October 17th, 2012

Mitchell F-Bomb Mystery

When pleb-gate exploded nearly a month ago now Andrew Mitchell admitted to the Sunday Telegraph that he had sworn at the police. This is how they reported it:

“The Sunday Telegraph understands that the Chief Whip’s version of events is that after asking officers to open the main gates to Downing Street for his bicycle, and being refused, he said:

“You guys are supposed to f***ing help us.””

At PMQs Thrasher responded to Ed’s claim he had sworn by shouting, from a sedentary position, “I didn’t”. This was meant to be the day that the story was killed, now by engaging with Miliband at PMQs the whole thing has been reopened. So, Mr Mitchell, did you swear or didn’t you?


  1. 1
    • 3

      It’s the only thing I’ve got to talk about.


      • 65
        Pawn Sandwich says:

        A week is a long time in politics – unless the BBC are involved.


        • 114
          A hard Pressed TV Tax Payer says:

          yes fon*dling through has been the norm for the last 4 plus decades

          but they have kept that buried by every way possible


    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      It’s turning into an angels and pinhead debate.

      The guy was obnoxious and rude, whatever the specific words, and he didn’t sort it out properly afterwards. He must go.


    • 10
      Labour...filth...just filth says:

      quite right cat..what is the point of the opposition flogging this dead horse…mitchellis staying until such time that he can be sidelined when the pleb slur will lose currency.


    • 57
      Ian says:

      No it doesn’t.


      • 78
        Durr... says:

        Draw line under it.



        • 92
          Anonymous says:

          with more important matters such as Jimmy Savile’s place in the and at the heart of British establishment, did Prince Charles write any enabling letters on his and Savile’s behalf?


          • Jimmy says:

            Can’t say I’m following this in any detail, but did Attila the Hen put him in charge of Broadmoor in ’88?


      • 81
        Anonymous says:

        does it matter if Prince Philips is detached from reality? Is it his duty to know, anything?


    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      Next time if these police officers arrest someone and produce the accused in courts, accused could called in Mr. Michel and ask him to testify against the officers.


    • 104
      Jimmy says:

      I’m with SD on this one. Apparently you come come back to government after being caught stealing, you can keep your job after lying to the House, but losing your rag with Babylon is crossing the line. It really is all about how it plays in the press rather than any real principle.


      • 120

        I have to agree with you, Young James. I know – it had to happen one day!

        My only concern here is that Babylon does not have a good track record at giving accurate accounts of incidents.


        • 123

          ♫♪ By de fibbers of Babylon
          ♫♪ there we sat down
          ♫♪ Ye-eah we wept, when we tasered dat blind man. ♫♪


          • A British subject, er,citizen says:

            When police forces employ illiterate and ignorant thugs – graduates of the socialist ejercashun system – it is an easy mistake to make.


  2. 2
    The stress of the job says:

    Anyone else notice Dave’s bald patch at PMQs?


  3. 5
    Steve Miliband says:

    The Sunday Telegraph understands…….therefore not fact
    “You guys are supposed to f***ing help us.”” doesn’t like swearing At the police


  4. 7
    illogical says:

    He swears he didn’t?


  5. 8
    To pleb or not to pleb says:


    • 14
      Labour...filth...just filth says:

      what a picture…three of the most irritating double dealing scumbags in labour history


    • 15
      The Libor party says:

      Notice Ed Balls, Libor’s Shallow Chancer didn’t nod as he normally does when Red Ed Millionaireband welcomed the fall in youth unemployment.


    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      ”I’m very worried about your health.. You are shouting in a bizarre manner.. calm yourself man and get a grip!”


  6. 9

    Yeth ! I want to walk thoulder to thoulder with fellow socialist millionaires !


    • 67
      Ed Millibland says:

      I apologies in advance for not being able to attend this event. Something important has come up in the premier league


  7. 11
    Expletive Deleted says:

    So Dave condemns racist abuse of footballers but condones class abuse of police……..


  8. 12
    Some Twat up North says:

    More of you couldn’t write this …

    Lancashire Police taser a blind man… They thought his white stick was a Samurai sword. FFS

    Now, if they thought he was the chief whip, you could understand it.


  9. 13
    Lord Prescott says:

    It’s not like he’s punched a member of the public


    • 23
      Eric Joyce says:

      Or punched another MP and some commons staff who went to detain him


      • 132
        soapy says:

        Cameron missed a simple wide open goal here. All he needed in response to Militwit’s diatribe were two words “John Prescott” and then sat down again.


  10. 16
    Moussa Koussa Come on says:

    When can we expect all you Neo Mongs to emigrate to a land you should love – Serbia.


  11. 19
    curtons says:

    No evidence of any comment being made, Ed trying to pull a fast one with an imaginary ‘Heckle’. Calling a copper a pleb (if true) is hardly one of the crimes of the century, however, sack him by all means if he is not up to the job he is supposed to be doing.


  12. 20
    The BBC cover-up/stitch-up continues says:

    The BBC effectively banned comics from making Jimmy Savile jokes on Mock The Week, host Dara O Briain has claimed. Last night’s episode featured only one passing reference to one of the biggest stories of the week – and even then it was to comment on BBC censorship.

    O Briain told The Sun that Savile was off-limits, saying: ‘The BBC were very cautious about that. I don’t think they wanted anything about that on Mock The Week.’ Instead of Savile, the topical subjects raised on yesterday’s show were the Tory Party conference, patients being asked to rate hospitals, David Blaine’s latest stunt and England football manager Roy Hodgson traveling on the Tube.

