October 22nd, 2012

Exclusive: Cash-in-Hand
Tory Trougher’s Two Fingers to the Taxpayer

Bill Cash has form for dodgy expenses. Last time round the Staffordshire MP was denounced by David Cameron for claiming over £15,000 to pay his daughter rent for her London flat, so it’s no surprise that Guido has caught him at it again. Millionaire Cash lives in a massive country house in Shropshire, one the biggest houses owned by anybody in the Commons. According to the Register of Members’ Interests he also has a share in a Pimlico property that he receives rental income for. Despite all this Cash has just started renting a new flat in London, charging the taxpayer for his rent on expenses. In April alone he asked taxpayers for over £2,000.

Dave told him last time round that he was on thin ice. Now Cash has crashed through.

Why does one of the richest men in Parliament need to bill the taxpayer for rent when he already owns a house in London and another mansion in Shropshire?

With his über-safe 13,000 majority he’s able to take liberties. And your cash to pay his bills. 


  1. 1
    Some Twat up North says:

    650 people in Westminster all chant ‘We are all in this together’


  2. 2
    Red Top Hack says:

    We should have ‘Cash for questions’


    • 21
      Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

      It is the absolute right of MP’s to milk the taxpayer, that is why we got elected in the first place. I am blogging on my iPad that you mug taxpayers bought for me. Boaz.


  3. 3
    Plato says:

    The maximum an M.P. can claim in rent per year is £20k (£1,666 per month), so keep an eye on that one…


  4. 4

    If they want to replace him,I’m free.I run an independant shop,am working class witha north eastern accent and will help redress the imbalance in Dave’s government which is public school top heavy.


  5. 5
    HoC Fat Thieving Pigs & we are not ashamed ! says:

    One nation ………..one nation………..one nation……

    & we are picking it clean……….in every way we can…….

    all within the rules………

    oink ……one nation ..oink ..one nation ……oink…… oink

    fcuk off you smelly plebs…….oink……. oink


  6. 6
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Fuck him off out of it…Zero tolerance.
    Keep the pedal down hard on all of this new found BS Guido, you know how hard this stings us proles.


    • 7
      Pleb of the year says:

      Totally agree. Be relentless on this one Guido. What a blood sucking bunch of craven bastards


      • 78
        sobvious innit says:

        Cammy will ensure he is fingered. Why? Because he is one of the few Tory MPs who have consistently railed against the EU and all it stands for.


  7. 8
    tapestory says:

    Those rooves need a bit of repairing. A big country house costs about £2000 a month for maintenance. Cash isn’t on the inside and won’t get the kind of payoff Jeremy Hunt will for leaving the BT monopoly intact, as will Maria Miller, the new Communications secretary. They’ll pick up salaries £250,000 plus as Directors once they leave office as a little tip. That will cost us all billions. Get after the big money, Guido.


  8. 9
    Ex-Tory says:

    Why should a MP not claim for rent on the basis he has more money than other MPs who are claiming rent? If I travel for work, why should I not be able to claim for my hotel and my colleague can, just because I have spent the last 20yrs living a frugal life so I can afford a nicer house than him?


  9. 10
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    The MPs prosecuted last time were just token gestures.

    Now we need mass public trials – 10 of the fuckers at a time in the court of public opinion.

    I swear that the only way these bastards in the political class / political elite will start respecting the people again is after we have loaded up the lampposts around that stinking trough called Westminster.

    This is getting serious. Someone is going to get hurt.


    • 13
      WVS says:

      Utterly sickening isn’t it?

      I am with you – we need to hang some of them.

      McShane and Cash side by side.

      Why do we need 650 pigs in the trough when the EU makes 80% of our laws? Westminster is an expensive tourist attraction filled with criminals.


      • 79
        Mme Tricoteuse says:

        I have stocked up on wool and popcorn and sharpened my needles. Just post here when the whereabouts are announced.


    • 89
      Tiger Tiger says:

      Yes, but it’s always the public who get hurt. The scum will survive and thrive.


  10. 11
    greedy shite says:

    Is it any wonder the troughing oul fucker wont leave the Conservative Party, despite decades of them betraying the country over Europe. There’s just too much money at stake for Cash to put his principles before his expenses claims.


  11. 12
    himindoors says:

    Ooop Rippon has just”stepped aside”


    • 90
      Tiger Tiger says:

      So instead of paying him to mess things up, we’ve now paying him to do nothing – until they find another dark corner where he can resume his activities!


  12. 14
    Synic says:

    Dave! Dave! Are you awake? What about a statement on this for prime time telly? Or are you going to be “In our thoughts and prayers” mode about some pig’s bladder kicker who has scratched his supercar?
    P.S. How’s tha Same Sex Marriage fiasco progressing?


    • 27
      David Cameron addresses his Plebs says:

      Look, pleb, the feelings of a blackie chap playing for Britain FC, is far more important than the mass raping of pleb children by much-loved celebrities employed at taxpayer expense and beyond-the-law pillars of the British establishment.


  13. 17
    Clown Shoes says:

    Theiving bastard Hunts!


