December 19th, 2012

Guido’s Christmas Drinks


Guido is off to the Westminster Arms for our Christmas drinks. Join fellow readers, co-conspirators, Westminster wonks, movers and shakers, and seasoned drunks as we toast the end of another year of plots, rumours and conspiracy. Come down…


  1. 1
    Chris Bryant says:

    Bottoms up !

  2. 2
    genghiz the kahn says:

    I’ll raise a glass.

    Have fun.

    • 21
      He who no longer posts says:

      Indeed. I had my Guinness lunchtime. Not many of them down here by the Adriatic.

      • 36
        CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

        Merry Xmas from A See one.

        • 46
          He who no longer posts says:

          Unaccented I Cee! And to you too, sir! Saluté!

          I hope to resume normal service in a few days.

          • illogical says:

            All cads are gray in the dark.
            Merry Christmas to you and yours.
            In fact to all.

          • Russian Mafiosi London Resident says:

            Mine isn’t a Cad. It’s a Lincoln Continental stretched to 26 feet.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            Could I remember my moniker, I would purr!

            Merry Christmas too.

          • Anonymous says:

            Ah yes, I remember sitting al Viale with a Gelato watching the Mule go by.
            OTOH you won’t be doing that with the Bora in full blast.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            It has been a Jugo of late…

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Hi SC – Peace and good will to all straight, true, honest, moral and normal uncorrupted men and women everywhere – shame about the plods, legals, far too many hacks and politicians mind. Mines a pint of Cherie’s Fosters! [And no - I am going no further on that subject]

          • He who no longer posts says:

            Happy Christmas, BW.

            Good luck for next year.

            With most folk the good ones are not all good and the bad ones are not all bad. I include myself in that. I do not include Gordon Brown.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Thanks SC and Merry Christmas to you too.

            Don’t tell anyone else but – I agree with you on your Gordon Brown statement.

          • Rat's arse says:

            Have a very ‘merry’ Christmas SC & a peaceful New Year.

            The same to all on here.

            I shall be working over the festive season, but shall raise a glass to you all when I have a chance! :)

          • He who no longer posts says:

            My dear Rat’s!

            I have already answered this further below before I read it! I have a habit of searching backwards because then the responses come up underneath without having to do extra manipulation of the page. So I posted what I did without having seen this but hope you get to see my other remark to you because it is sincerely meant.

            A great Christmas and New Year to you too.

          • Archie says:

            Merry Christmas, SC! Hope that you’ll be back soon?

        • 93
          Stinky Pete says:

          If I was alive,I would wish you Merry Xmas.

          ….on the other hand.

      • 60
        English Expat says:

        Guinness invariably brings me out in norovirus, it’s for the unfortunate Irish only.

    • 34
      green ink says:

      likewise…seasonals all

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    good time to burgle his house

  4. 5
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I’m not going. I have no legs.

  5. 7
    Sally BerK-ow says:

    If Guido’s head is that big in real life I definitely won’t be attending – it puts the willies up me.

    • 42
      its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:


    • 43
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Somehow, I think that came out wrong, Sal. We’re all asking, “Hasn’t she had any willies up her, and why would the thought of that put her off going?”

    • 74
      The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

      That ll. be a treat for you then sal

  6. 8
    EssexJames says:

    See you in there. Pint of Best please.

  7. 9
    A Plod says:

    Would love to come, but sadly I have to take my nephew to hang around the gates of 10 Downing Street waiting for a fracas.

  8. 10
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Leave the car at home Guido… you dont want yet another DD conviction to your name….LOL

    I will be there, camera at the ready to capture your multiple faux pas….LOL

    • 15
      Dave Cameron says:

      Why do you keep saying ‘lots of love’?

      • 101
        PETER MANGLEDBUM (Lord of the Rings) says:

        It meant “Loads of Lolly” as in what they all hoped to make by selling off the governments stake in B Sky B
        If nobody could see what was going on there , then we as a country are fucked
        God help us !

    • 19
      Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 3 says:

      You won’t be able to stay after 7.00pm with your electronic tag, surely ?

    • 44
      Colonel Mustard says:

      Just think, next year you’ll be old enough to buy a beer!

  9. 11
    Smig says:

    Enjoy the evening Guido!

    Thanks for the entertainment, rumours, tittle-tattle and gossip!

  10. 17
    Icarus says:

    “You are cordially invited to Guido’s Christmas drinks, which will be held at 4:30pm tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Westminster Arms, 9 Storey’s Gate, SW1.”

    email received today (Wednesday at 16.04)

  11. 18
    PC Savage says:

    No you’re not, you’re going to the Plasterer’s Arms in East Ham. I heard you say that and so did the crowd outside. I’ve noted it all down and will be writing it up down the station later once I’m told what to write. You lying ___.

    • 62
      Fahrenheit says:

      Bad luck. I’ve just been informed that the Plasterers Arms in East Ham has just been turned into a mosque. No chance of beer there I’m afraid, but possibly a heightened chance of encountering someone who has a completely different conception of the term ‘off your head’.

