October 17th, 2011

Pred-Ed: Miliband’s Shady Dinner with Lobbyists and Predators

Given that this is the week that shady chats and hand shakes in private rooms will be coming under extra scrutiny, Guido thought he would give Ed a gentle reminder of his promise to publish a list of attendees at a suspiciously “private and off the record” dinner held for him at the home of lobbyist-spinmeister Roland Rudd last week:

Ed has turned to the corporate lobbyist to boost his severely dented, if ever existent, reputation in the business world. Roland’s known clients include Murdoch, the Daily Mail, not so environmentally sensitive miners like Rio Tinto and African Barrick Gold. Rudd’s client list includes Boots and easyJet, owned by predatory asset stripping private equity companies, the most aggressive takeover group in the world KKR – the original “Barbarians at the Gate” - investment banks like Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered, UK taxpayer bailed out banks like Royal Bank of Scotland and Greece’s bankrupt Alpha Bank. Glencore the rogue commodities trading operation run out of Switzerland retains Rudd.

Labour’s current favourite targets the big energy companies like ENI, Shell, EON and Centrica could have been sat round the table with Ed. Embarrassingly UK Uncut favourites Vodafone may have passed the port to Ed and given Rudd represents Wonga, which the Labour Party’s Stella Creasey campaigns against, there will be extortionate interest if they were there. Rudd represents hedge fund operators DE Shaw and the London Stock Exchange, currently home to the unwashed 0.99% in occupation. With all these “predators” at his fingertips, which ones did Rudd choose to give Ed “some straight advice”?  No wonder Ed is reluctant to admit who he had dinner with…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Just a note to Lefties, before they spin the line it was only dinner, remember that it was very important that Dave had dinner with that red hed that worked for murdoch.

    So it either matters who you have dinner with or it doesnt.


    • 2
      Lord Wayne of Trombone says:

      Ahead of summit with the “Big Six” power firms, Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, defends pricing levels but stresses the need for a “fair and competitive market”.

      Chris – you are a TW-T


      • 4
        Joshua Tetley & Son says:

        Indeed he is ….

        “Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, defends pricing levels but stresses the need for a “fair and competitive market”.”…

        perhaps I can buy my elecy from China where they burn more and more coal and don’t do “green taxes” and finance other peoples wind farms ?


        • 5
          AC1 says:

          Well you will indirectly, through all the goods you’re importing.


          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            The fruit farm cabinet appear to have lost the plot and unable to control the fruits int heir basket. Huhne stands out as a pickle. What about the 20% added to our energy bills for his fcking wind farm experiment, 22 more time expensive to build than an ordinary power station, 33% less efficient, 25 yr life span, energy and co emissions to build are more than the wind mil will save in its lifetime. The Uk Co emission being the same as a piss in the ocean but it might please some unelected EU bureaucrat and the Eu countries who build the useless things.
            Bentley of British Gas has already pointed out that fuel poverty could be cut overnight if the fruit farm government only directed the winter fuel allowance to those who needed it, they could double the allowance to those in need. No, Huhne and the fruits think it is politically right to give something to everyone to gain votes. They still do not understand that most well off people don’t give a toss if they receive the allowance. Hurry up CPS we need this fcker locked up ASAP, hopefully in an open prison where he can be at one with the world of vegies.


          • British Leylaland says:

            Is going back to making our own brand of shit no longer an option then?


          • Aunt Mat says:

            It is not what you had for dinner.

            Its what you have for “afters”!

            We must stop this corruption at all levels of our society, otherwise a man in a black shirt will.


      • 9
        Anonymous says:

        Sacking Chris Huhne and replacing with someone who would champion customer interest will cut price by 40%. There is £300 in environment tax, £60 for VAT, £200 linking into EU energy network, etc.


      • 14
        HA HA says:

        The energy market was more competitive when it was one huge, state-owned behemoth.


        • 87
          Sungei Patani says:

          No it wasn’t.


          • Kitchener of Khartoum says:

            It might not have been “more competitive” – how can one compete with oneself in this instance? – but it was a bloody sight less avaricious than these foreign monkey companies which now have us over a barrel.

