September 24th, 2011

FT v Gove Sparks Twitter Flame War

In the Westminster Village the battle between the FT’s education correspondent and Gove has been providing much amusement. As is the way nowadays the battle has gone all handbags-at-dawn and spilled over onto Twitter:

Chris Cook, himself a former CCHQ political adviser on education to David Willets and now the FT’s education correspondent, alleges that the SpAds around Gove are using their private email accounts to conduct government business off the record and away from prying FoIs. They say they are required to do this by the Code of Conduct for SpAds which requires them to

not use official resources for party political activity

Cook argues that private emails should be subject to FoIs and has got a barrister to support his position (with substantial caveats rendering it unlikely). This unsurprisingly hasn’t been jumped on by Labour because it is unrealistic and Guido would be FoIing, from 2 years back, in the blinky of an eye.

Cook has complained to CCHQ, the Cabinet Office, the DfE and Downing Street that the counter-attack is disproportionate and he has been defamed. The FT is apparently going to complain in writing on his behalf that the big boys have been horrid to him. Cook further claims that Gove’s SpAds should be fired for making ad hominem attacks on him in contravention of their Code of Conduct which explicitly prohibits

the preparation or dissemination of inappropriate material or personal attacks… Any special adviser ever found to be disseminating inappropriate material will automatically be dismissed by their appointing Minister.

As far as Guido can tell there is no evidence that Gove’s SpAds have made any personal attacks on him. The Twitter account is run by CCHQ not the DfE…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Re the Ed Balls angle on this.

    It is claimed in the Daily Mail that Ed Balls wanted Gordon to keep Mcbride on.

    I was under the impression that Ed did not know “Mr Mcbride”, so if he did not know him why would he try and save his job?

    Re Gove

    Sounds like the Education dept needs a deep clean


    • 8
      East India Company wallah says:

      The department has loads of labour devotees trying to derail any inititiave to reflect badly on the coalition
      Here in Birmingham the LEA has just commenced rail-roading through Labour policy in primary schools that was abandoned in march 2011 by the coalition supported by the teachers,unions etc
      Any point voting if the entire civil service thinks voting and thinking Labour is “the right thing to do”


      • 21

        Interesting, and perhaps Cook should let his wife do the cooking and stay in the lounge until supper’s ready.

        In other words, if he can’t stand the heat…


        • 23
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Answer to your blog post (No Anon option).

          Elect sane politicons that dont provide a excuse for people to want to escape reality.


          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            A number of us have always wondered whether B’Liar’s knowledge and contacts from his former office have been used or contributed to his personal gain and whether any true robust inquiry/investigation has been made to make sure he has not abused his position or knowledge from being PM of the UK. Peter Oborne looks at this issue on Monday.

            B’Lair needs to be investigated properly for impeachment and war crimes arising from Iraq. Also formal judicial inquires into the Iraq war and Dr Kelly’s death would help the public’s confidence in politics.

            ‘Dispatches: The Wonderful World of Tony Blair’ on Monday at 8pm on Channel 4.


          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            Thanks for highlighting that extract from Seldon & Lodge serialised in the Mail. Confirms everything this blog carried about Brown and even more over the past few years.

            Bet he would have asked to be moved if he’d been seated next to you at any event, Mr F.


    • 47
      AC1 says:

      QOTD contender?

      “It’s here year after year that Israel is unjustly singled out for condemnation. It’s singled out for condemnation more often than all the nations of the world combined. Twenty-one out of the 27 General Assembly resolutions condemn Israel — the one true democracy in the Middle East. Well, this is an unfortunate part of the U.N. institution. It’s the — the theater of the absurd. It doesn’t only cast Israel as the villain; it often casts real villains in leading roles: Gadhafi’s Libya chaired the U.N. Commission on Human Rights; Saddam’s Iraq headed the U.N. Committee on Disarmament. You might say: That’s the past. Well, here’s what’s happening now — right now, today. Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon now presides over the U.N. Security Council. This means, in effect, that a terror organization presides over the body entrusted with guaranteeing the world’s security. You couldn’t make this thing up.”