  12. 20
    Snaplegs says:

    Have a cracking evening!

    Sadly can’t join you all, what with being overseas courtesy of HM, but I’ll raise a glass this evening to all of you, your health and your well-being for 2013 and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

    • 145
      Lozinspain says:

      My sentiments exactly, keep up the pressure guido!all the best for the New Year. Av one for me tonight!

  13. 22
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    If you know anything about Borisideo Boriswkes, you will know that it will be a pint of Stella and 8 packs of pork scratchings….he really is a Porky Pie Pickles

  14. 23
    Operation Crossbow says:

    W1ll B!lly be there? First to the bar perhaps?

  15. 24
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Movers and Shakers…Guido…you are just so amusing at times

  16. 26
    Watch out, B1lly's about says:

    Kebab/B1lly is oddly absent. That can only mean one thing. He’s on his way to the pub dressed in his gimp outfit.

  17. 27
    Abusive and Libellous Poster says:

    Hey, free for all, no mods!!

  18. 28
    Ed Balls says:

    I am in charge of the bar tonight and have borrowed 500 barrels of beer so all can have free Benefits Bitter.

  19. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Will you still be there tomorrow?

  20. 30
    Philip Schofield says:

    I have a list of Tory MPs that will be stitched up by the police.

    • 65
      its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

      Pity ITV didnt stitch you for good useless cnut!

  21. 32
    MI5 says:

    Charge the Drinks to No 10 Guido

    For old times sake…

    Have fun…

  22. 35
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Yuk, there is something hideously Orange on the labour benches in the hoc. What on earth is it? Call the sargent at arms

  23. 40

    Why not have it in the Houses of Parliament where it’s half the price ?

    There will be a few members of the BBC Untouchables attending , to celebrate the sideways moves , no disciplinary action and possibly huge pay rises and relocation expenses for the sheer inconvenience of having to move offices
    How can we call this country a democracy when we are forced by the state to pay for a TV license for one shite channel run by worse fat cats than we have in parliament ?, when the others don’t charge ?

    FFS they are more immovable than MP’s

    • 51
      NHS hospital = deathcamp says:


      Additionally, how can we call this country a democracy when we are forced by the state to pay for a murderous 3rd-world health ‘service’ that’s been a pile of shite since about 1948?

      • 243
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Could any country call itself a democracy with Vazoline and Dodge given such promonence; not to mention about 647 particular others, that is?

      • 303
        Anonymous says:

        More to the point, if it were a democracy, we wouldn’t be starting wars with countries that are no threat to us. And letting the scum who started the wars completely off the hook!

  24. 47
    its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

    I unfortunatelu am unable to attend must feed the feckless ,shirkers ,Romanians and gawd knows how many more!

    • 67
      One-term Dave, dragging the Tories to their grave, says:

      By jove, that’s the spirit! If only more people followed your lead by working harder and paying more tax, I could p!ss-away even more money on Windfarms4Africa. I mean, £2billion’s a tiddly amount, isn’t it? I know, the 450,000 Romanians and Hungarians I’m letting into the UK in 2014 will reduce wages and boost profits for companies and I can tax those profits and jolly-well p!ss it all away on African windfarms.

      Gosh, I’m clever!

      Tally ho!

      • 79

        I think we now need to open charity sperm banks
        after all , breeding at such a rate of knots with such large fat ugly toothless crones must be tiring for the lazy fuckers
        it’s no wonder they have to lie in bed all day
        We house them , feed them , clothe them , transport them , we might as well
        impregnate the fuckers

        • 83
          its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

          A better idea would be to geld the male species,if you think Im joking see some of the sink estates here beyond 3rd world money either pissed up against the wall or doped up to the eyeballs 3rd generation welfare dependent no work no life no hope depressingly sad! beyond parody

  25. 48
    Voddkha Double says:

    It has been a very strange year. Nothing is quite what its seems. Das vi danya!

    • 55
      Alasdair Campbell Murderer says:

      It has been an odd year – not least because the world ends on Friday.

      Which is rather bad timing, as I have to pay the milkman tomorrow. If the world ended today, I would have saved £10.04.

      • 70
        The Face of the Messiah in the Tapestry says:

        The BBC manages to stitch itself up by trying to stitch up a Tory and the police stitch themselves up by stitching up a tory. A cross stitch pattern is emerging.

        • 78
          Whitewash r us says:

          Shhh, Libor did 13 years of whitewashing, production can’t keep up, 10 tankers of whitewash has been ordered from China but the way the establishment is going in Londonistan even that won’t be enough.

        • 113
          CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

          Dave’s super-cunning to lure them into these traps.
          Dave’s so inept the opposition are emboldened.

          I know which one I favour.

  26. 52
    A weirdo says:

    I will be stalking B1lly.

