October 23rd, 2012

Good Morning Mr Entwistle

With Peter Rippon stepping aside, George Entwistle is in the direct firing line. One question that he needs to answer at his outing at the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee this morning is who was in charge of spinning the story last Christmas. This piece from February’s Oldie magazine by Miles Goslett should be read by every single member of the CMS Select Committee:

It was the first publication to state that Newsnight’s exposé centred on underage girls of 14 or 15; the first to reveal that some of the abuse allegedly occurred on BBC premises in 1973/4 after recordings of Clunk-Click; the first to divulge that two other celebrities had been named to Newsnight as also being guilty of abusing girls with Savile on BBC premises; and the first to mention that Mark Thompson knew all about this before Christmas but did nothing.

This is the story that seven papers turned down last December based on this BBC denial:

‘Any suggestion that a story was dropped for anything other than editorial reasons is completely untrue.’

Who approved that line George?


  1. 1
    A pleb who pays his taxes says:

    Before this sanctimonious witchhunt starts I hope each and every Committee MP makes a clear and open declaration for the official record as to all expenses they have claimed and those they have received during this Parliament .


    • 4
      UKIP.i.am says:

      As they did before the Murdoch witch-hunt? Of course the phone-hacking of publicity seeking celebs is a much worse crime than the sexual abuse of children from pleb families.


      • 7
        Bluebottle says:

        Wasn’t Jimmy Savile on close terms with the Royal Family ?


      • 15
        Backwoodsman says:

        Yup, only way this could get much better, would be if Tw@tson could be proved to be involved !


        • 18
          Spode says:

          Ahm luvvin it!


          • Anonymous says:

            So while Savile was abusing kids Harriet Harman,then at the NCCL, was calling for the age of consent to be abolished and declaring that under-age sex caused no damage to children.


          • I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

            Harriet was clearly after the Muslim vote, even that far back.


          • MadHatter Harpic says:

            No – it’s just that young girls grow up quicker if they have ‘The Knowledge’ – know wot oy meen? Say no more!!! nudge nudge wink wink!


          • Living in 98 percent white (and 99.9% kuffar) Merseyside says:

            As long as none of the youngsters were under 9 years old Jimmy Savile has still got his m*slim fans!


        • 104
          anonymouse says:

          Somebody really needs to start looking at PIE the Pedephile Information Exchange and it’s relationship with the NCCL. It wasn’t just HH it was also Patricia Hewitt who was employed by the NCCL for 9 years.


          • Anonymous says:

            That is disgusting of Harriet Harmon, she will jump on any bandwagon to get into the public eye, lets hope this one comes back to haunt her.


          • NZ splat says:

            … and if she gets thumped by Di, will that result in a black eye?


      • 156
        lojolondon says:

        I certainly hope that they will be looking into whether the BBC is a fit and proper organisation to be trusted with a broadcasting licence!

        I do confess to a certain (perhaps misplaced) sympathy for Entwistle – Thompson and Dyke and all the previous DG over the last 40 years, the chickens are coming home to roost!!


  2. 2
    CCHQ says:

    Dave’s Sponsored Walk


    This week I will be taking part in a sponsored walk up and down Downing Street with some of my closest friends. I’m raising money for my chosen charity, the Tories, so that we can campaign for more borrowing, more debt, and bigger houses for people on benefits.
    Please sponsor me!!!

    Yours forever,


    PS If you’re free, we’re having a little party at my bunker afterwards. It’s the big one, in the posh neighbourhood, worth well over two million – you can’t miss it.


  3. 5
    Thrasher Mitchell says:

    I rang my mate as I stood pissed outside to ask how to get into The Carlton Club.

    He said, “There should be a knob on the door.”

    I said, “Yeah, he’s the one that won’t let me in.”


  4. 8
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    I socialise with the average man and do my drinking at the local wine-bar with the workers. The judges, the stockbrokers, the union leaders, the BBC chiefs, the Guardian editors…


  5. 9
    Call me Dave says:

    If you have been affected by any issues raised in this Panorama or Newsnight BBC program…..

