September 20th, 2011

Watch: Tim Farron Gets Brillo’d

From the conference darling to roadkill in less than 24 hours is a pretty spectacular career explosion, even by LibDem standards. Party President and King o’the Water Tim Farron has declared live on television that he would not accept the leadership of his party, even if it was handed to him on a plate:

A classic Brillo skewering…

H/T @Liar Politicians

UPDATE: Huhne re-stated his new line that Clegg will still be leader when he has retired from politics. Fingers crossed…

UPDATE II:  Rumour doing the rounds that Farron didn’t have much choice in going on the Daily Politics. Fits in with the Speccie’s Clegg is cross narrative.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Brillio=BBC legend!


  2. 2
    Harperson's dusty minge. says:

    I’d skew Brillo.


  3. 3
    Janet Streetwise Porter says:

    Of course divorce is inevitable……..even if it goes another term the coaltion will not last forever…….Brillo’s gone a bit pedanticly silly here


    • 17
      Johnno List says:

      Got to agree, that divorce stuff was weak and boring.


      • 60
        Tax Payer says:

        You miss the point. Divorce IS inevitable: so to say so isn’t revelatory, as Farron was trying to appear to be..


        • 137
          The Observer says:

          Farron’s a Labour loonly leftie with a motormouth.
          Joined the Limp Dims due to the fact he would move up the ladder due to lack of competition – which he has done.
          Bright and quick witted as from the north, but hopefully his star will burn out quickly, only hope he does not take any innocents with him.


  4. 4
    Old Tory says:

    Brillo is always watchable and knows his history… right on. We need more like him.


    • 26
      Southern Softy says:

      Though on occasion he could let his interviewees speak long enough
      to hang themselves.


      • 112
        Heretic says:

        Yes it seems to me that the philandering piece of shit
        should let people ‘MAKE THEIR POINT !’ (god i hate that man !!).


  5. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    While much is said about David Cameron’s academic background, he clearly missed the class taught by those who know how jobs are created


    • 6
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Unlike the likes of Jackie Boots Smith who forgot to attend anything to do with ethics, but mastered the dark arts of expenses.


      • 15
        Johnno List says:

        I agree with this genius. ‘Clean’ MPs are more important than job creation!


        • 23
          genghiz the kahn says:

          Clean politics goes hand in hand with limited corruption. In case you haven’t noticed investment is stilted in states with corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Where is the incentive to invest if politicians are on the take and looking for backhanders.

          If there was an easy way to create jobs, Call Me Dave like Deadwood would be trying just that.


        • 113
          Heretic says:

          mmmmm i must goooooogle that.


    • 8
      say what you see says:

      All the c’unt knows about is how to erect windfarms and be paid handsomely even when the fucking things aren’t generating any power!

      You and I are paying for this madness.


      • 79
        Very Wealthy Wind Farm Gentry says:

        Therin lies the beauty of the whole scam, what else can earn me huge amounts of money for doing nothing at all? Kerrrrchiiingggg!!! Now pay up and shut up serf.


      • 114
        Heretic says:

        Bearing in mind that most of the windfarms & other so-called energy saving
        schemes are mostly owned by Jonny foreigner !!


    • 51
      Engineer says:

      Governments can’t create jobs except by direct expansion of the public sector. The last government tried that, but failed to find a sustainable way of paying for it. The end result is record deficits for several consecutive years.

      All governments can reasonably do to create jobs is step back and allow private enterprise the space to get on with it, then to resist the temptation to rob them to a standstill through taxation to pay for pet public schemes of dubious worth.

      Anyone who thinks that governments can create utopias is a blithering idiot. All the governments that have tried to have ended up beggaring their populations.


      • 71
        Tax Payer says:

        Governments can, for example, commission infrastructure projects which the private sector will complete.


        • 89
          Very Wealthy Wind Farm Gentry says:

          Yes like huge windfarms that generate absolutely nothing at all for 60 days a year and have variable output the rest.
          But it matters not, I still get bundles of cash if they work or not and lucky you get to pay! Ha ha ha, too good to be true? It is for me.


          • there's no money like old money says:

            indeed sir reginald. and how is your lovely, if painfully dim, daughter these days? still married to that podgy fellow who sounds like he’s in the motor trade?


