November 21st, 2011

Rich & Mark’s Monday Morning View


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Bloody hell, its a good one this week.

    Morning Guido and Neo :-)

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    Dr D Kelly (dec'd) says:

    And that’s exactly how it happened.

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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    As we are on the subject of justice delayed (ala Hunt), i note it has gone quiet on the Mcshane, Laws and Wiggin (unless i have missed something?) front, why have the police not charged Laws with defrauding the public?

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        Jane Pilgrim's Strapon says:

        Actually Lady Uddin has a point. Why is she treated differently to troughing white members of the Lords.

        • 109
          Anonymous says:

          Claims if rayscism, Huh!

          Always the first refuge of these scoundrels, it’s in their genes. Back home, if you’re not fiddling you’re not breathing.

      • 48
        nell says:

        Well I agree. I’m very unhappy at the way they were treated. They should have been prosecuted and imprisoned and never let back of the HoL.

        I think its disgustinng the way justice is not done in this country anymore.

        • 53
          50 Calibre says:

          It never really was…

        • 79

          Treat them all the same , Identical lengths of piano wire and lamp posts on the same street !

          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            From various photographs and news vids, it is safe to say that some will need a heavier gauge of piano wire than others – and stronger lamp posts.

      • 252
        Taxfodder says:

        Funny I’ve noticed that it only seems to work on rioters looters and Joe public, but stalls if you are in government and/or have a few bob and like to make political party donations.

    • 28
      Our Denry says:

      How many more of the little darlings in HoC have not even been bought before the beak over expenses, there was a lot of noise on here this time last year, never mind that they have left the HoC or payed back (sometimes only a fraction), the fiddle should be on their criminal record mitigated because they payed back, that also means that they were just being greedy, they did not need the money.

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    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Well Bugger me ! A satirical cartoon !
    Have skid@Mark employed someone with a sense of humour ?

    This is really good for you two , Did you copy it from private eye ?

  5. 8
    Angela Heil-Me Merkel says:

    I love the sound of jackboots in the morning.

  6. 15
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    The enquiry will conclude that Saif was killed by “Friendly B,liar”

  7. 19
    Trinny says:

    Never trust a Ferengi.

    Ruke of acquisition #34: “War is good for business”

  8. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Neville caves in to the Germans again:-

    The UK will sign up to a revision of the Lisbon treaty – aimed at underpinning tough new fiscal rules for the eurozone – in exchange for an undertaking from Berlin that it will allow for an examination of the impact of the directive, which imposes a 48-hour week on workers across the EU.

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      Well it's a thought says:

      Oh quiet please, just enjoy R@Ms recognisable cartoon, I can’t get excited yet until I’ve taken my antidepressent and heart pills. :-)

    • 30
      Les Sonophistory says:

      Looks like it’s war then.

    • 32
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      WHERES OUR REFERENDUM that Call Me Useless promised us ? , If there was any major new legislation changes !
      What a lying little beanfaced twat he is !

    • 36
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Hey! Great! Treaty change! Fabulous!!

      Cameron absolutely totally promised us we’d get to vote on treaty changes in a referendum! So we’re finally getting one! Yay! When is it going to be? Next month? I can’t wait!

      • 50
        Well it's a thought says:

        The old Everly brothers song comes to mind, Dream dream dream.

      • 71

        If they won’t let Greece and Italy choose their own PM do you really think they will allow “Call Me Useless” to hold a referendum He hasn’t even got the spine to say NO ! , to giving them our money to bail out the doomed euro , or even tell them to fuck off over budget increases
        he’s just another EU puppet like Brown and Blair before him

      • 82
        The lights are going out all over Europe........the No referendum Clause says:

        Sorry Tessa read the small print of the Europe Act . Dave has this covered ..a referendum will only be triggered in the event that any MORE powers are transferred from UK Parliament to Brussels…a Treaty Amendment which does NOT transfer any NEW powers from UK and only affects Eurozone specifically(mute point as to whether it will affect ALL of members of course dependent on your view)does NOT automatically trigger a UK Referendum so you’ll be waiting a long time on this one I think

    • 37
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      The Tough fiscal rules were already in place But were broken first by Germany and then by France for which nothing happened
      Then when Ireland broke them they got fined by the EU
      Democracy in action ! Not !

