November 23rd, 2012

Osborne Caves In on Green Subsidies

20121123-084936.jpgOsborne should be worried this morning that Tim Yeo is heaping praise on his defeat by the LibDems. The government have given two fingers to the public by sticking them with around £180 per year on top of their bills to fund green vanity projects like wind farms. While Osborne has gained a long term win in scrapping pie in the sky decarbonisation plans, Guido is fairly sure voters, already fuming at the cost of energy, are not going to see it like that.

The winners? With a planned £5 billion hike in renewable subsidies up to £7.6 billion from the £2.6 billion currently, the Big 6 energy giants and Nick Clegg’s standing in his own party. The losers? Everyone else. Vote Blue, go Green, end up in the Red…


  1. 1 says:

    The government and greens must not be allowed to get away with pretending these subsidies do not add hugely to energy bills. It must be publicised.


    • 7
      ciconia says:

      So if I can afford a windmill or solar panels, I can make a lot of money. Problem is the money is provided by increasing the energy cost to every little old lady living on state pension who can’t afford ‘em.
      So what happens when we run out of little old ladies to pay these subsidies to the rich?
      It takes ten @ £100/year to give £1000/ to each fatcat. We don’t have enough little old ladies.
      But as this all started with Ed Millicule when he was energy sec, I suppose we’ll just borrow the money- problem solved.


      • 19
        whatever will become of Downton? says:

        its similar with rented residential property – more and more of the total rent is paid for by ‘housing benefit’

        rents themselves are rising

        so the taxpayer is once again subbing property speculation up to a point Lord well-clipped Copper


        • 38
          Gideon Bumboy says:

          Will no one think of the big wanker bankers!?


          • Anonymous says:

            with their animal urges. who should think of ‘em. they are not worth.

            bankerwanker with their deceit.
            convert 1pound of our effort into 7 pound in the banking system….who should think of ‘em.

            the world of truth is behind objectivity,
            emotional bullying and psychological manipulation hide it.

            let’s get scientific.
            there is no way out.
            there is no other way out.


          • Hang The Bastards says:

            They just dont get it. Energy bills crippling us and all they can do is play politics.

            Fucking Tories are TOAST !


        • 60
          Anonymous says:

          Housing benefits are around £20bn a year same as what we pay to EU. Cameron wants to cut housing benefits bill but not EU bill.


        • 99
          Anonymous says:

          we are being fecked …. taxed for living.
          get out of this system.


      • 31
        Aricolza Narzole says:

        Borrow more money, print more money – it’s all just one gigantic Ponzi scheme.
        Stealing from future generations – the LibLabCon alliance doesn’t give a fuck.


        • 84
          Prince Rupert says:

          In the world of politics deals and compromises must be made. Cleggie gets the subsidies, and can claim the greenest government ever, and the Tories get Boundary Changes. These subsidies will be monies rerouted any how, and I doubt people will see £180 on their bills, industry will pick up a lot of this and it will come out of other pots. So stop panicing, the boundaries are far more important in the long run.


    • 8
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      This is a job for the BBC, oh wait a minuet, err, there seems to be some problem with our equipment . . we now bring you an extended edition of strictly come dancing.

      *off mike* “that should help them forget”


    • 55
      Anonymous says:

      People should be given the option to decide what they want. If someone want green energy let the pay for it and have it.

      One day green energy might become cheaper as gas price and coal price go up. At that time people who invest in green energy can make a profit.

      What most of are against is, us being forced to pay subsidies when we cannot afford it.


      • 62
        Anonymous says:

        Another way of looking at it; for some families £180 is few weeks of food they have to decide between food and green energy subsidy.


        • 142
          SarumSea says:

          ….or food and heating for the family versus FAGS, BOOZE, BETTING, DRUGS, LATEST TRAINERS, BIGGER TELLY. Bollox, you name it it will have a higher priority than warmth and food for too many bleedin’ wasters.
          Labours Clowns should have sorted this 8 years ago but chickened out. I hope they win the next election and have to face their own dung-heap.


  2. 2
    genghiz the kahn says:

    More hot air from Ossie, but then how much did Red Ed add onto bills?