        • 93
          Engineer says:

          Tax Payer – at who’s cost? Who supervises the contracts?

          Governments can only, ever, spend Other People’s Money.


      • 96
        Anonymous says:

        Correct. But you did mean buggering ?


      • 117
        Heretic says:

        Responsible Communism / (a la Chinoise ?)


        • 126
          Engineer says:

          Only when they started to adopt capitalist policies, and they ain’t really there yet – still an awful lot of poverty and repression. Utopia it ain’t.


    • 72
      Sir William Waad says:

      A point that I can never get across to my liberal acquaintances is that you are either taking money out or putting it in. If you work in the public sector, however good, noble, skilled and selfless you are, however important your job, you are taking out (yes, you pay tax, but you are still taking out, net), so some other person has to put money in. That other person may not be as nice or clever as you, but you need them more than they need you.


      • 76
        Tax Payer says:

        People working in HMRC administer the system which brings in tax. A typical employee will process much more than their salary.

        There may be too many of them, and they may be inefficient, but to say they ‘don’t bring any money in’ isn’t quite right.


      • 90
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        It depends what you’re actually hinting at when you say “taking out money”. Its not like those bastards at Morrisons are taking hundred quid off me for no damn reason.

        What you say at the end could really describe any exchange of money for work. Or for that matter the other way round.


  6. 7
    ReddyEddy says:

    Cringe – an absolute skewering from the Brillster. That’s put little Timmy back in his box…. Lovely stuff


  7. 9
    My dog Rinka says:

    Farron is a complete prat. The man who told us FPTP was responsible for the longevity of slavery in the AV debate. As such he is an excellent choice as Lib Dem President.


    • 18
      liberalsmakemelaugh says:

      He belongs on the pub stage in Blackpool as a little cheekie chappie. What a tosser.


      • 24
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        You might note that two elections ago he was just a councillor standing in a no-bloody-chance seat.

        Looks to me like someone who is having fun dancing around the greasy pole of politics, unhindered by the bullshit required for anyone who actually wants to be a party leader. Which is a sensible choice, and as good as its going to get for a libdem.

        NOTE: I’ve said many times that one should never trust anyone who wants to be PM. It should be in psychological handbooks.


  8. 10
    Norman Scotts dog says:

    Farmers in west country to shoot libdums in bid to eradicate Bovine tuberculosis.


    • 44
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Have gun, will travel. Bullets free?


      • 121
        Seb coe's a cunt says:

        mm, i say,we hunted last week & only found Conservative vermin,riding rough
        we managed to corner an Anarchist,having eviscerated & (well you know) !
        ‘portioned’ & drank a dram,we then ride on to the PIKEYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. 11
    ffs says:

    Just what is needed… not. Another fucking hectoring Scot who likes the sound of his voice.


  10. 12
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Chris Huhne will offer a stark message to the Guido Fawkes’ right-wing political blog today, warning them against becoming a UK version of America’s ‘tea party’ movement.


    • 128
      P G Tips Monkey says:

      ‘Do you know the piano’s on my foot?’ ‘You name it son, I’ll play it.’


    • 139
      The Observer says:

      The Tea Party, if nothing else, have got so completely up the Obama administration’s, BBC’s and Labour / Union noses to such an account that they are frightened of brain damage from an eruption of panic.


  11. 13
    Tim Farton says:

    It was a Tory that banned sending children up chimneys in Victorian times ??? Really ?? But Vince said it was a Fiberal who stopped all those things ????


  12. 14
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the big deal the guy handled that well.


    • 28
      Voice of Reason says:

      Agreed. I watched the whole thing and Farron did very well. This site of right-wing chavs always try to make out the worst – usually it’s infantile.


      • 38

        Well, fuck off and stop moaning then. If you don’t like it don’t come here.


      • 46
        Infantile right winger says:

        Do feel free to fück off elsewhere you little wank stain.


        • 110
          Voice of Reason says:

          38 & 46. You both confirm what uneducated, tabloid-brained, chavs inhabit this site. Perse O’Nally (not a pickey are you?) I’ll be glad to fuck off if you lend me your wife.