      • 88
        Mr Wicked Witch says:

        60 years without a state. Lets talk about it some more, Ok.


        • 105
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          The Palestinians have a State. It’s called Jordan.


          • Anonymous says:

            … or their state is just v.v. angry.

            More seriously, unless something does happen, Israel will just keep on building settlements in occupied territory.
            The land was occupied in 1967.
            In 2047, the youngest Arab who actually owned and lived on the land before occupation will be over 90.
            By then, there will be 3-4 generations of Israeli settlers living there.

            Which claim to some patch of lemon trees will you consider the stronger
            – someone whose granddad farmed them
            – someone who lives there, works there, and so does their dad, granddad and entire extended family and all their attendant community.

            Israel has no interest in a peace deal except on their terms. In any other case, they will just carry on building settlements and let the clock wind down on the Palestinians.

            This is what we have seen since camp David.

            Those of you looking for peace need to understand that outside of a solution imposed externally, it will just not happen as the Israelis get 100% of what they want if they just hang on.


          • Jabba the Cat says:

            You might find the Jordanians somewhat disagree that their country is a Palestinian state. The last time the Palestinians suffered from that delusion they were rapidly ejected by the mouse that roared, King Hussein of Jordan.


        • 132
          Cameron Is A Cunt says:

          There is no such thing as a Palestinian and there never really was. The Arabs have deliberately created and then kept the so called Palestinian refugees in horrible circumstances solely in order to use them as a weapon against Israel because the Muslim Arabs are racist haters of all Jews and do not want them to have a state anywhere, let alone in Israel.

          The Arabs could have solved the Palestinian refugee problem easily at any time that they wanted to, especially with their vast oil wealth, but instead they chose to use that money to mount a long term campaign to demonise Israel and ignored their so called Arab Brothers in the camps and Gaza and the West Bank.


  2. 2
    Handycock says:

    The FOI Act should be banned, especially for anything I am involved in. The European Human Rights Act should be banned, except when it applies to me. The taxpayer should pay for any defamation actions brought by MP’s. Finally, MP’s allowances should be at least doubled for foreign trips, my girlfriends in Eastern Europe are complaining about the quality of entertainment I am providing them with; this does not reflect well on UK PLC.


    • 39
      David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

      The Coalition needs to cleanse the civil service and public sector of lefty hoons built up by B’Liar to assist his Mass Immigration Plan and other loony left ideas through the cover and protection of political correctness and fear of normal people being labelled racist.

      The public deserve to know why no one has been sacked for the total waste of funds under the Loony LEft Brigade for:

      NHS computer=£12 billion
      Fire brigade regional centres=£500 million
      EU contribution each year=£17 billion before rebate
      EU bank bail outs=£7 billion to Ireland alone
      Overseas aid= £11.5 billion
      Welfare lifers=£80 billion each year
      MPs who continue to exploit pay, pension and expenses without independent rules=£100million
      BBC overspend build=£100 million
      Aircraft carriers contract and other procurements by MOD=£100 billion+++
      Lie Dumb AV vote=£80 million
      World Health Service (formerly known as the NHS)= ????£billions
      Immigration/asylum seekers=£billions
      Legal aide and HRA=£billions

      Please do not tell us there is not any money to educate our children, look after our pensioners in old age, pay more tax and we have to work longer because inept politicians cannot add up or run a household budget, but attended the PPE courses at Oxbridge. Self-serving greed and school boy political ideology prevails national interest.

      Rid politics of the loony left and Lie Dumbs ASAP.


      • 61
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        The reason there is so much waste in this country is because we are so rich. If we were a poor struggling country, these political vainglorious projects would not be started in the first place. There is no accountability because the political elite and the bureaucracy are well aware that they are both totally incompetent. They both depend on each other’s patronage and fear each other at the same time. No politician dare offend the bureaucracy as they would withdraw support and make the politicians look even more incompetent. By the same token, no bureaucrat dare offend the political elite, as no patronage would be forthcoming; peerages, knighthoods, CBE’s etc. If the mutual support was not there, the whole incompetent, self serving system would collapse. Add to the mix the Freemasons, who are powerfully involved in it all, and you will begin to understand, why I and many others have survived for so long. Boaz.


