September 4th, 2012

One Laws for Them

In June 2010 Guido wrote:

David Laws may be a great political talent, may be a decent man and may have had his sex life unfairly revealed to the world. Guido doesn’t dispute his merits. Nevertheless, none of this trumps the fact that he took taxpayers’ money to pay his boyfriend’s rent on the quiet.

Mark Pack and Iain Dale wail that it is so unfair and it will drive good people out of politics. No it isn’t.

We should be harder on the misdameanours of politicians than we are on welfare benefits fraudsters, instead time after time they get told to apologise and not do it again or to just pay the ill-gotten gains back and carry on as if nothing had happened.  If you opt for public life you lose some rights to privacy, if you take taxpayers’ money from the public we have an absolute right to know how it is spent down to every last penny. Because legislators make the law it is surely right that we demand the highest standards from them, law-makers can’t be law breakers. If you don’t think you can merit the public’s trust beyond reproach, maybe public service isn’t for you.

Today David Laws is going to the Department of Education as a Minister rather than prison. 


  1. 1
    • 9 says:

      Another own goal that will make the public more anti-Tory and do no real damage to the Lib Dems.


    • 57
      Anonymous says:

      Leaving Laws aside, even though he is a crook.

      This shows Hunt was only doing what Cameron told him to do. Cameron not only protected Hunt he went and promoted Hunt for not telling the world why he did what he did.


    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      This is why most of us in this country are so upset as criminals are not punished but are being rewarded.


      • 69
        Observer says:

        Like 300 Labour MPs of the last government!


        • 82
          Anonymous says:

          What about the rest of conservatives and LD?


          • Forkbender says:

            A certain Liebore mp was famous for not claiming any more than his just expenses and was looked down on by the labs cons and to some extent the libdems for claiming more, Guido knows who I am talking about, always insisted at paying for his tea at meetings and not booking to expenses. The problem those on SS are at the bottom of the pile but the more you earn the more you fiddle and if discovered gets brushed under ther carpet.


          • Anonymous says:

            Forkbender; still there are decent MPs in all side. But it is hard for them to become ministers. It is hard for decent people to even become MPs.

            Now people are forced from the top. When you had crooks in top they will only wants crooks to become MPs. As years go it becomes worse and worse. It took Blair years, Cameron started immanently.


      • 74
        Pawn Sandwich says:


        Not at all. After 13 years of Labour we have come to expect it. We now treat it as the norm.


        • 104
          All politicians are psychopaths says:

          As I have been bangin’ on here for sometime now, most MP’s are psychopaths. Psychopaths cannot be treated – FACT.

          They will repeat offend time after time. All the therapy/rehabilitation programmes are useless.

          The only cure for them is to be isolated from society. And we all know what that means…locking up.


          • All politicians are psychopaths says:

            It’s also why we can only judge them by their behaviours and not their rhetoric. They are literally born liars. See it as a genetic problem and all becomes clear.

            They disply all the classic characteristics of NPD and APD (Narcisstic and Antisocial personality Disorders).

            Try to see their behaviours through a mental health experts eyes, the all becomes clear.

            We are fucking governed by psychopaths!


          • Forkbender says:

            They are removed from society and the longer they are in power and the higher they go, the more remote and isolated they are


          • Spinal Damage says:

            You are the mentalist Alastair Campbell and I claim a €5 voucher for Jean’s therapy.


    • 67
      DX says:

      MP’s are WANK


  2. 2
    SP4BS says:

    I would like to be minister for daft stuff my dad (and other old blokes) told me when i was little.


  3. 3
    David Laws LibDem fiddler says:

    Well he was my rent boy as well as my landlord!


  4. 5
    Cicero says:

    The more Laws, the less justice.


  5. 6
    Spinal Damage says:

    They are all dodgy. Lock the lot of them up and throw away the key.


  6. 7
    Chris Bryant MP says:

    You are all big homophobes.

    Just because he fraudulently gave his boyfriend loads of taxpayers money.


  7. 8
    Marvell says:

    Typical right wing Tory bollocks – how many Tories have been made to pay for their crimes – a hugely small proportion compared to the % who had their noses in the trough. Your anti-Lib Dem bias undertmines the validity of most of what you say on here.

    Oh – and perjury pays as well does it with Jeremy Hunt being rewarded for lying to Leveson and letting his bagman take all the shit….


