March 1st, 2012

Desperate Tonge Loyalists Fight Back

The Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine are actually trying to suggest that Jenny Tonge’s views were taken out of context. If anything, the context they were in made them worse…

In a press release, they fully endorse her views and criticise Clegg’s action:

“This partial quotation would seem very possibly to be deliberate, and has had the effect of fostering a misinterpretation of her views.”

As they note, in the video we put up showed, Tonge did say:

“Israel is not going to be there forever on its present performance”.

This is the only quote that the LibDem group choose to use though. Somehow they miss out the fact that thirty seconds later Tonge said:

It will not go on forever, it will not go on forever. Israel will lose it’s support will lose its support and then they will reap what they have sown.”

This is the section we were quoting, but there’s not a peep out of them about it, despite them having the cheek to accuse others of misquotingAs Nick Cohen says in Standpoint today, there is a dark core within the LibDems, and they seem to have broken cover again today…


  1. 1
    Well says:

    I despise what she says but will defend to the death her right to say it.

  2. 2
    witbooi says:

    she’s a stupid bitch. Someone will call in an IDF a pizza delivery on her as revenge

  3. 3
    Heard it ALL b4 says:

    Mis – translation / spoken / understood / quoted / heard / … anymore?


  4. 4
    Chas Townley says:

    Actually what she said makes absolute sense Israel will collapse without International support unless its makes a sustainable peace with the Palestinians on the basis of the long ignored UN resolutions about the Palestinian Borders.

    Why sanctions against Syria and Iran but not against Israel?

  5. 5
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    RIP Monkee….

    Then I saw His face, now I’m a cadaver,
    Not a trace of life in my mind,
    I’m a stiff, O I’m a cadaver
    I couldn’t have her,
    If I tried.

  6. 6
    Charlie says:

    The Cohen article is from 2010. Still true though.

  7. 7
    Speaking in Tonges says:

    How interesting.

    Liberal piety=Hatred

  8. 8
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “As Nick Cohen says in Standpoint today”
    The link seems to be from june 2010.

    Oh. and its the tone that matter. Clearly shows she was thinking illegal things. Seriously. I am taking the piss there, but its true.

  9. 9
    God's Holy Trousers says:

    Tonge really should kit herself out in a Burkha. She makes Huhne’s squeeze look almost human in comparison.

  10. 10
    You mean . . . ? says:

    Tricky Nicky has a Dark Core somewhere?

    You must be mistaken, – otherwise Brave Dave would have nothing to do with them.

  11. 11
    Andrew Efiong says:

    She used to be my MP. And rubbish was she.

  12. 12
    SuckSantorum says:

    Unlike Guido who’s gone from a free-speech advocate to leading the lynch mob any time anyone says something he doesn’t agree with. Funny that…

  13. 13
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Seeing as it was through the Libdem party that she was ennobled and seeing that she is no longer a member of that party will she now renounce her peerage? I will not hold my breath.

  14. 14
  15. 15
    Rational Gaze says:

    I’m glad she resigned but I am appalled that she is now apparently being investigated by the police. She may be a sententious, acrimonious, supercilious, pusillanimous, calumnious, censorious, vituperative, querulous, embittered, obsessive, and bombastic, dotard incapable of saying anything about Israel not dripping with intolerance, bigotry, caricatures, straw-men, and vitriol; a vapid, brain-dead, piss-poor excuse of a human being who couldn’t make a positive impact on the peace process and situation in Israel and the Middle East to save her life, and a morally-bankrupt intellectual cripple, but she still has the right to express her lying, offensive, poorly-research opinions that she had written and prepared to deadline for situations like these.

  16. 16
    Funny that says:

    Yates asks the leveson inquiry why his meetings with staff from other news organisations are not being mentioned as they were more frequent

  17. 17
    t says:

    It’s Charlie Sheen!

  18. 18
    Joseph Paul Goebbels says:

    As socialists, we are opponents of the Jews, because we see, in the Hebrews, the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods.

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Im a bereaver

  20. 20
    simon says:

    LD Crazies like this would rim Labour in a heartbeat. Infact, she , Hoon and Oakeshott are doing the Tories work for them- why do we need to make the LD’s look like twats whilst they do it themselves. Cheers.

  21. 21
    Well says:

    It seems that Guido is the just getting ahead of the Leveson show trail. Prepare for state regulation and judge moderated blogs.

  22. 22
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Tongue needs to get advice from Diane Context Abbott. Maybe Tongue should join the labour party where racism is acceptable.

