October 19th, 2012

Osborne Forks Out to Avoid Plebs

The Chancellor did not do a Mitchell, but this little pr disaster could have been avoided:

That better be out of his pocket given the very clear IPSA rules on MPs travel…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Thats about 3 grams of coke he will have to miss out on then ;) (plus change)


  2. 2
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    The cheating bastard.


    • 7
      Tooth fairy says:

      Hope he was given a penalty charge too! Anyone else would have been fined. What about the Aide aiding and abetting the crime too?


      • 31
        Hugh Janus says:

        Yet another unnecessary PR disaster. Shit a brick, how do they manage so many, so often?? To think that what is left of this country is in their hands. These cretins are at least skilled in something….that and stealing from the taxpayer of course.


        • 78
          anonymous says:

          because they are all stupid c’unts


        • 81
          Blowing Whistles says:

          As with Comment no 41 – Cherie – with no train ticket.

          It’s what the party ‘In Power’ always get away with (Murder literally oh I’m thinking of Dr Kelly again). It’s why they all Crave the power to be ‘in’ and not ‘out’ of favour.

          “All in favour!” – So they can get away with murder, child abuse and train ticket dodging. Is the UK’s Government, Opposition and political system the oldest and most corrupted in the world? – I say it is and that it is beyond time that it was disbanded. The current crop of 600+ and their famiLIES & hangerson must be shown the door. Enough of these parasites.


    • 56
      A fine pair of lungs says:

      Lying stunt!


  3. 3
    ever so 'umble says:

    Not wanting to sit with us plebs Gideon?


  4. 4
    Captn P says:

    No worries next time the train unions are asking for more money …. He’ll get his £160 back.

    You do wonder how fucking stupid people can be ….


  5. 5
    Timmy Tour says:

    He’ll pay for it out of the money he gets for renting out the ministerial chaffeur driven car out to another MP


  6. 6
    Raving Loon says:

    What do you mean out of his own pocket, he’s still paid by the tax payer. Sit in standard and pay for it by pushing the food and drink trolly in the train for a bit.


  7. 8
    himindoors says:

    That surely has to be a script from The thick of it, right?


  8. 9
    Tooth fairy says:

    You’d think they would have leaned by now that there are eyes and ears everywhere… and mobile phones!


  9. 10
    AC1 says:

    What an appalling thing to say about our dear Chancellor working so hard to save our country from ruin and the socialist underclass mongs of the Labour party.


    • 62
      Archer Karcher says:

      Yeah he’s working so hard he’s borrowing more than McMental, has raised taxes and energy costs during a massive recession and he’s pissing what little is left away on third world dictators and utterly useless green shite.

      Way to go Gideon.


  10. 11
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    In the old days, women on trains would put a pin in their mouth whilst going through tunnels to stop men trying to kiss them in the dark.

    Lucky they don’t do this nowadays, or I’d be pissing like a watering can.


  11. 12
    Timmy Tour says:

    Who paid for the aide?


  12. 13

    A friend has just emailed me thus:

    Just for the hell of it, I Googled ‘define: politician’ and got this at the top of the results page:


    1. A person who is professionally involved in politics.

    2. A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to
    gain advancement.

    Does this prove that 1=2?


    • 76
      A Politician says:

      I can make 1 equal anything


      • 115
        Fiddler says:

        I sneeze when filling my expenses form and a book of stamps cost £199.99. Not worth filling in another form for this as expense forms cost money.


    • 89
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Behing every lying, duplicitous low-life, toe-rag politician there will always be a lawyer.

      We have to get all the lawyers and barristers in Parliament to realise that they are not going to fool all of the people for all of the time – they L&B’s are not the new bourgeoise. They’re ‘toast’.


      • 126
        brandy sour says:

        Neo Guido is trying to become a lawyer too.
        Every other tweet I read he has been called to the bar.