    • 77
      But We Really DO Love B!lly says:

      Won’t YOU be surprised if he’s, like, 6’03″, 16-stone-and-change!
      “Tell me about the rabbits, Guido…”

  27. 61
    Lady Britain says:

    Happy Christmas fellow guido contributors … well done Guido 2013 should be entertaining

  28. 69
    hank the cat says:

    Cyfarchion y tymor and before you ask nothing to do with sheep

  29. 71
    Met Traffic Patrol says:

    Guido, where did you park the car so we can send a reception party awaiting your return ?

  30. 73
    hank the cat says:

    Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop… and ‘using the SAME gloves on both’

    Where the phuck can I get a job like this

  31. 75
    Hanukkas Bazzokas (A Greek Gentleman) says:

    Next time, make it Glasgow and I’ll buy you a pint.
    Did you know Guinness is made with fluoridated water? Better sticking to local stuff.

  32. 82
    Curious says:

    Are there any Lib Dems attending? If so, I’ll be buggered if I’ll go.

  33. 84
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    Is it a fairtrade pub?

  34. 86
    On Benefits says:

    Any discount for a disabled tranny like me ?

  35. 92
    Pista R'Soles says:

    I rather enjoy “The Westminster Arms”

    The Lady Diana Memorial Lake in the gents has gone in the refit but watch the sink tap if you have light trousers

  36. 98
    • 100
      its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

      Clearly learnt his craft from the West Midlands crime squad

    • 103
      Another Engineer says:

      Clearly English isn’t a required language to be employed by plod…

      • 104
        John Prescott says:

        Absolutely digesting behaviour!

        That’s me to a tee.

      • 110
        He who no longer posts says:

        Doesn’t it read just like a standard Plod evidence statement though?

        Sheer Plodese!

        • 115
          Another Engineer says:

          Yes, it does.

          I’m surprised anyone who saw it originally didn’t twig straight away. I’d guess that, just like the Lord McA thing, it fitted their prejudices and critical thinking went out the window.

          • nellnewman says:

            Oh Please you surely are not expecting the graudian, the leftwing press or the beeb to engage in ‘critical thinking’? – that really is a step too far!!

        • 188
          Your Friendly Neighbourhood Plodese Interpretation Service says:

          “At above time and place of occurrence, Officer was in performance of his duty patrolling gate to Downing St. Subject requested gate be opened and was politely informed this was against security protocol. Subject was advised to use pedestrian entrance. Subject thereupon resorted to use of invective against Officer, to wit, calling Officer a bloody pleb who did not know Subject was an important Minister and Officer’s assignment to Downing St would be in jeopardy. Subject was cautioned that he was in possible breach of the pe*ace and should stand down, whereupon he entered through the pedestrian gate with no further outbursts. No other action taken or needed.” /s/ PC Fred Bloggs

          Which is officialsp*eak for “Could you open the gate?” “Oohh, look who we have here, Mr Lah-Dee-Dah wants us to open the bloody gate! Who the bloody hell are you that I should get up off my arse and, against all the rules, open the gate for a poxy little bicycle, when you and I and everyone else knows it fits through the bloody walk-in entrance!” “Maybe you don’t know that I’m a Minister, and this won’t end well for you if you continue ragging me as you are. OK, you won’t do me a favour, I’ll go through the walk-in, and that will be that. Just be quiet and we’ll say no more about it, yeah?” “Ooohh, I’m shitting in my pants, I’m so scared of you, toff. On yer bike, ha-ha, before I cite you for creating a disturbance!” “Well, I tried to be nice about it, but you just want to be a bloody pleb about the whole thing. You haven’t heard the last of this.” (Later) “Why did you have to get up that Minister’s nose, Bloggs?” “He was acting all high and mighty like, Sarge, and I thought I might take him down a peg.” “Well, we’ve got to figure out how to write this one up– he’s making a complaint, don’t you realise that, you ass?”

          • He who no longer posts says:

            What? They actually have a Sarge who is actually that perspicacious?

            Excellent effort though and I think I recognise the house style under that funny hat and false beard. Happy Christmas, sir!

    • 109
      CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

      Bet you there’s a Union somewhere behind all this…

    • 125
      Mitchell's Response To The Police says:

  37. 99
    Libertarian says:

    Looks like there is another attempt to curb freedom of expression on the net, beyond the credible threat stuff:

  38. 106
    He who no longer posts says:

    This is an offensive non-violent message which (at least) I have no ability to delete. Could I delete it I would not.

    I do not do Twitter but if I did I would happily Tweet this repeatedly.

    All Labour supporters are cυnts. Many LibDem MPs are cυnts. Not a few Conservative MPs are cυnts. Most BBC employees are cυnts. Far too many police are cυnts. Lots of judges are cυnts. Many lovies are cυnts. The many civil servants who think they are masters are cυnts. All compliance officers are cυnts. Alan Sugar is a cυnt. Who have I not yet offended?

    According to Kier Starmer, I should be arrested for posting this which illustrates how cυnty cυnt he is.

    That is all.

    • 108
      C'unt Appreciation Society says:

      were I a c’unt I would salute you sir

      • 152
        Valentino Rossi says:

        I felt a Hunt once…when I fell off my motor bike.

