July 9th, 2012

Exclusive: That Letter Signed by MPs Opposing Lords Reform
Named Signatories Includes Not Usual Suspects


  1. 1
    Iain says:

    Could also be described as “list of Tory MPs guaranteeing they wont be getting a phone call when the reshuffle happens.


    • 5
      30 turncoats says:

      II thought there was supposed to be a hundred?


    • 6
      Camoron's Chumocracy says:

      They were never going to get called, anyway.


    • 17
      Brains says:

      Well that is a lost of the intelligent Conservative MPs.. Jacob Rees Mogg and Caroline Dinenage have a joint IQ greater than the entire cabinet.


      • 25
        doolally Delaney says:

        Don´t be so sure! There was a time when people thought Chloe Smith was hyper-intelligent


      • 87
        john in cheshire says:

        It depends how intelligence is defined for politicians. It seems to me that most are quite thick but too many, like Mr Balls and his awful wife, are good at plotting and scheming; that’s not really intelligence. The labour party in particular seems to attract people with those characteristics. I doubt they’d be employable in other than menial jobs in the normal, real world.


        • 108
          Mike says:

          lennin, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Plot were hardly fellows of All Souls but they did understand human nature. In reality, if someone has an understanding of human nature, is cunning, ruthless, agressive and patient ; they can be very successfu in climbing the greasy pole of politics.


    • 53
      Aunty Matter says:

      Cameron only calls for Lib Dems or over promoted Tory females in any case.


    • 58
      M says:

      is there going to be EU reform ?


    • 64
      Your name is on my list says:

      I never wanted David Cameron’s vacuous Christmas Cards anyway! I’ll vote how I like, not how Cameron wants.


    • 116
      Ah! Monika says:

      Written on 6th Received 9th. Did they have to use Royal Mail?


  2. 2
    ooooer.. says:

    leave the lords as they are…not fair…barsucks


    • 55
      Rupert my Hero says:

      Checks and Balances are the basis of British Politics, Justice & The Law, Changing the Status Quo by sanitising the Lords, is just another rung in the Ladder to a Federal Europe… so Judging People by their actions and not their Words, Cameron wants Britain in a Federal Europe… another Politician to Deceive and Misslead the British People as to their real intention…. Brown, Blair, Heath & Wilson all hell bent on destroying this Country ?. Judge these men by what they did, not what they said.


  3. 3
    U turn Dave? says:

    Rebels with a cause


  4. 4
    post hoc says:

    Never mind that – what about that sanctimonious p***k Millipond on the tv this morning, spouting on about the banks and how terrible….. dot dot, forgetting his own luminary role in this financial disaster: to whit the underfunding of the SF squad, the toothless FSA and the Nu Libor love of banks and all things associated with banking whilst it suited them. To hear the words SME, banking, stewardship uttered in the same sentence by Millibore was the ultimate in hypocracy which I found absolutely offensive. Pay heed Guido!


    • 8
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Labour are at war with the bankth. Labour have alwayth been at war with the bankth.


      • 13
        HenryV says:

        I bet Ed has a lot more money in more banks accounts (and what are they called financial instruments?) in more countries than those he purports to represent. And how did earn all that money? Captain of industry? Entrepreneur? Inventor? Um. No.


        • 39
          Anonymous says:

          Didn’t he also dodge inheritance tax on an estate in excess of a million quid?

          (Note that he opposed Cameron’s plan to raise the IHT threshhold to £1m for mere mortals during the 2010 election campaign.)


          • Red Ralph Miliband, Communist Millionaire says:

            That’s my boy!!


          • HenryV says:

            Yes. As I have said here many times here how can a family of an illegal immigrant whose “business” is to talk nothing but shit Socialism and worse accrue a family fortune of such size and yet be credible? How? How dare they speak about “our” country when their father did nothing but seride our culture and institutions? How?


      • 14
        Owain Glyndwr says:

        Have bandwagon will jump-new liebour policy


      • 61
        DWWolds says:

        No they have not always been at war with the bankers. Brown had a Faustian pact with those bankers. He gobbled up the tax revenue they generated and used it to bribe voters. In return the banks were allowed to do more or less what they liked.


    • 22
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Yep, today’s bandwagon is “letth bweak up the bankth”.

      Who let RBS gobble up NatWest? Labour.
      Who gave Goodwin a knighthood for “services to banking”? Labour.
      Who forced Lloyds to swallow HBoS? Labour.
      Who forced Santander to swallow Abbey? Labour.
      And Bradford & Bingley? Labour.

      Thanks Ed, but we’ll do without your advice on banking.


      • 27
        HenryV says:

        Leicester Square………….

