January 18th, 2012

Millionaire Blair Advertises for Unpaid Intern

Tony Blair’s estimated wealth is somewhere in the region of £45m. In order to help him put his head on the pillow, and confuse the taxman, he’s set up various foundations such as the Africa Government Initiative. He’s so keen to help Africa that he’s recruiting interns to run the operation:

“We are looking for outstanding individuals to undertake a 3 month internship to support our London team, which sets strategic direction for the projects overall, focuses on fundraising for the development and expansion of AGI, and provides logistical support to the teams. The ideal candidate would have excellent academic credentials with a proven administrative and numerical ability. Prior experience in an office environment will be an advantage.”

Sounds like an incredible opportunity, but what’s the catch?

“The internship is not paid, however you will be reimbursed for your lunch and travel expenses.”

The continuing mystery of his £8 million of “administrative expenses” obviously does not include intern pay. Guido isn’t too sure where this fits in on Tony’s “poverty-reduction agenda”…

Via @SaneLynch


  1. 1
    Dead says:

    Am sure Stella Creasy will kick up a fuss about this!


  2. 2
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Sounds to me like a job for our Billy.


  3. 3
    Barry says:

    Tony still wants something for nothing.


  4. 4
    Andie R says:

    This man is a scum bag.
    Went to Uni for free & pulled the ladder up behind himself.
    I hope he rots in a somali pirate ship after one day heading to a part of Africa that REALLY needs some help…


    • 27
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Not only did he go to university for free, grants of £3,500 were given (at a time when £3,500 was worth something).


      • 244
        Kate says:

        I was educated at a British University at taxpayer’s expense.

        I have since paid whopping amounts of higher rate uk tax stamp duty council tax Cgt airport charges refuse charges parking fees and fines.

        I am penniless and now live abroad to avoid all the hassle.


    • 65
      AC1 says:

      >Went to Uni for free

      I think you’ll find his lecturers were paid by taxpayers, rather than him.

      Should be a claw-back tax on all those who went for free.


      • 66
        AC1 says:

        I meant to put “free” in quotes.


      • 70
        Pawn Sandwich says:

        After all, it was labour that introduced the retrospective windfall tax.


      • 135
        The Public says:

        I think we should get a refund from whichever fuckwit taught him ethics


        • 184
          Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

          I am not giving any refunds. It was me who advised Tone to get an Intern – young, female and preferably from eastern Europe. After all, when you have been married to the same woman for a long time, you need a change and as you get older; the younger they are, the better they react with the viagra. Boaz.


  5. 5
    GH says:

    Perhaps he’d say he’s transferring wealth from rich Western interns to Africa. [Though one wouldn’t be completely surprised if the Africans actually being helped turn out to be ones who have already helped themselves to a Presidential plane, to take them on important missions to Paris and Geneva once a month.)


  6. 6
    ellisjackson says:

    What a Hunt.


  7. 7
    Moral Collapse Blair in Five Star Hotel in Jerusalem says:

    Hello Guido

    You underestimate my wealth

    The article you refer to is out of date

    I represent the total moral collapse of Britain

    An illegal war based on Alky Campbell’s dodgy dossier

    The biggest Ponzie scheme in British history

    And I have now made and continue to increase an obscene fortune flogging my contacts

    Of course, as Call Me Dave says

    We are all in this together


  8. 8
    Bogeyman says:

    I wonder if we will be reading about this in the Guardian, who have been waging war on unpaid internships.


  9. 9
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Logistical support = buying the coffee


  10. 11
    Desperate Dan says:

    If a lunatic thinks he’s Napoleon he gets locked up in an asylum. The lunatic Blair is so deluded he thinks he’s an international statesman and is still allowed to roam free. Poor put-upon foreign heads of state are obliged to pay him oodles of cash to go away,


  11. 12

    Sorry, excuse my language but what an absolute shit.


