September 12th, 2012

PMQs LIVE: The Truth Edition


  1. 1
    Steve Miliband says:

    Cover lites not cheap you now

  2. 2
    Hopeful says:

    Can’t tune on til 12.15 :(

    Dam you in flexible flexy time

  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:


  4. 4
    Steve Miliband says:


  5. 5
    Steve Miliband says:

    Hello, is anyone out there?

  6. 6
    Sphincter Squirrel says:

    What have YOU got against women Chris Bryant?

  7. 7
    Chuka says:

    I am a Chukwit

  8. 8

    union bashing.
    What do you say to trade union coordinated,crippling, economy damaging strike, Ed?

  9. 9
    Dave Laws says:

    Dave looking red and frowny already. And Gideon looks ill to me.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Time for your orgasm, 8illy

  11. 11
    Dave Laws says:

    What strike? There aren’t any.

  12. 12

    “the fall in unemployment is welcome “..says Ed…forgetting to add..”but not for me”

  13. 13
    The Sleeper says:

    Moribund sounds more nasal (or was that anal) than ever.

  14. 14
    Sir Dick Scratcher says:

    Why no Live Chat? What’s the prob? GF on hols?

  15. 15
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Noddy Balls..

  16. 16
    Steve Miliband says:

    nasal ned naueous

  17. 17
    dunstall says:

    Cmeron off to a good start,stick it to red ed with his union paymasters

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Go Ed – nail the slippery bastard

  19. 19
    Dave Laws says:

    Tractor stats time from Dave.

  20. 20
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Will Ned ask about Cleggy’s ‘bigot’ gaff?

  21. 21
    Predistribution now! says:

    Ed has got his special caring voice today

  22. 22
    The Sleeper says:

    Is that a snot dribble patch on Moribunds tie?

  23. 23
    Steve Miliband says:

    So there was no long term unemployed 1997-2010?

  24. 24
    misterneddy says:

    The old providers of the live-chat technology got greedy and raised their prices to a level which the market-place thinks is too high.

  25. 25
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Nice dig, Cameron…

  26. 26
    stroppycow says:

    The Truth Edition ?? FFS dream on.

  27. 27
    illogical says:

    Miliband quoting numbers appears to be confusing Balls!

  28. 28

    Pre destitution.

    Labour will attempt to make us all poorer before they get into power.

  29. 29
    Schards says:

    Ed absolutely floundering. Resorting to “do you personally benefit from 50p tax cut” is absolutely desperate

  30. 30
    dunstall says:

    Millionaires like is brother and Blair and the Prime Mentalist is he in by the way ?

  31. 31
    Dave Laws says:

    Well, he’s in a big hole.

  32. 32
    Predistribution now! says:

    Ed really has no sense of humour at all

  33. 33
    Ed Miliband says:

    uh, that well down the toilet…

  34. 34
    The Anglo Saxon says:

    Did he just call Bercow Mr Butch ? :))) silly arse.

  35. 35
    Dave Laws says:

    English, please?

  36. 36
    Ed Miliband says:

    hey, I speak human!

  37. 37
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Minger alert

  38. 38

    Vicky Garrbageshire on 5 live was most confused how unemployment was falling month on month when the horrible Tories were in power?

  39. 39
    robbie says:

    Brilliant stuff on another demob happy day for the expense troughers

  40. 40
    dunstall says:

    She hasnt got any

  41. 41
    jgm2 says:

    If Miliband is quoting numbers he’d better be sure they weren’t supplied by Balls. That’s how Balls undermined postie.

  42. 42 says:

    Why does Cameron never mention that under Labour for 12 years and 11 months the top tax rate was 5% lower than it is now?

  43. 43
    jgm2 says:

    And with 600,000 public sector worker less on the payroll already. It is almost as if the private sector is indeed generating jobs. It must do their fucking heads in.

  44. 44 says:

    He and many of his Labour mates benefited from the tax rate of 40% for 12 years and 11 months.

  45. 45
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    motorboat alert..

  46. 46
    dunstall says:

    The Kumars live next door

  47. 47
    Dave Laws says:

    Because we could afford it until the banksters moved in to f**k up the economy.