      • 153
        He who no longer posts says:

        Thank you, sir.

        I was born a subject of the late King (I don’t do this British Citizen nonsense) in England (country A). I am domiciled in EU member country B. I posted this from non-EU country C. I posted on a site which is registered in country D. It is hosted in country E. It is run by a national of country F.

        Whilst wishing the Director of Public Prosecutions no ill, he will require every bit of luck in pursuing his objectives as it will take more Christmases than he has left to achieve them.

        • 251
          Blowing Whistles says:

          I have been trying to get Kier the Hunt Starmer to issue criminal proceedings against me for at least 3 years …. he don’t wanna play ball ‘cos it would mean that a criminal investigation would give me the legal opportunity to fcuk him and his over lawfully.

    • 126
      cunch says:

      they’re all a bunch of cunchhiss, hic!

    • 166
      The Joys of Immigration says:

      “Lots of judges are cυnts.”

      Traveller family guilty of forced labour
      Five members of a traveller family have been found guilty of running a forced labour camp.
      The victims lived in squalid caravans on traveller sites as they moved around the country working on the Connors’ paving and patio businesses.

      Some were also ordered to perform humiliating tasks, such as emptying the buckets used as toilets by their bosses.

      Their work was monotonous, arduous and unrelenting, and they were controlled by discipline and violence.
      Some of the men – called “dossers” by the Connors – had worked for the family for nearly two decades.

      Many were beaten, hit with broom handles, belts, a rake and shovel, and punched and kicked by the Connors.

      On another occasion one worker had a hosepipe shoved down his throat and the men were often made to strip for a “hosing down session” with freezing water.

      The penalty for the Conners?

      The moronic judge put them away for.. 3 years.

  39. 114
    MI5 says:


    Do you remember when you were sitting by yourself ouside the Westminster Arms all those years ago…with your laptop as companion?

    Being pushed around by Thuggie Watson, the Slanderer Mcbride and Dolly the Dregs of Mandelscum?

    You have come a long way, baby…(as the Virginia Slims ad used to say)

    Well done and keep it up…

  40. 116
    Kier Stazi Watch says:

    Agree with the previous post on Hunts, but would extend to their mothers and question if appropriate husbandry practices were employed during conception.

    Those ‘victims’ of ‘sustained and vindictive targeting on social media’ should perhaps learn that posting of real personal information in the open public domain is: SHEER LUNACY, and perhaps should take better responsibility for the consequence of their own actions.

    Additionally, said ‘victims’ should perhaps refrain from activities which would draw negative attention, and if upset, simply change account and online identity.

    No one cares about you narcissistic nobodies anyway except those in the ‘victim maker’ racket which is undermining due process in the justice system at present.

  41. 119
    • 159
      He who no longer posts says:

      Bad Request

      Can I direct you to tinyurl or bitly, on your way to Specsavers? You do have four more shopping days before Christmas.

  42. 120
    Drunk mick says:

    Guido will be getting wasted.

    A normal night, then.

  43. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Noted that the copyright notice at the bottom of the website covers 2004 to 2010 – presumably the last two years blogs weren’t worth protecting

    • 163
      He who no longer posts says:

      There have been changes in the *ahem* junior staff which correspond with that timescale.

      Change and decay in all around I see:
      O thou who changest not, abide with me!

      • 171
        Tachybaptus says:

        It’s a fairly long timescale. The right column still says that Guido reads Iain Dale’s Diary, which died 18 months ago after a long and painful illness. Time for a little updating? Now, where’s that unpaid intern when you need him?

        • 177
          He who no longer posts says:

          And Tory Bear, I think you will find!

          You are too sage to believe everything you see, though, I know.

          Happy Christmas.

        • 237
          Tachybaptus says:

          I was, and have been honoured to see Guido and Neo, both of whom are larger than I had imagined, especially along the x axis. Old Holborn was there but you don’t actually see him (unless he is really made of papier mâché). I only stayed for a couple of hours, and am writing this at home with a slight incipient headache. But oh, the glory.

  44. 128
    nellnewman says:

    Hope you’ve had a Great Drinks Evening Guido and fellow conspirators.

    It has been a very interesting political year as viewed through the eyes of this Blog and I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

    So Cheers Everybody!! Here’s to a Great Christmas and another interesting year in 2013.

    And Well Done Guido there’s not another blog that comes even close!

    • 130
      Operation Crossbow says:


      • 134
        Fact Hunt says:


        • 138
          Monica says:

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          • Tachybaptus says:

            Now here’s a test for the modbot. Filter this dreck and leave genuine commenters alone.

          • HMMM says:

            Especially as it is flagging up as a malicious site, hope you’ve all got decent anti-virus people, otherwise keep away.

          • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Modbot Avoidance Service says:

            Pure-spammers won’t know to write “USD” or “dollars” or “bucks.” Just filter out the upper case “S” with the vertical slash. Of course, us “Guido’s Gits” will know to avoid the modbot, by using those alternative renderings for Yank currency, just as we have always done for other moddable words– by employing such tactics as intra-word punctuation, or using “!” for “i”, or employing soundalikes, etc. ” It “besp*e*aks” a certain morally-”bancrupped” nature on our part, though. It casts a “pall” over what we say, and it is a “st*ain” on our reputations. We are “har*ried” for doing so, but it is the “pr!ce” we pay for our dedication to GF. It really is enough to “dr!ve” us to “dr!nk.” For Christmas, we deserve “coal” in our stockings.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            It would appear that this does bear repeating especially for our European posters who can’t speak our lingo very well.

    • 173
      Tachybaptus says:

      A very happy Christmas and a splendid New Year to you, Nell.

  45. 133
    Footage from the conspirator's do says:

    Merry Christmas y’all

    • 135
      Tachybaptus says:

      There’s real footage, but it might be too dire to show.

      • 146
        He who no longer posts says:

        The most important part is the mind/brain. A good brain makes those titties and that ass so much more enjoyable, especially when you are exercising together…

  46. 137
    Monica says:

    What Florence replied I am amazed that some people able to make $5375 in 1 month on the internet.Did you look at this web page

    • 244
      HMMM says:

      Malicious site, again.

      • 257
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I have cited “Freedom of Expression – Article 19 Universal Declaration of Human Rights [1948]” on many occasions – it’s a corker and them US boys love their Freedom of Expression… it aint as easy to ignore Stateside.

  47. 141
    DC and the Chipping Norton Massif - Featuring MC Alpine - Song for Mitchell and the MF'ing DPP says:

    • 155
      The Labour Parteh says:

      Celebrate the mult*cultural diversiteh..

      By Order.

    • 156
      Red Ed Miliband's Labour Parteh says:

      Celebrate the mult*cult*ural diversiteh..

      By Order.

      • 185
        T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

        It’s been a brilliant enrichment to our society ! OK, perhaps it’s caused massive problems with over-crowding of schools, longer waiting times for social housing, huge demands on doctors and hospitals, led to overcrowded roads, pushed up rents, created ghettoes, no-go areas and been a gigantic drain on the public purse but. hey, think how many more Libor voters it’s created !

        • 203
          The Tosser in No 10 says:

          Oh I agree with you entirely Tony! What a man – what a figure you are! – and I adore you! – every little morsel of your gorgeous body I want to lick and caress – to the sound of your speeches!

        • 259
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Hey Tone – any inside info for a betting man on the outcome of the election in Israel coming up on Jan 22?

  48. 143
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Andy Burnham is the latest labour MP to jump on the bandwagon of those that have suffered. He was with the Hillsborough tragedy people today.
    What is it with these sicko labourites.
    Hain, Vaz, Burnham, who next?

    • 147
      He who no longer posts says:


      • 151
        DC and the Chipping Norton Massif - Featuring MC Alpine: Song for Tony B and the MF'ing DPP says:

      • 186
        its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

        And dont forget one trick Steve Rotherham

      • 287
        Rat's arse says:

        If only SC – if only!

        • 293
          He who no longer posts says:

          Hope you have not had to go off to work yet Rat’s so I can wish you a very happy Christmas and a great New Year!

          You are a hero in my view for keeping a clear mind and approach in an environment that often encourages thinking of a different persuasion.

          Caring requires thought even more than it requires money – though both are necessary. What the socialists have done that is so wrong is thrown money at it without any thought and this has fostered a totally false expectation of better times. Hope you get some rest over the period but, from what I know of you, you will be grafting whilst many are doing nowt.

    • 150
      Ja de ed J ea n says:

      It’s a type of mental disorder. Do you remember that woman who claimed to be a 911 survivor and became a leading member of a 911 survivors group. Totally deranged she was.

    • 158
      Margaret Moron says:

      It was the football disaster thing that unhinged my mind. Those pictures on TV.. oh, how I wept! They caused me post traumatic stress disorder. And that made me steal £53,000 of your money.

      You can’t send me to prison because I’ve been filmed crying in public.


      (note to self: right, that should do it, let’s f*ck off down the pub).

  49. 148
    restore the monasteries says:

    Factual,fictitious and fun,thank you.

  50. 160
    Dr David Owen says:

    Does this person remind you of certain members of our governing class?

    Conman jailed after admitting he lied ‘as easily as he breathed’

    A sophisticated conman who posed as a Goldman Sachs billionaire told his victim “I lie as easily as I breathe”.

    I met them all the time in HoP.

    • 164
      nellnewman says:

      It’s possible that a similar type is about to be revealed in the no10 downing street police folks.

      Who can we trust to be honest these days??!!

      • 172
        Mr Helpful says:

        You can trust everyone except (1) used car dealers (2), the BBC, (3) estate agents, and (4) politicians.

        And (5) Tesco’s management and (6) EDF. A probably the Daily Mail. And the Mirror. And the Sun.

        And the Guardian and the Independent.

        It’s probably not a good idea to pay much attention to the Pope, either.

