October 12th, 2012

Sue Cameron on Nobel “T***ers”


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    Who said that?

    Was it Sue?

  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    “Absolutely Brilliant”

  3. 3
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

    She also got another one in about ” devaluing the currency “

  4. 4
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Farage certainly enjoyed it. Probably wishes he’d said it.

  5. 5
    Mike Hunt says:

    Sums it up for me.

  6. 6
    Herman Van Rumpy Pumpy says:

    Tossers off… ok, if you insist.

  7. 7
    Gordon Brown says:

    It’s not ‘devalued’ if it is invested in giant, pointless bureaucracies.

  8. 8

    Brilliant! Better than I thought she was!

  9. 9
    Credit Kebab comments. says:

    Anonymous12 October 2012 12:55
    In Leeds, we have since the 70’s heard that he had the keys to the morgue in the LGI hospital in return for his charity work.
    He was once stumbled upon in the morgue, not perhaps doing what you assume but brushing the hair of dead old women. Perhaps slightly more creepy than sexual abuse.

    Dead boring.

  10. 10
    HenryV says:

    Dynamite stuff.

  11. 11
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    Did he have a flat in there?

  12. 12
    Roscoe Rules says:

    He would have got away with it but a rotten C*nt split on him.

  13. 13
    Norman Bates says:

    What’s so “creepy” about brushing a dead woman’s hair, FFS?

  14. 14
  15. 15
    Strictly Come Pervin' says:

    By shelving their Newsnight investigation, the BBC in effect prevented victims from coming forward. Disgraceful.

  16. 16
  17. 17
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Sums it all up nicely.

  18. 18
  19. 19
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Is this the same Sue Cameron who wrote the book “The Cheating Classes” [ISBN 0-684-85130-x] … including a thank you note in the book by the Author stating “For my mother, Dorothy, and for Keith. With love.”?

  20. 20
    Dick the Prick says:

    She’d have got away with it except for Nige!

  21. 21
    grumpybumburp says:

    Talking of Sa vile they is a lot more to come out about his activities in the LGI Morgue

    It is well known about in Leeds and well known within care circles for vulnerable Children

  22. 22
    Toby G says:

    @WhatTheFFacts: A decapitated chicken stays alive long enough to run the length of a football field before dying.

    Can we start nine of them for the England vs San marino ?

  23. 23
    UKIP.i.am.awake says:

    Nobel Committee are prize idiots.

  24. 24
    Dingo says:

    Would these be the same “Germans” that invaded Poland (can I get in trouble for writing that?)

  25. 25
    He was well known........ says:

    Pardon for me asking……..Was there ANYONE not in the fucking know about this nonce ??? It seems that the one’s that didn’t know were in the minority. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he had a bloody set of keys to The Tower of London next and a flat at Admiralty Arch…this is getting beyond satire !!!!!

  26. 26
    Michael Gove licked my lolly says:

    I always leave my backdoor on the latch.

  27. 27
    Shooting wide of goal... says:

    Be nice to see them all singing the bloody national anthem for starters instead of looking fucking miserable when it’s played.. !!!!

  28. 28
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    UKIP should adopt the Slogan

    ” Vote UKIP; just this once “

  29. 29
    JH says:

    Is that where Jimmy hails from.

    Unsurprising, I imagine he spends his days with a rictus grin to doubleshow how much he approves of encouraging the religion of piss to take hold in what would otherwise be a bustling little Northern town evocative of particular aspects of British culture, rather than predatory grooming, honour killings and forced marriage.

  30. 30
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    Nine ?

  31. 31
    Religion: The Original Sin says:


    “Vote UKIP just this once!”

  32. 32
    England Team Coach says:

    So THAT’S why we keep losing ?

  33. 33
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    Difficult to be sure. The facelift is so extreme all you can be sure of is her arse lifting when she tries to speak.

  34. 34
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    Whilst I think the BBC have a lot of questions to answer on how the programme was canned, the logic of your position is that the purpose of BBC programming is to facilitate the exposure of crime. I always thought that was the job of the police.

  35. 35
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    That is setting the hurdle very low.

  36. 36
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    Or “vote UKIP; we need the bunce”.