    If wind generation is so wonderful how come the wind has gone out of Vestas AS’s sales?


  3. 3
    Sir William W says:

    It’s even worse than that. While we go on tillting at windmills, we are doing nothing to ensure a reliable, clean and cheap elecricity supply for the future.


  4. 4
    One-term Dave, leading the Tories to their grave, says:

    “£180 per year on top of their bills to fund useless green vanity projects like windfarms.”

    Useless? Not so, dear chap! All those payments of £180 go into a big pot which is paid out to super rich people like my multimillionaire daddy-in-law, who gets £1,000 tax free every day for having a windmill on his sizeable estate. All from your £180-payments!

    We’re all in this together, what what! Gufffff-haw haw haw haw haw!

    Toodle pip!


    • 70
      Anonymous says:

      Which one? There are two, hope both are getting it.


    • 74
      Dave Cam the wind farm man says:

      Well that’s my nice little earner guaranteed for quite a while longer. Well done Chancellor though I am quite convinced that you took the decision impartially.


  5. 5
    I was Mandy's gerbil says:

    Jeremy Hunt is in charge of the health service.

    When you you read that sentence, you know we are fucked. Osborne and the other incompetents are running this country ragged. Dave is off on a jolly to Europe. Handycock is off fondling, mandlebum is off doing Lordy things. Entwistle is looking at running another public institution, Prescott is by now on his second breakfast. Dear oh dear, this country has fucking had it…. They fiddle and we burn.

    I’m fucking sick of the lot of them.


  6. 6
    Blowing Whistles says:

    So haven’t they all entered into a conspiracy to defraud the public purse?

    Aren’t they – All in it together – them ‘Flat-Earthist’ deluded thieving mongrels?


    • 98
      Anonymous says:

      it’s a choce,
      us can be with the elite and go bust….the west is bust.
      us and the social good.

      be good or be bust, rocket science it is not,


  7. 9
    Nothing better to do says:

    Osborne is just another big state socialist like almost every politician in Parliament. There’s not one of them truly interested in personal responsibility, freedom or anything that doesn’t get them an extra vote from the gullible or bung from some big business out to rig a market. Scumbags the lot of them.


    • 41
      Gideon Arse de Bandit says:

      the Bankers! the Bankers! the poor Bankers!

      that okay, mr rothschild?


      • 91
        Anonymous says:

        be object.ive.

        it is more than a mere object. Truth is in objectivity.
        no. 7.

        9 is a spiritual number.
        999 is so wrong.

        2+7 =9

        spiritualising the world of emergency is wrong.
        Human rights?
        Human wrong.

        your choice,

        Mr Beckham, is a number number 7.
        7 is truth.
        7 is not the truth hidden in the world of sex. our orgasmic peak is exactly the kind of behaviour that sabotages us in real life.
        nice or not so nice.
        there is a world beyond the physical.


        • 105
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          Time for your medication.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The strongest possible meds hopefully. This anony gives the impression that he is one of those nutty inverted of logic Common Purpose – mongs who’s brain cells are all over the place. Wouldn’t like to be living near or around such a twat.


    • 56
      XXXxx says:

      Gideon is like any other politician he follows the money, calls the the multi millionaires friends (he cannot kid them) he looks after them of course in the hope they will look after him and his party. It is just what B’liar did and it has paid him back handsomely (whether he is actually worth it is another matter)


  8. 10
    Screwed Taxpayer says:

    How much energy is used in total to construct each wind turbine? Including mining, processing, manuufacturing and transporting all the components and infrastructure?
    How long does it take for that turbine recoup that energy in generated electricity ?
    Anybody got any actual or approximate figures?


    • 35
      An economic unit says:

      It’s about 4 quid


    • 65
      Deary Steeples says:

      There appox life span is 20 years, in which time they just might have paid for themselves depending on location. They also need serviced each year which equates to 3% of the total cost.


    • 79
      A hitchhiker needing a guide says:

      I think the answer is 42.


    • 103
      Sir William W says:

      … a steady stram of injuries and fatalities to wind farm workers and members of the public. Wind energy is much more dangerous, per KwH produced, than nuclear power.


