July 21st, 2011

Ex-Mirror Journalist Puts Morgan’s Denial in Doubt
Morgan:“With New Technology Comes New Temptation”

Piers Morgan told CNN on Wednesday: “For the record, in my time at The Mirror and the News of the World, I have never hacked a phone, told anybody to hack a phone or published any story based on the hacking of a phone.” That’s not what one former Daily Mirror journalist who worked for him says though.

“Many of the Daily Mirror’s stories would come from hacking into a celebrity’s voicemail,” James Hipwell said of his time at the Mirror between 1998 and his sacking in early 2000. Morgan was editor from 1995 to 2004. Hipwell was jailed in 2006 for his part in the City Slicker Viglen share tipping scandal. Despite Morgan buying £67,000 worth of shares in Viglen the day before Hipwell tipped them in the Mirror’s finance column, the editor got away with it. 

Talking to the Guardian in 2006, Hipwell added that targets for voicemail hacking during his period at the Mirror had included the Spice Girls. On one occasion a fellow Mirror journalist even deleted a voicemail message from one of the Spice Girls’ phones to stop his rival on the Sun getting hold of it. Hipwell also confirmed that the Mirror found out about Ulrika Jonsson’s affair with Sven-Goran Eriksson from a voicemail left by the then England coach on the TV presenter’s phone, something Guido covered in some depth last week.

While Hipwell and fellow City Slicker journalist Anil Bhoyrul were under fire for writing about the shares in which they had invested, a sympathetic colleague had hacked into Morgan’s voicemail in an attempt to track down any messages from Mirror executives. Morgan confirmed this incident in GQ just five months ago:

“It was pretty well-known that if you didn’t change your pin code when you were a celebrity who bought a new phone, then reporters could ring your mobile, tap in a standard factory setting number and hear your messages. That is not, to me, as serious as planting a bug in someone’s house, which is what some people seem to think was going on.

…loads of newspaper journalists were doing it. Clive Goodman, the NOTW reporter, has been made the scapegoat for a very widespread practice… Not defending him, just expressing sympathy for someone who has been made a scapegoat.

…they used to do it to me. And no, I didn’t like it. But with new technology comes new temptation and new issues.”

Hipwell also mentioned to the Guardian that he was planning a still unpublished book, and had already written four chapters of it, describing the lengths to which the Mirror, when edited by Piers Morgan, went to get stories:

“It details many examples – dozens in fact – of celebrity phone taps… This has been going on for years.”

Guido thinks we have found another prime candidate to testify, under oath, at Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry…

Guido is going to be very blunt about this, Piers Morgan is a bare-faced liar. It will come out in the course of the inquiries that hacking was rife at the Mirror during his time as editor. It will not be in doubt that stories were published based on information obtained by hacking – Piers will definitely be caught out on that one. Morgan is betting that no one will testify that he knew and no invoices or otherwise will be produced in evidence. Exactly the calculation Andy Coulson made. Ask yourself this: Do you believe Piers Morgan, knowing all about how to hack celebrity’s phones, told his staff not to hack phones, refused to run stories based on phone hacks and never asked from where the stories came?

Hat-tip to the eagle eyed Neal Mann of Sky News for spotting the GQ article.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Waterboard him!


    • 11
      Anonymous says:

      Paul Owen writes: I have put the following questions to the Cabinet Office regarding Andy Coulson’s not having undergone “developed vetting”. I will let you know when they respond.

      1. Did Andy Coulson leave the room whenever matters of national security or anything that required developed vetting were mentioned?

      2. If yes, did that ever get in the way of his doing his job properly?

      3. If no, did that constitute a breach of security procedures?



      • 79
        YAWN says:



        • 87
          Vile Labour Slag Lyn Brown abuses the blind says:

          The salivating Miliband moron also knew the extent of phone hacking at the Mirror Group in 2005. It was discussed in cabinet.


          • BBC Controller says:

            Nothing to see here

            Move along please…


          • Gweedo says:

            Guido…. go guido go

            Now here is the rub

            We know that Morgan knew about phone hacking from his book and his announcment about it….

            So to prove and back up his case that his journalists were told not to he just needs to post the email he would have sent internally saying

            “You are forbidden from doing this on my watch”…. surely that email exists and he can post it asap…..