        Santander surely had some Euro connotation too?

        And your forgot Northern Rock too.

        It won’t be long before they find some dirt on the Co-op Bank……….


        • 94
          Anonymous says:

          Would that be because the Co-Op group give financial support to LieBour & the Unions?


          • HenryV says:

            There is sly vein that runs the Co-op movement. It isn’t as angelic as it sells itself.


          • Mornington Crescent says:

            I’ve only just realised where Bandwagon gave his speech this morning: the fucking Co-op Bank. WTF???


      • 35
        annette curton says:

        Barking mad the lot of them, aren’t most of these now technically owned by the state?, Business Secretary Vince Cable is also outraged about the Banks not lending to businesses, so that’s what we pay him for, so that he can be outraged about his own incompetence?.


        • 60
          Greychatter says:

          What small businesses want to borrow and be enslaved by Big Banks?

          Ed Milliband and his ilk are a joke, the Media especially the BBBC seem to think Labour are still in Government.

          Most people with past experience of being let down by the Banks are sitting tight doing the minimum to keep afloat.

          Small business wont start moving, whatever the Government says, until they are offered some incentive, Lower Taxes, Lower Rates, etc etc.,

          Instead of funnelling the cash into the top of the system and it getting lost in fees and bonuses – Feed money into (or stop taking it out of) the bottom of the system and watch it syphen upwards. When people are left with more of their own money they will start spending.


          • AC1 says:


            Small Business’s do not require loans, If they do then they’re in desperate trouble and are a really bad risk.

            If you want people to start hiring, then cut the cost of employing people, and that means cutting VAT (the worst tax on working), then ER NI, then EE NI, Then Income tax.


          • Ah! Monika says:

            And the minimum wage.


        • 77

          Yeth, and Blinky thays that if I don’t do ath I’m told, he’ll thove his hand even further up my arth and work my two bwain thells manually.

          He although thays that my two black eyeth make me look even more like Thooty, and then he laughth!!


    • 33
      Raving Loon says:

      The problem with the FSA is not so much that they are toothless, but rather that they bite at random, and generally don’t know who to bite. When they do get hold of something, the bite has hard as they can, all out of proportion to the original offence.

      Aggressive and anal muppets, the lot of them.


      • 43
        AC1 says:


        and the cause? The VAST amount of regulation, rather than a much smaller amount of focussed regulation (to control debt volumes and thus prevent systematic risk).


  5. 9
    HenryV says:

    The LibDems slowly slipping beneath the water……..


  6. 11

    Bet he’s really glad he got those A-listers…


  7. 12
    doolally Delaney says:

    The three points of concern are hard to argue against.


  8. 15
    Gordon Brown says:

    I won the Wimbledon Men’s Final yesterday. I’m now greater than John Macenrow, Born Borg, Pete Semperfi and Roger Federation


  9. 16
    CPS wasting taxpayers money says:

    Just out on TV: What Anton said and the reply from Terry. The CPS person who agreed to the prosecution should be sacked!


  10. 18
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    £300 per day, susidised lunch and a good nap in public (sometimes televised). I would not change anything.


    • 19
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      That £300 per day does not incur any taxes.


      • 40
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        Don’t forget the overnight “expenses” incurred by sleeping in their own, or a friend’s, gaff.

        The idea of having two elected chambers is absurd. So much for the primacy of the Commons. Cameron really is an utter fuckwit.


        • 46
          AC1 says:

          I’m not sure. If the second chamber was tasked solely with removing bad laws it might have a chance.

          Of course nothing so sensible would emerge from the HoC.


          • Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

            At least the task of removing bad laws might keep the pampered bastards busy for a while.


  11. 26
    UKIP.i.am says:

    I’m not condoning Terry but isn’t there something perverse about Ferdinand being freely able to abuse and insult Terry over his wife’s sexual activities but it becomes a criminal case when Terry uses a racist word against him?


    • 28
      Mornington Crescent says:

      I couldn’t give a toss. Wrong blog, Sir.


      • 32
        CPS wasting taxpayers money says:

        The law was passed by both houses. It is as usual, so badly written, that it covers two blokes having jibes at each other, while playing football. A good reason why the HoL should be improved, to stop this nonsense.


        • 90

          It’s a good time to tell all of the HoC wasters, of all parties, to concentrate on real politics and not on knee jerk, populist side shows. We want and deserve,quality, long term governance, not fucking Crackerjack pencils!


    • 29
      oh you are awful... says:

      should have just Zinadine Zidanned him and sod the invective


    • 119
      Anonymous says:

      So in summation there are two four letter words beginning with C which can be used as a term of abuse but only one of them will lead to prosecution if said and it isnt the
      C unt word.