      • 46
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Good point. When France and Germany don’t like the rules, they ignore them. When we don’t like the rules, Cameron tries to get “concessions”.

        The Frogs and Krauts must split their sides laughing at Cameron’s complete and utter stupidity.

        Still, at least time the last laugh’s on us – because Dave’s going to give us the referendum he promised. Isn’t he? I mean, he’s not going to break yet another promise, is he?

      • 78
        Les Sonophistory says:

        What on earth was Boris on yesterday, going on about democracy in the same breath as the EU ?

  9. 22
    • 45

      It is quite true we in Brussels never touch the stuff !
      We survive quite well on Vintage wine and Champagne paid for by the taxpayers !

  10. 25
    bring back Maggie says:

    Mr Farage next Tony

  11. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Black” Monday all day I’m sorry to say as long as that arse David Cameron is in power.

    FTSE 100 5301.82 – -61.12

    • 34

      Goody goody!!!!! Keep going. Time to buy soon…

    • 40
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Oh, you’re not making your silly predictions again, you?

      The FTSE100′s down 1.15 percent. That’s never happened before. Oh, the pain.

      • 81
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Tessa,don’t say I didn’t warn you earlier.

        FTSE 100 5249.11 – -113.83

        When the FTSE dips below 5000 in mid-week perhaps you will sit up and take notice,young lady.

        • 105
          Sir Aston Martin says:

          Share tips, please Billy, from your fount of knowledge.

          • Billy Bowden's Broker says:

            Buy coffee! Sell tea!! No, buy tea, sell coffee!! No hang on, buy coffee buy tea!! Oh wait, sell coffee sell tea!! Oh I give up……

  12. 31
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    Bloody hell.

    A Blair crony has survived to tell the tale! :)

    • 39
      Our Denry says:

      Do you think B’Liar is doing a Gordoom, also a few of his cronies, no wonder they they want him Europe at the Hague

      • 49
        Our Denry says:

        Saif has a little black book where he has recorded all those peole who owe him favours and those who he deal with, just case he needed help, know what I mean, a la Poulson, I would certainly have kept one and kept it in a very safe place, could open a whole can of worms

        • 65
          JOSE MANUEL BAROSSO says:

          He kept it hidden up Mandy’s arse !
          Witnesses said they could here him trying to shove it back in most evenings !

          • Sir Aston Martin says:

            Send in a search party. 20 men and 5 bloodhounds should do the trick. Plus the usual hamster.

        • 88

          The words are “people” “dealt ” “in case”
          If you must correct me make sure your spelling is at least readable !

      • 84

        the word’s are “in the Hague”

    • 41
      Well it's a thought says:

      Lets wait until he gets to court and is shown on tv.

  13. 38
    Footpath Atlas says:

    Why is David Owen taking notes?

  14. 42
    ACLB says:

    “Today is not a day for soundbites, but I have just fouled my breeches.

  15. 52
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    No doubt Blair force one has been despatched to collect Saif and make sure the bodies stay buried.

    • 250
      points mean prizes says:

      Billy, which one of these statements is true?

      “TO be or not to be, that is the question…”
      “To BE or not to be, that is the question…”
      “To be OR not to be, that is the question…”
      “To be or NOT to be, that is the question…”
      “To be or not TO be, that is the question…”
      “To be or not to BE, that is the question…”
      “To be or not to be, THAT is the question…”
      “To be or not to be, that IS the question…”
      “To be or not to be, that is THE question…”
      “To be or not to be, that is the QUESTION…”

  16. 56
    nell says:

    Well but the truth is neither mandy nor bliar would do their own dirty work.

    I daresay one of tone’s other rich ruthless dictators would be happy to provide him with an assassin.

