November 2nd, 2012

Flashback: The Foresight of MacShame


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:



    • 102
      Hang The Bastards says:


      You are a fkin scumbag, the lowest form of life and I cant wait to hear that you will rot in jail. You deserve it.

      I trust the inmates will give you a hard time and hopefully you’ll get your just rewards.

      As for your life collapsing around you, I hope it implodes in the most painful way possible.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    His wife/partner is guilty of supreme bad taste too.


  3. 3
    Ex Ah! Monika says:

    every silver lining has a cloud


  4. 5
    I hate Kebabs says:

    Oh dear


  5. 6
    Timmytour says:

    His article in the Huffington Post seemed to be well timed..


  6. 7
    Denis MacShane says:

    at least I’m not going to lack company or sex once the wife leaves and I’m banged up.


  7. 8
    Joe Blog says:

    Ted Heath


  8. 9
    Bewildered says:



  9. 10
    Aunty Matter says:

    Newsnight story was a load of bollocks. The BBC bottled it again by basically churning up a 20 year old story.

    The BBC doing its bes to divert attention from themselves and on to the Tories.

    It won’t work you fucking child rap1ng c u ntz, you’re all fucking toast you lefty twats.


    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      I am now convinced that the BBC is entirely blameless for the Saville matter – thank goodness they ran the story tonight


    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      Hope some MP start naming names in parliament.


      • 34
        Blowing Whistles says:

        There are legions of Political journo’s in their ‘circus tent’ – who know the B’strd MPs’ name – yet for all their ‘worth’ they are the most despicable B’strd’s – because they are actively concealing the name from the public.

        They are as equally culpable for “the abuse” [as co-conspirators] if they do not report it to the police.

        The British Press & Media circus are but a disgrace to the British Public – who they lie to day in day out – as being representative of.

        A Marr – claimed some years ago [in the Telegraph] that it was he and his who were the true and only opposition holding the then Labour Government to account. Me thinks that Mr Marr wants reminding what lamposts can also be used for.


        • 47
          Dick the Prick says:

          Well then fuck ‘em. Without evidence it’s fucking speculation and usually better sourced in yer local boozer. It’s just funny watching them squirm – fuck ‘em. You might think Maxwell’s a fucker but he’s a normal fucker. Obviously this has been known about for years but until Campbell broke the BBC contract it was synonomous with the state. Blair & Campbell changed that. I don’t think Murdoch has the wit, the inclination or the indulgence to unearth this fucking shitheap – this was volunteer only. Always likes Ozzies, always will – reminds me of Yorkshire. The BBC only hated him because he was popular – like they hated people’s choices. Okay dokey. If anything, I think everyone’s being very polite. Whey hey!


    • 50
      Total Bolloticks says:

      Agree. It was a total waste of 10 mins of my lifwe watching that.

      Where do I send the Bill?


      • 70
        Dick the Prick says:

        Yeah. Newsnight was shite after dog whistle PR shocker! Am loving Alegra Stratton though – she’s proper brainy. There has to be a time when this boil has to be lanced. I think everyone’s been aware that the rules have changed significantly over the last 20 years but this is a plateau. Nick Cohen wrote an article last Sunday(???) about fury and how he’s suddenly furious. Geez, that’s a vignette of what it is to be militant left wing – 5 years late to the party.


  10. 11
    Nick says:

    Now then, now then, so the BBC thrashing about trying to divert attention away from Saville. Aided by that fat slug Watson.
    Well it won’t work kiddiefiddlers all.


    • 22
      Anonymous says:

      X10000 – the timing is so transparent


    • 43
      Blowing Whistles says:

      If one sits aside of a political bent or persuasion – and takes Watson’s claims at face value – He has outed quite some clues as to the whole political / media circus attempting to ultimately dupe the public for the political elites’ continued status quo.

      Murdoch is an evil ba’sturd and has switched his political allegiance regularly.

      They’ve all [Labour & Tory] been in Thrall to the aussie low-life scum. They’ve all supped and sucked up at his jollies around the world.

      Who the F has been running Westminsters House of Clowns for the past 4 decades – with every dirt digging means at his personal disposal? blackmail, entrapment, coersion, career blight, bullying harassment and with a legion of Scheusters who have more dirt on more judges than the crown has?


    • 74
      Miss Direction says:

      To divert attention away from the 9 suspected peedos still employed by the BBC. Newshite couldn’t let off a stink bomb cus they are pathetic dodgy journalists.


