January 6th, 2012

LibDem’s All Time Biggest Donor Arrested

Vince Cable once attacked the “pin-striped Scargills” of banking, adding for good measure that the LibDems didn’t rely on friends in the City for funding. No, not any more.

The biggest donor in the history of the Liberal Democrat Party was one pin-striped Michael Brown, who gave them £2.4 million for a front-row seat sipping champagne next to Charlie Kennedy.  He turned out to be a pin-striped thief and was charged with money laundering, fraud and theft before he went on the run.  He has been arrested in the Dominican Republic…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Does this mean that the Lib dems are as skint as Labour?

    • 4
      Bring Back Emily Nomates! says:

      Where’s that ‘Old Faker’ Cable when you need him?

      Perhaps he will resign in disgust…

    • 6
      Anonymous says:

    • 7
      Dave's sat nav thing replacing the Big Society thing says:

    • 9
      Torn a Fresh One and Loving it. says:

      I am billy thge parrott! SQUARK!

    • 10
      St Vince of Cable says:

      A friend in need is a friend indeed.

    • 26
    • 35
      Anon says:

      Probably more skint.

      After the next General Election, completely bust.

    • 64
      Handycock, Head of Planning, Portsmouth says:

      No we are not skint, I and my ‘boys’ in Portsmouth are seeing to that. We are the 3rd biggest donors to the Lib Dem Party. The Electoral commission found that the Party had done no wrong in accepting Michael Brown’s donations. Just as they did about mine. Excellent public sector Regulator cover up as usual.



      • 174
        Former Colleague says:

        Not skint in Portsmouth either. Curious that the Lib Dems are so flush with cash for campaigning when just a few ‘ordinary Councillors’ have managed to make such generous donations to their local party. Just to highlight what comes up in that FOI link above… ‘None of the Councillors has a job other than being a Councillor, and many of them have not stated that they are Councillors when they make the donations. … some, who have made multiple donations have done it with their names configured in different ways i.e. Mr Mike Hancock, Mr M T Hancock MP, Cllr Mike Hancock MP (total £9582.00), the same goes for Mr Vernon-Jackson, Leader of the Council (total £7346.34) and Councillor Terry Hall, former Lord Mayor (total £9786.81)’. Nearly £27,000 altogether. Wow.

        • 185
          Handycock Phd (Troughing) says:

          We cannot put the names of the real donors down as people would recognise them as local drug dealers who launder their money through property development, facilitated by moi. I trust this puts all your minds at ease. Anyway as you can see the Electoral commission are not there to find fault but not to find fault. Boaz.

    • 104
      The Truth says:

      Just anotner c unt who tried to guess what fuckng train wagon to jump on and got it wrong.

    • 180
      Popeye says:

      Poor Vince….Wrong again!

      • 192
        St Vince - Sage of the Broom Cupboard says:

        Like Mr Jack Dromey of the Labour Party I was mislead over the finances of our Party.
        My own business credentials as you know are impeccable, and I have a vast knowledge of the private sector. As such in my understanding, the sourcing of funding for our Party should be easy.

  2. 2
    Spartacus says:

    Nice one Cable

    • 157
      nemo says:

      The Cons and Liebore groups have have also had their neerdowells some of them did jug probably not with the common riff-raff, it is not limited to one party or ever has been, that is why there should be more openness with the conections between politicos and party donors, neither want full disclosure.

  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Oh and guido, Ed milibands latest interview

    • 11
      Ctesibius says:


    • 16
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Not waving but drowning…..

    • 34
      Mrs. Ball-Scooper ( triple flipper ) says:

      I took the trouble to read the article. If it’s true ( and bear in mind it’s in the Gurneyad, so fairly unlikely ) then Milibandwagon Minor suffers from Brownian delusions of epic proportions.

      • 108
        Tha much is clear says:

        Milliband was brain washed by his Father , that much is clear.

        • 123
          Errors and corrections says:

          The Fury.

        • 161
          nemo says:

          It can be very hard for dependant sons to not be influenced by their fathers, especially if they are of the extreme variety, its the same for the Cons for example if call me Dave’s father had been a manual worker (say a miner or a steelworker) would Dave have been a Con, a lot of the reformists in Victorian times were very wealthy sons of wealthy fathers, they saw that things were wrong and tried to right them, many were Tories or Liberals.

