November 8th, 2012

Guidogram Going Out Shortly

The Guidogram round-up of the week is going out shortly.

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  1. 1
    Dumb Nation says:

    Guido. In the interest of political balance. Time to unleash the NONCES from ALL PARTIES. Name and shame the whole lot them.

  2. 2
    Rob Wilson says:

    Here are claims made by Mr Lance-Watkins in his video recorded at Marlborough in September 2007:
    Tony Blair was fined £50 for importuning at Bow Street Magistrates Court under the name Charles Lynton in 1983.
    Gordon Brown spent his early years openly with under age rent boys.
    Gordon Brown had two meetings with Thomas Hamilton.
    Lord Robertson had a public battle with Thomas Hamilton in the street.
    Sarah Macaulay was paid £140,000 to act as Gordon Brown’s fiance.
    Sarah Macaulay was paid £50,000 a year to stay as his fiance.
    Macaulay’s fees were paid for by the “Black Widow” fund set up by New Labour.
    The Black Widow fund came out of the Robert Maxwell pension fund.
    Brenda Dean received “payola” for not discussing the details of this pension fund.
    The Speculative Society in Edinburgh involves all of the senior police officers in Scotland and all of the judiciary.

  3. 3
    Dave says:

    We don’t want no Gay Witch Hunts around here.

  4. 4
    Baby you can Drive my Car says:

    Breaking news Jimmy Savile’s chauffeur has been arrested

  5. 5
    Ali Stare Mick Al Pyne says:

    Suck my cock!

  6. 6
    Erskine May says:

    I regret that I have to report an incident of child molestation in the Royal Family. Ethelwulf, King of Wessex married Osburga when she was aged twelve and I have reason to believe he tapped it in or around 845AD.

    Since there is no limitation on this sort of crime, an exhumation would be desirable. His remains may be found at Steyning in West Sussex.

  7. 7
    What the Butler saw says:

    Jimmy Savile’s driver has been pulled in and arrested by the plod.

  8. 8

    Jimmy Savile’s former chauffeur and flatmate has been arrested by Greater Manchester police at an address in Altrincham, Cheshire.

  9. 9
    Kebab,The Lefty Tosser says:

    Jimmy Savile’s former flatmate and chauffeur Ray Teret arrested by Greater Manchester Police in Cheshire.

  10. 10
    anonymous says:

    how can we get a running commentary on this but not all the politico’s?

  11. 11
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Nice touch adding Brenda Dean in there. Tell your boss I’ll put a bit extra in this month’s envelope for that.

  12. 12
    Cameron Is Toast says:

    Nick Griffin MEP ‏@nickgriffinmep
    I wonder how many top Tories have been advising Camoron not to have a full & free inquiry into p**dophile grooming?

  13. 13
    Imposter says:

    You ain’t no B1lly he would never be able to spell showfer.

  14. 14
    Giving the pink the cold shoulder. says:

    I hope ITV passed the names onto the police or are they PERVERTing the course of justice?

  15. 15
    nellnewman says:

    Alas such things were very common in pre-medieval and medieval times.

    Henry V11 was born to the Lady Margaret Beaufort when she was just 12. Her husband was one of those welsh Tudor hedge peasants who was then in his 30’s – an old man according to the times.

    The Lancastrian Edmund Tudor never saw his son .The Yorkists killed him in a battle for Carmarthen Castle 3 months before Henry was born

  16. 16
    bumboys and nonces says:

    This would be a lovely place for a family holiday, if you had young children

  17. 17
    Tess says:

    Cameron was more than happy to pile in on the ‘witch hunt’ till his Tory mob were dragged into the frame.

  18. 18
    Canterbury Tales says:

    Who the fuck is brenda dean?

    And anyone with half a braincell has always known the macauley marriage is a sham.

  19. 19
    bumboys and nonces says:

    Dave’s never been too strong on the “thinking things through” side of the job.

  20. 20
    Gorgeous says:

  21. 21
    Erskine May says:

    Indeed, nell.

    My real point is that the hysteria about this may well let some of the more guilty parties of the hook as PC Pleb Plod takes the easy route of nabbing those that are easiest to find rather than going for the really evil people.

    In fact I prophesy that this is exactly what will happen.

  22. 22
    William B*wden says:

    Never let the bullshit stress you.

  23. 23
  24. 24
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Bitch tried to close me down. Payback time.

  25. 25
    An old saying updated says:

    Politics is showbiz for ugly pàedos.

  26. 26
    I am NOT ANSWERABLE to Edinburgh socialist parasites. They can mind their own business says:

    What a bunch of useless Hunts!

  27. 27
    patronising toff watch says:

    Dave is worried about the gayers, how unusual is that? Why in this sophisticated age does he think that the plebs will conflate homosexuality with p*edophilia?

  28. 28
    Meow says:

    Good on u!