  13. 14
    gramma says:

    Isn’t Wilmslow to Euston a Virgin line?
    Maybe one of Branson’s inspectors was having a laugh. [ ” Got the wrong effing ticket eh Toff”!!!!]
    Will expect a different version of events on the beebeesea tonight.


    • 20
      Selohesra says:

      I travelled Virgin First to somewhere up north once and booked ticket well in advance so was not too expensive – whats more I got unlimited free G&Ts all the way which meant whole thing more than paid for itself


    • 58
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      I’m with you on this one. Do you suppose that high-and-mighty Ministers actually purchase their own tickets, and would actually look at them to see what sort of ticket it is? You just know someone is screwing with Osborne. It’s so easy to make a fool out of him like that. Now he looks like a Mitchell “Don’t-bother-me-pleb”-type (which, if we’re being honest, he most likely IS anyway). He may have legitimately thought he had a top-class ticket, only to find out he was “Punk’d”. But then again, who WOULDN’T want to see something like that happen? (Except, of course, Gideon, AND the PM–“Good God, another class-warfare contretemps!”)


  14. 15

    It’s a case of ‘will they never learn’.What with the taxpayers money providing property portfolio’s for MP’s and now this.How do they think this is seen by the voting public.Bunch of idiots.


  15. 16
    nellnewman says:

    +Sigh+ What fools these politicians are. What would have happened to one of us if we’d bought a standard ticket and then plonked ourselves in first class?

    osborne needs to get rid of that arrogance that he’s somehow superior to we normal folks.


    • 30
      medical excuse says:

      Could be he gets sick if not facing the engine Nell and all seats were full in storage / baggage/ standard class. Throwing up because of travel nausea would have got him into deeper water
      Look up hodophobia.etc


    • 40
      I pay a fortune to travel on the privately run railways says:

      Or what would osbourne say after forking out for a taxpayer funded 1st class ticket, to find a pleb with 2nd class ticket sitting in 1st class. Should have been thrown off train at next stop. Not for ticket offence, but for being a vile creature.


      • 49
        ed banger says:

        Osbourne loves “Crazy Trains”. Not sure about George.


      • 77
        Archer Karcher says:

        You pay a fortune for the use of ‘privatised’ trains, because the privatisation was one of the biggest botch jobs in history.

        What we have now is the worst of all worlds, private monopoly service providers acting as a price and service rigging cartel, all sanctioned by successive governments, at the expense of the travelling public.


    • 157
      Fitbad the Tailor. says:

      The usual arrangement is you offer (or are asked) to pay for the upgrade. Isn’t that what he did?


  16. 17
    The savant says:

    And talking of Pisa greed.

    Why are you not making of the rents. For. Mortgage payments story. .

    We all. Know. Who. The eight. Mp s involved are. …..so. Far. …..

    Do. You wish to name and shame them ??

    It will all. Come out in the telegraph. anyway regardless. Of. Political. Hue. Or. Super. Injunction. .


  17. 18
    The savant says:

    Sorry. Gweed. I. Ve. Got this. Freaking. Predictive. Texting

    That. Should hav e read.

    And talking of IPSA. GWEED. …. Etc


  18. 19
    Wayne and Wynetta says:

    jesus fucking Creeist

    I don’t want labour back but what the fuck do these people think they look like


  19. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Haven’t you anything else to think about? Bottom feeding tosser like the rest of the media. Hector


  20. 23
    Traffic Cop says:

    Ticket collector should have called British Transport Police
    Osbourne could have then called them Fucking Plebs


  21. 24
    anonymous says:

    Thought the little people got fined for travelling without a valid ticket?.


  22. 25



    • 34
      savile j says:

      how old is she?


    • 44
      I shat on Ed's Head says:

      You first class bastard.


    • 45
      Weird Ed says:

      Thatht, two to Euthton, both with Thudent Rail cardsplease Mr Ticket Collector.

      Thtandard class please. Yeth, thith is definately thtandard class – there are no firtht clath antimacassars. See?