            Otherwise as you wisely say he in danger of getting caught

            If cameron is very smart he should launch a

            “Amnesty” with regards to newspapers hacking/blagging – so we are clear what did happen and that new additional charges WONT be brought if there is clear confession to what happened

            Its clear its going to be quiet summer – with lots of moles digging and a drip drip – already journos on radio/telly dropping hints about more to come

            An amnesty could start an avalange – and allow clear site of how bad this activity was – protect the British Press – and allow MPs to return after the break with clear site of the problem and the ability to look to legislate from a clear view of it to fix and repair the issue

            otherwise – drip drip drip – who knows where this will lead

            It only takes on person in the enquiry to spill the beans……

            As ever morgan in charge at the helm – he either knew and tried to stop it – or was not competant and published stories based on it.

            its clear papers are able to regurgitate thier basis and sources – if they have dual sources and one legit they covered – if only one source and its dogdy they in deep sh*t

            go guido go……


      • 97
        Rat's arse says:

        Get a life or seek medical help ‘anonymous’ – preferably both.


      • 146
        slug balancer says:

        Did Carole Caplin leave the room when Tony Blair or Alistair Campbell mentioned anything of national security?


      • 160
        slug balancer says:

        ‘I am a sanctimonious, self-righteous Guardian hack, nobly seeking out the truth about phone hacking – but only if it involves News International and Andy Coulson, of course.’


    • 74
      Who, me? says:

      Is it wrong of me, but Morgan has the kind of face that I just want to punch and punch and punch. And then the name ‘Piers’ makes me want to punch him again. And his voice… well, you get the picture. Do I need help?


      • 80
        Who, me? says:

        I really meant some kind of psychiatric help, but, hey-ho, form an orderly queue, please.


      • 81
        Selohesra says:

        I’ll help you and punch him a bit more


      • 82
        Icarus says:

        I’ll hold your coat.


      • 111
        catog says:

        can i join the group, even if i opt for a knuckleduster over bare hands. For me the name piers is abot the least offensive thing, it is more that simpering sycophantic slime-ball drottel-on-the-sole-of-your-shoe voice, and the piggy insincerity of the whole face.


      • 120
        Peter Carter-Fuck says:

        You need a baseball bat, and maybe a captive bolt gun to deliver the coup de grace.


      • 129
        I'd love to munch Mensch says:

        The lovely Louise got a terrific rise out of him during the CNN interview, getting him spluttering with synthetic outrage. He’s probably terrified that his new American fans will hear of his seedy past at the Mirror, and all it would take to dish him over there would be a good airing of the fake photos he ran of soldiers abusing prisoners – Yanks don’t like to see fighting men stitched up.


        • 176
          Anonymous says:

          I could never understand why the seedy, smarmy, greasy git never did time for the share scam he was involved in!


      • 154
        ComfortablyNumb says:

        So I’m not the only one to feel that way! I now feel normal. This may be cause for a Facebook group!


      • 171
        Ted Turner says:

        When I said I wanted Piers Morgan to get Parkinsons I didn’t mean his fucking job


        • 174
          RD says:

          Have I missed the punching ?


          • IED detector man says:

            No, the queue has over a 100 punchers waiting in line now. Get to the back, I am 99th and wearing army issue boots to take him to task over the fake photos that did our troops so much harm. Even as he left the Mirror he said (words to the effect), “They were faked but things like this must have been going on anyway.”


    • 76
      The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

      Fucking hypocritical fucking talentless spunkbubble.

      Clarkson didn’t hit the obnoxious turd anywhere near fucking hard enough.


    • 104
      Hang 'em High says:

      Waterb him by all means – then can I have him?


    • 117
      Red Rag says:

      Knock Knock

      Who’s there?


      Guido who?

      Ah well, that’s a sign of the times.


    • 125
      Chuck Cash says:

      Morgan is clearly relying on the fact that no one will ever really know what he wrote as it would mean having to read his book…..


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Was enjoying the cricket thread, but understand bigger fish to fry.

    Week was a slow start but since the Murdoch hearing been really good.

    Hope you enjoying it :-)


  3. 3
    the next Mr Katona says:

    I’m dying to see what the unbiased BBC will say about this.

    Unfortunately I probably will die of old age before they get around to it.


