August 31st, 2012

How Much Would You Pay for Maggie’s Suits?

Power-dressing pussybow blouses, stylish salmon-pink suits and classy cocktail gowns…what takes your fancy? Fans of the Iron Lady now have the chance to own the ultimate piece of Maggie memorabilia as seven of her classic suits go on auction at Christie’s. Each dress is expected to fetch around £1,500, making a handsome ten grand for their current owner. Don’t rule out a Tory MP bidding war…


  1. 1
    jgm2 says:

    Buy one and send it to Harriet Harman. Or Polly Tuscany.

  2. 4
    SP4BS says:

    Theres a blurred man in the background with an oversized head. touching himself intimately. Its the ghost of the Tory party future, as dreamt of by Hague in 1979.

  3. 5
    Olly says:

    Christmas just came early for Iain Dale ;-)

  4. 6
    Popular People's Front of S.E. Essex says:

    Helps to dress nice when destroying people’s lives.

    If only Major, Blair, Brown, and Nick Clegg could have been bothered eh?

    Rule Shittania.

    • 8
      JH says:

      “Destroying people’s lives”

      AKA not gifting them with unfettered access to the net taxpayer’s pocket.

    • 11
      jgm2 says:

      Destroying whose lives?

      Name one.

      • 14
        National Socialist says:

        Many coal miners for a start.

        • 19
          jgm2 says:

          Thatcher saved more coal miners lives than any person in British history.

          No more cave-ins. No more black-lung. Their lives extended by years (on average).

          When the Victorians banned child-labour did the unemployed 12-year-old chimney sweeps wander the country for generations bemoaning the loss of their ‘way of life’?

          Why then do the fucking (ex)miners? And their children. And grandchildren?

          Margaret Thatcher- social reformer.

          • Moussa Koussa's meerkat says:

            Ah right, that’s a novel argument. Thatcher decimated the mining industry for the benefit of the miners, not because of political dogma?

          • jgm2 says:

            Well it’s true that the miner’s political dogma did play a part but on the whole I think it worked out well for them. Don’t you?

          • Moussa Koussa's meerkat says:

            Absolutely. Thousands of lives ruined because nothing was put back in its place. The woman created industrial wastelands.
            Remember Lamont – “Unemployment a price worth paying” and “Je ne regret rien”
            You know bloody well the dogma I was referring to was hers. It was called Monetarism. It was so good it’s still mentioned every day now.

          • smoggie says:

            What was Tony Benn’s excuse in the sixties? He shut down more pits than anyone. Ask anyone in the North-east how many were closed up there by the ex-Toff.

          • jgm2 says:

            ‘Thousands of lives ruined’?

            Oh those poor unemployed 12-year old chimney sweeps and minders of cotton ginnys and such-like. Their lives ‘ruined’.

          • What whining, unfettered left wing drivel. “Oh it’s not our fault, it’s all the evil Tories!!

            Coal mining in this country was a subsidised industry, paid for out of the public purse. You no makey money or at least break even – you can fuck off-ski.

            Scargill was the Zyclon B to the mining industry and it’s communities – a parasitic slime ball with a political agenda that he must have known was hastening the end. If he didn’t – THEY voted in a moronic parasitic slime ball.

            Mines, docks, Leyland – all left wing Unionised and, by and large, all, now, gone. I wonder why.

          • Loungelizard says:

            The miners stuffed themselves.

          • Forkbender says:

            Scargill and Thatcher were double act, they needed each other and each followed their own agenda

          • joe bonanno says:

            Moussa Koussa’s braindead says:
            August 31, 2012 at 2:45 pm

            You know bloody well the dogma I was referring to was hers. It was called Monetarism. It was so good it’s still mentioned every day now.


            Ah yes, fancy trying to control the amount of money a central bank and the banking system create. Far better to let anyone with a banking / investment banking licence create as much money as they want and throw it at individuals, corporates, regions, and countries.

            I mean what could possibly go wrong.

            Fucking doughball.

