June 14th, 2012

Blair Loses Cool, Threatens War Protester

Tony Blair lost his rag after being heckled by a protester during a speech to students at the University of Hong Kong. As the man approached Blair, accusing him of breaching the Geneva convention, the former PM warned menacingly: “I wouldn’t come any further…” Asia Pacific News claims that  Blair said “that’s democracy for you” as the man was led away.

He’s clearly been spending too much time hanging around with dictators…


  1. 1
    Forkbender says:

    Surely the police took away the wrong man?


    • 3
      Peter Grimes says:

      Too bloody right!

      The Chinese make the family pay for the execution bullet. Slotgob can afford to pay for quite a few on BLiar’s ill-gotten millions!


      • 11
        Dr Paul Craig Roberts says:

        Neocon Blair has sucked the Murdoch phallus too often.

        DC got very close.


        • 88
          Catholic Kid says:

          Absent a conspicious and lengthy display of genuine repentance, this man of blood – an enemy of innocents domestic and foreign – deserves to be heckled to his dying day.

          And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground.” (Gn 4:10)


          • Rev. Stinker Binker says:

            Blair is not a Catholic. Catholicism within New Labour is really nothing more than a weird version of the Masons more about making money for a chosen few and keeping the bankers happy just look at the career of Ruth Kelly God really does move in mysterious ways I’m sure she leads HSBC in prayer and self morfication every morning. Quite simply Blair has blood on his hands for engaiging in a policy that took us into a war that should not have happened. Iraq was contained by the existing UN resolutions and sanctioned military action like the no flies zones. Both UK and US intel knew the fate of the WMD programmes i.e. that that had ceased to exist in the mid 90s. The UN inspection regime was in fact working and needed to be continued. Yes Sadaam was an evil man, but the net effect of the war has far out weighed the damage he had and could have done had we cointinued with existing policy. Blair knows this but is in self indulgent denial. A truly appalling man.


      • 93
        socialism is a mental illness says:

        Blair is long overdue for the snipers bullet.


    • 7
      licenced to Kill says:

      Very good advice from Blair. Those Hong Kong bodyguards don’t take prisoners. The student has Blair to thank for saving his life.


    • 15
      Tony Blair says:

      Look, right, you see I’m a straight kinda guy, you know. Just because I started pointless wars, shredded my expenses and now rake in millions from JP Morgan which I channel through a set of companies and ‘charities’ so complicated that newspapers hold competitions to find an accountant who can understand them…… none of this changes the fact that I remain a man of the people, you know, deeply committed to err, principles and yeah, but you know.

      It’s not easy being me. Cherie is always wanting another mansion and another credit card. And the only people who think their image would be, you know, improved by being seen with me are dictators so I don’t have any choice. Modernising education for the challenges of the future. That’s my goal.

      I don’t get out of bed for less than £50k. Got to be cash, used notes preferably.


      • 38

        You chose me, Tony Blair, the most successful man in Britain, to be the Middle east peace envoy, the least successful EU Appointment.

        Why did I take the job? Because I’m just a rich guy who wants to kick some ass.

        I want to give something back. Not the money, but something…


    • 18
      Liarpoliticians says:

      Clearly the photograph to the story is appropriate. Talk to the hand, because Blair don’t care what you say.


    • 91
      Timothy Lloyd-Davies says:

      I pray to God that we see this vile piece of filth hanging by his neck one day!


  2. 2
    Lord Prescott of Slowlap says:

    Shud av smaked im wun – ( the the toe rag not Tone )


  3. 4
    Steve Miliband says:

    The Geneva Convention – is that the one that says the skiing near there is better than Zurich?


  4. 5
    JH says:

    Har, har, har.

    I am enjoying the fact that Saint Teflon Tony can no longer go where he pleases to talk down to the little people without being set upon by people asking awkward ikkle questions about illegal wars.

    Let’s raise the bar; can he be pelted with eggs and veg next?


    • 10
      AC1 says:

      Pity then that the war was legal.


      • 25
        Legal? My arse says:

        It’s legal to start a war based on ‘intelligence’ gleaned from the the internet and cobbled together, faked, falsified and fudged up by Campbell.