  17. 59

    Why is B liar stabbing Alan Yentob ?

  18. 61
    Anonymous says:

    A very very big warning to Cameron’s conservative party; enjoy your one term while you can.

    There is no way on this earth that cameron will be returned in 2015. Can’t wait for the headlines that year.


    • 68
      Trinny says:

      What’s the alternative? Really?

      • 101
        Anonymous says:

        The alternative Trinny is Farage & UKIP. Not that I believe he would achieve all that he stands for but he would ensure that the country goes down fighting.

        • 111
          nell says:

          I wish it were possible but it’s no good he doesn’t have any elected members in the HoC and nobody in his party who could provide ministers and a chancellor.

          He’s got to build up his electoral base before he becomes a force to be reckoned with. Really he needs to join forces with the tory rebels and folks like danhannan, then he might get somewhere.

        • 117
          Lady Armstrong Tiddly says:

          UKIP are a one trick pony, its farage and that’s it, I wish people would get a grip, when they had the chance to vote UKIP they didn’t, until something seriously changes they still won’t next time either.

        • 127
          Trinny says:

          ha ha ha ha ha

          No, really, what’s the alternative?

    • 69
      nell says:

      That’s absolutely fine but who are we going to put into no.10 in 2015?

      Because the thought of militwit as pm and bullyballs as chancellor makes my run cold?

      • 83
        Reichsfueherin Angela Merkel says:

        You little ‘island apes’ vill hav whatever leader I tell you to hav

        Heil me!

      • 92

        Nigel Farage !
        He is the only one who will get us out of the financial shit hole that’s the EU

      • 103
        Anonymous says:

        Anyone who isn’t a Bilderberg lackey. That removes most of the senior figures in the LibLabCon party.

      • 125
        Lady Armstrong Tiddly says:

        I admit there’s a problem, but we have 81 patriots at present and there will be more more. If you’re really depressed, it might be immaterial by then anyway, the EU coup will be complete and all elections banned. Who’s the UK Technocrat who’s gonna take over?

        • 232
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Mandelson, leading a group from the current Troika, in an emergency, temporary government of national unity?
          Of course the temporary would become permanent and elections postponed until there was stability ie, never.
          Or only allowed, when we were completely emasculated and dependant on our benefactors in Brussels / Berlin.

  19. 63
    Madness says:

    For fucks sake. The BBC news are trying to say it is bad, very bad that a young girl who has never done a stroke of work in her life except part her legs can not afford a new house.

    • 203
      Grimy Miner says:

      She obviously isn’t charging enough per trick. Maybe a review of the business plan is in order?

    • 211
      Dunlaggin says:

      and at the end of the piece on new toll roads, that Williams woman nearly spat out the words ‘and profits will go to the private sector’

  20. 64
    50 Calibre says:

    The well advanced plans hatched by MI5, MI6 and the CIA to pop the remaining Gaddafi before he spills all the beans will have been implemented a couple of days ago. It will be interesting to see if it works. viz. Get some daft local to do the deed and then kill him before he blabs. That’s what they did to Kennedy’s assassin. That worked and so will this…

  21. 66
    Not surprised says:

    Prior to his “arrest” this man was known as Said Gaddafi – now he seems to be called Saif al-Islam.

    I’m just a grumpy old man puzzled as to why this is?

    Is it part of a campaign to present him as a really nice guy with no connections to the Gaddafi family?

    As the cartoon suggests, I suspect he may “fall down some stairs”

  22. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron is an absolute traitor, just like blair. It’s a while to wait but he”ll get his cummupance in 2015, enjoy your one term while you can. Now if Boris were to take over, that might be different.

    Any one who votes libdem,labour or tory is voting for a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE, so you are endorsing this policy and without a referendum.

    There will never ever ever be a referendum on Europe what ever any politician says. They will never ever allow you a vote on the EU. You should know that by now.