            On the Huhne question, the man is undoubtedly an idiot of the first water, as well as being, shifty, dishonest, an adulterer and a speed freak.

            Cameron talked of wind farms being “giant bird blenders”. I wish someone would throw this shit Huhne into one and see how he reacts in the fan.


    • 3
      Joshua Tetley & Son says:

      Of course he will release it … if they don’t mind !!

      Well- that really is open and transparent !


      • 7
        Engineer says:

        Quite possible, of course, that the business leaders are so embarrassed at the idea that it might be public knowledge that they attended dinner with Milipede that they have refuse permission to release their names.

        That, of course, doesn’t precude some release of information – “a director of Rio Tinto”, for example.


      • 8
        Anonymous says:

        Roland wont be happy when he works out who leaked that email.


      • 13
        Anonymous says:

        Its like putting a young boy with a group of tarts. End result is corruption. Party donation over £5,000 by any person, family or organisation should be made illegal. There should be also a maximum spent on all election activities, around £7 million for general election should be reasonable. Media needs to be controlled as behaving like the mouth peace of any political party during the election campaign.

        Also giving and receiving money like Fox’s deals should be treated like bribe both giver and receiver should be sent to prison.


        • 95
          Lucie says:

          Problem is, it’s not just about money spent, there is deeper accountancy going on here. How much should editorial support from the BBC be valued at?


    • 22
      Gordon Brown I saved the world. says:

      Billy have you got a life been first to post is getting very boring.


  2. 6
    Billy Bowden's Bum Boy says:

    Ed Balls’ face/comment at the end of the video… classic.


  3. 10
    nell says:

    Given that militwit has now shouldered gordon’s jonah mantle perhaps the people who had dinner with him would rather no-one knew that they had associated with the little twerp.


    • 57
      Tell it like it really is says:

      The bbc think they are brilliant, putting ed the gimp, balls and the other clowns, in front of the public all the time. Do keep it up bbc – just a two second glimpse of them is sufficient to stop anyone sane for voting them in ever again.

      The cartoon image if gimpy this a.m., was very good.


    • 88
      Barnehurst Bob says:

      Nice one Nell


  4. 11
    Desperate Dan says:

    As a percentage of the population the demonstrators/occupiers represent a mere 0.0007 of the population. And they can’t be half as starving as they claim when they can afford to waste their money on tents.


  5. 12
    Phantom says:

    Skewered! Babble, babble, babble, wibble, wibble………

    Buy that man a donkey jacket.

    Well done Guido.


  6. 16
    Gay Gordon says:

    Bugger Bugger Oh Bugger……………….


  7. 17
    HA HA says:

    With all these “predators” at his fingertips, which ones did Rudd choose to give Ed “some straight advice”?

    The Daily Mail is as straight as they come.


  8. 18
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:

    Hypocrisy and Mendacity – it’s in Liebour’s D-N-A.


  9. 19
    Harriet Harman says:

    I’m the only predator in cabinet. I make the boys muff me one by one.


  10. 21
    Penfold says:

    Rank hypocrisy, typivcal of the progressive left


  11. 23
    Arthur Daly says:

    I confess, I was at that dinner.


  12. 25

    Berry Bros & Rudd now that would be a very good name for a lobby outfit…


  13. 26
    Gay Gordon says:

    Bugger……….. bugger……………… bugger………………..


  14. 27
    Lord Michael Caine says:

    What is going on here £1billion to private company to recruit troops while making 20000 redundant.



  15. 29
    an objective view says:

    Ed, you’re a hapless piece of shit. Nothing personal.


  16. 37
    Steve Miliband says:

    ”I’m sure they’ll be here any minute Ed. I invited at least 20 ”
    ”But it’s nearly Midnight Roland…”


  17. 38
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Which goes to prove that you just can’t trust the conservative led coalition on the economy

    (Reuters) – Britain’s economy is now officially fucked and will grow less than expected this year, despite the Bank of England’s latest injection of 75 billion pounds to try to stimulate a faltering recovery, Guido Fawkes,a right wing political blogger said on Monday


  18. 40
    hear eds views on occupying london says:


  19. 42
    Senacio says:

    Mincing Millicent should be flushed away and parliament wiped clean with Brobat.