  14. 18
    Penfold says:

    Ole Cash really does take the biscuit…

    But as IPSA have said , it’s all strictly kosher. Wether it’s morally or ethically kosher is another debate.

    Cash and the rest of that shower of sumbags and troughers are demonstrating that they have no honour.

    Orff with their heads.


  15. 19
    Benjamin Disraeli (unapologetic Tory) says:

    “One Nation-one Nation-one Nation.”

    Ed, get your own quotes you twat.


  16. 20
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Cash’s Name Tapes ‘n’ Shame…


  17. 22
    Scary Biscuits says:

    Guido, you’ve got this wrong. If somebody provides a service for somebody else they are entitled to charge for the said services. How rich they are already doesn’t come into it.

    If you don’t like MPs being able to charge for a flat in London, say so. But you’re not. If you don’t like MPs being paid at all, say so. But you’re not.

    So what exactly are you claiming? That a rich person got paid? That’s not sound; it’s communism. Obviously working for the Mirror has affected your judgement. Property isn’t theft. Theft is theft. Go and find a real scandal. There are plenty out there.


    • 26
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Cash has a London house that we taxpayers bought for him, yet he is renting another at our expense whilst renting out the house we bought him.

      What part of this corruption are you having difficulty with?


      • 37

        The part you seem to be having difficulty is that the Rules have never been satisfactory, before or after the last scandal, A property should be bought, close to Parliament, with Halls of Residence in it – not so different to a university.

        They would be entitled to a bedroom and bathroom each, free of charge or benefit in kind. If that is not good enough for them, then they can pay for alternative accommodation with their own funds, no ability to claim expenses for it (including any extra travel for the extra distance from that which is provided) and subject to entirely the same taxes that would apply to you or me.


        • 64
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          The trouble with the idea of gathering MP’s all in one place like that should be obvious from the nom de plume of the boss of this operation. All kinds of security arguments would be mustered against such an idea in this day and age of international terror. One could “behead” the British Government all in one stroke. You’d never get it passed, Mr Cat.

          Still, a boy can dream, can’t he…


          • Hmmm. Not sure that you see that as a threat or an opportunity… But have four or six such buildings in different places, all with division bells (except in two of the Labour wings :-)).


          • So what's the problem? says:

            Well they all pile into one room for PMQs every week and at a known time, so someone with a rocket launcher (or one of those latest gizmos we see on the telly on Tomorrow’s Weapons [or whatever it is called] which blow huge buildings to pieces with one round) would negate all the security of a block of flats. Wouldn’t it?


      • 83
        Scary Biscuits says:

        Sandra, corruption is defined as taking or giving money with the purpose of pursuading somebody in another’s employment to do something that they wouldn’t otherwise do. Much of the original expenses scandal fitted this definition because it was used by the whips to ensure that MPs remained complaint. This compaint against Cash doesn’t appear to fit the description. The taxpayer’s didn’t buy him a house, they contributed to one by accepting mortgage payments in lieu of rent. He still has a mortgage but what he does with that property is up to him. As long as he is an MP he is entitled, quite reasonably, to a room near to Parliament. Whether this should be a dormatory, as Schrodinger thinks, or a 5* hotel as Labour think is a different debate but it is still fair that MPs are paid reasonable expenses for staying in the capital. By picking on everybody with equal hatred you protect those who are still abusing the system. Try to be a bit more discerning.


        • 91
          Tiger Tiger says:

          No politicians should be paid by the public. Let their supporters support them. They could vote online, if they even need to go through that absurd ritual. No sane terrorist would want to kill an MP, objectively they’re on the same side, against the British public. If publicity hunters killed some MP’s it would not matter as they would soon be replaced by others as bad. The destruction of the Houses of Parliament would however be a most regrettable loss of a beautiful building. It’s such a pity that it’s infested by political vermin.


    • 31
      Beast says:

      How did he get rich?
      You paid him
      And frankly I do not require his “services” to lead my life
      You f*&^ing clown


      • 63
        Scary Biscuits says:

        Beast, you f#$kwit, he got rich by working hard. You should try it. Then he joined Parliament. He is one of the few members who has taken principled stands e.g. on the EU rather than saying anything to get promoted. As a result he has stayed on the backbenches and this alone will have cost him £ hundreds of thousands. If Parliament were full of people like Cash the country would be a lot better off.


    • 41

      Agree, Scary Biscuits. I am not so sure that this is the senior G as he would be arguing against himself with the greedy millionaire meme.


      • 56
        Scary Biscuits says:

        It’s Wikiguido and this site has been a sad shadow of its former self since senior G went into semi-retirement.


  18. 23
    Nic Niewart says:


    What are you doing about this?



  19. 24
    Windrush III says:

    I fart in the faces of the political crooks!


  20. 25
  21. 28
    Ed Miliband (Leader of the Party opposite) says:

    Never nice to see a career in tatters, but what a PR disaster. David Cameron !!!!!


  22. 29

    I wonder how Piggy Wiggin’s getting on with his expenses, these days?


