September 14th, 2011

Exclusive: Johann Hari Mails Back Orwell Prize

We are now hearing, as yet unconfirmed, that Johann Hari has returned his Orwell Prize.

In an envelope.

In the post. UPDATE: Delivered by courier.

With no note.

And no cheque…

The Orwell Prize will not confirm…


Twenty minutes ago we put this story to Gavin Freeguard of the Media Standards Trust. Asked if Hari had returned the prize he said no.

Hari has admitted the whole thing. The fakery, being “David Rose”, the works. He is going to retrain, apologise and come back in 2012.

Absolute cowardice from the Indy. 

UPDATE II: Hari is apparently going to Columbia to study journalism. Pah.

UPDATE III: The Indy says: “The report on his conduct is a private one and will not be published”.


  1. 1
    Cynic says:

    He’ll need the cash to get offside

    • 10
      Johan Hari says:

      I’ve sent back me prize, belive me, my life, on my mothers life, swear to god.

    • 258
      Bob Swinger says:

      Is this not the same sort of thing as that bloke who posted nasty stuff online about a dead teenage girl and got sent to prison for Malicious Communications or something? Surely changing Wikipedia to accuse someone of being an anti-Semite or a homophobe is also that?

  2. 2
    Johann Hari says:

    We are now hearing, as yet unconfirmed, that Johann Hari has returned his Orwell Prize.

    In an envelope.

    In the post.

    With no note.

    And no cheque…

    The Orwell Prize will not confirm…

    • 9
      David Rose says:

      We are now hearing, as yet unconfirmed, that Johann Hari has returned his Orwell Prize.

      In an envelope.

      In the post.

      With no note.

      And no cheque…

      The Orwell Prize will not confirm…

      • 11
        smoggie says:

        A double sourced, double whammy or double jeopardy?

        • 127
          Peter Grimes says:

          Columbia? The university? Will this be a bit like that other self-claimed trick cyclist Leftist c..unt who claimed to have studied at a prestigious American university when, apparently, he only briefly attended the local high school equivalent? You know, the one married to the fat tv presenter with the big tits….. And arse.
          That c..unt is so off the radar now that I’ve even forgotten his name!

    • 203

      And you have to go to school to learn not to lie, slander and plagiarise?

      So, did the Indy actually have any ability to destroy?

  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Bet it gets lost in the post.

    comrades always stick together.

    • 8
      Billy's dirty arse says:

      why are you still here – you should have resigned

    • 143
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      I have now decided that I will not be resigning as this could potentially ruin the blog. Having received dozens of messages of support and encouragement I will carry on with my unique brand of whit humour and vast political knowledge. If I were to go this place would be like Paris without the Eifel tower or London without Tower Bridge. I will redouble my efforts and seriously up the ante to love bomb any annoying dissenters and proudly be the first post on any new subject. I am standing by and ready.

  4. 4
    Cynic says:

    But I dont see the fuss. The Prize is awarded

    ‘to encourage writing in good English – while giving equal value to style and content, politics or public policy, whether political, economic, social or cultural – of a kind aimed at or accessible to the reading public, ”

    so presumably fiction is included

    • 24
      you couldn't make it up says:

      The point is, even the fiction was plagiarized.

    • 30
      smoggie says:

      As Orwell would have said, “Inside every journalist, is a plagiarist trying to get out”.

    • 180
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      When Lefties write about politics, fiction is invariably the bulk of their writings

      • 182
        AC1 says:

        A bit like Walter Duranty’s Pultizer prize?

        • 195
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          People believed Duranty at the time because he wrote for the ‘right papers’…

          Gareth Jones got it absolutely right about Stalin and his crimes, yet he was slated at the time because he wrote for the ‘right wing’ papers.

      • 201
        Aunt Hilda says:

        I suspect that as a writer it is feasible to actually write something word for word that someone else has written and probably impossible to not do so if you are producing any serious output but theme and textural lifting is so obvious it is not a rational man’s route to literary fame.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Shows how much class he has.

    • 198
      Dick the Prick says:

      Derek Draper ‘I am studying in Berkeley not at Berkeley’

      Johan Hari ‘I am studying in Columbia not at Columbia’

      • 243
        jgm2 says:

        If the Orwell prize can make a fraud allegation stick then he might not be able to tick all the right boxes on his vis application.

        Like Will Straw getting busted out of the US when his drug-dealing past came to life. Allegedly.

        Thanks dad.

  6. 6
    Blah says:

    Does that mean you’re making it up and hoping you’re right?