  37. 37
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    It won’t work. Roy’s system requires them to stick to their own bit of the field and, under no circumstances. to show initiative or stray from the tramlines.

  38. 38
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    I believe you missed an ‘n’. It should read “vote UKIP; just this nonce.”

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Gentlemen, please relax. The Norwegians could not bring themselves to say that this “prize” means one thing only and that is that the frogs and the krauts should be congratulated for not fighting eachother for such a long time. That is all there is to it.
    The EUSSR merely provides the cover. The Norwegians would not dream of joining that heap of crap anyway.

  40. 40
    Henderson Sutcliffe says:

    What kind of tosser is Guido if he can’t bring himself to type out “Tosser” for fuck’s sake?

  41. 41
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Their socialist elite would.

  42. 42
    whippersnapper2 says:

    You Tube have taken it down.

  43. 43
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

    It would have been an even bigger joke if the EU was given the Nobel Prize for Economics…

  44. 44
  45. 45
    Spanish says:

    Someone who chooses a name like you have could easily get his P’s and N’ mixed up when projecting.

  46. 46
    UKIP.i.am.awake says:

    Vote for the Liblabcon status quo. Look what they have achieved over the last 40 years. Cover-ups at the BBC, the NHS and Hillsborough, destroying the banking system and pension system, got into bed with Murdoch, amassed massive debts and handed over our sovereignty to foreign control without even asking the plebs. You know where you are with the status quo. Well and truly fucked.

  47. 47
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    Shouldn’t but…LOL

  48. 48
  49. 49
    Truthteller says:

    Got my vote.

  50. 50
    ACPO says:

    First we’ve heard of it.

  51. 51
    Truthteller says:


  52. 52
    The Beast of Moscow says:

    Im looking at her legs and not listening

  53. 53
    Widescreen2010 says:

    I heard that Nigel Farage was a friend of Jimmy Saville.

  54. 54
    Widescreen2010 says:

    Ah yes – that was the rumour when I was a lad!
    JS the necrophiliac.
    That’s why he worked as a hospital porter, y’know.
    Etc. Etc.
    Can I get some compensation ‘cos he touched my bum and he’s dead now so he can’t deny it?

  55. 55
    The Beast of Moscow says:

    Just how would Farage earn a crust if we left the EU?

  56. 56
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    Thanks for the advice Senor Franco.

  57. 57
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    He could record ” I told you so ” Straight to No. 1

  58. 58
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    Sorry? French and Germans fighting? I thought it usually turned out to be a weekend excursion by a junior training division from Bavaria who then proceed to overstay their welcome. Don’t remember much fighting.

  59. 59
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps junior says:

    No problem. He has already drained as much from the EU in expense claims as Kinnock diverted whilst a commissioner.

  60. 60
    David B says:

    Should have been quicker to appologise for other things

  61. 61
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Blair ‘Privatised’ the ACPO – They couldn’t give a Fcuk – unless they can make money and profit from it. It’s how they ‘do’ Business these days.

  62. 62
    Religion: The Original Sin says:


    Nobel Prize for Recipes….goes to Diane Abbot for Rice & Peace

  63. 63

    The full version.
    At 2.16 Sue Cameron gets groped on air by a sinister BBC employee, a full independent enquiry is needed!

  64. 64
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    Breaking II

    Cameron to send every school-child to Brussels to let them see the EU at work.

  65. 65
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The PTB will probably wheel out Lord Cullen to investigate the BBC / Savile cover up – so expect another 100 year embargo a la Dunblaine.

    ‘cos that’s what the PTB do – when the Great & The Good are implicated!!! – Have some of that Grand Master Flashman and Co.

  66. 66
    The PRick Posing as PM says:

    People ask me “Dave, what was your greatest triumph?”

    And I reply “Losing the last General Election!”

    And then People ask me “Dave, what will be your next greatest triumph?”

    And I reply “Losing the next General Election!”

  67. 67
    Blowing Whistles says:

    TSFjr – ‘Tramlines’ – It’s just not tennis – isn’t it kick the pig bladder?

