November 8th, 2012

Schofield Revealed Alleged Tory Paedo List on Screen

In what would have been an otherwise successful ambushing of the PM on This Morning, Philip Schofield handed Cameron a card with alleged Tory paedophiles written on the back of it. However he inadvertently twisted the card as it was handed over, revealing at least four printed names on the back of it. Two names are distinctly clear – Guido has blurred the image above – we have the broadcast quality footage where the names are readable. Uh oh…

UPDATE: We now believe we can see five names on the card.


  1. 1
    Tom Watson says:

    Job done.


    • 3
      Old Holborn says:

      Mr Tickles NHS number…..


      • 21
        Mrs Tick Elle says:

        What happened to The Thick of it? It suddenly missed a week then came back a week later and has not been broadcasted since.


        • 51
          Anonymous says:

          The series finished – all episodes were broadcast.


          • Mrs Tick Elle says:

            That’s a shame, after a slow start it was becoming compulsive viewing. The piss take of the Leveson Inquiry was one of the funniest and cleverest things I have seen on the telly since Fawlty Towers.


        • 52
          I never knew Malcolm F Tucker m'lud says:

          The current series is finished….it ended with a cliff hanger following a Leveson Style Inquiry regarding the demise of Mr Tickel … the fall out started to involve criminal charges of the main participants and the end of political careers and enforced resignations
          (?)…..however fear not rumours are that series 5 follows end of 2013……Will Nicola Murray still be pursued by “Mr Chop” and will she return to Cabinet or settle for appearing on “I’m a Celebrity” or “Strictly Come Dancing”….will Ollie Reeder succeed in turning around the fortunes of Opposition Leader Dan Miller following Malcolm’s enforced exit ? Will DOSCAC be subsumed by the Home Office ? And will Peter Mannion actually care ? Will Terri get early retiirement and open that tea shop in Ludlow or will she end up as Librarian in Sutton Park OP instead? And will Glenn actually manage to whitewash his sisters outside loo before the authorities find him ? Will Fergus still be trying to undermine Mannion ?..Will Stewart actually re-invent himself as a presenter of an arts programme on BBC 3 ? And does anybody care what Fergus thinks ?


        • 77
          Prince Rupert says:

          This is a shameful smear and smoke screen by the BBC and their labour chums to divert attention away from the Jimmy Savile expose, and to send a warning shot across the Tories bow that the BBC wont accept a searching inquiry or a brake up of their monopoly. Why only Tory Peadophiles and why not give this to the Police if they have evidence. Trial by mob lynching and BBC smear, for which they should be ashamed. If there are peadophiles arrest them and put them in prison.


    • 14
      lojolondon says:

      Unintentional?? Has Schofield ever been on the Telly before??


    • 16
      Terrible But True says:

      Today’s media appear to make a habit of such ‘accidents’, for which they often ‘apologise’.

      Some even log it in the daily report so it doesn’t need to get elevated to a complaint and their 110% rectitude record gets maintained, and gives their professional anchors a laugh and useful sheet before a quick swipe and flush, perfecting Jeremy Hunt ‘slips’ on the cubicle walls.

      That’s why the public ‘trust’ them so much.


    • 30
      Order Order us frit of Leveson says:

      So what are the names? I know not which channel this man appears on but assume it must be available on one of those TV player apps, so why are you doing the msm thing of blurring out the best bits Guido?


      • 33
        Anonymous says:

        Or youtube.


      • 76
        Anonymous says:

        Dave’s a slippery fucker, ain’t he? Ooh, mustn’t look too closely at this in case it reveals that the abuse has been perpertrated by a bunch of chutney ferrets and that would be just soooo homophobic. Much better to sweep it under the carpet and pack them off to Brussels.


      • 119
        English Justice Today says:

        Because there are no facts to support the story and you get sued for that!


