April 25th, 2012

Ken Promising Full Silveta Accounts

Ken Livingstone has a tendency to shoot his mouth off and says things which are inadvisable, like criticising politicians for cosying up to News International when he himself is no stranger to Wapping:

Incidentally when Guido tweeted this picture yesterday twitter-idiots claimed it was a fake. It is absolutely genuine.

At the London Jewish Forum last night under pressure about his tax affairs Ken promised again that the certified Silveta accounts would be published online “shortly”. No sign of them yet. Only 20 days since he first promised he would..


  1. 1
    Jo Moore says:

    “Its a good day to bury bad news”


    • 17
      Cameron's Vichy Conservatives says:

      If that picture really is genuine it’s probably the only thing about Ken that is


      • 67
        Anonymous says:

        The ES article makes no mention of Silveta Accounts, just that he’s gonna get his current ones signed off by an accountant… wonder how much he’s gonna pay to get them to do that!


        • 99
          Marion the cat says:

          I would guess about as much as they would have made in the remainder of their professional career plus some for the costs of defending being struck off.


      • 72

        It should be impossible for public opinion of politicians to sink lower than it was during the expenses scandal


        given the disgracefully childish behaviour on all sides at PMQs today, those outside the Westminster think MP’s are all self absorbed fucking idiots.

        The country is going down the tubes and all we see is jeers, catcalls and playground posturing.

        FFS grow up

        Bradford got George, France is about to get Hollande and London may get Ken.

        Shows the value of form over substance and how you have to keep repeating the lie.


    • 19
      The London Sharia Beacon says:

      As the future Mayor, my first task will be the open up an Envoy system between great cities like Tehran and Caracas.

      I will arrange a State Visit within hours of my appointment by the postal voters of Tower Hamlets from Mahmoud Admandinejad. London will be Judenrein and declared a US Free Zone.


      • 46
        Postal Voter says:

        I are legion, innit


        • 66
          Ain't It the Truth says:

          London will twin with Gaza City, recognise all terrorist organisations, invite the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to run checks on all enemies of the people and ask former IRA operatives to run Scotland Yard.


    • 22
      yeah, right.... says:

      What happens to these ministerial advisors (and their mendacious minister bosses) once they are booted out? Are Ms Moore and the slippery Byers still skulking around Westminster?


    • 47
      WTF? says:


      • 68
        Angela Merkel ardent card carrying communist until 1989 says:

        Hollande must have read it, unlike Sarkozy and realised the deal is basically legalised theft. Don’t expect Merkel to be pleased about this, the scam was going to be run by German banks and bankers.


    • 101
      Bill Bell says:

      “I’ve just shit myself” but this isn’t smelly vision is it?


  2. 2
    Steve Miliband says:

    At this rate Ken will be Mayor, Miliband PM and we will have Lord Gordon


    • 7
      Brain dead bimbo says:

      Oh Steve, pleeeeeeeeeeeze don’t even think that. God help us if that ever came to pass.


    • 10
      Bruce & Sheila says:

      Streuth, let’s hope that never happens. We’re getting the pommie pooftas by the planeload as it is! Fuck off and take your stupid “football” and your gay beer with you.


      • 23
        yeah, right.... says:

        Gay beer? From the nation who gave us Fosters and XXXX?

        I think we could take that from the Belgians, but Aussies?


        • 57
          What's on? says:

          If it means that you don’t wake up stinking of goats piss with a massive head-ache and shitting concrete – then yes I suppose Pommie beer is gay.


      • 71
        Digger O'Dell says:

        Fair dinkum, cobber! Now let’s look at some REAL footy!


      • 100
        Marion the cat says:

        Oh yes , you despise pommies and yet you have a Welsh PM. Care to explain your philosophy. Even we had something better than Kinnochio.


  3. 3
    Marmite says:

    Ken is a lying Barsteward, and IF he does publish his Silveta accounts, they’ll probably be signed off by Mickey Mouse.
    The man has no shame and no integrity.


  4. 4

    Does it matter if he publishes his full accounts? He could spit in a baby’s face and the Labour sheep will still vote for him.