    • 97
      Ed Milibun says:

      I also do onions, ketchup and double fremch fries with that after 11.00am

    • 114
      Hahahahahahahahahaha.... says:

      What a fuckin’ mong!

  4. 5
    Barry says:

    That’s why the Libdems want taxpayers to fund political parties. Not many Michael Browns available.

  5. 8
    Andrew Efiong says:


    It just shows how venal and two faced these Lib Dems can be. The prospect of Vince Cable being hoisted by his own petard is delectable.

    • 29
      nellnewman says:

      sorry and all that but venal and two faced is what most politicians have proved themselves to be over the last few years.

      • 183
        nemo says:

        Nell that is why there should be more openess the parties do not want it, they do it in the name of their members trying to tar their own people

  6. 12
    Did you Make her? says:

    When Jamaica becomes a republic does it mean that Diane Abbott loses her British passport and the right to be a British MP?

  7. 13
    a Giggsman says:

    it is the hypocrisy of politicians which makes them so awful
    particularly the labour ones…
    the SDP/libs are just a load of career academics…”we are right”

    • 20

      Oh get lost Huhne, you and your little lib friends are about to get the kicking that youve gone short of. If Cameron had any b*lls he`d end the coalition, call an immediate election, and let you f*cking rats drown. I cant wait to see it happen, dregs of the middle class left.

      • 40
        Fixed-term Parliament says:

        Apparently, Camoron changed the law so he can’t call an early election. Even if we all acknowledge that the coalition is utterly shit, we’re stuck with it until 2015.

        • 107
          If I've Read It Correctly says:

          Not if a vote of no confidence is taken and succeeds (and is not rescinded within 14 days) (unlikely), or a motion to call elections before 2015 passes with more than a two-thirds majority. 2015 is an outside limit as it always was before the Fixed Term Act of 2011; i.e. the Parliament would always have to be dissolved within five years bar anything like a World War. The difference is that Cameron would have to be damned sure lucky to get a two thirds majority; he couldn’t get a two thirds majority that Tuesday follows Monday. Party discipline would of course obtain; HE wouldn’t call an election if he thought there would be any defection, and Labour wouldn’t LET him call an election if they thought they were under the cosh in terms of retaining the seats they already have, let alone being able to flip any. So 2015 is in practical as well as statutory “terms,” if you will, the date of the next election. But predictions are always going to be tricky, said the American baseball manager Yogi Berra, since they’re always about the future.

    • 27
      Barnehurst Bob says:

      Labour will go big on this, with the help of the BBC and all the usual suspects. They needed this, Weds big relaunch was sunk by the racist outbursts of Diane Abbott. She even had another go today. She knows she’s safe, this is her way of proving she’s untouchable.

  8. 17
    The Iron Lady says:

    Any of you seen The Iron Lady yet? Watched it today and it’s about as uncritical a biopic you can get. It actually comes close to hagiography.

  9. 18
    FibDems says:

    You can’t believe anything he’ll say when giving evidence.

  10. 19
    Blackbusters says:

    Given Ed’s twitter fuckup, a good thing Bob Holness didn’t host Countdown. (I can’t claim credit for that joke. Read it online).

  11. 20

    But he looks so wholesome

  12. 25
    nellnewman says:

    This of course is how you finance political parties.

    labour has the unions who expect blind loyalty from militwit in return for their members cash, not necessarily voluntarily donated by their members.

    the libdems have got embarrassingly caught by a fraudster and the tories are teetering on the same brink that bliar did , giving honours to people who give them money.

    What’s the alternative if it isn’t to have the taxpayer fund their activities? hmmm?!

    • 30
      Taxpayer says:

      They`re not getting a penny out of me.

      • 99
        Another HMRC victim says:

        Yep they can go fuck themselves unless we have referenda on everything.

        And for those who say we live in a parliamentary democracy, I say “Not if we don’t fucking want to”.

      • 141
        JohnBellingham says:

        They are already getting your money. As opposition party Labour will trouser £5.1 million in taxpayer’s donations (called short money) to finance their political activities.

        • 176
          Spartacus says:

          ask voters why they would want a bunch of politicians, who do not represent their interests, to take money off of you to promote themselves?

          its like asking a gorgeous woman, do you want sex on the sofa or sex in bed? dont be surprised if you get a slap

    • 36
      Barnehurst Bob says:

      I can’t see a way out that’s palatable Nell that’s for sure. It’s either the smell of corruption hanging over politics………or we pay them directly.