        • 133
          Jimmy R says:

          You can find the same kind of accusations and claims of conspiracies about Tony Blair and Gordon. Blair is even supposed to have had some paedophile connection to butcher who shot all the school children at Dunblane. I’m no fan of either of those two but I find the whole idea of the allegations ridiculous.
          Being famous, for any reason, and soon there will be all kind of invented stories about you on the internet, especially if there’s sex involved. Heck, if you believe what’s on the internet the whole world is run by shapeshifting aliens from the planet Zog. If a list of names from the Internet Serious Rumour Site is the best Schofield can come up with he should go hack to what he’s good at, acting the buffoon on Children’s Television


    • 71 says:

      well done Tom


    • 84
      Super Schofield says:

      Brave work Philip Schofield. Who thought he had the balls?


      • 121
        English Justice Today says:

        You mean the stupidity of Ed Balls?
        There was no overspending on my Watch?
        All Gay people have sex with children?


        • 122
          English Justice Today says:

          Correction; All Tory Gay people have sex with children?


          • pot kettle black says:

            If that wordpress link above is anything to go by, there are names from all 3 parties in the frame. I do note however, that the majority of the thieving bastards being tried for false accounting seem to be from the peoples party. Still, its only Government money they fiddle, not taxpayers money.


  2. 2
    Silent Bob says:



  3. 4
    digitaltoast says:

    Given that it’s been publicly broadcast and will be available on ITV Player shortly anyway, why would you blur it?


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      You don’t think ITV might edit it out of the broadcast on ITV Player?

      I’d say the most likely place to find it would be on ITV1 +1, if it was within the last hour.


    • 15
      Richard says:

      Surely this program will be edited before it goes up on iplayer, digitaltoast. ITV will be worried about legal action etc.


    • 32
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Because Guido’s not reporting on who the pervs are, per se, he’s reporting on how a TV presenter accidentally-on-purpose revealed the names whilst attempting to wrong-foot Cameltoe. The names will come out in due course, and when they do, Guido will run them with the disclaimer of “The names on the card, alleged by some to be the perpetrators, were A, B,C, and D.” He pays briefs bushel baskets full of dosh to forfend libel suits, which are nothing but an organised shakedown racket, which seek less to recover damages than to scare reporters away from reporting in future, but will exact a pound (a large number of pounds!) of flesh in the meantime.


  4. 5
    Simon says:

    Guido keeping the list for the Star on Sunday?


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    I am guessing big Borris


  6. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Just tell us the names


  7. 9
    S.S. says:

    let us know who they are, post the film now on your blog.


  8. 10
    [insert name here] says:

    You say ambush like it’s a bad thing


  9. 11
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Cameron is a an accident waiting to happen.

    If there was a state regulated press, would any of this ever seen the day?


  10. 12
    jeffjinx says:

    They will be an injunction to block/edit/blur the ITV Player version too. These ‘people’ seem to have god-like power, even in death.


  11. 13
    alexei says:

    If it’s been shown National TV is it not now in the Public domain,let’s be protected from these perverts!


  12. 17
    Anon E Mouse says:

    I say bull**** on this ‘inadvertently twisted the card’. He’s an experienced TV presenter so he’ll know where the cameras are and which ones are broadcasting


  13. 18
    Steve Miliband says:

    Dumb Philip thought he was handing the PM a list of Tory MP’s in an PDF file.


  14. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Why the secrecy? Anyone other than MPs would have been arrested immediately on suspicion of such serious allegations. Why aren’t the plods, sorry plebs, entering the House to arrest them all!


    • 82
      Robert the Biker says:

      Because there is such a thing as evidence and the rules of evidence. Smear someone with this without an iron clad case and the libel lawyers would be queued up 7 deep at their door.


    • 104
      PinStriped Chancer says:

      Because a few top plods will also be implicated perchance?


  15. 20
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Nice, now we know our man Phil watches ‘The Thick Of It’.


  16. 22
    Jimmy S (for Sugar) says:

    Scared of Brian, Guido?


