August 31st, 2012

Positive Twitter Day

Guido is supporting #PositiveTwitterDay today. Twitter, especially the political Twittersphere can be a horrible nasty place, well today Guido will do his Christian best to be nice to all in his tweets. The idea comes from the invariably polite Sunder Katwala.

A number of well known Twitter curmudgeons have already re-tweeted the hashtag #PositiveTwitterDay and entered into the spirit of the day. Guido for his part is determined to have civil, positive discussions today with the likes of Polly or Mehdi. The power of positive tweeting…


  1. 1

    Squatters’ rights are now wrong.

    • 12
      Positive friday:Everyones a winner says:

      I see Labour are already voicing their objections so why not include a clause in the legislation that this law does not apply to properties owned by Labour members of Parliament or indeed anyone else who objects to its proposals.
      Such people need only inform their local authority who can attend at their property with legally sanction plakards which can be affixed to their properties saying

      ” Squaters welcome here, please feel free and no legal action will follow”.

      That way everyone’s a winner.

    • 25
      BBC Commentari says:

      We support squatter rights unless they try to squat in our holiday homes in which case the police should arrest them

    • 27
      SP4BS says:

      Hypocrite. I bet you squat in anyone’s vegatable patch without caring in the slightest. I know your sort.

    • 56
      Anonymous says:

      About time too & lets be positive about it today!

  2. 2
    Nothing better to do says:

    Sounds like BS to me.

  3. 3
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    A Merry Christmas to All Our Regular Readers.

  4. 4
    smoggie says:

    Traffic should be well down then.

  5. 5
    Denis McShane's Shed says:

    Does that include Ed Balls? Can’t see that working.

  6. 7 says:

    A good time to bury bad news.

  7. 8
    Fluffy bunny says:

    We should all join hands and save the world.

  8. 9
    Rabid Troll says:

    You mean I can take the day off? Oh well, off to watch C4 all day. Better to watch proper human endeavour than listen to the emotionally disabled parasites in the Westminster village.

  9. 10
    Gordon Brown says:

    Fraternal greetings Guido.

    Let’s share a crate of Guinness at The Westminster Arms later today,old chap.


  10. 11
    Ah! Monika says:

    Off Twitter but more importantly.

    Why has Guido not published the contents of Leveson’s recent ” thoughts ” sent to MSM Editors. He must know by now. Is Leveson even reaching the Blog others can’t reach?

  11. 13
    SP4BS says:

    Big Dog’s Cock

  12. 15
    Suggestion says:

    You have great taste in garage music.

  13. 18 says:

    I’m positive Ed Balls is a c’unt.

  14. 21
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    What’s this I’m hearing?

    A small fire at the House Of Commons this morning ?

    • 38
      Ah! Monika says:

      Just a burning fuse. Powder wet with all this rain.
      G to try again, on a date to be guessed.

  15. 22
    alexsandr says:

    er. what’s twitter? does it matter?

  16. 26
    Mandy's right hand man says:


  17. 32

    I am not a Christian.

    Thank Christ.

  18. 43
    Ah! Monika says:

    Wash out! We have wettest Prime Minister for 100 years

  19. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Catherine Brogan, from the campaign group Squatters’ Action for Secure Housing, told the BBC: “What we need is to tackle the housing crisis and not criminalise some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”
    Well tell the fuckers to work like most decent people………..

  20. 48
    Ah! Monika says:

    Margaret Thatcher was a closet Tory #truthwillout.

  21. 51
    Bradley Wiggins says:

    Hmmm. If I had my right hand amputated.
    I could double my Gold Medals in 2016.

  22. 55
    Bluebottle says:

    I always thought that Twitter was supposed to be some sort of bastion for good.

    Why does it need a positive twitter day ?

  23. 61
  24. 64
    Hey Lordy, pick a bale of cotton. says:

    @pollytwaddle – Piss off you harridan.
    There, is that polite enough?

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