April 5th, 2012

Trouble With the Mrs

After a long couple of weeks getting it in the neck from almost every angle, it looks like Dave hit the pub with the Mrs. Not just any boozer, an expensive one in Belgravia where the drinks cost eight pounds and dinner won’t leave much change from a hundred. And it seems it didn’t go very well:

Was the slow cooked Castle of Mey beef bavette, truffle potato, spinach & bone marrow jus not up to scratch? Or was it the eight point dip in Dave’s personal approval rating?


  1. 1
    Not Ken Again says:

    Maybe Dave having the same problem as the male panda?


    • 2

      lov a dov a dollop


    • 7
      What's Left? says:

      It will not be too long before Sam & Dave will be seeing a pantechnicon arriving at Number 10 ready to collect their belongings.

      Time for a real Tory, not a Blu-Labour wannabee to take over the reins of power


      • 17
        Duwapalooloowapbambam says:

        Sam & Dave

        Hit Records

        1962 No More Pain

        1963 It Was So Nice While it Lasted

        1964 I Never, Never

        1965 I Take What I Want

        1968 Can’t You Find Another Way?


        • 28
          Otis Bedding says:

          rockin’ man


          • David laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Vote UKIP, there is no point voting Tory anymore especially if you are a pensioner.

            BBC only let the main three plus Green have a debate over the London Mayor position. I thought the independent and UKIP candidates look much better. Once more, no impartial broadcasting at the BBC.

            Come on Guido, even you must see this as being very wrong.


        • 74
          Musical politics says:

          + 100


    • 12
      Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

      Sam would just like it good and ard sometimes…..


      • 34
        Rev’d Phoney £rd Way B£iar, sanctimonious Git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin, says:

        But you don’t seem to realise my doppelganger is alive, well, and running the remnants of the country I set out to destroy!

        But I will add – Cherry never for lacked for a good seeing-to!

        Anyway, must go! – got to see another very Very VERY WEALTHY client!


    • 27
      Daniel says:

      Dave has lost the plot. What on Earth made him think that spying on every person, holding secret trials, marrying homosexuals and saving the Euro were sensible ideas?


      • 31
        In The Know says:

        Dave is realising he shoul have had a real job afterall!!


      • 39
        Angry of London says:

        The gay europhile stazi of Sh*tain, openly friendly to TROP but secretly terrified of anything that looks ‘different’ from the cosy occupants of their leafy suburbs or home-county ex-farms. Cameron was a (3rd rate) PR man. The gay stazi represent the only allowed media viewpoint in Sh*tain. Hence, Cameron does his best to please them. Sadly, the rest of us f*_cking hate the lot of it.


      • 61
        The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

        Cameron, like Blair and Brown before him, is merely an errand boy, an order taker, a junior local admin clerk. He like they, is the ‘acceptable’ face, of a very sinister movement and when his usefulness is passed, will be replaced by another smiling robot offering ‘change’ and a ‘better world’. Of course his replacement will change nothing and carry on taking orders and running errands.


    • 95
      Anonymous says:

      Maybe Dave told her that he intends rowing back from all that climate change shite. She of the Long Face let him know that Daddy would not be best pleased if his windmill subsidy of over a million a year, paid by the sweat of ordinary working men and women, were to disappear.


  2. 3
    M Class says:

    I hear the pasties are good


    • 19
      Working Class Man says:

      Are they served hot or ambient.


      • 26
        M Class says:

        Hard to tell, the gravy was hot, as we’re the chips. Couldn’t find any red sauce though.


        • 70
          Sir Aston Martin says:

          Pretentious publican, I expect. “The Furniture Van” doesn’t sound quite the same. Belgravia bollocks. OTH, “Panopticon” might be a better name for Dave’s Big Surveillety.


  3. 4
    duboulay says:

    So last week he was given abuse for trying to seem like an “ordinary ” person and this week he is abused for going to an upmarket pub!!!!

    It is very good though so worth the flack….


  4. 5
    Scrobs... says:

    What, was he noshing on a battle bus then…?


