October 17th, 2012

Labour Bill Punch Drunk MP £3,000

Banned from pubs, tales of schoolgirl lovers and a conviction for assault in the Strangers’ bar – and now Eric Joyce could be another £3,000 out of pocket. This time it isn’t a judge demanding he cough up, it is his own Labour CLP in Falkirk. They want Joyce to refund the £3,000 they gave him in election expenses:

“He says the reason for not resigning as an MP is because he was elected personally, not the Labour Party. If that’s the case we want our money back.”

If he doesn’t pay they say they will sue. Eric Joyce is spending more time in court than in parliament these days…


  1. 1
    Grammar School Boy says:

    It puts Plebgate into perspective – odious though Mitchell is.


    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      Sue for what? He was the official Labour candidate, whatever he now says.

      Dream on…


      • 10
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        Technically, Joyce is right. People vote for the person (they have no choice, that is how elections work in the UK).

        Good to know his local party wants srid of him though. But why did they select the cnut in the first place?


        • 14
          Anonymous says:

          Yes, ‘technically’ he is right. So, the party is even less secure because Joyce didn’t deceive them. They gave him money as ‘their’ candidate at the time; as most local parties do.

          They have no chance of recovering this money.


          • What kind of PR are the Tories running.

            Joyce is a disgrace, Abbott the Hypo going to Venezuela, and the discredited Burnham, Byrne, Vaz, Watson, etc spouting easily provable lies

            Despite massively easy targets lined up everyday by the biggest bunch of incompetents ever to run this country, the coalition seem more focused on the column inches in their pants.

            FFS Dave, get a properly proactive media skunk instead of being on the back foot all the time


        • 26

          Labour could be described as Unnatural Selection.


        • 39
          M says:

          So can the nation get back Gordon browns expenses or sue , nobody voted for him


    • 9

      This needs a judge led inquiry or at the very least an EDM to propose a fine.


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      Being a MP is about representing your community and serving your community. So MPs should be paid the average income in their community.

      MP’s shouldn’t be made ministers either, experts in the fields should be made ministers.

      If they want to make money they shouldn’t becoming MPs.


    • 31
      Yeah, right... says:

      You will understand that Joyce’s conduct is wholly attributable to the stress brought on by his workload as an MP. It’s nothing to do with his being an odious thug who can’t take his ale.


      • 33
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        Quite. Before he became an MP he was a paragon of moderation and probity.

        Oh, wait, no he wasn’t. He was a shit back then as well.


        • 34
          Yeah, right... says:

          Indeed. I was referring to the defence offered by one of his back bench colleagues at the time – I forget which one, usual anonymous lobby fodder – who seemed to be claiming that boozy Eric was almost blameless.


  2. 2
    • 41
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Eric has done the decent and honourable thing just like me. We might both be teen fondlers but Eric refusing to resign is just taking a leaf out of my book. The Portsmouth LibDems dare not sue me because they know my boys will be calling on them if they do. Boaz.


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime!


  4. 5
    JockInFrance says:

    Joyce is being disingenuous with his claim that it was he personally, and not the party that was voted into Parliament. In many strong Labour constituencies you could put a red rosette on a turd, and they would still vote for it.

    Come to think of it, they frequently do!


  5. 6
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    I shall start PMQ’s with this gag, guys and gals.

    Why do you never see a Polish person driving a convertible?

    They can’t work out how to close a roof.


  6. 7
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Youse lookin’ at a face full of heid.


  7. 8
    Call me Dave says:

    I shall start PMQ’s with this gag,guys and gals.

    Why do you never see a Polish person driving a convertible?

    They can’t work out how to close a roof.


    • 12

      Best not..do the one about the Polish stripper and the ankle warmers


    • 13
      Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

      Girl at carwash says to guy who has just come through “We get quite a few Poles here”. He replies “How do you know I’m Polish?” “Because you are the only ones who come through here on motorbikes!”.


      • 21
        Cardinal Reggie says:

        Did you hear the one about the Polish kidnappers? To prove they had the victim, they sent his head home in a box…


      • 37
        french polish says:

        Guido, somebody is shitting on your blog, can you please flush it away, the stench is becoming toxic.


