December 19th, 2012

Full Tim Davie Email to BBC Staff

bbcThis email is going to everyone at the BBC


Dear All,

We have received and considered Nick Pollard’s report on the management of the original Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile and the subsequent Editor’s blog. I want to share with you the key findings and what we are going to do about the recommendations, which we accept in full.

I think it’s worth remembering why we originally commissioned such a thorough and independent report. Accusations of a ‘cover up’ were being made against the BBC and that management placed unjustified pressure on the team not to run the story. The independence and integrity of our journalism is crucial to the public’s trust in us.

I am pleased to say that the review found no evidence of any improper pressure to prevent the broadcast of the Newsnight investigation or to protect the Jimmy Savile tribute programmes.

That said, the report exposed clear failings in some of our systems, the way we work together and make decisions. It also picks up on specific issues such as the role of Editors’ blogs and the comprehensive use of the Managed Risk Programme List as a way to highlight potential issues relating to programmes. You can see a copy of the full Pollard Review report here.

What matters now is what we do about these findings. Again, you can see the full Executive Board and Trust response here. The actions we are taking relating to organisation and culture include:

· Newsnight is one of our flagship journalism programmes and we need to revitalise it. We have decided that the best way forward is for there to be a new senior editorial team on the programme. Peter Rippon, who has been Editor for the last four years, has agreed that this is in the best interests of himself and the programme. We are now talking to him about another role in the BBC, commensurate with his skills and experience. The post of Editor Newsnight will be advertised in the New Year and Karen O’Connor will continue as Acting Editor in the meantime.

· Helen Boaden will be returning to her post as Director of News tomorrow. This morning, the Deputy Director of BBC News, Stephen Mitchell, tendered his resignation which I have accepted with great sadness. He has been an outstanding and loyal servant of BBC News over the past 38 years and is widely and rightly admired for his editorial judgement and personal integrity. He will retire from the BBC at a date to be agreed next year, in the course of which he will hand over his responsibilities as head of news programmes.

· Improving the way we share information about the highest risk programmes and investigations across the BBC by making the Managed Risk Programme List work better. We’ll also see how we can improve communication at the senior level across Divisions in a way that also safeguards editorial independence. We do not propose to tackle these issues by adding increased processes or compliance.

· Reviewing how we publish Editors’ blogs.

· In the longer term, both myself and Tony Hall will look at what needs to change within the management and culture at BBC News while making sure we continue to produce outstanding journalism day-in-day-out. We will also look at how we make sure silos don’t get in the way of effective team-working and sharing information across the BBC.

· Finally, we will consider roles and responsibilities at the top of the BBC to ensure effective oversight of editorial standards.

The Trust are also publishing the editorial standards findings into what happened with the Newsnight McAlpine investigation on 2 November, which includes the full MacQuarrie report here. What happened was unacceptable and no one can be under any illusion about the seriousness of the mistakes made and there are some organisational changes as a result. We have sought to be fair to the individuals involved, recognising their previously long and unblemished record of service with the BBC and the exceptional circumstances in which they had been placed.

Specifically, Adrian Van Klaveren, Controller Radio 5 live, will start a new senior role and we’ll confirm details early in the New Year. He will hand over his responsibility for Radio 5 live to Jonathan Wall who will be Acting Controller while the process for a full time replacement is completed. As already mentioned, there will be a new Newsnight senior editorial team and Liz Gibbons, Deputy Editor of Newsnight, will move to another role in BBC News. Peter Johnston continues in his role as Director Northern Ireland.

These reviews have been a tough process for the BBC and particularly for the individuals involved, all of whom have had long and respected careers at the BBC. We have already faced significant consequences including the resignation of a DG. Looking forward, the changes we need to make to ensure these failings do not happen again are not about new rules and regulations. They are about making existing processes work and improving the way we communicate and make decisions. I hope that with a new year, we can draw a line under it, learn from our mistakes and refocus on our audiences.