  68. 68
    The Nobled Prize for Bullshit goes to ....... says:

    …. the Biased Bullshitting Corpse (‘Fave’ ‘Dave’ think we do a ‘great jobby’ – beyond and above the call of duty-free)

  69. 69
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Isn’t that why they gave one of their useless gongs to Al Gore (and his mate Blair)?

  70. 70
    Engineer says:

    The reason for replacing Capello with Hodgeson as manager is so that England players stand half a chance of understanding their instructions. Under Capello, there was a complicated game-plan delivered in half-English, half-Italian; under Hodgeson, the instruction is, “Kick…..Ball….Forwards” repeated seveal dozen times.

  71. 71
    Nick says:

    The EU was second on the prize shortlist. The Nobel clowns had meant to give it to the late Jimmy Savile.

  72. 72
    m'Lud Kinnockio - the Welsh Windbag - says:

    I said to Glynnis only the other day – didn’t I Glynnis – our expense claims drain the EUSSR don’t they? – and we’re worth it aren’t we? – they were my words weren’t they Gylnnis? – we drain the EUSSR – so that Hunt Cameron better keep paying the money on – isn’t that what I said Glynnis? – mind you in Wales we don’t call them Hunts – we call them Coal Mines – don’t we Glynnis? – where all the buried treasure is that keeps you warm by night?!!!!!

  73. 73
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Tossers! Does anyone remember that recent Barclays advert – Take One Small Step …. acronym TOSS(ers)? It’s Disappeared all of a suddenlibor!

  74. 74
    Engineer says:

    Sometimes, it’s hard to tell where satire ends and reality begins.

  75. 75
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Inbred tossers.

  76. 76
    Blowing Whistles says:

    This weeks second bull5hit prize goes to all the global warming nutters throughout the MSM (inc John Snow of CH4 News) – yet again trying to sell us ‘who know our facts’ (not the twisted science by scaremongering) a puppy.

  77. 77
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “Forwards” is two syllables, Engineer – might pose a problem for some of the England team.

  78. 78
    George Islay MacNeill Robertson, Baron Robertson of Port Ellen says:

    Ho hum. They can’t take a Lordship away posthumously. Can they?

  79. 79
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Seems the French yoof are not a happy bunch at the moment.

  80. 80
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    as record levels of ice are recorded in Antartica.

  81. 81
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    You should have studied philosophy then.

  82. 82
    Pleb says:

    Mitchell not going then?

  83. 83
    PennyDredful says:

    There isn’t a Nobel Prize for Economics so the EU should have won it for Physics, Chemistry and Literature as well just like Obammy did because he is brill!

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    I have never heard of this sue cameron, it says on google that she used to present newsnight, when ?

  85. 85
    Expat Geordie says:

    Who wasn’t a “friend” of Jimmy Saville? He was in the clear and could walk on water. He could even get away with being photographed with Frank Bruno and the Yorkshire Ripper at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are photos of him with his “friends” Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

  86. 86
    Expat Geordie says:

    Sounds like the Kammhuber Line.

  87. 87
    Expat Geordie says:

    At least Kissinger achieved a sort of peace to earn his prize. What the hell has the EU done? 60 years of peace in Europe was achieved by NATO, so perhaps IT should get the bloody prize.

  88. 88
    Jon 'our-kids-won't-know' Snow says:

    Peace has broken out across the EU, as proven by this Nobel prize. Just like Climate Change is proof that the climate changes! And still the sceptics refuse to unquestioningly believe, and ask for evidence…What can that prove?

  89. 89
    Chukka-yer-moni-down-the-pan says:

    Nige had great fun, top bloke. Jogono or whatever she`s called had a senior moment.

  90. 90
    Euro Chukka-toss@r says:

    Van man Rumpey pumpey is not amused with Nigel Farago and will issue another euro fine.

  91. 91
    t says:

    If you listen to this blog very very carefully, you just detect the drip drip of the p*ss from STff’s bed.

  92. 92
    Blowing Whistles says:

    + 100,000,000.

  93. 93
    t says:

    ….and your connexion with that well-known ‘businessman’ T. Dan Smith, STff?

