December 7th, 2012

Kate Middleton Prank Call Taker Found Dead Suspected Suicide


The Mail is reporting that the receptionist who was pranked by the Australian Queen impersonator has been found dead in a suspected suicide. Scotland Yard say:

‘Police were called at approximately 9.25am on Friday, December 7, to a report of a woman found unconscious an address in Weymouth Street, W1. London Ambulance Service attended and the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Enquiries are continuing to establish the circumstances of the incident. The death is not being treated as suspicious at this stage’.




  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    OH MY GOD!

    So sad :(

  2. 2
    Stan says:

    Thats awful news. Poor woman.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    That’s really sad.

  4. 4
    cynic says:

    That’s terrible. Shows us that actions have consequences we may not think of at the time.

  5. 5
    punchy says:

    Hopefully her family can sue the aussie idiots who pranked her

  6. 6
    Over to Pesto says:

    Oh that is so deep.

  7. 7
    Senseless says:

    Poor woman. She was the innocent party in all this.

  8. 8
    D-Ann 'Habbott says:

    Bare bad init.

  9. 9
    Over to Pesto says:

    The Express was carrying this story three weeks ago.

  10. 10
    Sarah says:

    RIP – what a waste, & for what? A few laughs by some shallow pricks down under?

    Are those Aussie DJs related to Jonathon Ross & Russell Brand by any chance?

  11. 11
    IMHO says:

    Their are ordinary people out there that don’t like being thrust into media limelight, what a shame.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s hear the Aussies joke their way out of that one…

  13. 13
    SOPs in the workplace says:

    Or a boss that made her feel so miserable she took her life.

    Or the BBC for repeating her phone call in all its news broadcasts. In fact I recall thinking at the time that the clip the BBC kept repeating was not right as she was just a telephone receptionist and not at all responsible for what happened yet the BBC seemed to be suggesting it was all her fault for being so stupid..

  14. 14
    Disgusting says:

    That’s horrific. Those two talentless c-unts down under should be fired.

  15. 15
    Scrobs... says:

    What’s Australian for P45.

    What’s the Royal Family going to do now.

    What’s a loving daughter’s family going to go through for the next twelve months and longer.

    And we just have Leveson.

  16. 16
    The late Chapman Pincher says:

    It is always a bad idea to cross the Windsor ‘Family’. The notorious crime syndicate wreaks swift and summary revenge on all who incur their anger.

    Pensioners Philip and Elizabeth Battenberg control the extensive Windsor crime syndicate and live, with their extended ‘family’, in a number of large council-houses protected by a vast private army. They travel everywhere in convoys of armoured vehicles, and appear to be completely above the law.

  17. 17

    You cannot be serious..??

  18. 18
    Mr Lebedev says:

    How many of you think queen ordered her death?

  19. 19
    BBC are buggered says:

    Good heavens you dont expect anyone in the BBC to have an empathy with those being embarassed..leveson wasn’t about them you know.
    What a shocker, I hope the aussie b***strd is hung by his short hairs. No care for others and the collateral damage to people.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    three weeks ago? are you some kind of complete idiot? Did they predict the whole turn of events… what a W*****

  21. 21
    Scrobs... says:

    Quite right, SOPs.

    Presumably there will be some hand-wringing at 6.00pm, then in other news, they’ll have the awful Flanders woman on, or Peston, complaining about something or other that they’ll never understand.

  22. 22
    Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

    My heart goes out to her family, and my anger goes out to the reason she did this – my suspicion is the impending enquiry and witch hunt.

  23. 23
    Chris Patten to Resign? says:

    The BBC should hang its head in shame for constantly repeating the moment when she recieved the call on all its news bulletins.

    Their actions at best would have made her feel awful. At the time i thought they were going too far as she sounded like a trusting innocent person and there was no need to constantly broadcast her conversation on their airwaves.

  24. 24
    cheche says:

    Not the place for silly comments makes me feel so bad

  25. 25
    Chris Bryant's favourite dildo says:

    Oh, yes, deep and dirty

  26. 26
    Spooky Sue says:

    Well – lets just see if she was found hanged with an satsuma in her mouth and lots of porn laying around, in a situation where advanced decay of the body would mask the presence of any poisons… There were two on the call though – so the real question is was it Mark 1 or 2 ?

