October 23rd, 2012

Two Home Tory Bills Taxpayer for Hotel High Life

The rent-swappers who own one London home are bad enough, but it takes a certain kind of trougher to bill the taxpayer for hotel stays when he already has two properties in the capital to choose from. Back during the original expenses scandal David Amess hid in a hairdressers after being doorstepped over his greedy second home claims. Once again the Tory MP has been caught red handed.

Amess owns a flat in east London which he rents out, claiming over £7,000 in expenses for the rent on a south west London flat in which he lives. But being a rent-swapper who makes money from the taxpayer isn’t enough for Amess. Despite charging us for the rent on the home he is registered as living in, the Tory MP has claimed another £8,000 expenses to stay in London hotels over the last year. All the while his taxpayer-funded rented home is left empty. Amess has been in parliament for nearly thirty years. Now would be a good time for him to announce his retirement…


  1. 1

    They must think we are so stupid – and indeed we really must be.

    (Sod off 8illy!)


  2. 2
    Rompouey says:

    It will probably cost us more when he get locked in the cell he should be in.


  3. 3
    Ed Miliband (Leader of the Party opposite) says:

    David Cameron does not rule out the possibility of resigning in the nexrt fortnight his spokesman says.


  4. 4
    nellnewman says:

    It’s all the same MP’s who were troughing during the last expenses scandal. There should at least be a means to sack them for this gross dishonesty!


  5. 5
    jgm2 says:

    Hide in a hairdressers? He needs to shoot his hairdresser.


    • 71
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      My thoughts exactly going by that photo.

      I expect he has the nanny do it 3 times a year with a pudding bowl over his bonce.


  6. 6
    Final Solution says:

    Give me a call, I can sort this


  7. 7

    Precis of the Statement about this on his own web site: Don’t Blame Me: Blame IPSA.



    • 10
      Nullbymouth says:

      To be fair all the fuss is about ‘second homes’. First time anyone has mentioned ‘third homes’


      • 18
        Anon Hacked off Voter !! says:

        just way till they get to the country retreats & oversea’s properties……

        and the cover used of oversea’s fact finding trips……..

        Its now time for the Tyburn solution to be brought back…..


  8. 11
    HoC Fat Thieving Pigs & we are not ashamed ! says:

    Ha Ha ha…..oink… oink… oink oink……..its all within the rules… oink…. oink……

    fcuk all of the plebs……oink oink…….

    “A troughing we will go, a troughing we will go”…….oink oink……

    we are fcuking you plebs everyway we can ….ha ha ha ha

    and will carry on doing it……ha ha ha ha……oink oink…….


    • 39

      How did they know!!! There must be an enquiry into this dreadful leak of parliamentary privilege!!!

      (Not the bit about “Fatcher” though – they were just jealous. Only Jimmy Savile and her got to fuck the miners good and proper – and only “Fatcher” could spell.)


  9. 12
    Otis B Berger the Third from Maine says:

    The British public is getting hacked off with Cameron trying to talk about prisoners when he has failed to increase prison capacity in the last two years .

    What the British public want is truth and transparency about MPs expenses .

    If MPs have done wrong theyshould be prosecuted and sent to prison just like the last lot .


    • 19
      The 'Margaret Moran' defence says:

      “You can’t send us to prison for our crimes ecause that would make us very very sad, and that’s against our human rights.”


  10. 13
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    This is looting.

    Within the rules that they made as it may be, but looting & plunder of the taxpayer none the less.

    Arness – resign from Parliament you utter thieving pig.


  11. 14
    Kebab Time says:

    Amess “Money for life”



  12. 15
    Thrasher Mitchell says:

    The whole police commissioner role seems designed for useless meddling old shithouses who should fuck off and prune their roses.


    • 20
      Chief Wiggum of Humberside says:

      Watch thy bloody mouth you toff


    • 25
      jgm2 says:

      It’ll be hi-jacked by the likes of Prescott who will use it to conduct politically motivated witch-hunts in their local area. And ensure the on-going immunity to prosecution of their own.

      It’ll be bad enough being a T*ry councillor in Hull without Prescott initiating a world of vexatious investigations designed to make local headlines of the sort ‘T*ry councillor investigated by police…’ tying his political opponents up in all manner of manufactured legal shite in the same manner as Labour pioneered by arresting opposition MPs on bogus charges.

      You think he wouldn’t?


      • 27
        Chief Wiggum of Humberside says:

        I see 2 on 1 now is it? Well come on then laddie if you think you are hard enough


      • 36

        John Prescott’s speech to become crime commissioner. Plays on a permanent loop.

        …insofar as one can be certain, in the very real sense that my knowledge, with regards to policing or crime such as stabbing with intent to cause offence or theft from a moving vehicle or the very real fear of the fear of crime itself, which affects many people..indeed vulnerable non-able bodied immobile vulnerable young mothers from hardworking families and these people are on the scrapheap ‘coz of Tory cuts to the EMI means they can’t download their college diplomas from t’internet or even get a foot on the doorbell of the opportunity that Labour gave to all people young or old , poor or poorer, black or erm..well..lets not dwell on race but insofar as one can be certain…


        • 48
          Sandra in Accounts says:


          The moment I started reading I had his dulcet tones in my head.


        • 80
          Dim Beau says:

          Rowan gave some classic examples from Not the 9 o’clock News in his speech a few threads down. Can someone send Pressclot a copy?