    • 115
      Blowing Whistles says:

      There are approximately 50,000 unused decaying and rotting wind turbines in California and Hawaii. Each one if a ‘folly’ to the myth of global warming – but don’t tell our MP’s mind.


  9. 11
    I was Mandy's gerbil says:

    I used to be Some Twat up North, then I became a celebrity gerbil.

    I wish now to be known simply as an economic unit.

    Thank you.


  10. 12
    churchlad says:

    We have been well and truly screwed over. This county is a poorer place both in monetary and moral terms because of the LibCon government. Never more have I felt like charging Downing Street with my pitchfork and burning haybales. Vive la revolution.


  11. 13
    An economic unit says:

    No longer a human being, just an economic unit.

    Jeremy Hunt is in charge of the health service… Fuck me.


  12. 13
    PK says:

    will someone please rid us of these fuckers ?


    • 93
      Anonymous says:

      may the energy be with you.
      submit. shoulders hunched.
      only fight for your and the social good.
      a nation


  13. 15
    a farmer says:

    these are MY SUBSIDIES and i’m entitles to them

    i’m incapable of standing on my own 3 feet

    screw the taxpayers – i come first


  14. 16
    N0ne 0f the ab0ve says:

    Nick Clegg should be charged with crimes against humanity.


  15. 21
    Belsay Bugle says:

    God help us all! When we’ve got a government and an opposition singing the same tune!

    These green energy subsidies are simply a tax on the poor paid directly as welfare to the rich and they are deeply immoral just like much of the rest of what the EU does.


  16. 22
    Centre Parting says:

    Give Hunt a bit of a break – at least he stood up to Campbell on R5 this morning, when all the BBC could offer re. Levinson, was reading out Dave and Rebecca’s texts provided by some lefty in the ‘control’ room.


    • 29
      An economic unit says:

      Give him a break?

      I give him his living.

      I give him his house.

      I give him his holidays.

      I give him his expenses.



      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        but it was only money.
        you emotions have a higher value.
        waste not.
        detach from the baddies.

        not a nice thought but a lot of faeces get transferred via money.
        ppl do not wash their hands.


    • 34
      Lurker says:

      Which bit of him do you propose to break? (Hint: vertebrae might be involved.)


    • 37
      Operation Crossbow says:

      Yes lefty Campbell was given a good going over. According to Campbell his excuse was ‘he’ needed to remind the listeners.


      I thought his job was to read the news, moreLabour propaganda. You can bet he won’t remind the listeners next time Ed Balls is on


  17. 24
    Belsay Bugle says:

    Cleggy is, in the immortal words of J Clarkson, a pitiful waste of blood and organs.


  18. 25
    The times they are a changing says:

    It’s as if Camoron and his idiots don’t really want to be in power, 2015 he will certainly get his wish, but I think sooner than later we must get rid of this blue/yellow/green trash, the country can’t afford to carry on, what with the EU and this green crap.


    • 94
      Calm,tranquil person,normally. says:

      Did you see the sign of SAURON ,or whatever the evil bod in Lord o ring is known as,
      above the european gathering of skimmers and creamers.Makes me really,really sick.This godforsaken,wretched,insane union,is holding us down,and has helped destroy our once,beloved country.I am heartbroken at the continuing circus and very angry.STOP telling we British, what we can and cant do,and using threats ,about us leaving.EU fuck off.


  19. 26
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Owen Jones on QT last night. What an utter gobshite.
    Yvette Cooper, same old, same old. So mnay words to say nothing.


  20. 27
    Synic says:

    All the towns cities and many roads are lit up like fucking christmas trees nearly 24/7/365. Offices kept at far too high temperature and air conditioned unnecessarily. Etc. etc.
    Gross waste.


    • 36
      Jack Shit says:

      And all the shops in the high street with their doors wide open all through the winter.
      What’s that about? Are customers too weak to push open a door now?


