July 26th, 2012

Body Language: Who is in Power?


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    Sacked Intern says:

    romney likes sucky sucky!


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      What would Maggie Do? says:

      If only he would grow a backbone and stand up to Europe and put an end to this homosexual marriage malarky. Does he not realise that you only get one go as PM so you might as well go flat out and do what you think is right rather than what the chattering classes say what’s right.


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        Only 17 days 06 hours 00 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

        I think he is doing what he thinks is right, which is the crux of the problem.


        • 72
          erm... says:

          in other news….
          …a boy looking for a toilet at mancheter airport somehow reaches italy….and was a bit scared…he wanted to return to his mother.
          pretenceBliar’s 1996 story about being a stowaway on a plane to the Carribean when he was aged 14….was later rubbished by his father….so reports The Times of London.
          has the proBliar Times switched?


      • 26
        SP4BS says:

        I see a flaw.


        • 51
          Obvious innit says:

          He looks like

          1. a schoolboy waiting on the advice of the Careers Master (except he’s never had a career or a real job)

          2. A supplicant receiving personal counselling from his lawyer / Dr / therepist (except there ain’t no desk)

          3. A spineless stand-in UK premier with only a few weeks to go.


    • 17
      Moussa Koussa says:

      …no you are thinking of Murdoch’s Wife

      “you pay me 10 dollor, mee luv you long time”””


      • 22
        SP4BS says:

        you know, you could have your arse kicked in a court of law seriously for that kind of statement. Good job this isn’t twitter.


      • 23
        Bob says:

        I s’pose you grew up hearing that all the time from your mum, Koussa


        • 28
          UlyssesReturns says:

          When I had it was for a pack of fags and a bar of chocolate. Smelt like a camel.


      • 27
        Labour supporter says:

        You sir are a disgrace to the Labour party with such a racial slur.

        Shame on you


        • 43
          I know where the bodies are buried says:

          I seriously doubt he a member of the Labour party. He’s just some sort no-life troll that pops here occasionally to stirr the pot of shit.


          • SP4BS says:

            He is much more “party line” than many of the others at time with a bit of very ill-advised nonesense like this. I’d even guess we know him, and he’s even stood to be a labour councillor.


      • 39
        Alex says:

        Funny how cretins like this will admonish others for (incorrectly) perceived racism, yet think it’s completely acceptable when they come out with the genuine article, and all just because the person it’s directed at doesn’t share their views.

        You ignorant fucking hypocrite.


  2. 2
    Someone who's been away a while says:

    What? Cameron’s our PM? How did that happen?


  3. 3
    SP4BS says:

    Guido III strikes again.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Oh, fuck off. If they did you would be the first to call then a commie nutter


  5. 5
    Polly Toynbee says:

    The same Hugh Grant speech where he says we should be closer to Europe?



  6. 5
    Only 17 days 06 hours 12 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

    CMD (thinking): “FFS, I’ve been listening to him for 10 minutes and he still hasn’t paid me £250k.”


  7. 7

    At least Romney looks comfortable with Dave. BTW, UK PM’s have been supplicants to likely POTUS incumbents sine Yalta.


  8. 9
    Jebediah says:

    Lots of pictures, lots of time, easy to pick one that makes the point you want. Poor quality stuff.


  9. 10
    Only 17 days 06 hours 10 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

    CMD (thinking): “FFS, I’ve been listening to him drone on for 10 minutes and he still hasn’t paid me £250k.”


  10. 11
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

    U can’t read nothin into body language , sweetheart , can ya ??

    Look at mine :

    *lays back nudey , spreads legs an writhes aroun on floor*

    To you , that sez sex , don’t it ??

    To me , it jus means i tryin to get some air to my brain .


  11. 12
    Moussa Koussa says:

    This is priceless Guido

    BOTH are NOT in “”power””

    One is a no chance republican nut job
    The other is the Leader of a Coalition Government


    • 18
      Mr.Leader says:

      Coooooeeeeee !!!!! Mr. Romney !!!!! It’s me. Ed.Remember ? Ed Milibland ?????


    • 68
      Who is leader of the the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland says:

      Even for you that makes no sense.

      Now you’re boring and wrong.

      What next? boring, wrong and written in Greek?


  12. 13
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Call me stupid….well go on…who gives a shit but I see nothing wrong with that picture. OTT this time Guido. Scraping the bottom of the barrel and getting shitty advice from some ‘body language’ guru who needs firing.


    • 80
      Ivan Agenda says:

      Guido seems to be doing a body language course with some loony nuts. His last series of photopops was remarkable by its lack of distinction except for distance.