          • joe bonanno says:

            Nice one, Joe, another witless sap filed, receipted, and despatched.

        • 28
          Observer says:

          Coalmining had been in decline, in both output and size of workforce, for decades before the Thatcher administration. It was being preserved by public money and state protection of the industry.

          • Moussa Koussa's meerkat says:

            Maybe, but there’s still lots of it, and we could be using it in our power stations, but no, we signed up to non-polluting ones instead, relying on the Ruskies for our gas.
            Privatise the utilities? 40 years ago we were building our own nuclear power stations. Now we’re begging the Frogs and the Chinkies to do it because there’s not enough profit guarantees in it for our own utilities.
            Privatisation has ruined this country and Thatcher set the ball rolling.
            Nowadays it’s being foisted on us through the Shock Doctrine.

          • SP4BS says:

            British nuclear power was always ridiculously expensive. A right waste of money.

            The french probably wasted loads of money too, but at least they worked out a common design, with common parts etc. so that it stood a chance of almost being cost effective.

          • jgm2 says:

            ‘Relying on the Ruskies..’ I’d have thought the miner’s leaders would be delighted we were relying on the communists for energy.

            At least the ruskies are more reliable than our home-grown socialists who were determined to use the miners to freeze us all to death if we didn’t embrace socialism right here in the UK.

          • smoggie says:

            90% of French power is nuclear. They have the expertise. We don’t have the time to catch up with our expertise and build new power stations in time to replace the coal fired power stations which Labour committed us to shutdown because of the dithering by that fucking one eyed idiot jockoe.

          • SP4BS says:

            Closer to 80%. And Hollande said they’ll close them. sometime. but not in the next five years. Apart from the one right next to germany thats about the oldest. perhaps.

          • smoggie says:

            I think they’ll be humming away long after he’s gone. What exactly is he going to replace them with?

          • SP4BS says:

            My brain failed to translate the rest of what he said into anything coherent. Although that might have been the correct translation.

        • 62
          Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

          I think you’ll find Scargill did the job for her

      • 22
        SP4BS says:

        Ted Heath.

  5. 7
    AC says:

    You’d have to pay me way over £1500 to go anywhere near anything of hers.

  6. 9
    lastofthesummervintage says:

    Plenty of Cross dressing Tory MP’s would love to get their hands on those cloths

    • 133
      Forkbender says:

      I Think there will be a lot of MPs in all parties who would be interested, they must have some sort of club in the HoC

  7. 10
    Truculent and unreliable says:

    How much is her worn underwear going for?

  8. 12
    National Socialist says:

    Anyone remember Stephen Milligan? He was a card.

  9. 16
    Camilla Parker-Starney says:

    Kinnock was crushed under a landslide of reform and elegance.

  10. 17
    Moussa Koussa's meerkat says:

    Surely you have to admit that Thatcher was as mad as a box of frogs?

    • 37
      smoggie says:

      If it weren’t for Maggie you’d be posting that in Russian.

      You fucking dildo.

      With a rotating head.

    • 68
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

      Well I don’t know if she was “bonkers” but the country certainly fucking was before she took over….

      • 72
        fallsflat says:

        The country was on a downward spiral heading deep into the abyss. Three day weeks, uncollected rubbish in the streets, strikes, massive unemployment, rampant inflation, Callaghan begging the IMF for money like we was a banana republic, Scargill trying to get the Kremlin into Westminster…jesus it was bad.

        Maggie sorted out the lot.

        This is why she is hated by the left. She proved conservatism works and socialism does not.

        • 80
          Knob jockey says:

          and laid the foundation for the Conservative party of today with its clear principled values and strong determined leadership.

          • Some Twat up North says:

            And she turned our utilities into commodities…

            Praise Maggie (Hunt)

            She deserves to have fucking dementia.

          • fallsflat says:

            What’s wrong with that you nonces? You must be fucking students living in dorms.

            BT was shit before it was privatised. Now you can go elsewhere they’ve discovered a thing called ‘service”. You can get a new line installed within days not months as it used to take.