  17. 23
    Carter Luck says:

    By writing the list and passing it to the PM I would have thought Schofield has committed the act of libel anyway. Anyone on that list, however they come to find that, should sue his ass.


    • 27
      jimbo says:

      Anyone revealing these cretins correctly should be given a medal and high financial reward !


    • 29
      HenryV says:

      And the production company and ITV too.


    • 34

      It’s only libel if untrue.


      • 46
        The History man says:

        The point is that nobody knows if it is true until they have had a trial or at least several witnesses back up a claim – as happened with JS.

        Imagine your name being put on a similar list and you are 100% innocent.

        Imagine how easily it would be to claim a person abused you while a child just because you didn’t like him.

        What should happen is that all these cases should be investigated by independent police,etc from other countries because the police and establishment in this country have proved they can not be trusted.


      • 59
        Anonymous says:

        Not true.


      • 80
        Jason says:

        Not true. However, ‘justification’ is an absolute defence if it can be proved


  18. 24
    jimbo says:

    These vile cretins whoever they are, should be revealed and locked up to protect the children for all time. If the internet is to believed there are so many of the cretins,many in high places, all should be hunted down and put away. What type of people or organisations condone these imbeciles, name them all I say!


    • 42
      God's Holy Trousers says:

      I know this is a tough concept for some to grasp but these are still allegations. They still need to be convicted or is the rule of law something we can dispense with for alleged pedroviles? So when we have dispensed with it for them who can we target next that you disapprove of? The only proven cretin here is you jimbo.


      • 48
        The History man says:

        Exactly so but we can not trust the establishment and police to investigate these cases impartially. We need to get a foreign police and investigation team and prosecutors to deal with it. Only that will do for alleged victims to have any chance of real justice.


    • 47
      Gareth says:

      And what if your name was on the list, jimbo?

      I’m certain you’re not guilty of anything like this, but by your logic if someone put your name on the list then you should just be hunted down and put away?


  19. 25
    HenryV says:

    I can’t remember Jimmy Saville in Mrs Thatcher’s cabinet in the 1980s. Well you know what they if you can remember the 80s you weren’t really there! Explains Labour’s version of the truth about that decade……..


  20. 31
    spectre / smersh says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 8, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Just read this link to H-C-ole’ from an interested party to his conversation on twitter, which reveals how witchhunts begin and escalate.
    Welsh, Portuguese, Jersey etc scandals all covered.
    Wonder whether TWatson and other p e d o crusaders too are making the same mistake in putting 2 and 2 together to make 12.


    • 41
      adeybob says:

      this didn’t blow up as part of any kind of a witchhunt…its thru the efforts of victims and writers doing everything they can to tell everybody about this…and for the majority of that time, the inertia of public opinion was the underlying factor that helped keep it all covered up. Now the floodgates are open, to the power of a thousand Milly Dowlers.


      • 55
        spectre / smersh says:

        I do not believe you have read the article completely. If a percentage of abuse claimants were shown to be already petty criminals caught out on lying then, why should their same stories be believable now. The present ‘abused’ doing the press rounds now is shown in the article to be a case in point.
        I am not disputing that some unsavoury elements live in the population but question the localised ‘rings’ being suggested


      • 73
        GUBU says:

        The next witness to appear on the programme was Steven Messham. He said that on one occasion, when he had been in the sick-bay with blood pouring from his mouth, he had been buggered by Howarth as he lay in bed. He said that on another occasion he was asked to take a hamper of food to Howarth’s flat, where he was buggered by Howarth over the kitchen table.

        What the BBC did not tell us was that Messham claims he was sexually abused by no less than 49 different people. He also says he has been physically abused by 26 people. In 1994 the Crown Prosecution Service declined to bring his allegations against Howarth to court. None of his allegations has ever resulted in a conviction. In 1995 one of his most serious sexual allegations was rejected by a jury after barristers argued that it was a transparent fabrication.