  12. 13
    SB says:

    A friend of mine — then a recent Masters graduate — did an unpaid internship with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation a few years ago, and was so appalled at how she was treated (given the most basic of admin tasks and minimal support or appreciation from paid staff) that she ended up leaving. Unpaid internships should, at the very least, be rewarded by the provision of some kind of useful work experience…


    • 22
      Tony "Persona non grata" Blair says:

      The working class can kiss my a s s

      Serves you right for having ever believed a word I said


      • 25
        ConMan Clinton says:

        I rather agree Tony

        But you have only made one quarter of my fortune

        But I could give amnesty to crooks as well you know

        That helps…

        And of course all those luvvies in Hollywood have given me millions


  13. 15
    Christine Lagarge in her nighty says:

    Another £5 billion for the IMF please Guido

    We are all in this together


  14. 17
    Apathy Rising says:

    Come on – give Tony a break.

    Didn’t he free Libya and bring about the Arab Spring ?

    I think he should be beatified, but I’m not sure they have the correct sized corkscrew.


  15. 18
    annette curton says:

    “Lunch and travel expenses”= John Prescott need not apply.


  16. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Schools don’t teach how to punctuate around the word “however” anymore, do they?


    • 232
      tiktok says:

      No, they don’t, do they? However you look at it!

      Or: However, you look at it while I do something else.

      Confusing n’est-ce pas?


  17. 20
    Blob Crow says:



  18. 21
    Polly Twaddle the arch hypocrite says:

    I love Tony Blair Guido

    He is the best of all those con luvvie Labourites who have destroyed our country and made a fortune out of doing so…

    I am writing from Tuscany but we are all in this together in Britain


  19. 26
    jgm2 says:

    From that picture it looks like Tony Blair is checking to see if he’d remembered to wash his hands after taking a shit.


  20. 29
    Historian of our Times says:

    Has there ever been a Left in Britain, the US and France so stuffed full of millionaires milking the system for all it is worth…i.e. THE TAXPAYER

    And especially by influence peddling ?

    Their hyopocrisy is obscene


    • 72
      AC1 says:

      that IS socialism. Some are just more equal.


    • 80
      Archer Karcher says:

      Ah, an historian, I wonder could you tell me of a socialist country where the ruling cadre are not as rich as kings compared to their benighted citizens?
      Better still, where the “beloved” le@der died in poverty, comparable to the slaves / serfs, they ruled over?

      No, neither can I.


  21. 32
    annette curton says:

    Tell me, tell me Tony.


  22. 33
    pigs in space says:

    “proven administrative and numerical ability. Prior experience in an office environment will be an advantage.”

    – job for Gordon?


  23. 36
    nellnewman says:

    Perhaps he can offer edmilitwit a job when the labour party kick him out.


  24. 38
    Victoria Meldrew says:

    Can’t one country that he visits, just one, arrest him for war crimes or crimes against humanity?


  25. 43
    Bogeyman says:

    This sounds like the perfect job for Cait Reilly, the stroppy little madam who is trying to sue the government for making her do a fortnight’s work in Poundland in exchange for her benefits.

    She has a degree in geology and is keen to work in museums. I’m sure she would be fascinated by involvement with Kigali, Rwanda, Monrovia, Liberia, Freetown, Sierra Leone and Conakry, Guinea.

    She also has a terrible haircut, Grim up North London specs and a sour expression. A well-paid job that allows her to express her social conscience would be ideal.

    Now what was the salary again?


    • 59
      Gooey Blob says:

      She’s lucky Poundland allowed her to work there and gain some experience. Regardless of qualifications, I wouldn’t offer a job to somebody with her attitude.


      • 107
        I want my free workforce says:

        Poundland allowed her to work there and gain some experience

        Complete bollox. It’s not her attitude that’s the problem. Scum employers saw a chance for a bit free labour and went for it.

        Any employer paying a minimum wage is already getting a tax payer subsided work force. Now they want a completely free one! What next? Charging people for the ‘privilege’ of working?

        Employers, like politicians, are heading for one almightily smack in the mouth.