            Problems with your electricity supplier? Change it.

            Well done maggie.

          • “Our” utilities ARE commodities – what she did was rid the state of the responsibility for running them, which they are fucking useless at – look at the NHS! It’s either over interfered with by MP’s so that they can’t do the job for form filling (Fallen Angels – Private Eye – priceless) or allowed to go Tonto with the national cheque book and paying £5 each for Asprin, ‘cos they get a free pen and “free” conference place in the Bahamas!

            We may have very different views on what government policy should be – but can you seriously name a single utility that was previously nationalised, that the government both nurtured AND made a commercial profit on?

          • Popular People's Front of S.E. Essex says:

            The fucking money supply you massive moron.

            Privatized Money. Way worse than privatized water. Get a grip ffs.

          • Mars Attacks says:

            You make my point for me, knob head – because they’ve fucked that up as well. Gordon the Moron and his “light touch” controls.

            More like “light blue touch paper and watch the next 15 years turn into shit.”

            Jeeze, I despair. They knock the Kursaal down, and the IQ drops in south east Essex….

            Nationalised banks – we have them now! How’s that all working out for you Noo Socialsts?

        • 148
          Conrad says:

          The gravediggers went on strike so that even the dead went unburied , typically base and disgusting socialist behaviour.

    • 135
      Forkbender says:

      Everyone seems have a lot of knowledge about Maggie as prime minister, she came into power 33 years ago when a lot of you were barely talking

  11. 20
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Bet you find Louise Mensch’s new hubby jockeying for this stuff.

    “there you go ducks, once more round the bedroom please but this time holding your big toes in your hands”

  12. 21
    Theresa May says:

    I’ll take the two silver ones to add to my spacesuit collection.

  13. 25
    Moussa Koussa's meerkat says:

    Thatcher. Pinochet’s bezzie mate. Says all you need to know. I can’t wait for the woman to croak. If there’s an afterlife she can go and seek out her soulmate Ronnie Raygun.

    • 41
      smoggie says:

      She smashed fuck out of the Argies and that commie agitator Scargill. Where is he? Certainly not underground.

    • 52
      jgm2 says:

      I can’t wait for the woman to croak.

      If she could just manage it close to the next election then the likes of Polly Toynbee, Scargill et al can be relied on to be caught cheering to the rafters to remind the rest of the voters just what a vile bunch of utter fuckwits they are and just what Maggie was opposing.

      • 74
        Jim says:

        Is that why the people who knew her best – Tory MPs, stabbed her in the back, booted her out,and stamped on her as though she was a beetle?
        Some think it was their ‘finest hour’.

        • 78
          Tuscan Tony says:

          She was the fifth Beatle? Much is explained.

        • 81
          Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

          The Tory Parliamentary Party is and always has had its quota of gutless shits who think only of their “seat”..a whiff of grapeshot and they hoist the white flag. It was ever thus !!

    • 144
      Fog says:

      Moussa, What a bitter, aggressive person you are to wish Thatcher de ad. I just wish evil fuckwits like Gordon Brown and Ken Livingstone would retire and le ave us alone. But then I’m not a socialist.

  14. 26
    Gonk says:

    I bid ten pounds for the yellow power number with the black grenadier
    piping. Match that with my size twelve slingbacks, there’d be no problem
    with lion attacks taking the dog for a walk.

  15. 27
    Tabloid Hack With No "Real" News To Report says:

    We cannot confirm this at present, but a rumour circulating says there may be a pre-emptively high bid from a Scouser gentleman of some prominence in his field, coming from a solicitor’s office in Manchester, of all places, “PayPal’d” from the solicitor’s escrow account to assure anonymity…other sources say it is a “bald”-faced lie, and that the gentleman’s interest has “waned.” Leave it to some people to “ruin” a good story…

  16. 30
    keredybretsa says:

    Eeeeh bah goom lads! Time to go south to bid for the old dears gear.
    Left wing unionists are itching to bid!

