October 14th, 2011

The Detail That The Guardian Left Out Last Week

As the Fox saga rumbles on, this morning’s front-pages will be the most difficult for the Defence Secretary to face since Monday. The money trail is unravelling a rapid pace. However, it was a small detail in the Guardian story about the stag night of Fox’s official adviser Luke Coffey, that has got chins wagging. They claim that Fox extended his stop-over in Dubai on the way back from the front for “a boozy affair; they were drinking huge cocktails and they caused quite a stir.” Fox was not on leave at the time:

Fox arrived in Dubai on 17 June and immediately met Werritty. After their meeting with Dubai-based British businessman Harvey Boulter on the 41st floor of the Shangri-la hotel the pair are understood to have spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool and in Werritty’s hotel room.

There was a lot of speculation that the Guardian were leaving certain details out of their reporting last week in the expectation that they could get Fox regardless. As he digs in, it seems those concerns have gone out of the window…

UPDATE: Though it’s behind the The Times paywall, the most damning revelation today is the fact that one of the donors to Air Miles Adam was a private intelligence firm. Werritty’s non-profit Pargrav is under intense scrutiny:

“Details of Pargav’s accounts, seen by The Times, show that G3 Good Governance Group, a strategic advisory company, Tamares Real Estate, an investment company owned by Poju Zabludowicz, the chairman of BICOM — an organisation that lobbies the British Government on behalf of Israel — and Jon Moulton, a venture capitalist, were among more than six different entities that each paid up to £35,000 to Pargav since October last year”



  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Two men enjoy eachothers company shocker?

    • 9
      True Finn says:

      I go sauna with neighbour man. We drink beer. Is not OK in UK?

    • 11
      Anonymous says:

      We need a judge lead inquiry to establish whether national security has been breached. It also seems people who gave money to Fox’s friend have made money on decisions Fox took in MOD.

      • 15
        jgm2 says:

        Quite so. And we need to investigate how it is that after a rival company put in a much lower bid to build two aircraft carriers that we ended up with an unbreakable contract to build them in Gordon Brown’s next door constituency for twice the price too.

        Don’t you think?

      • 17
        jgm2 says:

        Quite so. And we need to investigate how it is that after a rival company put in a much lower bid to build two aircraft carriers that we ended up with an unbreakable contract to build them in Gordon Brown’s next door constituency for twice the p*r*i*ce too.

        Don’t you think?

        • 26
          Anonymous says:

          I agree with you.

        • 30
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          What was the rival company?

          • Ken Clarke says:


          • jgm2 says:

            French outfit I think. Thales was it?

          • Steve Miliband says:


          • EdMiliband says:

            Thales? I thought they would have engines not Thales.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            hmmm. there we go.

            I really don’t think theres any other country in the world where economic nationalism is quite so firmly thrown out the window. Does anyone anywhere think that america or france would go for a slightly cheaper deal if it was abroad.

            Of course, its against the rules of free market philosophy, and you might eventually get local suppliers becoming lazy, or giving you what you don’t want. But you’re tipping pots of gold abroad.

          • jgm2 says:

            Economic nationalism gave us British Leyland, British Telecom, British Steel, British Gas, British Airways, British Coal, British Shipbuilders, the dock-labour scheme, the three day week, powercuts, 20% inflation…..

            Recently it has also given us a fucking white elephant of an Olympics costing a fucking fortune, a big over-priced tent down in the docklands, a Scottish parliament building 1000% over budget etc etc.

            Fuck it. Buy an aircraft carrier off the Russians – they’ve probably got a few laid up some place. Though not in Vladivostok because I was there this spring and they have seem to have even less of a Pacific fleet than Ireland. Or buy one off the French. Let the French taxpayer subsidise our navy instead of the British taxpayer.

          • jgm2 says:

            Economic nationalism gave us British Leyland, British Telecom, British Steel, British Gas, British Airways, British Coal, British Shipbuilders, the dock-labour scheme, the three day week, powercuts, 20% inflation…..