    • 90
      Euwer… look at them flying pigs says:

      Perhaps our Comical BBC will promote a referendum if Millitwit asks nicely.

      • 106
        The Bandwagon rolls on with Labour on board says:

        Private Labour polling probably shows that 90% of the UK electors want a referendum on Europe and our relationship with Europe to be re-negotiated…I therefore confidently expect Ed to make an announcement supporting a referendum shortly

        • 119
          Euwer… look at them flying pigs says:

          Yes but when voted in (oh dear what have I said?) Millitwit will see that it is not in his interest or indeed that of the country. These poly-ticians (many sided) have the right to pedal backwards at the speed of light you know.

          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            Fritz Zwicky the famous Astronomer had a good term for people like them.

            Spherical bastards. Because know matter which way you look at them they are bastards :-)

    • 93
      Tessa Tickles says:

      No, it’s fine!

      Cameron learned his lesson from his broken ‘cast iron guarantee’, he learned his lesson from his broken manifesto commitment to a referendum on EU membership, he realised the broken promises made him and the whole Conservative Party look like complete cunts, and so he promised us, absolutely, definitely, no word of a lie, that we’d get a referendum on EU treaty changes. This was his word. His vow.

      So he’ll be making an announcement about a referendum today, I should think.

      • 130
        Lady Armstrong Tiddly says:

        And I’ve got fairies at the bottom of my garden as well!!

      • 177
        Fish says:

        No TT.

        Cameron said that he would offer a referrendum if, when he got in to power, the Lisbon Treaty had not been signed.

        Brown (and Labour) who promised us a referrendum renaged and signed the Lisbon Treaty anyway. And our then, dear PM, saviour of the world, international man of action and courage, was too much of a coward to sign the treaty publicly. No, Brown the COWARD slithered his way in after the ceremony, after everyone else had done so and signed it behind our backs.

        Good fun for lefties, this: Destroy the economy; welfare out of control; NHS a complete basket case, killing 1000s each year; education falling to third world standards; dismantled borders and immigration controls; bloated, inefficient public sector.

        All in all, Labour shit on the country and its people. They and the BBC are laughing while Cameron is carrying their can.

        Good game. Good game!

        • 205
          Tessa Tickles says:

          You are quite correct. But if Cameron had any sense at all, he’d have realised he’d be made to look like a prize cock if the treaty was signed before he became PM.

          What he should have promised was a referendum on the treaty if it hadn’t been signed by the time he became PM, or alternatively a referendum on EU membership if the treaty HAD been signed by the time he became PM.

          That would have sunk the treaty completely. Check mate. EU lose. Cameron wins.

          But noooo. Cameron allowed himself to look like a prize cock.

          (all of this is overtaken by events, of course; Cameron promised a referendum in the 2010 Con manifesto, and he broke that promise. He also promised a referendum if there were treat changes, and it looks like he’s going to break that promise, too. The man is a compulsive liar.)

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            Don’t forget the treaty was Dead in the water untill the Thick bastard Irish sold us out !
            It is their fault alone , that we are even in the thing !

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            That’s a bit harsh on the paddies, they were brow beaten by all their political parties and the Irish MSM, that a second No vote would mean disaster, collapse, food riots, the end of civilisation, etc, etc, etc.

            That and the fundemental anti-democracy movement at the heart of the EU project, meant that even if they had voted No again, they would probably have been forced to vote for a third, fourth or fifth time, until the EU got the decision it wanted.

          • Anonymous says:

            Trust the Irish. After they get the right answer the first time, they change ti to the wrong answer.