    • 14
      Sir William Waad says:

      If you had read this blog over the years you would know that to be untrue. Guido has attacked the thievesbfrom all parties.


    • 16
      Fuck 'em All says:

      They are all scum. They should all be jailed.

      Laws is small peanuts compared to the real fraud.

      Try and find your state pension in the government accounts. Why haven’t they reported that as a liability as required by GAAP and IRS 17?


    • 172
      what an exhibition! says:

      Anti-Lib Dem bias? You’re really according them with unwarranted importance there, you f.cked up fabulist.


  8. 10
    hari says:

    “Today David Laws is going to the Department of Education at a Minister rather than prison.”

    Didnt Old Holborn tweet that earlier?
    You nicking the work of others, Guido?


  9. 11
    Sir William Waad says:

    Putting it more simply, David Laws stole £40,000.


  10. 12
    The Buggerati says:

    He’s one of us!


  11. 15
    John Bellingham says:

    Did Laws pay back the money?
    Did all of those other Spivs and chancers refund the taxpayer and/or pay capital gains tax? Did they pay tax on the goods “in kind” that they received like plasma TVs etc. on “the John Lewis list”? Why has each and every single false claim not been referred to the DPP?


    • 18
      Fuck 'em All says:

      Ah yes. The Yorkshire ripper defence.

      You can’t prosecute me because you haven’t caught Jack the Ripper.


  12. 19
    feel good... says:

    corruption is a worldwide phenomena.
    from being embedded in the culture of India to western elite. tide is turning…
    perhaps china will achieve the balance that others countries cannot.


    • 92
      Mrs Bo Xilai says:

      My body double doesn’t think so.


      • 135
        feel good... says:

        good point….and now you mention it….i can see that this is possible.
        body doubles: what is in the movies could be true in real life too.
        china as a culture seems to want balance. yinyang. but world elite is the same everywhere. chinese able and disabled athletes do well. chinese pollute bigtime and invest bigtime in finding solutions.
        anyhow it’s just athought. I may well be totally wrong.


  13. 20
    Moussa Koussa says:

    I am still wetting myself

    Hunt to Health

    Warsi to stay

    And now Guido gives Laws a glowing proclamation


  14. 22
    HenryV says:

    Is this Mark Pack gay? Not bothered either way. But they do their no cause no good putting their orientation before everything else.


  15. 24
    Margo Leadbetter says:

    I think David Laws is an immensely talented man and I’d rather have him as a minister than an incompetent saint.


  16. 25
    geoffers says:

    As I recall, Mr Laws could have claimed more money if he had been open about his homosexuality. I guess that, in his eyes, he was costing the taxpayer less than he could otherwise and was keeping his gayness quiet. Win win all round, n’est pas? And even if you think he should have been more open, it’s clear he didn’t do this for personal gain and the taxpayer didn’t lose out over it.

    So if he cost the taxpayer LESS, where’s the harm?


    • 33
      The public says:

      The harm is that he’s a thief.


      • 50
        geoffers says:

        If you claim less than you’re entitled to how can you be a thief?

        (I know “entitled” has three syllables but stick with it and you’ll get there.)


        • 53
          The public says:

          He should not have been making any such claim at all. He is a thief.

          Your argument is like thanking a pickpocket because he didn’t also steal your shoes.


          • SP4BS says:

            “He should not have been making any such claim at all.”

            Bollocks. He was allowed to take money to spend on his accomodation. Had the mortgage been in his name, he’d have been fine.


          • The public says:

            But it wasn’t and he was a liar and a thief.


          • SP4BS says:

            I don’t get why you are so excitable with this “thief” bit. We’ve been given hundreds of examples of dodgy claims, and even ones that are completely legal, but blatently milking the system something rotten.

            I mean, someone else in that cabinet made a claim 10x dodgier.


          • Jimmy says:

            For those righties unable to grasp the point (if you’ll forgive the tautology), it is no defence to benefit fraud to argue to the court you could have legally claimed more.

            This stuff really isn’t that complicated.


          • moral beginner says:

            Oh well, if he’s surrounded by even bigger thiefs and liars that makes it okay.

            Thanks for explaining that.


          • Bletchley Park says:

            ‘SP4BS’ = ARSEBANDIT


          • @Jimmy.

