December 5th, 2012

LibDems Non-Retraction Retraction
Press Office Chaos After Anti-Tory Briefing

The Liberal Democrats are claiming that their vicious briefing against their coalition partners was sent out “in error”. Apparently it was an update to an old briefing. Guido is calling bullsh*t. Firstly the briefing was deliberately sent from a party branded account, separately from a coalition friendly briefing moments before. When the LibDems slag off the Tories they do it with the bird logo. When they are behaving they do it, rather splendidly, with a blue version of their logo:

Secondly it went out on their website. Hardly a case of bad trigger finger. They have quietly deleted it online now, but have not corrected their original email. They tell Guido “we may feel the need to issue a print retraction” in due course, but for the time being they are only telling anyone who asks. When it was put it to the masters of spin that their explanation did not “have the ring of truth to it” they promptly and swiftly cleared the whole matter up: “well… [PAUSE] that’s what we are saying.” Not just Balls that is having a bad day…


  1. 1
    Nick Clegg says:

    First again


  2. 2
    Simon Lewis says:



    • 16
      Red Egg Millitit..... says:

      ….and they want to jump into bed with Liebour? Good luck :)


      • 26
        Virologist says:

        Like all replicating Virii they ultimately need a host to survive, so Conservative, Labour it really doesn’t matter so long as the host is viable for long enough for the Virus to spread elsewhere.


  3. 5
    Keeping your gob shut lessons says:

    And now after Silent Bob let’s practice.


    • 6
      Silent Bob says:


      • 53
        The savant8.5 says:

        Silent. My. Boy. So. Good to. Hear. From you. Again

        Uplifts. The. Day for all of us. When you set the spirits soaring with your inimitable
        Wordsmithing !!!

        Please. Honour us with your gushing verbal presence again when you. Feel us mere. Mortals. Deserve to be regaled ….

        Glad to note you are still. Compos mentis and unlike. Jeffrey. Bernard you are in rude good health. And are not sharing a resting place under the floorboards of the coach and horses at the none. too tender mercies of. Norman its redoubtable landlord …


  4. 7
    Tom Tomos says:

    Will you be issuing an English version of this post?


  5. 8
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    6th form politics by third graders.

    Utter shite this Coalition.

    Cameron and Clegg out.

    Vote UKIP – really piss those clowns off even if we get commie lite union puppet Militwat in number 10.


  6. 9
    Graham Swift says:

    LibDems are just a f**king joke


    • 10
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Jokes dont murder British pensioners – Lib Dem energy policy does.


      • 12
        Ken says:



      • 17
        WVS says:

        Yes, but will the BBC actually correlate the fact that pensioners cannot afford their heating because of the green eco fascist taxes and report it as squarely down to Ed Miliband (ex CC Sec) and the Lib Dems (full on EU Eco Stormtroopers)?

        I doubt it. As long as Africa gets its £2 billion green eco tax bonus at the expense of the deaths of British pensioners they will no doubt state that the ends justify the callous means.


        • 23
          28Gate says:



          • Quiet Bat Person says:

            According to the latest Government statistics, 23,000 people died from cold and cold-related illness last year.

            An utter disgrace in a country which subsidises wealthy landowners to produce expensive electricity in windfarms.


      • 21
        Red Egg Millitit..... says:

        1000kwh correct…… go green and die !


      • 35
        Liberal Democrats seriously harms you and others around you says:

        We do exactly what it says on the packet.


      • 60
        nezza says:

        1000000 more


    • 11
      Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

      Agree, but apart from the smiling amusing part of funny


    • 13
      Mike Hunt says:

      Well they would be if they didn’t hold so many ministerial posts, that makes them f**king dangerous.


  7. 14
    Nick Clegg aka the Green Gobshite says:

    Our energy policy will ultimately lead to a prosperous nation of turbine producers.


    • 18
      Indian Dept of Lunar Call Centres says:

      Many of our people wear turbans, which are similar to turbines so can we have some more money please?


      • 44
        Anonymous says:

        why not,

        in a similar vein the church in order to boost numbers suggest that we pray for Kate. Kate McCanne Middleton Windsor.

        in the world of sympathy they are all the same,
        sympathy is a diversion.


        • 54
          The savant8.5 says:

          And btw…

          Why is overseas aid one of te few sacred. Cows whose budgets will. Neverin any way. Be. Reduced ???


    • 57
      oddly helpful says:

      Is it Denmark?


  8. 19
    Liberal Zombie says:

    As we said, we were just saying.


  9. 20
    Terrible But True says:

    Quite the nest of vipers, are they not?

    How did they get into power again?

    Or, for that matter, still appear to be in it.


    • 25
      Red Egg Millitit..... says:

      Leaking everything going on behind the closed doors of Government to their mates on the opposite benches…. didn’t they do well :)


  10. 22
    Feel the enrichment says:

    Joyce Thacker would probably say we should respect their culture and traditions.

    A mother who beat her seven-year-old son “like a dog” when he failed to memorise passages of the Koran has been found guilty of his murder. Sara Ege, 33, beat Yaseen Ege to death at their home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, in July 2010 and set fire to his body


  11. 24
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    LibDems do not do truth and reality very well.


  12. 30
    Rinka Scott says:

    Never trust a Liberal.


  13. 33
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Could we send some ‘green aid’ ?

    Every f*cker else seems to be getting some…..


  14. 37
    R...ED says:

    And they stopped printing the Dandy…..

    what do u think of these comments then :


  15. 38
    Irish Nick Clegg says:

    I never said we are the 3rd party I said we are the t.urd party


  16. 45
    You Gov if You want to. says:

    Whoo whoo. 4500 YouGov points now, not long to the £50 payment. They do resort to a bit of trickery in biassing the options into making you redeem the points for their competitions in an effort to prevent you getting hard cash but so far have not fallen for it.

    In response to their trickery I have sussed out how to answer the main questions so that the follow up questions are limited or not even asked, so much so I am able to reduce what they say should be a 15 minute survey down to less than two minutes. Tips are to have no kids, don’t read papers, don’t shop, don’t watch TV, don’t have a bank account, don’t eat and drink out, don’t be proud or embarrassed to work for any company and always prefer not to say.


  17. 48
    Fishy says:

    St Vincent of Cable obviously hadn’t got the retraction message when he defended the briefing in an interview a few moments ago (perhaps his mate Oakshit had something to do with it).

    He also fluffed the 50% tax line…saying it had been in place for a year of Labour’s time in office. More like 3 weeks Vince…but a good try anyway.


  18. 49
    Slugged her with me lead pipe in the library says:

    Lib Dems? Who the fuck are they when they are at home? What? It used to be a political party?


  19. 51
    Seg Royale says:

    I never said what you said I didn’t say.


  20. 56
    The Sleeper says:

    FFS Guido…I posted that it had been withdrawn at 3.28pm….a full 24 minutes before you posted this.

    Get a grip,Sonny…!


  21. 61
    Watt Tyler sez.... says:

    Anyone up for a march on London? Going to keep clear of the mayor this time.


  22. 63
    simon says:

    The LibDems can’t even get their backstabbing right. Is there nothing they cannot cock-up?!


  23. 64
    Anonymong OE says:

    Assuming this is the newbie Guido – If you don’t think this cock-up was entirely deliberate as part of a differentiation strategy then you aren’t very politically astute… Oh woops we said we think the Tories are only for the rich… Oh no!


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