      The second option, however unpalatable, is probably the lesser of two evils. The tories would still favour business and self reliance. The socialists, the unions, a big state and loads of debt. It’s in their DNA

      plus les choses pourraient changer, plus ils resteront les mêmes

    • 71

      So we end up topping up party bribes from rich sods? No way.

    • 111
      The Alternative says:

      The alternative is to make the fuckers work for their money. Come on entertain us you c unts !

      • 142
        Deliberately obtuse says:

        No. The alternative is to do away completely with the party system and just have say 150 totally independent MPs who would be paid say 50k a year to do the job. Only travel expenses twixt Westminster and constituences allowed.

        • 158
          Archer Karcher says:

          +1 and their home in the constituency should be a council flat, which they have to give up on failure to win re-election.

        • 160
          The Paragnostic says:

          And election by random selection. A totally random selection of citizens couldn’t possibly be more venal than the bunch of cunts we have now.

          Strict 5 year terms, and payment based on the number of laws they repeal rather than pass – no expenses and no lobbying allowed.

  13. 28
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    DUEMA is now under threat from the traitors, I urge you to call a urgent meeting and get “Operation Fightback”up and running, the rebels are on the move, they are dangerous.

    We must save Ed!

    • 37
      Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

      Time for re-launch number 521, Comrades !

    • 46
      Tessa Tickles says:

      No. Get rid of the ridiculous Militwit, replace him with (this is where my plan starts to fall apart) someone within Labour who isn’t a complete cretin, and the Cons will be forced to up their game by ditching the loathsome traitor Cameron and replacing him with (this is where my plan completely falls apart) someone who isn’t pro-EU filth.

      • 51
        nellnewman says:

        Best to go for middle ground Tess.

        Don’t get rid of militwit he’s doing a great job destroying the remnants of labour that gordon left behind.

        Hold your breath and hang on to cameron. He might just ditch the libdems, who are drowning slowly & painfully and call an election in which he promjses us a referendum on our membership of the eu.

        The best PM’s are the one’s like Mrs T who boldly seize the moment, take the river at flood and all that!!

        We can but hope.

        • 154
          smoggie says:

          The brother David is waiting humbly for the call. At the moment he is restoring the fortunes of Sunderland Football Club (no mean feat) and will happily do the same for the tatters of UK plc.

  14. 31
    The Old Bill says:

    Fucking brilliant it could take years to gey him out of the Dominican Republic. Pack the suntan oil and the bathers boys. The sunny Caribbean here we come !!

    • 188
      Double Jeopardy Can't Change Its Spots says:

      Thanks to recent advances in forensic accountancy, tell us what you want to prove and we’ll invent a test to prove him guilty. Kerching!

  15. 32
    hrisopher Hhe says:

    No no no it were his wife what done it.

  16. 33
    annette curton says:

    “money laundering, fraud and theft” could well be the corporate motto of most in the banking fraternity (what does it sound like in latin?). Did he never manage to get a knighthood out of it, wot not even an OBE ?.

    • 44
      Bring Back Emily Nomates! says:

      ‘laundering pecunia, furtum, fraudem’…

      • 48
        annette curton says:

        Thanks, just need the heraldic device to go with it, Black Horse rampant… no that’s already been done, err, a boulder being rolled over a cliff (better leave Barclays Bank out of it).

    • 131
      Tachybaptus says:

      In the nominative case, ablutio pecuniae, fraus, furtum. It would be better in the ablative, so that it meant ‘By money laundering, fraud, theft’, and with -que after the last word to mean ‘and’. That would be ablutione pecuniae, fraude, furtoque. Mottos ought to be short, and just the last two, fraude furtoque, have a good alliterative ring: ‘By fraud and theft’.

  17. 39
    The Iron Lady says:

    A bit of a fiery debate going on at the Imdb message board for The Iron Lady. One thread is “Should have been called The Woman who saved Britain”, another is “Should have been called The Woman who ruined Britain”.

    • 42
      Gordon Brown says:

      Saved Britain??!! *I* saved the world!!

      Before bankrupting Britain and going into hiding in Scotland.

      • 43
        Fred the Shred ( knighted by Gordon Brown ) says:

        Fancy lunch tomorrow, Gordon ?