    Don’t bother telling anyone.
    They won’t believe you.


    • 11
      Mary Whitehouse says:

      “Last night I watched a programme on the BBC that can only be described as filth…….”


      • 20
        Anonymous says:

        How much of my licence payers money will still go to Peter Rippon while he steps aside?


        • 40
          A memeber of the Peedoff Public says:

          Is he anything to do with ‘dancing’ ‘Noos’ RipOff?


          • Airey Belvoir says:

            Have you noticed that, when an executive or public official is under investigation for dodgy conduct they are often suspended, pending enquiries. At the BBC this word is considered a little harsh, a little vulgar. There, they just ‘step aside’. This wishy-washy,approved phrase has been used by every single BBC commentator about Rippon.


          • soapy says:

            But if he comes up against one of us plebs in the pub, he might well be invited to step outside instead!


        • 41
          Synic says:

          I guess about £30k per month for salary, national insurance, pension contributions etc. Any other bids, or specific information? Do these fxckers get bonuses as well?


    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      if something is outside of your belief system, then how can you believe it. Savile was just too outside the nation though not the establishment belief system.


  6. 10
    CCHQ says:

    Gove has publicly apologised for humiliating his (named) teacher. I think a private letter would’ve been kinder.

    Mr Gove’s position is also now untenable.


  7. 12
    Grollace says:

    Be prepared to give generously if you are the bill payer and do not wish to dump the TV.


  8. 13
    Call me Dave says:

    Some daft, cloth eared bint on bbcbreakfast is pushing for quotas of women on company boards. Stupid idiot.


    • 16
      Centre Parting says:

      Easy – bring back the tea trolley.


    • 21
      Hugh Janus says:

      The EU wants to impose a 40% female quota on company boards. Just one more reason (amongst so many) to get out. Referendum now!


      • 30
        UKIP.i.am says:

        As I said only yesterday most of our new laws (apart from those relating to new technology) are bad (and most are for the benefit of our European neighbours) otherwise they would have already been introduced in the the last 300 years or so.


      • 44
        Selohesra says:

        Ironing boards?


      • 162
        Anonymous says:

        Don’t worry Tories Dave is going to sort it out, ha ha. Voting Tory is pissing in the wind like all of the three parties you will get it back in your face.


    • 47
      Synic says:

      Spoken just like the egotistical bombastic pig headed rude ignorant cnuts that are CEOs of many companies.


      • 58
        Tick tock tick tock says:

        We know the damage to plod by allowing university Powerpoint graduates take over by being given jobs way above the training or experience required, now they want women to be CEO’s not a problem they like should most start from the beginning to give them the training and experience, otherwise we will get the crap management we’ve had destroying decent British firms over the last 30 years, on this part the Unions and bad management get the blame.


    • 60
      Gordon Brown Ale, Broadmoor Hospital, Secure Wing says:

      Look, any company would benefit from having Harriet Hateman, Caroline Flint, Mrs Yvette Balls and Angela Eagle on their board.

      Just look how they helped Britain during my highly successful Government


    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, and naturally the Beboid bird sounded off about sexist men saying that women aren’t up to it. That would be because most women aren’t up to it.


  9. 17
    Bill Benson says:

    Is anyone going to follow up the story that Ben Fellows has? He names a prominent MP. Surely no stone should be left unturned now.


  10. 23
    nellnewman says:

    Even chris patten has said publicly that the biased sinister beeb ‘is a cesspit’

    They colluded with savile for 40 years knowing he was a p@edophile and yet kept funding, (with our license fee) children’s programmes for him to have ever more access to more children to abuse.

    The whole rotten edifice needs putting under an auctioneers hammer.


    • 34
      I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

      I’d put the BBC on ebay for 99p with no reserve price. That way, if no-one buys it we won’t have to pay a listing-fee.


    • 42
      Hugh Janus says:

      If we had a government with any kind of a spine then they would seize the moment to sort out once and for all our incredibly arrogant, smug and lefty state broadcaster. Opportunities like this are extremely rare.

      Fat chance.