        • 87
          "Care" in the community says:

          “In some cases there is evidence that police officers have either actively solicited allegations against particular individuals or that they have encouraged allegations by holding out the promise of compensation. Even where investigating officers have resisted such temptations the possibility that allegations have been encouraged by the prospect of compensation cannot be discounted. For ever since the successful claims made against Leicestershire County Council in the case of Frank Beck it has become common knowledge among many former residents of care homes that allegations of sexual abuse can sometimes result in successful civil claims for amounts up to £100,000.

          All in all, if a deliberate attempt were made to create the kind of environment in which false allegations tend to flourish, it would be difficult to better the conditions which result from the setting up of any large-scale retrospective inquiry. What has happened in North Wales, in Cheshire and in Liverpool, it would seem, is that large numbers of young men, many of whom belong to a culture in which financial gain traditionally goes hand in hand with some form of crime or dishonesty, have been presented with a hitherto undreamed-of opportunity. They have found themselves in a position where allegations against their former carers are being actively solicited by police officers and where any false allegation, provided that it is made against an individual who attracts other allegations, is likely to be given massive professional and institutional support.”


  21. 35
    VickiMc says:

    Poor Dave, obviously not fully up to par after tiring trip selling weapons to the warring middle east so they can kill their subjects/citizens…that’s hard work…he’s clearly tired.


  22. 37
    Of far more importance says:

    Holly looks doable


  23. 40
    Just asking says:

    Can I ask a question?

    Go back to the Ryan Giggs superinjunction. It was widely known that there was a superinjunction in place from a famous footballer, but few knew who.

    If a newspaper decided to run, in one edition, a series of articles relating to Giggs’ career, not mentioning the injunction in any way, would they be guilty of contempt of court?


    • 102
      Anonymous says:

      In other words, a ‘finger’ to the rest of us who don’t have the resources to have recourse to that sort of legal advice and to the notion of us having a fair legal system. Time to end this super injunction nonsense.


  24. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Just watched it on ITV1+1. Much less of a ‘moment’ than implied here: the turn is incredibly brief and clearly not intentional


  25. 54
    National Society For The Protection Of Child Abusers says:

    We would like to publicly welcome the new Archbishop of Canterbury we feel certain that he is of impeccable character and although he has only been a Bishop for a year or so. He will make an excellent pawn, he was a good boy at school.


  26. 56
    Moby dick says:

    Well done to all those housewives who could see the names

    My eyes aren’t as advanced


  27. 58
    The German general ho always on the phone demands to speak to the Fhuerer says:

    Dave is in deep shit here and looks like he’s covering up something.
    Sort it out Dave.


  28. 61
    Anonymous says:

    is Portaloo on the list?


  29. 62
    Indo says:

    But it cannot be read.


  30. 63
    We're all in this together says:


  31. 64
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not convinced you can see the names at all having seen a normal quality clip. Making a name for yourself Mr Fawkes?


  32. 65
    Gordon the Gopher says:

    Squeaky bums all round


  33. 66
    Rupert my Hero says:

    We have started, so let us proceed. If Dave misses this Boat then he is more of a Wuss, than we gave him credit for being in the first place.

    Expose all, Purge and win the Female Vote.


  34. 67
    K says:

    Where is the Labour list?


  35. 69
    We're all in this together says:


  36. 72
    We're all in this together says:


  37. 74
    Anonymous says:


    36 minutes ago: “@Syn0nymph Because there is no reliable evidence. Some of it is just bonkers.”

    “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

    Deleted because..?


  38. 75
    Anonymous says:

    The top of this site says “gossip and rumours”. Is redacting the clip in keeping with that tagline?


    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      Only when it doesn’t involve the Tory hierarchy.


    • 95
      Mighty Mucky Westminster says:

      Exactly my point in 90 and 94, just try posting the suspects names and the Bias G bot redacts on auto pilot.