  27. 27
    Scrobs... says:

    Nice one, Sarah!

    It all just gives so much more clout to the real honest people who are trying to tread on this verminous race of ‘broadcasters’ who think they’re so bloody clever, when they’re just rubbish.

    Let’s grieve for her family, and hope that some big, fat heads roll for once – especially at the bloody awful BBC.

  28. 28
    Eh? says:

    What did the bbc have to do with it? It was two knobheads in Australia. The bbc have refused to broadcast the contents of the call because it invaded Kate’s privacy. Hate the bbc all you want but at least be rational.

  29. 29
    Deep Froat says:

    Funny team those DJ’s. One rape victim traumatised now one death. Price of comedy is going up.

  30. 30
    An Aussie says:

    Aussies are c*nts.

  31. 31
    Scrobs... says:

    Absolutely, CP etc.

    The bloody BBC just had to make a big smug, lip curling issue of the whole affair, and let’s expect the blasted over-paid knobs down there to fall on their swords, and pretty damn quick too!

    Patten can piss off too, he’s just a bloody interference.

  32. 32
    Jedi Bakhurst says:

    Why blame the radio station? They couldn’t have foreseen this. Tragic though it is, let’s not descend into blaming anyone for everything.

  33. 33
    The public. says:

    None of us. The people to blame are the c*nts who ran the prank and those media outlets which delighted in repeating the prank on air.

  34. 34
    Legal Eagle says:

    Without knowing anything about the background of the deceased, it is of course way to early to leap to judgement as to her reasons for suicide, or indeed to connect her actions directly to any specific event that may have occurred recently.

  35. 35
    Sarah says:

    +1 – Patten has no shame – the arrogant cock.

  36. 36
    Damo says:

    ‘Or a boss that made her feel so miserable she took her life.’

    I suspect this is more likely it than anything, or other underlying problems, but the whole royal shebang was the straw that broke the camel. Regardless, a tragedy and horrible example of press intrusion messing with normal people’s lives (though if we’re going to build a hierarchy of victims it still doesn’t quite trump hacking a dead teenage girl’s phone to sell more papers which themselves have pictures of topless teens)

  37. 37
    Agent X says:

    Depends if she sealed herself in large hold all from the inside and then wiped the room clear of all prints and dna whilst still in it.

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Such a thing as thinking before you act.

  39. 39
    Scrobs... says:

    Clearly, you missed most of the BBC reporting, and perhaps you’re a better person for that.

    The glee with which the BBC reported the phone discussion, while wheeling on Nick Witchell, was disgraceful.

    Don’t ask me to be rational please! I don’t see why that comes into it.

  40. 40
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    That is awfully sad. We joke about and mock the professionals here on Guido’s blog, but when it is “real” people who suffer as a result of a seemingly merry prank, then that is too bad.

  41. 41
    Hacked Off says:

    We disagree… :-D

  42. 42
    Cocaine and rent boys says:

    Spot on, the matter could have been reported by not including any extracts of the conversation but oh fuck no the BBC and the rest of the broadcast media just had to have some humilation in there. C unts utter utter c unts !

  43. 43
    Michael Christian says:

    He’s busy deleting his Tweets. The really offensive one That reads

    “If you’d said to me “MC this week will finish with you making international headlines” I would have punched you in the face. #RoyalPrank ”

    Has gone

    This one is still there:

  44. 44
    Jimmy says:

    Royalty, eh?

  45. 45
    The public says:

    Yes they could. But then again, they may not have been able to. Like many self-centred people who go into the ‘media’ so that people will look at them, look at them, look at them, they may be sociopaths who have no common sense, common decency or empathy.

    Hang ‘em.

  46. 46
    They've got previous says:

    Prank radio station 2Day FM is already serving two five-year licence probations after serious breaches of the regulator’s code. The broadcaster was handed the first reprimand in 2009 after a 14-year-old girl was attached to a lie detector and pushed into revealing live on air that she had been r*ped.

    The reluctant teenager had been brought on to The Kyle and Jackie O Show by her mother who told the presenters she was worried about her daughter’s use of drugs and partying. The mother asked her daughter: ‘Have you ever had sex?’