      • 140
        The Pendant says:

        Simply quick witted motormouth politics but without any reasoning except self delusion and grandstanding on the part of Farron. Spotlight over here dearie.
        Better for him to remain in Lib Dem ranks as he will be crowded out fully by the double standards and vile practices of the Ball’s Mafia Gang.


    • 100
      What a plonker. says:

      Farron came across as a typical lefty tosser who is way out of his depth.


  13. 16
    Bill Turtledove says:

    Easy meat, wee Tim. However, Brillo sure could do with having the cork pulled out of his arse, puffed-up luvvie that he is.


  14. 19
    Karl Schennedy says:

    Am I still the FibDem leader ?? ( hic )


  15. 20
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Brillo should have his studio decorated with the scalps he has claimed.

    Farron is just the latest squirming toad to get rumbled by Andrew Neil.


    • 27
      Voice of Reason says:

      Bollocks. I watched the whole interview and far from being skewered Farron did very well knocking of the Brillo clown’s questions with ease.


      • 47
        Andrew Efiong says:

        Is that you Tim?

        Farron was forced by colleagues into a humiliating “correctional” tour of the media and then Neil nailed him, exposing his bluster and empty rhetoric. He tried to spin but was caught out by Neil’s terrier-like quest for substance.


      • 50
        Super Zuffle says:

        If your Tim Farrons gay lover im sure he can fight his own battles!


      • 116
        The Other Bloke says:

        You must have watched a different interview. It was like the Master of Trinity Hall interviewing a contestant from the X-Fukter.
        Why do such effing morons enter politics? Why do such effing morons do so well in it?


    • 55
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      What a dishonest little coward of a man, couldn’t even bring himself to give a straight answer.
      Compare him to the straight answers the Tory MP gave to the lib dem basket weavers on NN last night.


  16. 21
    Johann Hari says:

    As I boarded the large plane heading to New York for my 4 month journo course I couldn’t help notice that sitting next to me was Winston Churchill and Mark Twain.

    As our Jumbo soared west towards the Big Apple Winston leaned over to me and said, “I was just musing away to myself here and couldn’t help notice that I am sitting next to a great literary genious” – “Amazing isn’t it Winston” I said “but who’s that twat with the stupid moustache sitting next to you?”


  17. 22
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    The average length of a marriage is 11.5 years.
    First minute sounds a bit pedantic from brillo.
    Does anyone think/want the lib-con coalition to last for ever?


  18. 29
    Nostradamus says:

    Farron’s speech on Sunday was like watching a trendy vicar desperately trying to make Jesus sound “cool” to room full of young offenders.


    • 34
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      He does happen to be a keen CofE sort.

      I’m not taking the piss there, its true. even though I thought that the whole point of CofE was that you weren’t supposed to be particularly keen on it.


      • 41

        You can always tell God botherers par excellence when you see the little fish in their lapels or stuck on cars. Twats, the lot of them.


        • 98
          Anonymous says:

          You can always tell fundementalist atheists par excellance as they go on and one about sky fairies and spaghetti monsters blah blah fucking blah, like that boring irish c unt who makes those look at me you tube monologues, blah ,blah flying teapots, fucking blah, , those fish signs that say “Darwin” blah , blah boring boors, whom you dont want to get stuck with at parties as they bore you to tears with how they are way to smart to believe….fuck sake !


  19. 30
    common sense says:

    I wish the lying tosser would crawl up a chimney.


  20. 31

    Huhne: I will not let the Tories become an extreme right wing, tea party, creationist, Christian fundamental, homophobic, moose hunting Alaskans.

    Were they planning to that Chris? Seems pretty unlikely.

    Ho hum Huhne soundbite from a ho-hum minister.
    He makes Farron look credible.


    • 35
      Christopher Trimingham-Huhne says:

      I learnt all I know about American politics from listening to BBC Five Live as I cruise at a completely legal speed back home from the airport to sweet Carina, who squeals with joy as I hand her a pair of Belgian dungarees and a new strap-on from the duty free.


      • 130
        The BBC is Biased says:

        BBC Five Labour, you mean. Don’t you ever read their ‘strictly my own views’ tweets? Of course, these views are never allowed to colour their political outlook when broadcasting.


    • 45
      Calamity Clegg says:

      Chris Hoon couldn’t even stop his car in time.
      He certainly couldn’t stop any of those things happening even if there was a remote possibility that they were about to take place.