  29. 29
    The History man says:

    Quite so. I mean it is certainly not feasible that the thicko police may use the internet themselves. Only people with brains like Philip Scofield have the intelligence to do that. And let’s face it all the allegations made on the internet are true. For instance there is huge current peedo ring within the Labour party. It must be true coz you are reading it on the internet.

  30. 30
    A little buddha says:

    Wise words.

  31. 31
    Guido please look into this. says:

    But as of April, because of a change in legislation being introduced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, the media will no longer be able to identify those involved in cases such as the Websters. It will also be illegal for any children currently in care to speak out, even if they feel they are being maltreated.

  32. 32
    The History man says:

    Sophisticated age? That’s the funniest one I have heard today.

  33. 33
    brown bread says:

    “Gordon Brown had two meetings with Thomas Hamilton.”

    McMental was disolaying the Jonah touch even then.

  34. 34
    Leo Britain says:

    Gimme gimme gimme
    A boy after midnight!

  35. 35
    007 says:

    May I suggest everyone just calm down and go and watch Skyfall. It’s primo entertainment, though Licence to Kill still remains my favourite Bond film.

  36. 36
    One Dumb Nation says:

    In all fairness. There are some thickos out there who think all gays are kiddy fiddelers.

  37. 37
    Abigail Williams says:

    I saw Sarah Good with the Devil!
    I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil!
    I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!

  38. 38
    Screwed Taxpayer says:

    I’m organising lots of costly pointless long grass inquiries into inquiries into inquiries.

    Only problem is how many “lessons must be learnt” and “must never be allowed to happen again” statements will I have to make?

    Better employ another couple of dozen nice pretty SPADS to write the scripts for me. P.S. Gays only need apply. No women

  39. 39
    Gordon says:

    I love my wife, Miss Macauley.

  40. 40
    eh eh?? says:

    The only ‘blunder’ Schofield made was in not revealing the names of the five Tory pervs.
    Why don’t you be a brave boy Guido, and name them all and the Labour ones too?

  41. 41
    One Dumb Nation says:

    No thanks. It is too small.

  42. 42
    patronising toff watch says:

    Never heard of a wind up?

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    And the BBC fuckers who everybody seems to have conveniently forgotten about.

  44. 44
    Yawn says:

    Tonight’s Question Time panel hits a new low in tedium.

    Chucky Yomomma, Damian Green, Shirley Williams, Jane Moore and David Blanchflower.

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    You forgot, “draw a line under and move on going forward”.

  46. 46
    Salem's Witch says:

    I saw Brown with the bishop!
    Cracking film.

  47. 47
    David Cameron says:

    I’m shit!

  48. 48
    double yawn says:


  49. 49
    Tom Watson says:

    Oi! CAMERON, its not a witch hunt or a gay hunt, its a long overdue p**dophile hunt. RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

  50. 50
    Kenny says:

    Does this leave Cameron’s plans to legalise gay paed ophile marriage in tatters?

  51. 51
    lol says:

    What a shower of shite!

  52. 52
    Peter Bone says:

    Mrs Bone isn’t happy. She needs to be given a good boning.

  53. 53
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    I have connected myself up to the mains electricity in the attempt to stay awake.
    Dimbleby to panel interruption scores,
    Ummuna 0
    Green 50
    Williams 0
    Moore 0
    Blanchflower 0

  54. 54
    Hush Puppies says:

    I’m free!

  55. 55
    Brown Magician says:

    Comment of the day! Surely!

  56. 56
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Why didn’t Scholfield give Cameron a list of the BBC 29, eh eh??

  57. 57
    Kebab The Broker says:

    The price of colonial tri-corner hats is crashing on the Reality Exchange

  58. 58
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Seen it, I still reckon the Bourne films are much better.

  59. 59
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Indegafatible twat.

  60. 60
    Brown Magician says:

    It is the same sad and tired tripe as the year before and year before that. It is tiresome. I don’t watch it anymore.

  61. 61
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Get a bigger bone.

  62. 62
    Synic says:

    I hope you’ve got enough to blackmail all the corrupt Ministers and M.P.s who might otherwise be tempted to send you to Cell 666 H.M.P. Scrubbs. The fxckers are in desperate need of a high profile conviction to distract attention from themselves and the Beeb.

  63. 63
    Hague, Laws, Foxy says:

    What about us? We’re all in the Boyzonly Club as well

  64. 64
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Watson voted to abolish hunting.

  65. 65
    Aunty Matter says:

    Interesting Cameron highlighted gayers, was that to try to put the BBC off going after Tories (does being a gayer get you BBC protection even if you’re a Tory?) or does he know something we don’t?

  66. 66
    gave up says:

    It’s because the panelists trot out the same consensual, middle of the road trite, platitudes. I just want to bash their fucking smug skulls in. And the whimsical question at the end of the programme is the usual dumb fuck thinking they’re being clever with a smirk on their fucking twee faces. Fuck them all.