    To which, she replied: ‘I’ve already told you the story about this … and don’t look at me and smile because it’s not funny’. After a pause, the girl added: ‘Oh OK, I got raped when I was 12 years old.’

  47. 47
    Carter Smünt says:

    Someone is driven to suicide because of a prank based around the crowned parasites??? I wonder what pressure she was put under by her bosses etc…insane…
    The hated Oz premier Neo Con Nasty Ju Liar Gizzard is at the pranking game as, the only way she get a laugh from the Ozzies is when she dissappears up her own chuff.

  48. 48
    The public says:

    Patten should resign. His inability to run the BBC properly is costing peoples’ lives.

  49. 49
    They've got previous says:

    Prank radio station 2Day FM is already serving two five-year licence probations after serious breaches of the regulator’s code. The broadcaster was handed the first reprimand in 2009 after a 14-year-old girl was attached to a lie detector and pushed into revealing live on air that she had been r*ped.

    The reluctant teenager had been brought on to The Kyle and Jackie O Show by her mother who told the presenters she was worried about her daughter’s use of drugs and partying. The mother asked her daughter: ‘Have you ever had sex?’

    To which, she replied: ‘I’ve already told you the story about this … and don’t look at me and smile because it’s not funny’. After a pause, the girl added: ‘Oh OK, I got r*ped when I was 12 years old.’

  50. 50
    cynic says:

    Errr because they were responsible.

    If they had foreseen the possibility it would have been crimina. BEcasue they didnt it was just immoral

  51. 51
    Carter Smünt says:

    Someone is driven to suicide because of a prank based around the crowned parasites??? I wonder what pressure she was put under by her bosses etc…insane…
    The hated Oz premier Neo Con Nasty JuLiar Gizzard is at the pranking game as, the only way she get a laugh from the Ozzies is when she dissappears up her own chuff.

  52. 52
    Dilligaff says:

    Simple. If they hadn’t impersonated another two people’s identities then this poor woman would NOT have been publicly humiliated and lambasted to the point where the taking of her own life would not have appeared to her as an enviable option.

  53. 53
  54. 54
    Cocaine and rent boys says:

    ah yes they did not broadcast the extracts detailing Middletons medical update but they did broadcast the voice of the receptionist as she was “had” oh how we laughed. Over and over and fucking over again just to make sure the humiliation of the woman was maximised. Fucking arseholes !

  55. 55
    Eh? says:

    Sky News didn’t?

  56. 56
    YorkshireLad says:

    We all have a laugh at other people’s expense from time to time, but this is beyond the pail.
    A desperately sad episode and I hope this will stand as a salutory lesson to those wishing to pull stunts like this in the future.
    I’m sure we all pass our heartfelt condolences to the family of the young lady and may she rest in peace…and haunt the f*cking perpetrators!

  57. 57
    Eh? says:

    So did Rupe’s Sky News.

  58. 58
    Evan Alaff says:

    Still on the BBC web site. Shameful.

  59. 59
    The savant8.5 says:

    Take his quadruple chin with him into the bypass lounge .

    Could be used as an artery graft —-possibly .

  60. 60
    Mongspotter says:

    Patten should resign because he is a useless trougher. Anything else is incidental.

  61. 61
    Engineer says:

    Dickhead DJs, eh?

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    This much is certain :
    1. Whatever was said to the poor woman will now be denied.
    2. Whoever said what to the poor woman will now deny it.
    All we know is that it must have been bad enough to make her take her own life.
    A sickening, ugly, tragedy.
    Why does this remind me of Dr. Kelly?

  63. 63
    Slimy says:

    I’m sure Channel 4 will sign the two DJs up for some reality show. We know what a haven of good taste that channel is.

  64. 64
    Engineer says:


  65. 65
    Double standards says:

    On your pal Rupert’s Sky News too.

  66. 66
    Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

    Jimmy this is not an article to flame and bait others, although I suspect you are a sockpupet who themselves should be ashamed.

  67. 67
    Freddy Moses says:

    We should declare war on Australia

  68. 68
    Jon says:

    Does UK or Australia law apply regarding the recording this phone conversation without permission?

  69. 69
    Scrobs... says:

    Didn’t what?

    (Rational enquiry).