  11. 12
    Maximum Imbecile says:

    Nonite I will be outed


  12. 20
    A shit smokescren if ever i saw one says:

    Really looking forward to the BBC naming this individual……oh hang on…


  13. 21
    Newsfright says:

    We are cowards


    • 27
      Shillings and Pence and Toadies Bent Solicitors says:

      We have nobbled the BBC

      Super gag order and D Notice all at the same time…


  14. 23
    Fog on the Tyne says:

    Time Newsnight was taken off the air. Absolute waste of time. A lukewarm rehash of an ancient story offering insinuations about Tory misdemeanours and a laughably superficial consideration of the MacShame scandal. We’re forced to pay a licence fee for this shit?


  15. 24
    Jay Farcakes says:

    COWARDS. Beeb bottlers. Obviously a spoiler story because of the dawn arrests of some of their own luvvies to come tomorrow. They must think we have 5 GCSEs or something.


  16. 28
    Ex Ah! Monika says:

    Who was tonight’s NN editor?
    Time to stand aside.
    Form an orderly queue.


  17. 31
    A hard Pressed TV Tax Payer says:

    Can some one please ask the Chairman of B B C (dis)Trust how he expects

    the Licence Payers can have any confidence at all in them after this

    Newsnight smokescreen, given the very bloated Fang Pang, laughingly

    claims the B B C aka The decades long kid*die Fid*dlers Orga*nisa*tion

    is accountable to its Licence Payers…….

    “you can fool some people some of the time BUT you cannot fool all of the

    people all of the time”

    something Fang Pang does not understand & seemingly never will !!


  18. 32
    Beeboid P Dose says:

    We’re muddying the waters nicely. We must keep making the suggestion that the Savile scandal is linked to outside agencies and not the dear old beeb.


  19. 33
    nellnewman says:

    joan ? I thought he was carrying on with chrishunhe’s ex? Maybe they’ve both left him – they would if they had any sense!!

    As for prison – that’ll depend whether the police and cps decide to do their job properly for a change!!

    Just watched newsnight re that j+nner/britt+n chap that they ducked out of naming again!!! – the establishment protecting it’s own again!!

    Getting a bit fed up with it frankly!!!

    Whe are the police and cps going to start doing a proper job about these evil people ??!!


    • 46
      Blowing Whistles says:

      If it is Greville Janner or Leon Britten then there are some very serious questions to ask about how these men can ‘bend and swerve’ around the truth coming out?

      Janner is of the north / Leeds – Savile country.

      Where is Gerald Kauffman at this time?


  20. 36
    Outside of Chingford says:

    All you bedwetters need to understand this is not the 1950s and politicians can do whatever they like


  21. 37
    Piss Organ says:


  22. 39
    Dr Who says:

    Come on! Who is this senior political figure??

    Let’s have answers…


  23. 41
    Bless the BBC says:

    Well thankyou newsnight, that was a waste of my time. Thought i’d drop them a view of my appreciation.


  24. 42
    Joe Blog says:

    Bobby Davro


  25. 44
    Dr Who says:

    A very cynical person would think the BBC do not like outing Charlie chesters……

    All in it together?


  26. 45
    Aunty Matter says:

    Fuck me the Sun headline is a corker, the BBC really are in deep shit this time. Newsnight made themselves look like mongs when the real sleaze is under their fucking noses.


  27. 48
    Blowing Whistles says:

    There has been and continues to be a powerful paedo network linked to Parliament. Does it take a genius to work out that the network crosses all political boundaries and that it includes journo’s of the political circus as well?

    The public are not going to stand for the daily bull5hit spun by the ‘stablishment press and if the police don’t do their job properly either then who can blame the public for rising up against the lot of them.

    The North Wales and South Wales Police – seem to have been the most despicable ‘turn a blind eye’ agents for the child abusers in the UK.


  28. 49
    Blowing Whistles says:

    If McShame ever gets to court – there’s probably no doubt that he will be using Ken Livingscum’s legals to trample over the truth.


  29. 51
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The double murder verdict today of a Vicar and an elderly woman has thrown up some questions at Dorset police – who were warned previously about the murderer. Dorset police are conducting an internal investigation on themselves.

    Police policing themselves – yet again!


    • 60
      Aunty Matter says:

      Plod can’t be trusted to wipe their own arses. We really have an utter bunch of mongs in blue as shown by the whole Andrew Mitchell thing. Fucking trouble making plods were up in arms looking for a Tory scalp, yet we see decades of lies and incompetence from plod over things like Hillsborough and Jimmy Savile as plod says and does nothing.


      • 105
        Anonymous says:

        I agree, the behaviour of senior police over the past few years,(The met shower, for starters) does make you wonder what the….. is going on.