  17. 31
    Jim says:

    Professor Walters as a gift to Nigel lawson. £1 the lot

  18. 36
    DZ says:

    According to the Evening Standard Simon Hughes wants to “Ban rich from buying second investment homes in central London”

    Simon Hughes, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, wants the Mayor to be given new powers to make parts of the capital “off-limits” to wealthy people who purchase investment properties and leave them sitting empty.

    “If this is agreed, I would push the Mayor to make large parts of central London off-limits for second homes, so only people who are buying for their own use could buy in central London.

    This is Nazi

    • 50
      The Silly Season says:

      It’s still August. Go back to bed and have a nap. This one will go away soon enough.

    • 54
      smoggie says:

      Nazi alright. It will create ghettoes.

      • 79

        Fucking expensive ones! What will they do? Only marry within their circle of Pilates friends, or use Blackbury messaging to co-ordinate lunch and riot parties? Become no go areas for flip flop wearers?

        Not exactly Tottenham is it?

  19. 39
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Wonder if Bob Crow will buy one for her indoors.

    • 63
      Jim says:

      Bob Crow – is that the man who’s members and other workers taxes have prevented the complete collapse of the Thatcher project, and international capitalism.
      How embarrassing.

      • 66
        nutterwatch says:

        No. Are you on tablets?

        • 84

          Yes – it’s rohypnol. Every time LieBore get kicked out after giving the economy A.ids, James here takes a hefty dose. It’s been proven to prevent PTSD and helps him to forget what really happened… bless.

          Nice typing though.

        • 109
          the stench of hypocrisy says:

          Bob Crowe is the bloated fat cat union leader who lives in a council house despite trousering over £133,000 a year.

          • Jim says:

            What about his members and others saving British banking from disaster?
            £133,000 – rather modest. His members appear to be very happy to pay that amount for someone doing such a fine job.
            He is in line for an annual increase

          • Most of his members think like other members and supporters of the LieBore party – that the Government has a secret money tree, all people who don’t live in council houses are millionaires, all property (apart from theirs) is theft and that the Tories hate the working man and want to gas him and eat his whippets and pigeons.

            58% of this country still believe in sky fairies, ffs! – you cannot save people from their own tribal stupidity, you can only separate them from the levers of governmental power.

          • jgm2 says:

            What about his members and others saving British banking from disaster?

            It was his members (and others) who condemned British Banking to disaster by voting for that utter c*unt Brown.

          • Hang The Bastards says:

            Bob Crowe plays the socialist leader trick well……. He lives off the hard earned wages of people to stupid to think for themselves.

            He is one of natures top predatory parasites

  20. 42
    smoggie says:

    Think Eddie Izzard would look kinda cool in the blue one.

  21. 44
    Jim says:

    The Belgrano widows say it is not her suits that they want to see.
    A coffin would have more appeal.

    • 53
      General Galtieri's Torture Chamber says:

      Tough. If you sign up for a navy, any navy, which goes to war, you sign up for the risk of getting killed, especially when your country has invaded someone else’s territory and is holding its people hostage.

    • 55
      jgm2 says:

      The Belgrano widows should have strung up Galtieri. And if they want to avoid a repeat they should string up that gobby bint they’ve got down there as President at the minute too.

      • 120
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        At least she was re-elected last year with a clear majority unlike our present inglorious leader who treated her disgustingly at the last G20. He should remember she is a head of state which he ain’t. Still, I suppose it went down well with the Little Englander Brigade.

    • 56
      smoggie says:

      That’s life Jim. But not as you know it.

    • 76
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

      You conveniently forget of course that the Argentian Navy was warned of the consequences of appearing to threaten the task force…their fate was sealed as soon as Conqueror started shadowing them…any appearance of threatening manoevres to the task force was always bound to result in the Belgrano being sunk…the Argies miscalculated and made the mistake as so many others did before and after the Falklands of thinking Maggie didn’t have the balls to order it to be sunk…she did as they found out.