  70. 70
    The savant8.5 says:

    Has. Nt flanders in a field gone on record as complaining about binkie s stammer. ?

    Maintains it buggers up the rhythm method calculations…..

  71. 71
    Jon says:

    This whole affair proves again that Australia has a different definition of what is comedy, than the rest of the world.

  72. 72
    Malthus says:

    ǝʌıɟ ʎʇɹoɟ d

  73. 73
    Scrobs... says:

    True, Coces!

    Smug buggers, hopefully in a big huddle with their lawyers wondering what to do next…

    Corporate Indigestion all round, and no doubt Patten will be shitting himself again, but that’s a good thing.

  74. 74
    gildedtumbril says:

    Well, at least it diminishes the Brood Mare in foal saga which has me totally sick. And it would provide ammunition for the ‘muzzle the press loonies’
    However, the suspicion will always linger Was she Dr. Kellyed?

  75. 75
    Ian E says:

    Well, must be a win for the Royals – no one else will repeat that sort of prank!

  76. 76
    Mohammed Al Fuggin Fayed says:

    I fuggin do!

  77. 77
    Scrobs... says:

    Oh, bugger – I had to laugh at that…

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Firstly how very, very sad she felt compelled to take her own life.

    Secondly, it’s very simple, it’s called MANSLAUGHTER or CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER.

    Hopefully arrest warrants and extradition applications will be made on Monday for the two DJs and the Board of the Company!


  79. 79
    Interested Public says:

    Well – if her employers didn’t recognize her emotional state and provide support there could be an serious issue here. Training staff to be aware of potential ‘social engineering attacks’ could have helped the mistake from happening in the first place.

    There will be an inquest and coroners report – probably best to wait until that is out before speculating any further, or attempting to apportion blame.

  80. 80
    restore the monasteries says:

    Such awful news,lives ruined by those that know not the consequences of their actions.Sick to the pit of my stomach on hearing this news.

  81. 81
    Willer says:

    Making fun of the state can lead to fatalities.

  82. 82
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Dancing on said girl’s grave for party political advantage trumps it.

  83. 83
    Scrobs... says:

    Probably because it was a private hospital Coces.

    They love stories about the NHS being clobbered, and love these yarns even more!

  84. 84
    OH DEAR says:

    It reminds you of Dr Kelly because the press, the royal family and government are all as shady as fuck. That poor woman. Goodness knows how she was treated by her employers as well.

  85. 85
    MAX DICKHEAD says:

    No the BBC have already signed up these rare talents
    To phone celebrities and pose as abuse victims

  86. 86
    Viv. E. La Republique says:

    RIP. Unfortunately, this will soon be all forgotten as we hear of Kate having jolly japes in the snow at Sandringham from the arch-fawner Witchell; or if she has twins, who does that make 250th in line to the throne from royal “experts” like Kate Williams.

  87. 87
    XXXxx says:

    What radio station was it, it wasn’t a NI one was it? I bet those 2 idiots in Aus, when told what has happened might be wondering if the same fate might befall them.

  88. 88
    Scrobs... says:

    You don’t need a calculator to recognise her sneering output, Sav.

    Silly bitch just gets worse every day, and no doubt, she’ll be given a new job soon, perhaps on Peppa Pig’s Big day out or similar…

    She’s had enough practice with the labour crowd…

  89. 89
    Legal Eagle says:


    The call originated in Australia and was recorded.

    The federal Telecommunications (Interception) Act 1979 and State and Territory listening devices laws apply. Recording is only allowed if at the beginning of the call the warning about ‘this call is being recorded’ is issued. (Exemptions apply for telecommunications companies only)

    Now – that is Federal and State – which means that even though the call recipient is now deceased, there is the scope for the Australian government to directly prosecute the person who initiated the call. That is before any issues under broadcast regulation come into frame.

    This was the case though before the recent tragic turn of events.

  90. 90
    Fishy says:

    That’s exactly what I thought

  91. 91
    citizen says:

    Feel very sad for the lady. Obviously she was a top nurse in order to be entrusted with Kate, but was betrayed by her own innocence and by the cynicism of others

  92. 92
  93. 93
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:


    BBC -not fit for purpose.