Best regards,

Tim Davie
Acting Director-General


  1. 1
    Intelligent Person says:

    The cover up worked then.

  2. 2
    Mitchell in chamber as Cameron comments on police scandal says:

  3. 3
    BBC financial controller, doling out millions says:

    All these “retirements” and “transfers” are going to cost a fucking bomb

    Watch out for extra millions in BBC “costs”

    The BBC’s new motto

    We pay our staff to behave like hooligans and create permanent chaos
    and clusterfuckups

    End of announcement

  4. 4
    Quote of the Day says:

    Quote of the day has to be whoever shouted out “can we have a vote on that?” when the Labour MP said happy christmas to Bercow.

  5. 5
    Met Police financial controller, doling out millions says:

    The Police Review of the Mitchell stitch up :

    “The Met Police are proud to announce that 35 officers will be
    transferred to “other duties” in view of their éslkills and experience”

    10 officers will be retired in full pay

    This will add $42 million to our costs next year…”

    End of announcement

  6. 6
    UKIP - the way forward says:

    …….and then continue to employ them.

  7. 7
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I notice that there is no mention of telling Krusty Wart to stop wearing short skirts and showing us bits of her body we’d rather not see.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    So they deny the cover, hope the MSM take them to task

  9. 9
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I think it’s fantastic the way all the senior managers stay in a job.

  10. 10
    hank the cat says:

    So they deny the cover, hope the MSM take them to task

  11. 11
    Chris Patten says:

    You can’t catch me copper.

  12. 12
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    The only head to roll a bloke wtih 38 years service will leave with a massive pension and lumper.Its time to end the Licence Fee if you want the BBC subscription a winner at the next election!

  13. 13
    Phil Mcunt says:

    Big payoffs all round. Well done boys.

  14. 14
    Macquarrie Report Summary says:

    Ambiguity due to editor standing to one side, and basic journalistic check not performed, in particular photo confo with source.

    No mention though that no one was named in the report.

  15. 15
    Sick of scroungers says:

    “We will also look at how we make sure silos don’t get in the way of effective team-working and sharing information across the BBC.”

    Are they storing fucking grain now ??

    PS Don’t forget the peadoes in the B B C

  16. 16
    Tim Davie, Pepsi Cola salesman says:

    Hello boys

    I have drowned out all criticism, don’t you think?

    The musical chairs we play at the BBC with your money is a blinder

    We are of course responsible for nothing that ever happens at the BBC

    And the hugely-expensive “chaos” will continue

    Normal service is therefore resumed…

  17. 17

    As long as the new Director of News is NOT one of the Guardianistas and severs that unholy link, things MIGHT imrpove at the BBC. But I won’t hold my breath.

  18. 18
    Ex-Tory says:


    Nobody’s fault
    Nobody takes responsibility
    Managed risk problem: We failed to cover up, manipulate and lie effectively. Solution: devote more resources to lying and covering up.
    Scapegoat: employee about to retire with huge pension, now retires with additional huge pay-off.

    Losers: licence fee payers.

  19. 19
    bergen says:

    As with all government departments. the only sackable offence at the BBC is to be caught fiddling the tea money. Utter incompetence is something to be cherished and added to the CV.

  20. 20
    Kirsty (you know the rest) says:

    The Skygirls do it and practise just how far up they can lift their skirts…

    So why not me?

    And I have better thighs than most of them…

    And millions of OAPs write me fan letters…

  21. 21
    Great Granddad:Prime Minister in Waiting, New Utopia Party says:

    “The post of Editor Newsnight will be advertised in the New Year…..” Yes Greatgranddad, of course that will be in the Gaurdian. We are not going to be so radical as to change that!”

  22. 22
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    shame nothing can be done to counter the inherent bias political reporting at the bbc retains

  23. 23
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Sticky fan letters I suspect.

  24. 24
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Fuck me,after seeing what the BBC have got away with maybe I was a bit quick shutting down News of the World.

  25. 25
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Patten is a right twat.