      • 57

        Its the new strategy.
        Straight from the Watson/Bryant playbook. Claim things that aren’t true as facts.

        “Her Majesty hates Cameron’s guts..I heard someone say that..and they were licking a stamp at the time. And the stamp had the queen’s head on it know..pretty damning.”

        “I will prevent Tories abolishing free healthcare!”

        Then when the election rolls around, “”I prevented Tories abolishing free healthcare!”

        Still. Its better than Labour. They used to promise things that they were never going to do. Didn’t Gordon promise us all a free Ipad, 3 billion new homes and a cure for cancer by 2015?


        • 69
          labourunionsbbc we are one says:

          You know I still question my sainity when ever I think, did I actually hear the great lying oaf say that. I am sure I did but . . .


  21. 36
    Margaret Beckett says:

    I would like to talk about fanny farts


  22. 37
    Farron - Man of the People says:

    Brillo was right to test Farron with a hard time but his choice of ammunition was weak. He only had ‘divorce’ and that ran out very quickly since every one knows that they will separate by the next general election.

    Brillo was weak but Farron only came ouit stronglt at the end.

    ‘Panic constructively’ shall be my watch word from now on.


    • 48

      Sort of agree.
      LibDems are only talking to themselves at the moment. Rebuilding their ranks after the last slaughter.
      So it doesn’t matter too much what they say. Its only for popular consumption.

      It will be interesting to see how they run their election campaign. If they try for a “look what we did!”

      or, as is their present strategy, “look what we didn’t.”


    • 83
      Anony Mong says:

      It’s an familiar tactic. Use a relatively simple topic to get the victim settled and smug and then slap them about with something specific but more substantial. In this case the victim was pre-smugged and lacked any substance so it was like shooting fish in a barrel.


  23. 39
    Titford Hat says:

    Brillo came over as a blustering twat, IMHO. All his “penetrating questions”seemed to be misqotations of what wotsisname actually said.


  24. 40
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Can we just waterboard him?


  25. 42
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Diamond prices have been rising dramatically, offering the potential of sparkling profits…
    Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, they can also produce a rock solid return, for they have, in the words of Guido Fawkes, “emerged as a haven investment alongside favourites gold and the Swiss franc, with surging demand from Asian buyers”. In the last six months, prices have increased by 50%. They now stand at an all-time high.

    The lure of diamonds as an alternative investment is easy to understand. Over the long term, they have generally more than held their value, are easy to transport and (for those living in politically unstable regions of the world) to hide; plus, in countries with heavy death duties, they can be passed down from generation to generation without attracting the attention of the taxman. Unlike almost any other investment, you can take pleasure from wearing them…


  26. 43
    BBC News and Current Affairs Dept says:

    An Apology.

    We wish to apologise for the interview that you have just seen.

    The BBC News and Current Affairs Board consider that this interview was conducted in an extremely searching and penetrative manner and Mr Farron was clearly discomforted by being forced to answer questions and explain himself. We regret this, together with the implied negative reference to the ‘Guardian’ that some of you may have heard.

    The Board considers that the interview was not of the standard that I know that you have come to expect and I can tell you all that Mr Brillo has been invited to meet the Head of HR tomorrow and will be warned about his future conduct.

    I can assure you that normal service will be resumed on ‘Newsnight’ at 10:30. Thank you for watching.


    • 52
      Polly Tuscany says:

      Too fucking right.
      Brillo’s a Huhne! He needs to be replaced. With Hari.

      More Chardonnay anyone?


    • 78
      BBC Spokesperson says:

      Further to our last message , Head of HR is currently on her Fourth sucessive period of maternity leave however the interview will now take place with her deputy once she gets back from her extended stress break.


    • 142
      BBC auditor says:

      We balanced this disgraceful event this morning on the Toady Programme by vigorously demanding answers from the Deputy Commissioner of the Met on his vile attack on our ally the Guardian, and why he stopped the attack.
      We will leave no stone unturned to defend our left wing comrades which is why we always rabbit on about the Guardian, Mirror, Independent, Red Flag, Ball’s, Millipede, Vince Cable, Tim Farron, Unions and the wonderful entrenched fifth columns in our midst.


  27. 53
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    What’s the worst the Lib Dems have done?