        Let’s not forget to ignore the Attorney General’s initial advice about requiring a second UN vote, when it became clear they were never going to get that vote. Just tell him what advice you need, bumg him a few quid and when he comes back next week – BINGO – you’ve got your legal permission to shell civilians.

        Then we could put a banning order for the next 100 years on all the damning documents, so we’ll all be dead by the time the truth comes out.

        Yes, everything is legal when you’re the guy that writes the rules. Just ask Saddam.

        PS You could always top the Gov scientists that won’t play ball, too.


        • 51
          Anonymous says:

          It wasn’t illegal. Anyone who breaks nuclear rules faces being invaded whether they are bluffing or not. This was merely an escalation of a conflict that started 20 odd years ago fully supported by UNSC.


          • Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

            America knew they had fuck all….


          • Read it slowly, if you're a bit thick says:

            Broke nuclear rules? We’ll leave aside the fact that the UK has the second largest viable nuclear arsenal in the world, along with a tasty line in chemicals and bacterium. We’ll forget that the only country in the world to actually start a nuclear war, on civilians, is the US.

            Let’s just concentrate on the facts: Iraq had NO weapons of mass destruction, which was the entire reasoning for the war in the first place. The most disturbing thing is that BLAIR KNEW, and commissioned the dodgy dossier to justify his warmongering and profiteering.

            It is not possible to break nuclear rules if one does not possess nuclear materials.


          • The Long View says:

            The intelligence was weak but hey ho Saddam is gone and he was definitely going to acquire WMD so we would have been in sooner or later.


        • 54

          Although all you say is true, there is no requirement to ask the UN about starting a war.

          Blair asked parliament, and they backed him overwhelmingly.
          That’s all that’s required. There is no such thing as an illegal war.

          Misleading parliament and sexing up dossiers is another matter. I doubt its illegal.


          • Actually... says:

            If it can be proven that a member has intentionally mislead the house, that member can be prevented from sitting indefinitely.

            As it has never happened, you could conclude that only the most upright and honest of persons end up there.


          • Actually... says:

            PS Goldsmith originally told Blair he thought a war would be illegal under UK law without a second UN vote, then changed his mind a week later, then sealed the documents for 100 years.

            Is it any wonder people are suspicious?


          • Extra virgin Olive Oyl says:

            Plus the senior legal lass at the FCO resigned over this matter knowing full well thta Bliar was bent on starting a spot of mayhem.


          • Bill Bell says:

            All’s fair in love and war


        • 90
          Blowing Whistles says:

          There is a great deal to be learnt by so many people – They and many others state that the war was legal.

          The key is the War was Unlawful …. NOT Lawful. There is a distinct difference between Legal V Lawful.

          For example: Many dead soldiers are classed as having been killed unlawfully – ‘Blue on blue’ deaths are generally classed as unlawful with the trick of One Jurisdiction doing in effect nothing when its soldiers are killed by another Jurisdiction. Try UK / USA or in reverse.

          Legal is not the same as Lawful. Illegal is not the same as unlawful.


    • 12
      ha ha ha (not) says:

      Maybe the very very very unfunny Omid Djalili will make a comment?


    • 13
      The future is NWO says:

      No, don’t be silly obviously the opposite must happen, lower the bar and abolish free speech in order to protect the powerful! The New World Order will not be stopped


    • 83
      Eggs says:

      Yes, then you could make an omelette out of him


  5. 6
    Ian E says:

    Meanwhile, how about signing an epetition calling for a referendum on scrapping the BBC license tax?



    • 20
      Jimmy says:

      If you dont like the BBC then get rid of your TV.


      • 22
        AC1 says:

        An argument that only makes sense to a lefty.

        The BBC is like a tax on letterboxes to fund junk mail.


      • 31
        Gonk says:

        Must do better


      • 45
        Well it's a thought says:

        Jimmy, even for you that’s a lousy argument, you still need a BBC licence to watch Sky or any satellite signal or basically anything that needs a tuner to receive tv signals, if they took that out of the law the telly licences would drop down to a couple of idiots


      • 52
        A Bloke of A Certain Age says:

        Jimmy please tell me you were fraped there as that is the stupidist argument anyone has put forward on this matter even by your standards.


      • 63
        I hate the BBC says:

        I got rid of my TV. They then sent me menacing letters suggesting I owed them £5,000.