    • 96
      Anonymous says:

      Indeed. Dave’s open leg lean forward stance is pretty in control, while Romney has crossed his legs at the knee – which is seen as a very feminine posture in the US unlike here in Europe.

      For Guido to not get this suggests he’s not as familiar at reading people in face to face business as he ought to be given the big business talk he comes out with.


  13. 14
    Anonymous says:

    That looks more like lubricant than supplicant as “our Dave2 explains how he’s “ever so ‘umble”.


  14. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Reading body language isn’t actually your strong point, is it ……


    • 70
      Psychoanalyst says:

      The Geedo’s body language tells me they eat too much and don’t get any exercise.
      It’s the way the blubber wobbles.


      • 73
        garden shed hair-stylist says:

        They share the same barbers, no doubt.

        *Holds lighter in front of vintage can of Harmony*


  15. 20
    Joss Taskin says:

    Isn’t Dave simply raising a cheek to let one rip ?


  16. 23
    Ken Livingstone says:

    I think we should forget the imperialist American dogs and become should be closer to Iran, insh’ Allah.


  17. 30
    Sukyspook says:

    Is that Rebekah Brooks carved into Dave’s mantelpiece?


    • 36
      fruitcake says:

      keyboard has tea on it now….thanks


    • 45
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      Yes. It was my decision to have that carved there in order to cover all the Nokia indentations.


  18. 31
    Mark Austin says:

    Dave looks like the supplicant in Downing Street.

    No he doesn’t.

    It’s natural for people to adopt an active body style when talking, and a passive one when listening. Photgraphs, being static, also emphasise this.

    To prove the above statement youl’d need to see a passive body style when talking.

    When I was a teacher, some training covered this, and demonstrated talking with the body language reversed. It was bizarre and really showed how much we expect this.


  19. 32
  20. 35
    Book of Moron, I mean Mormon says:


  21. 37
    Raving Loon says:

    Dave should ask Romney about Ron Paul.


  22. 38
    Engineer says:

    I once sat through (endured might be a better description) a management course in which one lecture was about body language. The lecturer explained carefully how seeing someone scratch their nose meant that they were probably lying. Said lecturer somewhat undermined that statement by continuing to explain that it could just mean the person had an itchy nose.

    Ever since, I’ve tended to regard ‘reading body language’ as mostly bollocks.


  23. 41
    Jimmy says:

    “My message today is clear and unequivocal. Be in no doubt: we will go in and finish the job. We will deal with the deficit.”

    If you want to deal with the taxation deficit, you’d better start the job first.

    All you’ve done so far is to hide your Tory voters’ tax evasions in the national debt and call it the deficit so the rest of us have to pay it, you thieving liar.


    • 48
      Gonk says:

      You’ve let yourself down.


    • 49
      Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

      ‘There’s no money left’. Liam Byrne, Libor MP May 2010.


    • 53
      Engineer says:

      Funny how this ‘tax evasion’ wasn’t a problem when the banks were shovelling loads of tax revenue into the Treasury, paying thenselves massive bonuses at the same time. Wasn’t so evil then, was it? “Intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich” to quote somebody or other….


      • 64
        The Dark Lord says:

        Ah that would be me… hissss….

        But your memory doesn’t serve you well I’m afraid.

        I was never a member of the Labour Party. Never, ever. It’s all in your mind.

        How many fingers am I holding up Winston?


    • 58
      Only 17 days 05 hours 31 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      Taxation deficit? Also known as “spending more than you earn.”

      You really think taxation should be increased (ad infinitum) to match spending, rather than reducing spending to match tax revenue?

      I remember when I supported Labour, back in my teens. Dreaming up ways to spend other people’s money was soooo simple. Of course, the idea soured once I got a job.


    • 61
      Only 17 days 05 hours 29 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      Taxation deficit? Also known as “spending more than you earn.”

      You really think taxation should be increased (presumably forever) to match spending, rather than reducing spending to match tax revenue?

      I remember when I supported Labour, back in my teens. Dreaming up ways to spend other people’s money was soooo simple. Of course, the idea soured once I got a job.


    • 65
      Ah ffs we Jimmy says:

      Jimmy I thought you loved paying taxes, you keep attacking this crowd but you never said anything about your Libor friends , who taxed anything that moved and taxed it if it didn’t, how about that road tax Libor Manchester threw in your face and the id cards we were getting with the statement “if you have done nothing wrong” etc, closure of libraries , fire stations, you and your friends are the deficit, you pay.