        • 165
          non-militant centrist says:

          Obviously you are convinced it is her human right to sponge off everyone else until someone needs a geology graduate- benefit is not paid by the government its paid by taxpayers -employers do not necessarily exploit workers and until some lunatic leftist can invent a job for everyone they are needed just like the internal combustion engine and nuclear power stations-get over it


          • I want my free workforce says:

            Obviously you are convinced it is her human right to sponge off…blah, blah, blah

            No. But neither do employers have the right to sponge off the taxpayer. If you are an employer and you cannot/will not pay a liveable wage to your workforce, then perhaps you haven’t got a viable business model and should be doing something else. Or bugger off to some third world hellhole.


    • 218
      It's not what you know but who you know says:

      Actually, I was once in exactly the same situation as Ms Reilly and also did voluntary work at a Museum. I was limited to the hours per week that I could ‘volunteer’ as I was also on the dole straight out of Uni and had to be available for the non-existent jobs that the job centre might want to offer.

      It’s a good thing I did the voluntary work because that was how I got my first paid work. Sod all to do with the local Executive Job Club – although they no-doubt took the credit when I left the dole to become self employed.


  26. 44
    Gordon Brown THE great leader says:

    Who wants to work for me for free!


  27. 47

    Tony really has reached a whole other level.
    It can only be a matter of weeks before he buys himself a premier league football club.


    • 183
      Gonk says:

      Ponytail, perma tan and ninja turtles six pack, check.


    • 236
      tiktok says:

      Stoke the flames?
      Blockburn all the expenses receipts?
      Queens’ Park Rangers – all together girls?
      Spuds U like?
      Ar*e and all – don’t go there…

      [Enough football teams. Ed]


  28. 48
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Tony Blair, Polly Toynbee and the Labour party theme song


  29. 57
    Gooey Blob says:

    Lunch and travel expenses, eh? There might be something to be gained from that… do you think Tony would accept a claim for a duck house or dry rot on a second home?


  30. 58
    John Smith, revolving says:

    What happened to the Minimum Wage?

    Is there no end to this c,unt’s hypocrisy?


  31. 64
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Ooh, look at all that shredded paper. Is it Tony Blairs accounts?


  32. 74
    BillyBob... says:

    Having been here on this site……. before others calling themselves Billy…… just wondering why my comments are ALL being modded ?


  33. 75
    Name changed to stop the modding. says:

    hello ….. :)


  34. 76
    forgotten man says:

    Anybody who works for Blair must have had an ethical bypass operation first, paid or otherwise.

    Wouldnt it be so good if nobody would work for him and he had to take his scummy activities abroad to where they dont seem to care where the money comes from….how about Zimbabwe since he loves Africa so much!

    A few quid will buy Mugabe, no probs.


  35. 77
    Check Facts First says:

    A real job at last for the two Eds!


  36. 79
    Zac says:

    Is there an option for green type here?

    Cheer up you chumps and give the man a hand for his chutzpah.

    Intern for nothing.
    Tone’s got class that most of you couldn’t dream of (as you scurry home to your little M&S treat).



    • 84
      i'm only here or the beer says:

      If you’re calling Cherie class you’ve got deep problems in the mental dept mate.


    • 258

      I like it Zac. I have noticed a couple of evil-minded comments re Tony Blair’s family and hopes for his health/death. They have now been deleted. It seems Guido is a victim of his own blog’s success. Violence calls should not be tolerated anywhere on the internet. Perhaps someone should offer to be an intern to Guido and moderate out the swear words and calls for anyone’s death. If we don’t moderate ourselves, kiddywinkles, someone else will. It’s only a matter of time, believe me.


  37. 83
    Ed Balls (blink,blink) says:

    Tony Blairs accounts

    You’ve spelt it wrong, and there’s a space after the ‘a’.


  38. 87
    trippy says:

    For those who are easily distracted……..how to talk like Michael Caine.