  67. 67
    Larry Grayson says:

    What a gay day!

  68. 68
    Mrs. Sally Squeaker says:

    I prefer a nice tyrannosaurus sized femur personanaly

  69. 69
    glenda slag says:

    Shut that door!

  70. 70
    Vattycan says:


    Being nasty to gays, especially paedo priestly ones.

    Swearing at bleck pigs’ bladder kickers

  71. 71
    Nightmare Dreamer says:

    Not you Abbarse.

  72. 72
    Far too wishy washy says:

    Would you kindly stop sitting on the fence and tell us what you really think?

  73. 73
    Spadder says:

    But she’s of the bigot gender, surely?

  74. 74
    Selohesra says:

    Too busy saying MPs have called them names – so no time to catch real wrongens

  75. 75
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:


    and a supporter of criminals committing crimes against humanity :)

  76. 76
    Selohesra says:

    how about that chap with the hook we sent to the US – he should be able to get the mainstream Respect vote out

  77. 77
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Don’t panic !!

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Since government agencies use the same technique to harass the public, they are accustomed to the fact that the internet has no basis. They are quite adept at accusing people publicly without any evidence.

    So why would they believe other accusations.

    The only way to accuse people is via the police. Whoops! Failed again, they do not listen. Instead you get an irate inspector that goes on the offensive for troubling him.

    Reporting illegal activity makes you the criminal.

  79. 79
    Tachybaptus says:

    Cameron ‘promised’ to restore it within the term of one Parliament. But we all know about Cameron’s ‘promises’, a waste of hot air which could have been used to warm the poor.

  80. 80
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    That’s really hip.

  81. 81
    Tachybaptus says:

    Nothing beats the original.

  82. 82
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Thanks, I couldn’t be arsed to do a spell check, however I knew someone would correct my spelling.

  83. 83
    Doiinnnngggg says:

    Funny how under pressure both the tory government ( I know, funny too) and the press shut down and support each other. Meanwhile the plebs can go fuck themselves.

    Cameron is undoubtedly up to his neck in shit and it isn’t going to go away – especially if he doesn’t make government transparent

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    More and more there is delay there is greater chance for them to escape. Years has been wasted there were investigations that ended up in cover up.

    Its not just North Wales.

  85. 85
    Doiinnnngggg says:

    you’re showing your ignorance here

  86. 86
    Doiinnnngggg says:

    question time is blue peter for adults

  87. 87
    sorry Mr May says:

    Guilty parties of the hook. ?
    Abu Hamza?

  88. 88
    Jabba the Hutt mp Mid-Sussex says:

    Next MP for Mid-Sussex is UKIP. Sorry Dave but I am wobbling overboard old boy.

  89. 89
    Erskine May says:

    Betting bishops bashing bookmakers.

  90. 90
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    Will Andrew Neil question Portillo about web rumours tonight on This Week?

  91. 91
    The Actress says:

    I saw the Bishop, too, and I even spoke with him.

  92. 92
    alganon says:

    Happens here too. How to organise a witchhunt

  93. 93
    Anonymous says:

    What it they are still an MP, minister, Lord, senior up in Conservative Party, etc?

    Biggest joke is Nick Clegg still claim he is in with Cameron in the government due to national interest. Hope some of Clegg lot weren’t in this together.

  94. 94
    Woody says:

    Toy Story’s are much better and believable.

  95. 95
    Establishment looks after its own says:

    So it turns out Waterhouse protected high profile names who were brought to his attention in his inquiry. Perverts with powerful connections always get away with their crimes.

  96. 96
    Nice Pair of Wobbly's in the Jungle says:

    You better tune in and watch me then

  97. 97
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Very welcome……..

  98. 98
    Sir WW says:

    A ‘gram is better than a damn!

  99. 99
    An intellectually crippled parasite from Edinburgh University. says:

    No moral backbone.

  100. 100
    Rent a Young-One says:


  101. 101
    Arch Welboy says:

    It was rude to talk with your mouth full my dear — but I forgive you.

  102. 102
    Mighty Mucky Westminster says:

    Fawkes, since you have no stomach to out your old paymaster from your Thatchers mr fixit days, as a child rapist.

    You can stick your Guidogram up your arse, enjoy.

  103. 103
    Judge John Hawthorne of Salem, Mass Bay Colony says:

    But I hear these may be making a comeback in the UK:

  104. 104
    Nine Bob Porto-Nonce says:

    Please don’t use my name. Dave has kept Shushhhhh. So you dam well do the same.

  105. 105
    Witchfinder general says:

  106. 106
    An Intellectually Crippled Brown Old Bag On a Motorbike says:

    Shower of Brown shiite. All of them.

  107. 107
    concrete pump says:

    Well rack ‘em up then Waad…

  108. 108
    ????????????????? says:


  109. 109
    Sham Cam and his homo marriage scam says:

    I appeal to bleeding heart homos everywhere!