  23. 23
    Nu Attack Dog says:

    I dont disagree. However if you are going to insinuate an entire people has genocide rightly coming it’s way you must be prepared to accept that there will be consequences.

  24. 24
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “dark core” my arse.

    How many Libdems do you actually think are into medieval hatreds? Tonge has got odd obsessions, but its still a jump to suggest that they come in a straight line from centuries old blood libels. Or killing jws in the 11th century in france. Or 2000 years of hatred.

    I’d be genuinely interested to find out what’s going on in her head, but theres a lot of wierd extrapolations in that article.

  25. 25
    a non says:

    “antisemitic” like “racist” etc etc has become overused to curtail considered debate, just like parliamentary priviledge is being abused to avoid accusations of slander .
    Where would this blog be if it were compulsary to reply in either black or white terms instead of the multitude of shades of grey that stimulate the conversations here?

  26. 26
    The first stages of CiF says:

    Those who are harping about JT being punished for thought crimes. Look, this chillingly batsh*t woman who has repeatedly and unabashedly declared her sympathies for indiscriminate terrorism has merely forfeited her position as a representative of a political party. Doubtless she and her apologists will claim direct coercion – whether that case can be made is neither here nor there.

    Compare and contrast, you freedom-loving libertarians, with the penalties for any woman even *suspected* of thinking the wrong thing which would be imposed on her by Tonge’s mates in Hamas.

  27. 27
    The first stages of CiF says:

    Those who are harping about JT being punished for thought crimes. Look, this chillingly batsh*t woman who has rep’eatedly and unabashedly declared her sympathies for indiscriminate terrorism has merely forfeited her position as a representative of a political party. Doubtless she and her apologists will claim direct coercion – whether that case can be made is neither here nor there.

    Compare and contrast, you freedom-loving libertarians, with the penalties for any woman even *suspected* of thinking the wrong thing which would be imposed on her by Tonge’s mates in Hamas.

  28. 28
    organic food says:

    Liver alone.

  29. 29
    Gonk says:

    To really see the end of Question Time, she ought to make another
    appearance on the panel urgently. Along with Bob Crow. And to balance
    opinion, how about Owen Jones.

  30. 30
    Khazarian Khast Lead says:

    Israel will continue until the Palestinians are either fried by phosphorous, shot or bulldozed into the sea. Anyone who criticises these actions is a racist. Away and play with the buses deluded goy……..

  31. 31
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Thats a wierd meme thats got to you there. How come the word “genocide” pops out like that?

  32. 32
    Wezthewez says:

    So to break down the extended quote..
    Israel will lose it’s support – With Obama recently courting controversy by openingly condemning Israeli actions and the state itself still flagrantly disregarding numerous U.N. resolutions, surely this is a given and just a matter of time.
    And if you have concerns about Israel having to “reap what they have sown” then that surely exposes your own concerns about what Israel is currently “sowing”

  33. 33
    Sophie says:

    Come out of the closet Sockpuppet.

    Just be man enough to admit that you agree with Jihad Jenny.

    Go on, you know you want to.

  34. 34
    Stinkfinger says:

    So lets look at an example of a place divided by religion.
    Where a solution was found agreed by both sides in 1922.
    Despite which certain elements were still not happy and continued to kill.
    More compromise was found so that even that small portion of land was up for negotiation.
    Still the killing continues.
    I’m talking about Ireland of course.
    I don’t blame the Jews for rejecting any solutions the winky wanky Liberals see as reasonable.
    Not if Ulster is anything to go by.

  35. 35
    Sophie says:

    You love her.

  36. 36
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    You have odd ideas of manhood.

    Anyway. I agree with hitler that smoking gives you cancer.

  37. 37
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    You’re just jealous that I don’t find anything going off in your head as interesting. Although having said that … “love”? now you’re a bit wierd.

  38. 38
    Stinkfinger says:

    One thing for certain.
    Israels days will certainly be numbered if they use the ‘good Friday’ route to conflict resolution.

  39. 39
    Edward Longshanks says:

    Guido, I think the phrase about ‘reaping what you sow’ was first used by a Palestinian, shortly before the residents of Jerusalem insisted he was executed.

  40. 40
    Diane Abbott says:

    Talk to me, honeychile. Tell Big Mama all about it. I know all about being taken IN context and how embarrassing that can be. I’ll go to the wall for you, babes.

  41. 41
    GnosticBrian says:

    Speculation, as opposed to the reality of Israel frying Palestinian civilians with phosphorus and bulldozing their homes.