  26. 26
    Corporate New Speak says:

    ‘Silos’ is a new speak term which describes different departments which are segregated.

    The language used here suggests they are planning a corporate restructuring to break down the barriers between departments to eliminate positions based on common job functions.

    This may be stated with a view to preparing the Beeb for privatization.

  27. 27
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I notice the only hack putting the boot in is the freelance hack having a go at Patten, the rest seem scared of crossing the BBC.

  28. 28
    Phil says:

    All the usual suspects get off scot free and carry on as before. Nothing to see here move on.
    How the fxxx did Boaden and Van Calamity keep their jobs?

  29. 29
    Beeb Watch says:

    Confo on the latest BBC related YewTree arrest – perhaps not surprising:

  30. 30
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Why was Guido not at the conference? no invite or was he down the boozer again.

  31. 31
    Solution to that problem says:

    Remove the EU funding.

  32. 32
    Sarah D says:

    Helen Boaden survives.

    Common Purpose marches on.

  33. 33
    I hate the BBC says:

    Actually I think he’s a leftie twat

  34. 34
    EUSSR says:

    This is just like the old Soviet days – its great!

  35. 35
    The Biased Bullshit, Buggery, Child Crap and Playtime Corpse + Haribo Halfwit + Pollytwat et al, says:

    We’re Confused, Chaotic and Crap – but Common Purpose and Gordon Brown inspire us.

    So get lost!

  36. 36
    Reith. J says:

    Boaden going back to work – to deal with the Climategate FOI issues and spend hunders of thousands of licence fees at the High Court defending her secrecy over the pro-climate cahnge lobby conference that “settled” the BBC’s policy on “climate change”

    It is not for the BBC to have opinions, but to report both sides of all and any issue so that their masters, the populace can make informed decisions of their own. If the BBC wants to have policies and opinions it must independent financial backing for this purpose and not use the hypothecated licence-fee tax.

  37. 37
    Phil says:

    The silos they refer to are filled to bursting with ignored complaints followed by a cement capping process.

  38. 38
    Shut up you plebs. Herman is speaking says:

  39. 39
    da Inquirer says:

    As ‘Consultants’ ?

  40. 40
    Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

    There is an old BBC saying, when things get a little tricky. “Deputy Heads may roll”.

  41. 41
    Senior Managers staying in a job says:

    As Tone would say, – it’s coz we’re worf it!

  42. 42
    Sir William W says:

    Failings in systems……people who make programmes get the bullet……the suits survive. Quelle surprise!

  43. 43
    Sir William W says:

    The EU trying to take credit for the downfall of European communism.

  44. 44
    Disappointed Peasant says:

    Silos? surely one at least must have an IBM that could be aimed to go right down the rapacious / capacious throat of the BBC? – to change it’s ‘Climate’ if nothing else.

  45. 45
    Mental Elf says:

    Like many people, I have not paid any TV tax for years. Check online to see how you can stop this dinosaur organisation robbing and prosecuting you. Have the courage to follow what many already do and it becomes easy. I want to see Patten sacked, but not paying these parasites is the only effective action.

  46. 46
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    The time has come for the BBC to radically changed no more licence fee subscription only just like PBS in America and if people subscribe so be it,the taxpayer should not be forking out for these lefty cnut who wouldnt know how real life is.

  47. 47
    Nostalgic says:

    Anyone for sloppy seconds from the Curry Hole?

  48. 48
    UK Public says:

    F*ck off you vile little colaborator.

  49. 49
    who why what where when says:

    Almost as big a stitch-up as Leveson.

  50. 50
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Helen Boaden is a joke, what does she actually do for a job? How can the head of NEWS walk away smelling of roses?

  51. 51
    Where's Daisy Cutter when you need him? says:

    He had a good solution to the problem of what to do with the BBC

  52. 52
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Pollard might be ex Sky but he used to work at the BBC and if he ever wants a job back in the real world he doesn’t want to cross the BBC.