    • 10
      Dorian Smith says:

      I’ve just been on the phone to the BBC news editor about this article, here’s a transcript of his reply:

      “La, la, la, la, la – I can’t hear you”

      Then the line went dead.


    • 46
      imnumbervi says:

      The BBC do not comment on gossip or tittle-tattle.
      Unless it comes from the Guardian.


  4. 4
    micha987 says:

    But who will present Britain’s Got No Talent if Piers in imprisoned for these offences?? What will we do?? Who will tell us what we like?

    The world is coming to an end….


    • 14
      Casting Director says:

      The BBC has lined up Graham Norton to host the show (as he does all the other such shows). He has almost unique qualities to present it having considerable personal experience of ‘no talent’. The main opposition to him in this role is Michael Mack in Tired Jokes who makes Jedward appear quite funny.


    • 35
      Casting Director says:

      Graham Norton – ideally suited, vast personal experience of no talent. Other main contender at the moment is Michael Mock Entirely who has made Jedwarts seem pretty funny in comparison.


    • 40
      EAST MIDLANDER says:

      While he is in Ford prison he will be asked to front a new show entiltled British Prisons Have Got Talent


      • 50
        micha987 says:

        Perhaps Ross Kemp could be a judge too, to tell us who is the scariest out of all the contestants.


        • 99
          A passer-by says:

          He’s just a big wuss.

          What we need is a talent show where the ones voted off are dumped in a vertical-sided shark pool. That should thin out the wannabes. Then we dump the producer, director and judges in after them as punishment for being cynical exploiters of people’s pathetic showbiz ambitions. After that the audience goes in, for being even bigger shits than the judges. Finally, we top it all off with the Director General of the BBC. Once he’s gone we let the sharks swim out to sea, their noble work complete.


          • East India Company Wallah says:

            Yes yes yes,count me in,sick to the back teeth of talentless wankers who compete not with musical ability but in the “hard luck” stakes.
            start offing these twats live on tv and the other 50 million of us will have something we want to watch,I also think Eastenders and Coronation street need at least two serial killers each to bring back to reality
            I might buy a tv license then


      • 65
        Ichabod says:

        But what will the fragrant Celia do ? Where will she turn, and who with ? Can’t believe anyway that’s she’s prepared to limit herself to the physical charms (?) of Piers Moron excclusively for the rest of her natural.


    • 149
      Anonymous says:

      Er, sorry to spoil the kneejerk and utterly predictable antiBBC rant here, but isn’t Britain’s Got Talent (or not!) an ITV show?!


      • 153
        micha987 says:

        Er…anonymous, we were being ironic about piers potentially not being on t’telly all the time. No-one said anything about BBC. Learn to read.


  5. 5
    Jerry Can Sprinkler says:

    I am looking forward to Piers inviting Hipwell onto his topical chat show where they can reminisc about those balmy days. If Piers is too busy to entertain his old chum, perhaps a judge could ease the organisational pain?


  6. 6
    Sir William Waad says:

    I knew Piers Morgan before he was a virgin.


  7. 7
    Piss Organ says:

    The Mirror used to do great share tips for a while, too.


  8. 8
    Flash GATSO says:

    Morgan’s US telly career will be well and truly shafted.



    • 60
      I'm such a cunt even me parents abandoned me, Nicky Campbells says:

      No-one wathces that cu’nt anyway


    • 61
      Larry King says:

      He stole my job but Im ready to step into his shoes.


    • 172
      J Fonda says:

      The US media need to be aware of just how big a Hunt Morgan really is. I bet that the smug self serving twat didn’t even consider what the soldiers in Iraq went through because of his treachery in 2004 with the fake photos he orchestrated. Hunt of the highest order. The man with a face I would never tire of punching. I despair how the self serving slime ball has wormed his way into the US media. They should be told the truth about this corrupt lying potato faced tosser.


  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Lying bastard is a liar. Quality stuff Guido


  10. 12
    James says:

    James Hipwell? Now where have I head that name before? Oh that’s right



  11. 13
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Morgan is a wankstain.


  12. 15
    what a plonker says:

    Do not forget how he tried to fit up our lads in Iraq at a time of war with his fake photo,s . He is a traitor and he deserves everything that is coming his way.