  42. 42

    Her opinion seems valid and will be shared by many. The problem is that it’s impossible for anyone with an opinion on Israel/Palestine to avoid OTT criticism from one side or the other, so why bother trying to be moderate?

  43. 43
    STOP modding me says:

    Fuck the Palestians. With phosphor.

  44. 44
    Goy Fawkes says:

    Why does he call himself “Guido Fawkes”, he’d be better calling himself “Lee Harvey Oswald”. At least Oswald knew he was the second biggest patsy in history!

  45. 45
    Lee nig-nog Jasper says:

    You said ‘black’ and therefore you are a racist.

  46. 46

    Never forget how the LibDems came into being. They were the old Liberals (half-mad, half reasonable, rather prone to sexually deviancy) combined with a few Labour MP’s of moderate integrity and a much larger number of no-hopers who were actually to the left of Michael Foot (Sue Slipman and her like). These latter formed the SDP but many were still of Clause 4 mould and included the likes of Polly Toynbee (For the sake of balance, they also included the Fink.)

    The point is that many of them are still raving nutters, as is this daft bat.

  47. 47
    Stinkfinger says:

    Shame lady bollock face couldn’t exercise herself in defence of Ulster people who just like palestinians are victims of American meddling.
    (There are plenty of Irish votes in the USA as well as Jewish)
    Fuck the Liberals who only choose the victims that suit them.

  48. 48
    Nu Attack Dog says:

    sockpuppet what do you think she meant by the “reap what you sow” comment? bear in mind the context in which it was said and the people she was sharing a platform with.

  49. 49
    Benefit scrounger says:

    Would that be east or west Jerusalem?


  50. 50
    Legion says:

    Free speech… yep of course she can say what ever she likes.

    BUT…. the point some miss is simple: as a serving member of a political party….you have to tow the party line. She clearly did not. Had to go.
    She is vile as well.

  51. 51
    Sophie says:

    I always get a response from you though.

  52. 52
    Drunk and skint says:

    You’re about 300 years out.

    Google ‘Whigs’, then come back when you know what you are talking about.

  53. 53
    Sophie says:

    Nu Attack Dog

    Best not ask SP to analyse their outpourings too deeply.

    I think SP is coming to terms with a pretty dark core….

  54. 54

    What exactly are you attempting to deny?

  55. 55
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Mr. Dog:
    I don’t know what she meant of course:
    I’d expect the worst case scenario would be all our war with neighbours and a successful palestinian uprising.

    That does seem very unlikley, and it would lead to unpleasant reprisals and bloody conflict. Still not really genocide. And I might be unexpectedly cautious of the word, because one can get put in prison for debating its meaning. Really, I’m not making that up.

  56. 56
    The first stages of CiF says:

    ‘..friying Palestinians with phosporous’

    As opposed to garlic and olive oil? So much better on their Matzo, no?

  57. 57
    . says:

    Or preferably the Isr aelis.

  58. 58
    Edward Longshanks says:

    Depends on your moral compass. But I guess it can still damage your career to upset the Pharisees.

  59. 59
    . says:

    Except of course the Millitwats are members of the alleged chosen race, you Idiot.

  60. 60
    Grim says:

    Political parties undermine democracy. Vote independent or not at all.

  61. 61
    Legion says:

    Political Parties are vital to democracy. The NSDAP did away with them. The people as a consequence meekly accepted the NSDAP was the only way.

    Side point…. I wonder what Ms Tonge thinks of the NSDAP??

  62. 62
    polythesis says:

    She sounds like a real ignorant hard faced thug and racist bully, perfect material for the UAF?

  63. 63
    I don't need no doctor says:

    You need standing up against the wall and shooting. Please do not take this out of context.

  64. 64
    War Economics says:

    So Now we know why the Yanks are amassing in the GULF. Looks like the whole USA experiment Puppet government idea in the area is falling to bits, well saying I told you so is a bit late when its taken the Arabs 50yr to grow some balls. Those Taliban look like they have got their tail up and NATO on the back foot, shit what has happened to all that military planning??
    It aint going to look good if we have to limp out like the Russians, not going to do our reputuation much good.
    I am pleased I live in the UK and no where near fu-kin bradford so let them get on with it, hope those cops are going to get used to being paid in Potatao’s as that Printing money thing is going to have to stop soon.
    Reaping what one sow’s seems like a scary crop for the future. I dont know but going to foreign countries and bombing the locals is going to upset a few people. NO?

  65. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Having just read Nick Cohens extraordinary article in Standpoint buried within the copy of your article on Jenny Tonge, I was staggered.