  39. 89
    gripper stebson says:

    The last time Tony did something for travel and lunch expenses only was when he last traveled home to screw his lovely wife


  40. 90
    watson says:

    so they live in cardboard boxes and are unpaid in breach of the minimum wage. what an a..e…e


  41. 91
    Big Benny says:

    It’s time to up your monthly subs. to the Vatican coffers my lad, as each day the Grim Reaper steps closer. Gold bars would have been preferable — pity your sidekick sold them all — however, just send cash, assuming it will come unstuck from your dirty greasy palms.
    P.S. I hope you and slotgob are still practicing daily with the needle eye I gave you when you joined the brotherhood.


    • 198
      A Bliar, Patron saint of moral decay. says:

      Is it all right if I send Libyan dinars – I’ve got loads lying around and no one else seems to want them.

      I also managed to get your old uniform back from Ed Balls. The fat fuck has split it in a couple of places but it should be repairable.


    • 237
      tiktok says:

      Do you still take Euros? Or am I being a little drachmatic?


  42. 93
    Tony Blair, best pal of jesus says:

    War! Huh! Good god y’all!
    What is it good for?!
    Making me very rich


    • 102
      Fuck That says:

      We know a song about war, don’t we children?
      Be careful when you open your lunch boxes – we don’t want any more cuts or bruises, do we?


    • 115
      AC1 says:

      Also war is good for stopping national socialists.

      pacifism makes if more likely someone will use force.


      • 124
        Fact Spotter says:

        The National Socialists of Germany circa ’33 through ’45 were right-wing nutjobs. Right wing as in of the RIGHT.


        • 146
          The Native says:

          Actually, they were left wing nut jobs. The clue is in the name. Socialists.


        • 148
          c.eng says:

          That’s why they called themselves Socialists.

          Just like all the rest, including the ultimate evil shit Bliar.


        • 195
          AC1 says:

          You’re not too good with facts are you?


          • charisma-free moniker says:

            putty/hand moment.

            one day, when I can be arsed, i’ll explain to you why i’m right.

            they obviously didn’t teach you to think at university, did they?

            why am i typing without capitals? who cares?

            i knew you’d rise to the bait.

            you are a bit thick, aren’t you?


          • AC1 says:

            We’ll all have to merely assume that the socialists were left wing, until your awesome brain can be arsed…

            Crumbs I must be really dumb, a man who cannot use capital letters called me thick.

            Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

            Matthew 7:4


          • charisma-free moniker says:

            oh fuck. you’re a bible-basher?

            catholic? that would explain rather a lot, then.

            why should i take you seriously? your brain has been corrupted from birth.


          • AC1 says:

            No, But I like the quote.

            Another awesome rebuttal of Socialists not being left wing BTW.


          • charisma-free moniker says:

            whatever. you know which internet legend you are having the honour of being engaged with right now.

            so, which is more likely to ban someone for typing in an annoying manner and using dubious patois: a fascist blog or a socialist blog?


          • charisma-free moniker says:

            too slow. na night and big love ♥


          • A Grown Up says:

            “internet legend”

            Ah yes, you are Timmy age 12¾


        • 229
          binqu says:

          “…the National Socialists of Germany circa ’33 through ’45 were right-wing nutjobs…”

          Not according to the Fabians, who claimed Hitler as one of their own:

          “I was a National Socialist before Mr. Hitler was born. I hope we shall emulate and surpass his great achievements in that direction.“ George Bernard Shaw in 1939 – still a Fabian (and Labour Party) hero.


          • They also called themselves Socialists but dont let that get in the way of your ignorance says:

            The Nazis beleved in a big state, ergo left wing. Simple really.


  43. 94
    nellnewman says:

    The Blair Foundation?

    What exactly is he founding other than his own personal pot of gold?


    • 103
      Tony Bliar International Statesman says:

      The Blair Foundation is exactly what it states on the tin. It is the foundation of my wealth built on a ponzi scam scheme with sufficient smoke and mirrors to ensure that I and my family can live the lifestyle of kings.
      The wealth of the foundation will also ensure that my children can carry on my good works worldwide when they are eventually revealed, just like Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.


  44. 95
    Penny Red says:

    He has got ten houses to look after. Spare change guv’?