    • 96
      The lights are going out all over Europe........a lesson from history says:

      An analogy from the 1930′s…first they occupied the Rhineland(perfectly reasonable it was part of the pre-Great War Germany)you’d be churlish to object;then the Sudentenland(majority of area was etnic German anyway…so what if Czechs complained….they had to think of the BIG picture and not be negative and overly patriotic);then the Anschluss of Austria(again they all spoke German and the majority wanted it ?)next was Danzig and so it went until the British Government woke up to the threat of German domination of Europe and that feeding the “beast” just made it hungrier…we are now seeing the first signs of this again….people who stood against the anti-appeasment policies of the Chamberlain Government were denigrated and ridiculed as “Little Englanders” by the Government and the Press but ultimately they were right and so are we this time…it’s not a war maybe but the UK Sovereignty and national interest IS at stake..despite ALL the doom merchants the time is right to rre-negotiate our relationship with EU and all the bad mouthing by the europhiles will not change the basic fact that rthe Euro is finished along with the existing Eurozone.

      • 112
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        To be fair to Chamberlain, the man operated on the half a lung he had left after being gassed in the trenches, (Brigade Major), in WW! and was determined to do everything he could not to send another generation into that sort of Hell.
        By comparison, Cameron seems to have been left with 1/2 a brain after Black Wednesday, (Coffee fetcher and Gopher) and is determined to send future generations into that sort of Hell. Plus Chamberlain couldn’t tell a lie and Cameron has an ambivalent relationship with the truth.

    • 267
      Anonymous says:

      As you slide down the banister rail of life be nice to the people on their way up, co’s you might meet them on your way down.

  23. 70
    Price says:

    Is it Ben Kingsly?

  24. 73
    Rh- says:

    ramblers must fear going out for a walk in the woods when ever tony blair is about!

  25. 74
    Anonymous says:

    American Tony) I can do whatever I wish, there’s No one to stop me. ( Mandy ” should get you a Knight hood ,for this!……Dear Charles…..

  26. 87
    Widescreen2010 says:

    Who was the knob on Today this morning trying to explain that we need to borrow more money to get us out of debt?
    I missed the start so I dunno who it was.
    And I had better things to do than listen to that crap just to find out who was saying it.
    I would like to know what idiot it was, though.

    • 100
      Tessa Tickles says:

      I never listen to Today, but my guess is the interviewee’s first name was “Ed”.

      • 230
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        “Who was the knob on Today this morning?” is a question with an infinity of possible answers.

    • 113
      nell says:

      That was just gordon’s deranged sidekick , the one they call bullyballs.

      Spend spend spend , borrow and print money and never mind about the debt. That seems to be the jist of labour’s economic strategy.

      • 139
        Widescreen2010 says:

        Ahh, that prick: one of the ones who got us into this shit.
        I was particularly galled by his example of Greece as an example of what goes wrong when you don’t keep the debt spiralling!

        For me, the example of Greece dismantles two myths:
        The ‘right-wing’ myth that having low tax for the wealthy somehow boosts the economy and makes everything better.
        And the ‘left-wing’ myth that debt boosts the economy.

        Well, Greece had both: little tax paid by the rich and a huge debt.
        So by the arguments of the left and right they should have been a huge economic success.
        Funnily enough, they are in a huge economic mess that defies belief.

      • 239
        EdButLookBalls says:

        Yvette says it’s too wide and too deep to satisfy my little todger!

    • 217
      Dunlaggin says:

      As somebody else said, Labour’s 5 point plan:-

      Borrow More
      Spend More
      Go Bust

  27. 89
    Babe Watch says:

    The fragrant Louise Mensch looking gorgeous on Channel 5′s Wright Stuff.

    • 110
      Widescreen2010 says:

      yes she is!
      I had to turn the sound down when she started talking.
      It’s all very nice being a dumb blond, but please don’t start trying to tell us stuff – just sit there and smile nicely.
      Even Matthew Wright dismantled her flawed reasoning without breaking a sweat, and he’s hardly a high-powered political analyst.

      • 135
        Mornington Crescent says:

        “…just sit there and smile nicely.”

        - And, if at all possible, get ‘em off.

        • 146
          Widescreen2010 says:

          Oh God, her mouth is flapping about again and stupid noises are coming out… MUTE!
          Ah, that’s better.

    • 118
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Mrs Mensch would look gorgeous in Chanel No.5 alone and would be the right stuff!

