October 17th, 2012

Exclusive: Deputy Chief Whip John Randall ‘Threatens To Quit’

Guido understands that the Tory Deputy Chief Whip John Randall has threatened to resign if Andrew Mitchell does not jump. He is currently not returning Guido’s calls, but a senior Tory confirms that there is serious consternation in the Whips office and has indicated that Randall is not the only one considering radical action. Guido speculated about this earlier and the threat is said to have “not fizzled out”.

A possible safe pair of hands if Mitchell does go, Randall was very close to former Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin. Randall has form in walking on matters of principle: he resigned as an opposition whip in 2003. He is well regarded on the backbenches and Mitchell’s position would be untenable were he to go. Developing…

UPDATE: Looks like Tim Shipman has been doing a phone around:

UPDATE II: And within 15 minutes Sky are running with the story:


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Ferrets in a sack!


    • 5
      Plato says:

      Cameron is making it much much worse. He could soon lose his deputy chief whip and a lot of authority, and then his chief whip, anyway.

      If Mitchell goes first, then Cameron will have ‘given in’.

      Not good…


    • 9
      sekwaf odiug says:

      Mad Mitch would have to spend a lot less time the curry house knocking them back


    • 10
      Anonymous says:

      Can Cameron still claim to lead the conservative party?


      • 16
        Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

        He never did


      • 26
        sekwaf odiug says:

        Dave is like a climber who is climbing a mountain, his fingers are getting numb with the cold, the atmoshere is very thin and he is suffering with altitude sickness, things are going very well for him poor chap.


    • 55
      Anonymous says:

      Looking at Cameron’s front bench on PMQ’s

      1) Michel – abuser of police
      2) Lansley – NHS destroyer
      3) Clegg – back stabber
      4) Cameron – enjoy the trappings of power nothing else
      5) An old man – finding it hard to set, could have piles
      6) Osborne – triple dip recession
      7) Clark – some where, pay and car nothing to do
      8) Hunt – Murdoch’s representative in cabinet

      It looks pathetic.


      • 67
        Gooey Blob says:

        If you think that’s pathetic, turn around and look at the muppets on the other benches. Frightening to think what the left considers acceptable front-bench material these days.

        There simply isn’t a choice at the next election.


        • 79
          Anonymous says:

          I will be surprised that they are worse than this lot, then again this is what I thought about last lot.

          I cannot understand how we end up here. It seems its all about green energy, gay marriage, how to keep people at home and feed, foreign aid,etc. Nothing about economy and well paid jobs.


      • 75
        ÁC1 says:

        “NHS destroyer”
        If only they would, we might get some health and care.

        NHS is something that should’ve been torn down when the Berlin wall was toppled.


        • 82
          Anonymous says:

          With what he did it will end up costing more for less service.


        • 107
          UKIP.i.am says:

          Now then we mustn’t say anything bad about the the NHS, the police or the BBC. They are the most trusted part of the establishment and must be worshipped at all times without question. Hence no mention of the BBC by the Liblabcon trio at PMQs. They are all pathetic specimens and are only voted into power by supine sheep.

          Just today a blind man was tasered for carrying an offensive white stick. He said he thought he was being attacked by thugs. He wasn’t wrong.


          • Anonymous says:

            Police said they made a mistake and said sorry. They might end up paying as well.

            Issue is Michel denying. If he has accepted what he said and sad sorry he will not be in the mess he is.


    • 143
      Anonymous says:

      He wont quit, poloticians dont do integrity


  2. 2
    les says:

    Going for the kill and the job! took him a while?


  3. 3
    a non says:



  4. 4
    Expat Geordie says:

    Go on, my son!


  5. 6
    keredybretsa says:

    Don’t just threaten. Just GO.


  6. 7
    ÁC1 says:

    This is how to stimulate the economy, Not robbing savers via QE.



  7. 8
    Dave 'All I want is In In In' says:

    People just can’t walk out on me – it’s unforgivable!


  8. 11
    What did you expect ??? says:

    Gives “Dave” the necessary cover to sack Mitchell…NOT because he “lied” about incident but because he no longer commands support or respect of Tory MPs/Whips.

    However, Mitchell should do the decent thing and resign to save the party further embarassment


  9. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Why can’t Mitchell do the decent thing and resign to spend more time with his family?


    • 31
      ÁC1 says:

      He’d meet more plebians then.


      • 41
        bumboys and nonces says:

        A wife called Sharon.

        Really. what was he thinking?


        • 90
          Grant Mitchell says:

          Oi! I married a bird named Sharon– gits wot made the same joke you’re makin’ didn’t stay ‘elffy very long. (Although, in the long run, she turned out no more fayful than the uvva one, innit?)


    • 144
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Have you seen his missus? Even grimmer than mine. No wonder we go astray with young girls. We need sympathy not ridicule. Boaz.


  10. 14
    Jimmy says:

    If that’s what the Deputy looks like I’m beginning to see why Butch wants to keep Mitchell.