    What is it? The worst thing? Lying about student fees? Continuing to sell out on the NHS? Not for me. It’s the economy stupid. Making Labour the scapegoat for the deficit instead of facing up to the problem. Cameron couldn’t have done it without them. And now they’ve bounced along the bottom in the polls for months, they’re trying to sound anti-Tory. Vince Cable says the country faces the “economic equivalent of fighting a war”. He may be ”talking the talk but the reality is he is not in any way funding the walk” retorts Richard Murphy in his aptly-named blog: ”you can’t fund growth from the petty cash tin“.


    • 59
      Engineer says:

      Governments can’t ‘fund’ growth. Or perhaps more accurately, they can, but only consumptive growth, for which the price must be paid.

      Sustainable growth happens; governments can’t buy it, however much they spend other people’s money.


    • 61
      Sir William Waad says:

      But Gordon actually was responsible for the deficit. He was totally responsible for every penny of it. He deliberately, consistently and pig-headedly spent billions of pounds we hadn’t got on vanity projects, waste and vote-buying. He ran up an enormous deficit even in the most benign economic period the world had ever known. Gordon was utterly, spectacularly and crushingly negligent. He is not a scapegoat. He really is guilty.


      • 74
        Why ? says:

        Why does no Government spokesman drive home the fact that the bank bail out was only loose change when compared with the humungous deficit run up by Government spending. In other words even without the bail out the deficit would still be a major problem.


    • 64
      Engineer says:

      Governments can’t ‘fund’ growth. Or perhaps more accurately, they can, but only consumpive growth, for which the debt must ultimately be paid.

      Sustainable growth happens; governments can’t buy it, however much they spend of Other People’s Money.


  28. 63
    6th Forum Politics says:

    Interesting how Farron believes its David Starkey who is behind the Conservatives.


    • 65
      Anonymous says:

      In the same way Im looking forward to John Cleese making his keynote speech at close of conference.


    • 87
      annette curton says:

      I wish he was, he’s about the only person around that has the bottle to stand up and talk some basic common sense, for which he predictably gets mercilessly attacked for as if he was reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher.


  29. 77
    There was an old man name of Pokey says:

    And he laughed at the eco-limp-dicked-libs
    cos they were who.res to any stupid idea going.


  30. 80
    ed milliband says:

    How can the liberals have such a lihgt weight president. They need a man of thubthtanth thuth as Me


    • 92
      Handycock, No1 Trougher in Pariament says:

      I should be the President and Leader at the same time. I would bring a breath of fresh air to Liberal Democrat politics, get lots of sex and make lots of money. Wheyhey!


  31. 81
    MI5 says:

    Farron looked and behaves like an embarrassed six former in front of Headmaster Brillo

    Before Brillo even started asking the questions…!

    Great stuff Brillo, you are the only great journalist left


  32. 85
    Ted says:

    He is wearing an Old Etonian tie.


  33. 94
    To see ourselves as others see us says:

    The limpdicks see themselves as guardians of the progressive tendency and government power brokers. Everybody else sees them as a bunch of sad incompetent amateurs who are way out of their depth.


  34. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Well I didn’t like him from the interview, but then dorries has gone below the belt on her attack on him


  35. 103
    California Dreaming says:

    Wow, Andrew Neil fileted Tim Farron. That was a sad spectacle to watch Farron flail around like that.


  36. 104
    Officer Dibbles says:

    I don’t blame him, who would want to lead the Lib Dumps. Only slightly less venomous to the populace than they are to their own!


  37. 115
    Fuck the aged. I want my rights and my privacy back! says:

    Who is Tim Farron?


  38. 131
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Farron should be careful when driving. The last card who seemed to be angling for the leadership met with an unfortunate accident.


  39. 135
    Owlett says:

    Haha! Re Fallon’s ambition to be Simon Hughes: Brillo: ‘Is that as far as it goes?’

    Speared, gutted, and ready for the barby.


  40. 136
    Owlett says:

    Haha! Re Fallon’s ambition to be Simon Hughes: Brillo: ‘Is that as far as it goes?’

    Sp eared, gutted, and ready for the barby.


  41. 144
    Tony Bliar and his sofa cabinet. says:

    Who is Simon Hughes?


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