  23. 30
    Ex-Tory says:

    Yeah, yeah……MPs…..expenses…..yeah, yeah, directed at all the thick readers, but Guido is now pushing for redistributive taxing on the wealthy. Next, he will be demanding people should be paid relative to their persoanl wealth, not what they do. Extreme socialism. But, lets not use our brains, just play to the gallery.


    • 44
      Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

      You’re really trying to make a ham sandwich out of a hat-stand here aren’t you?
      Thick readers?…Some people can read between the lines here if you’d not noticed, you’ve somehow not worked out how to read without saying it out loud.


  24. 32
    Jonathan says:

    And no doubt Cash had yet more money off the taxpayer to do up his listed mansion. Most of us in the immediate area know where he lives!


    • 36
      Beast says:

      And just why havent you thrown shit at his windows ?


      • 45
        Anonymous says:

        Why do you think? We’d get arrested. He lives in the neighbouring county to Staffordshire. Has his house open to the public from time to time – as and when he needs yet more of our cash!


        • 71
          Beast of the inquisition says:

          Opening your gardens is a tax dodge, same with allowing some plebs to look at your art collection once a year
          The c***
          I have a rubber cactus in my garden ,some bamboo and some etchings


  25. 34
    Beast says:

    You lot are allfar too liberal , hanging is merciful
    Break them all on a wheel then drag them along the Edgware Rd where they can enjoy the “cultural enrichment” that they have inflicted upon us before we burn their entrails, castrate them and then slowly roast them over hot charcoal
    Call me old fashioned


    • 38

      I swear you are mellowing in your old age.


      • 46
        Beast of Bradford says:

        I can come up with worse
        Stuck in a lift with Ed Balls and Minibrain and left with no option other than to feast upon the embalmed corpse of Savile before being drowned in Rwandan excrement as the starving rats attached to their testicles get to work all to the gangnam style tune
        Now that IS punishment
        I should have been born in the middle ages , or written Sharia


    • 43
      Mark Skid says:

      I thoroughly approve of your intentions, but not your punctuation.


    • 47
      ÁC1 says:

      Namby Pamby Softy.


      • 57
        Beast of the inquisition says:

        Will try again
        Buried alive
        With just enough oxygen to live, force fed exrement,unable to move, blasted with Agadoo 24/7,regular electric shocks to the anus and testees, strobe lights, barbed wire as a mattress, regular telephone calls from McMental to cheer them up, exhume them, tell them that they are free, then carry out a mock execution and repeat the above


  26. 40
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    ‘BBC Newsnight Editor steps aside.’

    Great to see the BBC in as much ordure as News International were the week they broadcast the Guardian’s lie that the News of the World had hacked Millie’s phone.

    Let’s hope the BBC gets closed down too.


  27. 42
    Cash says:

    Cash for cash, cos I’am worth it you plebs


  28. 50
    Bill Cash says:

    Give me the cash, and I’ll send you the bill.


  29. 52
    Thieves, Thieves, Thieves. says:

    We’ve got nowhere, absolutely nowhere. Politicians are stealing as much as they ever did and this time they are blaming IPSA for somehow making them steal.


  30. 53
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Noticed Sky presenters are getting a little more aggresive with the lefties they interview now also. Could ” cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” be the message coming from on high now.


  31. 55
    Simples says:

    Just requisition 600 flats and a canteen in the Olympic village and designate the MP’s halls of residence.

    Problem solved.


    • 58
      I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

      No, those flats could be sold off, with the money used to pay off the £12billion that was borrowed to pay for the games.

      Instead, block-rent 600 flats in Tower Hamlets, and shove all the MPs there. They’re forever squealing that multiculturalism and immigration “are good for Britain”, so force the parliamentary filth to live their dream.


  32. 61
    Robespierre and Danton says:

    We are looking for work. Have experience of getting rid of porkers.


  33. 65
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    How disgusting is this. I f*cking hate Cmaeron, and will never vote for him, whilst he allows this sort ot thing to go on.



    • 70
      Beast of the inquisition says:

      Many years ago Beast was daft enough to take the Kings shilling, that isnt a bad pay off
      He is a young man and has hopefully put a few bob away and can move on straight into a Pramedics job, however, I do take your point and Cameron is indeed a matress stain


    • 77
      Dave Camoron (one-term PM) says:


      I jolly well saved a bob or two there, what what! I bet I’ve already posted the lolly to India, to put towards the furnishings on their new aircraft carrier!


      Tally ho!


  34. 69
    William N.P. Cash MP says:

    I fell into a burning ring of fire
    I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns…
    The ring of fire– the ring of fire…


  35. 85
    keredybretsa says:

    Another Dishonourable whatsinnitforme trougher hopefully to bite the dust soon. Or he will find a new expenses fiddle. Close one door and the next door opens. Cash by name cash in by nature!!!


  36. 86
    Mahdi Hassan has a small cock says:

    He’s a fucking useless constituent mp as well.


  37. 92
    Anonymous says:

    If that’s his house it’s upton cressett bridgnorth


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