    • 63
      Dixon says:

      Reckon there is no hope for our plod if they crumble at the knees if someone calls them a Pleb and they still opens the gate.


  30. 53
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Nick King – the tory contender for the police commissioner of Region Dorset is a criminal and a fraudster.


  31. 54
    Gordon Brown has more Bottle than the BBC says:

    The BBC bottled it tonight.

    Their highly edited dumbed down newsnight exposure of political kiddyfidling was not even worthy of broadcast. What the f@*k are the up to?


    • 108
      Anonymous says:

      It seems that there’s an injunction still in place from the Waterhouse inquiry against naming names.

      The BBC have pushed this story further than any other media outlet.

      They’ve pushed it to the point that the damn is going to burst.

      And if the stories doing the rounds are true about who was involved, and who knew about who were involved, then the Tory party is finished.


  32. 55
    Cherie B LIAR says:

    Fuck me, ol Tone got away with it again.


  33. 61
    • 67
      Cicero says:

      An allegation is not proof.


      • 73
        W.W. says:

        There are going to be a lot of those flying about.

        Though if the big story breaks, it will rock the British system to it’s very core.

        Every dirty little secret for the last 50 years will come out, as they all turn their guns on each other.

        And like Saville it won’t just be who was involved, but who knew.

        The banks, the press, the police, theiving politicians, now half the British establishment all fighting like rats in a sack

        Still beter they spend their time destroying each other, than destroying the rest of us.

        Another glass of wine I think!



    • 83
      Nonce Night says:

      That diiiiiirty old man in Steptoe & Son is a peedo too.


  34. 64
    W.W. says:

    If Guido has the balls, why doesn’t he name the names.

    I;m damn sure he knows who they are.



  35. 65
    W.W. says:

    That slushy noise, is the sound of the shit hitting the fan.

    And it is about to start spreading.

    Happy days



    • 84
      watp says:

      slit throats make slushy noises… there’s a wonderful thought to implant into the minds of these so called pillars of the establishment that have been sexually abusing children. all that pain and fear and anguish they subjected onto those that should have been protected the most, being returned ten fold.

      and the best thing… they’ll be cancelling each other out in their attempts to survive. i never much believed in the concept of god, but i do now.


  36. 71
    John T. says:

    Well – I was talking to a mate , he told me –

    “You must NOT pay your T.V. Licence” .

    He continued and explained – that the B.B.C. are
    unquestionably guilty of aiding and abetting a
    criminal act (J.S.) .

    If you (me) give them money then you are guilty of
    financing organised crime .

    Hmmm? What thoughts ?


    • 93
      albacore says:

      Like the E U’s accounts, this doesn’t add up
      And, once again, folks, we’re being sold a pup
      Ancient politicians and showbiz celebs
      Dangled out to the wolves to distract the plebs
      If Parliament sought to explode this abuse
      Guess again where it is they should light the fuse


  37. 78
    Nonce Night says:

    What was that half hearted fart that was let off on Nonce Night?


  38. 82
    S.T.U.N says:

    I say you buy one you get one free!

    Tarmac your drive and I’ll do your neighbour free


  39. 88
    S.T.U.N says:

    650 witnesses in the shithouse enquiry.

    no convictions.

    I rest my case


  40. 89
    Sparkler says:

    To be fair I thought the piece they did on the Ash tree fungus scandal was a reasonably balanced article for once, from little acorns mighty Oak trees grow.


  41. 90
    Lord Egbert Nobacon says:

    “Possible Elite British Paedophile Ring” names names and makes interesting reading from 1997: ….disturbing how long this information has been in the public domain.


  42. 91
    The frying pan and fire. says:

    Kin l. The BBC treats Vicky Pryce as a sage of all wisdom. Isn’t this just a little misguided considering she dumped Huhne for MacShane?


  43. 95
    Howard Kirk, a sociologist says:

    Sir Michael White mitigating MacShane’s offence on BBC News24 Friday evening: “yes he’s done wrong, but losing your public career is punishment enough…and besides he’s only used the fiddled cash to finance his political activity in Europe i.e. it was all in a good cause”.


  44. 97
    Attilla the Geordie says:

    Will Mcshame also get 40k resettlement and his pension?
    _Justice prevails!!!


  45. 112
    Stan Butler says:

    MacShame claiming the BNP have ruined his political career. Yes Denis, those nasty people at the BNP forced you into thieving taxpayers cash to fund your Pro EU group. Prick.


  46. 116
    TrollhunterX says:

    He would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those meddling fascists…


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