  53. 53
    who why what where when says:

    No mention either of “cuts” being responsible for the cock-ups- like Paxo claimed.

  54. 54
    Even shit smells of roses says:

    - when you compare it to the effluent at the BBC – led by the Fragrant laydeee herself.

  55. 55
    Operation Crossbow says:

    But come on Victoria Derbyshire is now having to live off rations. Her 250K a year barely covers her nanny fees, he limo up to Salford, her 5 star hotel in Salford and of course her subscription to the Guardian.

    250K is chicken feed for top talent like her.

  56. 56
    Common Purpose says:

    Corporate bollocks lingo.
    It’s what we do best.

  57. 57
    ShurdyRover says:

    I am the Minister for Sloppy Records!

  58. 58
    David Cameron says:

    Tally Ho !

    Jolly super on the Boxing Day hunt you plebs out there.

  59. 59
    The BBC says:

    Blahdiblahdiblahdi blaaaahhhhhhhh

    Give us your money or go to prison.

  60. 60
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Has Helen Boaden got photos of Chris Patten with his cock out? There must be a reason this old dog keeps her job

  61. 61
    O/T But needs to be said says:

    Canada is rapidly morphing into an anti-libertarian fascist mess, surprisingly steered by it’s Human Rights Commission who seem to challenge constitutional free speech by use of it’s human rights legislation, particularly in the area of censorship.

    The strategy may sound familiar to some of the shenanigans employed by the ECHR Mongs to subvert aspects of UK Sovereignty.

    Will be interesting to see what Carney gets up to, but Canada can no longer be regarded a safe libertarian import. Beware.

    Oh: And it is sh*t place to go on vacation.

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Is that about annexing the Sudetenland?

  63. 63
    Alan Milburn, family reasons says:

    This makes what I’ve done look innocent, never thought I’d hear myself say that.
    What do you think George?

  64. 64
    Bluto says:

    A fat leftie twat

  65. 65
    Mental Elf says:


  66. 66
    BBC says:

    “Deputy heads must roll”

    That’s our motto

  67. 67
    The UK HAS BECOME East Germany circa 1976 says:

    In the light of recent cover up operations, I have been forced to change my moniker, to a more appropriate one.

  68. 68
    The public says:

    Close the entire organisation.

  69. 69
    I don't need a translation says:

    He is organising a large meal and a payrise.

  70. 70
    The UK HAS BECOME East Germany circa 1976 says:

    Or hire them as ‘independent’ program makers, to demonstrate the complete impartiality of the corporation of liars.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    a lot of paper shuffled round the desk, more effective pay-offs – well it’s just licence-payers’ money -. and a return to nurturing BBC obesity .

    Patten exudes the same repulsived arrogance as the likes of Alan Duncan and Chris Huhne.

  72. 72
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:


    Nobody held responsible for broadcasting the McAlpine programme.

    Nobody has been sacked.

    So much for a ‘full’ enquiry and so much for accountability.

  73. 73
    The Sleeper says:

    “We have just completed ,errr, discovered, a new CCTV video in HD with Dolby Surround sound which completely vindicates the accounts of our superlative State Police Force in their smear of Herr Mitchell…the evil Tory ex chief Whip. This video is already available on BluRay direct from the BBC, and The Guardian,our esteemed sister publication”.

  74. 74
    BBC Spokesperson says:

    Shit…wrong moniker.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like the BBc will continue to screw money out of us for a good few years to come.

  76. 76

    I’ll be spending Boxing Day looking for a decent bandwagon.

    rising unemployment
    the economy

  77. 77
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Has Patten got a cock? giving the size of his gut I doubt if he has seen it for years!

  78. 78

    Just got a licence fee letter this morning.
    Apparently i am under investigation for non payment.

    Now, its only a week late. I never mind paying the fee because, of course, you taxpayers pay it for me.

    What does ‘under investigation’ mean? Are the BBC carrying out a judge-led?
    I think I’ll hold off paying for a bit longer. See who turns up.