  45. 98
    Chucky Yomomma says:

    I followed Tony’s example in maintaining my family’s wealth through various offshore accounts. That’s how I can afford expensive designer suits. But let’s talk about how much George Osborne spends on his skiing holidays. It’s disgusting!


    • 156
      nellnewman says:

      I bet chuckourmoney is a pal of bliar’s. Offshore accounts , loads of lolly hidden from the taxman. He’s exactly the sort of ‘pal’ bliar likes to cultivate.


      • 246
        Pete from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

        I reckoned Ed got it about right when he said Gideon spends about a 100 quid for a skiing holiday……..he gets some foreign millionaire or British crony to pay the rest.


  46. 99
    nellnewman says:

    Well that lot outside St P a u l ‘ s Cathedral are ‘academic – have learnt administration ie how to doctor minutes of meetings and numeric ie how to deposit small sums of money in safe places’

    They’ve been evicted now so they might be suitable for his purposes.


  47. 101
    Bliar and Shittino says:

    Captain Schettino is just like Blair. He wanted to show off and innocent people died as a result. Then instead of helping, he made a quick escape and left others to clean up his mess.


    • 118
      Fuck Nose says:

      Where was our Coastguard, though?


    • 154
    • 180
      Captain Tony Blair says:

      No what actually happened was I was on the floor of the House directing and leading the debate against military intervention in Iraq when I tripped up and fell into the pro war side and the next thing I knew I had comitted our Forces to a military campaign based on a dodgy dossier which also fell in beside me.


  48. 106
    BillyBob... says:

    Praise the Lord…. :)


  49. 108
    B.Bob, name changed to stop the modding. says:

    well……. sick as a parrot…….. wonder what will happen to Captain Coward, will he join the Labour Party?


  50. 109
    Most Revd. Phoney B£iar, creep, sick joke, BottyWiper to the rich, with moist eyes and stupid grin says:


    I’ve just dropped by to let you know I’m very Very VERY RICH!

    And I owe it all to NOOLIEBORE!

    I need the girl to tidy up and keep things straight now Cherry has to do the housework.

    You do believe in me – don’t you? After all you must ‘of’ voted for me!

    Anyway, must go, – gotta anuva Union Leader wants to join my bank.


  51. 110
    Leftwing Profits says:

    How much was he worth the day before he became PM?


  52. 111
    Gadaff says:

    I’m waiting here for you with a red hot poker to shove up your orifice for eternity. You and Gorgon both said we were best mates. Traitor.


  53. 112
    edward balls says:

    I don’t really agree with the minimum wage but if we have one it should not be possible to circumnavigate it by nothing paid made even worse by travelling expenses and lunch paid. This is effectively saying we will pay a small amount!


  54. 113
    Tom Fatson says:

    “reimbursed for your lunch….”

    Now you’re talking.


  55. 120
    Rest of the advert says:

    The successful candidate will also be required to provide Mr Blair with sexual favours whenever required. Failure to obey will result in the candidate’s parents being taken for a walk in Harrowden Hills.


  56. 121
    Hysterian says:

    Simon Schama is such a fucking drama queen.


  57. 122
    Rest of the advert says:

    The successful candidate must be an attractive female.


  58. 125
    Gaston Glock says:

    If blair was so bad, why did you brits vote him into office – and keep him there for so long?

    Surely anyone with a bit of life’s experience would have instantly squared him as a thoroughgoing con artist as soon as they espied his toothy investment scheme saleman grin and encountered his oily mannerisms?


    • 132
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Same reason why people trusted Madoff. We are stupid.


    • 153
      nellnewman says:

      johnmajor might have been a grey man but he was a decent one. More than you can say for anything that came later.


    • 159
      c.eng says:

      Tony could play 3 chords on a guitar

      + He said he was a regular guy

      + He also said John Major was very boring and grey, and should go.

      + He promised ‘Things could only get better’

      But why they voted him in 3 times, f*ck knows, but by then he’d got his Ponzi ‘houses = money’ scheme going and they all liked getting richer everyday and impressing their neighbours with mindless spending which in turn made the rest of ‘em richer. etc.etc.