      • 47
        XXXxx says:

        for some pecular reason punters going on a high street will go through an open door but not go into a shop when the door is closed, the same logic they buy £9.99 but not buy @ £10.00, or to you posh boys a car @ £29995 sells and a car at £30000 sells slowly


        • 111
          Jack Shit says:

          Ok but tax the shops more for wasting energy.


        • 129
          Today's factoid says:

          Hackcherly, the reason pr**ces are set a penny short of a whole number is to ensure that the cashiers/salespersons ring up the sale. They have to give the 1P back. Round numbers might help them to forget to enter the transaction on the till. In days of yore, pr**ces were always marked as xx/11d for exactly the same reason.


          • XXXxx says:

            That’s an old one, it is the psychology of selling. What reason do you give for the example of the car then, the reason is that it priced below £30000.


    • 97
      Toby G says:

      ffs…. they are NEEDED as energy sinks, you can’t wind down power output from plants to match demand, it doesn’t work like that.

      read up on it before you post bollux like that


      • 116
        Synic says:

        Piss off.

        As the fecking lights etc are on virtually continuously, then they are part of the base load requiring gas or nuclear or coal stations as back upl when the useless fucking eyesore windmills aren’t turning because there is insufficient wind.


  21. 40
    XXXxx says:

    What worries me is that the big electricity generators and distributors are foreign owned, what is there to stop them doing a conjuring trick with these increased prices, officially to implement Green Energy, going to France and Germany to boost lagging profits, we might end up having paid the money and end up wih nothing, we are talking BIG MONEY


  22. 42
    An economic unit says:

    On the subject of waste, how many weather presenters are employed by the BBC?

    All on £100,000 pa


    • 45
      Operation Crossbow says:

      And the rest, most of them still live in London and either fly or get first class rail travel to the shit hole that is Salford.


      • 87
        Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

        On behlf of a lot of UK shit holes I object to Salford being characterised as one of them. Most of them are nowhere near as bad as Salford and they have the added advantage of not having the BBC dumped on their doorstep.


    • 59
      XXXxx says:

      They are officially working for the MOD


  23. 46
    N0ne 0f the ab0ve says:

    If Clegg is so concerned about the environment when is the hypocritical idiot going to stop smoking?


  24. 48
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Had to laugh at 200k a year Rachel Burden on Radio 5 having a go at a Tory minister about the low wages of care workers. Perhaps Ms Burden might like to tell us how much tax she pays?


  25. 49
    Rose tinted LPs says:

    What I don’t understand is why people now think the Beatles were one of the most popular groups ever. Granted they were excellent when they started off but they were crap when they went all transcendental meditation like and no fucker could stand the self indulgent twats.


    • 72
      XXXxx says:

      In 1963 I remember the Beatles breaking through onto the charts, to give you some idea a the time Acker Bilk’s Stranger on the Shore had been no1 for 13 weeks, we did not realise what was going on in the background, their manager had them seemingly on the radio continuously, true they were different but now if I played the only Beatle LP I bought, I wonder why did I buy it.


  26. 51
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Fl*cking idiots, really looking for the popular vote…….


  27. 52
    Edward. says:

    This is madness guided by heavy influence from the green menace led by Sam over Cameron – the father-in-law does very nicely out of feed-in-tariffs and Mz Acciona [] herself Clegg and the yellow loonies in government – who Dave invited in.

    Has it never occurred to George that it is now a headlong rush to de-industrialisation and economic suicide? That just as Germany is quietly dropping the green madness – it’s ‘open sails’ over in Britain [nice one George!] what a clown.

    I’ve always said, it’s a race to regression and the ‘dark ages’, Britain is caught in a pincer movement – between the Salafist nutters and the green lunatics – did I say dark ages? The neolithic, is more where we [UK] are going.

    Effin doomed, if you are able – get out of Britain before it is too late. Finally, we should have invited Hitler in, in 39 – we’d all have been better off.


    • 132
      Here comes the sun! says:

      As I said above, I already did that while the airports were still open and supplied with sufficient aviation fuel.


  28. 63
    The 2 Edded monster says:

    No Greens round here I see.