  48. 48
    Schards says:

    10% lower, it will only be 5% lower in April 2013

  49. 49
    anon says:

    Goodness , gracious me

  50. 50
    Mad Frankie Maude says:


    I can reveal that David Cameron is indeed a recipient of the cut in the top rate of income tax.

    Sadly “Butch Dave” didn’t have the balls to admit this at PMQ’s !

  51. 51
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Climate change minister? FFS!

  52. 52 says:

    Brown buggered up the economy by allowing the banks to offer CFDs and 110% mortgage relief.

    When did hit occur to the moron that this was not prudent?

  53. 53
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Subtitles please

  54. 54
  55. 55
    misterneddy says:

    Ahhhh, but according to the BBC, it’s not good news. There is something wrong with private enterprise creating jobs instead of the state.

  56. 56
    jgm2 says:

    If they ‘fucked up the economy’ back in 2008 then why didn’t you increase the tax rate then rather than wait until the eve of an election to ignite a class war? Or was it because Brown fancied another two years at 40% tax himself but was prepared to sacrifice a few quid at the last moment just to restart the class war?

    Didn’t Brown, the c*unt, actually cut the PM’s salary – to start after the election. Thus handing Cameron a pay-cut?

    What a c*unt.

  57. 57
    Predistribution now! says:

    Hmmm…you must give me the name of your dermatologist

  58. 58
    Dave Laws says:

    No gongs for the ladies? Answer the question, Dave.

  59. 59
    The only way is bumsex says:

    You’re the expert on big holes, you tease

  60. 60
  61. 61
    dunstall says:

    Send them up the chimneys

  62. 62
    Predistribution now! says:

    How do these cretins get elected? Oh, she`s from Glasgow.

  63. 63
    Tim Yo Ho Ho says:

    I’d give them all one

  64. 64 says:

    And Balls and co were recipients of the 40% rate for 12 years and 11 months they were in office on top of their fiddling of expenses – like flipping houses. Did they really this butch crutch?

  65. 65
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Taff alert

  66. 66
    Selohesra says:

    I dont tjhink he likes to have anything against women – certainly not his todger

  67. 67
    jgm2 says:

    He knew it wasn’t prudent. Or he should have known. But he didn’t give a shit. I genuinely believe that Brown thought that Blair would serve one term and then he (Brown) would take over and serve the next term. All Brown’s thinking was based on the idea that the gig only had to last for ten years and then, in the normal election cycle, Labour would be out of power and they’d be handing a completely fucked economy to the T*ries that hadn’t quite collapsed yet.

    That’s why Brown went so mental when Tony refused to go. There he was – stuck with the consequences of his own reckless ambition.

    And, to nobodies surprise – except the extremely stupid – the economy duly collapsed. And who was to blame? Why, everybody else on the entire planet except Brown.

    What a c*unt.

  68. 68
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    One of the few taxes that actually FELL under Labour was Capital Gains Tax. But then with so many socialist landlords around what do you expect.

  69. 69
    Dave Laws says:

    Is he getting at me?

  70. 70
    dunstall says:

    Dowd has forgotten Mandelson

  71. 71
    The Anglo Saxon says:

    Not the best choice of words then Dave, me thinks that will rebound on you, though you deserve a second chance as well :)

  72. 72
    Selohesra says:

    40 is 11.1% lower than 45 according to my calculator

  73. 73
    Laws of the Bungle says:

    I deserve my second chance !!…and a second chance to get my hands on a wheelbarrow load of expenses.

  74. 74 says:

    the LIB Dems: not so much green as cabbage looking.

  75. 75
    The Anglo Saxon says:

    One should always learn by your mistakes.

  76. 76
    dunstall says:

    Game set and match to Dave new balls please

  77. 77 says:

    And Blunkett. Not so much second chances for them – but third chances.

  78. 78
    Dave Laws says:

    Frack off Dave – and answer a question just for once.

  79. 79
    Charlie Clarke says:

    I came back twice. but i was only following Blunkett who had already come back twice. But then there was Jowell and Buyers who didn’t even go once.

    The limpet cabinet they called us.
    And not just because we were so limp.

  80. 80
    Pride says:

    I say..what a knob you are.
    I think you are anti gay with all your attacks on David laws.

    Are you a self loathing closet, or an out and out tranny?
    Or just a repressed geek?

  81. 81
    Dick Cressida says:

    Fuck me! Filth in lying scum shocker!