      ‘Bullshit baffles brains’

      Turns out there are few flaws in this democracy idea.


  59. 127
    Man from Kabul, wearing a bulky vest says:

    Pleeze sir I wud lik ur job. ware can we meeet for inturvew.


  60. 128
    Anonymous says:

    This is a pretty shit stream I gotta say. Just read all of it. First time here. Last time here. No need to reply as I won’t be back.


  61. 129
    I don't need no doctor says:

    I am a liar, a money grabber, responsible for thousands of deaths. I have changed to catholism to try and save my soul.
    Who am I?


  62. 137
    lobo says:

    Bliar is a primmadonna, a fucking lying c’unt , shit faced bollock brain bastard of a human being. I hope hell visits his house whilst he’s asleep and burn him to death


  63. 138
    smoggie says:

    Good luck to Tony. Nobody is forced to work for him (the old free market) so maybe they should just stay put and eat off the trust funds.


  64. 140
    Grrr says:

    The national minimum wage is now lunch and travel?

    Surely this is breaking the law?


    • 151
      Tony Blair says:

      The laws are like taxes – for the little people. I know. I have broken enough of them – people and laws – and got away with it. Curse me all you want, you are just jealous. I am a master of the universe. I am impunity incarnate. Bow down and worship me. Dr Kelly was nothing compared to the victims you have never heard of.


    • 169
      nellnewman says:

      Lunch and travel?

      Not gonna be £enough for bobcrow or prezza then is it?


  65. 143
    The Public says:

    He’ll expect the findest treatment at our expense. He should be handed over to one of those medieval reenactment societies and used as a specimen.


  66. 152
    nellnewman says:

    Bit of a new phenomena aren’t they – bliar and gordy?

    Two rejected labour pm’s who both go off around the world pretending to do charitable stuff whilst vying with each other to make the most £millions from con jobs.


  67. 160
    Dalai Lama says:

    The psyco murdering cnut should not be released in a community anywhere in the world.


  68. 166
    The Blairs love blood money says:

    I hope Blair and Slotface get their heads caved in by a disgruntled Iraqi whose family was reduced to chunks of scorched flesh.


  69. 168
    Charlie Manson says:

    I thought I was evil. But that was until I read about Tony Blair. I’m an amateur compared to him.


  70. 171
    nellnewman says:

    I suspect that bliar photo up there where’s he’s kissing his fingers is a gesture to the middle east where he’s saying ‘ that’s where my money is’!!


  71. 173
    So what going on? says:

    Gordons fault?


  72. 174
    Ahkenaten says:

    He should be treated royally and embalmed at public expense. As he’s so close to God already, perhaps t’would be better to carry this out immediately.


  73. 175
    forget the haters, you are all beautiful :-) says:


  74. 178
    Clams Direct says:

    Are you an italian ship’s captain?

    Have you made a silly little steering mistake?

    Have you tripped or fallen into a lifeboat?

    Then talk to us at Clams direct – remember there are no upfront fees to shell out at Clams Direct!


  75. 181
    Carole Craplin says:

    I sucked Tony for free.


    • 255
      Women's Collective Westminster Rep. says:

      What did cobra venom taste like? Its said to kill all known STDs from the donor, can you confirm that?


    • 256
      Slotgob says:

      Beware. Yor mouth will start looking like mine.
      P.S. Tone likes me to take my teeth out beforehand.


    • 257
      St.Tone says:

      Thanks Carole — you do a great vacuuming job — much better than Cherie as her mouth is all loose and sloppy like her cnut.


  76. 186
    May E Rotinell says:

    Prior experience in an office environment will be an advantage. i.e. the ability to operate the shredder without falling in. (Wouldn’t do to have St Tone’s fingerprints on there, would it ?)


    • 191
      albacore says:

      Now Tone’s got teams. Ain’t that big stuff?
      Though, with numbers, it seems they’re duff
      Administration ain’t their scene
      Still, they don’t want to pay a bean
      To get the office sorted out
      That’s not what sainthood’s all about
      So some poor drone, lowly and unpaid
      Will choreograph the whole parade?