            Recently it has also given us a fucking white elephant of an Olympics costing a fucking fortune, a big over-pr*i*c*ed tent down in the docklands, a Scottish parliament building 1000% over budget etc etc.

            Fuck it. Buy an aircraft carrier off the Russians – they’ve probably got a few laid up some place. Though not in Vladivostok because I was there this spring and they have seem to have even less of a Pacific fleet than Ir*e*land. Or buy one off the French. Let the French taxpayer subsidise our navy instead of the British taxpayer.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Its like I’m in a time warp and its the 80s again:
            So we should just give up making things entirely, where will that lead us?

            By the way: I believe the actual tent was a reasonable price and on budget, it was the bollocks they put in it that made it ridiculous.
            I am no expert on the scottish parliment, but imagine that the people providing the brief pissed about. If you piss about with the brief for a french warship your costs will end up 1000% over budget too. just like a eurofighter really.

          • Sir William Waad says:

            And get the French to build us a modern railway system and proper nuclear power stations.

          • jgm2 says:

            Any nuclear power stations would do right now Sir William. As it is we appear to have gambled our entire energy security on the ‘savings’ made by using LED bulbs instead of the traditional variety.

            ‘Savings’ counteracted completely by the amount of energy spent powering our kids X-boxes, I-Crap and Wi-stuff.

        • 129
          Anonymous says:

          Yes, we should also investigate why the goverment has not used it’s purchasing power to re-negotiate the contract.

      • 21
        Bled White Taxpayer says:

        I imagine the Defence Vetting Agency in York are even now reminding themselves about what Fox said of the history and nature of his personal relationships when he was vetted. Being economical with the werrité is a werry bad idea.

      • 117
        David Cameron Gay Crusader says:

        I have appointed my paid man to hold a coverup.

    • 24
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      In your rush to be first did you read and understand the article.
      We’ve had plenty – yes OK too much – of the “two men” stuff.

      Isn’t the piece saying he was getting pissed and lounging about whilst supposedly on government business?

      BUT – 17th of june was a friday. If you’re meeting finishes after 4pm, most folk in real businesses that I know might be sharpish off to the pub

      • 31
        Anonymous says:

        So he arrange meeting in Dubai on Fridays at government expense!

      • 46
        EC1 PhD says:

        Friday in Dubai is the weekend – no one around to meet anyway

        • 74
          Anonymous says:

          So Fox arranged an official meeting when offices are closed!

        • 76
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Well it was a british businessman. no doubt he’s not got much to do if he isn’t down the mosque.

          Hold on a second. am I being thick again. Do Defence ministers on government time often travel to foreign countries to meet businessmen?

          • jgm2 says:

            Apparently it was a stop-over on the way back from ‘the front’ by which I assume Afg*ha*nis*tan.

          • Anonymous says:

            What is Dubai’s view on gays? It might be cheaper for the government to send Fox and Adam again to Dubai.

    • 112

      Why on earth would a Defence Secretary want to watch a young man diving into a swimming pool? Unless he was “In The Navy”. Hee! Hee! Hee!

  2. 2
    nell says:

    I get the feeliing that cameron is already planning his reshuffle after fox resigns which surely has got be by the end of next week.


  3. 3
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    Have those socialist geeks at the Mirror and Guardian got nothing better to report on.

    What a bunch of sadcases Mirror Group are becoming :(

    • 37
      Gonk says:

      They could always report on ‘fat people eat more than they should’
      shocker or even ‘everyone in Britain is a paedo’ disgrace. Oh hang on,
      that’s been done by the BBC.

    • 80
      Ken Clarke says:

      It’s true: ministers shold be allowed to get rid of government paperwork by whatever means they choose! I know I do.
      Secret, schmecret. And that nice Dr Fox is getting picked on, when all he did was help Great British Industry just like Prince Andrew … oh dear. I’ve done it again, haven’t I.

  4. 4
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    O/T Guido

    how did that trending buisness go yesterday about the great lady?