    • 17
      french polish says:

      Have you got anything on germans, french, belgians, italians, spanish or foreign anyway?
      Go back to the seventies where you belong, pub-level racist!


      • 23
        I spot someone who was state-educated by Liebour says:

        Polish, German, French, Belgian, Italian, Spanish.

        None of these are races.


      • 24
        I spot someone who was state-educated by Liebour says:

        *cough* Polish, German, French, Belgian, Italian, Spanish.

        None of these are races.


        • 32
          Yeah, right... says:

          Funnily enough, nor is Islam a race although in some ‘progressive’ circles, criticism of that particular set of religeous views and beliefs is enough to have one branded as a racist. Funny old world.


  8. 11
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Can yer mammy sew?


  9. 15
    Punch Drunk Twat says:

    That’s a turn up for the books. A Labour CLP doing the decent thing for once.


  10. 18
    Hadrian says:

    Roll on Scots independence. Get all these fxxking Scottish labour M.P.s out of Westminster once and for all, with that idle cnut Brown leading the way.


    • 27
      I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

      I have my fingers crossed – we could get rid of Brown, Blair and Cameron, and if Scotland leaves the EU, we could ban them from ever coming back into England.


    • 30
      The Golem says:

      Not a bad motive for Scotland going independent, Hadrian, although my impression is that most rational Scots – and there are plenty of them about – know full well they’re
      better off tied to us.


      • 40
        M says:

        Alex salmond told those rational Scott’s that he had unlimited access to the cash of the rest of the uk , that’s why the SNP have a majority .
        After independance the cash points shut .


  11. 22
    Loungelizard says:

    Just before PMQ’s could we have that photo of Miliband standing by the Rolls Royce posted up. Just to remind us all of the humble lifestyle he has chosen to follow.


  12. 28

    Mint. But why don’t they de-select him?


  13. 29
    Toontoon says:

    This guy is a total scumbag ?!
    In school he assaulted two teachers one of them was pregnant.
    Joined the army and spent his entire time gaining ( freebie) degrees.
    Resigned from the army as he was about to be sacked. ( tried to get his CO prosecuted for assaulting him as a parting shot).
    Has been forced to resign from several parliamentary “jobs”
    Very seldom seen in his constituency( Congo is his favourite jaunt)
    Prosecuted for drink driving ( point blank refused the threathalyser)
    Assaulted several MP’s in his usual drunken state.
    Resisted police arrest (which was brushed under the carpet).
    Caused criminal damage ( no further action).
    Cut off his electronic tag And gave a contemptable BS charity excuse whilst others would have been jailed.
    Had an affair with a barely legal intern and once again came out with a load of BS to cover his scumbag as s.
    Had two offices( one was rented thru his best mate) ?! Put signage up with his name that was approx 20m long, looked ridiculous, council told him to remove it- no tax payers cost spared.
    Oh, and lets not forget that he is the most expensive MP in the country ( in excess of £250k per annum).
    Not content with his expenses claims he “flipped” his house for good measure.
    Yes folks, the constituents of Falkirk got what they wished for ?!!!b


    • 35
      will says:

      the problem is that he has a large majority so unseating him is going to be a problem. Also if the next election os going to be a tight one labour will stick with the devil they know rather than an outsider. Mind you his wikipedia entry is quite colourful for an MP.


  14. 38
    Penfold says:

    Tsk, tsk.

    Labour need to be careful, they shouldn’t bankrupt ‘im as that will force a by-election which they will lose to Salmonds’ Scot Nat’s.

    Rather petty though to ask for the election loot back, we might as well ask Gordo McMental Broon to re-establish our gold reserves as they were before he sold the stuff orff for a fraction of its current value, and then blew that, and all our additional pension taxes, plus the extra borrowings on so-called investment in the UK.

    Looks like he went to Vegas shoved the lot on Red, and double 00 came up.

    Labour are being so petty and spiteful, but that is in their genes, so nothing changes there then.


  15. 43
    Sir Jimmy Saville (deceased) says:

    Now then, now then, now then. Stay away from those young girls!!


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