    • 131
      East India Company Wallah says:

      They were slightly more realistic than a male 9 year old drawing with a crayon while eating his tea.however Alastair Campbell sent the country to war with a students coursework that started if my mind serves me correctly “Once upon a time there lived in persia a wicked king…………………………………………………….
      And everyone believed that too


      • 148
        Messianic complex watch says:

        Is that the same dossier which was presented to parliament by a Prime Minister who in his final speech ended with the line ” Lo I’m am always with you “?


  13. 18
    Steve Lloyd says:

    Guido obviously knows more than Mench, think Piers will sue…nor me.


  14. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Re: The previous post about Goldsmith and the phone hacking scandal.
    Tony Blair was on TV the other day saying that he had dodged a bullet in that he didn’t have a mobile phone til he left No.10.
    Perhaps Goldsmith did brief SOME members of the cabinet after all.


  15. 21
    Tattooed_Arry says:

    Re: The previous post about Goldsmith and the phone hacking scandal.
    Tony Blair was on TV the other day saying that he had dodged a bullet in that he didn’t have a mobile phone til he left No.10.
    Perhaps Goldsmith did brief SOME members of the cabinet after all.


  16. 22
    Larry the Cat says:

    Let me get my claws into him.


  17. 23
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    rain stopped play.


  18. 25
    Partial to Impartiality says:

    The lack of fair (or indeed any) BBC coverage of various recent stories on here which might not suit their internal ‘agenda’ is getting rather obvious. Perhaps Teresa May might like to fire off a broadside at Pattern re fairness. I am also particularly fed up with hearing about starving africans with the reporter speaking in hushed tones like he was David Attenborough trying not to scare a bird. VERY little mention of birth control and why saint bob hasn’t been shot for these wretches being in the world in the first place. If they “Save” them again all that will happen is they will breed ever more quickly and even more will die.


  19. 26
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    He is toast. It couldn’t happen to a nice person.


  20. 27
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Guido has developed balls in calling Morgan a liar!
    No immediate writ for libel = case proved!


  21. 28
    Miliband's miscalculation says:

    Ready..take aim…fired!


  22. 30
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Journolists lying about the truth.

    There is some irony in there somewhere……


  23. 33
    Anonymous says:

    i, for one, am surprised that none of our lad’s in uniform have not beaten seven colours of shit out of that slimy twat morgan, the scumbag tried to stitch our boy’s up with those crap photo’s, and all he gets is blow jobs from all and sundry, the Hunt could get under a snakes belly with a fucking top hat on… total twat


  24. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I am Lightening McQueen.


    • 42
      shooty* says:

      Can we leave that “Gordon kicked himself in the shins” comment on the sidebar and/ or front page for the rest of time, please?



  25. 41
    Domestos says:

    I trust that “Toilets” will be well implicated, but only after trying to lie his way out of the matter.


  26. 43
    Moley. says:

    I wonder if there are any more cans of worms which Labour left in the cupboards when they were kicked out.

    So far we’ve got;

    Public finances.
    Ministry of Defence Finances.
    Phone hacking.
    Police corruption.

    I’m sure there is more.

    Maybe the Government should set up a crimestoppers number so that members of the previous Government can leave information anonymously.

    The sooner everything is brought into the light the better, that way, the blame goes where it belongs.


    • 70
      I'm such a cunt even me parents abandoned me, Nicky Campbells says:

      Yes but Britain’s Zombie hordes of degenerate benefits scroungers, disability fraudsters, public sector paper shufflers, immigrants, the feckless, & the filth, will forgive the Labour Party anything as long as they continue to shower these vermin in others people’s money


  27. 48
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


  28. 52
    I'm such a cunt even me parents abandoned me, Nicky Campbells says:

    There is nothing in the known Universe I want to see more than the cu’nt known as Morgan in prison, or even publically acknowledged as a craven liar.
    However we should not be jumping up and down like retarded children here.

    fawkes keeps tellng us Levy’s bang in trouble, Blair’s bang in trouble…..Huhne’s bang in trouble, etc etc.

    Now he tells us Morgan will be bang in trouble…im afraid i doubt it very much.

    Id love to see it though, especially the pics in the soaraway Sun of Morgan slopping out.
    Bring a bit more level headedness to your blogging Fawkes, it’s almost as if you think you’re in a blogging arms race.


    • 139
      A scotchist says:

      Today I am mostly living off the efforts of hard working English people, deal makers, go getters, risk takers, businesses, corporations, and of course the BoE’s massive borrowings.