  12. 30
    Mike Hunt says:

    Glad to see my MP on the list, exactly as I would expect.


  13. 31

    So hosepipe bans are finally lifted, allowing people to pump the water out of their lounges into their gardens.

    With the wet spell due to be followed by a cold spell for mid-July, could we now stop the AGW people from indoctrinating our children in their witchcraft?


  14. 37
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Ferdinand’s behaviour over his Non Selection for the England Squad, is a very clear indication of the quality of the man.


  15. 42
    Roundell says:

    RICHARD FULLER !!!!!!!

    Things have changed, if the leader has got him saying no with the bulk of the Right, then things are looking akward


  16. 44
    Chairman Mao says:

    This democracy thing is a con anyway.


  17. 50
    Brown Out and pay me damages says:

    Get them all out and elect new ones


  18. 54
    Aunty Matter says:

    Fucking Milimong getting away with it on the BBC yet again. Why won’t NOE FUCKING HACK ask him just once, why Labour didn’t launch a public inquiry into the banks when they all collapsed on his watch?

    Why wait for 4 years and then blame the Tories for the ‘wrong type of inquiry?’


    • 71
      New Labour......The Glory Years says:

      It is a well accepted fact that had it not been for the usesless Tory Opposition(before they became the equally useless Tory Government)that Labour would have done this….it is also another universally accepted fact that had the Tories not voted for the Iraq War that it wouldn’t have happened………if that fails to convice..then “It’s all Thatchers Fault !”

      Labour have an unblemished record of probity and achievement…it must be true cos’ the BBC says so.


  19. 57
    A vile lying cheating useless two-faced hypocritical pretentious economic illiterate (but not Gordo) says:

    I have to do my best to please Nick!


  20. 59
    Confused.com says:

    Help. What’s all the fuss about.
    What is Terry supposed to have said to Ferdinand?


  21. 66
    Julianlzb87 says:

    I like the Boris proposal that the House of Lords
    have about 700 members and they themselves
    elect new members when vacancies arise.

    It may be that their self respect would encourage
    them to vote in worthy talents and perhaps elevate
    the process beyond party politics.


  22. 67
    Lord Oldshit says:

    Would all the loans to the Libor party


    have to be repaid if the Lords were reformed ?


  23. 68
    Mrs Bone says:

    I am overjoyed to see Mr Bone as a signatory.


  24. 73
    Ed Moribund says:

    “We need more, smaller banks..Or possibly fewer, bigger banks. Don’t ask me! I’m just climbing on this hayrick to see if it will become a bandwagon,
    If not..move on to another one tomorrow…could be anything.

    Female circumcision?
    Dracula vs Frankenstein?
    What’s better for the nation, Xbox or PS3? “


    • 80
      Joss Taskin says:

      Didn’t the Libor party create fewer banks by merging Lloyds Bank with HBOS and facilitating Fred the Shred’s takeover of Nat West by Royal Bank of Snotland ?


      • 85
        Bobby dazzler Diamond says:


        I see what you did there.


      • 88
        Hacked off real tax payer.... says:

        No thats was called the Gormless Bonkers Brown strategy

        by the moron who claims to have saved the universe & beyond

        & of course all paid for by the totally screwed UK tax payers with no

        say in the matter at all.

        ZanuLieLabor’s 13 years of terror in action…….they called it Democracy


    • 84
      An English-British person says:

      How about Android vs iPhone?


  25. 86

    Exclusive ! letter shown on Sky news this morning !


  26. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Here comes the BOOM!


  27. 98
    I like a Big One Up My Bum says:

    Gay Marriage is much more important issue than all of this time
    being wasted on a load of geriatrics who all need to put to sleep !!


  28. 106
    David says:

    With all this guff about climate change, can’t the BBC change the location of the Jet Stream? Or do they realise they are utterly powerless to stop the forces of nature but are so far down the road of denial that they fear turning back and saying they were mistaken about AGW?


    • 112
      Beeb spokeperson says:

      We always present information the way we see it

      which is the correct way with no deviation allowed

      The Unbiased Truth does not enter into equation at all.


  29. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Tories against democracy.

    What a shocker.

    ha ha ha ha


    • 130

      Against the same “democracy” that the National Socialist Party, or Liebore as we know it, also did fuck all about, in 14 years – and your point is that bad reform is better than none? Yep, two brain cells working a three shift system.

      How’s Blinky’s glove puppet working out for you all?

      Now fuck off Nonny.


  30. 115
    Diamond Cut Bob the bookie says:

    Just starting a new Libor Rate Book

    All bets accepted Up or Down or Neutral

    Cash Only Bets of course !!


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