    • 19
      piss on the poor says:

      No mate, it means they’ve had it from one source but have been unable to get it confirmed from another as yet.

      You fick or sumfink?

  7. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I hear he has gone to hide with Gaddaffi and Gordon………

  8. 13
    smoggie says:

    Did he put a stamp on it?

  9. 15
    a non breeder says:

    With the likes of Pollytwaddle telling him that he was a genius, it was bound to go the little twats head eventually, making him feel that he was invulnerable. Anyway , all gays are narcissistic depressives, isn’t that right Billy?

    • 244
      jgm2 says:

      Polly proclaimed the Maximum Imbecile as a genius and look how well that worked out.

      As a ‘spotter’ of genius she’s as reliable as a 100 year old FIAT.

  10. 16
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido, Now he has addmitted it can you finally award him “Twat Watch” status?

  11. 18
    Shillings and Pence and Moral Collapse says:

    Don’t worry Guido

    We are here to defend, by cheap threats, all those who are guilty

    And we make a fortune doing it

  12. 23
    Jimmy says:

    The crosshairs of invincibility strike again!

    • 32
      the lowest form of twit says:

      I see you’ve followed Guido’s advice of yesterday Jimmy, and stuck to sarky comments.

      • 44
        piss on the poor says:

        No that’s “pithy”. His two-liners are sarky.

        Otherwise I can’t tell the difference. Guido must have really rubbed this guy’s nose in the carpet.

      • 100
        Jimmy says:

        Well he doesn’t much care for having his “scoops” mocked. He’s such a sensitive soul.

        • 112
          piss on the poor says:

          Mocking scoops is not in the best of taste Jimmy. Neither is tormenting sensitive souls.

          I do believe that you are not a gentleman.

          • Jimmy says:

            How dare you. I’d have you soundly whipped if I hadn’t recently learned that tories enjoy that sort of thing.

          • So-called socialists says:

            Liebour have been whipping working ordinary people for years and you never noticed?

            They get off on the strangest things…

        • 119
          Anonymous says:

          Please note that Jimmy didn’t stick around last night to refute Guido’s comment.

          • piss on the poor says:

            That was his good deed for the week.

          • Jimmy says:

            Jimmy did. Jimmy got modded.

          • liar liar pants on fire says:

            OK Jimmy, now’s your chance to try again.

          • Jimmy says:

            Guido’s house, Guido’s rules. He is under no obligation to publish any comment he doesn’t like.

          • smoggie says:

            Jim it doesn’t work like that. If your post doesn’t get through, then it has been automodded – i.e. it contains one or more of the forbidden words* which the software detects and holds. It is then held in queue until Guido can be ar­sed to review it. It may be allowed through by him or deleted.

            In the case where a post is subsequently deleted after you have posted, then that is Guido actively moderating.

            Certain forbidden words are obvious, such as racial slurs – the n-word or similar. Unfortunately if an innocuous word or name might include such a forbidden word and hold up the post. This is why you often see petulant complaints like, “What was wrong wiv dat, Guido!!!??”

            For instance I once mentioned Terry W­o­­gan. It was modded, simply because his surname contains the W-word. Similarly you can’t say, *sni­g­ger*.

            For some reason, which I am at a loss to explain, any word containing ‘p­e­a’ is modded, such as sp­e­ak.

            There are ways round this, obviously, or this would not have been posted.

            The point is, don’t take it personal if any of your posts don’t get through and don’t give up – you are our favourite lefty!

          • Jimmy says:

            I don’t take it personally. I fully accept Guido’s right as blog owner not to allow any post which upsets him or makes him look foolish.

            I thought the automod was designed to catch words referring to Guido’s past, like b@nkrupt or beeyenpee

  13. 28
    Whiplash osborne says:

    Columbia? Lucky Sod!

  14. 29
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I’ve always suspected Johann Hari is an anagram.

  15. 33
    Director of the Media Standards Trust says:

    Of course I lie

    I am Orwellian

    The truth is the exact opposite of what I say

    That is why I knew all about hundreds of journalists and their side kicks hacking and blagging for 15 years, you see ?

    And I said nothing about it


  16. 33
    Johann Hari says:

    I’ll be meeting Luke Skywalker for a world exclusive interview. Before that, I’m putting finishing touches to my interview with Hannibal Lecter. After my Skywalker trip, I’m heading to Gotham City for a dinner with Bruce Wayne and The Joker.