  79. 79
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Her and Bacon probably using food banks greedy bstards!

  80. 80
    Richard Walker says:

    I would have hoped for a slightly better standard of English from the acting DG:

    In the longer term, both myself and Tony Hall will look at what needs to change…

    How about Tony Hall and I?

  81. 81
    UK Public says:

    No, more about his anecdote of how his father dug a grave yet somehow didn’t fill it when the Germans were last in town, and a general dislike of the little twat.

  82. 82
    The UK HAS BECOME East Germany circa 1976 says:

    A deep red member of the Dave Heath faction, in fact.

  83. 83
    He who no longer posts says:
        The people's flag is deepest red,
        It shrouded oft our martyr'd dead
        And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
        Their hearts' blood dyed its ev'ry fold.
        Then raise the scarlet standard high,
        Within its shade we'll live and die,
        Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
        We'll keep the red flag flying here.
  84. 84
    The PrangWizard says:

    No sackings. I was struck but not surprised by the arrogant attitude of Patten. He clearly despises independent journalists and doesn’t feel he should answer their critical questions. He also said he was shocked at the lack of ‘collegiate’ behaviour of BBC journalists. So, in future they will all have to work togthether, exchange notes, make show their stories match. Just like the Met police when they concoct their stories and lies.
    One of the questioners asked the breaking up of the BBC. Not answered.
    And Patten must resign, he is clearly unable to carry out his role. Moral corruption everywhere.
    And a review of ‘culture’ to be made. Will this include their blatant political bias?

  85. 85
    Operation Crossbow says:

    The BBC are always quick to call for the resignation of others when something goes wrong. But notice how they are reluctant to practice what they preach.

  86. 86
    Operation Crossbow says:

    The BBC will become even more left wing now.

  87. 87
    HMMM says:

    “both myself”, schizophrenic?.

  88. 88
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Richard Bacon should be a real hoot on Radio 5 this afternoon. He’ll be batting for the BBC naturally.

  89. 89
    Legal Eagle says:

    Some rep from the license fee company with a signed warrant to enter and check premises for any installed television receiving equipment. They will also want to check.

    This guy will be accompanied by the police, who are present only to keep the peace.

    Be polite to the police, refuse entry (you are under no obligation to comply with this order, and they cannot force entry either), perhaps quote Savile at them (will warm the police to your position) and they will go.

    If you can video the interaction and post on YouTube, would do a good service.

    The next step after this, they will attempt to take you to court. Depending on how you feel, burn them for their legal fees and either pay, or prove you don’t need to.

    Avoid watching live transmission over the internet, and consider carefully if you have since missing the last payment date.

  90. 90
    Herman doesn't like it up him says:

  91. 91
    He who no longer posts says:

    How do you join this BBC? It sounds a good lark. All that money and no rap to take.

  92. 92
    He who no longer posts says:

    They follow the same Patten and it works every time…

  93. 93
    Dudley Castle says:

    load of old bollocks

  94. 94
    Jahbulon says:

    So the BBC is the social conditioning department of the post was consensus. They are institutionalised to propagate leftie/liberal propagabda. And with 50% of the total UK news reach they have used their power to move this country well to the left. Evidence for this is that we have a Conservative led government yet over half of our economy is in the (inefficient) public sector.
    The arrogance that the BBC have comes from their power. They tell the nation what to do. Unfortunately social media is unravelling their position and people are beginning to see the light.
    The BBC needs breaking up. They have very unhealthy monopoly powers that damage this country.

  95. 95
    Ex Voter says:

    The abridged version of the BBC e-mail is

    Keep calm
    Carry on

  96. 96
    Scally says:

    Me first. Me Me Me.

  97. 97
    HMMM says:

    Rasher is a gluttonous fat pig who obsesses over food. He is mostly lazy, preferring to lie in his pile of mud in Dennis the Menace’s garden.