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:


  6. 6
    Master of the Hunt says:

    Maybe it’s just me but two men ‘enjoying’ each other’s company sounds like a secondary school book describing a same sex relationship in fluffy terms ;-)

    • 60
      Kitchener of Khartoum says:

      Section 28 and all that, eh? Or maybe it is buddy-bonding? With my experience in these matters and military affairs, I doubt it.

    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      “a boozy AFFAIR; they were drinking HUGE COCKtails and they caused quite a stir.”

      What could the liberal Guardian be getting at?

  7. 7
    Well it's something says:

    Strange it appears if someone is trying to drive foxy out out of town, has he pissed off the evil one, Huhne or something.

  8. 8
    Taxfodder says:


    • 27
      screw the lot of them says:


    • 64
      Piscator says:

      You’re quite right. The smell of rotting fish-heads is making me quite ill.

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      Are the Tories shit or what? Discuss.

      Reported that Oliver Letwin has been found disposing official documents in waste paper bins in a London Park. What a shambles! Was he there picking up rough trade?

      I know Brown’s bonkers but it was close on 13 years before they imploded. This shower have managed it in just over 13 months.

      • 89
        jgm2 says:

        Depressingly I fear you are right. It’s one thing to be ham-strung by a coalition and unable to enact the policies you might like. It is entirely another thing to be constantly getting caught out in this kind of manner.

        I though the whole point with the Tories was that they were already rich before they entered politics and so didn’t need to indulge in this kind of influence peddling and kick-backs in the same way as Labour.

      • 98
        The Paragnostic says:

        Oliver likes to sit on park benches throwing beigel crumbs to pigeons and going through his correspondence before going to the HoC. The men in Homburgs and raincoats that hang around the park to service the dead letter drops do not concern him, as he’s mot one of Smiley’s people – he’s one of the chosen people.

        Any casual encounters are entirely coincidental…

      • 121
        Flatulent Veteran says:

        They are not Tories.

  9. 10
    david says:

    shouldn’t the Virgin Holidays ad on this page say “On a Virgin Holiday everyone gets treated like a Secretary of State for Defence”

  10. 12
    Well it's something says:

    What has this guy been up to, to end up by someone trying to totally destroy him, what are we missing , politics Billy not homsexuality.

  11. 14
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Nick robinson this morning saying something along the line of “its not for his own profit … so thats ok then”.

    I’m sorry, but I’d prefer Werrity to be shoving 1% of an arms deal in his pocket, rather than being paid to wield influence in an undemocratic way.

    If his actions have made the probability of war against Iran increase a miniscule amount, thats still a lot of blood on his hands. About 100litres I calculate.

  12. 16
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Why doesn’t the Guardian stop the innuendo and accuse Fox outright of whatever it is they think he has done. They won’t because they haven’t got the guts to do it.
    I see that the new ipod phone has gone on sale today. Doesn’t it sum up the pathetic world we live in when people queue up all night, and then hoop and holler when they have the phone. It’s a sad sad world.
    BBC’s QT last night. The BBC was at it’s most blatant last night with the left wing labour supporting audience. The BBC just do not bother trying to make the audience balanced. One guy even had a list he ranted from, and best of all was allowed to by Dimbleby. Sickening.

    • 25
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      Okay, if you won’t see the doctor will you at least talk to the psychiatric nurse?

    • 36
      Steve Miliband says:

      It was so blatant – wonder which Union he works for.

    • 122
      Park Flasher says:

      Paxo talking to Labour sacrificial lamb ex-con MP on newsnight, sans con says he was sent down for crimes that 100 other MPs had indulged in. Why were others not investigated? How did the establishment decide on who to choke?

      QT got all lefty and shouty over NHS last night, dropped off for 30 mins.

  13. 19
    Well it's something says:

    Queues at Apple store, some are buying the new kit as a tribute to that guy who popped his clogs, a great billionaire lefting wing capitalist having tributes paid, well I never.

  14. 22
    Anonymous says:

    * Dressed to Kill*…… Earthling we come in PEACE

  15. 29
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Get rid of the dirty arsed little weasel !