            Agree. He should have adopted the Margaret Moran defence. Unfit to plead.


          • SP4BS says:

            How lucky you were, Mr. Park. Did you ever come in contact with Mr. Turing?

            As for you, Mr. Beginner, its not really a question of morality, more of what we put up with. But come to mention it, no I don’t base my morality on the precise letter of the law.


          • Lord Archer of the Tory Party says:

            I like where you’re coming from.


    • 34
      dog says:

      If he was claiming housing benefit and did the same he would be facing prosecution for benefit fraud. Why is breaking one rule about falsely claiming tax payers money treated differently from another?


    • 39
      Who is without sin? says:


      There are too many round these parts ready to throw the first stone.


      • 43
        The public says:

        And Cameron’s job was to keep them out of government, not reward them. He is a fool.


        • 54
          Loungelizard says:

          If we can’t trust them to be honest on the small things how can we trust them with the country?


          • Fed up says:

            Exactly. I supported this coalition. It suprised me at the time, but the idea that for the first time in my adult life we’d have a government which represented more than 50% of the voting public (I am talking votes here, not MPs), made me think they could do some good. I can’t support them now.


          • HoC MP's says:

            We lie about everything.


      • 102
        Michael Gove, (still) Murdoch's liar in Cabinet says:

        My Rupert has no sin.


  17. 27
    Synic says:

    Dave re-appointes a thief. Clearly the k w e e r is well qualified to be in this appalling PC Government.


  18. 28
    Charles says:

    Homeopathy does work.


  19. 29
    The public says:

    A cabinet of criminals. I do not see why I should pay any taxes to these creeps.


  20. 47
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Crime Pays….


  21. 48
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Dont worry blue nose neo f*uckwits. This Cameron inspired car crash has another 48 hours to run.

    I see you have all come out backing Hunt at the NHS…..LOL


  22. 55
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Plain stupidly of the highest order.

    Absolutely no need to reintroduce Laws, or keep Warsi.

    As ever Cockerman only has himself to blame.


  23. 56
    Spinal Damage says:

    Why Education? I thought he was supposed to have a bent for economics and he had a master plan for economic growth. Wtf Education?


  24. 71
    Anonymous says:

    That’s all very well Greedo but the poor boy has to pay the rent.


  25. 76
    not a machine says:

    Like I said last night , no matter which way you place this , it doesnt change the basic facts .


  26. 78
    We all got away with it says:

    Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears, McNulty, Vaz, Anthony Steen, Andrew McKay, Julie Kilbride, Peter Viggers, Rosie Winterton, Gerald Kaufman, Dougal Hogg, Shahid Malik, Margaret Moran, Phil Woolas, Ha, ha, ha!


  27. 79
    New Town Toff, Edinburgh says:

    He claimed public money to which he was not entitled and – more importantly – knew that he was not entitled. A few months ago a guy in his sixties here in Scotland was jailed for four months for claiming unemployment benefit while working as a pipe-layer. Just what is supposed to be the difference here?


    • 89
      geoffers says:

      As I said earlier, Laws could legitimately have arranged his affairs to claim more than he did.
      He claimed LESS than he could have in order to hide his homosexuality. Did your Scottish pensioner do that? I think not.

      So much wailing has been done over politicians who arrange their affairs to maximise their income (flipping homes and all that)… yet someone does it the other way round and you’re still not happy.


      • 112
        R Sole says:

        More important the Parliamentary Standards and Privileges Committee concluded that Laws was guilty of breaking six rules with regard to MPs’ expenses. After being found guilty Laws was suspended from the House of Commons by MPs in a House of Commons vote on 16 May 2011.


      • 116
        Anonymous says:

        rules are for little people


      • 162
        chriselee says:

        Geoffers you prick,have you got a constructive point to make or are you just on here to wind me up?


    • 99
      Lord Laws says:

      He’s not a great man, you really do need to understand what is going old fruit, the elite have got a plan and it means the ‘sweeping of the streets’ like us will not be included. Nothing personal they just don’t like you and have spend the last 40 years creating a political, cultural and economic system where they can just ignore you. If you get a bit uppity you’ll soon find out about the power of the state to put you in your place.