        • 72
          nellnewman says:

          Good idea. You can each compare then how much money you’ve both made since the financial collapse that you both engineered.

          gordon apparently made £1.7million last year over and above his mp salary, expenses, office expenses and 24 hour round the clock security officers – totalling somewhere around £500k. Yes and its peanuts I know compared to bliars carry ons.

          How much have you managed to coax out of the international community this last 12 months fred?

          • Anonymous says:

            But those security officers are for our protection. Imagine if The Man Who Saved The World brought his local beach down south

    • 47
      nellnewman says:

      Well let’s face it there’ll never be a movie about bliar that provokes a debate about whether he saved Britain or not.

      The only debates that will rage about bliar will be how many people he killed in his illegal wars and how many £millions he made out of it all afterwards.

    • 50
      Me says:

      I can assure anyone who is any doubt that she saved Britain and also the East European countries.

      Labour was the party of the Unions and ban the bomb. Before Maggie came to power the ordinary citizen did not hold shares and had to wait years to get a phone line and a Union could even call a national strike without balloting its members first.

      The country was in a total mess and I mean TOTAL MESS. For Labour to say otherwise is disgusting. One thing I respect Tony Blair for is that he Respects Maggie and I think even Gordon does.

      • 134
        BBC bias says:

        Always wondered why BBC stopped showing and making ‘The Rock n Roll Years’, constant reshowing of Labour misery, with a ‘groovey sound track’ and then Tory good times was too much uncommon purpose.

    • 54
      Me (Pe a free) says:

      I can assure anyone who is any doubt that she saved Britain and also the East Europe an countries.

      Labour was the party of the Unions and ban the bomb. Before Maggie came to power the ordinary citizen did not hold shares and had to wait years to get a phone line and a Union could even call a national strike without balloting its members first.

      The country was in a total mess and I mean TOTAL MESS. For Labour to say otherwise is disgusting. One thing I respect Tony Blair for is that he Respects Maggie and I think even Gordon does.

      • 58
        Arfur Scargill says:

        Red Robbo @ British Leyland. Say no more. I rest my case your honour.

      • 61
        LEST WE FORGET says:

        The rest of the World used to called this Country the Sick Man of Europe.

        Thatcher changed ALL that.

        It was painful but, as ever, it was the Labour ‘governments’ of Wilson & Callaghan that had earned us that sobriquet.

        • 67
          nellnewman says:

          Yes indeed and Scargill!! Let’s not forget him!!

        • 69
          Thatcher deniers says:

          Very true sir, very true. I am increasingly getting fed up with the BBC re-writing history. This country was a basket case before Maggie came to power and yes we were the sick man of Europe. Labour and the unions had all but done for us.

          How the BBC can deny that, makes me totally sick.

          • nellnewman says:

            If we are really going to be a free nation it’s time to get rid of our marxist state tv and radio.

            I feel absolutely sure it will fetch a reasonable sum for the taxpayer sold on the international market. The biased news programme is worthless of course -no respectable tv company would want it.

            But it’s drama section and its natural history programmes, notwithstanding attenborough’s last debacle to agw, would fetch a handsome sum.

          • A Corpse (pre-Thatcher) says:

            I couldn’t even get buried.

          • Spartacus says:

            just heard again on the bbc that admiral nelson was a black man – it was a diane abbot interview

            BBC re-writing history – no, no, no

        • 77
          Freedom says:

          Well to be honest I did not find it painful at all, just enlightening and en powering. Good times

  18. 41
    The Iron Lady says:

    Forgot to put the link. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1007029/board/

  19. 57
    nellnewman says:

    “DUEMA fightback Guardian i/v: “I took on Murdoch”, “hard wire fairness into economy”, “no vacuum”. Whooosh #SaveEd guyfawk.es/wkqoG0″

    This comment says everything that needs to be said about militwit!!

  20. 59
    Dead Ed says:

    Heads up. Ed’s spinner Chris Leslie is on Newsnight shortly to defend his boss!

    • 62
      Mrs. Ball-Scooper ( triple flipper ) says:

      He’ll have to spin faster than the Large Hadron Collider to spin Red Ed out of the soft Brown and smelly.

  21. 63
    I don't need no doctor says:

    You cab just smell an election in June. Go for it Cameron!

