October 2nd, 2012

Piers Morgan Laughed Off Savile’s Underage Sex Joke

The papers have finally caught up with what Guido said months ago, raising questions as to what the BBC knew about the Jimmy Savile child abuse allegations and why a Newsnight expose was spiked. It seems Savile was only too happy to openly make jokes about his reputation back in the early 1990s. Former Sun showbiz hack and Channel 5 TV presenter Matthew Wright has revealed:

“The first time I had to phone him up when I was at the Sun, which would be 1991, he had an assistant (I can’t remember her name now). She said ‘I’ll get Mr Savile for you’, put him on the phone, and the first thing he said before I’d even spoken to him was: ‘She told me she was over sixteen’. And that’s to a reporter. I’d like to think, and I did think at the time – and when I told Piers Morgan [then editor of the Sun’s Bizarre column] about it he just said ‘oh its obviously a joke’. I’d like to think that perhaps that was the case but this ITV documetnary contains the testimony of seven women who claim to be victims…”

Knowing what we know now, it doesn’t seem so funny…


  1. 1
    jgm2 says:

    In fairness to Piers, what else would you have thought at the time?


    • 12
      Mike Hancock says:

      Funny old world.


      • 19
        V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

        Was Savile a Limp-Dumb?


      • 22
        UKIP.i.am.awake says:

        It certainly is. The police can cover up serious crimes and failings like Hillsborough, Savile, Vaz, Rochdale and press phone hacking, some for decades, and yet Mitchell’s (alleged) pleb comment is in the papers within hours. That’s the political, sleazy wing of the police force for you.


        • 33
          Pawn Sandwich says:

          It is almost as if we are living in some parallel world where something that has the least significance is deemed more important than major more significant events.

          For example calling someone a pleb is far more significant than a senior politician invoving himself in kidnapping and delivering a person to a known torturer.


        • 40
          Backwoodsman says:

          Realistically, the late former perv Savile pales into insignificance , when compared to the current outrageous Rochdale situation.
          It would be a shame indeed if the deliberate dereliction of responsibility and outright criminal negligence of politically correct social services and police in Rochdale , who allowed multiple mu*slim men to prey on vulnerable white girls, was deliberately pushed from the headlines.


        • 51
          blub says:

          Then you’ll be fully in favour of a full investifation into the cover up of Rochdale (and Rotherham, and Oxford and Derby and dozens of other towns) and definitely against any “community cohesion” clause in any future press regulation that would prevent reporting on the sort of crimes happening in Rochdale (and Rotherham, and Oxford and Derby and dozens of other towns)?


          • nothingsfixed says:

            Yes – but this has nothing to do with race or religion.

            Grooming is colour blind – both in terms of victims and perpetrators. What they look for is vunerability and institutional blindness. Also, don’t forget that the majority of child sexual abuse happens within the home or with close family friends – the predator on the street looking for a victim is just the tip of the iceberg.

            Also it would be great if as a society we could start to recognise that 15 year old girls are not sexual objects but are children. (there are plenty of comments all over the message boards saying that it is “different” in the case of a teenager, that is acceptable, that they “know what they are doing” blah blah blah)


          • Ernestine Tentions says:

            It has a great deal to do with race and religion. It is fact that Asian Muslim communities are infested with degenerate sexual criminals. The deep concern of many ordinary citizens of various racial and religious persuasions is that authorities are hindered in fighting these disgusting crimes.

            In short, the criminals hide behind their race and religion because our politicans hinder those who should rightly should go after the criminals.

            As ever, political activity incurs unintended consequence. The more they are protected, the more others will generalise their contempt from the specific indicuals and small groups into a racial and religious hatred.

            I have always despised prejudice but I fear that I and those around me are becoming more and more ready to despise people from Whateveristan and of the religion of piece of white ass.

            I would be very pleased to see these perverts punished according to Muslim traditions. Cut their c**ks off, sew them in their mouths and hang them by the neck from mobile cranes. Good deterrent!


