November 19th, 2012

Mitchell v Dorries: Bushtucker Denial

This Morning Nads’ tweeting daughters Jennifer and Cassie appeared on Daybreak to defend their jungle-venturing mum. They had a rather awkward story to tell about a certain former chief whip:

“She did ask for the month off, she did, she requested it from the Chief Whip at the time, that she’s going to go away from a month, that it will be controversial, and he said that’s fine.”

Andrew Mitchell has responded by denying that he ever gave permission for Nadine to go down under. Good thing he has a spotless record of always telling the truth…

Video via ITV


  1. 1
    Bundinger says:



  2. 2
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Do you know who I am?


  3. 3
    observer says:

    Would you believe a Dorries? C’mon Guido.


  4. 4
    Mr Galloway says:

    Yesterday I underwent a painful procedure that required me to have my spine and both testicles removed.

    Still, got some great wedding presents though.


    • 26
      Ayatollah Galloway's Red Leotard says:

      George, will you assure the people of Rotherham that Respect will run a fair and honest campaign in the forthcoming by-election – and that you aren’t just a vile little sectarian party as everyone assumes?


  5. 5
    Kebab Time says:

    I wonder what would happen if we put all MPs in the *Im a celeb* junlge?


  6. 9
    Trivia Hound says:

    Arf! Arf! Arf!


  7. 10
    Nun of the above says:

    ‘This Morning Nads’ tweeting daughters Jennifer and Cassie appeared on Daybreak’

    WTF are the entire family reinventing themselves as the UK Kardashians?


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      To be honest i dont think Nadine would know the truth if it bit her on her bum ! nobody can find out if she ever really was a nurse, and a further husband came out of the woodwork over the weekend, she got rid of him when she was 20.


  8. 11
    Mr Netanyahu says:

    The rocket attacks against Israel dropped by 40% since last night thanks to the IAF operations against Hamas’ launchers.


    • 15
      Moishe Dayan says:

      “The residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas. The Gazans aren’t hostages; they chose this freely, and must live with the consequences,”


    • 18
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside (with a view towards 99% white N. Wales) says:

      Wizard prang wot chaps!


  9. 14
    a camel's toe and an ostrich's anus says:

    Even we have standards.


  10. 16
    Universal Hiss says:

    Is he wearing that jacket for a bet?


  11. 19
    Boyo says:

    Sally Bercow, the wife of the Speaker of the Commons, and George Monbiot, a columnist for the Guardian are also among those who will be pursued by Lord McAlpine for using the social networking site to tweet his name.

    Confirming she [Bercow] had received a letter from the peer’s lawyers, she accused them of being “ambulance chasers” and “big bullies”.

    The tweet, posted at 11.10pm on Friday, read: ‘Thanks @itvnews. Yes had letter from Lord McA. His lawyers ambulance chasers tbh #bigbullies. My tweet not libellous but …’

    So far 40 people have approached the peer’s legal team to apologise, it was reported.

    Lord McAlpine’s lawyers plan to make each of them pay a nominal amount, possibly as little as £5 each, and will donate the money to a prominent children’s charity.


  12. 21
    Man with cleft stick says:


    Nadine Dorries eaten by salt water croc.


    • 22
      Fishy says:

      Saltwater croc dead, suffered from food poisoning


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron recently fell in to a pond full of crocs but the never attacked him. Evidently he just kept shouting “I promise a referendum on EU membership AFTER the next election” It seems that not even a croc would swallow that


  13. 23
    Dolly the sheep says:

    Mr Mitchell was entrusted with high public office by the people of this country .

    Today the people feel betrayed .


  14. 28
    XXXxx says:

    “Good thing he has a spotless record of always telling the truth…” come on Guido he is a politico, They can look you in the face and say black is white and not bat an eye lid


  15. 30
    She is not a celebrity get her sacked. says:

    She is lucky to have a job and that should be her priority instead of using her position to money grub.


  16. 33
    keredybretsa says:

    Porky pies all round……..but who is handing them out????


  17. 36
    Off his meds again says:

    I know I shouldn’t but I would do Nadine’s daughters as well as their mum….


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