    • 12
      Sheep says:

      He could shit in a babies face and I’d still vote for him, bah…


    • 14
      BBC Brainwashed Mong says:

      Well, my dad voted Labour and his dad did and his dad before him did so…..


      • 83
        Anonymous says:

        That’s it. The proof needed to confirm that it’s in the genes & nothing to do with being sensible that determines ones voting intentions.


  5. 5
    WVM says:

    Bring it on Ken, you’ve had 20 days to prepare the lies.


  6. 6
    MrAngry61 says:

    Ken may have trouble finding an accountant to touch his company accounts, after all the nasteez that have come out of the woodwork already.


  7. 8
    Tony Blair says:

    Ken’s a pretty straight kinda guy, just like me. Maybe a little nutty sometimes but hey, who are we to judge? Londoners should elect him.


    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      TB, the letters “r” and “j” are missing from your penultimate word. Inclusion of “l”is not needed. Your secretary needs to excercise more care.


  8. 9
    Funambulist says:

    Voing for Ken is like turkeys voting for a ha-lal Christmas.


  9. 11

    Ken is absolutely awful in every possible way. Fair play though, Boris has also become a politically correct idiot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vQ3_rU8dZk


  10. 13

    *supports Berlin time
    *sided with the Communist Stonewall Soviet and banned Christian advertising on buses
    *will say anything PC if he thinks it can get him a femmie journalist lay
    *is a good friend of Dave Cameron but pretends to be his worst enemy


    • 15
      Erm? says:

      So why do UKIP suggest giving Boris 2nd pref vote?


      • 25

        Because they are no better, but with less experience – could go either way really. Either a complete f.uck up if they ever get real power, or a complete balls up – one or the other, take your pick.

        UKIP – Monster Raving, with a budget.


        • 48
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Oddly UKIP policies look rather good and far better than anything offered by either the socialist Coalition or the marxist Labour “opposition”.

          I am rather keen on strict border controls and the ability to deport trouble makers back to their country / shithole of origin. Plus paying £50,000,000 a day to be in a club that continually pisses on you and orders you around without you having any say in the matter, is not my cup of tea. Though I suspect, it is yours.


    • 29
      You fuckwit says:

      That’s Berlin time as in Calais time, is it?


      • 97
        Anonymous says:

        Berlin stayed in the same time zone throughout the 20th century. Calais moved to Berlin time at some point in the period 1939-1945 and, according to reliable accounts, remains there to this day.


    • 50
      Casanova says:

      Not so sure it is fair to hold a few insincerities spouted in order to entice a lady against a chap.


  11. 16
    nellnewman says:

    Mouth in gear , brain in neutral – that’s serial liar ken to a t.


  12. 21
    Loungelizard says:

    What exactly is ‘Wapping’ and is it legal between two consenting deviants?


    • 36
      I don't need no doctor says:

      It’s something Morris Men do to each other. Or it’s Ed Balls describing the financial mess labour caused.


  13. 24
    Rock On Rupert says:

    I just love the way Rupe appears to have finished spe@king then carries on after a long pause. It really puts the lawyer off his stride.

    I am beginning to really like him. No enemy of Gordon Brown and Tom Watson can be all bad mind.


  14. 27
    I don't need no doctor says:

    BBC news 24 reporting on Murdoch at Leveson. So Blair and Brown don’t exist?


  15. 28
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The BBC really are shit. Now we have the spiteful Chris Bryant being iterviewed. The BIASED BBC makes me puke.


  16. 30
    Posh Boys says:


  17. 31
    annette curton says:

    Given that the EU can’t get anybody to sign their accounts off after, what is it?, 10 years, 20 days is a mere bagatelle.


    • 52
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Rather more than 10 years, try 17, 18 this year.


    • 62
      Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

      It’s more like 15-18 years since the EU’s accounts were last signed off. If any private business had tried to get away with that, its owners, directors and other top executives would have been jailed long ago and banned from holding such office again.


  18. 32
    Salmond chickens out. says:


  19. 33
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Livingstone to publish figures after the election for mayor. Ed Miliband fully endorses Livingstone’s decision.


  20. 37
    this septic pile says:

    will these be ‘shortform’ accounts?


    • 81
      Cynthia Payne says:

      No ,

      but if Ken wants I can give him names in Soho who could certainly give him a
      ” short time “…..