          • Lots and lots of coverups says:

            Google the Scarborough Evening News site and read the comments, there is a rich seam of information to be mined in Scarborough including, to be scrupulously fair, why and how information on a Foreshore icecream seller and his “likes” were covered up. Incidentally is it true that the head of the council was at the time of this the local head of police, the ones that should be investigating allegations of abuse.


          • Anonymous says:

            “we could start to recognise that 15 year old girls are not sexual objects but are children”

            You obviously never met any. But then as a tory bum boy you would have been more interested in 15 year old boys.


        • 122
          Anonymous says:

          thats called political correctness


          • nothingsfixed says:

            “You obviously never met any. But then as a tory bum boy you would have been more interested in 15 year old boys.”

            I was one (a 15 year old girl). Does that count?

            And yes they have sexual desires, hormones, nake up, short skirts crushes on older men. But they are still children.

            Guardian reading tendencies (but only tendencies honest) confessed, but a grandfather who undermined that by buying me subscriptions to the economist and the spectator. Also a father who thought that JS was a nonce 30 years ago, and told a family “friend” (my hairdresser) to f off when he wanted to take me to London for a “hair modelling opportunity” (then became ex-friend ).


    • 67

      Piers may just be too young to have read the stuff I mention some way below. But he could access all of it if he wanted. Bet he won’t.

      Someone else will, Piers.


    • 114
      Uncle Rupert says:

      Proof of his guilt.


  2. 2
    Dingo says:

    It appears the BBC may have known about Savile abusing girls whilst on the BBC payroll


    • 5
      BBC are the bestest says:

      We have no record we have no record we have no record: hear no evil see no evil keep my cushy job


    • 10
      Dingo says:

      I think this is another example of socialism in action

      Savile was pure BBC

      On has to asked was Savile acting alone?

      If what is alleged is true, there must have been support from other BBC employees


      • 15
        Devilment says:

        What on earth has Socialism got to do with this? Are left wingers all deviants now? Idiot!


        • 20
          Noggin the Nog says:

          It is scientific fact that left wingers are kiddy fiddlers.


          • Eric Cartman says:

            Harriet Harm”children” was the legal officer for some organisation that wanted to legalise child sex the UK’s Nambla.


        • 37
          Dingo says:

          It is a socialist organisation that has allowed this alleged behavoir to go unchecked

          I cannot imagine ANY private company allowing a senior exective to get away with this type of behavoir.

          Remember the NAZIs were also socialists


          • Anonymous says:

            oh shut up you tit, Godwin’s law


          • Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

            Idiot. Godwin’s so-called law is merely an observation that the longer a discussion continues the more likely it is that Nazis will be mentioned – it’s NOT a prohibition of mentioning Nazis, even if you Godwin Language Nazis think it is.


        • 54
          Kevin T says:

          Google “Labour 25″ sometime.


    • 52
      blub says:

      The “talent” all have their peccadillos.


  3. 3
    'Ol Bleach 'ead says:

    ‘ow’s about that then guys ‘n gals??……..oah oah oah…..


    • 68
      The General Public says:

      Watch any episode of Top of the Pops from the 70s (they’re showing them now on BBC4) and all the presenters appear to be shifty-looking old pervs. The girls placed in shot around around them – rather than looking like they’re enjoying a party – look slightly uncomfortable.


  4. 4
    Ban the Beeb says:

    The BBC were not too keen to report on muhammedan paedos, were they.

    Bit of a pattern here.


  5. 6
    Kebab Time says:

    What is sick is that the founder of CHILDLINE “closed our ears” to it! http://kebabtime.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/a-disgrace.html

    Anyone who took part in this cover up must be charged and face justice!

    Oh i am waiting for Tom Watson and co to demand that the BBC should be shut down , after all covering up child sex abuse is far worse than hacking someones voice mail!


