December 11th, 2012

Labour MP Reports Miller to Standards Commissioner

Labour rent-a-quote John Mann has this afternoon registered a complaint with John Lyon, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, over reports that Maria Miller breached expenses rules by claiming £90,000 for a second home lived in by her parents.

“Maria Millar’s (sic) circumstances are identical to those of Tony McNulty who allowed his parents to live in his second home rent free and the Committee on Standards and Privileges ruled that he had broken the rules.”

People close to Miller point out that her arrangements have been cleared twice as being wholly proper, as well as pointing out that it’s not her parents home, stressing that it’s her own property that her parents live in, with her, and have done for 20 years. Could it be a strange case of breaking the letter of the law but not the spirit? Mysterious…


  1. 1
    Kebab for the chop says:



    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck off 8illy!


      • 53
        The Plot Thickens ........ says:

        Yeah, fuck off Bi11y. My little brother went to John Lyon but the crumblies were so prudent, that Stew and I had to suffer a basic grammar/comprehensive education. Still, they’ll be dead soon and we’ll be having the last laugh……

        …..and the remainder of the money.


    • 31
      e can seriously messup your head says:

      FFS sake Guido make your mind up, You were the one who brought the issue up then complain when someone entirely predictibly acts on it.


      • 63
        ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

        She should have reported herself.


        • 79
          Thomas says:

          An easy test.
          Anybody over the age of reason knows how it goes.

          If it smells – don’t do it.

          If it stinks – don’t even consider it.

          Now, what do Maria Miller’s actions smell like?


      • 69
        Tony Blair's Shredder says:

        I don’t read it as Guido complaining so much as providing a description of the parties involved and the past history of this particular piece if troughery for the greater edification of his readers.


    • 90
      King Edward says:

      maria miller is a c’unt


  2. 2
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Who dropped her in the shit on her big day promoting uncivil marriage proposals?


    • 6
      A blind bit of notice says:

      If not today, when?


    • 59
      Timmy Tin Foil says:

      With all the Leveson Report coverage of recent weeks, strange that the Secretary whose purview the Media fall under is the object of scrutiny here for possible corruption. Draw what conclusions you will. Maybe the gay-marriages/Equalities Minister thing is a side issue albeit a contributing one.


      • 61
        Tony Blair's Shredder says:

        Maybe someone is dodgy and needs to be investigated. Sometimes life really is that simple.


        • 87
          Parliamentary Standards Commissioner says:

          I will now carry out an investigation into this complaint about Maria Miller and report back in six months time that I do not have the powers to investigate. This is now universally recognised in Parliament as the ‘Handycock Solution.’


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    But not Gordon for never turning up?

    Double standards methinks


  4. 4
    Alexsandr says:

    Time to put the hot water bottle in her bed in Holloway methinks


  5. 5
    You say potato I say onanist says:

    What a cretin


  6. 7
    sixupman says:

    Did Mann do the deed pre or post Guido?


  7. 8
    A educated nose says:

    I am not sure that I like the pong of this one.


  8. 12
    Admiral Ackbar says:

    Waste that biatch!


  9. 13
    Jimmy says:

    “People close to Miller point out that her arrangements have been cleared twice as being wholly proper, as well as pointing out that it’s not her parents home, stressing that it’s her own property that her parents live in, with her, and have done for 20 years. Could it be a strange case of breaking the letter of the law but not the spirit?”

    Certainly people close to people close to Miller seem very supportive.


  10. 14
    A casual observer says:

    The religion of peace has won a significant battle in Belgium.


    • 44
      Crossy-fingers says says:

      All I could see was someone being sworn into a public office. People do that all the time. Our Parliament has a number of republicans in it who have pretended they will uphold the constitution.


    • 49
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

      An outrageous outburst by a racist member of the public. We politicians know best, that is why I did the deal with Gordon Brown to bring in proportionately more asylum seekers into Portsmouth than any other town or city in the UK, between 2001 and 2011.