      As I say, I rather think that it is more about being old chums from the good old days!

      Unless of course Guido would like to enlighten us!


  39. 78
    The Arch Bishop says:

    Dave is my mate.


  40. 88
    Pmaxted says:

    I’ve got a little list …


  41. 90
    Mighty Mucky Westminster says:


    Why are you shy of naming these people, I though that being over the water you were safe from any action against you.

    Or is it that they are old mates of yours from the old days? When you also were one of Mrs T’s Fixers!

    I notice that mine and most probably many other posts who named them have been deleted by you.


    • 94
      Mighty Mucky Westminster says:


      Might I add that you seem happy to get on your soap box when It is catholic priest abusers……

      Not so keen at all when it is Tory Fundraisers!



  42. 91
    Deep Froat says:

    Might have been worse. Nobody watches that programme anyway at least nobody who matters that is. Brain dead unemployed Government artists only.

    Cept you guido.


  43. 101
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Schofield is an Ex BBC chilrdens TV presenter. The BBC aand the media village trying to scandalise the Tory Party before the 29 or so BBC names, that Scotland yard have been looking into, start getting charged.

    The London media village is declaring war on he Conservative, because they know, the BBC are fvcked.


  44. 107
    Anon says:

    Why does Cameron mention gays? Schofield didn’t mention gays, the lists I’ve seen don’t mention gays, yet Cameron did so.


  45. 111
    Enemy Of The State says:

    Why when this happened was Cameron’s first response to defend homos? I think we should know.

    He leaped to the idea that homos would be persecuted as a result. So does Cameron think that homosexuals are likely to be pedophiles? I guess he does.

    Mr Cameron did not look at the list and warned there is a danger that the current hunt for child abusers turns into a “witch-hunt” against gay people.


    • 115
      Anonymous says:

      The ammount of homosexuals who prey on vulnerable adults and young people is quite horrific, the care and social work sectors are full of them, think Rennie the abuser from Scotland. Most of us live our lives and base our identities on our work, pastimes and class, homosexuals base their whole identity on sex and and power over others- I know becuase I have worked amongst them and witnessed first hand the bullying and viciousness of the “lovely cuddly huggy” yes there is definetly a connection beteen homsexuality and predatory abuse of the vulnerable. Not pc or in line with the NWO promotion of homosexuality as the new norm, but true nontheless. Thats why we are seeing a deliberate emphasis on reporting SoVile’s antics with girls rather than boys which he was most interested in.

      Very few of the gays I have met are well adjusted people, most have an angst towards the rest of us (perhaps thats why they have been deliberately promoted into positions of power through the likes of Common Purpose, as both the Nazis and the Communists did so that they would carry out unpalatable orders?). It seems that all societies come to an end with these people at the helm. Maybe Sodom and Gomorah have a lseeeon or two for us.


      • 126
        The Donkey of Untruth says:

        Anonymous, you are a twat of the highest order. Where’s your evidence? You’re probably even an MP.


      • 127
        A Solid Bed of Hunts says:

        I agree. I’m gay and I’m completely mental. For instance, I leave rambling, incoherent messages on blogs that no one will ever read.

        Statistics will tell you that most child abusers are male and straight. However, it’s a scientific FACT that child abusers have more DNA in common with the crab than humans…and everyone knows that crabs are gay as fuck. There’s no real evidence for it, but it is scientific fact.

        I gave up my Lovely Cuddly Gay (LCG) membership card a long time ago, because there were more career opportunities in being a complete fucking bastard gay (CFBG). I’ve reaped the benefits of that decision as I am now Chief Gay of Everything, although my work-life balance has certainly suffered (it’s a good thing I don’t have hobbies, a loving family or a soul!)