  5. 6
    Captain Birdseye says:

    i hope someone shoots the stuck up traitor


  6. 8
    MacGuffin says:

    That’s not actually very much money, you know.


    • 18

      eh? It takes me all day in the booth to earn that


      • 24
        MacGuffin says:

        The Camerons don’t need to ‘earn’ money, you oik!


        • 40

          Proud to be an oik – and an ignorant one at that.


  7. 9
    yeah, right.... says:

    Married couple spotted in pub, shock.


    • 128
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I am afraid I can’t afford to go in posh restaurants like this Tory twat. I had to take my darling Katia to Kentucky Fried Chicken.


  8. 10
    Dave's one of us says:

    Must’ve been another couple.

    Ordinary Dave would have been at home in “the flat above the shop”, can of Guinness in hand, watching Sky Sports.

    And you know, I think he drank the large one!


    • 41
      Ambrose Bunting says:

      quite right sir!!

      why should the rich need incentivising when ordinary workers have to be bullied and kicked about????

      he truly is a cool kinda guy


  9. 11
    Anonymouse says:

    Nice pub that the Pantechnicon, eat there often.


  10. 13
    Sandra in Accounts says:


    Stop attacking Dave.

    He is the best recruiter we in UKIP have got.

    DUDC Team (Dont Unseat Dave Cameron)


  11. 14
    A Pasty-faced Plonker Posing as PM says:

    I say chaps!!!

    Why are the common people in a frightful bate about water?

    Let them drink Perrier!! – watt?


  12. 15
    purpleline says:

    I think she was refusing to be seen in public eating a Cornish Pasty over Easter Holidays. There is a limit to what one will put in one’s mouth for the Tory party.


  13. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Thought I’d logged on to The Mirror for a minute.

    Go to the Pantechnicon myself. A pint costs what a pint should a burger and chips comes in at 13.50.

    Guido talking shit again?


  14. 22
    Sophie says:

    8 point drop.


    Another 8 or 9 should wake the party up from its stooper.

    If they leave Heathite Cameron in place we will see Unite Len’s stooge Ed Miliband in Downing Street.

    Vote UKIP – the real Conservative Party.


  15. 23
    By Passer says:

    Was the slow cooked Castle of Mey beef bavette, truffle potato, spinach & bone marrow jus not up to scratch?

    Hey Guido! – never knew that lot went in a Cornish Pasty? Looks like someone forgot the swede though!


  16. 29
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “why do you keep on having to try and be prime minister, we’d have much less intrusion in to our lives if you hadn’t bothered. Its not even as if you’re suited to it.”


    • 43
      Ex Conservative Voter says:

      “Look, Sam, if you want me to pay any attention to what you have to say, give me a quarter of a million, cash, now. Then I’ll listen. Not before.”


    • 65
      M says:

      If you’er looking for the real devide & rule
      Look at the political classes of all colours & the public


  17. 30
    Well it's a thought says:

    Well shame I’am going out, because I would enjoy kicking the uconned us and Camoron in their none balls, you know the ones they removed when they just got voted in by a cats whisker, seems like the other parties they have no one with balls running them anymore, they all seem to work better with yellow streaks, lies corruption, so change we have none.


  18. 32

    Usually support all your work Guido, BUT slagging off the PM for eating at a posh restaurant with his Wife is just a bit pathetic.


    • 49
      Fatty Arbuckle says:


      they dont like it up em


    • 55
      smoggie says:

      It was the missus slagging Dave off for eating in an expensive posh restaurant. She was probably upset that they hadn’t gone to one of the subsidised eateries in the HoC.


  19. 33
    Cameron is a twat says:

    Don’t forget when Dave’s minimum booze price becomes law everyone will be paying £8 for pint.


  20. 35
    Ex Conservative Voter says:

    He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, really. If he’d rushed over to a Harvester to drink Fosters (God forbid) or Greggs (what the hell is Greggs, anyway?) to eat sausage rolls and show his “I’m one of you common folk” credentials like Militwit did, he’d be slammed as a phony, so why shouldn’t he pop over to his natural environment, an £8 (per pint??) pub?