      Why are we doing this? Well firstly they vote for us, which keeps us in a job, and secondly they are a huge source of cheap labour for the public sector, particularly the NHS and Local Government which allows us to keep taxes lower than they should be and, therefore, also keeps us in a job. There is method in our madness! Boaz.


      • 76
        Moses Limpopo says:

        Thank you Lord Handycock for allowing me in to Portsmouth, allowing me to work for an agency cleaning local schools at half minimum wage. My appreciation know no bounds, I will certainly vote for you. Soon I will be eligible for welfare benefits and then I will be giving up work and will be able to campaign full time for your election to parliament. All my immediate family are coming over thanks to you, and then their immediate family. You are truly a wonderful man beloved of all asylum seekers.


        • 82
          Concerned Citizen says:

          Don’t know who you are Moses – but we know for sure that Portsmouth City Council have given out Cleaning contracts for local schools to unscrupulous agencies who employ (mainly foreign) workers at around HALF the Minimum Wage. The Council Officers and Councillors too must know all about this. It is a local disgrace and more than likely to be repeated in other Councils all over the Country.


  11. 15
    She sounds a nightmare says:


  12. 16
    Trinny says:

    Mann is a fine chap judging by his glowing Wikipedia page


  13. 17
    A pity Blair didn't commit suicide says:


  14. 20
    norbert wiener's cat says:

    is out of the bag


  15. 23
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Good for Mann he may be a rent a quote but on this issue hes our rent a quote


  16. 26
    Hank the Cat says:

    Of course John Mann the gobshite will be reporting hodge the dodge


  17. 27
    Laundered Througher McNulty says:

    Hello my old friend Guido

    Here I am again

    I am clean as the proverbial whistle now, as you know, and I will make a comeback and be whitewashed like this Lady

    Please give me another 5 minutes of fame…

    You owe it to me for old school reasons


  18. 28
    Just Curious says:

    So if an MP has to use the house exclusively for themselves, what if they have kids?

    What if the children are fostered (not family in the strict sense)?

    What if they have a live in nanny/housekeeper?

    The question must be in whos name is the title deed, and do they make rental income, or how often are they there themselves.


    • 33
      The public says:

      The other questions are: how much does it cost the taxpayer and what have they got to hide?


    • 38
      A expenses fan says:

      The question is how far you can put your snout into the taxpayer’s trough.

      This looks like a pretty thorough attempt and is supported by sources close to Mrs Miller – probably Windy himself. The timing of the claims stopping is very interesting.

      I think we can give it a 8.2 on the Margaret Moran scale on a provisional basis – at least until the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards has done his usual thourough job with the bucket of whitewash. John is such an artist with a big brush.


  19. 32
    Enemy of the State says:



  20. 34
    Bent City Solicitors says:

    Maria may have broken the spirit of the law but not the letter

    We advise thousands of tax avoiders I will have you know

    They always break the spirit of the law, but never the letter of the law

    That is how we keep our reputation for complete honesty and morality

    BTW Do MPs actually intend that we should pay any taxes at all. They dont’ set much of an example theselves…


    • 37
      Parliament says:

      Money grows on trees. The tax rates are just for show.


      • 41
        A chancellor says:

        Dear Mr Titchmarsh

        My money tree has died. Please could you tell me how to grow another one.




        • 47
          Chance the Gardener says:

          While there is still plenty of well-matured bullshit which can be spread around so that no-one can see that the lack of any green shoots of recovery underneath, there is still hope for a magnificent imaginary harvest in, say, a couple of decades.


        • 54
          god says:

          Easy – become an MP!!!!


        • 56
          god says:

          Easy – become an MP!!


        • 78
          Financial wizz says:

          Simple, tap into the misdeeds of the likes of HS BC, Barcl ays, BP, Starbucks etc and you’ll soon be raking it in.