  28. 94
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
    • 138

      Bring on the strikes
      it will save us a fortune If as expected 3 million people go on strike
      lets say their average pay is £100 per day that is £300,000,000 per day save
      Keep them out for six months and that would really contribute a good wedge to the deficit !
      Keep them really pissed off and in a couple of years it will be paid off
      apart from one small problem !
      Every penny saved up to now Call Me Useless has given away either to the EU or overseas aid or some other non returnable cause !

      • 153

        Your car awaits, Prime Minister.

        • 181
          Tessa Tickles says:


          • Ta Tessa.

            You mentioned the ‘c’ word yesterday when you should not have done so (in fact you mentioned two of them… and we all want to keep you around). I have merely mentioned today’s BBC ‘c’ word.

        • 221
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          LOL ! I speak from experience !
          back in the 70′s when i worked for local authority
          LOL never thought i would find the words “work” and “Local Authority” in the same sentence
          We used to go on strike a lot around Feb/March time
          until someone pointed out how friendly our union leaders were with councillors and the fact that councils always run out of money at the end of the financial year (April)

      • 240
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        I hate to pour cold water on your undisguised glee, but the PSU’s are playing the same trick as they did 40 years ago. Strike in the Autumn, then the Mandarines have to authorise bags of overtime to catch up on the make-work or admit that they are overmanned. Result? A stealth pay rise.

    • 147
      Well it's a thought says:

      Just think of all the taxpayers money that will be saved by a day of inaction, as usual by the uncivil service groups going on strike, should save hundereds of millions of taxpayers money, can they carry on for a week, just think of the the money saved by not borrowing.

    • 150
      It's a start says:

      United we stand, divided we fall

      We’re always happiest

      When we’re doing fuck all

      Let’s shirk together,

      c’mon c’mon lets shirk together

      Two or three minutes
      Two or three hours,

      We hate working, cos we’re just a shower

      Let’s shirk together,

      c’mon c’mon lets shirk together

    • 160
      Boney Blackburn says:

      Erm, serious thinking for a nano second, no f****ing chance,

      Don’t encourage the bastards!

  29. 98
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Bliar and Mandelslime were crafty enought to drag Prince @ndrew into it.
    The current government will have to protect the Royal’s reputation. I suspect there are one or two other high ranking officials, still in office, that might want Saif to be kept quiet as well.

    • 256
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I had nothing to do with him, so don’t start blaming me too. By the way does anyone have the telephone number of Ghadaffi’s former Ukranian Nurse?

  30. 99
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    David Cameron should resign before chorusing Y Viva Espagna this morning

    • 124
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      But then Cleggy would take over while the Tories chose a new leader. just how much damage could a Clegg Unbound inflict on our Nation in a few short weeks?

  31. 104
    Dick the Butcher says:

    Good to see that in Spain another nest of spend borrow spend borrow socialist vermin has been eradicated.

  32. 115
    Memo from TB to AC says:

    Alastair, we need a Harrowden for Rich and Mark.

  33. 121

    The tory housing minister is on the box “We are going to build another 32,000 homes for people who want to own a “roof over their head” and it will create 16,000 new jobs
    Where the fuck are these people going to get a mortgage ?
    Not from a British bank !
    Up here in the north around Manchester they are still building thousands of houses and in some cases pulling down schools to build them , granted most of it is social housing to house the increasing flow of immigrants !
    Where is the fucking money coming from ?
    i thought all council budgets were being cut FFS !

    • 128
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      If you contact your local councillor, he or she could answer that moot point, and you could then inform the Nation through this blog. I await the result with baited breath.

    • 132

      They are pulling down houses there to build slums.

      • 170
        We'll All Be Hungry Soon says:

        Around here they are concreting over perfectly good agricultural land to build slums.

      • 189
        Labour-donor J K Rowling says:

        I pulled down a million pound house so I could extend my conservatory.

        • 224
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          The last guy i worked for Bought next door and pulled it down
          so he could own a detached house
          It’s true !