        Anyway, must dash, I’m making a replica school out of papier mache then I’ve got my childcatcher class.


        p.s. He’s right, I hate you all and we’ll begin killing off straights as soon as I can get the all-clear from the secret gay high command. I don’t have time to make a list so I’m using the phonebook…..So if anyone calls in the next few days asking whether you’re straight, better deny it fast!!


      • 130
        beetal says:

        well said .


      • 135
        Anonymous says:

        what an utter load of crap! I am neither gay nor male. Homosexuals arent child abusers, paedophiles are abusers! keep your vile, narrow minded, uneducated and unintelligent opinion to your biggoted self!TWAT!


      • 136
        Disgusted! says:

        annoymus your a c**t, homosexuals dont abuse children, paedophiles do. I am not homosexual by the way I just dont want to have to hear your small minded, uneducated opinion all you are doing is advertising you own low IQ – watch out any lower and you will trip on it


  46. 113
    Mac says:

    Just seen the list. It’s George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and John Bolton.

    Fucking peado war criminals.


  47. 114
    Anonymous says:

    Guido the Paedo


  48. 116
    Trumpfan says:

    All these lesbians have worked so hard in rubbing our faces in the ‘reality of child abuse’. and now the gays are being listed….. Abuse piled on abuse! As for lists, there was sweet little Peter Lilley’s list at the 1992 Tory Conference – “I have a little list”. Now with the wholly benign and evidence-based net, we can all publish our own lists. But let’s collaborate…. For starters
    1. Labour Party members
    2. Children’s TV presenters
    3. War heroes (the more VCs the better)
    4. The neighbours
    And we also need to appoint a Witchfinder General. Nominations?


  49. 125
    Anonymous says:

    lolol really really loves reading these comments, why get so angry lol ???


  50. 128
    Ehtch says:

    how to you get rid of my ip adress on this fucking site?

    creeps me sites like this, although know how this site is run. So arse see through, like a fucking MI5 glasshouse, Guido Fawkes coining it with it.

    Pathetic load of crap.


    • 138
      Ehtch says:

      Me, in Paranoia City, come and live – I will send you a postcard if you want, it is really really sunny here, if you are myopic, : ))) etc. eyc.,


      Funny peculiar country/World, we have to suffer.


  51. 131
    Gerry says:

    Well, if any farker can read those names, you’re a better man than me.


    • 139
      Ehtch says:

      it was pixiallated quite soon afterwards mun. I watched Phil, and I saw it, but I haven’t a freze frame of it. But I suppose I should advise you see the freeze frame of it online. But yes, still looks like a bunch of tory english namesa. judge this, lord that, and fucking your twatting honorable horribles.


  52. 132
    Surly says:

    I love how you are all so clever and sharp with your barbs, sorry comments. Good to know that intellectuals are out there even if they are busy speculating about the likes of PS and DC. Waste of time people. There is a bigger issue.


  53. 137
    ayatollah Livingstone says:

    Schofield should stick to cookery items and interviewing the stars of ‘The only way is essex’ – Leave the Politics to the big boys. Whoever made the decision (Schofield/producer.editor ?) to thrust that card at the prime minister should be sacked. Bad, bad journalism.


  54. 141
    Trumpfan says:

    The Schofield Test of Evidence
    And after all it seems that Phillip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher are one and the same How often has Schofield told us about Gordon having gone off the rails? Does the glimpse of ‘the names’ that the derailed Schofield allowed us provide us with ineluctable proof that he’s really Gordon? On the Schofield Test of Evidence, definitely yes. But it’s on evaluating what we find on the net that the Test is a major step forward. Consider the criteria; 1. a ‘cursory’ or ‘momentary’ glance at the internet; 2 the same names coming up ‘time and time’ again. Both are sufficient on the Schofield Test, but are they even necessary? Dog poo might do as well. All this is conclusive evidence, based on Schofield’s own Test that a long career as a children’s presenter doesn’t soften the brain, and that the sane and rational among us will find in the internet the same truths that Moses found in the tablets.


  55. 142

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