      • 67
        train of thought says:

        Sky now reporting the Osborne event and reiterating the fact that in order to show Ed as man of the common people all signs that the carriage was First Class were removed !!!
        Bet he will be walking in the Union demonstration tomorrow in a sackcloth to show he is just like all the brain dead he represents


        • 94
          Archer Karcher says:

          Yep, he will no doubt have a few words to say about predators ( the irony completely lost on his priviliged arse ) before slipping off back to his multi million pound mansion and a quick shower to get the smell of the plebs off.


        • 103
          Blowing Whistles says:

          “… just like all the brain dead he represents” ahhh …. or do you mean the brain dead that he “pretends to represent”?


    • 54
      Slurp says:

      I notice Miliband insisted on a window seat.


    • 90
      Ed Militwit, One Nation Man of the People says:

      Quick guys, hide the antemacassars!!


  23. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Makes you genuinely proud to live in a country where top ministers are treated like this…


    • 52
      Anonymous says:



    • 101
      Archer Karcher says:

      It makes me rather less proud to live in a country where government ministers ACT like this though. What a prize pillock.


      • 172
        Nice one Cyril says:

        The Chanceller has announced that in order to prevent such embarrassments occurring in future, he will henceforth charter his own train so as to avoid the plebs (at taxpayers’ expense, of course).


        • 178
          Rt Hon Gordon Brown PhD says:

          If I close my good eye, I’m in a train tunnel,
          wooo-whooo-wooo, tablest please matron…


  24. 27
  25. 29
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Ticket inspector has it wrong – all passengers travelling from Wilmslow (and Alderley Edge) are automatically first class.


    • 35
      anonymous says:

      You mean nobody but the landed gentry and/or politicians can possibly afford to travel by rail any more?.


      • 107
        Archer Karcher says:

        You wait until you pay the massive bill for HS2. Your wallet will have been raY-ped to pay for it, but you will never be able to afford to use it.


        • 163
          Lou Scannon says:

          Have they worked out where they want to build it yet ? Or is that irrelevant in Dave’s warped little mind ?


  26. 32
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    guard: any more fares please?
    passenger: return ticket please
    guard: where to?
    passenger: back here of course you pleb!


  27. 36
    Fish says:

    That’s Virgin out on their ears when the franchise does eventually come up for renewal!

    Mind you that might have been his preference anyhow, given First Group’s ridiculous bid. Nothing to do with one of Georgie’s Cheshire neighbours is someone high up in First Group.



  28. 37

    Finland’s Europe minister, Alexander Stubb:

    I think Britain is right now, voluntarily, by its own will, putting itself in the margins.

    We see it in foreign policy, we see it in economic policy, we see it linked to the single currency. And I, as someone who advocates the single market and free trade, find that very unfortunate, very unfortunate.

    It’s almost as if the boat is pulling away and one of our best friends is somehow saying ‘bye-bye’ and there’s not really that much we can do about it.

    Dave waves bye bye Europe:



    • 50
      anonymous says:

      Bollocks! single market and free trade is an obvious oxymoron, and Dave is not waving goodbye…more’s the pity.


    • 72
      The Public says:

      Then maybe our European trading partners should stop being so fucking unfriendly


      • 96
        FFS! 5 attempt to get this co*mm*ent through the au*t*omo*der*a*tor. says:


        “one of our best friends is somehow saying ‘bye-bye’ and there’s not really that much we can do about it.”

        Yes there is: as a leaving present, they could give us all our m/on*ey back.

        Com/plete with the int/ere*st.

        (Ghee doe, would you sort out your f*cking m*der*ation??)


      • 113
        Archer Karcher says:

        They should also try and stop being such extremists too. Though given their history of political extremism, there is not much chance of that either.


    • 109
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Does Dave represent Britain? – Does Dave represent the British people and their will? Or is this Britain that they speak of some illusory collaboration of frontmen who have hijacked the British Electorates view?