    • 57
      what qualified him for all these cushy jobs anyhow? says:

      Patten .. he turns my stomach more than Jimmy Savile


      • 126
        Anonymous says:

        That has to be the most stupid comment i have heard ! have you been in a coma for the last 25 years ?


    • 125
      Anonymous says:

      Looking at the tv shows JS was involved with on Panorama last night. With hindsight ,what were producers doing letting young girls sprawl about on bean bags, on the floor? in one clip Garry Glitter joined them ! It came over as very unpleasnat.


  11. 25
    BBC Canteen says:

    To Celebrate the high interest in the BBC and until it goes away.

    We will offering a revised “All day Menu’ of 9 to 15 year old bun’s
    filled with a 40 to 70 year old ‘hard’ Savaloy covered with 40 year
    old Glitter sauce.

    Please note take away’s are not allowed. As the new BBC policy is
    do this out in the open.

    Thank you from your visit and we hope you enjoyed your meal
    Customer Service Delivery Manager’s Assistant R.Soles


    • 31
      The BBC Canteen Sub Manager says:

      Rolls are available on the side.


    • 129
      Fish Bones says:

      Now I have guts ache. I noticed there are no managers in the canteen today, the janitor said they are all in the toilets. Most toilets are now out of order due to blockage..!!!!


  12. 26
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    The “Treasury Bookies” Latest Odds

    After last night’s U.S Presidential debate we go 2/5 Barack Obama and 15/8 Mitt Romney


  13. 28
    Call me ‘Dave’ says:

    Good Morning!

    Toady I wish to be known as

    The Upper-class Half-wit who needs a Jolly Super Shit to clear his head of stinking Bliarist effluvia.

    Thank you.


  14. 29
    nellnewman says:

    And now we know the rabid leftwing Mirror also was hacking.

    So not just murdoch then?


    • 32
      nellnewman says:

      So will their bosom pal twatson come out and condemn them and has he gone and hid?


    • 37
      Ed Millionaireband says:

      The phone hacking at the Mirror was all the fault of Dave Cameron. He should have dome more to stop it, just as he should have done more to stop Brown’s credit crisis, Blair’s love in with Murdoch, and Blair/Brown’s surrender of billions of pounds per annum in contribution rebates to the EU.

      How anybody can put any of this at Labour’s door baffles me.


      • 48
        Len McCluskey, leader of the Labour Party, says:

        Furthermore, the savage Tory cuts are preventing the development of a time machine which would allow brave British troops to travel back in time to 1939 and stop Hitler before he invaded France.

        Consequently, Tory-toff Cameron and the rest of his evil Tory scum are directly responsible for the Second World War.


        • 92

          Sorry Len, but that’s not true.
          Government decided not to spend money on time machine research as it was unnecessary.

          if, in the future, someone did invent a time machine, someone from the future could just travel back to now and tell us how they did it.


      • 49
        catsup kitty says:

        Can’t be anything to do with millionaireband, all the blame has to be on Mrs Thatcher, you know well that whatever the failure with Liebour it’s Thatcher’s fault, please get with the programme.


  15. 45

    We now have the best opportunity in years to disband the BBC and get rid of all these blinkered overpaid parasites

    Prepare for a license fee hike to pay for the fiddlings of Jimmy SirVile if not


  16. 50
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The BBC’s Peter Rippon has stepped aside. So who did Rippon report into?
    Panorama did not make clear the reporting structure. Surely Rippon had to get clearance for all of the Newsnight programmes, well those that had the possibility of libel action. So who did he report to?


    • 54
      Fog on the Tyne says:

      BBC lawyers prevented Panorama revealing the emails which would have revealed this.


    • 61
      Her Grace says:

      Rippon lied. He said on his Blog that the Newsnight investigation was on the failings of the Police and the CPS. However, when the investigation began the focus was on Saville and the Newsnight team had no idea that Surrey Police had conducted an investigation. According to the Panorama programme Rippon was keen on the Newsnight item and then suddenly about turned. Why ?

      And I simply do not believe that the Director General, when told that Newsnight was looking at Saville, did not ask about what. The fact he had so little curiosity suggests to me he knew exactly what they were investigating – his obviously well known (at the BBC) liking for children and not his cigar collection.