    • 66
      I don't need no doctor says:

      can not cab.

    • 68
      Diane Fatbott says:

      Cab ? Cab ? They never stop for me !

      • 80
        nellnewman says:

        She needs to follow the example of boris and get a bike!!

        It’ll do her the world of good!! And save us the poor old put upon taxpayer a fortune!!

        • 124
          Freddie Bulsara says:

          Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go around

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Yep, a night of passion with the likes of Fatbott, swe ating and wheezing their way through ten minutes of sex ( if they could last that long without stuffing their gobs with more curried goat ) before they conk out and snore the rest of the night away, is an experience I can live without thanks.

  22. 70
    Dead Ed says:

    Kirsty Wark telling Chris Leslie on Newsnight that Labour don’t have a credible plan.

    • 165
      JH says:

      A fleeting, dream-like glimmer of having an impartial uniquely-funded-with-menaces state broadcaster.

  23. 73
    Dead Ed says:

    Wark asking Leslie how much Labour would reduce deficit by and he keeps dodging the question.

  24. 74
    Dead Ed says:

    Say what you like about the bbc but Kirsty Wark is tearing Labour’s Chris Leslie apart.

  25. 75
    Future Party Leader says:

    That taxpayer funding idea is the way the politicos will try and get it, on the basis it is the lesser of two evils. A few practicalities to iron out though:
    People forming a new party to get their hands on some cash
    Funding going to all and sundry including those slightly more “edgy” ones with the the non-PC views – not sue how the BBC and Guardian will welcome that one…
    How much to give? enough for a few leaflets and an annual conference, or enough for a professional bunch of managers to move in?
    Would all other donations be banned?
    How to value people giving their time instead of money?

    I’m only asking……..

    • 82
      nellnewman says:

      Sorry to tell you this but there aren’t any easy answers.

    • 105
      albacore says:

      So, let’s get this right: you can’t trust the swine
      And you have to bribe them to stay in line
      Well, I’d call that blackmail (if we still can)
      No wonder the country’s gone down the pan
      The very idea that voters must pay
      The ponces to shaft them every which way
      On top of salaries and expenses
      Would offend even a moron’s senses

      • 144
        Deliberately obtuse says:

        I’ve already posted this above (see discussion above 149), but I think it is worth a repeeeet for those who missed it. On reflection I think I might increase the proposed salaries to say 75k.

        “No. The alternative is to do away completely with the party system and just have say 150 totally independent MPs who would be paid say 50k a year to do the job. Only travel expenses twixt Westminster and constituences allowed.”

        • 179
          Spartacus says:

          why would you put up salaries when there people queuing up to become mps. a good reason to reduce mp salaries. get real you lot.

  26. 81
    The Eagle Brothers says:

    What are Silicone implants?

  27. 85
    Self responsibility says:

    So why if a woman goes to a private plastic sugeon to get her tits done up, why does she want me to pay to put it right when it all goes pear shaped?

    Not that I dislike pear shaped tits.

    • 151
      Polythesis says:

      They are victims of evil racist white men, nearly everyone is a victim of evil racist white men and they must be made to pay for all their racist evil do you see? 99% of all victims everywhere on the planet are victims of white men, these criminals must be destroyed but first worked and taxed into penury. White men, what crimes have they not committed against everyone?

  28. 87
    Self responsibility says:

    So why if a woman goes to a private plastic sugeon to get her tits done up, why does she want me to pay to put it right when it all goes pe@r shaped?

    Not that I dislike pe@r shaped tits.

  29. 88
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  30. 89
    Be careful what you wish for says:

    I fail to see how ordinary Joe Jamaican will be even slightly better off if his head of state is a politician and not the Queen.

  31. 91
    Vince Cable says:

    Diane Abbot says he’sa racist as well !

  32. 94
    The Iron Lady says:

    Behind scenes Making of The Iron Lady film on More4 now.

  33. 98
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    This DUEMA thingy doesn’t seem to be having any effect. http://bit.ly/Azs6C2

    Thankfully, the Liebour party don’t do Edicide regicide

  34. 100
    Ah! Monika says:

    “Liberal Democrats’ biggest donor arrested in the Caribbean”

    Can you extradite a man for crass stupidity?

  35. 102
    Ah! Monika says:

    Caption Contest.