  110. 110
    the kraut beaver with the largest strap-on this side of the vatican.... says:

    gordon….its for you

  111. 111
    Right Hon. Kwe ers r Us says:

    Verily Verrity, you’re too old now to be Young-One

  112. 112
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    No way is he getting off the hook !!

  113. 113
    Secret Admirer at No.10 says:

    You do look nice entering all those railway tunnels on that Beeb series though

  114. 114
    getting a grip department says:

    is there an echo in here or were you all geting a bit excited then ?

  115. 115
    Johann Sebastian Bach says:

    Original? Bah, I did that 300 years ago.

  116. 116
    Mighty Mucky Westminster says:

    “You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…”

    Well, given his very, very, suspicious support for his old party chums, you certainly would not want to be in front of Guido!!

  117. 117
    The LieBore Clitorati says:

    We’re desperate for ANYTHING we can get! – no wot I meen?

  118. 118
    Gordon .. the Chingrinner Diaries says:

    at least she makes sure he takes his meds

  119. 119
    Sid Slob says:

    footballer only interesting one mate

  120. 120
    early bird..... says:

    are you sure you didn’t post the leader to that line…very good

  121. 121
    size matters says:


  122. 122
    Fluffy the Destroyer says:

    I think that this is a huge problem for the PTB. This has been looked into back in the 70s by plod, but nothing was done and things just blew over.

    By allowing these names to float about on the internet in this way, if anyone does end up in court, the first thing their brief will say is that they cannot get a fair trial because of it. Now tell me that is not a sweet way of protecting our betters from prosecution!

    Carry on. Plenty to see here.

  123. 123
    blitzed bejazzled and bewildered says:

    can I pass on the tequilla ?

  124. 124
    Tachybaptus says:


  125. 125
    Fed Up says:

    Remember Leon leaving Britian under a cloud.

  126. 126
    Fed Up says:

    he has blocked me.

  127. 127
    David Laws, Gayer and Thief says:

    I’m protected too

  128. 128
    Phillip been tax fiddling Scoffingfield says:

    When I put it to Dave and looked him in the eyes. I could see, hear and feel the heat of the Devil. In hindsight I regret my actions as I truly feel the full force of HMRC will be looking more closely into my earnings.

  129. 129
    Fed Up says:


  130. 130
  131. 131
    An aged politico from the Thatcher era says:

    Hip Crack Away, I’ll get away with it you fucking plebs

  132. 132
    Over-reaction Monitor says:

    you would probably find a lot that would stand shoulder to shoulder with him in upholding the right for any of us to say what we think about issues that we reflect upon.

  133. 133
    Anonymous says:

    Fluffy the Destroyer; loads of people in this country will be happy to give them a fair trail.

    If these people run away from this country, no country will accept them.

    These people could be still at it, so country need a quick solution to this problem. Cameron seems to want to drag it on till people forget it, this is the problem.

  134. 134
    Feed Up by all three. says:

    This latest gaff by Lord Toff shows what a crook he is.

    Our family and friends are putting the X in for UKIP and Non-Party.

    As so far the three main have let us down. So we want change.

  135. 135
    Jimmy says:

    I’ve got to hand it to you, not many would have the stones claim something they saw on TV as a scoop.

  136. 136
    Phillip been tax fiddling Scoffingfield says:

    Cant WHAT Please explain????????

  137. 137
    Marcher in White says:

    who organises marches around here?

  138. 138
    Guido Fawkes says:

    I would much rather follow Jimmy Savile to his BBC dressing room than follow Piers Morgan on Twitter.

  139. 139
    He makes me sick to the pit of my stomach says:

    We need to turn over a few more stones too.

  140. 140
    early bird..... says:

    I think larry liked bananas ..if he were alive now would probably need an apple

  141. 141
    green ink says:

    are they appearing in panto at scarborough ?

  142. 142
    Brown out and pay me damages. I will make my own decisions says:

    Justin Welby can fuk off and do one.

  143. 143
    Nine Bob Porto-Nonce says:

    So cum jump me in one then big boy, thats if big black holes are your thing.

  144. 144
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Willy ‘Bum’ Hague is sweating alot recently

  145. 145
    No moral backbone says:

    Used to work in the financial market. Now god botherers want to capitalise by meddling in our lives. What a t*rd.

  146. 146
    Erskine May says:

    Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:
    Jeremiah 5:21

    Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.
    Ezekiel 12:2

    Bring forth the blind people that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears.
    Isaiah 43:8

  147. 147
    sucker for a higgs boson says:

    who’d want to be young again eh ? .., anybody with sense

  148. 148
    christ that cricket bat hurt sir. says:

    picking your nose during tea

  149. 149
    Idiot watch says:

    What sort of think fuck are you who is under the fuckwitted impression that all the Police need to do is trawl the internet to get “evidence”. You really are an idiot. No wonder Icke makes loads of money from dimwitted twats like you.