      • 129
        Archer Karcher says:

        Dave represents the E-ewe elites version of the ‘people who matter’ as one elitist infamously said of this country.
        In their eyes the general population don’t matter, they are objects to be despised, talked down to, patronised and in the end ignored.

        As far as the E-ewe elitists are concerned, the people who matter, are not the electorate.


  29. 42
    A pleb who pays taxes says:

    I trust I will not be sent the bill for the supplemental cost .

    This would not happen in Socialist France . All Ministers are subject to a Presidential missive from the President to use the train whenever possible and conduct business in full view of the Plebs .

    I was pleased to hear last night from the President himself that the Euro was over the worst .

    The Dow is down one per cent today !


  30. 46
    Fly George says:

    Why the fook is he getting on a train at Wilmslow? Manchester Aiport is right next door and there are 21 flights to London this afternoon and evening?


    rg even booking now it’s

    £107 direct to Heathrow on a BA flight 19.25 – 20.25


    • 70
      A pleb who pays taxes says:

      You make a very interesting point.

      Our George is MP for Wilmslow .

      If he has been consistently taking the train to and from London then it will cost a fortune to travel before 9.30 a m under Richard Branson’s pricing plans .

      If it is cheaper to go to the airport then a financially savvy Chancellor should have been doing this to save the taxpayer money .

      We are all living through a period of austerity .


      • 152
        Archer Karcher says:

        Quite so, if Osborne had made the same journey by car, it would have cost £41.76*.

        *Audi A6 2.7 turbo diesel.


    • 82
      The Public says:

      Have you included the costs and hassles of getting from central London to and from Heathrow and the time wasted by the ‘security’ system there?


      • 86
        Loopy Lou says:

        I have an Oyster Card .


      • 108
        VIP On/Off says:

        Every time I have caught an internal flight into Heathrow with just hand baggage It’s just been a short walk and a couple of minutes before getting out.

        As Heathrow is used to VIPs I doubt Geroge would have to wait long to get airside when going oop North and he certainly would not have to check in hours before the flight in that pretence of a security thingy which is in reality to make you bored shitless so that you walk around their shops for something to do.


  31. 47
    A Happy Anon Voter says:

    Its gets better by the minute….lol lol lol ….on what is supposed tobe a quiet

    news day……this rabble aka PLP cannot help themselves than keep

    pumping reports showing how out how of touch they are with everything…..

    looks like a very busy weekend to come also…….

    well done Guido…..

    Please keep at persons of unknown parents……

    aka fcuking thieving bas*tards……..

    Time for a large drink……paid for out of my own pocket Tax Paid CHEERS!!! lol lol

    One nation………One nation…….One nation………


  32. 48
    ed martin says:

    its a pity that another passenger didn’t turf him out – and then face the full severity of Mr Justice Crackpot & Co for assault


  33. 51
    Call Theresa May for advice says:

    So Gideon is learning to travel independently on public transport, albeit with his carer in attendance just in case awkward situations like this happen. It’s wrong to extradite him to standard class.


  34. 53
    ed martin says:

    will the press corpse be waiting at Euston?


  35. 55
    Ticket Inspector who challenged osbourne says:

    I have just been text by my manager to say I have been sacked and to return to my depot to collect my P45


    • 65
      spin spin spin says:

      how will it play in lower sneadsold cum brinckley?

      ‘the chancellor was trying to save we hard-pressed tax-payers some money’ – perhaps?


      • 156
        Archer Karcher says:

        If Osborne was serious about saving taxpayers money he would have either,

        A: Flew ( cheaper than train )

        B: gone by car ( much cheaper than the train )

        So, as saving money was the last thing on the preposterous snobs mind, we can safely conclude that being an elitist, ‘do you know who I am’ arsehole came naturally.