      As Panorama revealed the BBC knew Saville was a pedo 40 years ago, and yet they continued to allow him to present TV programmes which gave him access to children and they actually created him as a children’s TV star.

      Hacking a few celebs phones is one thing: allowing or turning a blind eye to rampant child abuse is quite another.


      • 64
        Tom Fatson says:

        Murdoch! Murdoch! Murdoch!!


      • 168
        Tiger Tiger says:

        Savile operated as expected. It’s all part of the BBC programme of lefty depravity. When the plebs’ outrage blows over the BBC will continue wrecking what is left of the country. Wheel Savile’s corpse off – advance the cause of another dead child molester with a billion rabid followers.


  17. 51
    albacore says:

    Oh dearie me, now what’s the betting
    The whole establishment is sweating?
    BBC perverts are the iceberg’s tip
    Now, if Parliament REALLY gets a grip
    The despised revelations Nick Griffin made
    Are the starting point for a righteous crusade


  18. 53
    The Invertebrate in Downing Street says:

    Recent revelations have made it clear to me that BBC personnel are almost as corrupt as members of parliament and that the situation needs to be addressed with some urgency. I have therefore decided to double MPs’ salaries in the hopev that this dissuades them from embezzling the taxpayer. I will also allow the BBC to double the licence fee in order to finance much-needed reform.


  19. 62
    nellnewman says:

    I see hattyharpic is all over the media today calling for another expensive taxpayer funded public inquiry into savile . No doubt labour have some stooges who want the job so they can earn a few £million do a nice little cover up for the lefty beeb just like the hutton whitewash.

    As for hattyharpic – sanctimonious woman – she spent years campaigning to make p@edophilia legal. Why should we listen to her!!


  20. 63

    Panorama said it had failed to find evidence of a “BBC cover-up” over the Newsnight decision.

    Its right hand has cleared its left hand of any wrongdoing.

    That is that then.

    Goodnight children, everywhere.


  21. 67
    Postal Vote says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. Entwistle had a 10 scond conversation with the bbc head of news about the newsnight investigation. That 10 seconds comment seems to be desiged to cover asses: it was discussed, so the head of news aquitted itself and Entwistle did not think twice that it night upset his christmas programming.

    Well, in 10 seconds you can hardly have much more of a conversation than: “hello, how are you?”, “I’m fine, thanks. How are you?”, “I’m fine too, thanks”.

    It takes me about 5 or 6 seconds to say that. Leaves little to mention the content and or implication of the newsnight conversation.

    The 10 second cover-up is nothmig mire than that: a cover-up. Don’t fall for it.

    PS Remember that all the selfinspection comes from an news organisation that pretends it is as little biased as possible but has an important economics editor that has dated both the leader of the opposition as well as his shadow chancellor.


  22. 68
    Raving Loon says:

    zzzzzzzz wake me up when they abolish the licence fee.

    Meanwhile I shall prepare for my 1000 year nap.


  23. 70
    Centre Parting says:

    Wasting more public money wasting more public money.


  24. 74
    nellnewman says:


    Max Hastings accurately sums up the sinisterbeebs approach to the reporting of news and practice of balanced journalism as ” the world isn’t flat but we should agree that it might be flat some of the time”


    • 102
      Gonk says:

      Control freaks, freak show. And they had a massive and continuing role in the
      shape and direction of British life. Dave must act and disband this monster.


  25. 77
    Dave,not waving but drowning says:

    I am now presented with once- in- a- lifetime opportunities with regard to the BBC, the EU and HoC corruption. I have decided to seize the day and act (unless I change my mind).


  26. 78
    Anonymous says:

    The Panorama piece was quite interesting last night, it really tried so hard to convince the viewer that the BBC was in a state of civil war but also pushed the message in the interviews with surviving/ex BBC staff of “nothing to see here, carry on” and “nobody’s lying, anywhere”. I saw it as an attempt to evade further “uncomfortableness” by highlighting and promoting the lesser of the two evils.