  94. 94
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Let’s all defer to Johann Hari – the eminent honest one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 95
    t says:

    Saw this elsewhere today; ‘and the Nowegers(my take) said Breivik was crazy’. A nationwide affliction.

  96. 96
    Anarchists In Blazers says:


  97. 97
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Malcolm Rifkind was discussing this Nobel Prize fuck up on Channel 4 tonight.

    He maintains that the Prize ought to have been shared with NATO.

    Sorry – Mr Rifkind I think your faculties are failing you – because the Prize ought not to have gone to the EU in the first place nor even be ‘shared’ with Nato.

    Mr Rifkind ought to come with a declaration upfront – as in how many arms manufacturers has he been promoting for decades and in particular – is there a land mine manufacturing company who he’s particularly funded of ….?

    Foreign Orrofice Malcolm. [Diana told me to say it]

  98. 98
    Expat Geordie says:

    Don’t forget Andy Cunningham (father of Jack).

  99. 99
    Expat Geordie says:

    Not quite sure who he is meant to have killed here. He and Nixon inherited a war from Johnson (although it could be traced back to Truman)which was seriously drifting, and tried to end it by using the traditional “one more push” or “surge” strategy, before bringing the boys back home.

    By 1971 the domestic war in South Vietnam was over, and the Americans had won it. The Viet Cong had effectively ceased to exist after the 1968 Tet Offensive and from then on they were dealing almost exclusively with an invasion by the regular forces of a foreign counrty – North Vietnam. The British counter terrorism expert, Sir Robert Thompson, stated in his autobiography that he was able to travel around 98% of South Vietnam unarmed by the end of 1971.

    So far, so good, although it is beginning to sound like Iraq and Afghanistan. However the hard line communists in North Vietnam kept pushing and the 1970 invasion of Cambodia, and the 1972 bombing of Hanoi was merely the attempt of an ally to prevent the good work from being in vain.

    The scum, as you put it, was not Kissinger but the communist leadership who worked out that their country could afford to lose 100k of their young men every year indefinitely in their attempt to impose their foul idiology.

  100. 100
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Expat – For Kissinger think – who ‘controlled the commies all along’ – hello … Kissiy man has been the man at the centre – who’s been ‘protected all of his life. He’s atop the tri lateral commission – have a google.

    The commies – have always been just the front for the Z……s Doh – is it that hard to work it out?

  101. 101
    Oh bugger, I deleted all my cookies AGAIN. says:

    How many REAL Englishmen are there in the England football team?

  102. 102
    Oh bugger, I deleted all my cookies AGAIN. says:

    Nigel should have called him a damp jam rag.

  103. 103
    JH says:

    About a 20:1 Like:Dislike ratio.

    Which is probably reflective of the ACTUAL attitudes to the lefty multi-culti Gramsciian policies forced on populations which got Northern Europe where it is.

    If there are civil wars off the back of this, they won’t be long ones.

  104. 104
    The Emperors new clothes says:

    Obama was annointed with the Nobel prize because on his enthrownment spontaneous peace broke out all over the World for the first time in history as the new millenium dawned and we entered the age of aquarius and stuff like that.

  105. 105
    2112 says:

    While we’re on the subject of Savile and the BBC, did anyone watch “Have I Got News for You?” on Friday? The usual satirical banter actually stopped for about 5 mins. while Hislop and the other panellists did everything they could to deflect blame away from the BBC. In fact, according to them, it seemed that everyone but the BBC was to blame.
    As editor of “Private Eye” Hislop ought to be in a good position to ask some pertinent questions aout the BBC’s role in covering up (or maybe even aiding and abetting) Savile’s actions. Unfortunately, the only question he seems to want to ask is “when does my cheque clear?”

  106. 106
    Tom Catesby says:

    I think the Nobel award is well deserved, if only because Sue Cameron said, in her remarks to Nigel Farage that, giving the EU the award ‘devalued the currency’ of the prize. Well, Rumpoy, Barroso and the gang are certainly expert at devaluation, ask the Greeks, well done those men!

  107. 107
    Plod says:

    Move along there!

  108. 108
    Kafka says:

    Is it not the same?

  109. 109
    Just Passing says:

    In the House of Fun (a.k.a. Parliament).

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