    • 38
      Dingo says:

      “closed our ears” = leftspeak

      “closed our ears” = allowed children to continue being abused


  6. 7
    Sposa says:

    There was a story going the rounds years ago that the Police knew all about Savile but decided against prosecuting because of the good he did with his Jim’ll Fix It show.


    • 24
      Really? says:

      Jim’ll fix it, was nothing less than an endless source of children for Savile to get in contact with. All condoned by the BBC who must have known and certainly enabled, Savile’s perverted lifestyle.


      • 29
        gramma says:

        For the one it’s little girls and cola.
        For the Beeb it’s little boys and coke.


        • 107
          Radio Times says:

          Boys, indeed. Some intrepid investigator needs to take a close look at some of the goings-on centred around the BBC Radio Drama dept from the early 1960’s on. Think ‘Johnny Come Home’ meets ‘Scorpio Rising’ (without the motorbikes.) If the details ever came out, the BBC’s image would never be the same again!


  7. 8
    anonymous says:

    talking of kids – another one gone missing and the media in full throttle mode.
    The government aren’t behind all oif this kids disappearing lark are they?
    Happens all the time especially at yime of economic crisis?

    divertion m’lord????

    still for a country that claims it basis itself on everything being done for ‘the children’ then what can we expect??????????????


  8. 9
    Alex says:

    Morgan’s a cock and a scumbag, and your pursuit of him over phone hacking was fair enough, but this really does seem like scraping the barrel.


  9. 11
    Nan Taylor says:

    I reckon there are lots of former Radio 1 DJs, and other high-profilers who are shitting themselves right now. If Saint Esther of Rantzen can get attention by slagging off a dead man, think of the kudos that she’d get if she could just pluck up the courage to put her money where her mouth is, and expose a real, live dodgy bastard.


    • 30
      Esther Rancid says:

      I love being in the public eye.


    • 35
      Really? says:

      Saint Esther has, before her elevation to sainthood, a little ‘form’ of her own. So expect her to say nothing ill of her living erstwhile collegues or they of her, until she finally joins Savile.


    • 65
      blub says:

      Now you mention it how come Childline didn’t pick up on what was happening with Rochdale (and Rotherham and Oxford and Blackpool and dozens of other towns)?


      • 71
        A BBC Spokesperson says:

        The nation is enriched by diversity.


      • 103
        Eric Cartman says:

        Questoin the efficiency of Childline. Why?


        • 111
          blub says:

          I’m not questioning the efficiency. The thought just struck me that given the scale of what’s been happening you’d have thought some of it would have washed up on childline.


          • nothingsfixed says:

            Childline can only work if the victims phone.

            The problem with a lot of abuse is that the victim will not see what is happening as abuse. It is their reality, their normality.

            Many victims block out what is happening – creating a second identity that gets on with normal life. (another reason why this sort of stuff does not surface until years later). Abuse often entails the victim “normalising” what has happened to them.

            In the case of Rochdale and other places the victims would have been so far out of the system that Childline would have been the last place they would have gone for help.

            Childline is great and has risen a lot of awareness over the years. however it cannot be expected to take the place of responsible adults (and the police and social services)


    • 94
      nigelforengland says:

      Savile defended Gary Glitter in 2009, and the grey haired one defended Savile yesterday morning on This Morning. I’ve heard stories about the grey haired one, and about his mate from Aussie, no idea if they are true or not but he didn’t make himself look too clever yesterday.


  10. 13
    Aunty Matter says:

    Considering all the bum hole activity that goes on at the BBC this is small beer.


  11. 14
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    The ongoing establishment silence, including the frequent invitations to Chequers etc, may have some grounding in a common interest in youth, albeit of differing genders, which Savile shared with the heights of government at one time, being regular attendees at some residential schools.

    It’s not what you know, or who you know, but it’s certainly what you know about who you know.

    Safe to lift part of the veil now – dead men don’t talk.


  12. 16
    Ex Su n hack says:

    The only odd thing about that is that Matthew Wright was not at the Sun in 1991, or anything like it. More like 1994.