  98. 98
    Just Who Are Common Purpose? says:

    Boaden is a Communist Purpose cockroach, they will survive until the very end, no matter how crap they are at their supposed jobs.

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    It’s spelled programme, Wannabeyank. (That’s pronounced W’ank).

  100. 100
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    I went there in 1977 and to an outsider it didn’t seem that bad. The people looked prosperous and it was said their GDP per capita was higher than ours. And what about all those Gold Medals, or is that what you are referring to?

  101. 101
    J a d ed Je an says:

    Canada has however avioded a recession let alone depression. It also has highly controlled immigration.

    It’s funny how statist nations do that dont you think?

    National Socialsim…you know it makes sense.

  102. 102
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Maybe one day the BBC will go the way of Binns – gone but not forgetten.

  103. 103
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Really? I thought there were as many nationalities living in Toronto and Montreal as there were in the Beacon of I*slam.

  104. 104
    Horse Vessel, Leeds says:

    Try this one, more pertinent to the local brand of socialism in Germany:

    Raise high the flag
    March rank and file together
    Our troopers march
    With steady measured stride
    Our mates, slain by the Left and Right
    Live on forever,
    And march with us in spirit at our side!

  105. 105
    Anonymous says:

    WTF is a silo ?

    We will also look at how we make sure silos don’t get in the way of effective team-working and sharing information across the BBC.

  106. 106
    North American Priest-Boy Love Association says:

    Indeed. No wonder shifty Davie dodged the question on whether Stephen Mitchell was resigning. Pretend he’s resigning, then let him potter on until retirement.

  107. 107
    Nonny Mouse says:

    Let’s dissect the weaselly, self-serving, semantics:

    “the review found no evidence of any improper pressure to prevent the broadcast of the Newsnight investigation”

    1. Just because no evidence was “found” doesn’t mean the evidence didn’t exist. To draw an analogy, when we were kids we used to play ‘hide-and-seek’. Now just because we couldn’t find one of our mates didn’t mean that that mate never existed. It just meant they had concealed themselves sufficiently well that they had won the game.

    2. The use of the phrase “improper pressure” is not the same as saying there was “no pressure”. Who is the arbiter of what constitutes “improper”? Was it a real world objective judgement of “improper” or a wholly subjective media luvvy judgement? Hmmm…. I wonder.

    Taken together you may think that……(fill in your own conclusions here!)

  108. 108
    Did Cameron pay for that coffee machine in his office says:

    Guido was even claiming here months ago that Savile’s fingers had been to places they should not have been .

    Where is the record of his Police Complaints ?

  109. 109
    Senior BBC News Management says:

    Rest assured that a head will roll, provided he’s very near to retirement age, not a reasonably young female Common Purpose graduate and we can arrange for a quiet compensation package.
    Oh, it’s already happened, sorry, I’m a bit behind.

  110. 110
    Educated Englishman says:

    Quite. They really haven’t a clue.

  111. 111
    Helen Boaden says:

    Don’t worry everyone, everything back to cosy normality tomorrow, can someone do me a coffee?

  112. 112
    Public Broadcasting Service says:

    Sure! Then every other month, the British TV-watching public can be subjected to two weeks of primetime being taken up by “specials” in which three hours will be broadcast, consisting of twenty-minute segments followed by forty minutes of begging and selling of cheap overpr!ced penny-ante swag! That’s how we do it, what amounts to overlong YouTube videos mixed with secularized televangelism and QVC, and we see no reason it couldn’t work for you too! Perhaps you’d like to hire us to run your “pledge weeks,” seeing as how we’re so expert at it?

  113. 113
    Perry says:

    Of course I may be wrong, but it sounds like, smacks of and maybe but maybe not – a sophisticated game of musical chairs. Please someone tell me who is taking/accepting responsibility?

  114. 114
    Terrible But True says:

    ‘it’s worth remembering why we originally commissioned such a thorough and independent report’

    Probably also worth forgetting who he used to work for in ensuring the right kind of ‘thorough’ on the line.