    It is an absolutely demented diatribe against the Lib Dems from someone who though I know was no fan of us, even I hadn’t realised his level of hatred was now so extreme it was almost parody. Quite bizzarre.

    I guess the one plus point is it is such nonsense no sane person will buy it.

  66. 66
    Edith Grove says:

    I bought it. It was as good as Orwell.

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Or Liverpool Football club.

  68. 68
    Moscow Mike Handycock (sex Tourist on Taxpayer's money) says:

    Jenny has my full unconditional support.

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Hello world

  70. 70
    Edinburgh Junkie says:

    How very dare she express an opinion at all. Women should be seen and not heard. Wait a minute, most of them are seen and not heard. Stick her in a bikini and she can join my harem!

  71. 71
    Lilith says:

    Yeah, a woman can’t have an opinion! I am surprised she has not been dæmonised, as some kind of monster who eats newborns.

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Hates Israel becuse she was thrown out of the Golda Meir lookalike contest for being too ugly.

  73. 73
    Fresh and Minty says:

    An excellent summary Sir! You have caught the essence in a nutshell!

  74. 74
    Illiberal democrats says:

    I seem to recall that in the past she has been equally discriminatory about the privately educated. Plainly she has a broad range of charming prejudices and perhaps the estimable Guido could shed further light on their breadth. Just wondering……

  75. 75
    Illiberal Undemocrats says:


  76. 76
    james 333 says:

    Lady Tonge is 100% correct in her analysis of the situation! Palestine has been invaded for over 50 years now by some muppets who claim land as theirs and our country supports this! When sum1 speaks the truth and doesn’t repeat the bullshit mantra we hear daily on the news they are instantly victimised…mugs

  77. 77
    Vlad the Inhaler says:

    Everybody who has ever known me, thinks I’m a bastard. How can they all be so wrong?

  78. 78
    Yut Yee Sarm says:

    Well says:
    “I despise what she says but will defend to the death her right to say it.”

    And you would also defend to the death Nick Griffin’s freedom of speech?

  79. 79
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Actually, I quite like tongue. Can’t stand Tonge though.

  80. 80
    Horrendous indigestion says:

    How can a country that does not now, nor at any time in the past, actually exist (Palestine) have been invaded?

  81. 81
    The first stages of CiF says:

    IF you’re going to use the deliberations and judgements on the ME of the present-day UN as a yardstick of what’s equitable and humanitarian, then you must realise the invalidity of any argument you make which references that.

  82. 82
    Citizenfitz says:

    Well, well, well, “Guido Fawkes”. Looks like you’re just another zionist false flag operation. Is there such a things as a Jew “real flag” operation? No???

  83. 83

    False flag? No way, we’re pretty open about being the Vatican wing of the worldwide conspiracy.

  84. 84
    Ant Aloy says:

    It is important to respect the legitimate rights of Israel and Palestine. Denying the existence of either nation should be condemned.

    I also believe that there is a desire by most people in the world to see a full and comprehensive peace in the Middle East but this vision has not been helped by Israel’s current Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu, who continues to build settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    To put the conflict into context with respect to international law and the feelings of the world, may I convey the following.

    Last November, there were a further 6 UN Resolutions on Palestine and the Middle East. One resolution on Jerusalem was supported by 166 nations plus the UK. Israel disagreed. In fact, there are over 150 UN Resolutions (including 181, 191 and 194) – all remain unimplemented in full.

    Furthermore the ruling of the International Court of Justice in the Hague pertaining to the ‘security barrier’, which is 3 times the length of the Berlin Wall, has been sadly ignored by Mr Netanyahu. Perhaps if the ‘security barrier’ had to be built at all, it would have been better to have constructed it on the 1967 borders – instead of inside the internationally recognised Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem).

    Nonetheless once this ‘separation barrier’ and the settlement enterprise is completed, Palestinian communities will be separated into pockets of territory that lack contiguity, surrounded by settlements only accessible by settler only roads. ‘Natural growth’ settlements too were not acceptable as part of Phase I of the internationally agreed Road Map (2003). Day by day, the ‘security barrier’ and settlements erode the possibility of a two-state solution and the viability to bring about a fully comprehensive peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

    There are 130 nations in the world that recognise Palestine including India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil. More recently Iceland and Thailand have added to that recognition. Lastly UNESCO’s recognition last year of Palestine (supported by France, Spain, Ireland and Norway amongst many European nations) was still a positive step forward and a counter balance to those who deny Israel or Palestine’s right to exist. Dignity and peace is paramount for both peoples and recognition of both states ensures that those in the rejection camps are marginalized even further.

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