  150. 150
    Erskine May says:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

  151. 151
    No moral backbone says:

    God botherers should mind their own business.

  152. 152
    BBC Pornographic Workshop says:

    Why is this paeaeaeaedo stuff only getting going now?

    Well done ‘The Oldie’.

  153. 153
    Nine Bob Porto-Nonce says:

    Well, I would stand and bend over in front of him.

  154. 154
    The Crucible , scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor says:

    I saw Brown in the House Of Commons.

    Nah, I made that up.

  155. 155
    Tachybaptus says:

    Oh! the gravy train is a-rollin’ over the plains
    With the champagne flowing and a fat line of cocaine.
    Money for me! A million a day!
    Arse-crack away! Arse-crack away! Arse-crack away!

    Oh! The gravy train is a-headin’ over the hills,
    Where the small boys’ rectums promise thousands of thrills.
    Bribe the police! And they’ll go away!
    So, arse-crack away! Arse-crack away! Arse-crack away!

    I’m headin’ straight for hell, you as well, with a load of money,
    Don’t you think that’s funny, taxpayer’s boy?

  156. 156
    I Follow anyone says:

    But not the Moron.

  157. 157
    Hear Rat Hair Man says:


  158. 158
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Leave no avenues unexplored, and follow the facts wherever they lead us, without fear or favour. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Sunshine is always the best disinfectant. All we are saying is give pe*ace a chance. Never was so much owed by so many to so few. ‘Twas ever thus.

  159. 159
    albacore says:

    Ooh! You lot! Don’t you have any shame?
    You mustn’t hold a nutter to blame
    Mind you, if you judge them just by their deeds
    Committing is what all Parliament needs
    Then again, a few lampposts and hempen nooses
    Would tend to cure them from being silly gooses

  160. 160
    bumboys and nonces says:

    they’re all behind you.

  161. 161
    Hear Rat Hair Man says:

    Nah, Labour folks are clean, are they not Miranda? Can’t catch me for a Toffee Flea.

  162. 162
    Père Spicacious says:

    The Speculative Society in Edinburgh ? Don’t worry, the police are looking into it :

  163. 163
    Calamity Jane says:

    “Once, I had a secret love
    That lived within the heart of me…”
    And, apparently, so do a lot of politicians.
    (And I’m an icon to many butchies the way Dorothy is to gay men. No prizes for figuring out why.)

  164. 164
    Mr Griffin says:

    Nick Griffin MEP ‏@nickgriffinmep
    & why is Camoron trying to deny & cover up truth? Is he a) Ignorant, b) scared of the lobby, c) In closet?

  165. 165
    Willard says:

    There’s a sale on at Dreams

  166. 166
    George Osborne says:

    I’ve been playing with my Scalextric today.

  167. 167
    Elfin Spectre says:

    I hope that’s unleaded solder that you’re playing with.

  168. 168
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    I thought you said ‘getting off with his hook’!

  169. 169
    A good interview by Phil says:

  170. 170
    Mugger says:

    he outed Hague on here you mug!

  171. 171
    Kebab,The Lefty Tosser says:

    No trial by twitter for the suspected tory child abusers, say tory MP’s, but welfare claimants have been tried and found guilty by media.

  172. 172
    Kebab Mercury says:

    Did you know that Rolf Harris covered ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?

  173. 173
    cast iron says:

    We all know who they are
    The “Noble” one was outed by a social worker on ITVs 18:30 news
    I bet he is finding his pasta a little loose in the bowels this evening
    They dont like it up them as Clive Dunn used to say

    Paedogram going out soon

  174. 174
    Matthew Hopkins says:

    Hang them all, God will find his own.

  175. 175

    Who is scripting this shit?

    Smells like a smokescreen to me.

  176. 176
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    No need for inquiries, enquiries, judicial reviews, etc., just use Schofields Law. The judge and jury is you at home, just hang on a minute while we cut to the adverts.

  177. 177
    Beast says:

    I trust her more than I do Cameron, more coherent , slightly smaller tits but I bet she sucks cock even better than he does

  178. 178
    Beast says:

    Discount pitchforks and nooses
    Its a niche market but lucrative
    Go long on pitchforks short on nooses

  179. 179
  180. 180
    Groan says:

    My messenger pigeons keep getting shot down over occupied territory.

  181. 181
    You tell m Nigel says:

  182. 182
  183. 183
    Sylvia Plath says:

    You have to be insane to thinks she is not to blame.
    She could clearly think that she should buy everything including the kitchen sink.

    A good thing to say when you are pressed. It wisnae me. I am depressed.
    Before you think she is strange in the head she wisnae that depressed that she could not get out of bed.
    Depressed people cannot be doing, with furnishing or decorating, making a ruin.
    A hoover and dust ,if your lucky, just to make it look less mucky.

    If she was manic depressive that would be a god send. On a high they do nothing but spend spend spend.