  29. 53
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    Oh joy.

    I am so glad I punched him – I may not get another chance for 5 years or so.

    Now, where is that Euro hoon Nick Clegg….


    • 155
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Trinity Mirror and Piers Morgan are innocent. The gulity bastards are News International. How do I know? I have an inside line direct to Moscow and Vladimir Putin. I stormed out on PM’s questions on the subject yesterday, everyone thinks in a huff. In fact I was on to a sure thing and didn’t want to be late. NI must be entirely guity if they can print these lies about me.



  30. 54
    b34st says:

    That would be viglen as owned by Alan not a masugarner?
    Labour donahh and all roarn saint (Judas type)
    Morgan should be buried alive with his eyes , mouth, and arsehole filled with quick lime
    Being a kindly soul I would allow him to keep his balls (as long as they were stuffed in his mouth)


  31. 59
    Sylvio says:

    So decent of Mr Morgan to draw attention to himself. After all , he could have lain low which is what I would have done in the circs.

    Ah well, since he has been so good to us he must be disobliged.
    Let the demolition commence.


  32. 66
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    The Euro is on it’s death bed


    • 132
      Archer Karcher says:

      Don’t get my hopes up, it should have died when Greece went tits up first time.
      But we are still pouring billions into the black hole, regardless of the fact it’s just making a bad situation much, much worse.


  33. 69
    Rt Hoon Tom Whatson MP says:

    Could Yankee Doodah Piers Morgan be collared by the Feds under the Foreign Corrupt Practices laws?


    • 75
      Passing Gynaecologist says:

      If it’s proven in a court of law that he’s a total ©unt, yes.


    • 84
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      The one time i will be happy to ignore the fact we have a one-sided extradidtion treay with the USA.


  34. 73
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Excellent. It’s high time Piers Morgan gets exposed for what he is.


    • 85
      Selohesra says:

      Whereas Chris Bryant just exposes himself on internet for what he is


      • 96
        Postal Vote says:

        You must have that from “indirect” sources who have “tried” to raise conerns with your “team”.


  35. 77
    A Blagger says:

    Guido is going to be very blunt about this, “David Cameron is a bare-faced liar.”

    Just wait until Jonathan Rees gives his account of what really took place to the Lord Leveson inquiry ……………….


  36. 83
    smoggie says:

    Piers, yur a tramp, yur a drunk, and yur an urrrnfit muther.


    • 93
      Paul Lamborghini says:

      Gotcha – I calim £5

      Wasn’t this a christmas song by the pogues and kirsty mccall??


      • 157
        oddly helpful says:

        I believe it was used by Chris Evans as an intro to an appearance by a short-lived female supergroup on ‘TFI Friday’…only he said ‘lesbian’ instead of ‘tramp’. The girls performed in a state of shock and were (mostly) never heard of again.


  37. 89

    Piers Morgan, brilliant fellow, salt of the earth. Trust him with my life, Makes you feel proud to be British. Lifting shedloads of dollars from the USA master stroke. Leave him alone Guido, he and CNN may be the only media employer left…by Christmas.

    Keen mind, ace sleuth, savvy interviewer…….OK take the shackles off my leg.. I give in


  38. 90
    Sam G says:

    Mr Morgan said he entertained the “little trick” of entering a “standard four digit code”, which allowed “anyone” to call a number and “hear all your messages”.

    Let’s see if he enjoys four digits being entered inside him while in prison!


  39. 92
  40. 94
    Postal Vote says:

    Yo, Guardian have already come out in defence of Morgan, decribing Mensch’s twitteraterias as “antics” – everything goes for Guardian to help labour-minded newspapers.

    PS Hello conservatives MPs, have you started counting those money spinning public sector job adverts in The Guardian paper over the period 1997-2010 yet? Labour bought the Guardian through the clever use of taxpayers’ money – beeb sent 85% of its job adverts to Guardian when labrou was in government and is maybe still doing it, in order for it to attack Murdoch and defend gold-plated public sector pensions which beeb staaf obviously also enjoy. Get on with it!


  41. 95
    Oh !!!!!! says:

    Barclays boss Bob Diamond, who told MPs that it was time for banks to stop apologising for the financial crisis, may have to start saying sorry again after it was claimed he landed an aeroplane carrying the prime minister David Cameron.