        • 66
          Lord Reid says:

          I called the Home Office ‘not fit for purpose’ when I was Home Secretary. I was the only Minister in the entire Labour Government with any level, albeit small, of competence. I was removed from office quietly, and kicked upstairs to the Lords. As a consequence of me criticising the incompetent civil service, I was banned to, and remain in the political wilderness evermore. The system runs entirely for it’s own benefit and any politician who loses sight of this beware!


      • 71
        Frank Field says:

        ..and me too. I was told to ‘think the unthinkable on welfare and on pensions.
        It cost me my job as you will all remember.


      • 89
        Mr Wicked Witch says:

        Impartial BBC gets EU funding.


    • 98
      Olga Bonkalot says:

      Nice to see you are putting in a plug for increased expenses on foreign trips Handy, you still owe me and the Russian girls from your hotel in Bahrain. When are we going to get our money?


    • 118
      Handycock, No1 Crook in Portsmouth says:

      The bastards are grassing me up. My boys will find them and the police will do nothing because I am paying them off. Bastards.


      • 119
        Portsmouth City Council is the most corrupt Council in the world, and I am proud of it. says:

        Robert Mugabe. Keep it up Handy.


      • 121
        Former Naval Person says:

        Just might be Handycock that their boys come looking for you. You were supposed to keep them clear of all this trouble. So much for the generous pay-offs.


        • 126
          Grant says:

          Hope it true what you have told us Mike that if you go down, you will take them all down with you. If we go down you are a gonner.


  3. 3
    purpleline says:

    The FT is coming under scrutiny thanks to Peter Oborne. About time they were taken down a peg or two.


    • 12
      Engineer says:

      They’ve been taking themselves down for years. I gather that those who need to know have rather more time for City AM these days. In my (admittedly somewhat less than expert) opinion, they’re right to do so.


    • 20
      Lord Stansted says:

      Chris Cook wrote in the FT objecting to private schools sending pictures of their most attractive and successful A-Level students to the press.


      • 143
        CMPunk says:

        Given that he was educated at Whitgift, that makes him an even bigger jackass than when he was at Oxford. And he was a sizeable jackass then.


  4. 4
    East India Company wallah says:

    How can anyone defame a twat that writes tosh for a rag thats read mainly by rentseekers and their executives-The Morning Star knows more about free market economics than that pink waffle


  5. 5
    Sungei Patani says:

    This all seems to be such trivia that I am surprised that you bother with it Guido.


  6. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Little bit off topic

    Are you going to Labour conference or are you sending Neo?

    And if sending Neo, what has he done to desevre it ? :-)


  7. 9
    Engineer says:

    Does anybody read the FT anyway? I buy the weekend edition on a Saturday, mostly to see how far my share has plummeted, and for the summary of financial data (I don’t really need all this stuff instantly – once a week is more than enough). There are occasional interesting snippets and some interesting columns by the likes of Merryn Somerset-Webb surrounded by a hell of a lot of waffle. I gave up reading the news and comment bit years ago, and the supplements are so superciliously smug as to be parodies of themselves.

    Still, having the FT to hand to mop up oil-spills in the workshop does look quite posh, and it burns as well as any other paper.


  8. 17
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “the preparation or dissemination of inappropriate material or personal attacks… Any special adviser ever found to be disseminating inappropriate material will automatically be dismissed by their appointing Minister.”

    So why was Ed Balls never sacked?


  9. 19
    Mobius says:

    Dense stuff. But sometimes the fuse is lit deep underground, by persons who only become known by the likes of Guido running down these seemingly obscure stories.

    You never can tell what will become the big one or point that way. I’d like to see Ed Balls get the knockout punch… he’s a shifty fellow well given to public lieing, “I wasn’t plotting to get Blair.” “I didn’t want to be Chancellor.” This borders on the pathological there must be a good chance of something very nasty in his past.