    She chose the wrong illness. Thick cow.

  184. 184
    green ink says:

    the dead ones are behind us all

  185. 185
    Lord Alpine says:

    They say I know where the bodies are. I should. I buried them myself.

  186. 186
    Over-reaction Monitor's chiefwhip says:

    is there anyone who hasn’t been outed on here for something or other.

  187. 187
    Clitty Eastwood says:

    Every man knows his limitations.

  188. 188
    muck rackers weekly says:

    not the bloody motorway bridges again…

  189. 189
    Shirt-Lifter says:

    But he takes it up the jacksy better than she

  190. 190
    Groan says:

    Well if you can’t arrange a concrete overcoat who can?.

  191. 191
    Gary Glitter says:

    He also did two little boys

  192. 192
    Fluffy the Destroyer says:

    Anonymous, they want it all out there, being open to ‘joe public’ protects them. So smooth, it could be a kind of beer. Legal yum, yum.

    Carry on, lots to see here.

  193. 193
    Ha Ha I Love it says:

    Ha Ha I Love it

  194. 194
    Dave's Advisor says:

    Have a few bottles of red tonight and tomorrow and over the weekend, by Monday you would have forgotten all about it……..

  195. 195
    No moral backbone says:

    Moran is an insult to all genuine sufferers of depression and mood disorders. Being depressed does not include the following symptoms i.e.diddeling the tax payers and finding yourself arsed on a documentary for money scams. She should apologist to all people suffering with depression. No one wants to be associated with the lying b!tch.

  196. 196
    The wizz says:

    Excellent; this has to be the comment of the day!

  197. 197
    Jimmy Hoffa says:

    Right now, I’m a “pillar of the community”– holding up an elevated highway in suburban Detroit.

  198. 198
    Some Twat up North says:

    When little boys just won’t do eh…

  199. 199
  200. 200
    Late Poofter Bird says:

    Extra large pineapple, shoved forcibly

  201. 201
    Some Twat up North says:

    Not for some.

  202. 202
    Groan says:

    In France they call it a Royale (pulp fiction).

  203. 203
    The wizz says:

    Do you think that UKIP is the Tea Party in disguise?

  204. 204
    gabbyjulie says:

    Guido, are you aware of this re John Hemming and Senator Syvret in Jersey about the Haut de la Guarenne case?

  205. 205
    Beast says:

    Breaking news
    Ian Brady is revealed to be top Tory

    Mr Brady is quoted as saying
    “My human right to sodomise, remove fingers and murder children is being compromised by Brussels”
    I should be allowed to die with dignity”
    Good old cuddly Ken fully supports this man and has sent Frank Bruno and Phillip Schofield( A Khazar) to shake the hand of this much misunderstood man

    You know what?

    I will join Socilists in pissing upon Thatchers grave just as did I upon the one occupied by the Khazar Marx

  206. 206
    Beast says:


  207. 207
    Some Twat up North says:

    The boys in all their glory

  208. 208
    The wizz says:

    You figure!!!!

  209. 209
    Some Twat up North says:

    You’ll have to fight your way past me. You Beast you.

  210. 210
    The wizz says:

    Witch Finder, you are an out and out harpie; and a perv to boot.

  211. 211
    Professor Head up my Arse says:

    She is suffering from pigitus moranus which is similar to Athlete’s foot problem except it is a fungal infection that affects the snout if it has been in the trough for too long.

    The psychiatrists who failed to diagnose pigitus moranus have their heads up their arses. They should be replaced with realists. She has only had depression since she was caught expenses fiddling and trying to scam money for questions and does not want to go to jail. That is the truth of it! pure and simple. She is a corrupt lying cow.

  212. 212
    Some Twat up North says:

    Don’t forget the Beef Bavette Dave, you are going need all your strength …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. AS IF

  213. 213
    Some Twat up North says:

    I like a nice tune.

  214. 214
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Question time really is garbage these days

  215. 215
    Beast says:

    Mr Twat
    As a fellow Northen type we can embrace then let loose
    That “Woman” is as bad as Blair(Never thought that I would say that)
    I suppose that we should listen to and look at her own children
    Wicked evil woman
    And you lefties can fuck off as well, your turn is right around the corner

  216. 216
    Beast says:

    Just when was it good ?
    A horde of mongs fielding pre chosen questions
    Dimbleby should be buried alive with Saviles corpse and 20 live rats, maybe Nadine Knockers as well
    That will teach him

  217. 217
    Some Twat up North says:

    Dear Mr Beast,

    I have gazed upon the offspring of that creature and can only contain my horror and repulsion at what can be created in what may have been construed as an of passion by a female and male of our species.

    One who earnt his fortune peddling banned chemicals and the inventor of ‘whippy type ice cream’

    You will note the the ice cream I mention is not the ‘dairy’ variety

  218. 218
    Some Twat up North says:

    But Dear old Dimbleybong is a ‘Buller Boy’ made good surely. he’s a national treasure at the BBC

  219. 219
    Some Twat up North says:

    watching Michael Xavier Portcullis now. Little boys and trains. Hornby have a lot to answer, there should be an inquiry.