        • 175
          Nice one Cyril says:

          Has nobody considered a helicopter? Door to door service (land on the grass in Parliament Square). No imagination in some people.


  36. 59
    George and his bit of skirt. says:

    And Now the photograph. Isn’t George look a bit too cosy with his aide?



  37. 60
    A fine pair of lungs says:



  38. 63
    Plebgate II says:

    I hope the press are waiting for him at Euston.

    “Why wouldn’t you sit with the Plebs Chancellor?”


  39. 64
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    I’ll soon get that back.

    I’ve gone short both on the FTSE & Dow Jones.

    It’s so easy,why don’t you all join in quickly ?


  40. 65
    The Hoi Poloi says:



  41. 71
    David Cameron Rowing Back Down S**t Creek says:

    Train companies are to be forced to sell passengers the cheapest priced tickets.


  42. 73

    “Look you ticket collecting nobody , do you know who i am ” ?
    “I refuse to go in there and sit with all those common plebs ”
    “Now upgrade my ticket at once”


  43. 75
    Andrew Mitchell MP & Part-Time Racconteur says:

    just how many entitled twats are there in this government of the twats?

    answer – all of them – I should know


  44. 80
    ed martin says:

    i can’ think of anything better than PRAT-GATE

    its just so daft – did he need the lolly for a little something for the weekend?


  45. 84
    Thomas from Tonna says:

    A former Lib Dem candidate has been imprisoned for fraud today in Coventry .

    The Wilmslow incident is a godsend for Clegg .


  46. 85
    Aunty Matter says:


  47. 88
    moby dick says:


  48. 92
    Call me Dave says:

    Travelling first class is the new second class.

    Work that one out,I can’t.

    Good Evening.


  49. 95
    nesbit says:

    Daddy My Daddy!

    Well I must be getting along, lots to do. Perks must be about it.


  50. 99
    Amanda says:

    I think I’ve met this same Virgin ticket inspector. We had Pre-booked and paid for tickets but got on the wrong time connecting train. We offered to get off and wait for the correct train but he insisted we pay for a brand new ticket, and the train was virtually empty.
    Apparently it’s his job to ‘protect the revenue of Virgin Trains’. By charging people twice. :(
    Or making sure politicians don’t fare-dodge. :)


  51. 100
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Unbe-fucking-lievable. Obvious I know, but The Thick of It surreal.


  52. 102
    Bob Diamond Standard says:

    You are on a roll today what with this and the rent swap (will they never learn)?


  53. 104
    Ed Miliband (Leader of the Party opposite) says:

    How long before the Tories claim that George Osborne was stitched-up by Rupert Murdoch masquerading as a train guard?


  54. 111
    hamilton n says:

    osbourne isn’t the only first class prat who has been returned as MP for tatton


    • 124
      The Countess of Wythenshawe says:

      Christine would have had that guard eating out of her hand .

      this would have been a complete non event


  55. 122
    the Second Lord of the Treasury says:

    ‘ere – who are you calling a FIRST CLASS PRAT?


  56. 125
    Mr G Glitter says:

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is embroiled in a child sex scandal centred on Jimmy Savile, its anchorman on many popular entertainment shows for over thirty years. Now new information is surfacing which indicates that Jimmy Savile was a fully paid up member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) – an organisation which campaigned for the abolition of the age of consent in the UK.

    The letter below has been sent to Lord Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust. In it I have stated “I am placing this information before you in this open letter as I feel that the BBC should now initiate a full investigation into these reports suggesting that during the 1970’s and early 1980’s the BBC’s editorial policy was influenced in favour of P.I.E. This alleged infiltration of the BBC by P.I.E might also explain how Savile was able to operate as a sexual predator during his extended tenure at the BBC without challenge and/or prosecution.”

    I will pursue my objective of securing a full investigation into the alleged membership of Jimmy Savile of the organisation, P.I.E. I will also continue to seek a full and open investigation of the influence, if any, that P.I.E exerted on BBC editorial policy during the 1970’s and 1980’s. I also expect the authorities to investigate whether any BBC employees were members of P.I.E or expressed sympathy and support for the aims and objectives of P.I.E.


