September 6th, 2012

Full List of Sacked Ministers

Dave finally finished the reshuffle last night, appointing Sam Gyimah has his PPS. There were also knighthoods for James Paice, Edward Garnier, Nick Harvey and Gerald Howarth as well as a surprise Privy Council-ship for Lord Ashcroft. No.10 have published the full list of sacked ministers:

  • Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP
  • Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP
  • Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt MP
  • Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford
  • Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP
  • Rt Hon James Paice MP
  • Paul Burstow MP
  • Nick Gibb MP
  • Nick Harvey MP
  • Charles Hendry MP
  • Lord Henley
  • Henry Bellingham MP
  • Crispin Blunt MP
  • Jonathan Djanogly MP
  • Gerald Howarth MP
  • Tim Loughton MP
  • Peter Luff MP
  • Bob Neill MP
  • Stephen O’Brien MP
  • John Penrose MP
  • Andrew Stunell OBE MP
  • Sarah Teather MP
  • Baroness Wilcox
  • Edward Garnier QC MP
  • James Duddridge MP
  • Michael Fabricant MP
  • Brooks Newmark MP
  • Angela Watkinson MP
  • Bill Wiggin MP

Plenty of new enemies return to the backbenches.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    But if the policy wont change (as number 10 said) then it dont matter.


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      Musical chairs for tossers
      This reshuffle us utter rubbish, the Tories have blown any chance of getting re-elected after the blatant lie of the CAST IRON GAURENTEE for a referendum. As someone in my sixties I do not expect to see another Tory government in my lifetime. They will be in opposition for decades The UKIP vote will torpedo every Tory seat with a majority of 5000 or less and any Tory MP who holds such a seat should start to plan a new career outside of politics.
      Only a fantasist could believe in a Tory recovery outside of an immediate legally binding in/out referendum on EU membership. All this waffle about reclaiming powers after the next election is exactly that WAFFLE.
      Any changes would require the other 26 members to agree to them so forget it
      Plus we all know that the Tory party are 100% Europhiles. Conservatism is now totally finished and has lost both the trust and support of its core vote. Us real Conservatives have had enough of being ignored UKIP for me and as many as I can persuade likewise


      • 9
        Tuscan Tony says:

        Thanks for that sitrep, Lord Mandelson.


      • 10
        SP4BS says:

        “Only a fantasist could believe in a Tory recovery”

        Am I allowed to believe that its possible for Labour to be worse than they currently are.


        • 23
          Gary Elsby Stoke says:

          No, you are not allowed to believe that.
          If you do, you will be reported.


        • 24

          Only by asking Tuscan Tony, the Butcher of Baghdad, back – with Gordmong as the Rusty Iron Chancellor!

          The problem with HeyNonnyNonny is that his handlers at Milwank Tower keep forcing him to watch “Groundhog Day” like Alex in A Clockwork Orange, and he now thinks it’s a documentary on timelines.

          They’va also told him that Crash Bandicoot, dressed as flash harry from St Trinians, is a “really credible threat” to the Tory Party.

          Bless – you do have to feel sorry for him, to keep being fooled at his age. Still, that’s care in the community for you.


      • 52
        Tony Blair says:

        Can I be of help?


    • 17
      Pedigree Chum says:

      Spelman and Wiggin were only there because they were mates of Dave. Perhaps the mouse has turned?


      • 31
        Out and out fraud says:

        Spelman is leaving the cabinet to spent more time with her expenses. Still at least her “hard worked ” Nanny wont have to do quite as much secretarial work…..oh hold on…….she never did in the first place.


      • 41
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Let’s see, Dave has had many false dawns. I will only believe it if the government start getting back in touch with reality and stop pissing our futures away on wind farms, the E Spew and pixie dust ‘solutions’. Owen Paterson looks like he is still attatched to the real world, others among Dave’s new crew, rather less so.


    • 30
      The Tosser in No 10 says:

      I say chaps!! One of the first rules for success in PR work is to be consistent! And that’s what one aims to do.

      And one should aim to repeat the same message over and over, – to ensure it get’s home, – even into the most addled brain! And that’s what one aims to do.

      And finally, one must give the IMPRESSION of doing something even though one does nothing! And that’s what one aims to do.

      The really important thing – aside from all that is to keep one’s income steady, – for instance from Wind Farm and other scams. And that’s what one aims to do.

      What? Wattage? – lovely, – lovely WF wattage!!!!


    • 34
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Dave has appointed a record 32 Ministers.

      Each one of those troughing bastards gets a fortune – & yet as we all know the business of Governing the British takes place in Brussells.

      Our expensive talking shop just got alot more expensive.

      Still, as long as Dave is taking care of his chums who cares about the British taxpayer?

      Not the Tories, that is for sure.


  2. 2

    Vince needs a rinse.


  3. 3
    Tuscan Tony says:

    I thought Nick Herbert resigned, was he sacked then?


  4. 4

    I think you have missed off the dreadful Minister for anti smokers Anne Milton.