  16. 32
    Sally Bercow likes anal sex says:

    Liam Fox bought and paid for by foreign powers…. who you cannot mention by name on this board without moderation… despite the fact everybody knows anyhow.

    meanwhile… our armed forces having been inexplicably gutted (in an unseemly hurry) of aircraft carriers, Harrier squadrons, Nimrods etc.

    Fox’s SriLanka ‘charity’ revealed as a non-functioning front for financing frequent trips there… to indulge in what? (Research SriLanka ‘tourism’ if you must…)

    Letwin caught dead dropping documents in a London park

    Djangogly in a conflict of interest scandal

    Huhne caught in the lie about perverting the course of justice

    Gus O’Donnell’s early retirement for some reason…

    A dodgy replacement installed with a dodgy ‘sofa government for hire’ background.

    One significant policy U-Turn a month.


    Cameron has totally lost the plot.

    • 77
      Dave, your leader. says:

      It’s the M uzz i e s wot is your enemy, english g o y person, like what the dancing y*ds told the NJ cops on 11 / 9/ 2001, when they arrested them for filming the FIRST plane. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! BOMB I R A N!

    • 135
      Pitchfork says:

      The more stupid people are, the more compliant they are as well. That’s why “our” governments are stuffed full of these cretins year in, year out.

  17. 34
    Trinny says:

    Anyone know where jobs like Werrity’s are advertised? Where do I apply?

  18. 38
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    India win toss and bat.

  19. 40
    Mossad says:


    Blown again

    • 53
      Nemo says:

      Mossad, is Maxwell alive and well in Isreal?

    • 57
      Bicom says:

      Don’t worry Boss

      The British Establishment is now Isreali occupied territory

      Like the US Senate

      We are saved

      PS How are plans going for WW III with Iran ?

      • 67
        Mossad says:

        Barry and Hilary are working well on it, haven’t you seen ?

        We will make a preventive attack at Christmas (or when the Euro finally blows up)

    • 125
      Desperate Dan says:

      Don’t forget Gordon Brown got the Chief Rabbi’s daughter installed at No. 10.

  20. 44
    Anonymous says:

    He should just resign and maybe come back as home sec when the shit storm has passed.

    • 55
      David 'the trougher' Laws says:

      Come back? He should fuck off permanently.

    • 66
      Nemo says:

      Not really he has a friend who follows him around and lobbies for companies, funnily enough from the same depts. that Foxy is involved with or shadows.

  21. 48
    Nemo says:

    Oliver Letwin dumps documents in park bins in the early morning hours, Foxy and all, what on earth is going on, has Cammers got control, the government ministers seem to be doing rather strange and dodgy things are there any more “things” going on that could end up as an embarrassment of call me Dave?

  22. 50
    Pundit says:

    I thought that we could never again see the depths of incompetence and corruption of the last Labour government but it looks as though the Coalition is definitely up for the challenge.

  23. 52
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  24. 61

    I love all this, not even 2 years on and they are all at it. When will the revolution start? Anyone who wants to go into politics should quietly be taken out back and shot, and we should just go on as normal.

    Belgium went without a government for months and months and look they still exist, nothing blew up, nothing burned down, people are still alive, it is possible now, we know what we are doing, we don’t need them any more.

  25. 72
    Tony "Persona non grata" Blair says:

    I love preventive attacks

    • 75
      Alky Al Campbell, Britain's answer to Baghdad Bob says:

      That’s how we created peace in the Middle East boss

  26. 82
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I am a Werrity on the wall

  27. 92
    You could not make it up. says:

    IF Foxy was under the control of Mossad was not enough. We now have Letwin dumping state secrets in park bins, What a shambles these lot are.


  28. 99
    tory boys never grow up says:

    We should not lose sight of to whom the donations were made and purposes for which they were made.

    If they were made for commercial rather than political purposes this may well mean that the giver has committed criminal offences involving bribery and corruption as well as the recipient(s).

    If the donations were made for political purposes – then who is the recipient is important whether it be a politician, a party member, some unicorporated association there is still a responsibility to report the donations and not to accept donations from impermissible donors (e.g. foreigners). I have my doubts as to whether there is legal loophole that means a certain type of recipient doesn’t have to donations for political activities to the Electoral Commission ( they may plead mistakes and ignorance of the law as some kind of mitigation but that is something else).