    If any entity other than the BBC served up such BS, from Humphrys to Paxman it would be sneered across the airwaves audible in Auckland, and then the Graun would keep the tweets going for months.

    They can’t hold themselves to account, so they are hardly worthy sensibly crediting doing the same for others.

    [We’re having some problems displaying the comments at the moment. Sorry. We’re doing our best to fix it.]

    Yes, ‘fixing’ is now the BBC’s main function.

  115. 115
    Smig says:

    Independent? My Arse!

    Pollard’s CV made him the ideal candidate not to rock the boat of one of the largest mainstream media organisations on Earth.

    BBC, ITN, and Sky News are all on his resumé.

  116. 116
    Smig says:

    Ending the “licence” fee is very straightforward. Stop paying it.

    Tell Capita to fuck off if they knock on your door demanding money with menaces.

  117. 117
    Grandma Moses says:

    As I said on the last thread:

    Common purpose drones do not get shoved sideways – despite a potential change in job description/title

  118. 118
    Toby G says:

    Read this for a laugh

    detector vans with nothing inside and Crapita Monkeys on commission

  119. 119
    crooked banks says:

    As I said on the previous thread:

    December 19, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Will this “new BBC culture” that was mentioned several times at Fatty’s press conference include the reintroduction of serious neutral newscasting instead of biased arse-licking left wing political opinion 24/7?

    I am not holding my breath.

  120. 120
    crooked banks says:

    Yeah – so why not reopen it again? You’ll have enough readers to cover the costs in less than a year.

  121. 121
    Curly from Camden says:

    Yes, few more minutes and Fatty would have had a heart attack!

  122. 122
    Annie Seed-Balls says:

    Are you new here by any chance?

  123. 123
    Annie Seed-Balls says:

    Quoi de neuf?

    What’s Flemish for Common Purpose?

  124. 124
    Curly the tv tax dodger says:

    Sure, but with the money saved not going to the BBC any more, we can get Sky subs and then choose which progs we want to subscribe to and not which we get force fed to watch – and get lots of footy coverage too!

  125. 125
    Curly says:

    Have you tried back-stabbing?

  126. 126
    crooked banks says:

    She knows where too many bodies are buried. Completely untouchable. Will she declare the unearned income she derived from ‘stepping aside’?

  127. 127
    crooked banks says:

    Carney will do what his masters at Goldilocks’ Socks tells him.

    Disagree about holiday bit. Take the Rocky Mountaineer train ride if you want to see a bit of the country; and Vancouver was recently voted as the best city to live in.

  128. 128
    crooked banks says:

    Only if you feel inclined to give it to them – and there is no compulsion to buy any of the DVDs they put out from time to time. Your choice!

  129. 129
    As a group, says:

    Both me, myself and I are products of the liebore ejecashun system which is why we are predictably illiterate (even though we think we are not).

  130. 130
    Shar Piers says:

    Actually, he said ‘collegial’ – whatever that means. This “Lord” has been promoted way above his pay grade.

  131. 131
    Shar Piers says:

    If they practised 360* appraisals (as introduced during the Labour Bliar years) ie appraising upwards as well as downwards, 90% of those in the top 15 layers of ‘management’ would be out on their ears by the end of the process.

  132. 132
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Just fancy that, BBC report into its own failings tucked away from prying eyes.

    Filed under McQuarrie Report – not obvious what it was about.

  133. 133
    Annie Seed-Balls says:

    But they told us they have unrivalled coverage of the news in Britain during that press conference today and had everybody’s trust. Were they telling fibbywibs?

  134. 134
    Annie Seed-Balls says:

    It’s an IT term: small insignificant lying operations

  135. 135
    Problem solver says:

    Can someone do her a serious mischief?

  136. 136
    Problem solver says:

    Well, the DG strolled away with enough (of our) loot to last a good lifetime….

  137. 137
    King Tvrd of Shit Mountain says:

    “The independence and
    integrity of our
    journalism is crucial to
    the public’s trust in us.”