    • 58
      Anonymous says:

      To be fair, there werent many MPs who came out of the expenses scandal untainted, even though some situations could have been clearer.Wasnt there something about Ed and Yvette cross claiming for their 2 properties ? (Ed claiming one property was his primary residence and yvette claiming for the other one )


      • 65
        A relate counsellor says:

        But at least that was perfectly understandable….. if you were Yvette would you want to share a main residence (or any bloody residence) with Blinky?


    • 84
      Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

      After the sanctimonious condescending claptrap coming out of the esteemed Palace of Westminster about people who stay within the rules to avoid tax I would have thought we would have had an honourable resignation by now .


  21. 36
    Roscoe Rules says:

    Cut out the middle man and just park a fucking prison barge on the Thames outside parliament.


  22. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps she is intending to marry her parents?


  23. 52
    Jungly Barry says:

    I am interested in the “t-shirt” diameter and depth of Fat Tommy’s belly button

    Is there a puppy living in the button?


  24. 60
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Hold onto your hats, folks. “Gay Marriage” P.M. at the liaison committee soon.


  25. 62
    ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

    BBC:- Number of Welsh speakers falling.

    Must be the ice.


  26. 70
    Westminster Gossip says:


    Let me state right off the bat, I’m not homophobic – I passionately believe in equal rights for all irrespective of gender.

    Having said that I am absolutely against redefining the term marriage to include same sex relationships. The definition of marriage, one man and one woman, currently includes the terms, husband and wife, mother and father and the ceremony includes the phrase ‘do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband and this woman to be your lawful wedded wife’.

    Equal does not mean same! Civil partnerships include all the legal rights of marriage to same sex relationships with the exception of the term marriage. Extending the definition of marriage to include same sex relations will surely threaten its ancillary terms and soon my Gay friends will be campaigning to outlaw husband and wife, mother and father as they will in practice be seen as discrimination against those same sex relationships which cannot by definition include such descriptors.

    Let me now turn to the issue that some churches will be able to practise same sex marriage and others will not. If this isn’t an example of a blatant and inherent discrimination against Gay couples then I do not know what is. If a Church has been licensed by the state to carry out marriages as a public service but, is given a right not to do so from religious conscience then how does that differ from the Christian couples right to refuse a Gay couple stay at their B&B? In English Common Law these two positions cannot be legally reconciled. If you provide a public service you cannot discriminate. It’s like trying to pick shit up from the clean end!

    If this Bill passes into law it is the government who will be pursued vigorously by my Gay friends through the European courts for allowing some churches a ‘public license’ to opt out of providing marriages for same sex couples.


    • 73
      Mr BumBum says:

      Dave knows best, so shut the fuck up.


    • 74
      Demosthenes says:

      I think the ‘I’m not homophobic’ bit is redundant. Try ‘I believe in marriage, which is the legal, and for some people the spiritual union of a man and a woman’ and take it from there.


    • 80
      Observant Public says:

      Or try: ‘I believe in family’

      The homophobic stuff is just PC programming showing – get that out though you will feel better for it and regain clarity of thought.


  27. 77
    Glyn H says:

    I’m not sure it is the same as McNulty; was he not living elsewhere, with his wife, who I think was one of those delightful union folk who think keeping children away from meaningful learning is the duty of lefty teachers; was that not why the unbelievably pompous twat was critised? And happily lost his seat?


  28. 83
    Marine Le Pen says:

    It seems to me we are now having a second expenses scandal while people are still at liberty from the first .

    At least that Liberal Laws was prepared to resign from a Cabinet post? let us see what a Tory woman does .


  29. 92
    Hargeret Modge Labour MP says:

    I was shocked to discover that I myself am a serial expenses cheat and that I have been participating in aggressive tax avoidance for many years.

    I am very angry about this and plan on giving myself a stiff talking to.

    I am behaving in an immoral fashion and I am most upset with myself.

    I do however plan to keep the money whilst berating others for doing what I myself have been doing for years.

    Yours etc….


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