    Ed practices for walk on part as silicone implants removal man


  36. 106
    Liberal Integrity says:

    The Lib Dems should return the Michael Brown money voluntarily, otherwise it should be confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act and returned to the people from whom it was stolen and Vince Cable should be made to share a cell with Chris Hoon.

  37. 117
    At all good cinemas everywhere says:

  38. 118
    Liberal Integrity says:

    Headline in Standard = “Fraudster Brown Arrested”

    Just for a moment…

  39. 119
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
    • 121
      WVM says:

      Did you tweet that from your Tuscany villa whilst sipping on champagne Polly?

    • 122
      Polly Twaddle Twitter All The Day says:

      Gaze at THIS, ya Twit ya:

    • 125
      Tachybaptus says:

      Using ‘forensic’ (= having to do with a law court) to mean ‘precise’ is a good indication that the writer’s hand is moving while her brain is in neutral. It’s one of those meaningless buzzwords like ‘synergy’ or ‘vibrant’ that alert you to the fact that you are being showered with crap.

      • 167
        The Paragnostic says:

        I think the presence of “Polly Toynbee” at the beginning of the tweet (twat, twot, twaddle?) is an ample guarantee of the proposition that you are in close proximity to a veritable Vesuvius of verbal vacuity, never mind a shower of shit.

    • 127
      Poli Toynb says:

      comments si reef butt facts are scared

    • 133
      Displaced Brummie says:

      The best Polly can hope for is that Ed Miliband introduces a Balanced Transitional Contingency Paradigm, or perhaps just fucks off, instead.

      • 148
        A Payne in the beeboids says:

        You mean Ed’s policy should be based on our old potter’s wheel interlude ?

        • 152
          Potty Old Spinner says:

          I met that fellow some 60 years ago. He used to work in a shed somewhere near Guildford as I recall. I still have the pic, taken around 1951, somewhere in a box in the attic. Clever fellow he was.

      • 195
        Pundit Too says:

        BTCP? Sounds like a medicine or toilet cleaner.

  40. 126
  41. 128
    Jimmy says:

    More LibCon sleaze

  42. 129
    Nigel farage says:

  43. 135
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  44. 136
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  45. 137
    • 139
      not a machine says:

      Dont worry Billy dasterdly EU is trying all sorts of wrestle holds and pox prmises if we dont comply , only 5 and bit months to tough it out before , wouldnt touch it with barge poll situation is obvious election winner

  46. 138
    not a machine says:

    Apparently he defrauded the man united chairman , mmmm not be having that lib dem conference at Gmex then …….

  47. 150
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    My God. It is a Good Morning Now :-)

  48. 155
    S.B.S says:

    Arrested for giving 2.4m to lib/dems.
    Arrested and sectioned, weaving willow baskets for a while.

  49. 159
    Julian says:

    Or one might say ,

    “The biggest donut in the history of the Labour Party was one pin-headed Gordon Brown, who gave away 395 tons of the nation’s gold for a front-row seat picking his nose next to Tony Blair. He turned out to be a pin-headed thief and should have been charged with money laundering, fraud and theft before he went on the run. He has not been arrested in the Dominican Republic…”

    • 162
      The Paragnostic says:

      You had to remind us of the cretinous Caledonian cyclops, didn’t you. My New Year’s resolution not to think of that useless cunt and the damage he did to our country is now broken.

      I hope you’re proud of yourself.

  50. 168
    The Doddering Old fart says:

    The sad thing is, think what a honest person running a British manufacturing business could have done with 2.4 million.

  51. 169
    Apathy Rising says:

    Is he being extradited or rescued ?

  52. 172
    Beau Brummell says:

    Chalk stripes, surely?

    Whatever they are, he scrubs up really well and could be mistaken for a Tory donor. As he’s not Asian or apparently a pal of Blair, I deduce, Watson, that he isn’t Labour Party Donor material.

    I am, however, very surprised that he isn’t tucked up safely in the comfort of the House of Lords among the other criminal “Ermine Vermin”. Cable and Clegg aren’t really on top of this corruption lark, and have a really steep learning curve to match the exploits of the other two Parties.

  53. 173
    Anonymous says:

    So Vince is right. Good of you to point it out.

  54. 191
    Voice of Reason says:

    This crook could join the coalition he’d be more at home there with the treacherous Lib Dem hypocrites and other millionaires in the party.

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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