    • 137
      Anonymous says:

      I didnt reach that conclusion at all, Newsnight were doing a programme and it was stopped. We need to know why, simple really.


      • 170
        Tiger Tiger says:

        Presumably, somebody hinted to Ripon that his career would progress more smoothly if he didn’t allow a programme which would embarrass his bosses.


  27. 81
    Anonymous says:

    If ‘phone hacking and covering it up was enough to get Murdoch to close the Mirror down, surely child abuse and covering that up must be enough to get the BBC closed down?


  28. 86
    Almost Anonymous says:

    Almost Anonymous says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 23, 2012 at 10:00 am
    Did Jim my have access to the young Prin ces?

    It might explain some of Ha rry’s beha viour.



  29. 88
    Bob Diamond Standard says:

    In wondering how Savile got away with it at the BBC it is worth remembering the culture at the Beeb. Senior staff were (and indeed still are) Oxbridge educated. Their own personal tastes would veer more towards high culture (Opera, ballet literature) but early on the BBC realised that if they were to keep the licence fee they had to give the man and woman in the street much more ‘popular’ material. Thus in an entirely cynical way they produced tosh like Clunk Click and Jim”ll fix it. They had no idea really why the public watched such things (and they wouldn’t themselves) but they did and Jimmy Savile seemed very popular (20 million viewers) so they just let him get on with it. That he was surrounded by constant rumours wasn’t really a concern – to the senior management it was all just part of a workingman’s culture for which at heart they had nothing but contempt.


  30. 91
    Ex-Tory says:

    Off topic – I wonder if Tim Yeo is celebrating the end of our Black Cab producer?


  31. 98
    ed martin says:

    what is mr bentwhistle’s bonus and upon what ‘performance’measures is it based?


  32. 103
    keredybretsa says:

    Jim’ll fix it or Jim’ll f-uck it!


  33. 110
    UKIP.I.AM says:

    Entwhistle getting a right battering.


    • 112
      The Sleeper says:

      Meanwhile,the BBC has prematurely closed its HYS for comments on the Panorama programme.

      As to Entwhistle…he’s trying to use the ‘fact’ that the BBC is able to air Panorama in an open self examination,which is unprecendented in all other media,as a defence for its failings.


    • 139
      BBC for SALE says:

      He need’s f-ing with a Rag-Mans-Trumpet


  34. 113
    Nic Niewart says:

    Last night’s PANORAMA stated that there was a paedo ring inside the BBC. The interviewer asked was this by visiting bands or musicians? the person replied No, BBC staff. There were no further questions.
    So this ring was purely one of salaried staff. Are they still there, or are they now living in Surrey or the South of France on lovely fat pensions?
    And what of old Uncle Mac?
    Entwhistle: I don’t trust him.


  35. 114
    post hoc says:

    bentwhistle getting ripped a new one. sounds more and more like bliar with every mouthful and mannerism. too busy looking after his own position to do his job.

    “It was critical that the chain of command was observed, keeping the Director General in reserve as it were…….I don’t believe it would have been appropriate for me to do a detailed examination….. for fear that I would become irrevocably embroiled….”

    In his own words.


  36. 115
    The Sleeper says:

    This guy Entwistle is so full of his self importance it’s unreal.

    When asked whether he spoke to Rippon about what really happened to the Newsnight piece, he says…

    “No..I work on the basis of the chain of command,and spoke to the Divisional Director,who is the one who directly reports to the DG.”

    In my experience,if you want to know what happened on the ground,you go to the people on the ground to tell you…not through some hierarchy that is going to heavily edit what really happened in order to protect itself.


  37. 132
    The BBC are peedo enablist & apologists says:

    There is not one decent journalists at the BBC. The newsnight team are a fucking disgrace. They knew Savile was dodgy and they kept quiet until recently. Sack the lot of them and close the BBC down.


  38. 153
    dunstall says:

    Philip Davies is a star,I hope Peter RIPonns pension plan is up to date as he clearly is being hung out to dry,The Beeb is a monolithic organisation that is too big to manage it needs to be broken up and soon


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