

    The Murdoch Mob will offer Empty Ed a fortune for his empty “memoirs”…


  22. 44
    Lostprophets lead singer latest celeb charged with child abuse says:


  23. 45
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Milibandwagon, you’re toast.


  24. 48
    Bent Cops, Bent Ed says:

    The video of Mr Mitchell leaving Downing Street is genuine. Sunset on the 19th September was 19:04.

    The cops can’t lie about the alignment of the planets and the Sun.


  25. 50
  26. 53
    Felix from Stowe says:

    If the Cops can fit up a government minister with the support of the Labour leader, what hope for the rest of us?


    • 81
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Don’t forget the political leanings of the M’luds as well – the other of the 4 pillas of the state more rotten than Denmark.


  27. 61
    Idly Wondering says:

    Why is it worse to call someone a “pleb” than to call someone a “toff”.


  28. 64
  29. 65
    St. Tony Blair says:

    Looking forward to that apology from Milibland


  30. 71
    Truthteller says:

    “Great police officers of our country” proof Millipede don’t know sh!t.


  31. 72
    rabid hamster says:

    I see Yvette Cooper eyeing up a handy back to stick some cutlery in … poor ed (the pathetic one, not the east german stazi impersonator)


  32. 74
    Neo Rupert says:

    This is just why they want to GAG the Press & Guido, My Wife, My Mother the Press and Guido, never forget.


  33. 85
    Ned Millipede says:

    Anyone got a spare petard?


  34. 94
    Total Fuckwit says:

    Shouldn’t Thrasher sue Miliwank for slander?


  35. 95

    IPCC will Not investigate or take seriously this complaint. Via wordpressdotcom. 36 days since death threats from a cleveland police detective. DC 1309 alistair Crawford


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