December 4th, 2012

Who Has Been Naughty and Nice This Year?
MPs on the Each Side of the Leveson Debate

It’s that time of year again: Guido has drawn up his Christmas naughty and nice list. The naughty column of MPs who will be lucky to receive any seasonal goodwill are made up of those who signed George Eustice’s letter calling for statutory regulation of the press, those who spoke in favour of legislation in the debate yesterday and those who have otherwise supported shackling the press via statute.

Over in the nice column are the MPs who signed Conor Burns’ letter in defence of press freedom, those who stood up to Leveson’s key recommendation in the House yesterday and those who have backed the press over the state on other occasions. Most have remained oddly quiet…

We will be updating the list this afternoon so get in touch with any more suggestions…


  1. 1
    Really? says:

    TIM YEO!!!!!!!?!?!?!?

    Lay off the sauce.


    • 17
      Spontaneous Human Combustion says:



      • 37
        Hugh Janus says:

        +100. If Yeo is ‘nice’, I would expect the remainder under that heading to request a move. Typo, perhaps?


        • 84
          ABC123 says:

          It would also help us if the lists were arranged alphabetically.


          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            I note that most of those in the “Naughty” list have been outed by the press doing something they shouldn’t – adulterers, expenses fiddlers, liars, cheats, bigots or all round duplicitous shits. No wonder they want to muzzle the press. Zac Goldsmith is just following in his crooked dad’s footsteps. Dear old Sir Jimmy spent half a lifetime trying to prevent the press from revealing his dubious business practices. Zac and his airheaded sister had their hatred of the free press instilled into them on daddy’s knee.


    • 21
      Sir William W says:

      David Blunkett?


    • 28
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      The enemy of my enemy would be my friend, as long as he doesn’t make ME have to pay for all his conflicts of interest, is what the Landlord seems to be implying.


    • 56
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      +1 Yeo is my MP and I can testify to the fact that the arrogant Europhile cretin is the most odious creep in Suffolk


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      How could you miss off William Hague?!


  2. 2
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Sorry Guido they all deserve the Tower, with several going on to support British lampost & piano wire manufacturers.


  3. 3
    Gordon Brown ate my stick insect. says:


    • 5
      @Sarah Brown says:

      He’s small and answers to the name Peter Mandelson


    • 6
      Sarah Bore says:



      • 10
        Gordon the Medicated says:

        Aye. You don’t know the half of it. I have to live with that tedious Trollope. All day long going on about “I like butter..but also margarine!” And ” let’s make paper chains out of old copies of newspapers and magazines.”
        It’s like having an ugly and more, boring Kirsty Allsop in the house.

        Why did I let Campbell talk me into signing that 10 year contract to have her? And why didn’t Sue put a 5 year break clause in it?

        Oh we’ll…back to reading her gormless tweets .. “Some flowers look like little faces!!! But snowdrops look like little sad pixie hats!”



        • 18
          Gordon Broon, Saving the World, and now trying to find a safe place on it. says:

          I support both letters.
          I aim to be admired globally so will follow Tony’s pragmatic attitude in the ME conflict and over children’s education with the UN.


        • 32
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Don’t most things look like little faeces to you, Gordon?


      • 12
        Bill Quango MP says:

        Ever wondered who starts all those Facebook pictures of kittens wearing Santa hats or dogs riding a sleigh?

        The mystery is solved.


    • 8
      Gordon Brown says:

      Aye sorry my wife but I thought he was a twigglet so I did the natural thing,
      Picked my nose with him.


  4. 4
    @Sally Bercow says:

    I’ve been a naughty little girl *Coy (carp) face*


  5. 7
    Storris says:

    David Morris appears to be confused about his position


  6. 9
    Anonymous says:

    What about Michael Gove?


  7. 11
    Uncle Joe says:

    Good list, I’ll add them to mine.


  8. 13
    Absent MP says:

    Where’s Gordon?


  9. 16
    NeilMc says:

    Tim Yeo good!? He made one good call. That doesn’t make him good.


  10. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Tim Yeo?


  11. 20
    Cleverson in Australia et al. says:

    I do not intend to send any Xmas cards out this year.
    Just Sod Off.


  12. 22
    Chris Bryant 's underpants says:

    If the Press is going to be whiter than white then what is the problem with outside third parties acting as judges when complaints are made .

    Cant see what all the fuss is about .


  13. 23
    Hilarious prank call says:


  14. 24
    Dave Cameron says:

    I feel wobbly.


  15. 26
    keredybretsa says:

    F–kheads all of ‘em.


  16. 27
    Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

    Surely the utterly pompous and prolix Jacob Wee-Smog should have been on the “By No Means Disagreeable” list?


  17. 29
    PooleBabe says:

    Poole MP Robert Syms living up to his nickname “Mr Invisible”. Probably waiting for instructions – but not from his constituents.


  18. 30
    Eric Bristow's left butt cheek says:

    Day four in the proposed big brother house and more people still voted to keep my arse in the jungle than have signed the Mcann petition.