        • 178
          Thirteenthly says:

          The Goat of Mendes.

        • 181
          nellnewman says:

          I kbow a Great Used Car Dealer who is really reliable – the rest however I totally agree with but you forgot to add the Police!

          • Another Engineer says:

            A few years ago, I used to believe that the police were mostly upright and most of the bad reports about them were from people with a reason to cause trouble.

            I suspect this would have been true for most of middle England.

            What happened? I too would trust them less than a second hand car dealer now.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            “What happened?”

            Labour happened.

            “But I will go farther. I declare to you, from the bottom of my heart, that no Socialist system can be established without a political police. Many of those who are advocating Socialism or voting Socialist to-day will be horrified at this idea. That is because they are short-sighted, that is because they do not see where their theories are leading them.”

            Winston Churchill.

  51. 168
    Is any cunt jetting Steve B. over here to buy him a pint? says:

    …. after all, he writes this shite.

  52. 187
    johnwardmedway says:

    I was very strongly tempted to come along to this event, but I am claustrophobic and well recall how the crowding at a Political Betting event felt so oppressive to me that I had to leave once it got too ‘busy’.

    Therefore please accept my apologies for missing this. I fully realise that my absence is hardly an issue of any significance, but felt that I ought at least to have the courtesy to explain why I stayed away.

  53. 190
    Joder el coño DPP - libertad prevalecerá says:

    • 199
      Cojo mejor que cualquier africano says:

      ¿Por qué los hombres blancos tienen que fingir que son hombres negros?

      • 207
        Africano, latino, Inglés, la libertad es daltónico says:

        No se.

        El mensaje es para el coño Kier Stazi cerdo.

        La música es buena fusión, amo la música latina.

  54. 192
    Tom Watson's Brighton fun says:

    How did the Christmas drinks go? Did Lee Jasper and Moussa Koussa 3 both turn up in dishevelled Santa Claus outfits wielding blood stained axes?

  55. 194
    Daily Mail says:

    “Beston is the eighth man to be arrested as part of the investigation. Pictured is a man in a suit carrying a large black holdall”

  56. 197
    The Slog says:

    “Elms Guest House: 1980s paedophiles poised to be outed? As the obvious existence of long-standing systemic child sex abuse comes increasingly to light, more and more long-serving politicians are beginning to feel queasy. The fairly reliable word out there on the streets now is that two former Tory ministers, seven other MPs and various social luminaries from the late 1970s and early 1980s were regular visitors at the Barnes ‘venue’ featured above…….the boys all having been recruited from a nearby care home.”

  57. 201
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “The proposal is more than anything a slap in the face to the thousands of parents who have made the decision to keep and love handicapped children.
    “It shows how, despite the efforts of the BBC to portray UKIP as moderate and respectable, Nigel Farage’s international safety valve remains a haven for cranks and real extremists.
    “It also highlights the extent to which UKIP is a party in which Christian values and basic human compassion do not appear to have a place.”

    Nick Griffin

    • 212
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Whatever, if you’re in the South vote Nigel, if your in the North vote Nick.

      Merry Christmas!

      • 213
        Political Scientist says:

        Hell of a coalition that could be – stuff that empires are made of ;-)

        • 223
          He who no longer posts says:

          I have half composed a response to you, picking up on our last conversation and am fascinated that we come to broadly similar conclusions but by employing rather different reasons – not the first time that has happened. This is the first time I have seen you post since. So for now, a very Happy Christmas, but I will complete this as I become freer and look forward to taking things forward over or after the break.

          • Political Scientist says:

            I have been exercising some thought on what we discussed previously as well: look forward to exchange further notes in the future.

            In the real world though, one does wonder in which direction things are moving at present: The UK has almost felt like it has been passing through a rather bizarre inflection point in this respect this year. One hopes that public opinion is shifting back towards liberty, it feels like it is.

            A very merry Christmas to you and all.

          • David Cameltoe, Crime Sinister says:

            Not if I have anything to say about it.

    • 227
      woof says:

      Bloody shame we can’t let nature take its course rather than interfering.

  58. 202
    Citizen Comrade Gordonski Brownstainovich McBonkers says:

    As the Genius who Sold The Gold at RockBum Prices, it’s clear I should have been invited as Guest of Honour!

  59. 208
    BBC ρε∂o Ring says:

    We were in no way guilty of covering up anything, we are the BBC!

  60. 210
    Saffron says:

    Completely O/T
    This is a sobering thought,Mark Carney soon to be next governer of B of E at £480k a year to be given £250k a year to pay his rent.
    FFS what the hell has this country become,the ordinary taxpayer is being screwed as though their is no tommorow.
    We are being taken for a ride by the following:-
    1)The rich
    2)The benefit don’t want to work brigade
    3)Layers of the public sector (Not the ones who do a real worthwhile job)
    4)Immigrants who have overloaded several of our systems which used to be ok
    5)The EUSSR unelected commisars who are costing us big bucks
    6)The banksters/rogue traders intent on making a fast buck and sod all of us
    8)Insurance profiteers
    9)Loan companies
    10)Some so called charities
    11)Parliament both houses with their £ on you know what re D/T exposure
    I will stop at this although I could go on and on.
    Cheers to all at Gweedo’s and hope you are sober,nite nite.