    • 183
      PissedasaParrot says:

      the joker could be a challenge but the guy in the skintight leather suit and his sidekick Cock Robin might find you entertaining just don’t go long on the sherberts..hic

  17. 37
    Hari Kiri says:

    Why is anyone surprised the Indy won’t sack him? Andreas Whittam Smith called Hari a genius at a wedding party recently.

  18. 38
    Ah! Monika says:

    Ex-Conservative peer Lord Hanningfield, jailed for falsely claiming House of Lords expenses, has been arrested over local authority expenses, the BBC understands.

  19. 40
    Wikipedia edit by David R says:

    Smoggie is a thief and anti-s*mite who hits his wife.

  20. 41
    abelard says:

    just to make sure you’re aware
    columbia is a socialist finishing school…and has been for 100 years…

  21. 46
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Should have had a “Made Hari History” hashtag/tag.

  22. 51
    Popeye says:

    He must have the dirt on someone in high places.

  23. 67
    Empty Edide Mossad says:

    I am getting a lashing for my cheap remarks…must consult Marx and Eddy “I’m terribly Sorry” Balls

  24. 73
    nell says:

    Colombia. wasn’t that where some i r a terr or ists went to escape justice and to train up some south american terr or ists?

  25. 77
    Mike Litorus says:

    Ah, the good old Salford Red Haired Shitbag apology, a master stroke if ever I saw one…

  26. 80
    James Delingpole says:

    To dilute this intellectual discourse, let us wander into the realms of totally off-topicness for once:
    What was your first ever pseudonym and why?

    I’ll start: James Delingpole because it sounded posh.

  27. 81
    For what it's worth says:

    Piers M tweets that he still remains a fan of JH and commends him on his mea culpa. So that’s a big yes from ….

  28. 88
    Andrew says:

    Does it occur to you that outside the media circus this is a non-story?

    • 94
      Fake Blood says:

      Sure that’s true but the more people made aware of the wholesale systematised laying of re left the better.

    • 95
      give us a break says:

      Pretentious lefty, cheating bastard gets his comeuppance. It may not be big, but it’s very, very sweet.

      • 160
        anon says:

        Discredited ailing newspaper hangs on to discredited ailing journo.

        Or is it the other way around?

        • 263
          What is News? says:

          The Indy is just a left-wing opinion rag, so its contributors are allowed to have opinions providing they fully adhere to the approved diktat.

          If they can’t think of any opinion it will be provided by the Marxists, told they are being ‘creative’ and rewarded with plush offices and further indoctrination.

          Occasionally one of their mindless drones will ask a stupid question like “What is this thing called news?” but happily they are soon corrected.

  29. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Well worth watching from, “Seen Elsewhere.”

  30. 106
    Wikipedia edit by David R says:

    Guido is a terrorist.

  31. 115
  32. 120
    Alex says:

    Boris Johnson was sacked by The Times a couple of decades ago for falsifying a single quote from his godfather, and quite rightly so – if a journalist does such things, they deserve to be fired.

    The fact that the Indy refuse to dismiss Hari for not only multiple transgressions as a journalist, but also for slandering several other journalists who committed the cardinal sin (in Hari’s eyes) of disagreeing with him, simply shows the whole world what a lousy rag it is.

    Makes me so glad that I’ve not bought a copy of it within the last 10 years or more.

    • 147
      I.P. Address says:

      Don’t buy into the media. Your life will be much improved.

      Oh dear. I’m talking to a fucking ADDICT.

      Get help, dear.

      • 148
        Doctor Mick says:

        Good comment. If you stripped away the leeches that feed off the thin air of current affairs, you would have seven million unemployed.

        • 168
          Ed West says:

          Fair observation. I’m totally unemployable in the real world and don’t I know it?
          Nobody cares that The Titanic is holed below the water line and is about to sink, with all souls on deck typing shite as they sink below the waves.
          I could of taken O-Level Physics but decided to make my living through waffling so plumped for a degree in PPE.
          Err…..which end of this hammer am I supposed to hold?

          • Cato Street Conspirator says:

            If you did PPE the least they should have taught you is that it’s ‘have’ not ‘of’.

          • nell says:

            That’s OK Cato. Under labour, uni students were told that it was old fashioned and unnecessary to be able to spell or even write a decent sentence.

            So long as you had a btec in ‘ how to claim benefits’ you were regarded as first class uni material.

          • Twitterati says:

            Most college students can only claim benefits if they know how to copy and paste from wikipedia.

            Most uni students can only do it if Marx has told them how.

    • 156
      The day a paper died. says:

      Independent of the truth more like.