    Keep digging Guido.


    • 130
      East India Company wallah says:

      There are that many layers of shite in Balls closet I think it would be appropriate to appoint big Phil from time team to scrape away with a scalpel


  10. 22
    Breaking News says:

    G20 = ” We are preparing for a Greece default”

    Here we go!


    • 30
      AC1 says:

      “All the politically connected have been bailed out with taxpayers cash.”


    • 96
      G20 spokesperson says:

      But only “in November”

      In the meantime the markets will have collapsed to depths not seem since the Greazt Depression…

      We are so clever with our announcements


  11. 26
    I spy with my little eye something beginning with T says:

    But Balls was incandescent with fury. Picking up the phone, he yelled at Brown: ‘You f*****g t*****! You bottled it!’

    Six letter word, begins with t. What is it?


  12. 27
    gildedtumbril says:

    …former adviser to david witless…Says it all.
    Arsewipes, the lot of them. One looks forward to being appraised of their demise. And I do not mean voted out.


  13. 33
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    SimonG_1 profile

    SimonG_1 Just checking Labour conference agenda. “What we got right” seminar being held at 10AM monday (until 10.05am) 3 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite


    • 38
      nell says:


      You have to smile at labour. They are still in denial, trying to pretend that their last 13 years of government was a success somehow.


  14. 35
    Cynic says:

    Why is the FT employing this man?


  15. 37
    nell says:

    One can only draw the conclusion from that, that the FT’s Education Correspondent is something of a wilting violet.

    A sharp smack round the ear and some advice about pulling up socks seems overdue.


    • 138
      lovely manners says:

      gove could send his big bulldyke round to give him a slap with her biggest strap on (when she’s taken it out of gove’s arse)


  16. 40
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ad hominems are OK, but I do prefer a nice bunch of knackers


    • 64
      Deregulated Balls says:

      Ad hominem is all I know

      Juest ask Gordo and the other homo gangbangers at No 10 when I divided and ruled to ever lasting shame of Britain….


  17. 41
    Get a covert magical reference from the BBC and get your life destroyed. says:

    Private emails are private.


  18. 46
    Deregulated Balls says:

    Don’t foly me Guido

    Or I will swing you a Lebedev…at dawn…


  19. 48
    Lobby Correspondent says:

    Damn thing Guido

    Just when my newspaper had managed to hack all govrenment e-mails

    These sods switch to a private system

    It’s not fair…


  20. 49
    NOTW journalist says:

    It’s also very unfair when the Met leaks the fact that I was paid £000 by News Corp to provide “confidential information” when I was working for the Met…

    It is what I used to do to others FFS


  21. 50
    Sue in the community says:

    Definitely a stalker who deserves to be punched and spat on. Stalkers are sad, fucked up Hunts.


  22. 51
    Sue University says:

    Stalking is wrong.


  23. 53
    Stalked by strangers in Edinburgh says:

    Cook sponges. Hope Gove kicks his arse.


  24. 55
  25. 56
    Get your stalker paid for by The BBC says:

    Cook can JOG ON. Spineless and useless!


  26. 60
    Ponzi Mandelson says:

    Where is my new Maserati ?

    I ordered a pink Maserati to match my pink suede shoes…


    • 62
      Maserati dealer says:

      We are very sorry, your Archbishopess, for the late delivery

      But we were occupied with a large order from your chum Saif Gaddafi

      Do you mind if it is armoured with camouflage (a touch Chanel you understand ?)


  27. 67
    Lard says:

    Gove has behaved disgracefully, and he should be dismissed at once.