  61. 211
    BBC News at 10 says:

    The BBC is innocent of all accusations!
    In other news…………….

  62. 214
    Mark Oatbran says:

    I’m baking a chocolate log.

  63. 215
    Put up or shut up says:

    I wish they would just switch the BBC off. All day it has been navel gazing.

    PS: Where is the evidence they say exists that Savile broke the underage sex with children laws?

    • 218
      Hysteria says:

      Where is any evidence ?

    • 231
      He who no longer posts says:

      If you care to look for copies of the sixties music press, you would find direct examples of self-implication. Of course, they could all be fabricated.

      Maybe the BBC does not exist, save as in our minds. Nor this blog. Nor you. Nor me…

      • 240
        Another age says:

        Yes it was the norm back then to be suggestive but not actually do it. Where is the hard evidence that Savile actually did it? Granted in his late teens as a DJ he may have gone for the dolly birds but that does not make him a dirty old man.

        And if you want to go into detail look at the old films such as That’ll be the day, Tommy, stardust etc. goodness they even smoked in the house and advertised No blacks, tinkers or oirish outside lodgings.

        • 245
          He_who_no_longer_posts says:

          І’ll аnswеr thаt wіth а lіnе thаt my dеаr dеpаrtеd Dаd usеd tо usе (wіth аpоlоgіеs tо thоsе whо hаvе hаd tо hеаr іt frоm mе bеfоrе.) Yоu cаn’t prоvе rаpе: іf іt’s іn yоu cаn’t sее іt аnd іf іt’s оut, іt’s nоt іn.

          Thе hаrd еvіdеncе hаs lоng wіltеd, іf yоu wіll fоrgіvе thе соntіnuаtіоn оf thаt thеmе.

          І hаd dіrеct еxpеrіеncе оf а numbеr оf pеоplе whо wеrе іn sеxuаl unіоn whеn bеlоw thе аgе оf cоnsеnt. Mіnd yоu, І оnly hаd thеіr wоrd fоr іt. Whаt іnсоntrоvеrtіblе prооf аrе yоu gоіng tо еxpеct tо fіnd аftеr thе еlаpsе оf fоur оr fіvе dесаdеs? І cаn’t еvеn rеmеmbеr mоst оf thеіr nаmеs.

  64. 222
    The Third Roundel and associates says:

    Merry Christmas Guido, and well done!

  65. 225
    Proof if ever you nneeded it thhat Yeo is a BAD EGG. says:
  66. 230
    Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

    Anyone still call us ‘Auntie’, ‘The Beeb’ or ‘A National Treasure’ ????

  67. 252
    Patten is a Twat says:

    So is Chris Patten saying that UK employment law is flawed and the BBC can not follow it ?

    I put it to Patten and so should Dave that if Entwistle done wrong then the law would have upheld that decision and he would not hhave got a penny.

    • 256
      HMMM says:

      Patten talking unconvincing rubbish, it’s all part of the cover up, Entwistle double payment was keep your mouth shut money (keep it in the family and a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse).

      • 264
        move on says:

        Have to say he was very unconvincing. but it looks like the political will does not exist to sack him….alas.

  68. 255
    Elfed says:
    • 265
      HMMM says:

      ?, what’s Samantha Cameron got to do with anything, at least she has the good grace to keep out of politics unlike the rest of you brainless tweeters, that use any and every occasion to make snide comments and self promote yourselves.

      • 267
        Balls Bollocks and bad taste says:

        Balls has no limits that he will not stoop to. Imagine the Labour faux howls of rage if Dave tried to ridicule Mrs Yvette Balls as Santa’s little helper. Not that Dave would even consider stooping so low.

    • 268
      Pundit Watch says:

      After the Balls Cameron knocked out of the stadium today Ed’s sack is clearly empty.

    • 273
      not a machine says:

      Its the thought of some innocent child , having been handed a present , strolling off with mum , eagerly opening the wrapping ……. mum “wow … its some lehamns shares and book called courage “

  69. 263
    May Anne says:

    Just one day left before the world ends :-(

    • 266
      HMMM says:

      Sorry kids, Santa’s shot himself. :-)

    • 277
      not a machine says:

      Or Mayan culture/history is re evaluated in its contribution to measuring time.

      It is perhaps interesting what end of the world beliefs can be , scientists have seen the world will end when the sun expands into a red giant , some 5bn years from now . Christian belief seems to imply some battle will take place when christs second comming happens on the plain of megido .
      I havent studied any of the other faiths for world end time moments.
      doesnt really do much good in my view to dwell on them , I mean if its a god event end of the world , your underground bunker isnt going to be much use really.