          Treading on the cracks in the pavement
          Wearing a very loud shirt after dark in a residential area



      • 61
        chris1943 says:

        I’m very much afraid you may be right. Thugs and Thuggery abound in Labour controlled area, scared somebody might find out their scams; producing corrupt MPs and failing ot protect the vulnerable under false racial cohesion schemes. Name them, Rotherham Rochdale, Middlesbrough, stinking Labour run holes.

        Never lived in a Tory area so can’t comment on them.


  13. 17
    Yoda says:

    “Back during the original expenses scandal”

    Mangled words in article do you use, much mess with English I detect.


  14. 21
    Gordon Brown says:

    Nicholas Brody is my favourite


  15. 24
    OxtedTory says:

    He is having his “cake” and eating it (proud of that one)


  16. 29
    UKIP.I.AM says:

    If you can’t trust these state employees in the Liblabcon party over their own expenses how you can you trust them with anything else?


    • 40
      Ultra says:

      How can you trust any state employee with any of your money ? Best not to have any and we get to keep all our money


  17. 30
    Sensible Simon says:

    Lest we forget… “cake is a made up drug”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbq3kc29Tmg&t=2m19s


  18. 33
    keredybretsa says:

    Another Super long term Dishonourable, the mind boggles at what he has fiddled in 30 years at it. Greed is their enemy and it takes over at the trough, then Guido La Fawkes catches ‘em one at a time. More encore!!!!


  19. 34
    Anonymous says:

    It’s almost like these thieving inbreds have no regard for the public at all



  20. 38
    Keith Vaz-o-line says:

    I am ashamed to be an MP at times


  21. 41
    Robert Catesby says:

    20 barrels of talcum powder on its way to you for your big day in Westminster, Guido.

    Raise the roof!

    N.B. That is talcum powder and nothing at all to do with guns.


  22. 46
    ToonBert... says:

    £8000 in 12 months? ffs why?


  23. 49
    Curbishly says:

    And it’s not as if he has to travel any great distance to get to the House from his home in Southend. Many of his residents have to make this journey every day.


    • 57
      HoC Fat Thieving Pigs & we are not ashamed ! says:

      yes but that is what you stinking Plebs have to do……

      You cannot expect US who have “divine right” to sit at TOP TABLE

      & plunder anything & everything we like…….

      to actually lower ourselves to this level & travel on

      Plebs Public Fcuking Transport everyday…….

      Come on get real……

      Next you will be shouting for Democracy rather than the

      fake version we fob you fcuking Plebs off with……

      Get back to your hovels where you belong & will STAY !!

      We have serious troughing to do….Oink Oink…..


  24. 54
    Ex-Tory says:

    Guido, you spoil it once again by linking personal wealth to false claims. Just because he has an investment property that he rents out, why should he not claim for accommodation expenses, as he is entitled? What kind of flat can you rent close to Westminster for £583/mth. i would guess he stayed part of the year in hotels when his visits to London were sporadic and he did a short-term rent for periods when he was in London for most of the week.

    You trying to create an expenses scandal that is just not there. Hence, the rest of the media are hardly covering it. The only issue, as I see it, are the left-wing, socialist MPs who berate others for tax avoidance and capitalist money making, but do the best to squeeze as much money out of the system as they can.


  25. 55
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Oink! Oink! Pigs


  26. 60
    8illy 8owden, the world's greatest umplre says:

    Long service brings its perks.

    In Guido’s case it’s, for example, not having to queue up for his morning doughnut, one of the office women bringing it instead to his desk.

    So Mr Amiss gets a little perk. After 30 years service!

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Guido. (One of the girls has just thoughtfully put it on your desk. Saved you the walk.)


    • 66
      Edna the Urn Controller says:

      They ‘as to queue up at me trolley with their tea mugs. I’m not doing table service or any of that foreign coffee stuff, let alone effing Amerricanno


    • 83
      soapy says:

      But (presumably) Guido pays for his own doughnuts and does not claim them on expenses every day.


  27. 62
    Private Pike says:

    Captain Mainwaring

    I just heard guns. Stupid boy Pike, next you will be telling me you’ve smelt talcum powder.


  28. 64
    Dave the Weak says:

    Amess is an excellent constituency M.P. and has my full support.


  29. 65
    Poirot says:

    Is there a femme to cherchez?


    • 85
      soapy says:

      Baroness Uddin?


      • 88
        The savant says:

        I d rather. It was soraya Saenz de santamaria. The deputy. Spanish pm

        She. S absolutely gorgeous. Go to google images. For photos

        No. Wonder Rajoy always. Looks fuc..d. . Lucky. Barsteward.


  30. 73
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    wot a c*nut! must be all that ‘cake’ he takes


  31. 86

    This is outrageous! But anyway at least you showed more light to the issue and now we know better.

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  32. 87
    The savant says:

    Whisper it softly but being an honest man I have to confess a possibly egregious sin of a past life…..

    Some 50. Years ago I believe I was in the same school as David Amess !!!

    Did he perchance ever attend. Shoreditch comprehensive in hoxton. street. London N1 ???

    If it was not him. It was. His doppelgänger

    A self ingratiating. Individual even then . Genes will out


  33. 89
    evad666 says:

    Dear Lord will no one rid us of such dishonest folk? Oh we cannot recall him and get him deselcted can we Dave and/or Nick?


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