  94. 94
    George Orwell says:

    His replacement will also be a useless trougher. His replacement will always be a useless trougher

  95. 95
    PC Dixon says:

    What an awful and sad outcome. Wonder, are those two prats in Australia still laughing at how clever they are.

    There can be little doubt she was suffering before the so called prank but this is the issue when clever dick pranksters try to be so clever when they pick on individuals they know nothing about.

    They both deserve the sack. Keep them away from real people

  96. 96
    stirlingole says:

    What’s wrong with you people? Go play your stupid, verbal, sexual innuendo gymnastics elsewhere. You have no sense of morality. There are consequence to the actions of all of us – including YOU

  97. 97
    It's best served cold says:

    Let’s not. Let’s just do something nasty to the presenters.

  98. 98
    It's best served cold says:

    They deserve worse than the sack.

  99. 99
    Damo says:

    ‘Dancing on said girl’s grave for party political advantage trumps it.’

    Pointing out a wrong or trying to right it is hardly taking advantage.
    Taking the profits and telling everyone to pretend it never happened and promising to never,ever,ever do it again is certainly taking advantage. Anyone know where I can borrow a horse?

  100. 100
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Hear hear!

    It seems that some people lose all sense of proper behaviour just because they’re on the bloody Internet.

  101. 101
    XXXxx says:

    Guess what, it is a Murdocher radio station, this on their site,
    Other Stations:
    Fox FM Melbourne
    B105 Brisbane
    SAFM Adelaide
    Radar Radio
    Well, well, and you lot ragging the Beeb

  102. 102
    XXXxx says:

    Well, well, just looked on their website and it is
    Other Stations:
    Fox FM Melbourne
    B105 Brisbane
    SAFM Adelaide
    Radar Radio

  103. 103

    Oh, you are serious…

    To be fair to the DJs, though, prank calls don’t generally lead to suicides. I didn’t think for one moment that the blame for falling for this prank would attach to one person. I mean, I can’t be the only person who assumed that with the security that would have surrounded Kate Middleton, communications between her doctor/s and the palace would have been secure, and the queen supposedly ringing reception would have rung alarm bells. Additionally, the hospital receptionist would/should not have been privvy to any details to give away to a hoax caller.

    This seems such a matter of course to me, especially post Leveson, that I still can’t quite rule out the possibility of an even bigger hoax being perpetrated on us, the public. A bit of a stretch, maybe, but dibs on the ‘I told you so’…

  104. 104

    guido do you think you may force someone to kill themselves with your explosive hate?

    keep it real guido if you need some help contact us


  105. 105
    Seen this before have we not says:

    Just make sure she feeds herself properly and maybe she won’t end up back in hospital

  106. 106

    Ah, I see the problem now. She *was* a nurse, and probably shouldn’t have been standing in for the receptionist in the first place, with knowledge she had to share injudiciously, if innocently. Heads may roll, or at least take a battering, over this…

  107. 107
    Jon says:

    Thanks for that.

  108. 108
    Who Want's Some! says:

    These arse holes are typical of what passes for ‘media professionals’ these days. Narcissistic sociopaths who are unable to do anything unless if furthers their ego/career. Whatever the underlying reasons for this woman’s suicide these two jokers where the catalyst when they engaged in thoughtless and pointless prank. It was not helped by our media bigging it up into more than it was.

  109. 109

    This is just so awful! An innocent woman is dead? Family, friends and colleagues grieving.

    1) Did the hospital have in place a protocol for every member of staff regarding outside call about patients?
    2) Was it the receptionist/telephonist role to ‘vet or field’ all calls?
    3) Was the receptionist/telephonist required to merely put all calls though to a different sort of professional for vetting?
    4) What did she do wrong?

    Oh this poor woman what she had been put through by everyone involved –
    Australian originators/executors of the ‘prank’
    UK & International broadcasters/journalists repeating the recording
    Her own hospital management who (as far as I am aware) said nothing to defend her for ‘just doing her job’
    Her own hospital management who quite possibly/likely laid responsibility where it should not have rested

    In future, let us all take personal responsibility for what we do. Because whatever is done, will have consequences; seen and unforeseen. Even a stupid ignorant Australian broadcasters would be aware of some fall out of the mindless ‘prank’ (I don’t actually think it was merely a ‘prank’ but I can’t think of a single word to describe what they did).