    And it’s quite insightful; if he’s paying £8 for a drink, no wonder he’s dumbfounded that us commoners complain about £3.50.


    • 48
      yeah, right.... says:

      The real shocking thing about all this is that here is a politician paying for food and drink that isn’t subsidised by us.


    • 50
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I noticed an advert for Morrisons. They have a promo for a variety of spirits that cost approx 39.5 pence per litre.


      • 57
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        oops. unit not litre.


        • 103
          The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

          Great, thank’s for that, I’ll nip in and stock up before the bastards in government and their fake charity chums, start screaming in puritanical rage.


  21. 36
    8i11y 8owd3n says:

    I am a c’unt.


    • 42

      true, but you are also a fake


  22. 37
    Margo Leadbetter says:

    When he visited the North West recently he called in for lunch unannounced at the Bell and Bottle, Newton-With-Scales with his entourage and had a chicken sandwich. It’s one of those chain pubs, and not one I would personally choose to frequent, which just goes to show that David is a ‘man of the people’ in spite of media attempts to portray him otherwise.


    • 59
      Ex Conservative Voter says:

      It’s generally considered bad form to walk into a pub, take a crap in the bogs and then leave without paying for something. I suspect the chicken sandwich got tossed (uneaten) from his car’s window, as Dave heartily tucked into wild smoked salmon sandwiches (crust removed, natch) and Fortnum & Mason Dundee cake.


  23. 38
    Hang The Bastards says:

    It was because he is acting like a TRECHEROUS ARSEHOLE rather than atrue TORY!

    Get rid of the useless bastard or we will vote UKIP !


    • 44
      Hang 'em HIGH!! - Really HIGH!!! says:

      I can help guv!


    • 62
      smoggie says:

      I’d rather vote Monster Raving Looney Party than for those single issue fanatics at UKIP.


      • 66
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        No no no, I’m not having that. Our local chap is also interested in smoking in pubs.


      • 67
      • 71
        Tatypus says:

        Keep sucking on Dave’s cock then, see how far that gets you.


      • 116
        The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

        Single issue bullshit again. And there was me thinking only socialists were unreconstructable liars. It seems Daves ‘red tories” are, oh wait…..


      • 117
        Anonymous says:

        Yup, those UKIP bastards banging on about the EU all the time. Pick an issue, any issue and you can be fairly certain that the governments path is determined or influenced by an EU policy.

        Immigration – yup, EU’s tentacles here.
        VAT – I think you’ll find the EU sticking their oar in here.
        Agricultural subsidies – another EU competence
        Extradition of undesirables – do you really need to ask?
        Votes for prisoners – chalk that up for the EU
        Trade tariffs with non EU countries hampering our ability to trade globally – mais oui monsieur.
        Climate change shite – cheers Brussels!
        And on, and on…

        Take the EU out if the equation and many of these problems could be resolved. You still think the EU is a single issue, eh fuckwit?


  24. 53
    Backstairs Billy Vague says:

    I wish Dave would give me a hard time!


  25. 56
    ThePoor TheSick The Disabled TheElderly The Unemployed says:

    HEY is this a stick the boot in on Dave blog ??? – great – waited a while to do this – take that you bastard – and that – and that – fucker!!!!!


  26. 58
    Toff off Dave says:

    £8 a pint, is this why he wants mimimum pr1cing for the rest of us?


  27. 63
    Dave's protection squad says:

    Leave it out Fawkes. It’s the first time we’ve been down the pub in ages. Don’t discourage him.


  28. 64
    The Boss says:

    So Dave wants to stay in and watch Boris on the tele while Sam wants to go out…Sam wins and out they go…Dave gets a weegie on…and words are spoken
    seem like a normal couple.What’s the problem Guido.


  29. 68
    Gordon Brown says:

    My skid-marks smell of cheese and onion crisps.


  30. 73
    Dunlaggin says:

    so how much does a pint cost at this pub?