  13. 17
    Thon Brocket says:

    He did some good in his life, and now he’s dead. Leave him alone. You want a grave to dance on? Hobsbawm’s is nice and fresh.


    • 41
      UKIP.i.am.awake says:

      So if there are any more like him around now should that be ignored and covered up as well as long as he does a bit of good in other areas – like Catholic priests?


      • 50
        nellnewman says:

        No death has robbed his victims of justice but at least they’ll now get closure by knowing they have finally been believed.

        I did read yesterday that the investigation had thrown up allegations against two more beeb employees associated with savile, who are still alive , so the police will surely have to pursue them if they exist.

        And as for the beeb, difficult to see how they can now avoid a public Inquiry , into what they knew, when they knew and whether they covered up for him , because if they did they provided him with the opportunities to abuse, helped to perpetuate the abuse and then to hide it . Someone must be culpable for that, if indeed it is found to be true.


    • 45
      A Nother Perv heading for Hell says:

      So you can away with being a nonce as long as you are a self publicising hypocrite?


    • 58
      Fog says:

      Thon-g, what a strange attitude. If he was a ped, the evil he did far outweighed the good, and those who turned a blind eye to his (alleged) disgusting behaviour should have dealt with it while he was alive. His being de ad doesn’t alter anything for the victims – except he can’t be punished. Highlights the depth of corruption abounding. They all look after e ach other.


    • 66
      blub says:

      If someone only does good as a way of procuring future victims then i don’t think that counts.


    • 74
      another whited sepulchre says:

      He must have had a very guilty conscience


  14. 18
    A Pleb who wants Mitchell out of public office says:

    This sounds like a nice little earner for some .

    A shame a few more people were not prepared to crawl out of the woodwork when he was alive .


    • 84
      jgm2 says:

      And be met with the same conspiracy of silence that those seeking to expose the Hillsborough debacle were met with?

      Surely if Hillsborough teaches us anything, it is that the police and government can collude to keep all manner of stuff from becoming public. It took an entire city over 20 years to get their hands on the relevant documents. And even then we must question what were the T*ries motives when the previous government, who had more to gain politically, didn’t do so.

      Actually. I think I’ve just figured that out too.

      Point is that a few random girls making complaints to their local police station (and remember, Jimmy, through his show, was in contact with girls from all over the UK) wouldn’t necessarily be collated at any one point to allow anybody to establish a pattern. Even if they were the slightest bit interested in pursuing it.

      This is however a golden opportunity for Murdoch to take revenge on the BBC. If the public were up in arms about the News of The World hacking a missing kid’s phone – imagine what it will do to the BBC’s reputation if it turns out they were covering up for Jimmy’s little habits.


      • 101
        nigelforengland says:

        That is a great point, I hope Murdoch is digging for dirt on the likes of Watson, BB, Guardian etc

        I wondered yesterday where the new Vaz revelations came from, I sincerely hope it was from a Murdoch source!


  15. 21
    Gary Glitter says:

    You only had to ask me.


  16. 27
    Jim'll fix it says:

    It’s a lovely view over Scarborough beach today. But I can’t understand why my ears are burning.


  17. 28
    Superman says:

    Savile was an avid supporter of that well known socialist– Mrs Thatcher


    • 43
      John Johnson says:

      Like Guido and Pickles he went where the money was


    • 46
      Really? says:

      Perverts in the highest echelons of society or government, understand no ideological loyalty. Rather, they belong to an eminently blackmailable and highly controllable, group of powerful individuals, who will do as they are told, in return for silence.


  18. 32
    John Johnson says:

    When I used to watch ToP in the late 60’s early 70’s some of the lasses looked as if they were pregnant or at least the early stages, they all used to crowd around Jimmy Saville, there always seemed to be far more females than males. Looking back, at home I never used to watch ToP, but in 1966 my work transfered me away from home, and I had accomodation at the YMCA there were a lot of students and others who had been moved away from home because of their work. The TV room was about 12ft x 8ft at ToP time the room had between 30 & 40 in as soon as it was over there would be about 3 or 4. My that Babs in Pan’s People, phorww when she pouted, it does bring back memories. I had heard of rumours, no more than that, about J S years ago so Guido would certainly have heard the same rumours when he hit the pop circuit in the early 80’s


  19. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Morning, Claude.