          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            It’s happening everywhere. Developers are buying up retirement cottages with a bit of garden and building 2 or more “affordable” 2-storey homes with no garden and f-all storage space. Call-me heir-to-blair’s planning reforms will make such developments easier.

  34. 122
    Dr K says:

    A couple of paracetamol and a little nick of my wrist is all it took.

  35. 131
    Tony Blair says:

    It’s wrong to say I didn’t mourn the death of Dr K e lly. I went home and got a handjob from Carole. Ordinarily I’d have fucked her.

  36. 134
    Four Hackings and a Funeral says:

    Hugh Grunt giving evidence at the Leveson inquiry today.

  37. 136
    Ah! Monika says:

    “The Department for Health disputed the wisdom of the new law. A spokesman said: “Of course water hydrates. While we support the EU in preventing false claims about products, we need to exercise common sense as far as possible.”

    ” ….as far as possible” ? So EU takes precedence over common sense. Well that’s sense??

    • 246
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Ever since the straight bananananana fiasco,, and the strange case of Carrot Jam, The EU has taken precedence over common sense.

  38. 137

    Can you guys sort your bloody weather out please?

    It is even foggy over the Adriatic today.

  39. 140
    Labour says:

    Tony, peace be upon him, never met Saif. It was Lord Ashcroft.

  40. 141
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Be aware that sockpuppets/moniker thieves operate in this area.

  41. 148
    not a machine says:

    Deal in the desert !
    or Done over in the dunes , wasted in the waddi ……. Interesting what he may be questioned on none the less .

    I am still trying to work out quite what happened at Daves emergency EU summit , because everyone seems to think the flaws of the euro cannot be changed , its a matter of how to withdraw without too much damage to the basic EU , but even then just as we have delays and lack of anything seeming to make much impact , we would still like some powers/fisheries/policy back , depends if you have correctly assed how a big bazooka works on the sweating gelignite of the debts , As the austerity packages bite surely the problem only lengthens rather than dimishes , if you throw money at it?

    Housing on first scan doesnt look too bad an idea , it doesnt quite ring as well as some of labours govt early moves into social housing , but I like the idea of a sort of rolling fund , which may in turn give much better take up of brown field , I would be harsh on builders that treat the help poorley as the fund needs to keep working for a number of years . I hope of course that it can progress onto housing renewal rather than greenfield concrete. I would hope that the quality of this new housing is very good and i wondered if some of the planning legislation being scrapped was to do with size of house ,rooms garden etc ???
    Airports ! Given some people see a need for airports and flying and increased activity , I always felt that rail for european travel would be cheaper and so you need airports that cater for long haul and the new super jumbos . I dont know how the thames superairport would in reality work as there are certain techinical considerations on flights and pilot needs and flight paths, there might also be some on the effects to the estruary flows and flood scenarios (if ice melts) , but if you are suggesting it organises things better for long haul then seems a good idea .
    The trouble with airlines future is cost as one addage says “how do you become a millionaire? Ans be a billionaire first and get into the airline business” and whilst some routes remain good , will all of them ??

    on markets its now just a case of hoping that some of the all too clever ways of making the debt in the first, dont have some untinded consequences or bumps on the de leverages , the possible black holes of where one spurious bet was based on an equally spurious asset value causing a bigger collapse as the two meet somewhere , overvaluing the sound is not a good idea either , until the wonk can be contained properly and the inflation lowers .

    Toll roads always look good , if they provide the service they should do , better roads save heavy road users money and time , given the experience of the UK motorway users is one of overcrowding then perhaps ensuring business activity gets better spread through the country is a win win scenario in lessening the traafic volumes on certain sections , or new commuter light rail to take cars off the road , toll roads may then be long term improvement and better journeys .

    Good job Dave didnt use panzerfaust .:)

  42. 154
    Kate and Gerry Mc Cann says:

    Maddie’s made us very rich. I wonder if we can lose one of our other kids. People will understand if we leave them on a street corner while we go to dinner 20 miles away.