  5. 13
    ed martin says:

    why not perform this every month?

    it would keep GF happy and the mob mightily impressed by the illusion of activity

    think of the bad economic news to come that could be side-lined


  6. 15
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    A list of people no-one has ever heard of or cares about, being replaced by another list of wannabes and mediocrites.


  7. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Read Iain Martin in the DT-it’s a must!


  8. 19
    Nogbad the Bad says:

    Oh no, how will we manage without them.


  9. 21
    Cato says:

    Methinks Dave has stored up a lot of trouble for himself.


    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      Rumoured to have made three ex-ministers cry?Also rumoured to have crushed a grape.Poor start for the Mitchell spin machine.


    • 45
      Anonymous says:

      Rumour has it he made three Ministers cry.Also rumoured to have crushed a grape.
      Poor start for the Mitchell spin machine!


  10. 22
    genghiz the kahn says:

    How many of the Tories who voted Dave in October last year were offered anything?

    If nothing was offered by Call Me Dave, then he find that like Villa he lacks support once again.


  11. 25
    Gary Elsby Stoke says:

    Fancy sacking Wiggins.
    You win a gold medal at the London *********s and that’s the thanks you get.


  12. 26
    A government of all the non-talents says:

    Spelman, Teather and Fabricant have always been crap.


  13. 29
    Vulture Circling says:

    How on Earth did Greg (cash-syphon) Barker escape the cut ?

    A former member of the “Green Fiscal Commission” and heavily involved with Globe International, and the Windmill Brigade. A “Trifecta” of Hokey Bets rolled into one giant sucking sound of Taxpayers Money adding to the Millionaire’s already Fat Wallet !

    Ed Davey? – Who He? – A Dirty Green Proselytiser and Apologist for the Wind and Carbon Pumping Industry – An Enemy of Nuclear Power and Shale Gas – Shouldn’t He Go As Well ???


  14. 42
    Dr Freddie Patel says:

    On R4 this morning they said some on that list will now receive honors!

    Yet more reward for failure!


  15. 44
    John Page says:

    They weren’t all actually sacked.


  16. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Now who would be daft enough to put a Hunt into Health?


  17. 48
    Anonymous says:

    It’s quite an achievement for the Tories to be even worse than New Labour. It’s taken a special kind of incompetence to not only allow Labour back in power after just one term, but to consign the Tories to opposition for another 15 years from 2015.


    • 54
      Axel says:

      New Liebour or Old Tory, it’s all the same. Each must tow the EU line and Brussels cracks the whip, and all stand to attention. Maastricht ! 90% of UK Law is now made up by unelected Brussels bureaucrats, and apparatchiks.

      You can’t blame “Cameron” or “Miliband”. THEY ARE NOT IN CONTROL.
      But….. Cameron attempts to break free from some EU shackles, as his new appointees are now set on a collision course with EU energy policy and CO2 emissions diktats, according to statements which they are now making, with regards to Windmills, the position of Shale Gas, continued coal burning, and New Nuclear Power and all that.

      What brought this on ? IMHO Three things…..
      1. The Recent Poll that put UKIP on 12% and ahead of the Lib Dems.
      2. The Peter Lilley published evisceration of the Stern Report.
      3. The increasingly visible effects of costly “green” fuels on UK industry


  18. 51
    John Bellingham says:

    Damien Green is Police Minister. What was the name of that arresting officer again?


    • 55
      Axel says:

      To refresh those memory cells ….

      Police said [at the time] – Mr Green was held on suspicion of “conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office”. The MP denied any wrongdoing and said “opposition politicians have a duty to hold the government to account” and that he would “continue to do so”.

      It followed a series of leaks, including:

      The November 2007 revelation that the home secretary knew the Security Industry Authority had granted licences to 5,000 illegal workers, but decided not to publicise it.

      The February 2008 news that an illegal immigrant had been employed as a cleaner in the House of Commons.

      A whips’ list of potential Labour rebels in the vote on plans to increase the pre-charge terror detention limit to 42 days.

      A letter from the home secretary warning that a recession could lead to a rise in crime.

      The BBC understands Tory leader David Cameron is angry about what has happened and stands by Mr Green.


  19. 58
    Lapsed Member says:

    So the man who falsely claim expenses while renting out part of his house and the serial bankrupt whose businesses owed HMRC over £500k have been appointed as a Government minister and PPS respectively. Claiming expenses falsely is a criminmal offence but that’s ok because it was only £40k. Laws should be in prison not a Government Minister.
    The other MP lied to at least two PPC selection committees about his businesses which had either failed or were failing. He has left creditors out of pocket and now he is going to be an official sneak to the chief prefect.

    This government is mired in sleaze.


  20. 59
    Andrew says:

    I doubt if Garnier was sacked as Attorney-General. QC-MPs who take on the Law Officer jobs drop money – they will have been making far more at the Bar than their salary – but they make it back as ex-Law Officers when they quit. I expect Garnier decided that it was time to start reaping.

    The jobs used to carry a K on appointment – now, it appears, on leaving.

    As a matter of interest: until 1885 they did not get a salary, but a fee for each case and advice, and made good money while they were in the job. In the 1870s the Attorney of the day got £100,000 – in the money of the time – for the Alabama case, and that may be why it was changed.


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