    There is no trust in the BBC. It is an absolute disgrace.

  138. 138
    No to Europe says:

    Since Farage made that classic contribution, the EU has foisted unelected leaders on Greece and Italy.

  139. 139
    do me a favour says:

    Thought she was flown to and from Salford.
    She’s far too important to slum it in a limo.

  140. 140
    Boudicca says:

    The BBC has more useless wankers stepping aside and back again than Strictly Come Dancing.

  141. 141
    Anonymous says:

    Do tell.

  142. 142
    Eeyore says:

    As they always say of a crisis at the BBC:-

    ‘Deputy Heads must roll.’

  143. 143
    Sir Talbot Buxomley says:

    “Peter Rippon….another role in the BBC, commensurate with his skills and experience.”

    So floor sweeper may be what he is aiming for next.
    Rippon would look like Arthur English (and his trusty broom) from Are You Being Served.

    Michael Crick knew Rippon was an idiot. That’s why he went to Channel 4 news.

  144. 144
    The west is fcuked says:

    It also has highly controlled immigration.

    Canada has nothing of the sort. Walk around downtown Toronto, listen to the local news reports of crime incidents in districts like Scarborough, Lawrence and York, and you’ll realise they’ve foolishly imported the same problems as we have.

    Honour killings, car jackings, muggings, gang shootings, rapes…they’ve got it all thanks to decades of mindless third world immigration.

    The only difference is Canada’s sheer size. Plenty of space for white flight out of the enriched areas – unlike Britain.

  145. 145
    Beeboid Monsters says:

    Helen Boaden’s casual throwaway remark to Entwistle about the potential need for him to change his Christmas schedules was such a typical piece of BBC politicking. (‘I’m only going to hint briefly and rapidly at what I know, and it’s for you to ask. Because I’m cleverer than you, and by rights I should have your job. And you’re too stupid to know what I know, and too proud and too slow-witted to enquire further.’)

    Anyone notice that Boaden sent out a memo to news staff (via a jobsworth junior aide) first thing this morning (rather interestingly it was pre-leaked to The Guardian), asserting that she would be chairing the News meetings in the New Year, i.e. telling everyone she was reinstated as Ms Boss and would jump hard on anyone who claimed she was not – and thereby leaking the BBC’s feeble response to the Pollard Report.
    That’s another bit of BBC snobbery – ‘Look, I can get away with this. There’s nobody left in the building who can do owt about it.’

  146. 146
    Jack the Ripper says:

    The BBC is a treasure. As such, it should be buried.

  147. 147
    Hamish says:

    “The independence and integrity of our journalism is crucial to the public’s trust in us.”

    Trust and integrity is it? Before spouting such rubbish Mr Davie should have a look at how the BBC in Scotland are behaving. For some time now they have certainly not been meeting the provisions of their code of practice on unbiased political reporting. They are in bed with the Labour Party.

  148. 148
    Anonymous says:

    tl;dr — wtf, ktxbye.

    or — no fucks were given.

  149. 149
    Spartacus says:

    looks like written by trollope – too long to be considered

  150. 150
    Mailman says:

    The sky girls can do that because they are attractive…and probably intelligent to boot (except for the bunt that was banging the fuckwit off the apprentice!)!!!

  151. 151
    Pundit Too says:

    “The post of Editor Newsnight will be advertised in the New Year and Karen O’Connor will continue as Acting Editor in the meantime”
    BBC speak for – we will advertise the post in the Guardian and then choose one of our incumbent employee managers to the post. It could be the acting editor if her political credentials and culture fit add up.

    Moving the deckchairs on the SS Titanic BBC + coming out with the new PR mantra “the public do not want constant BBC navel gazing” bbc speak for we need to bury this bad news and move on regardless.
    The BBC are so lucky in having an incompetent Trust and Chairman – but for how much longer?
    Expect them to scour the earth for new dramatic news to cover up their total mismanagement and waste of public money.

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