        • 86
          Extra virgin Olive Oyl says:

          I got something similar. I just scrawled ” Don’t be so bloody impertinent” across it and sent it back (without a stamp, heard no more).


      • 73
        Marmite says:

        Jimmy, you really are a spazza.


  6. 8
    Down the pan says:


    • 66
      just saying says:

      Watching paint dry is more interesting than Leveson.


      • 81
        Spartacus says:

        especially when the answer is preordained.
        could save us all a lot of money and politicians’ lies by just anouncing the verdict in advance.


        • 94
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Please do not forget that the Judiciary as part of the State Machine are also on trial here.

          It was “no one on Oath” at Brian Hutton (Dr Kelly) whitewash time.
          So how can Brian Leveson square “so many on Oath” this time?

          Or is there an inconvenient truth – about “The truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”?

          Could it be that it won’t be the truth if it implicates the four pillars of the realm?


        • 102
          Bill Bell says:

          I like Eastenders


    • 97
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Andrew Neil is referred to “The Business” a paper (A pinky weekend paper) now not being published. Neil was the editor of the paper and an article appeared in The Business on the Weekend of 6/7 April 2003 – of a defence for Tom Glocer’s pay package / remuneration package.

      In the following two weekend editions several letters were published which ‘tore into’ the culture of excessive pay for CEO’s.

      Not a single city type – refuted or rebutted the published opinions in the letters columns.

      Several Ministers and city-types at the time also came in for a right good ticking off as well – yet they nevr rebutted or refuted the published letters.

      Andrew Neil is but yet another – footsoldier from the Murdoch School of duplicitous journalism. Others include Trevor Kavanagh, Kelvin Mackenzie, Rebekka Wade, Alistair Campbell, Piers Morgan …..

      They have all been ‘taking the Murdoch coin’ – and to a man not one of them gives a fig about the British Public – Remember Hillsborough! it is but one of so much that many of the aforementioned don’t want to have too much light shone upon … why? because they did their masters’ bidding.


  7. 9
    Michael Corleone says:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, my father always said.
    And just like I said, you think you’ve left it all behind, but then they pull you right back in…


  8. 14
    Blair Rich Project says:

    After all the money I pay for security and protection. Sorry – all the money you pay.


  9. 15
    Anthony Wedgwood Blair says:

    Look…I’m a pretty straight kind of guy.



  10. 17
    Yoda says:

    Amazing how he started as the new hope and has degenerated into an evil dictator.. elements of Star Wars? He might as well dig out his black cape, black helmet and start wheezing.


  11. 21
    not a number says:

    Blair had just farted


  12. 23
    Cliff Richards beastly non gay boyfriend says:

    Easy to be tough when surounded by armed men
    Ive seen this wanker being driven down Edgware Road with 5 armed outriders
    two range rover gun ships and an so19 bmw
    Our Queen doesnt get that level of protection (maybe because we like her)
    Although the other day I saw him with two outriders and no other support apart from a copper sitting next to tony in his armoured seven series


  13. 26
    Scotty says:

    The man is a war criminal. If he is not sl-aughtering the people in the ME, he is screwing money out of them. Disgrace.


  14. 28
    Jimmy says:




  15. 30
    The Real Big Brother says:

    David Davis doing the rounds on TV and speaking out against the snoopers charter.

    Good man!


    • 53
      Vote it down says:

      It’s always the same. Governments like to seize powers, oppositions want to disolve powers. Problem is will Labour do a U turn and vote against this draconian act as it was their idea in the first place (Also EU diktat) and the lib dems?


    • 103
      Bill Bell says:

      He is a brand I could sign up for


  16. 33
    Jeff Jinx says:

    Your headline suggests that Blair actually HAD cool to begin with.


  17. 35
    Not a Progressive says:

    So Blair is in Hong Kong, the city state once under British protection and then handed over to the authoritarian communist regime of the Peoples Republic of China.

    Good place for him. I’m surprised the whole cabinet aren’t over there to pick up some more tips on how to oppress us.


    • 87
      Extra virgin Olive Oyl says:

      The HK Police used to be known as the best police force money can buy… I wonder if anything has changed?


  18. 37
    The ghost of Saddam Hussein says:

    When Blair suppresses people, it’s OK.