  43. 157

    Were going to get bank’s lending again !

    Now where have i heard that before ?
    every fucking month since the recession started
    First it was Mad Jock McMad and his party of free spending fuckwits then it was Call Me Useless , who a few months back printed shitloads of toy money to give to the banks to lend out , but still the banks won’t lend and decided to keep all the money to pay their bonuses at the end of the year !
    so instead of all this bollocks Do Something to force them to lend out money or just fuck e’m off and give out government loans !

  44. 161
    Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

    C’mon, thats stretching credibility even further than is normal with a Rich and mark cartoon. The very idea of it is simply preposterous.

    Blair is right handed.

  45. 162
    Loungelizard says:

    This is all very well for a Monday but I hope we’ve got someone on the south coast keeping an eye open for the jolly old Hun.

  46. 171
    I run a welk stall says:

    What we need is a really good war
    Starting with the carpet bombing of a country whose name ryhmes with with heil

  47. 173
    Ah! Monika says:

    Strictly Come Dancing 2011: highs and lows in pictures

    The Sun? No
    The Mirror? No
    The Daily Star? No
    The Express? No
    Indy ? No
    Guardian ? No
    Times? No

  48. 174
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Are YOU ready for Dow 7,000?

    Dear Bloggers,

    It may be shocking to hear me say that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is headed for 7,000 …

    But, yes, I firmly believe that we’re going to see the broad U.S. stock market fall another 35% from here … AT LEAST!

    Just look at what’s happened recently…

    • The Federal Reserve warned of “significant downside risks to the economic outlook” and the International Monetary Fund said “the global economy is in a dangerous new phase.”

    • The global data took a nasty turn for the worse, with a key Chinese manufacturing index slumping for three months in a row for the first time since 2009 … while activity in Europe fell to a two-year low.

    • And the cost of default insurance on European banks, many U.S. banks, and even entire sovereign COUNTRIES, exploded! The market now expects a Greek default to be a near certainty … and even the cost of insuring German bonds hit a record amid fears it will be forced to shoulder the burden of bailing out all its high-risk neighbors.

    In response, we have already seen the U.S. stock market start falling out of bed.

    The major averages are now flirting with multi-month lows, while several leading financial, transportation, and materials companies are heading straight to their previous lows of 2009!

    • 241
      bergen says:

      In the late 90′s I remember one learned American economist saying his computer programmes suggested that the true value of the Dow was around 42,000 (it was around 10,000 at the time).

      I always wondered if he’d put his money where his mouth was.

    • 242
      'ello sailor says:

      BTW Billy, what was the bumming like in Brighton last night?

  49. 183

    Prepare for the power blackouts. Grow a carrot.

  50. 187
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Who can follow the paper trail to Mandy’s £8 million house. Saif as houses?
    Something for Tom Watson to investigate or the Guardian or the BBC. Don’t think so.
    Nice to see the Spanish have ditched their socialist government. I wonder if they had an El Militwat or El Balls equivalent?

  51. 207
    Pedant#1 says:

    BLIAR has less hair than that!

  52. 212
    a question of spooks says:

    If you go down to the woods today……

  53. 213
    I run a welk stall says:

    A man can dream

  54. 233
    Cone head says:

    Is it Elf n Saif T ?

  55. 237
    Leave your message after the tone. says:

    The only thing wrong with the Dowler’s statement is that we did not call it voice mail back then. They were answer phone messages.

  56. 254
    Anonymous says:

    Mandy) Zzzzzzip Its not your lucky day , is it?

  57. 257
    Blair Mandelson says:

    John Smith was easier : with his dodgy ticker he just needed a little shock.

  58. 259
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Isn’t it time for the Bliar to go for a walk in the woods?????

  59. 263
    Anonymous says:

    Saif ..Uh -OH, The Mancunian Candidate

  60. 266
    petuniabean says:

    Who is feeling Saif now?

  61. 269
    Jacko says:

    Tone and Saif are mates then?

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I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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