    Diamond and Cameron were among a group of business leaders and politicians travelling back to London yesterday from the PM’s trip to Africa.

    The Daily Mail reports that after the plane, a chartered Virgin Atlantic jet, landed at Heathrow airport, a member of the cabin crew announced that “Captain Bob Diamond” had performed an “exemplary landing”.

    The Barclays CEO also told passengers he had performed the take-off from Lagos airport in Nigeria.

    Barclays and Virgin have both denied that Diamond, who has no pilot’s licence, was actually at the controls of the plane, but admitted that he was in the cockpit, sitting in a fold-down ‘jump seat’ behind the pilots.

    Barclays said Diamond had been joking: “Bob has a fantastic sense of humour. He was sat in the jump seat. Other people were invited to do the same during the flight.”

    The explanation may not be good enough, however. Anti-terror laws now forbid any passenger to enter the cockpit of a commercial plane.

    The Department of Transport promised to review the incident, saying: “Passengers are not permitted in the cockpit while the engines are running. The rules apply to all UK-registered planes and to any plane operating in UK airspace. Clearly we will investigate details of the alleged incident.”


  42. 100
    Piers 'Nasty Tricks' Morgan says:

    You don’t need to be a Mindreader to know Morgan was hacking phones. The Brown t u r d was using other tricks to get information. Would Piers Morgan like to tell the truth for once?
    So far everything that falls out of his mouth is nothing but lies and slagging off females who are brave enough to challenge him and his nasty practices.
    Morgan is looking out of shape these days. He should for a jog on busy motorway.


  43. 102
    Little Boy Blue says:

    If, as seems highly likely, the Mirror is shown to have been just as bad as The Screws in the hacking business, will the owners take the honourable decision to close the paper as Rupert did? I will not hold my breath nor will I expect to see Labour MPs pontificating about it in parliament.


  44. 103
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corp says:

    We’re not interested..right…it’s Dave we’re after.We want an election so we can have our beloved LIEbour Party back in power.


  45. 107
    TollyPointBee says:

    Any news about Sean Hoare. Maybe they have already done a full post mortem and buried him off a tugboat in the channel in true Osama style.

    Mulcaire must be shyting himself everytime he crosses the road!


  46. 108
    A Blagger says:

    Have a read of the Guardian article “Journalists caught on tape in police bugging” dating back to 21 Saptember 2002.

    Extract follows

    Doug Kempster of the Sunday Mirror also obtained stories from the agency. In one conversation caught on tape, Rees and Kingston claim the reporter had been frantically trying to find a confidential internal police report, obtained by Kingston, which had got lost. “Get me that one back,” Kingston told Rees. “Get him to do what he’s got to do. Otherwise we ain’t getting no more.” Rees replied: “We only do it for newspapers really.” Mr Kempster, now a government press officer, was asked what information the Sunday Mirror had purchased from Rees. He said: “It’s something we just don’t comment on.

    “Rees was a man who put up stories. Where he got them from was up to him. If anyone rings up and gives you info, there’s no way of knowing where it comes from

    ….And Mr Kempster ended up a government press officer !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  47. 110
    TollyPointBee says:

    If Coulson & Brooks get convicted of something or other and are looking at ten years will the spill?


  48. 113
    Archy Bishop of Canterbury says:

    While commenting on the news is a legitimate use of one’s time here on earth, in is never right to criticise legitimate attempts at disseminating the truth, – such as is done by the BBC, to whom I offer generous plaudits of thanks and praise for their in-depth reportage and investigative journalism.

    The Mirror, – whilst not my first choice of reading material, is also a reliable and truthful organ for the more, shall we say, popular mass market.

    I myself am frequently misunderstood, and one relies heavily on the BBC to clarify one’s words and thinking.

    Anyone for Songs of Praise?


  49. 114
    micha987 says:

    PostalVote – I posted a story from HuffPo detailing spend on advertising. Am on iPhone so CBA to find it again. Was on one of the hackgate posts from Weds.


  50. 115
    Johann Hari says:

    I met the victims of my articles and I apologised with my head in my hands. I was humbled. I was even attacked by a man with a pie during my apology.


  51. 119
    John Bull says:

    Anyone who studied the contents of the NoW would be utterly unsurprised to find this open sewer coccooned in dirty dealing and skulduggery.