  19. 31
    Anonymous says:

    John Whittingdale is on the nice list twice I see. No mention of his naughty brother though…


  20. 34
    Daveid Icke says:

    Hahahahahaha a good politician……Bevan, Churchill, Pitt the younger, Disralie all fit the criteria of good politician…..DEAD..


  21. 35
    scrotie says:

    ‘Naughty’ seems too nice a description for Twatson IMHO perhaps an extra catagory is required…..naughty/nice/slimy puss oozing scumbag


  22. 36
    Gonk III says:

    Anyone care to wager there are a far greater number of teetotallers in the naughty column than nice column.
    This proves that authoritarians are dull as shit and not worth knowing.


  23. 38
    Mark Oaten says:

    I’ve got my own superhero DVD. The Dark Shite Rises.


  24. 39
    Jimmy says:

    I had a bet with myself before looking as to the ethnic make up of the “white” list.

    Damn I’m good.


  25. 43
  26. 44
    Greedo Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf Fawkes says:

    If ever there was a sign that something had jumped the shark, this is it.


  27. 46
    Zac Goldsmith says:

    Why am I naughty Guido?


    • 52
      Bill says:

      because your a rich twat who keeps telling us we should all pay more to be green whilst being stinking rich so you can afford it, you hypocrite


  28. 48
    Jackie Chan says:

    Guido likes Conor Burns ‘cos he is a happy paddy and gay….


  29. 49
    public sector = gang of thieves says:

    Would be nice to add a colour code for party affiliation, like on the expenses fiddling list.

    My guess is the self-serving authoritarian ‘bad’ list is nearly all Labour, like it was then.


  30. 51
    A singer says:

    There are a whole load of MPs I have never heard of

    Including one who goes by the name of Doyly….good for washing up I suppose…


  31. 65
    Bill says:

    its not the naughty list guido, you should have a special award for which MP should be awarded as the biggest trother of the year. You could award then the order order of the pig !!!


  32. 67
    Huge Grunt says:

    Blunkett needs removing from the ‘nice’ column. Yesterday in the House he said he now regarded Leveson as fine and dandy – not state regulation at all, stupid to say it was etc. (His original position was probably a sham if truth be known. It’s an old New Labour trick to have a stooge in the anti camp who is then miraculously won over by the honesty and reason of the Labour argument.)


  33. 76
    PishedinThreehoreshoes says:

    Jesse(nice name) Norman…whats he done? SFA in my constituency apart from vote against everything to do with getting a referendum.


  34. 85
    mraemiller says:

    What about those who have inserted a fence in their posterior?


  35. 87
    John Page says:

    Trougher Yeo in the nice list? Oh come on! There’s more to being an MP than opposing Leveson, you know.

    And didn’t that nice Mr Dorrell have a questionable expenses issue just recently?

    If this list is just about Leveson, then rename it to say so.


  36. 90
    Greedo Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf Fawkes says:

    So basically Guido he slags particular MP’s off all year (rightly in all cases) but then puts them on his ‘good’ list because they agree with him on an issue that could have a restrictive and negative impact on someone that pays him (i.e the Daily Star)?

    Exactly the kind of shameful, hypocritical and borderline corrupt behaviour Guido would have been the first to criticise if it had been anyone else.


  37. 93
    Earl of Croydon says:

    Diane Abbot appears to not be on the shitlist.
    She is a lady that I loathe. She is a vile racist.
    And lots of other words I cannot spell.


  38. 94
    Thank you, Robert Halfon MP for making Guido's nice list! says:

    Proud to say that my MP, lovely Robert Halfon, is on the nice list.

    Is your MP nice or naughty?


    • 101
      Chiltern hundreds says:

      My MP, Eustace,wants to erode this wonderful countries,hard won freedoms,by sideing with the,Shackle the press,state regulation now side.Very,very disappointing and against the principles of freedom.Many gave their all,so you ,Mr Eustace,could rubbish them.Sick,no vote again from me and I am One of your 66 maj.


  39. 95
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    What about a Troughers list with an award as Parliamentary Trougher of the year that should take care of may of them,my nomination would be Linda Riordan.


  40. 96
    Fact Hunt says:

    Should be a 3rd category ‘Slimy, hypocritical, no good son of a bitch’.

    Twatson, they’re playing your tune.


  41. 99
    Polly to me to you to me says:

    Naughty? – well there can only be one, and he is six foot under.

    Nice? – Got to be Duchess Katie bach, she constantly amazes me how genuinely nice she is. And why is it the nice ones have a hard time, ey, visiting the toilet bowl as she has to at times like this? GOD! – you have a lot to answer for, you you you thing!

    : )


    • 100
      Polly to me to you to me says:

      But on MPs??? stop pulling my plonker Guido. Hard to believe a word any of them say. But Speaker Bercow is not too bad…..


  42. 102
    Not the Messiah... a naughty boy says:

    Curious that Handycock is missing from the Naughty List?


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