  11. 15
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    errrrrr I think you will find that it is – Alexander Randall


  12. 17
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    errrr so, all those commentators from the Torygragh, Daily Mong, and numerous neo nuts stating that this story is a dead duck, and Ed is a fool to pursue it are wrong then.


    • 49
      Anonymous says:

      Ed is a fool to pursue this,the Government is making some good progress in many areas, and all Ed can do is hound the chief whip out of office for losing his temper.The situation is even more farcical when you recall the Labour deputy PM punching a member of the public and Gordon throwing phones and calling pensioners bigots.But Ed has his priorities right, not.


      • 62
        Rat's arse says:

        Anon, agree entirely with you.

        Since when did the Police say who should be in the Government?

        Union meddling here, aided & abetted by Labour, who are the dirtiest they’ve ever been. I hate the feckers.


      • 69
        pissed off voter says:

        It’s about attitude. Mitchell is following in the footsteps of Duncan, Spellman, etc, reinforcing the view that the tories are the nasty party. Cameron just does not appreciate how expensive that could be in votes or he would have dropped him immediately.


  13. 20
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Something we always knew. Tories F8ucking ar*seholes. A bunch of childish numpties and muppets.


  14. 22

    If the Chief Whip’s brain was the size of his ego he would offer to stand down if Ken Mackaill, chairman of the West Mercia Police Federation, also stood down for turning the matter into a political spat, something that should never happen with our police forces. Mitchell has at least apologised whereas Mackaill has become more strident.

    They are both pretty crummy IMO

    But that would let Mitchell’s party and leader off the hook and claim a scalp. If Mackaill refused to go then he will have been faced down as a hypocrite.


    • 29
      Fred Chawsser says:

      Is he just another bleedin’ Pilgrim?


      • 44

        Whilst he is spending time on this supposedly resolved problem he is not catching crims which is what we pay him an awfully large amount of money from the public purse to do.

        So in many ways, yes.


        • 52
          Anonymous says:

          The police federation should never have been involved in this case, i really think its been a dreadful own goal, as when Hillsborough gets into full swing the Police will need all the support they can get.


    • 66
      Rat's arse says:

      Cat – well said, and what a great idea.


      • 80

        Thanks Rat’s. It shows they don’t think out of the box IMO. Mitchell then might have been characterised as an honourable, if excitable, fellow and could have found his way back into a top slot after a decent interval, if he could have managed to control his tongue.


  15. 23
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    He looks like a kiddy fiddler. In that picture is he carrying a Lidl plastic shopping bag ????


    • 47
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Sounds like the voice of experience: kiddy fiddling and the religion of piss go hand-in-hand, as it were.


  16. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Lyn Brown and Labour seem to have been forgotten. No Labour MP threatened to quit over Lyn Brown – the double standards are breath taking on this issue:



  17. 25
    Tat says:

    It’s the Tories who want him out. The millionaire twerp Milliband is just a squeaky little voice in the background. Embarrassing innit.


  18. 32
    Universal Hiss says:

    About time a no confidence vote was called.

    Put them all out of their misery(& ours too).


    • 112
      UKIP.i.am says:

      There is nothing to stop Ed Millionaireband doing this apart from the fact he hasn’t got the guts.


  19. 33
    Wimpy Bar says:

    What a bunch of thin skinned wimps. The guy lost his temper with the plod, he apologises and no one can move on!


  20. 37
    Man up and grow a pair says:

    Goodbye then!


  21. 45
    les says:

    Mitchell will stay – he is a tough as old boots and I tend to believe that he didn’t
    say the word pleb.


  22. 46
    FREDDY STARR ate my SISTER says:

    If Dave was a Man , he would have sacked him and shown strong leadership !

    But Dave the Mouse has no balls and has shown he is at the mercy of his MP’s

    Tail wagging the Dog springs to mind


  23. 64
    Aunty Matter says:

    Unemployment down and inflation down. Good news? Not at the BBC. Oh for the glory days of Gordon McFuckwit hey BBC?


    • 71
      Gooey Blob says:

      The BBC reports doom and gloom because Nokia sales haven’t been doing too well of late. In fairness, this might be partly because Brown is no longer PM.


    • 117
      UKIP.i.am says:

      Labour – the party that ended with higher unemployment after 13
      years of government than when they came to office. Are they the right people to be lecturing the coalition? I don’t think so.


  24. 70
    The Guardian & BBC says:

    You may attack us, but we won’t fall. You may slander us, but we won’t retreat. You may try to destroy us, but we won’t be defeated. Onwards to victory! Excelsior!


  25. 72
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Three million people are looking for a job in the UK and Cameron
    and his ” team ” as far as I can see have done nothing in the last seven days to improve the situation .

    So what happens today is that twat Mitchell is centre stage over whether he called a copper a pleb .

    I cannot make up my mind whether this whole affair is more pathetic than it is stupid .