  82. 82
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Is this really the best we have to run our country?

    Small time opportunisits & sneering troughing traitors.

    If that whole place got vapourised right now I would only mourn the fabulous building.

  83. 83
    Under the previous government says:

    “Would the prime minister please explain why, if he’s abolished ‘boom and bust’ we have a deficit of 180bn quid this year and a contraction of 6% in GDP”

    [Gordon Brown – for ’tis he] ‘M..M..Mm….. Mr Speaker, (Groans from Tories – Half sits down – Speaker shouts ‘Order Order’ – Half gets up – half sits down) M .. M.. Mr Speaker (repeat up-down sequence) under this government Surestart schemes have ensured that an extra 20,000 people are achieving grade ‘C’ or above in GCSE Pottery…’

    [Labour Party] Cheers. Waving of order papers. ‘Oh, he has a great grasp of detail doesn’t he…?’

  84. 84
    bobahik says:

    And none planned ?
    Or are you splitting your arse hairs?

  85. 85
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    US Ambassador in Bhengazi has just been murdered !!!!!!!!!

    I said Cameron should keep us out of this.

    This is an act of War.

  86. 86
    Calamity Clegg says:

    That’s quite enough. You are a bigot.

  87. 87
    Vince Bellwire says:

    I’d be a fantastic PM

  88. 88
    jgm2 says:

    If it is (an act of war) then it is an act of war against the Americans.

    Fuck all to do with us.

  89. 89 says:

    I would dance on all their gravy trains.

  90. 90 says:

    Unless Tony Blair (my price is ten million quid) comes back.

  91. 91
    Pre-distridistridistribution says:

    Share it around Comrades – providing us Top Dogs get most.

  92. 92
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    The Middle East Peace Envoy should get imvolved. Maybe he can sort it out.

  93. 93
    Cherry says:

    You’re worth more than that Sweatheart!

  94. 94

    Please don’t bring back those memories of the awful idiot at PMQs.
    His trembling hands, balled into fists. His greasy hair and loutish manner. Flopping about at the box, inanely bellowing through his made up statistics in response to a feeble planted question from one of his dimwitted MPs.

    Ghastly experience for the nation. And worse for us MPs who had to be there. The smell was quite extraordinary.

  95. 95
    Barreness Horseface of Private Jet says:

    That’s my job!!!

    I’ll put some of my myriad overpaid staff on it when the Time Is Right!

  96. 96
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    If you need some advice try Jack Straw, he is used to dealing with Libyans.

  97. 97
    Bigots R Us says:

    He certainly needs new balls – some would be better than nothing.

  98. 98
    CHIN CHIN says:

    ”Fuck all to do with us.”

    TRUE but the Haji’s won’t just stop once they’ve defeated the USA. We are all on the same checklist for lands that need conquering for the caliphate.

    Not that I want to get involved either or see us in Iran either especially with the limp wrists we have as leaders as today that expect kids to fight with one arm tied behind their backs against the barbarians.

    The only way to beat them is drop a few nukes on them like Japan and drill it into their thick head that Allah won’t save them from being wiped out of existence but that will never happen in this day and age.

  99. 99
    jgm2 says:

    From the halls of Montezuma
    to the shores of Tripoli..

  100. 100
  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s the hope?

  102. 102
    jgm2 says:

    Sooner or later the yanks will tire of their petulant nonsense. I’m amazed they didn’t glass over the Middle East post 9/11 but one day the fuckers will go too far. Although if 9/11 wasn’t ‘too far’ I dread to think of what it will take to tip the Americans over the edge.

    I do know who I’d back to be standing at the end of it though.

  103. 103
    SP4BS says:

    I don’t know what “glass over” is supposed to mean. is it “have wars with random countries for made up reasons” ?

  104. 104
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Eww. What did he actually smell of Bill? Other than fear?

  105. 105
  106. 106
    jgm2 says:

    ‘Glassing over’ would involve lots and lots of hydrogen bombs turning the sands of the Middle East so hot that they turned to glass. You wouldn’t have to bother with seismic. You’d be able to walk around (after it had cooled down) and peer through the glass and look at the oil below.

  107. 107
    Nadine Dorries says:

    I have no further comment at this stage.