  20. 44
    Desperate Dan says:

    The demonstrators/occupiers complain that only 36% of the population voted Tory. How many people have voted for the demonstrators/occupiers other than the 1% taking part in their camp-in?


    • 47
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Ask them why labour lost over 100 seats at the last election.


    • 65
      misterned says:

      That 36% is still more than Tony Blair won in 2005.

      They did not complain when Blair won a 66 seat majority for labour on less than 36% in 2005.


      • 71
        jgm2 says:

        They did however reward Blair by usurping him and replacing him with a total mental case. An imbecile who anally raped the UK economy and then spent the final three years and half a trillion pounds trying to cover up.


        • 74
          HandsomeDavid says:

          He mostly succeeded, the BBC have not cottoned on yet.


          • jgm2 says:

            The BBC are all fucking morons who believe in Global warming and that it can be solved by paying folk six times the going rate for electricity if they install a solar panel on the roof.


  21. 50
    jgm2 says:


    Cameron promising to lower fuel bills.

    He’s as mental as Brown if he thinks he can influence fuel bills. Cameron might as well promise to cure cancer just like the Maximum Imbecile while he’s promising things he has no hope of delivering.


  22. 53
    Not surprised says:

    “…could have been sat….” !!!!????

    “…could have been sitting…” or “…could have sat…”

    The Grammar Liberation Front are watching!

    On topic – the sooner the general populace realise the power of lobbyists and the fact that most deals are done behind closed doors the better.

    Two “Ed’s” better than one? Not in this case!!


  23. 54
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Life was so much better under Gordon Brown !

    Tory failed to declare £45,000 donations while speaking in debate
    “Guido Fawkes”

    While the only British company to be namechecked by David Cameron in his Manchester conference speech had donated over £4 million to the Conservatives, it seems the central party is by no means the only wing of the Tories to enjoy the largesse of digger company JCB


  24. 56
    Balti dodger says:

    Southall s it is today
    Vote Labour get a filthy stinking khune for a neighbour


  25. 62
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Are The Stone Roses reforming? Ian Brown has reportedly confirmed that the much talked about reunion is definitely taking place after sending a text message to right wing political blogger and friend, Guido Fawkes saying “We are going to rule the world again. It’s happening.”


  26. 70
    Bobby Bowden was the greatest American-Football coach ever ! says:

    Is a Miliband one one-thousandth of a band?


  27. 72
    blueferrai says:

    I understand he had a private dinner recently with Julian Barnes the author…not sure what if anything that means..


  28. 77
    Jasmin Alibi Cunt says:

    Ed Milliband is truly the living example of how politicians have become so utterly worthless to society


  29. 81
    kleegish says:

    Promise them anything but give them Arpege, as the adverts used to say…


  30. 83
    Gay Gordon says:

    oh bugger I’ve just been well & truly buggered…. commando style…….

    bent over to tie my own shoe laces ** & before I had time to utter “another 10 billion on the Public Sector Borrowing”……..my trousers were around my ankles & my Y Fronts yanked down…..thats something Sarah has never been allowed to do….then I was well & truly buggered very roughly…..just how I like it….but more often…….

    ** since being prematurely ejaculated from my rightful home, No.10, in May 2010, I now have no ar*se licking flunkies to look after my every needs & whims…..


    • 84
      joescotus says:

      is… .is…. that you johann?


      • 94
        Gay Gordon says:

        aaahh my hemorrhoids are playing up….. after lunchtimes forced unexpected rough intrusion, will have to get hubby to rub them in tonight with vaginal ointment

        who is this Johann do I know them ?? if not just quickly bugger off before I call the Policeman to deal with you


  31. 86
    Not bad looking but dumb says:

    I watched that Luciana Berger on the Daily Politics.

    Shadow Energy Secretary? … I have my doubts that she could change a fucking light bulb


  32. 90
    Hava Nagila says:

    So many words to say so little. Oy vey!


  33. 93
    Nogbad the Bad says:

    Does it read “fulfilling the demise of Britain” behind the two Ed cases?


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