  20. 42
    Ben Dover says:

    Jim fixed it for me


  21. 44
    M Teresa says:

    As way back as the 1960s Savile was also known to be taking a fee in cash for some of his charity appearances. A strange conspiracy of silence indeed.


  22. 47
    Pc Handcock says:

    Nothing to see move along please


  23. 48
    Chris The Leatherman says:

    I use to go to school near the Elstree studios and we were warned about him in about 1967/68.


  24. 49
    Ed (i'm not my brothers seat warmer) REALLYBLAND says:

    Jimmy licked it for meeee
    and me and me and me


  25. 56
    anon says:

    In the 1960’s Saville had his hair done in a ladies hairdressers, and rumors were abound about this sort of thing happening, pestering young girls and worse.


  26. 57

    І rеmеmbеr rеаdіng аrtіclеs іn thе prеss іn thе lаtе 60s/еаrly 70s аbоυt Sаvіlе’s еаrly dаys whеn hіs fаmе wаs оn thе rіsе bυt bеfоrе hе hаd bυckеtlоаds оf cаsh. І thіnk іt cаmе frоm Mеlоdy Mаkеr оr Sоυnds bυt mаy аlsо hаvе bееn іn thе dаіly prеss.

    Hе υsеd tо hаvе а mіnіvаn wіth а mаttrеss іn thе bаck аnd аctυаlly clаіmеd hе shаggеd gіrls іn thе bаck оf іt аftеr thе gіgs. І hаvе trіеd tо fіnd thіs stυff оn thе nеt bυt іt jυst hаs nоt аppеаrеd thеrе – yеt. Іt wіll іn tіmе, yоυ cаn bеt yоυr lіfе оn іt. Оnе gоt thе dіstіnct іmprеssіоn thаt hе wаs nоt fυssеd аbоυt thеіr аgеs.


  27. 59
    nellnewman says:

    What’s the betting that there’s a top level meeting going on at the panicked beeb today to decide how best to sweep all of this back under the carpet before it does any of them some real damage?


    • 64

      It cannot be swept under the carpet as it is all there in printed record (see above.) All they can do is delay but someone will have kept copies and therfore it will come out. If they attempt to cover it up then it will simply explode in their faces in a year or two.

      I cut and kept hundreds of gig/group/LP write-ups and still have them all. I did not keep this sort of stuff as I disliked the man intensely. However, when I come to scan these in, I shall look very carefully on the back of each article (I kept whole pages and even editions), just in case.

      If anyone reads these pages from the BBC, take note:

      Your days are now firmly numbered


  28. 60
    Ed (i'm not my brothers seat warmer) REALLYBLAND says:

    The pressure seems to be really building on little Ed , some labour MP’s don’t think he is “the right man for the job” poll after poll showing public discontent
    Unions really not happy with his rantings
    more and more TV crews going on to the street asking members of the public “Who is this man” ?and most of them don’t know or say His brother should be there not him
    Ed ! you need to clear your desk and go now because you will not be there come 2015


    • 128
      John Johnson says:

      That’s nothing, ask them who is their mp or local councillor and they haven’t the foggiest


  29. 76
    BBC Compliance to Ethical Standards Department says:

    We are shocked to hear allegations of a man working at the BBc who liked girls.

    This will be thoroughly investigated.

    We will not tolerate this sort of behaviour.


  30. 77
    Anonymous says:

    I love the BBC line on this one. They must have copied it from social services departments in Lancashire, Cambridgeshire, Haringey …

    Well, of course they have no bloody record. It is hardly likely that Saville would have written it down. Nor would the people who knew about the incidents and who wanted to sweep it under the carpet.