  28. 69
    Dial A Hacker PLC, London's answer to all your problems says:

    Hello Guido

    I am MD of Dial A Hacker,

    We used to work for the tabloids as you know

    But thanks to you we now have a hige new source of income

    We are being asked to “investigate” all those who used to employ us

    The tabloids, the Met and the bent lawyers

    I now have 40 full time “investigaors” on the tabloids (paid by the “other newspapers who want to kill them)

    40 full time “investigators” on the Met, (we had thoought they were straight)

    And about 60 “investigators” paid by certain solicitors to “investigate” other solicitors (and barristers)

    You have unleashed a tsunami os requests, thank you,

    (PS God knows where this will end – there is overwhelming evidence already that hundreeds in the tabloids, Met and among solicitirs were acting criminally)


  29. 70
    Stalked by alkies says:



  30. 72
    Empty Ed, the natural Leader of a non Party says:

    I am the natural Leader

    My Dad told me so

    You can see the thousands coming to my media events

    I am a Leader who is as natural as Mr Ceaucescu…(if you understand what my menbtors in Hampstead have told me (and you))


    • 94
      Max Clifford, the best spinner of them all says:

      I see that 70% of the British poluation think you are unfit to govern

      That seems pretty overwhelming Eddy boy

      Time to become the Director of a Hedge Fund ? (I can organise that in 24 hours in Hampstead)

      And leave your place to Unregulated Balls…He will save the Labour Party as we have always said here…


  31. 74
  32. 75
    Moral Collapse Blair says:

    I am the Quartet

    Did you see me yesterday ?

    I have totally failed in my mission and now I am telling the Israelis and Palestinians what to do

    Give me another line please, I have run out of BS FFS


  33. 80
    James Fatso Corden says:

    I’m getting my saggy tits out!


  34. 92
    Phil the Greek, the real McCoy, says:

    My dear Guido

    Exceptionally (they have let me out on a leash at myn advanced age), I am writing to say that you are an awful rotter but I have organised MI5, MI6, MI27 and 007 to aim my dished towards you to receoive this very funny blog..

    Before my nightcap, I secretly read your conspirators and split my sailors sides…

    This evening I even told “you know who” about “handbags at dawn”..she smiled and it made her think of Margaret…it was almost that you know…but this bunch you talk about are not even on our radar and I think thay are (you know the rest, the security services forbid me from printing it)

    Keep it up young man, even if Queen Victoria would not have approved…


  35. 93
    Phil the Greek's private secretary says:

    My master meant “dishes” and not “dished”,

    His excuses to you all

    He does like his sailor’s juice though

    That is why he is going strong at 123 years of age…


  36. 95
    annette curton says:

    Harriet Harmon stalked?, how deluded could she get and how desperate could anybody else get.


    • 112
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      I can imagine stalking Harriet, but propinquity would not be on my mind.


    • 116
      Mzzzz. 'Mad' Hatty HaHaHaHaPerson of NooLabia says:

      No-one should be afraid to ask if they can suck my noodle, – but neither should they be afraid to beg for my mercy!

      We Wimmin are the future – ain’t we Poll?


  37. 99
    G20 spokesperson says:

    Is Ed Milliband as dysfunctional as Gordon Brown ?


    • 117
      Grodno Brhune says:

      I’m not dysfunction . . function . . .functionm . . . function mm / / / / . fiunffnf / / / fuck / / / / / / /dnm / / nm nm nm **** @ @ @!!



  38. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Have a nice trip?


  39. 102
    It's all Great now says:


    • 104
      • 110
        Reuters correspondent says:

        This interesting background on the oligarchs

        “Did some research got all this.36 j e w s stole the wealth of russia?
        are they that strong ?????