  77. 192
    Ed Balls says:

    So fucking what!


  78. 200
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Message to Call me Dave
    Never scrap your only aircraft carrier untill your new one is ready !

    Oh : and Blair is a vile twat


  79. 202
    annette curton says:

    MSM fucked, Wickies gone off-line.


  80. 203
    Squeezed middle says:

    Disgusting. Tight bastard!


  81. 206
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    Income re-distribution ? HAHAHAHAHA !!


  82. 207
    Fred the Shred ( knighted by Gordon Brown for services to banking ) says:

    Help, Gordon ! HEEEEEEEELLPPPPP !!

    Those English bastards will keep sending me my pension, won’t they ??


  83. 208
    A Benefactor says:

    Sorry Guido but I have to say you are wrong.

    Work experience for youngsters is a gift that employers give and not the other way around.


  84. 211
    5 Bellies on Sky says:

    When Jacqui Smith delightfully lost her seat, I thought that’d be the last we’d see of her. So why does Sky News insist on inviting her to do the paper review so often?


  85. 214
    Tony Blair says:

    I’m a pretty straight kinda guy


  86. 224
    The Paragnostic says:

    A small radio review –

    I have jut endured a quarter of an hour of so-called “comedy” on R4. The perpetrator of this 15 minutes of undiluted shite was Andrew Lawrence – a sub-Harry Hill replica with neither the wit nor the brevity of Mr Hill. At least Harry Hill has the decency to keep his irrelevant monologues to a respectfully short length – Mr Lawrence, on the other hand, can be totally humourless and utterly wank for minutes at a time, with the occasional forced titter from his embarrassed audience the only clue that his inane ramblings are supposed to be funny.

    If I catch up with the coke-addled fuckwit that commissioned this shit, I shall not be responsible for my actions.


    • 230
      Audience says:

      At least you heard it on the radio. I once wasted an evenng watchng one of these unfunny ‘comedies’ being recorded. Never again. The titter will not have been the audience, but the BBC staff who will have sat in a claque at the back to try and pretend that there was some laughter from the public.


    • 238
      tiktok says:

      The OFF button is over there >>>>>


      • 243
        Even the BBCs childrens entertainers do coke says:

        Unfortunately the Licence fee doesnt come with an “Off button”.


    • 252
      ha fucking ha says:

      Could have been worse, it might have been Marcus “drowning in cash thanks to the unique way the bbc is funded, but i’m a socialist” Brigstocke


  87. 226
    Realist says:

    He needs a heart attack – one of those really painful bastards that slowly travel the length of the arm so that he feel it coming, know it is happening, ‘enjoy’ every second of it while feeling the heat building as old Beelzebub stokes up the fires of hell for him.

    Ans as he is lying there I hope he can see that venal scouse bitch of his frisking his pockets, trouseringing his loose change, hoking out the insurance and yelling at him to croke as soon as – and then he will die knowing what 13 years of Labour were really like.


  88. 239
    Lexi says:

    Obviously you are convinced it is her human right to sponge off everyone else until someone needs a geology graduate- benefit is not paid by the government its paid by taxpayers -employers do not necessarily exploit workers and until some lunatic leftist can invent a job for everyone they are needed just like the internal combustion engine and nuclear power stations-get over it


    • 253
      yor brane hurtz says:

      interns will continue to soak up benefits if they are not paid for the work they do, innit – if interns are paid, they don’t need benefits


  89. 241
    watson says:

    they need to hire a professor of punctuation first


  90. 247
    self employed says:

    This thread misses a very important point.

    If you work for anyone they are going to rip you off.

    Reducing employment tribunal eligibility from two years to one in April is a bit like pointing turkeys in the direction of the oven.


  91. 248
    City of London says:

    Major has extra marital sex with that awful currie woman when the country is full of poisoned eggs and he gets knighted and free life time entry to the Oval!

    And you wonder why we have a generation with no moral compass.


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