    • 165
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And cutting out the the rubbish and obfuscation in between – The cover up’s all have a logical route right down to the Lodge. Jah boo Hoo on all ye preverts.


  57. 131
    Confused of Wigan Pier says:

    I don’t understand the pricing. Wilmslow to Euston.

    Second class single today £71.20
    Second class return starting today £72.20

    First class single today £189.50
    First class return starting today £226

    So how come George had to pay £160 for his upgrade from Pleb Class?



  58. 133
    Jimmy Savilllllllle says:

    I love Snatch Land Rovers.


    • 136
      tottenham chutzpah says:

      and as for the Kaiser’s Willys……


    • 166
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Did Roger Cook ever try to investigate Savile?

      What about those rumours about that news presenter at Nationwide [old bbc prog]? weren’t stories of his love of boys spiked many years ago?


  59. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Due to a lack of financial support my investigation into PIE was severely limited although I did secure two names on the membership list of the organisation, one was Jimmy Savile. One of the key aims of the organisation was to secure a reduction of the age of consent in the UK to FIVE and then abolish it altogether. The organisation secured significant support within parliament, the entertainment industry, the media and similar, professional, organisations. It was reported that, when the organisation was finally closed down, the membership list was found to contain the names of nationally known politicians, entertainers and people engaged in professions, including the medical and legal profession. Some teachers were, I believe, also found to be registered members. The quality and influential nature of its membership and the extent of support for the aims of the organisation among ‘opinion formers’ probably explains how it managed to remain in existence in this country for a decade before it was finally closed down. My investigations did clearly indicate that the tentacles of P.I.E extended deep into the establishment including the BBC and Parliament.


    • 167
      Blowing Whistles says:

      If so – then we have a clear ‘State cover up’. That’d make sense what with the failure to pursue the top (elite) 700 names on the OP ore list – which Rupert just happened to have a copy of, along with Conrad black and a few more senior proprietors of National papers at the time…

      Judges, city-types, policemen the so called ‘pillars of society’ – a sort of great ‘n the good dirty list – many open to be blackmailed for numerous proprietoral reasons!


  60. 143
    anonymous says:

    Careful, Lord Leveson might demand you write him a personal letter to explain yourself (no more than 5000 words please). Who is this pompous prick?. Seen Elsewhere. The thick of it.


  61. 144
    I don't need no doctor says:

    And if Osbourne had stopped in 2nd class, tossers would be saying it was a security threat.
    FFS he is the chancellor of this fucking country so he should travel 1st class.
    I bet benefit scrounging scum get their train fare paid by us mugs.
    FMS what the fuss about?


  62. 146

    Its a shame that this inspector didn’t do what he was legally allowed to do and report the scummy barsteward for refusing to pay on demand twice. It doesnt matter he paid later, the offence is the refusal to pay on demand, even once is the offence.

    I would have cautioned the f***ot, read him his rights and demanded he be prosecuted by the train company and dumped in court. But of course I would have been “taken off public duties” and then dumped in some side room, because of the backhanders that my company would get (franchise renewal/extension hmmm) by not taking the w***er to court.


  63. 147
    The BBC says:

    George Osborne ‘forced to pay £160 first class train upgrade’



  64. 159
    Time for a Boris Quote says:

    Boris Johnson today accused Tube and bus fare dodgers of being a “parasitic scourge”



  65. 161
    the headline says:


    (a slight improvement on my earlier weak-ending)

    ed martin (comment 78 above)

    have a good week-ending – I’m off the Harp


  66. 162
    keredybretsa says:

    As long as he upgraded and paid for it OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET. Then thats it he obviously didn’t ‘pleb’ any one so hefty farts all round!


  67. 169
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    Self important p*ick


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