  31. 82
    blub says:

    @nothingsfixed (no relpy link above)

    “Yes – but this has nothing to do with race or religion. Grooming is colour blind – both in terms of victims and perpetrators.”

    The cover-up was 100% to do with race and religion. The people who covered it up for a decade – mostly white – and let all those other *thousands* of victims become victims covered it up and are still trying to cover it up because of the race / religion of the perpetrators.

    That’s the critical point.


    • 85
      nothingsfixed says:

      In the case of this particular cover up yes.

      However the ineptitude of social services/police is not just restricted to these cases (and there are plenty of similar cases where the perpetrators are white)

      The view of social services towards the children involved is the crux of the matter.

      Saying in a report that children had made “life-style choices”
      Labelling children as prostitutes

      And this from social services who are meant to help.


      • 119
        Sod diversity says:

        ‘but this has nothing to do with race or religion. Grooming is colour blind – both in terms of victims and perpetrators.’

        Complete and utter bollox. Murder is also ‘colour blind’ both in terms of victims and perpetrators, but that doesn’t mean there are no racially and religiously motived murders, does it?

        If gangs of white youths were targeting asian or black girls for r@pe, it would be declared racially motived in a nano second, as you damn well know.

        Whether you multicult apologists like it or not, these were and are race attacks. And thank God a growing number of native white people are seeing them for what they are.


  32. 86
    fendel says:

    Now then now then boys and girls.

    Was it not patently obvious to all sundry that this guy and his TOTP entourage were a bunch of predatory sleazebags?

    Looks like the BBC fixed this one for Sir Jimmy!


  33. 88
    Pc Hardcock-Bent Jnr says:

    No, he wanted to be buried at 45 degree’s so he could Perv over the kids on the beach.


  34. 90
    Bert Jalland says:

    Surely if the no win no fee legal system was working effectively a lot of these women would have obtained compensation during Mr Saville’s life ?


  35. 91
    Is Mitchell shagging his SPAD says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied !


  36. 93
    No such thing as society says:

    What were the age of Jimmy Saviles victims? Lets face it having sex ŵith someone just under the age of consent is radically different from a prepubescent child.

    Also this bloke was surrounded by quim on tap being famous and in the music biz so he may have done what most celebs do.


    • 95
      Jane Birkin from Paris says:

      You should hear the stories here about Jonny Halliday .


    • 96
      nothingsfixed says:

      “Lets face it having sex ŵith someone just under the age of consent is radically different from a prepubescent child.”


      It is precisely this sort of attitude which has helped in the cover up. (hence the “joke” that saville made and the reaction to it)

      The fact that he was well into his 30s (for the tales of the 1960’s), held a position of power, groomed vunerable girls is irrelevant I suppose.

      It is all ok if they were 12, 13 or 15 or 16 as their periods had started. (there was a girl who I was at school with who had periods and wore a bra at ten – does that count as not preprubescent. Just because the body is developed does not mean they are emotionally developed)

      Or do you want a “that child sexual abuse is worse than that child sexual abuse” (and where does the line get drawn).

      If it is child sexual abuse it is child sexual abuse. It is wrong and illegal.


      • 116
        Someone with a functioning brain says:

        So one day over 16 is OK, but one day under 16 is a serious crime in the same category as raping a toddler.

        That’s your opinion is it?


        • 118
          nothingsfixed says:

          One day over the age of 16 does not make it ok (it might be legal) in some cases (where there is abuse of position and power – would it have been ok for the school girl to go off to France with the teacher when she was one day over 16?) (might be “legal” but not ok)

          The problem is that if one day under 16 is “not that bad” then 2 days under 16 is “not that bad” either, and 3 days under 16 etc. – where would you stop, where does it become not ok.

          Legally sex under the age of 16 in the UK is defined as non-consensual (that is where we have drawn the line in the sand – other countries it is different).