  29. 66
    HenryV says:

    One nuclear reactor generates enough electric for 600,000. Blair let in 5 million. Each reactor cost £8 billion. So just to catch up we need to invest £66 billion on nuclear power. Overseas aid and EU contributions will buys us two reactors per year. And we will have to keep spending that each from now until to eternity because we will never ever catch up.


  30. 68
    bergen says:

    This morning Today had the nerve to wheel out Roger Harribin to wax lyrical about this nonsense. No matter that he was one of the conveners of the notorious 28gate meeting of “experts and scientists” (now known to be a motley assortment of greens and renewable industry lobbyists) that the BBC spent a fortune trying deny information about its attendees. Needless to say, there was not the slightest remark from Justin Webb about the world’s temperature having peaked in 1998 and that there has been a slow decline since 2003. No- these people brook no doubt or dissent.


    • 133
      Here comes the sun! says:

      Sky “News” International are also pushing away at the green agenda on a daily basis. Poor little polar bears having to swim in clear water instead of looking for a hole in the ice to catch their fish through.


  31. 76
    Alf Garnett says:

    Given the amount of money that he’s trousering from these Green outfits, apparently for doing bugger all, the most loathsome sound on “Today” this morning was the unctuous Tim Yeo telling us that all this Green bullshit will “ONLY” cost us another 2 or 3 quid a week on our utility bills.

    That’s pretty rich, coming from a fully-expensed fiddling Parliamentary Parasite with zillions of quid being stuffed into his pockets as “consultancy fees” i.e. lobby bribes. Not so much fun for someone trying to live on State Pension or non-existent income from investments made over years, which now produce almost zero returns.


  32. 77
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Fucking disgrace.

    That’s what happens when a load of chinless in bred toffs run the party.

    Get Cam & the toffs out NOW. Bloody useless shower of shit.

    Or Just vote UKIP forever #realworldpeople


  33. 83
    Chinless Dave says:

    My legacy will be a land of windmills and poofter weddings presided over by a gurning Belgiumer.


  34. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, give us a break. Wind farms are the future. Let’s get ahead of the game.


    • 90
      Gaia sick of listening to this shite says:

      Go make some Raffia tea and trim your beard


    • 100
      Toby G says:

      W. T. F.

      the future.. like they are in America..

      where thousands are rusting away

      or Germany

      .. where they struggle with the maintenance and output as the country decides to commit economic hari Kari and get rid of its Nuke plants


  35. 92
    Dougie says:

    A strange comment from Guido – the MSM thinks this is a victory for Osborne over the Lib Dems. The additional £5B was inevitable to meet the 2020 targets that Labour enshrined in law. Energy Minister Hayes and the PM have both said onshore wind will be out of favour once the current schemes to meet the 2020 targets are built.

    Whether intentionally or not, it has manoeuvred Miliband into, in effect, saying he wants energy bills to go up even more. I can’t see that going down well at the next election.


  36. 107
    Anonymous says:

    How much have we paid since 1950 for nuclear? our descendants will be paying for hundreds of years to clean up nuclears filth, oh no we must ignore that because with nuclear we can make bombs big enough to wipe humanity out whilst our kids wallow in poverty what a bunch of fuckwits slither around this site it makes Hamas look like Bluepeter right wing desk jockeys and nut jobs and frustrated Hitlers wanking over pictures of mushroom clouds in the Pacific no wonder the UK is a laughing stock internationally, did you see the devil incarnate last night on QT as RDS tried to look really hard staring down Owen Jones who left them all standing in shock……… fuckwits every one the UK is fucked


    • 135
      Here comes the sun! says:

      Here is the supply of full stops you ordered. Sorry, they were delayed in the mail.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      Don’t forget to re-order in good time.


  37. 108
    Windbreaker says:



  38. 109
    Windy Miller says:

    “Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.”
    ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote


  39. 110
    Cicero says:

    Yeo should be strung up from one of his subsidy-farming turbines.


  40. 117
    Grimy Miner says:

    “Osborne Caves In on Green Subsidies”

    Where are Qsborne Caves, and why are they in on a green subsidy?

    I think we should be told.


  41. 143
    Anonymous says:

    I think its the price of gas thats going to make fuel bills expensive in the future..


  42. 144

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