  108. 108
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Too many of the fuckers in our midst to make this a comfortable strategy.

    If the ME was nuked the home-grown jihadists would go nuts.

  109. 109
    SP4BS says:

    So, the terrorists have a “todo” list.
    1) destroy america.
    2) buy some milk.
    3) Invade spain.

    I think we’ll risk them getting to item 4.

  110. 110
    AC1 says:

    Extortion funded sector just kills job.

    Less extortion.
    Less parasites.
    Less interference.

    More cuts, faster please.

  111. 111
    AC1 says:

    State jobs outside it’s area of expertise (violence) are just forms of unemployment benefit.

  112. 112
    jgm2 says:

    They might. But we know where they live.

  113. 113
    AC1 says:

    Blue Rent-seekers v red rent-seekers.

  114. 114
    Sir William Waad says:

    Rip-off warning below!

  115. 115
    SP4BS says:

    Unless you believe Tony Blair, those “home grown jihadists” didn’t germinate until well after 2001.

  116. 116
    AC1 says:

    Tons of scandals in DECC detailed above.

  117. 117
    fools says:

    Could all those MPs who enthusiastically backed our intervention in LIbya please raise your hands…

  118. 118
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I think probably a fair proportion of ‘ordinary peace-loving muslims’ would suddenly decide they were jihadists.

    A civil war could ensue.

  119. 119
    Gordon Brown says:

    I can’t find my favourite Young Socialist training beaker!! Has one of you bigots taken it?

  120. 120

    Hard to describe.

    A mix of cabbage, toilet duck, warm coins, ammonia, KFC toilette hand wipes, germolene and sweaty desperation.

    Osborne used to call it the ‘Eau de D’oh’

  121. 121
    AC1 says:

    They germinated on landing in the U.K.

  122. 122
    AC1 says:

    Arab “spring” and the Libyan “kinetic military action” (not a war oh no) are looking like another triumph for the Obama regime.

  123. 123
    SP4BS says:

    Complete rubbish, AC1, for more than one reason.

  124. 124
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Yes I can sort of imagine that.

  125. 125
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I think it was Sue.

  126. 126
    Only in the Graun says:


    Unless you believe Tony Blair, those “home grown jihadists” didn’t germinate until well after 2001.

    I covered the Salman Rushdie demo in Hyde Park in 1989 in my then capacity as a photojournalist. I have been in some very risky situations but it was really quite frightening. The mad imams were stirring it up big time. “Death to the UK, Death to the USA, Death to … everyone basically”

    Don’t fucking tell me they were not here hating our guts before 2001. Fucking nonsense!

  127. 127
    Only in the Graun says:

    If only one could bottle this essence.

    I’m sure it would sell very well on a stall at the TUC conference.

  128. 128
    The Golem says:

    No, they’re not, I’m sure, Sandra. They are the caretakers going through the motions during the transitional period between self-governing democracy and the planned vassal state.

  129. 129
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    Wayne Rooney just said that everyone involved in the Hillsborough cover up should be brought to justice .

    Joey Barton is in tears.

    Mr Cameron as Prime Minister is very sorry . His Government too is very sorry .

    High up people are going to have to be prosecuted now .

  130. 130
    the savant says:

    hey gweed

    you know that advert on yr site which shows a ballerina with her arse poking through a ceiling ?

    Are we expected to climb up a ladder to ” minister ” to it ?

    Surely a health and safety issue arises there — or two or three or four .

  131. 131
    the savant says:

    Hurrah !!
    Nigel for PM with Boris as Deputy .

    In fact depose Lizzie and make Nigel King !

    ( will I get sent to the White Tower for that one ?? — or will the Beefeaters devour my carcass ? )

  132. 132
    stroppycow says:

    Ooh! I think I’m getting one of my heads.

  133. 133
    Anonymous says:

    Just remind me,who removed the 10% starting rate of income tax?

  134. 134
    Anonymous says:

    The ladies length of service in post was insufficient to justify a gong.

  135. 135
    Hey Lordy, pick a bale of cotton. says:

    Fucking hell, Hillsborough was 23 years ago! Most of the officials involved will be dead or long retired by now.
    This farrago of hand-wringing nonsense has been kept alive by twats who need a “cause” – any old cause will do, to give meaning to their dull and myopic lives.
    Time to move on.

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