          It is easier for us to demonise the person who sexually abuses a toddler – or a 7 year old – but these girls were children too. As I said it should not be about “what is worse” (there is always something that is worse than a particular example) – just about the alleged predatory behaviour of an adult with children.

          Pe do phillia is generally defined as feelings of attraction to prepubescent children (whether acted on or not) so it would seem he was not this.


    • 100
      nigelforengland says:

      Not very good at maths are you?


      • 105
        nothingsfixed says:


        he was 40 in 1966 (not sure when the stories first appeared about him)

        I was just trying to point out that if they were under 16 it is still child sexual abuse. The view that prepubescent (I cannot spell sometimes either :D) is a different category is dangerous in the sense that it makes a 15 year old “fair game”.


    • 104
      blub says:

      It’s easy for adults to manipulate children. If you want to minimize that then the law needs to be enforced.


  37. 97
    Saffron says:

    I do seriously hope that the police are getting themselves involved with this savil expos’e.
    There seems to be too much coming out now re the beeboid and women coming forward.


  38. 106
    ed martin says:

    its show biz! if you don’t like cheapskate exhibitionism – keep well clear

    there’s a peculiar lack of personal and parental judgement on the part of the (retrospectively) unwilling participants

    what did they think ‘pop’ was about?


    • 129
      John Johnson says:

      I thought there was supposed to have an age limit below which they would not be admitted, many of those on TotP seemed to be there week after week.


  39. 108
    Kelvin Mcuntskie (unapologetic Editor) says:

    I believe in trial by media and I believe in being the Judge as well.
    Every fuckers guilty in my book.


  40. 109
    anonymous coward says:

    I had a GF in 1973 who worked in the BBC canteen.. It only took two weeks before she had several proposals from Jimmy. Needless to say they were not for marriage.

    The whole corporation at the lower echelons regarded him as an old perv, but moderately harmless.

    I am sure hew as getting in on with anybody and everybody he could lay his hands on. A few of whom might have been less willing than others.


  41. 115
    Johnny says says:

    In 1988 Savile was interviewed on the BBC on a programme called Open To Question. Questions were put to Sir Jim’ll by the audience of school age children and one chose to ask about Savile’s ‘passion wagon’.

    After the show he got a story into the Daily Express on 29th September 1988 with the headline “Jim attacks BBC over pupils’ left wing quiz”.

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy was on the show and on 29th October 2011 after Savile’s death tweeted “Jimmy Savile was the first person I recorded a programme with in 1988…Open to Question on BBC2….but he wasn’t happy about it”


  42. 120
  43. 121
    It will all be covered up says:

    The BIG QUESTION is can the ‘ BBC FIX IT ‘ so far so good, with Plod being tied up with other things.


  44. 125
    Alan Freeman says:

    Hi there pop pickers. Do you remember the TTDC (teen and twenty disc club) on good old luck lucky Luxembourg? What was that all about?


  45. 130
    Jim can fuck it from his grave says:

    To late now pop pickers


  46. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Glad i didn’t write and ask to see puffins when Jim’ll fix it was on. Maybe the name of Jim’ll Fix it should be changed to read “Jim’ll …. it”


  47. 132
    welshwiz says:

    Though he is the butt of much derision and ridicule, it would appear David Icke was bang on the money about Savile a long time ago:


    And what about this about Ted Heath?



  48. 133
    welshwiz says:

    “One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called ‘Morning Cloud’, or as bodyguards referred to it, ‘Morning Sickness’.

    Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London’s lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys. Nonetheless, he quickly fell prone blackmailers who insisted he dress up in a ridiculous Gestapo uniform in which he was photographed.

    Under threat of exposure Heath was forced to enter Britain into the Common Market, now the European Union, under very unfavourable conditions. It is still a bone of contention among scholars how he became PM in front of the immensely popular and scholarly Enoch Powell who to all intents and purposes should have been Prime Minister.”


  49. 134
    welshwiz says:

    “A source spoke to one of his victims and he said about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.”


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