    I think the copper concerned has to settle this once and for all with a public explanation as to what has happened .

    If this lot worked for me directly they would all be on P45s tonight and I wouldn’t give a monkeys about Human Rights and Employment Tribunals .


    • 78
      The joy of EU enslavement says:

      “Three million people are looking for a job in the UK ”

      Yup. And if Dave created three million jobs, 3 million unemployed Eurotrash would move here to claim them and we’d still have three million people looking for jobs.

      High unemployment PLUS high immigration.

      Dave can’t stop that. Which is, I imagine, why he doesn’t bother.


    • 119
      ÁC1 says:

      “Three million people are looking for a job in the UK ”

      I can believe that 3 M people are on unemployment reward, but not that 3M are seeking work…


  26. 74
    Why you should watch Taken 2 says:

    Taken 1: Hero killed dozens of albanian and arab muslim bad guys.

    Taken 2: Hero kills dozens more albanian and arab muslim bad guys.


  27. 76
    ToonBert... says:

    Just wondering why Mitchell did not do the decent thing weeks ago…..


  28. 77
    John Randall says:

    I’m on my way to Number 10 right now.


  29. 81
    Prone to Ranting says:

    Mitchell is an ejit, this had all but blown over and then he goes and takes Mili’s hook and comes out with a stupid comment at PMQs proving that he is unfit to be a chief whip.


  30. 84
    Mrs May says:

    A policeman tasered a blind man when he mistook his white stick for a samurai sword.

    A witness took out his mobile phone to call an ambulance, but he was tasered for being in possession of a gun.


  31. 87
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Shut it, you fucking plebs.


  32. 96
    Anonymous says:

    We need a guy with the balls to use the same words to another police officer, with a camera crew and press around too of course, previously alerted to time and location, to see what the police officer does?

    I’m a coward so can’t do it! Any one want to offer?

    Suggest it’s done outside the railings to No 10 too. Oh and I suggest you have a bike too!!

    We could take bets for those who think the guy would actually be arrested because he isn’t the government chief whip!


    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      Who’s gonna find a fuckin pleb to do that!

      He should fuckin have much more fuckin important things to do ffs!


    • 105
      Knob head Prescott says:

      I’d punch him in the mooey, me and me party nor the Bbbc wouldn’t say a dicky were labour we are so it’s all right and toney said it’s only me and thatcher wanted to close down the NHS so Ashcroft could make more millions and those toffs get all the posh croket mallets as . . ..


    • 122
      UKIP.i.am says:

      If the police arrested every person who swore at them half the country would be down the nick. And Andrew Marr would be down a woman’s nick.


  33. 97
    The Libor party says:

    This is a good day to bury bad news


  34. 100
    Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 1 says:


  35. 103

    Francois !!! My hero !


    • 109
      ÁC1 says:

      Once all the nasty wealth creators leave everyone will be equal.

      Equally dead.


    • 136
      Gordon Brown says:

      the policies border on economic illiteracy: “The idea of aligning taxes on capital with those on wages is a profound economic error. It is scandalous that the French have been left in such economic ignorance for years.”

      Sounds like my kind of tax. An economically illiterate one.


  36. 104
    Thrasher Mitchell says:

    A Message from the Tory Party…. Best you learn your f–––ing place. You don’t run this f–––ing government. You’re f–––ing plebs.


  37. 113

    Physicists May Have Evidence Universe Is A Computer Simulation


    How could any quantum computer which is capable of learning and reproducing the brain’s cognitive functions simulate Gordon Brown?

    Impossible, I would say.


  38. 130
    Just Passing says:

    As some of us suspected there is more to this than some arrogant ignoramus swearing at the old bill.


    • 133
      Just Passing says:

      Did anybody else hear about the blind man tazered without warning by the Lancs plods, because they thought his white stick looked like a samuri sword?! Clearly not the only blind man on the streets of Chorley today. The downing st rozzers could have tried that with Mitchael.


  39. 131
    ToonBert... says:

    Uefa charges Serbia and England…..

    Uefa a bunch of Hunts !! F*ck ‘em.


  40. 134
    Gordon Brown says:

    People keep pointing at me and saying rude hings when I walk in the street.So I am changing my name to George for some anonymity.

    From now on I will be George Gordon Brown.


  41. 135
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    I wish when politicians threaten to quit the bastards actually have the balls to do it!


  42. 142
    Aunty Matter says:

    Well Lancashire police are not plebs but TOTAL FUCKING MONGS for tazering a blind chap because they thought his white stick was a sword.



  43. 150
    A member still hiding in the closet says:

    …….luving all this constant talk of whi*ping

    its making me fe*el very aro*used……..

    I really am in des*perate need for a good session

    Hopefully from someone, somewhere & very soon….


  44. 151
    Dickins says:

    No-one likes Mitchell, either in the tories or us plebs outside.

    If you live by the dick you die by the dick.


  45. 152
    Earl of Croydon says:

    The policeperson was a plep, so bloody what?


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