  28. 86
    Lord Laws says:

    All very relaxed here in the Coalition of Excellence about getting real talent back into politics, a little mix up on some rent from one’s catamite is no big deal and we should now pass over this minor incident in the lives of great men. With Hunt at the NHS we can pad out our retirement plans with consultancies, lobbying jobs, and hosts of non-executive directorships that will be showered upon us from a grateful private health sector. Excellence indeed.


  29. 87
    FSA in collusion with the banks says:

    He’s an ex banker…he couldn’t be anything other than a crook!


  30. 91
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Total and utter car crash.

    Very simple.

    • Sack Gidders.
    • Health, anyone but Hunt
    • Dump Warsi.
    • Do not re-introduce Laws.
    • Move Hague ( stamped his little feet, wants to stay at FCO, because cushy easy number with lots of free travel for him and his “friends”. FCO an office the last gov were slowly winding down, as its pointless. )

    Dave has bottled it !!!!!!


    • 101
      nellnewman says:


      “FCO an office the last gov were slowly winding down, as its pointless. ”

      Now let’s be honest MK the last government was winding everything down including the economy by the time we got rid of them so maybe they weren’t right about how to manage government?!


      • 105

        Let’s face it nell. Moussa won’t be happy until Putin is controlling the show here.


        • 113
          nellnewman says:

          Well I’d like to see a change of leadership but I don’t think putin will fit the bill even if he is to the right of the likes of miliwtit and balls.


        • 126
          Moussa Koussa says:

          At least I am here.


          • That is an unusually brainy statement from you, Moussa.

            Until you consider that every thinking being can claim that statement to be the case.

            I did note that you had called me migrant. Suppose that makes you one or more of the following: conservative, reactionary, fuddy-duddy, antediluvian, fossil-like, stuffed shirt, stick-in-the-mud, curmudgeonly.


      • 125
        Moussa Koussa says:

        Oh dear. This is like shooting fish in barrel. Foreign Secretary, 20 years ago when there was an eastern bloc, general worldwide political turbulence , it was a valid ministry.

        In today’s world, it has little if any influence. What does Hague actual do in his office. Ponce around the world, the odd speech, and that’s it. Has no impact on anything what so ever. A figure head ministry. The last government did recognise this and the FCO ( Commonwealth, for god sake ) was scaled back. Since May 2010 the only public office that has expanded is the FCO, more officials, more offices home and aboard – FACT .

        It is Now a pointless job, yet Hague stamped his feet to keep it.


  31. 94
    horehound says:

    If laws is a ‘talent’, as a country I don’t think we can afford to be fussy, to be honest if it was a choice between Mandelson or Dave negotiating on our my behalf on anything home or abroad I know who id pick


  32. 115
    Chris Huhne says:

    Do you miss me? Ah bless!


  33. 121
    Crook watch says:

    On Laws’ Wiki site it states…

    “Laws claimed between £700 and £950 a month rent between 2004 and 2007, plus typically £100 to £200 a month for maintenance, to rent a room in a flat owned and lived in by Lundie in Kennington, South London.[1][20] After the flat was sold for a profit of £193,000 in 2007, Lundie bought a nearby house for £510,000. Laws then began claiming rent for the “second bedroom” in this property, at a cost of £920 a month, until September 2009.”

    That’s fucking way more than £40,000!


  34. 122
    The Tory Party - RIP says:

    They are all useless, crooked, gay or all three


  35. 123
    nellnewman says:

    I sympathise with cameron’s difficulty re appointing laws who has relieved the taxpayer from lots of money with his lies.

    Trouble is there isn’t anyone left in government that hasn’t done that. Not a single squeaky clean mp anywhere!

    Having said that I thought the need to bring laws back was for his fine economic brain and yet they’ve sent him to education and left the bumbling vince in charge of business.

    Where’s the logic?!


  36. 127
    Beast says:

    Need I say more?


  37. 128
    Cressida's Dick says:

    So whilst most are focussing on the reshuffle Deputy Asst Commissioner of the Met, Sue Akers, being questioned by Vaz opines that 9 people charged as a result of the phone hacking investigation at a cost to the taxpayer of £40m is fine with her as it demonstrates the success of said investigation.

    What it actually demonstrates Sue love is that you are totally out of touch with reality and as a result not a fit and proper person to be entrusted with a senior position in the Police Force (not service love, that’s something they hold in churches).

    The woman is quite clearly off her trolley and if we had a Home Secretary worthy of the name would be removed from office before her politically correct bottom had touched the ground.