    No one of good character would have anything to do with its kiss and tell repertoire, its prurient obsession with the sex lives of actors and sportsmen, its vile juxtaposition of rape stories with half naked models, and its lack of concern for factual reporting.

    This is the sordid world that David Cameron chose when he appointed Coulson, so no one should weep at his downfall.


    • 147
      Wavy Davy says:

      I thought the News of the World was a respectable publication read by the lower classes for their own improvement.


    • 150
      slug balancer says:

      ‘No one of good character?’ Well, Tony Blair obviously didn’t mind being associated with it when he wanted to win the General Elections in 1997, 2001 and 2005, did he? Maybe that’s the clue.


      • 158
        John Bull says:

        You are right to suggest that I should have added ‘prior involvement with Tony Blair’ as a further instance of the NoW’s unsavoury character.

        I add it now.


        • 161
          slug balancer says:

          So. the man who kept you in power for 13 years disowned and reviled, like Stalin did to Trotsky?

          The treachery of socialists is legend.


  52. 121
    A Perfectly Fine Pair Of Lungs says:

    Pity he can’t be tried in the US and given the lethal injection. Put to sleep like a rabid dog.


  53. 127
    Piers 'Nasty Tricks' Morgan says:

    So is this guy willing to testify against the T u r d Morgan? Is a complaint been made against him to the relevant authorities, or is this just pissin’ in the wind?


  54. 128
    not a machine says:

    I think that is blunt guido , stasi in shirt and tie with own celeb show .

    Bit off topic , but did I hear mis hear one of todays analysis of EU emergency meeting that “bonds would be raised against private companies to ease the euro debt problem” I just thought hold on a mo is this the socilialists final solution gambit , pushing debt onto private economy in law ??

    I am fairly convinced there were more soft stasi ops than I realised , labour are looking for whatever levers they can dig up , which perhaps is good omen that a remedy may be at hand , if we have a summer of scorched earth I dont think I fancy there chances when parliament reconvenes , that is assuming we under some sort of dire EU emporers emergency rule .


  55. 133
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Maybe this is our expenes moment for the media and police?


  56. 134
    Robert says:

    Who would you trust? Louise or Slimebag Morgan? Let’s hear it for beautiful Northamptonshire.


  57. 135
    Down with Brown! says:

    Reuters are reporting new evidence that Coulson knew:



  58. 136
    Steve Miliband says:

    Just how did he get away with City Slicker Gate? it was so bleedin obvious!


  59. 137
    Movie star calls on Cameron to go says:

    Alec Baldwin has turned to Twitter to call on Prime Minister David Cameron to resign over his handling of the ongoing News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

    Early yesterday he tweeted about Cameron ‘yammering on about overreactions hurting a free press. It’s not about that. It’s about criminality’ and then later on declared that ‘Cameron should resign. England is filled with people who could do a better job.’

    Following his Tweet some of Baldwin’s followers reacted strongly with one tweeter telling him to ‘stick to acting douche’ while another claiming he was ‘like the annoying sports fan that thinks he should be a coach.’


  60. 138
    I don't need no doctor says:

    It’s high time Piers Morgan had a taste of what he has dished out.


  61. 140
    I don't need no doctor says:

    FFS that parasite Yvette Cooper has just been on the BBC News, yet again feigning sincerity. I reckon labour must have their own dressing room at the television centre.


  62. 143
    no majority says:

    I guess it’s a shame for you guys that by the time this gets around to the mirror the public will be tired of the whole phone hacking scandal.noone gave a flying fuck about celebrities having their voicemails listened to so unless the mirror is guilty of something particularly sickening, like Dowler, then all this will be is a right-wing blogger frenzy largely unheard or uncared about among the general public.


  63. 144
    Tommy Sheridan says:

    I would want Morgan to share my cell but I doubt there is room for two over inflated egos.


  64. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Piers Moron is an arrogant and idiotic s.o.b


  65. 173
    Isambard Brunel says:

    Its official. The sleazy little Cnuts of politicians and media hacks are as sleazy as we always knew they were.

    Big deal!


  66. 177
    JamesII says:

    He also comes over as a stuck up, toffee-nosed twat on the American talent show.


  67. 178

    Incredible… now PaulMcCartney and Heather Mills are implicated in the phone hacking scandal. Is there no end to it?


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