  21. 39
    TV hardman ross kamp says:

    He looks like an organist in that pic


  22. 40
    'Ken' LyingthroughhisteethScum says:

    See my face? – see that stupid grin? – I’m on the same Happy Tabs that Tone was!


  23. 41
    Fish says:

    Beeboid telling us that Cameron went considerably out of his way en route to a Turkish holiday to meet then devil Murdoch off Santorini, Greece.

    Santorini is on the way there. Not like the trip, unreported by the Beeboid, that Bliar made to meet him in Oz.

    Also it seems Salmond is ok – only the occasional meeting (like Cameron)


  24. 42
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The BBC selective news reporting.


  25. 44
    Pond Life says:

    I said I will publish them “shortly”. If that is after the election,so be it.


  26. 45
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    Remember the ‘cheap oil from Venezuela’?

    Turns out that was a lie (often repeated) as well.

    Rather than shipping oil to his own refinery, turns out that Leninspart had signed a deal that saw the Venezuelan state oil company paying 20 percent of TFL’s diesel fuel bill in sterling.

    Think about that: Lenin allowed a human-rights abusing dictatorship to buy diesel for London buses.

    Vote Boris, or we’ll be in for more the same Stalinist madness.


    • 54
      Gosh, really? says:

      Did your binocular observations happy to spot a bank account in Venezuela with funds in it which are available for the personal use of any well-known Londoners?


  27. 56
    The Tosser in No 10 says:

    Trust me! – I’mastraightkindaguy!


  28. 59
    Smith W 6079 says:

    That picture of Ken Livingstone is an obvious fake. I know this fact to be true because the Party tells me it is true. Thus it is my duty to make sure this picture never took place– it “unhappened,” as we say in Newsp*e*ak. And two and two make five.


  29. 63
    Desperate Dan says:

    I wish Lord Ashcroft hadn’t sold Politics Home. It used to be quite fairly balanced and interesting but it only publishes a load of bollocks these days.


  30. 76
    Tom Watson's Mum says:

    My Tom is beside himself with alternating rage and happiness. He’s off down to that nice bar in Soho again to see those nice friends of his. he told me not to wait up as he might not get in till after my bedtime. Such a considerate boy, my Tom…


  31. 78
    Avuncular Uncle Ken says:

    I’m only 68 you know ….

    — and I can already touch type on a PC

    Good ain’t I ??


  32. 82
    Ken's Snout says:

    Be fair Guido. It takes ages to cook the books.


  33. 86
    Anonymous says:

    We want to know about Ian Corby of the PRUs trip to Cayman.


  34. 87
    lee Matthews says:

    Ken probably wont publish. It’s not long to go now and not publishing has had little effect on polls. Of course if his accounts are dodgy then it’s best not to.


  35. 88
    Small Business says:

    Daily Mail

    Murdoch Claimed Gordon Brown misled parliament over a Sun story about his son

    Gordon Brown was in ‘unbalanced state of mind’ when he ‘declared war’ on me, Rupert Murdoch reveals at historic day in court

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2134837/Dirty-Digger-Rupert-Murdoch-arrives-dish-dirt-Cameron-Brown-Blair.html#ixzz1t4GNfizE


  36. 91
    Coiled Spring says:

    Sums up this cesspit country when the only two people with a chance of London mayor are the two idiotic clowns, Johnson and Livingstone – what a fucking choice!


  37. 92
    Mad Dog Murdoch says:

    I visit this site every day for news and analysis of ken’s Silveta accounts. Its been a long wait. how much longer. huh?


    • 95
      joescotus says:

      until recently i was a self employed one man band in a 25 year spell i was googled once strongly by vinnie the vat man ..and twice by horace the taxman they both horsed thousands in back tax and penalties out of my wallet i’d even seviced vinnie’s cortina to the tune of 300 hundred quid…….took him down to local club for 2 pies &4 pints vinnie still applied his boss’s clawback target ..just sign here and i wont delve into year 2 really because i’m nothing.. ken is something he get investigated by mr. noHunt


  38. 96
    The Tuscan Kid says:

    It was the smile that was being claimed as fake, and with good reason.

    Perhaps he took lessons from Gordon.


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