    It’s a bit like an Agatha Christie where the criminal is somewhere in the Country House containing the donors, Werrity and Fox. Unfortunately, Cameron is not Poirot and I suspect political considerations rather than facts will determine the outcome.

    • 104
      The Paragnostic says:

      Cameron’s more Lord Peter Whimsy, bumbling along in that faintly detached way of his…

      • 111
        tory boys never grow up says:

        I’m sorry but I think that he is a rather slicker political operator than you give him credit for. Forget all the naive rubbish about the enquiry needing time to establish the facts – that was probable done within the first couple of hours – what the delay is about is the political management of this affair. My guess is that the strtategy will be for Werrity will take the bulk of the blame, a suitably weakened and chastened Liam Fox will keep his job, and the donors will be encouraged to give their money to causes nearer to Cameron’s heart in the future.
        This is the way Tories play sleaze I’m afraid – moral arguments and shame play little part I’m afraid.

    • 115
      Desperate Dan says:

      If, as you say, political considerations will be paramount then Fox must go. After 13 years of NewLabour sleaze Cameron has to demonstrate that he will not tolerate hole-in-the-corner backhanders and that he is not willing to be tainted by ministers who are associated with corruption, as Fox now is.

      • 127
        tory boys never grow up says:

        If Cameron thought like that then Liam Fox would have gone already – Fox will only go if the Press can demonstrate direct linkage to him, there is more than enough indirect linkage for us the rest of us to be putting two and two together and making four. Cameron has known the facts for a long time he is just playing a game at present.

  29. 105
    foppish twat says:

    Letwin must be sacked. Simply outrageous behaviour

  30. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Rear Gunner

  31. 108
    The Paragnostic says:

    One glaring question remains unanswered, among the shitstorm of innuendo surrounding Fox –

    Does he prefer cut, or uncut?

    I think we should be told…

  32. 114
    Desperate Dan says:

    Fox is either monumentally stupid and allowed lobbyists, arms dealers, foreign spies and the UK’s enemies to run rings round him or he’s monumentally corrupt and secretly colluded with lobbyists, arms dealers, foreign spies and the UK’s enemies. Either way, he’s not fit to hold high office in this country. Cameron has allowed his coalition cabinet members to get away with too much already but Fox’s behaviour must surely be a step too far.
    As to his anonymous “right wing supporters”, presumably they are receiving funds (aka bribes) from the same sources and can’t be trusted any more than Fox.

  33. 118
    Adam Werritty's Statement says:

    I met this rich guy and asked him to fund a charity and put me in charge of it, so that I could have a standard of living way above what I could normally afford.

    He said okay, providing his company could have access to my boyfriend, the Secretary of Defence.

    Naturally, I said yes.

    What’s wrong with that?

  34. 119
    PSMProductions says:

  35. 120
    Front bench cubicle club says:

    Discreet feelers are being put out for possible replacements for Fox.

    The problem is finding genuine right-wingers who haven’t fucked Werritty or contributed to his ‘charities’.

    The search continues.

  36. 123
    Mouldywarp says:

    The bogus charity Atlantic Bridge had no other purpose than to recruit British politicians as Agents of Influence for foreign governments and corporations.

    There is a strong prima facie case for charging Werrity et al with Officials Secrets and Treason offences.

  37. 126
    Desperate Dan says:

    Members of Atlantic Bridge were responsible for getting rid of the Law that prevented war criminals darkening our shores for fear of being arrested. They’re welcome here with open arms now.

  38. 133
    Che 'T' & keffiyah-clad cretin says:

    The Land of Leftist Oz, where those who take action against bearded terrorist or tyrant are called war criminals.

  39. 137
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    A defence secretary busy defending himself. But he will have to go in the end. Why not blow now before more brown stuff is dug up. These dishonourables never learn.

  40. 138
    Franki says:

    He’s gone! Torys lift ban of fox hunting.

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