    When I suppress people, I get hanged.

    OMFG it’s like, so unfair.


    • 43
      JH says:

      Yes, you are a very bad man, stopping the Sunni Delights and Shits bombing the shit out of each other on a daily basis and overseeing the formation of a vast middle class in your country.

      Shame on you.


      • 57

        SHCOK NEWS : One real live braincell at Guido’s.

        JH: “Yes, you are a very bad man, stopping the Sunni Delights and Shits bombing the shit out of each other on a daily basis and overseeing the formation of a vast middle class in your country.

        Shame on you.”


  19. 39
    Double Standards says:

    I believe Blair is a war criminal, had a hand in Dr K℮lly’s death and TPTB are protecting him.


    • 47
      • 59
        SWALK says:

        The powers that be perhaps? He probably means the Permagov aka the civil service rather than the tempgo


      • 62
        One day one of his bodyguards will do him says:

        Chief Inspectors that refuse to investigate claims of treason, malfeasance in public office, etc.

        The HMRC officials that don’t care about shredded receipts, or his off-shore accounts.

        The EU that pay him shitloads to ponce about as a peace (oh, the irony) envoy to the ME, the very place he brought war to.

        The Humphreys in the the Civil Service, who know where the bodies are buried (possibly literally), yet keep schtum.

        Probably the worst offenders in allowing this utterly vile piece of filth to continue breathing are the British public that voted for the twat 3 times, and don’t lynch him on sight now they can see he was nothing but a fraud.


    • 104
      Bill Bell says:

      I don’t care if he’s a war criminal, he is a Hunt


  20. 40
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Tony Blair, he don’t care.


  21. 44
    The Knobserver says:

    That should have been ‘that’s the truth for you’. Ir-aq is still a bl-oody mess.


  22. 46
    Ah! Monika says:

    He’ll spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder and under his car.


    • 106
      Bill Bell says:

      Bet he’s worried shitess


    • 112
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Blair should be worried – but so too should every last spineless Labour MP and Tory MP who ‘nodded through’ the Iraq war. They didn’t want to see the woods for the trees. They were all riding tony’s gravy-train.

      The Labour party – until it rids itself of every remaining Gobby Blair-Monger is a party still in denial.

      Much the same applies to the craven old and new within the Tory party.


  23. 50
    anonymous says:

    how many more times is Cameron going to say “I can’t remember exactly …..?????”


    • 56
      Nancy Cameron says:

      Dad’s aways forgettng something or other.


    • 60
      als heimer says:

      Pre-senile dementia can strike at any age.
      I believe there are even young Socialist supporters who not only cannot recall single events of yesteryear, cannot recall 1997- 2010


    • 67
      UKIP.I.AM says:

      Only Gordon Brown can remember everything he said three years ago. Because he made it all up the night before.


  24. 54
    A Bloke of A Certain Age says:

    Tony Blairs guilt ravaged face reminds me of the paintings of the dammed in Michael Angelos Last Judgement.


  25. 79
    Leonine Mike says:

    “I wouldn’t come any further…” ???

    What was he going to throw at him — the dodgy dossier ?


  26. 89
    Tom says:

    Do dictators make craps jokes too?
    Another none story Guido.
    Shape up.


  27. 92
    PC clitoris says:

    Would you want to get any closer to the murdering bastard? He might set his wife on you.


  28. 95
    Jess The Dog says:

    That’s what he will get *every single day* if he tries to “re-engage” or whatever he wants to call it.

    7 month old dead in car bombing in Baghdad this week… blood on Blair’s hands.



  29. 96
    john in cheshire says:

    And Mr Blair, for the time you were an MP and particularly when you were the Prime Minister, where are your expenses receipts?


  30. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Judging by the Youtube video, I’m not actually sure it was him to be fair… I Think it was the guy MCing it or someone else – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNwXwZh9M3M


  31. 109
    GlobalGaz says:

    Bit late an all but here it is….


  32. 111

    Thanks for monitoring out my comment, Guido. Will be following up my earlier post.


  33. 113
    barry eisenberg says:

    Tony Blair is the UK’s Colin Powell, a stupid slimeball captive of the ruling clique. If there’s any justice in the world, the both of them will experience the condemnation, humiliation and punishment they so richly deserve.


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