    • 159
      anon says:

      Not bought it for many, many years.

      Which do you think will go bust first – the Incrediblyboring or the Grauniad?

  33. 125
    Grumpyoldgit says:

    Sticking the knife into Hari but I notice no mention of re-arrest of Tory Lord Hanningfield, who has now had his collar felt over expenses fiddling at Essex CC. Clearly a twat for not coughing up while he had the chance.

  34. 138
    Red Lorry says:

    “Hari is apparently going to Columbia to study journalism”

    Do they not have enough coke in North London then?

  35. 150
    Grumpyoldgit says:


  36. 155
    Anonymous says:!/search/%23attackwatch


    don’t be rude about Obama or else

  37. 161
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I thought I’d try out autoerotic asphyxiation today, so I suspended myself by the neck in a wardrobe whilst masturbating furiously. I was just about to come when my feet slipped and I passed out.

    I was next aware of a blinding white light, from this holy light emerged a shadowy figure.

    “Are you St Peter?” I croaked.

    “No, I’m the manager of Homebase. Now get out of my shop you dirty bastard!”

  38. 175
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Hari is apparently going to Columbia to study coke snorting and writing more black gay incest short stories more like………

  39. 178
    labour just filth just filth says:

    UPDATE II: Hari is apparently going to Columbia to study journalism.

    Shame he isn’t going ON Columbia way for a very final mission to ….shame Uranus does go in there but whatever

  40. 179
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Barry O Bummer now consigned to the future dustbin of one term presidency after the farce known as Attack Watch putters onto the scene….

  41. 186
    albacore says:

    Johann Hari: “I hope, after a period of retraining, you will give me the chance.”
    Funny last line for a devotee of precision, that. Erm, who’s actually going to get this retraining, then – him or the “you” that he’s talking to?

    • 221
      annette curton says:

      I fear your interpretation of the English language would be lost on the Hari’s of this world.

      • 252
        albacore says:

        But don’t we have it on the very best authority that the guy’s a literary genius? I wouldn’t have the brass neck to manipulate his words so as to clarify what the inner man really meant to say, of course. Still, might Dr Strangelove conceivably have expressed it as, “Schveinhunds! Ve haf vays of making you see sense!”?

  42. 194
    Kevin T says:

    To the Independent:

    Congratulations, you are as much a disgrace to journalism as he is.

  43. 196
    Kevin T says:

    Note there was no admission or apology that he made up quotes from “sources”. Hard to prove, that one, I suppose, regardless of how obvious he was doing it!

    Also no mention of the little sex story “David Rose” wrote about buggering his underage brother.

  44. 197
    non believer says:

    Good God Guido, even by your standards this is a disjointed mess of chinese whisper bullshit and half heard rumours. A bunch of contradictory updates within a couple of hours is just fucking pointless.

  45. 200
    Anonymous says:

    What a f@cking sh1tc@nt.

  46. 202
    Rob says:

    “Hari is apparently going to Columbia to study journalism”

    Or maybe a “beak” break in the sun.

  47. 205
    Moral Relativism says:

    If it had been a Daily Mail contributor, The Independent, The Guardian and BBC would have been screaming blue murder. But Hari’s fraud was perpetrated for the greater good.

  48. 206
    C. Ashbaque says:

    “I will be undertaking a programme of journalism training”

    Amateur hoon working for an amateur rag.

    The entire episode defines the word “pathetic”

    Won’t stop the rag calling for resignations from all and sundry in the real world when they lie through their teeth.

  49. 216
    Mick says:

    Newsnight will be doing a biased article on Johann Hari this evening

  50. 217
  51. 219
    nell says:

    No doubt harikariwhatsisname will be out and about interviewing the million or so public workers who are going ‘ to throw the country into chaos’ on November 30th.

    Since that million will only be the tip of the iceberg, how many public sector nonjob workers did gordon and his henchman manage to employ in the dying years of that labour government? And how much are they costing us now in salaries, nic and pension payments?!

  52. 222
    nell says:

    A nice bedtime story or last thought for the day – ‘the end of the euro will mean the end of the eu’ dearandrew thinks that’s a disaster – he’s wrong it will be the beginning of better times.

  53. 224
  54. 227
    Fuck the BBC says:

    Emily Maitlis virtually gave the editor of the Indy a blow job on Newsnight. Funny how the BBC go soft on their friends. Ed Testicles got off scott free for 13 years of fucking incompetence, why the BBC think this blinky eyed stuttering mong is in any way qualified to tell the current government how to run the economy is beyond me.