      Its a bit of theological thought if you do believe in the Bible , in part because its description is so final , and the bible gives no hint or date to such a thing , only a memo to keep it in mind that one day it will come , and mind your faith . Which I have taken to mean as live for God anyway , rather than be preocupied with one aspect of ending , I mean if you do have a good faith in christ ,what is there to worry about …. you shall love the Lord , and that will be it ….

      • 278
        HMMM says:

        On a secular level the apocalypse for this country was the reign of Blair and Brown.

        • 279
          not a machine says:

          Cant fault you on that one , trouble is the secualrists also believe that , which isnt exactly a step forward for evangelicals

    • 295
      Don't panic dear .It's only the end of the World after all !!! says:

      Have you not heard….another stone tablet listing dates after 21 December 2012 was found in a ruined Mayan Temple in the Amazonian Jungle listed dates up to 21 December 10,012 so those January Sales are still on track

    • 296
      Let's go out with a song !!!! says:

      Better not I’ve tickets for Les Mis on 17 January next year

  70. 270
    not a machine says:

    Just in case you missed it during PMQs when Mr felio rises to wish Mr speaker a merry christmas , you can hear some wag say “oh … really can we have a vote on that ”

    Bit of cheer eh …. :)

  71. 274
    I'm on the edge of my seat says:

    Come on, isn’t this a gossip site? What happened at the Guido drinks party? Who turned up? And, most importantly, who disgraced themselves?

    • 288
      A pint of fine ale, barman, I'm on the lash tonight says:

      They are all sleeping it off on local park benchs as we speak, after missing their last train/bus/mind/other. Check the morning beeb breaky news.

      And oh yes of course, some are in the hands of the local Met – see them leave at about seven, bleary eyed, after they have had their fingerprints and DNA taken, off back to their wives sheepishly, with planned excuses that will not wash. Can’t pull the wool over the ladies, never – they have a radar for long stories and lies.

  72. 275
    Some footage from this evening for those who couldn't be there says:

  73. 281
    White hat geek says:

    Interesting story:

    Suggests that Twitter may be a security hole. Let’s be careful out there ;-)

    • 289
      A pint of fine ale, barman, I'm on the lash tonight says:

      That hacker from Nauru needs stringing up – but he is offshore, so can’t be touched by any shitty stick.

  74. 290
    Fishy says:

    Interesting interview with a parent of Sandy Hook victim: Appears to be an actor – worth watching – appears to be possible fraud event:

    • 291
      A pint of fine ale, barman, I'm on the lash tonight says:

      This was a confirmed fraud by the Canadian animation college department yesterday, that produced it, splashed over all the gullible tv and paper brit press,

      But to be honest, I was also taken in, for about half a second.

  75. 302
    A pint of fine ale, barman, I'm on the lash tonight says:

    What the fuck is going on here this morning? – wakey wakey you slags. So you have been on the piss and woke up in a gutter, SO?

    Get up you fucks, you political slags, of all colours, you fucking infants in the sand pit.

    Get up children, or I will get the hoover out – I am warning you finally!

  76. 304
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    I think I’m in love after last night at The Westminster Arms.

    My lady friends and myself went “commando” and all of us had a really good “seeing to ” by a macho man in a gimp outfit.

    Can’t wait for the next do.

    • 305
      He who no longer posts says:

      Surprised you can still stand, mam! Oopsey! Here, let me give you a hand up again… Those legs just do what they want, don’t they?

      • 309
        Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

        First prize from me, that I have spotted that was actually there. But i bet it was full of ozzie blonde ladies, let alone saffas and kiwis, since being so near to Earl’s Court, and things, with fine tits and arses,

        Hayley fach, from kiwiland – slurp your orange juice to this,

        Those high notes, yeh? WHARRRT!

        OK, more orange juice here, being slurped,

        more orange juice Father?

        • 313
          Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

          oops, that is Paddington of course, not SW1 – The Church,

          Praise the lawd, and anzac and saffa ladies…

          • Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

            Makes me laugh always when I went to The Church, seeing only the place that a lady from Perth would meet and fall in love with some old soak from Darwin in the outback.

          • Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

            Near Darwin, and Dom,

          • Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

            bugger it, a kiwi pop song, and might as well follow it when that kiwi moved to oz – ach spit!

            crow something, yes, Finn, Neil, crowded,

            Met him once, and that was enough – didn’t like that I was much more male prettier that him, since the gilrs anzacs were trying to take my trousers down at the time, while he watched. Get over it son!

          • Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

            Yes, Neil Finn is no tate gallery, unlike me, ey? Maybe Finn is more Tate modern…

          • Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

            remember once walking along the coast path to Saudersfoot, with my top off, since it was hot and sunny – met a couple on the footpath walking in the opposite direction, and the lad let out an audible pant, and since she was seriously, oh yes, fit, they must have been brother and sister.

            Would have been an interesting latter night, if I conversed.

          • Beeb cavalier with his horse, lancing roundheads says:

            the sis looked at me, and quickly shoved her eyes to the floor, and when we passed, I looked back, as she did…

            Human nature, see pal.

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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