    This poor woman. It is so sad. I am so sorry.

  110. 110
    MAX DICKHEAD says:

    No it’s not

  111. 111
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Let’s not forget that the internet, notably our host, fell on this story as gleefully as anyone, and made available all the medical details too.

  112. 112
    Airey Belvoir says:

    I think that the call was taken at the switchboard and then passed on to the ward. I presume it is the ward nurse who gave details, and not the receptionist, who has taken her life. A pity the very amateurish prank call was not filtered out at the switchboard.

  113. 113
    Displaced Brummie says:

    the killer team are the talk of Twitter, though their boastful Twitter accounts have both been pulled. Cowardly bastards.

  114. 114
    Simon B says:

    So should Sky News.

  115. 115
  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    She is/was a nurse who was filling in on reception AS for the Ozzy morons visit their website at I did & they’re really getting a slagging posters are demanding they be sacked

  117. 117
    Keith AB says:

    Does anybody know if the DJ’s in Australia were part of the Murdoch Empire or will they be allowed to simply walk away?

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    To be fair, there were always going to be victims of this “prank ” even in Australia they must keep medical info confidential in hospitals, so there was always a chance that if they got through and somebody spoke to them, that person would be in trouble. But, hey it doesnt matter we played a silly prank and made ourselves feel cool, clever, cutting edge etc. Hopefully the fuckers will grow up a bit sharpish.

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, Milliband exploited the situation disgracefully.

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    You need treatment for the massive chip on your shoulder and mental issues.

  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    She was made a fool of by 2 Australian morons and was very distressed. Dont start blaming anybody else without evidence. You are now accusing her employers of something you cant possibly know about.

  122. 122
    Anonymous says:

    That was a nice thing to say.Thanks.

  123. 123
    George Buttdim says:

    So what. It was on the BBC website. National frigging Broadcaster, Royal Charter and so on. that was the point being made. Other broadcasters are available but the BBC “speaks for the nation.” I’m not sure which one any more though.

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    if you want to be factual then we do not know anything about the cause of death, including whether the lady committed suicide.

  125. 125
    Anonymous says:

    it does appear very odd.

    what happened to the secure communications between the palace and the hospital.
    the palace medical team was also at the hospital?

  126. 126
    Fergus Pickering says:

    Well, I think it does.

  127. 127
    Malcolm McDowell says:


  128. 128

    Can’t we get a collection going and give it to Chopper Reid?

    I’m sure he’d do a bang up job on those bastards!

  129. 129
    Spartacus says:

    Good job Special Branch grilled her for three hours – threatening to bollocks her life for the next five years with terrorism act (they invoke that for everything and anything)

    Good job the Hospital for putting her on probation for the next two years and relegated to emptying bed pans

    Good job the Palace for asking for her removal

    And all the other vested interests making her life a misery on top of how bad she feels anyway.

    No surprises here, move along now

  130. 130
    Gormenghast says:

    I put the blame squarely on the Hospital Management. Most small Hospitals (King Edward VII has 61 beds) close their Switchboards out of hours (the call was @ 05.30 hours) and have calls automatically transferred to the Ward, to be answered by a passing Nurse.

    It is up to the Hospital to have policies and procedures for Nurses to follow, particularly where they have high profile patients under their care.

    In no way was it the Nurse’s fault or the Australian DJs fault. It was the fault of the Hospital Management, and hopefully they will be found culpable in any subsequent Enquiry.

  131. 131
    Coops says:

    This ‘humour’ is SOP in Aus and NZ, crass bullying pricks who think it’s funny to make people look like utter arses.

  132. 132
    AussieBogan says:

    I’m from australia and i would love to see these people fired and love 2day fm in itself to be directly taken off the air, but to be fair it was a couple of clowns clowning around. the result of the prank call was taken to an extreme, worst case scenario if you would say, but when you go blaming these 2 individuals your just letting the media win. now that its escalated this far the 2 australians are now no more than scapegoats taking the blame for everything so that the bbc, board directors at the hospital and all others involved can sleep better at night.

  133. 133
    All as bad as each other says:

    But Common Purpose.

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George Galloway says of his former Respect candidate the UKIP MEP turned Tory, Amjad Bashir…

“Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment, only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

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