  55. 229
    Johann Hari says:

    Bastards, all of you. I shall return (via Antarctica) from Columbia in triumph with a starred first degree under my arm, like what my friend David Rose has got. They will beg me to take the Orwell Prize back but I shall refuse. The nation, well Polly anyway, will rejoice at my return.

  56. 230
    And what's more says:

    Here’s the gist of my first story post retraining

    A MAN who tried out a beauty fad for bathing with live eels was left in agony — when one slipped up his willy.

  57. 238
    joescotus says:

    we have been forced to wait two fuckin months so this cabal of rancid lefty fucktards can engineer an escape route. “how the fuck can we extricate our star top talent from the morass he alone created

    dont big up his hopes for redemption he will forever be lauded as the constant lying cuunnt that he admits to

  58. 239
    joescotus says:

    remember the spat the fragrant johann had with r. littlejohn ahemm are you listening johann “you couldnt make it up” . youve been making it up for the last ten years you stinking lefty hypocrite cunnt

  59. 241
    b34 says:

    will hari be studying AT or IN Columbia?

  60. 247
    Radge says:


    I don’t get it. You at like anyone gives a … that this nonentity has been fecked out. Who was he anyway?

  61. 256
    Oh dear says:

    If the Indy don’t sack him, I won’t be reading it again – and I’m not even one of your reactionary windowlickers Guido!

    Absolute disgrace what he did. If they won’t sack him, can any of the his interview subjects take legal action for him putting words in their mouths?

    Go back and read his ‘The Dark Side of Dubai’ – it’s so obvious now that a great deal of it was just made up completely. Loads of anonymous subjects giving him perfect quotes. Gay Saudi army privates with perfect English necking ecstasy in a gay bar? Don’t think so Johann!

  62. 259
    Twitterati says:

    He will be gong to journalist school to learn how to spell “Cheat” and “liar” and “wanker”

  63. 262
    Lou Scannon says:

    How do we know he’s sent back the original ? I hope someone checks its precise wording.

  64. 264
    Yoyo Hari says:
  65. 266
    Unfuckingbelievable says:
  66. 268
    Menachem Bowden says:

    Gilad Shalit ~ גלעד שליט
    יוזמה יפה לחג של קניוני ישראל – נכנסים, בוחרים עמותה
    והם מעבירים אליה תרומה. אתם גם נהנים מהנחה בקניונים.
    שתהיה שנה טובה לכולנו

  67. 269
    not a machine says:

    The Hari times (epilogue)
    I would like to appologise to all my readers who adored my journalism over the years , I know it makes some of you feel a little stupid , they were embellishments to make left wing jouranalism more readable and interesting , I was only following what the labour party was doing , making it up , living up on the expenses , a little spin and linguistic fraud never really did any harm , after all most of the labour front bench are still drawing a tax payer salary and they were so much better at it than me .
    My employers have accepted my explanation of events and my appology , and they really are so lucky I just didnt resign after all the unfair publicity , I will be still be paid by the paper despite admitting to have another darker personality that desires to abuse anyone who disagrees with what I have to say , and i am hoping that no one will notice that a “vile troll ” has just been sent down for making terrible remarks on dead peoples web pages .
    So off to the USA to do some studies , I dont really need them , as I have such an amazing imagination , somthing which Mother Terresa once said to me when we met .

  68. 270
    bergen says:

    Come back in 2012? That could be as little as 15 weeks’ time. Not the Indy will be taken seriously after this fiasco anyway. It might be kinder to put the paper out of its misery now.

  69. 271
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I see now this government are to scrap sell by dates
    so now the shops can legally sell us rotting food at full price !
    any item that is past it’s sell by date should be binned ,
    like this coalition !

  70. 272
    Sarah Twat the twitty tweeter says:

    I don’t think it’s fair! Nobody complained about all the scams that Gordon got up to.

    Do you want me to turn over yet dear?

  71. 274
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Only channel 4 could turn gypo’s and whores into celebrities

  72. 275
    Paul says:

    Who is Johann Harri?

  73. 278
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    There is a link between poverty and rioting. Hug a hoodie and keep those trainers under lock and key!

  74. 280
    Hari-kiri says:

    Anyone interested in some gay incest stories?

  75. 281
    Rubbish says:

    A private one which not be published?! I am sure many things are considered private but they publish them anyway. Osborne’s cocaine and S&M past for example – I doubt he wanted that on the front page of The Independent.

  76. 284
    Anonymous says:

    he’s a fat shite

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