  24. 47
    Liarpoliticians says:

    That’s just how David Cameron likes to sit on the Downing Street butt plug, preparing for another meeting with the US president.


  25. 54
    Kebab Time says:

    Councillor want to spend your taxes on a golf course!



    • 75
      Old Islamic Bigot says:

      I quite agree with this but it should be an Islamic golf course.

      – No women in the club house
      – No women full stop
      – Unislamic 19th hole to be replaced by a nice minarette
      – NO GOLF – as it’s clearly un-Islamic as it isn’t mentioned in the Quran


  26. 57
    you can always tel when E's peaked and crashed ... says:

    I’d better synchronise my Olympic Countdown watch to my Anti-Swede timer, then.


    • 67
      swings both ways says:

      You’re alright. Stew’s brew has an inbuilt comeback ingredient. Tis good though!


  27. 60
    The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    Fuck off outta mah country yank trash

    btw you slave of zio-fascism, please pass on me congrats to Mr Omes for some great shootin’


  28. 66
    Mitt Roomey says:

    “Ah thinkin’ ah maybe we gonna do a number on those Iranians. Ahm a just wannin’ to make a sure y’all is on board and ready to commit to operation ‘speedy resolution.’

    “Ahh,well, I say,gosh,well..look..its a bit tricky what with cuts and..erm..gosh..”

    “Now lookee here my pinko friend..I need you in. I’ll make y’all the same deal we made ‘Thin Tony’. Join us in an Armageddon war an y’all be richer than Croesus.
    How ’bout it Dave? Ain’cha never fancied your own yachts and planes and cars and a tax free, expenses paid lifestyle?..do yer ole brain a favour, son.
    Say yes.”


  29. 69
    keredybretsa says:

    ‘Mine’s that big Dave. How about yours ol’ buddy?’


  30. 78
    The Naked Ape says:

    I do know somthing about body langauge.

    Actually Dave is in a fairly agressive posture. Sitting forward. Hands clasped (so as not to lash out).

    Mitt looks like he’s trying hard to sell something to a difficult customer.


  31. 81
    National Socialist says:

    Mitt Romney. Another Presidential nutjob and a moron to boot


  32. 83
    David Coleman says:

    Oh no! Romney’s gone too early!


  33. 84
    Maren says:

    Don’t fret. Romney is accustomed to the fact that he had bought, or can buy nearly anyone he talks to. He treated Cameron interview like a job interview; Dave’s.


  34. 85
    Jimmy says:

    Dumb and dumber.


  35. 87
    CMD,BLUE Labour,All Smoke & Mirrors UK Master of Manipulation & Mendacity says:

    Yes of course I was looking unhappy & like a fish out of water……..

    due to another mess up my PR team. They should know by now that I am left of

    centre, I have told then often enough, but they put on the right of centre in this

    Photo Op with some Canadian nongay called Smitt or something like that. The

    voters will start to think I am a true blue & like one of them, nothing could be

    further from the truth. Must dash as I have a very important conference call

    with The Master who has kindly allowed a brief fornication with him about my

    best position tomorrow.


  36. 88
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I’ll go along with a totalitarian regime for a couple years to sort out the cr*p


  37. 89
    Guidoisafuckingprat says:

    That hugh grant speech is actually one of the most embarrassing pieces of cinema ever produced by an English director. Why so embarrassing? Because it was pure fantasy and also a window into the mind of the powerless British elite. It encapsulates British culture, to be sure, but not in a way that gives credit.

    No British PM can give that speech because to give such a speech you would have to be the leader of a country. Americans, rightly, look on the British PM as the leader of a parish council. They know, full well, that such a speech is not possible because a British PM is a plaything. An indifference.

    Goofy post, again – Guido. You should never align yourself with anything Hugh Grant does.


    • 91
      the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

      probably I should look up this speech (in some film is it ?) I do think there is a lot of strength in the vote of the people who are proud to be British. Now if we could just get self sufficient in power and food.


  38. 92
    Guidoisafuckingprat says:

    oh dear, I woke up Jesus


  39. 93
    Guidoisafuckinggenius says:

    Jesus – take it easy. I don’t intend to upset the global order. I just wanted to post a clever comment.


  40. 97
    Captain Pedalo says:

    Mr Cameron refused to see me in an Election year saying it was against the rules.

    With Mr Romney things appear to have changed.

    Britannia may once have ruled the waves but the whole world can say that today it is Britannia who waves the rules.


  41. 98
    Smoke N' Mirrors says:

    Is that Cameron with a waxworks dummy of Nixon, or the other way round.


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