        Rank Name ($bln) Source

        1 Mikhail Khodorkovsky 15.2 Yukos
        2 Roman Abramovich 12.5 Sibneft
        3 Viktor Vekselberg 5.9 TNK-BP, Sual
        4 Mikhail Prokhorov 5.4 Norilsk Nickel
        5 Vladimir Potanin 5.4 Norilsk Nickel
        6 Mikhail Fridman 5.2 Alfa Group
        7 Vladimir Lisin 4.8 Novolipetsk Steel
        8 Oleg Deripaska 4.5 Rusal, Ruspromavto
        9 Alexei Mordashov 4.5 Severstal
        10 Vagit Alekperov 3.9 Lukoil
        11 German Khan 2.9 Alfa Group
        12 Alexander Abramov 2.4 Evrazholding
        13 Vladimir Bogdanov 2.2 Surgutneftegaz
        14 Vladimir Yevtushenkov 2.1 Sistema
        15 Iskander Makhmudov 2.1 Uralsky GMK
        16 Pyotr Aven 2.1 Alfa Group
        17 Nikolai Tsvetkov 2.0 Nikoil
        18 Leonid Nevzlin 2.0 Yukos
        19 Alexei Kuzmitchev 1.9 Alfa Group
        20 Mikhail Brudno 1.8 Yukos
        21 Vladimir Dubov 1.8 Yukos
        22 Platon Lebedev 1.8 Yukos
        23 Vasily Shakhnovsky 1.8 Yukos
        24 Leonid Fedun 1.7 Lukoil
        25 Alexander Lebedev 1.4 National Reserve Corp.
        26 Viktor Rashnikov 1.3 Magnitogorsk Steel
        27 David Davidovich 1.3 Sibneft
        28 Rem Vyakhirev 1.3 Gazprom
        29 Vyacheslav Sheremet 1.2 Gazprom
        30 Andrei Melnichenko 1.2 MDM Bank
        31 Sergei Popov 1.2 MDM Bank
        32 Igor Zyuzin 1.1 Mechel Steel
        33 Andrei Gorodilov 1.1 Sibneft
        34 Valery Oif 1.1 Sibneft
        35 Yelena Baturina 1.1 Inteko
        36 Alisher Usmanov 1.0 Gazprominvestholding”


  40. 106
    PC Vukoffski says:

    Watch the sad Hoon Mark Thompson lick my truncheon after I have stuck it up his arse. BBC Porn Again Christyan, new series and you can see it next Tuesday only on Uplayer.


  41. 113
    Controller of BBC bullshit 'n Noos 'n stuff innit says:

    O I do love a fight between misfits! – I mean people of intelligence and substance.

    My bum is a bit sore, but it’ll be ready by the time you are darlin’ – d’you still fancy me?


  42. 114
    Hatey Herman says:

    The word Bollocks is banned as it sounds a bit sexist. It will be replaced with meaty vag flaps. Now where did I leave my strap on?


  43. 120
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Cook is a waste of space. Does he actually get paid for the shit he writes?


  44. 125
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Article about McDoom in the Daily Mail…

    ‘As political events moved on, he craved the power to release statements.
    And in the few speeches he delivered, he found it hard to curb his tendency to make policy announcements.
    ‘You’re not Prime Minister any more,’ he had to be reminded regularly.
    What’s more, unlike Tony Blair and his high-earning wife Cherie, he had to face the fact that he and Sarah had significant debts’

    That’s exactly the trouble with these Hunts, Blair included; they know how to rack up debts personally as well as ‘professionally’ in their capacities as political ‘leaders’. The Hunts have no leadership in their bones, they are charlatans; if they had any leadership qualities they would have been in business/industry creating real wealth and VALUE! I detest them all, the feckin’ wasters!!


  45. 127
    saffron says:

    Why in the name of christ are we even talking about this misfit leading an English Parliament on whatsoever.
    This economic liability is a scottish tosser who thinks he can sort out the countries problems.
    My advice to Gordoom is that he should p–s of out of politics and to consider why he was an abject and utter failure.


  46. 128
    saffron says:

    This scotish arseh–le does not understand what him and his marxist party have visited on this land.


  47. 133
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I see the so called financial experts are now preparing to let Greece default on it’s debts !
    What the fuck did they expect ?
    All those billions of pounds thrown at an economy that never had a chance of paying it back ,not once but twice
    This little jolly for these incompetent twats in Brussels has gone on long enough
    now they have decided to make the banks take a 50% hit on the money they have given to Greece , which in turn will put the French banks in serious trouble
    which means that the EU will come up with a great plan to throw shit loads of cash at these banks
    So Call me fuckin useless will be there yet again at the front of the queue waving the British tax payers cheque book to throw yet more of our “Recovery Money” at a problem that has nothing to do with us !

    I will vote for anyone who wants to get us out of the EU
    but not the lying bastard “Bean faced twat Cameron !


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