      • 83
        Knob jockey says:

        All the nice girls love a sailor.

        • 91
          Argy Bargy says:

          Interesting history of the Begrano – was American and the only ship to not be hit at Pearl Harbour, and is now the only ship to have been sunk by a nuclear submarine.

          Was originally called USS Phoenix – they’re still f.ucking waiting for it to reappear.

          Don’t want to die in a war – don’t take part.

  22. 47
    desperate dan says:

    a lot less than I’d pay for her farm (subsidies)

  23. 49
    desperate dan says:

    in fact a lot less than I do pay for her farm subsidies

  24. 59
    Maggie's Thatch says:

    I’d pay a tenner to piss on them.

  25. 73
    Loungelizard says:

    One thing for sure there’s no one in this cabinet man enough to wear them.

    • 77
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

      Not just the Cabinet…there’s not one person…man or woman amongst our present political classes in ALL parties

    • 94
      Some Twat up North says:

      I bet the foetus would love to model them.

  26. 90
    Jim says:

    After peeing on the folks at Corby, Louise Minge will be looking for a few outfits to make an impact in NY.

    • 92
      fallsflat says:


    • 93

      An unfortunate juxtaposition of phrases as we approach the 11th of September, young James?

      • 98
        fallsflat says:

        Don’t discourage him, he’s obviously a newbie troll been given an outing by his handlers on an open goal. ‘cept he’s missed and hit the corner flag. Gotta feel sorry for the eejit.

        • 103
          Gonk says:

          Not only missed, but took the wrong door out of the changing rooms
          and stumbled into the festering bog where the tramps sleep.

        • 106
          Jim says:

          Have you any idea why right wing bloggers appear to be so socially backward and politically thick?

          • j says:

            Is that the best you can do?

          • Yes, I think I can solve that one for you young James – it’s because we believe, well I do, that we by and large take care of our own messes, make our own way, run most of the companies, manage most of the success stories and have a social conscience that believes first and foremost that charity begins at home. Any excess should be used to help the truly helpless.

            But that’s not politically thick, and this is where you poor rhetoric (but good typing skills!) let you down, it’s politically very savvy. It’s not based on the lies and discredited dogma of socialism – it’s common sense and common decency, which makes sense to common people. We are not always trying to re invent the wheel – most of which have fallen off RetardEd’s band wagon.

          • jgm2 says:

            Politically thick? That’s like having your child call you ‘Silly Daddy’ when you forget to buy the newspaper.

            Meanwhile they’ve just wet the bed again.

            Silly sausages. Never mind Daddy will clean it up. Again.

  27. 101
    Tom Tomos says:

    New cabinet uniforms. Every Willy needs a Maggie.

  28. 104
    Popular People's Front of S.E. Essex says:

    Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

    Surrounded by them, ruled by them, bored by them.

    apocalypse now pls

    • 122

      You already have it – it’s called Basildon.

    • 129
      jgm2 says:

      apocalypse now pls

      What do you call the reign of Imbecility (1997 – 2010) if not an apocalypse? You want more? Wait until 2015. Then you might see an apocalypse if the voters forget that the utter fucking imbeciles who got us into this mess are still at large in the Labour party.

  29. 128
    Bargain says:

    10k for the lot is a snip. When the great lady passes away just one of them will be worth that.

  30. 136
    Jimmy says:

    And remember, barely two months to Guy Fawkes

  31. 137
    Occasional comments says:

    I’d pay £1500 for one to burn it. Preferably with her still in it. Evil vile woman.

    • 143
      Anonymous says:

      Now you’re talking.

      Hopefully she will survive in her gaga state until after regime change.

      Then we could use them to make a bonfire to burn her.


      • 145
        Jimmy says:

        Perhaps in years to come ambitious tory backbechers will wear them to stag parties instead of SS uniforms.

  32. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Frankly I’d burn anything belonging to that evil witch.

  33. 140
    Matt says:

    Would any of them fit Alan Duncan?

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