  31. 75
    The wife of an ex PM says:


  32. 76
    Labour Lisp says:

    Sorry about all the trolls.
    As you know our rapid rebutters and activists are all under 15 years old. Most socialists are. You have to be pretty immature to join us!

    Its the Easter holidays and its raining. So they have nothing else to do until Hollyoaks comes on.



  33. 80
    E's 'avin' a laff ain't he ? says:

    What I want to know is when is the government e -petition site going to be working…? It’s been down for “maintainance” now for almost 2 weeks. Nothing to do with that “granny petition” of course just a co-incidence…………..don’t forget though…”We’re all in this together !” …Mugs !!!!


  34. 90
    tube_thumper says:

    So Guido you think EIGHT pounds is a lot of money for a drink in London.

    You know it is not!!!

    By the way I cant remember the last time there was anything remotely interesting or thought provoking on this blog


    • 104
      J P says:

      Eight pounds would keep me pissed for a week in Hull


    • 114
      Jane Birkin from Paris says:

      If you are paying more than £8 for a pint of water which has been dipped in a few hops with a bit of sugar and barley then you are being well and truly screwed.


    • 121
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      In an establishment charging £8 a pint I would normally expect to see a lithe young lady removing her clothes.


      • 126
        tube_thumper says:

        if you fucking northern twats cant read let me expalin

        It says EIGHT pounds for a drink. Where doies it mention beer. I wouldnt think they would let pints of beer wankers in However a drink can be anything and a large glass of claret oir a vodka and tonic is at least 8 quid anyhwere in central london.

        grow up or earn more you peasants


      • 127
        tube_thumper says:

        oh lovely being moderated again i forgot why i nevewr bother here anymore.

        Guy Fawakes indeed. Guido sucks cock more like politcially correct cock more like

        what a waste of fucking saticirical space. Burn guido and fuck off to the wanky star to pursue your sad lives


  35. 91
    another foal says:

    bet she’s up the duff again.


  36. 97
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    He should have brought her down to the Colliers in Clydach.

    You can get pasties and chips plus gravy and peas as well as hand conditioned Welsh beer and still have change from a twenty pound note.

    It is all well and good Dave throwing his own money around but it makes you think how good he is with our money.


    • 113
      tottenham chutzpah says:

      Lets get this right – pasty, chips, gravy, peas and a hand job for less than £20 –
      sounds like a good night out!


  37. 102
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    Now that this expensive visit to the local is common knowledge I hope we do not have a pensioner standing at the gates of Downing Street and topping himself or herself.


    • 111
      tottenham chutzpah says:

      But in an era when we value individual responsibility and voluntary work, isn’t such behaviour to be seen as a contribution to debt reduction of the national debt?


  38. 110
    £24 billion and rising says:

    What is the real price of the London Olympics?



  39. 112
    Mike Newman says:

    Dave will soon be getting himself a much easier job – in Madame Tussauds providing he can stand still long enough.


  40. 115
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    Sam&Dave (cont)…

    Sam: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahling – is that tarte flambee?

    Dive (thinks): Gawd almighty – not surprising – we ain’t give ‘er that monkey* for the dirt on Ken’s accounts.

    ‘I say, waiter…….’ (to be continued)

    * for listeners at ‘ome – a monkey is £500


  41. 129
    Derek Draper says:

    Thanks Damian. This is BRILLIANT!!!


  42. 135
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    All these public school boys are the same.

    When it comes to exciting a woman they are absolutely hopeless.

    I think the penny is finally dropping with Sam Cam.


  43. 136
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    That David Cameron has got a cheek.

    He gets on a train to Cardiff and thinks he has made a visit to Wales.

    As if this isn’t bad enough he then goes on to complain that Wales is falling behind and then jumps back on the train to London without explaining what he is going to do to improve the situation.

    My friend Blodwen in the Colliers says Cameron is all mouth and trousers and reminds her of her first husband who went to jail for stealing horses.


  44. 137
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    I would like to take my misses out to a posh pub but I work seven nights a week .
    I have no spare time and pay loads of taxes.

    How Mr Cameron finds the time and money to spend like this I dont know.


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