  220. 220
    Say what you see says:

    Vunerable woman getting abused by two household name tv presenters.

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Sure got the TWAT bit right.

  222. 222
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Politicians are all bent, sexually and morally.

    Anyone know yet the craic with Huhne? The greasy fucker seems to have disappeared of the radar.

  223. 223
    Some Twat up North says:

    Thats why I chose it you anonymous tosser. Strike a nerve? eeeeeee That makes me want spark me clogs.

  224. 224
    Some Twat up North says:

    He might be in Puglia

  225. 225
    Some Twat up North says:

    Breaking news…

    New reality TV show being planned by the people that brought us Britains Got Benefits.

    Preliminary title ‘I’m a Pederast Get Me Out of here’

    Pilot to be screened at Christmas

  226. 226
    Beast says:

    Can anybody(even Labour Mongs) look at either of the Millbands and not have the word “NONCE” spring into their minds ?
    One has bought even more children than Sir Elton John has, he didnt even buy British !!!
    The Pole of war dodging stock bought one abroad
    Born in the USA not under an English Oak

  227. 227
    Slam Dunk says:

    That woman on this week was not particularly good looking but bloody hell was she sexy.

  228. 228
    Beast says:

    Sorry TWO!
    Yet more Immigrants brought in by Immigrants

  229. 229
    Some Twat up North says:

    ‘Buy Children’ ? Free aren’t they, just go to one of those farms we euphamistically call Care Homes.

    But you don’t get to keep them, they have to back for a cold bath before breakfast.

  230. 230
    Slam Dunk says:

    To avoid any confusion the one in the red dress talking about the US election.

  231. 231
    Phillip schonfeld says:

    *palms up*
    You know some times a boy has to do what he is told

  232. 232
    Phillip schonfeld says:

    Jokes aside Mr Twat
    It happens
    It happened where I schooled
    Sadism, obvious gayers who had no business in the showers(staff)
    Luckily we had a good headmaster who weeded them out and none of us got bummed
    most people are not like that, its a shame that we have to feel guilt about being nice to a child
    Last year I found some Somali kid (about 2 ) wandering about by a busy Rd I sort of panicked WTF DO I DO?
    I look like a nonce if I try and take him home by the handso I just herded him and called the police
    Next time he can run in front of a bus
    One more council house that can be occupied by a white person

  233. 233
    Some Twat up North says:

    It happened to me ‘Alledgedly’ But it was ok she was a woman, I was lucky!

  234. 234
    Operation Crossbow says:

    The Guardian appears to be blowing the BBC’s Newsnight story apart.

  235. 235
    Groan says:

    I can’t understand why nobody on the Question Time panel has ever turned around to him and said; But of course you were a member of the Bullingdon Club weren’t you old Boy! (blushes and quickly switches subject that was under discussion), Time for a pre-arranged question from the audience please!, lol.

  236. 236
    Some Twat up North says:

    Sorry, not strictly true.

    My attentions were sought by two others, both male.

    1 a Rugby player that used to frequent my parents pub
    I later got that fucker when I was about 40 He did’nt remember me as a child but sure as fuck will never forget me as a man.

    2 A senior person in our sea cadet unit who tried to fuck me on a boat on the Norfolk Broads.
    My father did’nt believe me, not long later he was arrested and done for attacking two others. He then weny underground until his new neighbours found out who he was then his car got fucked, his house and his life.

  237. 237
    Groan says:

    A Newsnight story, pleese mummy can I have a story?.

  238. 238
    not a machine realoded says:

    I would think my politcal TV moment of the week was on todays Daily Politics and round 2 of press regulation in which former newspaper editor got to do his own authored piece to pose at media litgiation lawyer . Andrew Neil did a splendid job about freedom to publish , as it became apparent that the law that was being considered would mean that if you were not approved , you could not publish . He also had ago about media not cleaning up its act which was fair enough . I know we take such things for granted , but I was surpised by when it came down to it it was a law that could easily turn very controlling indeed . I remeber Michael White recalling his early days when the sharp red top journos , had bent pennys to jam the phone boxes and would always take the photo negatives to stop any other journo getting the scoop .
    I would think a free press is very important which the former editor listed in his vid ,a very interesting moment on how easily wonk land can be made real .