    Je despaire.


    • 158
      Anonymous says:

      Quite wrong.

      What should really happen is that the 9 should be made to pay the bill.


      • 167
        Cressida's Dick says:

        I can go with that, if they’re found guilty.

        I’m just concerned that a senior public servant doesn’t know, or care, or both about the value of someone else’s money.

        Quite right.


  38. 132
    annette curton says:

    They were all complicit in a system which allowed and encouraged fraud (and still does) therefore de facto they are all fraudsters, all 648 of them.


  39. 133
    Bogeyman says:

    Mrs Dale says these witch-hunts will drive good people out of politics. I agree.

    Churchill and Lloyd George wouldn’t have lasted the week under scrutiny from today’s self-righteous media.


  40. 138
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Willy Vague Keeps Pointless Cushy Easy Job

    Foreign Aid = International Development Minister
    Foreign Conflicts = Minister for Defence, and PM
    Foreigners in UK = Home Office Minister
    Promoting British interests abroad = PM and Deputy
    Promoting British Business interests abroad = Trade and Business Ministers
    British interests in EU = Minister of State (Europe)
    Commonwealth issues = The Queen and PM

    So the Foreign office and Hague do what exactly. Help idiots who break their legs while in Majorca , and that’s it, other than Ambassadors living in elegant period mansions, supping vintage wines and enjoying banquets with William joining them at the table.


  41. 150
    keredybretsa says:

    What a wonderful glowing example of public office…exactly right for education, he is setting the benchmark for the next generation to follow! Lock the bugger up and throw away the key. Keep on blogging until he has to go again!!!!


  42. 152
    horehound says:

    Hours spent thinking ,planning, calculating,reporting, discussing,skynewsing,andrewmarring,gobshite paid -£2 -per-word by deadtreepressing columnist opoinioning, a extra dose of public schoolboy and the now obligatory homophobe/anal sex obsession which accompanies every post including a male/ Louise mench.
    Total difference in real world plc, fcuk all, labour victory 45-75 seats 2015,


  43. 153
    the savant says:

    Gove and Laws at Education

    The dandy leading the rent boy


  44. 154
    The Gash says:

    Laws fought the Law and er…..Laws won.


  45. 155
    Grumpy_Haggis says:

    Who would be left?


  46. 156
    Yeovil Boy says:

    Weird thing is, Laws actually thought no-one knew he was gay, when it was obvious, everyone knew, and most people didn’t care. So how talented is he, at least in the people skills department? Oops, forgot, that doesn’t matter to a politician.


  47. 161
    Laws of the Bungle says:

    It sure is great to be back. Education and schooling will suit me just fine…I’ve always liked to take it up the class.


  48. 163

    Hunt got promoted because he lied his fucking arse off and sacrificed one of his aids to keep Cameron in No 10
    Cameron was spuds deep in that b sky b take over bid so was Osborne and i would suggest many others
    Cameron should have resigned in disgrace along with Osborne
    But hey ! Thick as thieves , kick one they all limp , all piss in the same pot
    they are all bent and the sooner people realise it the better


  49. 165
    LoL says:

    “Miss Teather was due to take part in a live webchat on parenting website Mumsnet at 1pm today however this was cancelled at short notice”.

    Oh well, Laws can put on his best frock,they might not notice?


  50. 166
    Piers Who? says:

    Well, if people would just stop voting for all the bloody crooks then they wouldn’t be sitting in Parliament now.


  51. 168
    confused says:

    Why would ANYONE trust this thief


  52. 169
    Lord Kinnochio Multipensions plc says:

    David Laws For PM. Hey Mandy, boyo, whats this stuff… you`ve just come over a little q u e e r?


  53. 171
    I fought the Laws and the Laws won says:

    I do not believe Laws nicked our money just to cover up his sex life. Never have, never will.

    He got caught with his fingers in the till and came up with this excuse which is both feeble and vomit-inducing as it plays both to victim-hood and political correctness.

    Laws, you are a criminal, go fuck yourself. Up the arse.


  54. 173
    what an exhibition! says:

    May be a decent man? Not when he retreads old chatterati/leftist bile about Israel on QT. Yep, that’s the only state for 1000’s of miles around that part of the world where those of his proclivities can live (and indeed parade with pride) without fear of execution – summarily or by judicial decree. T.wat!


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