    But Andy Parsons slipped one comment in which made the final edit. When asked what question might have the answer 10 billion, he said: ‘What are the chances against a joke about Jim’ll Fix It on the BBC?’ Yesterday, gossip newsletter Popbitch reported that writers on Russell Howard’s Good News had always been told to steer clear of Savile gags.


  13. 22
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Figures from busted flush The OBR, mean nothing anymore.

    Pint in my local May 2010 = £1.75
    Litre of diesel May 2010 = £1.07
    My monthly Gas bill May 2010 = £31.50

    Pint in my local today = £3.10
    Litre of diesel today = £1.42
    My monthly Gas bill today = £70.50


  14. 26
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Personally I hope Mongchell plods on. The longer he is in office, the worse it gets for Call Me Privileged


  15. 30
    duller than you think says:

    You used to be boring. But now you’re dull, whingey and boring. Have something interesting to say or fuckio off.


    • 58
      Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

      OK, but shhhhhhhhh

      West Sussex and Crawley. Bastion Tory heartlands. All MP’s , and county councils bluer than blue.

      Looks like the locals are gonna have to contend with a second runway at Gatwick…OH DEAR.


      • 89
        Archer Karcher says:

        Without Gatwick, Crawley would still be a village, not a thriving, wealthy boom town. The locals know where the money comes from, plus the flightpath is not over the town. I’m sure the local lefties will try and kick up a stink, but nobody wants less wealth now, do they?


  16. 36
    Anonymous coward says:

    “You guys are supposed to f***ing help us.”

    Well, I do see where he is coming from …


    • 61
      Mike Hunt says:

      He is correct in his expectation, but sadly showed naivety.
      The Police Farce of today is more interested in crimes against political correctness. Electing politicians (past or present) as Police Commissioners will not chance a thing.


  17. 39
    Jimmy Savile says:

    The Sunday fucking Telegraph!

    Them fuckers said on Sunday just gone that I: “Paid off the cops over a kid sex abuse claim”.

    Total bollocks.

    The proper accusation against me is that I paid off the family of the child.

    Fuck the Sunday telegraph and its lies.


  18. 43
    Nullbymouth says:

    Never mind that, the real question is …

    What is it that you have come on?


  19. 54
    Anon Hacked off Voter !! says:

    Effing And*rew Mit*chell guaranteed to pour more petrol on his unacceptable

    behaviour at every opportunity. A low life pl*eb would have certainly been

    arrested for this type of out burst & brought before the Courts……….

    But it appears from the high table that Effing Mit*chell believes he has divine

    right to occupy he does not have either account for or explain his behaviour

    I am sure the VOTERS will keep this in mind !!


  20. 55
    Garfield Gopher says:

    Has Chris Bryant got aids? He’s looking very thin and lackluster these days.


  21. 60
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Yes,I am toast .

    Help yourself to some of that even money that the bookies are offering.


  22. 71
    Mrs May says:

    How do you mistake a blind man with a white stick for a lunatic with a samurai sword?….. Fucked if i know,you’ll have to ask Lancashire Police.


  23. 72
    FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! says:


  24. 73
    SAY IT LIKE IT IS says:

    What a mug, should of claimed Tourrettes, did an interview with the Guardian, ‘MY SECRET HELL WITH TOURRETTES’ Killed the story dead in a day as the bedwetters wouldn’t dare pick on him, instead of letting it fester like a bad fart and he would have a license to be able to swear where and how much he wanted in the House of Commons.


  25. 85
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Come on Guido Fawkes ( AKA Borisido Borwkes )…. No comment on Mitts performance last night…

    shhhhhh Dont mention Neo Nut Mitt


    • 97

      Romney maintained his lead.


      • 100
        Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

        Great. Nutter in Whitehouse by Jan 2013. So looking forward to the Dave and total neo nut Mitt show. I hope you are, it will be fun.


        • 107
          SAY IT LIKE IT IS says:

          It doesn’t matter who gets in, they will end up like JFK if they don’t start a dust up with Iran like a certain country in the region wishes.


      • 128
        Anonymous says:

        Romney is a fucking idiot who does what the religious right tells him to even if he disagrees, when will UK fiscal conservatives realise that the republican party is nothing more than the party of religious theocracy, it wants to establish a Christian Iran in the USA they don’t give a fuck about government spending, bush took Clinton’s balanced budget and turned it into a trillion dollar deficit


      • 141
        Garullous Gary says:

        Should be on a lead.


  26. 86

    If Mitchell were a bit smarter, here is how he could have played it:

    Mitchell: It is not against the law for me to think you are a cuпt, is it?
    Plod: No sir.
    Mitchell: OK. I think you are a cuпt.


  27. 87
    Cameron is a liar says:

    Miliband is of course wrong – you don’t need to swear at a police officer to end up in the back of a police car. I got arrested overnight by Islington police for peeing behind a bush.

    The sad thing about the Mitchell controversy is that although the chief whip obviously deserves all he gets, what he actually said rings true with many people’s experience of police behaviour in recent years. They’re thugs and yes they are plebs.


  28. 88
    You must be Joe King says:

    Mitchell – Just do the right thing, bite your lip, and go. And remember in future, when you’ve had too much to drink, keep your own counsel and don’t demean yourself and any future office you may hold.


  29. 101
  30. 137
    suet says:

    Mitchell was lucky: the police have tasered blind grandfather claiming that they mistook his white stick for a samurai sword: who hung the monkey?


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