    The new Arcbishop of Canterbury is to be Bishop Welby the reconciler , on the face of it perhaps a good management type choice very pragmatic, hes against gay marriage but for women bishops , which isnt really much of a choice the former being obvious and the latter having little supporting evidence. So I would guess some of us must be looking on going……. why!. His first interview should be quite interesting as one on one , i would guess a panel type interview would be putting quite abit of dirty linen out on the line at a delicate time , but equally if things are foisted then I suppose we can only make our choices rather than the distractions of grumbling about uncessary changes that do no respect the historic characture of worship and ministry .I dont think I am being mean , I can just envisage new sorts of power struggles based around equality compliance and well God, seemed to work pretty well through the traditional structure …….

    did Blanche flower admit on QT that he was a Labour economist …… oh the joy of the one , and to think he was giving us all those unbiased highly informed opinions on the economy all along LOL

  239. 239
    Doiinnnngggg says:

    yes Philip – it’s all your fault – you’ve been a very naughty boy – the tories are proud of the record concerning gay men and will fight to the hilt to prevent their masquerade from being given public airtime

    this government will even repprt you to fofcom

    if it wasn’t for the shit we’d be able to see the whitewash

  240. 240
    Doiinnnngggg says:

    david cameron will not be happy

  241. 241
    Kebab,The Lefty Tosser says:

    Guido Fawkes & Labour are to force a Commons vote on Monday that it hopes will lead to the postponement of a planned 3p per litre rise in fuel duty in January.

  242. 242
    Stating the bleeding obvious says:

    Guido Fawkes’ recommendations are:

    change the Libel Law in the UK
    an end to D-Notices – with reference to Operation Ore naming 7,272 p**dophiles in 1999
    no locking away of papers for hundred years or so
    politicians to be checked each year against the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB checked)
    no terms of reference for enquiries (limiting the scope)
    stop the Devil from finding work for idle hands
    stop allowing the elite to think they are special. Take away their privileges

    There are more p**dophiles in the Establishment and the Governing Elite than there are among ordinary people.

  243. 243
    Bovine & Porcine Front says:

    We object most strongly to being likened endlessly to your corrupt politicians.

  244. 244
    A reporter from the Daily Planet says:

    The new chief Devil Dodger is an old Etonian .

    Should fit in nicely then .

  245. 245
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    You are not my cup of tea Phil .

    Having said that , if as a presenter, you wish to put a politician on the spot you should be allowed to do so without being shot at dawn the day after .

  246. 246
    The History man says:

    Yes but its all happening abroad so all the parochial Liblabconner twats in this country don’t care.

  247. 247
    Erskine May says:

    Border Agency may hand amnesty to migrants

    Because of backlog.

    Who will give the ones with hooks and prayer mats in the street their benefits that they have travelled so far to get?

  248. 248
    Mat says:

    HAHAH oh dear the BBC/news night /fatty Watson story is developing some big a£$ holes!

  249. 249

    This story is being managed. There’s a concerted attempt to burn out a fire break – plant duff stories, tar all allegations with the same brush. The media are gearing up to skate over this.

    There are no conspiracies they say, as Margaret Moran is let off by a conspiracy between cops, medics, CPS and courts.

  250. 250
    nellnewman says:

    Yes indeed but also now one of the victims that originally came forward is saying he believes it might have been another member of the family.

    Exactly why idiots like sch ofield shouldn’t be waving names in front of tv cameras & also why schof ield should now be sacked.

  251. 251
    nellnewman says:

    Is margaretmoran being let off? From the evidence being presented in court yesterday looks very like she’ll eventually face a sentence.

  252. 252
    nellnewman says:

    He will surely be an improvement on the bearded, sandalled, wet behind the ears one.

  253. 253
    Nonces R' Us says:

    The average length of an adult male penis when not erect is 3.5 inches.

  254. 254
    The History man says:

    Illegal immigrants could get amnesty, claims the BBC.

    Give the public sector any job to do and they will fuck it up.

  255. 255
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Agree, Schofield should resign. His actions are not acceptable, but did he do it off his own back or was it planned by others within itv? Whatever, Schofield and itv both look prats.

  256. 256
    The History man says:

    Maybe the mongs who have vilified Lord McAlpine without any knowledge or evidence will now see just how bloody idiotic they have been – but somehow I doubt it. Once a twat always a twat.

  257. 257
    nellnewman says:

    And poor old tomwatson is looking pretty silly too – he’ll be completely discredited if he fails to get a tory scalp out of this scandal.

  258. 258
    I don't n e e d no doctor says:

    Look you Yvonne, Schofield eneded up putting himself on the spot.

  259. 259
    The History man says:

    “ITV reported to OFCOM over Schofield witch-hunt stunt”.

    What a pity it wasn’t the BBC who did it.

  260. 260
    The History man says:

    Only if you consider that lynch-mobs and witch-hunts based on dubious information is responsible journalism.

  261. 261
    Anonymous says:

    Good afternoon! Anyone at home?

  262. 262
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Still in bed the morning after the night before !!

  263. 263
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Well that seems to be the way the world goes. I wonder if Tom Watson will be saying sorry?

  264. 264
    dunstall says:

    Jonah Mc Mentalist in Pakistsn telling locals not tbe bullied supporting young girl for Nobel Prize ,thats her chances gone

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